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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 14

205 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 14

Um, why is there a half-naked lady in my yaoi webcomic? What kind of devilry is this?!

We have new Fan Art from by geekypnai — “Kyle x Anni” portraits. Do check it out. 🙂

Oh, and


Thanks to your generous donations, I’m posting up two pages this week—the regular update this Saturday and this bonus page! And look below: we’re already at $91 towards the next bonus page!

Special thanks go out to long-time supporters Victoria G. (who makes their second generous donation to The Young Protectors) & Olga W. (who makes their seventh generous donation to The Young Protectors! Wow, Olga!) and a warm welcome and grateful bow go out to new supporters Nadia A., Ekaterina S., Amanda E. & Klara F. for their generous donations over the last few days!

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Wow, it’s just been a few days and we’re almost a quarter of the way to the next bonus page! Thank you all so much! You rock! 😀

So… we’ve just met The Platinum Priestess! What do you think? Is she a hero or a villain, a friend or a foe? Tune in this Saturday to find out!


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  • Women in yaoi comic? Whaaaaat? lol. I love it so far! So so so so sooooo excited for saturday! I wonder what she does… Probably just transportation, but I’m also interested in knowing her connections with Anni.

    • YersiniaP

      You did realize that Commander is a woman, too, right?

      • strangeangel24601

        Great Scott, does Congress know about this?!

  • nebi_lan

    even with a half naked lady , all my attention is for Anni, love the “i-am-so-bad-and you-want-it-so-badly” smile, 😀 <3. And oh yeah, whatever hong kong is not so far away anyway, just a thousand miles…more or less :D.

  • Laurenihilation

    She’s quite lovely. 

    Loving Annihilator’s attitude!! Gods, that cockiness. <3
    "Oh, Hong Kong." Bahaha. X3

  • Dorothy Jensen

    Frankly I love half naked women in my yaoi, there should be more in fact. hahaha I absolutely adore that font, really adds a pop to her entrance. 

    • Glad to hear it! (And glad you like that font—it’s a custom font created by John Kapenga specifically for her.)

  • CommodoreZelda

    Oh, intimidating supervillainess? Cool. I like her already. 

  • So Kyle has revealed another secret power: he speaks in exotic fonts!

    • Syreen

      At least he can speak. If the Annihilator was behind me and such a lady in front, then I would be totally incoherent 😛

  • Haley Dillon

    is kyle gonna have to kiss ALL the villains?
    Because I am ok with this.

  • Is it bad that all i can think is: That outfit CAN’T be comfortable for the poor Priestess?

    • That was my first thought as well! And than I scrolled down some more and nearly sprayed tea all over my screen at Kyle’s speech bubble!

  • Hm… platinum hair… is she related to Annihilator?  Is she lesbi-onic and will she capture the Commander’s heart?
    Stay tuned!  😉
    Wow, and it’s not even Wed yet!  Go Alex!

    • Erica

      ohhh i like that idea. LESBIANISM. hahaha i like it, just don’t show scenes with them more so than anni and kyle. >:C lol

  • Erica

    Welp, she’s a hero and friend if she helps seal the deal between Anni and Kyle. >_> lol

  • introducing: The Annihilator’s Okoge!

    good job, adam, with your pencil work on anhi in panel 1, by the by; your colouring of sean’s also was quite excellent, veronica: for i am feeling strongly compelled to go and ræp my screen where his face is, for a while, now.
    god, but is his confidence and moxie so appealing to me!
    (thus i am now very worried for when The Silver Dilfer finally shows us why he is, in fact, the premier Super Villain.)

    and thank you alex for defying the Genre Savvy, by not making that mystery location be in China, after all — so they’ll be having Cantonese, not Mandarin, eh?

    and whosever idea it was to bequeath the 

    ⓟⓛⓐⓣⓘⓝⓤⓜ ⓟⓡⓘⓔⓢⓣⓔⓢⓢ

    a Specialty Font within sparky’s speech bubble, that person should be given a high five — i love it!

    • The logo for The Platinum Priestess was something fun I wanted to try. Designer John Kapenga created it special just for her. 🙂

      • i don’t think The Annihilator was ever “properly introduced.”


        …but good on John for his own pencil•work there.

        maybe you can commission him for a few more specialty fonts (´don’t know what the proper “industry term” for that is)?

  • if anhi can, in fact, employ the powers of teleportation/ instantaneous travel (at a minimum), then i won’t feel so very worried about the time away which kyle would have from his comrades, for the traveling from wherever they are in the united states (i hope it’s not new york, by-the-by — ´too trite, y’know) over to china’s little brother.

    (p.s. — ⓟⓛⓐⓣⓘⓝⓤⓜ ⓟⓡⓘⓔⓢⓣⓔⓢⓢ, don’t get any ideas.

    unless they happen to involve some freaky threesome {!!}.)

  • The work is beautiful, and the color. The story is kick-ass and I am loving every bit of it. You do so much to bring us a free web comic of this perfessional qualty, spend your time and money, it amazes me.

    I want to take the time and say THANK YOU!
    Thank you for all your hard work and your willingness to just request donations and if I wasnt so freaking poor I would donate, but saddly (and happily) I have to save up for my baby and a big move.

    Again just Thank you. Alex and your team!

    • You are very welcome. Hearing back from awesome readers like you makes all the hard work worth it. I really appreciate you letting me know you’re enjoying the comics. 🙂

      Good luck with your baby and the move!

  • Oh my god. Slightly in love!! She is awesome! I’m so glad there’s a female character who seems strong and not quite ‘good’! Brilliant!

