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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 13

77 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 13

Hmm. The Annihilator seems to be a difficult man to say “no” to. 😀

But I can certainly say “yes” to some really sweet new Fan Art by Little Rainbow Comics’ creator Robert Paul. It’s called “Really Young Protectors”, features Robert’s OC Captain Fabulous and it’s adorable. Go check it out.

In other news, I’m going to be speaking at Yaoi-Con 2012 in Long Beach, CA at the Westin Long Beach Hotel next weekend (October 12-14) and I’d love to see you there!

I have kind of a funny story about these presentations, actually. You see, when the YaoiCon folks asked if I’d be interested in giving any presentations, they were pretty open to whatever I wanted to do. So, being the thorough guy that I am, I came up with four options for them to choose from, figuring they’d pick one.

They picked all four.

So! I’m apparently going to have a lot to say at YaoiCon! And I’d love it if you’d stop by to show your support. In previous years when I’ve gone to YaoiCon, I’ve been a bit of an unknown quantity, so it’d be really nice to see some of your smiling faces in the audience. And I love answering questions, so if you have any burning questions about Artifice or even The Young Protectors, I’ll be able to answer them in person. You can read the presentation descriptions here and you can find out when and where I’ll be speaking on my Conventions page.

I can’t wait to meet y’all in person!

And hey, look below, we’re now at $332 on the donation bar—that’s less than $70 before the next bonus page is triggered! Woot! 😀

Special thanks go out to long-time supporters Megan S., Katherine W., Kathryn K. & Megan S. (all four making their third generous donations to The Young Protectors! Crazy!) and a warm welcome and grateful bow go out to new supporters Jamie D., Kaitlin S., Amanda A., Florine J., Zoellen F. & James W. for their generous donations over the last week!

Big hugs go out to new friend of The Young Protectors jonathan h. for their generous $25 donation and also to long-time friend Daniel N. whose $26 donation marks their thirteenth donation to this comic! Holy cow, Daniel! Thank you!

Thank you all so, so much for your very generous support! Looks like we might have a double-update week soon! 😀

All righty… it seems the dapper Annihilator is leading our young hero onto some kind of small journey. And I suspect that there will be at least some of you who will find what’s revealed on the next page to be somewhat shocking. Curious? Tune in next Saturday this Wednesday and decide for yourself!

DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! Edit 10/6/12 1:30 AM: Thanks to your generous donations, we’ve just hit the donation target so that means that in addition to our regular update next Saturday (page 15), I’ll be posting up a bonus update this Wednesday, October 10th (page 14!)l You all rock so much! I hope to see you there! 😀


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  • DemureDesire

    How far out of town?  Um…. China?  (He did say “authentic”…)

    I am truly loving this strip… 

  • ya know, al?

    i think it’s a good thing that you’ve been having a series of cliffhangers.

    because.. ..i’ve been at the edge of my seat since Sean Annorhi’s come back, waiting for every update.

    if i had $20,000 just lying around i would donate That for the three of youse to work with; would that grant your viewing audience a couple more months’ of bonus updates thus, mr. woolfson?

    • Heh. Yep, if you donate $20,000 and the payment clears, I’m sure we can work something out. 😉 I’m very glad to hear that you’ve been enjoying the latest pages!

      It’s interesting that folks refer to the recent pages as “cliffhangers”. When I think of a