  • RustyBurrell

    A new challenger approaches 🙂

  • fujoshifanatic

    That half-naked woman is making me very happy! Love that Kyle can speak awesome font! This date is off to a very good start; I can’t to see what happens in Hong Kong.

    Thank you for the bonus page Alex; it helps take the sting off not being able to make it to YaoiCon this year. 🙁

    • You’re very welcome, fujoshifanatic. And hopefully you’ll get to go next year! 🙂

  • Becky

    Calling in a teleportation favor?  Go on the date, Kyle!  This guys REALLY likes you.  🙂

  • PP looks like Anni’s very good-looking sister… Or cousin.. Or relative. Either way I like her already!

    •  this is a superhero comic. clearly she’s his identical twin half-sisiter.

    •  I wouldn’t call her ‘good looking’ Her body is a ten obviously but she has a man face.
      Don’t ask me why I think that. I just do.
      Though I have wonder if she’s a good guy or a bad guy. She is a priestess.

  • Syreen

    Oh, I know, I know! The Platinum Priestess is the Goddess of Yaoi in disguise and she came to supervise the ‘date’… I wan’t her job! 😀
    And why is that I want to touch all over every ‘bad guy’? First some soldier from Artifice, then the Annihilator, now that Lady…

  • Great page 🙂  I think the font when he says her name is a bit too much, but otherwise I love the story and art.

  • Yukiness

    Dear lord Alex! How is it that you can make me love your characters with nothing more than a sideways glance while it takes me a long time to fall for others while I’m watching anime (my bishie standards are high). Oh, just like Anni you covered her in silver. I cannot resist the shiney Alex. Why must you play with my heart strings?

    And I love how her name comes with it’s own font style. She must be badass because Anni did not get that same response.

    • I’m very glad you like her, Yukiness!

      And she is very much badass…

      • Yukiness

        *does a noodle arm dance of approval*

  • Dr Maven, what ARE you wearing?!

    • Meghalodon

      Oh god im not the only one who instantly thought MAVEN ~<3

  • Travis

    I feel like she is going to be a keeper of time , a bit like Sailor Pluto…which may or may not work well in this situation, depening on how her powers work

  • elijah elquest

    lol fem-annihilator 

  • why do I get the feeling Kyle miiiight be a little under-and-yet-over-dressed for this date?

  • HONG KONG! I knew it!

    Ooh, I love her design.  How she pretty much matches Anni… interesting.

  • TheWarriorQueen

    I started reading this this morning. A web search brought me here. And I am hooked. That kiss earlier made my “yay-it’s-yaoi” side go wild, and now I’m doing a huge bounce from chair to chair as I start a countdown to Saturday. I’m not going to close this tab, nuh-uh. I’m just going to hang around refreshing pointlessly here. And go finish reading through the Artifice archive. And is it just me, or it the Annihilator totally reminding anyone else of Sean Connery in The Rock?

    • When I imagine Anni talking I imagine him sounding a lot like Sean Connery.

      • TheWarriorQueen

        Ah, good. So it isn’t just me hearing that Scottish accent. It makes me melt. XD

    • Lady Mania

      I admit, that is the voice I heard when I read Anni’s lines. 

    • i’ve dubbed our favourite “silver dilfer” Sean Annorhi last month.

      true story.

      • TheWarriorQueen

        That… That is awesome. Wow, I think I just stumbled into another community of amazingly great people here! WIN! (Yes, the internet is my social life. How did you guess?) XD

        • (you liked that eh?)

          (and, yes — from one netter to another, my social life is here as well.
          middle fingers have long been waved at those who don’t understand.)

          i welcome you, to the Dark Side.
          i trust that you shall enjoy your stay here, Warrior Queen.

          • TheWarriorQueen

            Your welcome is much appreciated. 😀 I think I’ll go fold a few origami birds and throw them at the scoffers. Then if they ask why, I can say I flipped them the bird. Because it totally spoils the Victorian gentry look I have going with the hats and flowing skirts and all if I dare make uncouth gestures. XD

          • (Sean Annorhi approves.)

            i bet you have one of those awesome garbs that can be seen at any time in The Teahouse Universe.

          • TheWarriorQueen

            Erm, I only wish I did. But no, I’m afraid I’ve been rather boring so far, due to shopping restrictions, and limited amounts of sewing time (and the incredible cost of lace at the moment). When I have time, I am going to recreate at least one of those outfits though. That blonde and rude girl, whatever her name is, has some intricate and fascinating apparel.

          • i don’t remember her name.
            i’ll call her “Icy Cold.”

            i do remember Claret.

            (for some reason.)

          • TheWarriorQueen

            I think everyone remembers Claret. Hehehe… But Icy Cold is a good name for the-other-one-whose-name-I-am-not-bothered-to-remember-or-look-up. (Yeah, I think Icy Cold is shorter to write too… And TOOWNIANBTROLK is ridiculous to try read.)

          • i imagine TOOWNIANBTROLK can serve as a rather awesome anagramme, however.

            Icy Cold™.

          • TheWarriorQueen

            Anagrams, how I love thee… Now I’m going to spend time anagramming when I should be studying for Friday’s exam. Bother. XD

          • i am happy to have caused yet another Acadæmic Distraction, m’lady.

            on second thought..
            ..please don’t do anagrammes.

            not until after you’ve conducted your studies, yeah?

          • TheWarriorQueen

            I tried to reply to your last reply, but it wouldn’t let me. It had gotten too narrow. Anyway, I wanted to say, of course I’m going to finish studying first. And then, I’m going to go anagramming.

          • i had already seen what had happened with our original thread, and i had thought it quite funny.

            ´was interested in seeing how much further it could go..
            ..but i guess it can’t go anymore.


            when you do get around to sewing that garb, let me know.

          • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

             Rude blonde girl? With the curly hair? Lilith. 🙂

          • TheWarriorQueen

            Right! That’s the one. Love that green-ish dress she wears in Chapter 1… I’m still practcing sewing that style neckline though. I’ll eventually get it right though. Thanks for supplying the name. I kept thinking “something-is? something-if?”

          • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

            You’re welcome. Good luck sewing that neckline, they’re tough to do. Try looking for advice on Renaissance costuming groups 🙂

          • TheWarriorQueen

            Muchos gracias, amigo. (No, I’m not Spanish. My many affectations are simply leaking through. And I appreciate the tip greatly, because I haven’t even TRIED poufy sleeves yet. The neckline, I know how to do, the problem is keeping the blood off the fabric (I sew by hand, and get epic numbers of needle-pricks.)

          • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

            You’re very welcome for the tip. My husband and I worked in the Renaissance Fair scene for a couple of years, and that fancy style of cuffs and collars is of course, all the rage. Most Renaissance costumiers will have tackled something like Lilith’s clothing at least once, and will have a lot of insight into how to make it.

      • “Silver DILFer”!  ROTFLMAO!  Awesome.  Yes please!

    • Welcome! I’m glad you found us and that you are enjoying the comic! 🙂

      • TheWarriorQueen

        Wow. I have discovered new depths to my inner fangirl. I woke up this morning and saw that you yourself had replied to my little comment, and let out an ungodly squeal. Four hours later, I finally decide to see what you said. ~headdesk~ I normally just bounce around excitedly but… eh, take it as a compliment that I’m such a huge fan in less than two days, I suppose. I’m usually far more outwardly dignified about it.

  • hotsilvergirl

    she is HOT

  • hotsilvergirl

    MILF is here!

    •  Don’t think she’s a mom…she’s more like a VILF…

      • Sanbai

        In that case, Anni is my personal “VILF” as well… ^^

  • Midwestmutt

    Ok, my preference for sci-fi binds me to the laws of physics too much to have seen this coming. I need to remind myself that this comic is still establishing its’ parameters. She does seem bit of a deus ex machina to me. Or perhaps a dominatrix ex machina if that look on her face is any hint of her personality. As a reader of the Tai-Pan books,though, I agree that Hong Kong is just the place for Annie.

    • KiannaLeigh

      dominatrix ex machina …. that term, FTW ^_^

  • YangYueLan

    Shiny boobs!  YAY!

  • xLizardx

    OMG…. SO much epic! 😀 Also I’m going to say… *kiiiind* of called it. Ok, it’s Hong Kong, not China, and OK, so he’s called in a friend instead of revealed a hitherto unknown power….. but still. I’m allowing myself to feel ever so slightly smug anyway 🙂

    Also, I’m kind of liking the whole, if you’ll excuse the term, shades of grey thing the supervillians have going on. That is one cool outfit – and she co-ordinates with Mr. Fox quite splendidly. They’re not related or anything, I presume?

    • TheWarriorQueen

      You almost called it. And I am impressed. I was reading this as a whole, and I never saw it coming. XD

    • Ravyn DeLevain

      Um…Hong Kong is IN China…

      • xLizardx

        ….Good point. In my defence, when I was born, it was still a British colony, so I grew up thinking of it as a separate country to mainland China. I think I’d still make a differentiation – for example, if I said I was going on holiday to the USA, I’d mean the states located in mainline North America, as opposed to Hawaii. I know that the latter belongs to America, but I still think of it as a separate location. Ditto Alaska. Hong Kong *is* connected to the rest of China, but [looking at a map] several areas of it aren’t as well. And it is right on the edge of it. 

        So much pedanticism in order to excuse my poor geographical knowledge lol.

  • Thomas Hamilton

    OMG MORE I can’t wait for more……i’m like dying to find out what happens next like OMG will his team find out……do they get to do it…..or will he become a bad guy to keep this love affair or will he convince the evil doer to see the light? >.> just more please i can’t wait *bouncy bouncy*

  • Sanbai

    I love how the Priestess just appears behind Kyle and blocks the exit with a giant set of pillars and a warp gate! KYLE, YOU HAVE NO ESCAPE!!

    • He does seem a little bit trapped, doesn’t he? 🙂

      • amanda damron

        ohh!! he loves it LOL!!!

  • She looks like she’s a character from She-Ra!  I LOVE HER!

  • Woooah, she’s hot! I’m kinda in love with her design! It’s awesome! *–*

  • Am I the only one bothered by the ridiculous over-sexualisation of this new character? Notice how every male character has a cool looking, but practical outfit. Yet Platinum Priestess looks uncomfortably exposed. It’s great that an older woman is portrayed as confident and sexy, I just feel like you’ve missed an opportunity to challenge the convention in comics of designing super-heroine outfits to appeal to the male gaze. Honestly, I expected better.

    •  Commander is sensibly dressed.  If I was a super-villain lady, I’d be over-the-top too, at least in my evil costume (i.e. work clothes), but would a t-shirt and jeans when I’m off duty.

      • Over the top doesn’t have to mean “literally nothing on.” I mean, think of Red Hot’s costume  – it’s a full bodysuit, and still completely over the top.

        • KiannaLeigh

          I agree. You can see all his man-curves. No wonder Anni can’t resist.

      • You can be over-the-top without being sexualised. Annihilator’s tux is pretty impressive, but it’s designed to say “I’m a classy gent”, not “Ooh look, tits.” Commander’s presentation is equally problematic. Sure she has a sensible outfit, but as usual she’s barely made visible and plays no significant role in the story. Also I’m sick of female superheroes getting stuck with telekinesis as a power, effectively meaning she just stands there and says stuff. She conforms to the idea of the woman who relies on men to achieve anything. I’m hoping her presentation becomes more positive, but right now I’m pretty uncomfortable with this.

        • Shinashi

          I don’t think women with telekinesis conform to that idea. Unless you mean telepathy- then that’s different, and I pretty much agree. Telekinetic women can get stuff done. 

          And, this is just my perspective, please take it as that, but I’ve yet to meet a sketchy/mean/evil person- male or female- who was rather attractive who didn’t use their looks to their advantage. And with names like Annihilator and Platinum Priestess, well, I don’t give them much hope. And here we have Anni with his blackmail and Priestess with her outfit. *shrug*

        • Leigh Nelson

          Just my opinion, but I think we need to wait for more details on the characters.

          It’s my opinion that Commander seems stong and very self effecient all on her own. Even if telepathy (telekinesis is one of the most powerful of manifestations in that it is more forceful and harder to control i.e. why so many go nuts and become narcisistic “bad guys”) is her only power 1) the fact that she is in a group and understands and admits that she needs help to balance out what they can do is a phenomenal strength! 2) I don’t see at all how her character relies on men for everything. She is obviously strong, smart, confident and the one to keeps everything together as far as their actions as a group. The scene that we saw previously, the guys were brought to forefront to bring attention Kyle feigning his heterosexuality…while Commander stuck with what needed to be done. That is why she was in the background. For the main character’s setting within his normal environment. 

          Also, I feel like Preistess’ costume portrays a sense of wit and in-your-face stereotype. With just the presentation so far without making any rash judgements before we get the next page (which I am impatiently waiting for…lol), I got the vibe that she acts how she is to get to people – as a super villain it only makes sense to dress the part as well. It seems like she’s well aware of her body, well aware of her confidence, and uses that to bring out the flaws in those around her, tear them down from the inside out.

          For all intents and purposes, her entance made me giggle, in fact.

        • Leigh Nelson

          Oh, and on a lighter note, when I saw Tsunami the first time, the first thing that came to my mind was, how you said, “Ooh look, tits.” And, again, giggled. 😀

        • I think Alex was referring to Annihilator’s bulging codpiece, rippling muscles and sexy bare arms outfit more than the tux but what do I know?


    • I think that’s a fair critique and I’ll admit to being on the fence about her costume choice now.

      Without giving too much away, The Platinum Priestess is, in many ways, meant to be The Annihilator’s opposite number—they share a lot in common. Personally, I find The Annihilator’s costume to be sexy and provocative and so I wanted The Platinum Priestess’ to be as well. (And shiny, like The Annihilator’s, of course, 😉 ) As you’ll see in the coming pages, being provocative is also part of her personality (also like The Annihilator, although they aren’t clones in terms of their personality)—so when thinking about her character, I believed this is the kind of outfit she would choose for herself. This comic is written for adults and is meant to be a bit sexy and as you can see in the comments below, there is a not a small number of “female gaze” readers who are appreciative of the way she looks—and I’m writing for them too and so wanted to have a more straight-forwardly sexy female character for them to appreciate. And, less importantly, I thought it would be an interesting statement to show a mature, older woman in the kind of sexy garb that young women in Western comics are often depicted in.

      So, those were my intentions. Would I make the same choice again? Not sure. Now that the art is finished and I’m seeing the character in action, my intention to show a much older woman in sexy garb in a superhero comic might at best be too subtle/trivial a statement and at worst, as you pointed out, simply be a variation of contributing to the problem. In terms of gender parity, while I personally find The Annihilator’s costume to be over-the-top sexually, I can see arguments made why The Platinum Priestess’s costume is more so. Tsunami’s costume shows more skin (and might be a bit chilly to be considered “practical”), but is his costume deliberately, in-your-face sexy? No, that’s not his vibe. Thus, like I said, I believe what you’re offering is a fair critique and one that I expected as I was prepping these pages.

      No matter what, it still feels like the right choice to put her in something sexy and provocative because that’s what she would have chosen for herself. But perhaps there are other directions that I could have taken that which would seem less… familiar. Certainly something for me to think about.

      Now, this next part is getting into SPOILER territory, so other readers might want to skip this part, but in terms of Commander (whom you referenced in a later comment), by my lights, as leader of the team directing the action of that rescue, her role was just as significant to the story as Spooky’s and Fluke’s and Flyboy’s and more so than Tsunami’s (which I’ll need to address later, to balance that out.) In terms of her powers, telepathy is only one of her abilities. The opening scene of this chapter was a rescue scene, so there wasn’t much call for combat, but out of all The Young Protectors she is by far the best hand-to-hand fighter. (And by far, the best with weapons as well.) “Engaging the Enemy” is Kyle’s story so he got to be the star of that opening scene where we introduced the team’s powers, but in scenes in later chapters, I very much doubt that you’ll characterize Commander as a “woman who relies on men to achieve anything.” You’ll have to let me know. 🙂

      Thank you for the thoughtful comment (and to the other readers for their thoughtful responses.)

      • Epistasthai

        Thanks for the insight.

        I know you’re the writer and all, but really, what the Platinum Priestess wears is her own choice. (sorry Alex, couldn’t help myself). Not everybody is going to agree with what she decides to wear, but somehow I don’t think that’s gonna bother her much.

        (You’ve brought the Platinum Priestess to life, and she’s gonna take that and run. Sometimes the characters we create don’t sit still for us. And maybe they wouldn’t be someone we’d really take to very much in RL).

        You’ve said you’re “on the fence” about her costume, but I think it’s something she would pick for the moment. And somehow, in this page, I get the impression that she’s chosen this costume, partly because she knows it’s gonna fluster Kyle. Maybe she’s pandering to his expectations with the intent to shatter them later. As the Anni is doing. 

        • Leigh Nelson

          Exactly! The characters create themselves, they just need the right spawning ground to motivate their existence. I, for one, am definitely excited to find out what makes Priestess. She seems very entertaining! ^_^

          • KiannaLeigh

            That’s exactly how I feel about characters. They do whatever they want sometimes and leave creators trying to explain it. >_>

          • Epistasthai

            Hahah, that’s what I felt when I saw all the comments about her clothes (or lack of). I had this vision of the Platinum Priestess arguing with Alex and telling him that she was gonna do what she was gonna do, and wear what she was gonna wear, and that there was nothing anyone could say about it. Leaving him to talk to the rest of us about it.

            (does she care? Not one bit! Sorry Alex, you’ve been left to do the dirty PR work, explaining/apologizing/soothing ruffled feathers. Again.)

          • amanda damron

            i agree with everything everyone has said and dont feel like typing everything everyone has already said.

            i love this comic the second i read the first page i was hooked. i wait for saturday and bonus day pages with the excitment of a child for christmas!

            personaly i have nothing bad to say about platinums outfit just looking at her i thought “perfect!!!” it looks like her oun personality showed itself through her outfit.

            Alex i think she looks perfect just like Anni. i don”t think you should change a thing they’re both perfect and sexy!!!!!!

      • I’m getting a major “magic user” vibe from her.  Who’s to say her clothing won’t magically change with her mood?  Why does her outfit have to stay the same?

      • Roseland

        Look, you can have a woman who is incredibly sexy, powerful, even evil, and still clothed. Example? Morticia Addams. Sure, drawing a powerful, sexy, intelligent woman who is not in a state of undress may require a greater effort from creators who are used to barenekkid ladies in chainmail bikinis. If the effort is worth making, you should make it, because you seem to have a systemic problem. The commander came across as weak (“a woman who relies on men to achieve anything” was my exact impression), she appeared in a T&A pose, and went into an emergency wearing lipstick. I am not saying that a woman cannot wear lipstick to combat if she so desires, but it is a feature of the the male gaze. Between the commander and the priestess, and the striking gender imbalance in the team, the male gaze here appears systemic. The fact that some “female gaze readers” like it is meaningless – we are acculturated into the male gaze. So strong is this acculturation that many women do not notice it, think that it is completely normal, or have learned to enjoy it, because that’s what one does. Many women feel so grateful for appearance of any strong female characters in comics that they overlook the rest. As a creator of a comic you either contribute to this culture, or you do not contribute to this culture. Right now, you are contributing to this culture. You’re doing no more than many, many others, and there will always be plenty of people who will defend these choices, many more than will criticize these choices. However, you also repeatedly state that you are considering these points, so I am writing on the assumption that you are considering these points.

        Re: both villains being sexy, if you want Anni to be equally sexily dressed, why not put him in speedos? You know, shiny, metal speedos. A tuxedo projects “I am sexy because I am powerful”. A chainmail bikini projects “I am sexy and I am available to your gaze.”

  • I want my name to have cool font!

  • oooowwww dying for the next page!!!!!

  • Jane Siveyer

    Has anyone else wondered about the timing of Anni’s arrival at the fire, resplendent in his tux? Could it be he started it to get our ‘Little hero’s’ attention?

    • seekmore

      I dunno. I wouldn’t think Annihilator would endanger the lives of civilians just to set up a date.

      • Jane Siveyer

        As a super villain, would he care about the safety of others to get what he wants?

        • seekmore

          It’s a question of risk and reward.

          The fire represents a really big risk, and I’m not even talking about property damage or civilian casualties. He could have been exposed, which would involve the police and the rest of Kyle’s team(or adult heroes, even). That creates a huge mess. Plus, there’s no guarantee Kyle’s team of heroes would be the ones to show up, or even that Kyle would be among them. After all, it was a mundane apartment fire, and not like a bank robbery or something.

          Secondly, it’s not exactly a huge jump of intuition to suspect Annihilator. The thought should occur to Kyle eventually(He’s not exactly the brightest crayon in the box, after all). If Kyle genuinely suspects Annihilator, it puts a damper on the whole seduction plan he seems to have going(whatever kind of seduction that might be). The trick to getting someone to the dark side is to not go full dark in front of them until they’re already hooked. Kyle isn’t fully yet.

          Annihilator’s a pretty honorable fellow, if calculating and manipulative. Those sort of attributes don’t jive with “Sets apartment complex on fire to get a date.” It’s not really subtle. Plus, villains like Annihilator tend to leave non-combatants alone unless they are critical to his goals.

          If the Platinum Priestess has what appear to be magical powers, could be she has some sort of precognitive abilities, as well. Or any other off-screen character, for that matter. Annihilator simply has to get a forecast from one of them. Him knowing the fire is going to happen, and simply showing up to use the situation to his advantage fits more with his characterization so far, if you ask me. 

  • – –

    Well, judging by face [s]he’s a drag queen. xD

    •  …Hadn’t thought about that.

      *checks for Adam’s Apple.  Sees none.  Is disappointed*

  • It tickles me that Kyle’s secret identity doesn’t seem to be much of a secret 🙂

    • seekmore

      Well, she could be one of those All Knowing spacial distorters.

      Or Annihilator likes to kiss and tell.

  • Shinashi

    Another older person! I hope all Anni’s, um, friends, are of the same generation sort. I don’t know why. I like cross-generational themes… And I’ve seen very little in the superhero world, unless some superhero is getting replaced sort of. (It was done very well in Tiger and Bunny I feel) 

    Anyway, looking forward to the next page! XD

  • Meagan ghazi

    The fact that she’s an extremely attractive old lady makes me laugh so hard. 

  • Oh my God-It’s Jessica Walter!
    Does PP have nothing better to do at night than teleport old chicken hawks and their prey around the world?

    • KiannaLeigh

      Ahahahaahaha! (no comment, just laughing wildly)

  • arcaniss_caesin

    With those curves, that woman isn’t very old!

    • Or she’s very fit.  Or maybe it’s just magic.  lol!

      • Kabbalist

        My vote? Pilates!

    •  It’s amazing what a good workout regimen can do to keep you looking young, at least below the neck.  Have you seen Brooke Shields lately? Pretty nice for 50. Va-va-voom.  

  • ok, this is going really far! =D Everyone from the evil side wears silver? Good choice.

  • Jill Wilson

    I love this comic. Thank you!

  • KiannaLeigh

    Whoo! I am amazed that on the evening the bonus page was posted we’re already more than half-way to the next one! That’s impressive.

    1) When people say my name, I want it in fancy script, like my darling Planti-baby.
    2) I love her costume. In a world of skin-tight super costumes that detail every man-bulge whether they need to be detailed or not, (even if I like it a lot when they are) it’s nice to see a nice revealing lady-costume. So much eye-candy. Going into overload. Can’t think! XD

  • I LOVE the lettering in the last panel? What’s that font?

    • It is something special created by designer John Kapenga specifically for The Platinum Priestess. 🙂

      •  The Priestess gets what she wants.  In all things.  <3

  • I’m guessing this is the Emma Frost hooker?

    But instead of the powers of sluttiness, telepathy, and a diamond body, she’s just got spacial distortion, smoggy fart-kinesis, and sluttiness

    • Superjenny

      OMGOMGOMG  I broke down laugh-crying at “fart-kinesis”.

      I’m STILL giggling about it!  OMG  I need a cigarette, that was too good…

  • Captain_LeBubbles

    It’s hard to tell because it’s a visual medium, but Kyle actually pronounced the neat design of the letters.

  • Wow, she looks amazing! I love her introduction, too! Foxy is sooo suave, too bad it makes me a little suspicious.  I wonder if Kyle is gonna be angry that she knows who he is? Did Foxy tell her or did she already know? Hmm, definitely got me thinking, Alex.  As for her costume, in my opinion anyone who knows Anni well enough to agree to teleport him and a date somewhere would not be of the “sensibly dressed” persuasion. Whether heroine, villianess, maybe somewhere in-between, I’m guessing she’s got a strong will and personality of her own. So she’s gonna wear whatever the heck she wants to, regardless of any so-called political correctness. 

  • Hey, why didn’t Kyle announce the ANNIHILATOR in big shiny letters in the Prologue pg 4?!  I feel robbed.  🙁


    • Way ahead of you, my friend. That plan was actually what got me started on working on this with John. Stay tuned. 🙂

  • So if she’s as magic as she looks… Kyle’s wardrobe?  Sorted.

  • Melodic

    The fact that you have ladies in a yaoi comic is a plus for me. It’s not narrow-minded like most ‘yaoi’ comics who exclude them altogether. 

  • psiquest

    Annihilator and Kyle are covered from head to toe and Miss P is showing more skin than a hairless chihuahua. In order to promote equality and fairness between the comic genders, I propose that Kyle’s costume be changed to a flaming fig leaf. 😛

    • Congrats.  You’ve reduced me to tears because I am LAUGHING TOO HARD.

    • Leigh Nelson

      Oh that just made my day!

  • Bianca Simone

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  • Julie Swenson

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  • ithilloke

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    • I don’t imagine the two would actually get along very well. 🙂 Who would win in a fight? Well, with a frontal assault it would be The Platinum Priestess, no question. But if Maven had time to plan……

  • so, who’s gonna show up next?


    ⓣⓘⓣⓐⓝⓘⓤⓜ ⓣⓘⓣⓘⓛⓛⓐⓣⓞⓡ


    or is that moniker already taken by our dear friend, the Annihilator?

  • CrispyChicks

    Woah, I love the last panel. The composition, Kyle’s expression, the font used, and of course; the lovely lady herself. Great job on this one.

  • Bealtaine

    I don’t like her. I don’t like her at all.*bristles*

    • I’m sure she’d be inordiately pleased by your prickly reaction.  She seems the sort. xD  

  • ArohaTheStrange

    Ahhh, I am officially a fan of this comic right here C’:
    The storyline, the art, just… /amazing/. I can’t wait till the next page! And the one after that!
    Keep it up! Don’t ever let this comic die/stop so suddenly, yeah? 😀

  • Gaz Hawkins

    perhaps, to make up for the half naked woman, two fully naked, hairy men should be in the comic too 🙂

  • Wait, doesnt this mean that there’s one more super villan that knows that Kyle’s gay?  

    •  That’s the thing about villains; they’re a heck of a lot more perceptive than your average hero.  Isn’t the one who hops out of the closet the last to realize he was living in it..? xD

    • Obviously PP is Annihilator’s hag. The minute he saw Kyle go into that bar he texted her and they threw a plan together. Hag/Wingwoman…/Pan-dimentional Teleporter.

  • I really love this comic, even more so than Artifice. I wish I could Donate. 
    As someone who has always been all over DC and Marvel, this comic hits home. It’s about time gay superheroes and forbidden love left the realm of headcannons and rp’s. I feel like I’m reading a published comic book from an old fashioned comic book shop the way you introduced the characters along with your art style. So much joy with every page. You’ve really outdone yourself, this time.

  • Is it just me, or does the Priestess strike anyone else as more “lawful neutral” than an out-and-out villain?   I mean, i know she’s said exactly four words so far, but her stance, outfit, and friendship with Anni makes me think there’s something about her much different than your normal “breakin’ the law” attitude.

    Anni is def. Chaotic Neutral.  Not a doubt in my mind. 

  • This page is just so full of win.  It produces squeeing all around.  Or perhaps that’s the alchol I had before stumbling across the bonus page.  But I’m going to go with “it’s the page.”  

  • Gaby De Gyves

    she’s totally a drag queen. i can sense it!

  • SakuraHana

    Alex, I have to say, with each page grows my love for this comic and your handiwork! I find the commentators on each page are equally as amusing, trying to figure out your next page, your very thought process behind each panel! And by NO means am I saying that condescendingly. I typically do NOT read the commentary with articles or other things because people are just plain nasty when they hide behind a monitor. But your fans are absolutely amusing and wonderful.
    On a side note, I tried to get my hubby to read this comic… he said that you are a wonderful artist… but it just. Wasn’t. His. Thing. Oh well.  

  • starbuck1679

    totally want to see her as a cosplay!

  • So Alex are all the villain’s of the silver haired variety? Or just Anni and his friends? XP

    I love that the week I am healing up from surgery is a Bonus Page week. It’s an awesome distractions!

  • Keeping in mind that schoolwork has been sucking up a vast majority of my free time (that and other things), is it just me, or is there a certain familial resemblance between A-team and the Platinum Priestess?  Either way, I adore her outfit!  It actually leaves a few things to the imagination, which has always been a pet peeve of mine in traditional comics.  ARTIST/COLORIST WORD OF GOD: could Adam and Vero speak up and answer a question regarding reader demographics of “regular” comics?  As a straight woman who does enjoy them, it does get annoying seeing all the half naked or nearly naked women.

    (all of whom look better in bikinis than I :P)

    • Ida Söderberg

      I for one, also straight woman, loves Commanders outfit for just that reason! No good fighting fire without any clothes on… (yes, like Tsunami)

      •  At least Tsunami has the excuse that he’s probably going to get wet no matter what happens.  Minimizing your clothing is only practical under the circumstances (though i’d pay a dollar to see him in a bikini top… hah!)

  • Witchcrest

    Coming from a level headed feminist, the lovely lady here is absolutely beautiful. The men in this comic are dressed just as provocatively as her in skin-tight jumpsuits where you can see EVERYTHING. I don’t understand why people get so upity about the only female character thus far being dressed that why when everyone is when they’re in their superhero garb. /rant

    Anyway, completely loving this so far. Hooked from page 1 :3 <3

    • She’s not the only female character in this story.

      • Skye Madison

        I don’t think Witchcrest was meaning that the PP is the ONLY female character. She’s the only female character dressed in a provocative way. So far, anyways. Commander was dressed in pants and a red jacket. Nothing entirely revealing about that. 🙂 At least, that’s how I took it.

        • amanda damron

          i agree.

        •  It doesn’t bother me that she’s “provocative” per se in her dress, what I’m absolutely lov9ing is the fact that she’s PROPORTIONED and her t’s and a aren’t stuck out in impossible poses!  And she actually LOOKS to be in her 40’s!  Hommina Hommina!  (if not maybe a little older!)  and that’s judging by the cheekbone lines (I hope they are on purpose and not for some kind of odd shadowing or something).   This is a lady I’d like to get to know…in a fag hag kind of way, of course.  lol

  • *LOL* Love the way her name is presented.

    I was almost expecting the DUN-DUN-DUUUUN sound like you hear when a big thing is revieled in old movie series.

    That’s what I heard in my head 🙂 Other that that, I’m looking forward to see what Anni is up to. There has to be more in this than ‘just’ a date across the world. Is someone trying to lure the hero to the dark side? (Now insert Star Wars music).

    •  Maybe Anni is separating Kyle from the party so that his villain-bros can work some mischief without the firebender in the way.  Gasp!  [claps hands over mouth.]

  • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

    Ok, whoever called the going all the way to China for the chinese, you rule.

    And although I am not the first to imply some resembilance between the two, I will be the first to say I totally think Anni and PP are either siblings or twins. On the very off side cousins. But I call twins.

    • Candice Meiners

      I was thinking siblings as well. 

  • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

    And I love her outfit by the way. XD

  • Finn Meyer

    She’s his mother 😀

    • That would be so cool – get meeting the family out of the way the first day, no? xD

      Anni: “And here’s my mother, the Platinum Priestess… and all her assets, as well.  I’m not sure if they have their own names, or i’d introduce them individually.”

    • ManicThrifts

      I’m actually kind of thinking sister, now that you mention it…

  • ManicThrifts


  • YangYueLan

    I wonder if she chafes in her platinum bottoms. 

    • Leigh Nelson

      I know, it reminds me of Princess Leia’s metal slave bikini, how cold does that end up getting? And ugh, the edges? I thought elastic was bad!

      • YangYueLan

         Oh, I totally forgot about a temp change! Why can they never make good bottoms for women? (I am would include mens’ bottoms in this, but I don’t know anything about it.)

        • Leigh Nelson

          Maybe it’s lined on the inside? lol

  • I wonder if Anni will make Kyle wear that later?

  • himitsusj

    So…Anni is taking Kyle to Hong Kong to avoid witnesses…methinks a plot is afoot!  (And not just one to take the cute hero’s virginity!)

  • so do all the super villains have silver hair? Is that a thing?

  • Johndar


    *coiugh* sorry, couldn’t resist 😛

  • DoktorNauk

    If anyone is camping the next page is up, you just need to change the 14 in the URL to 15.

  • OK, this is gonna be a long one.  Fisrt off…of course, I have to do my comparisons.  Emerald Empress from Legion of Super Heroes was my first thought.  Second thought was..just lost her Emerald Eye to the Platinum Princess.  Vava-Voom!.  After having said that, I’ll let any LOSH readers go off into their own mud wrestling scenarios in their own heads.  lol.

    I’ve read thru most of the comments, and Alex’s comment about her dress and Commander’s outfit and I want to touch on that a little.  PLus, I’m gonna throw my own history in to give some added details. 

    I’ve been reading comics since I was 4.  I’m now 38.  Mostly I read DC and Marvel, and I’ve touched into “independents” for more…commercial reasons.  Voltron, Transformers, Charmed.  I’m familiar with manga as far as I’ve seen it, I’ve sold it in the bookstore I once worked for, and I’m not overly fond of it.  I’m not overly familiar with the different subcultures of comics, such as yaoii, and such.  Far as I can figure (since I’m too lazy to research it)., yaoii is basically gay butt sex comics.  Which, fine, I’m a gay man.  I better like this stuff, right? 

    My point is, maybe for me, coming from the more “mainstream” Superhero/Action type comics, this outfit doesn’t really shock me.  Actually, I find it refreshing.  I don’t feel it shows off more skin than a good bikini would a woman in real life.  The top covers a fair portion of skin (from what we can see in the angle given), and it doesn’t appear that her breasts are half-hanging out.  Her bottom piece covers everything it needs to without becoming thongy.  Now, not being a woman, and having an a-cup in my man boobs, I can’t say how well her boobs stay in her top, especially if she’s stretching.  But they seem to be well-covered enough that a wardrobe malfunction would be very hard to come by.  Unlike Wonder Woman’s Star Sapphire costume (which I firmly believe was only held in place by sheer willpower).  So I don’t feel there’s anything that needs to be changed as far as her costume goes. 

    Also, I find a lot of times, when characters are designed and fleshed out, there is a bit of stereotyping that goes into the outfit.  This is where Commander comes in, also.  When I think of a priestess, this is the kind of outfit I would envision.  2 piece outfit, a cape, although I would envision the bottom piece having material coming down from the crotch and butt part, but with the thigh high boots, the bikini bottom alone looks fine.  Modern, but still keeping the feel.  Commander’s outfit strikes me as commanding.  I don’t know how to describe it, but it does remind me of Dani Moonstar when she was with the MLF.  I don’t know if it’s based of some kind of more modern Native American style or what, but it works.  It still let’s you know she’s native american, that she’s a leader, and just has that “it factor” I can’t out into words. 

    Both ladies are strong individuals, and they both represent that in 2 different ways.  And I find nothing wrong with that.   Ask yourself this, tho…could you honestly see them in each others’ clothing?  I can’t.  And maybe that’s a sad thing for me to say.  I’m not trying to say a Native American woman can’t be dressed up all “slutty” and not look pretty.  Sadly, the only example I can think of is Dawnstar from LOSH, but even then, the look is so “historical” that for me it loses it’s sex appeal and just comes across to me that this is a Native American woman with wings. 

    I was not surprised that with the Platinum Priestess, Emma Frost was brought up.  I can understand that.  I think Priestess has that “I’m sexy and I know it” look to her, but I’m not feeling that whole “and you gonna find out” vibe from her.

    I agree I feel a familial vibe between her and Anni…whether it be a bloodline or not.  This is obviously someone Anni feels he can trust, otherwise, I doubt she’d be there.   Like I said before…maybe I’m just a sap, but I don’t feel Anni has “ulterior motives” with Kyle.  I’m not sure if he’s got feelings for him or if it’s kind of a “show you the ropes” kinda deal, but I’m not getting a “major villainous plan” vibe out of him.  Yes, we can all go back tot hat villainous grin he gave a few pages back, but I think that was more “sometimes you gotta push them without them knowing you’re pushing them” kinda deal.  He knows Kyle is interested.  He just might have to push a little to get Kyle past his comfort zone.    I think we’re all guilty of that at one point or another.  I truly believe if Kyle put his foot down and said no, Anni would respect that.  

    Alex…I better not be wrong!  lol.    Regardless, I’m loving every moment of it (except the waiting time, lol)  and I look forward to learning more about Platinum.  Eh, I’ve always had a weakness for the villains. 

    • Kit the Coyote

       Yaoi tends to be generally written by women (but you know the rule about generalities) and is more romantically focused than most Western style sexually oriented comics.  I like it as it tends to look and feel more realistic in the character development and interaction.  I like Yaoi 911 style which is giving us yaoi type stories with a Western look and feel to them.  A good blending of the genres I think.

  • Oh, and I’d be more worried about her staff thingy than anything else. Ouch!

  • ironbanana

    GAHH it’s like… Guys and Dolls where Sky Masterson asks Sarah Brown out.. and then this.. Oktobriana appears! Awesome!!

  • I love the font for the Priestess’s name. Awesome way to introduce a character.

  • Oh dear, how deep is this rabbit hole going to take our intrepid young hero? I have a feeling that in the days to come he’s going to be making decisions a lot more vital to his honor than whether or not to come out of the closet…

  • Superhero dating. Who needs a private jet? XD

  • SolrSurfr3

    Called it!
    And apparently silver hair is very “in” for villain fashion right now.

  • TravelerOfWebcomics

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  • Ree

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  • HA! Nice.

  • Goddess Of Applesauce

    I love how when he says their names its always like their logo

  • camolot the creator


    • Curt Clark

      I end up sounding like a dude-ified Storm from the 90s X-Men cartoon, so it’s not just you.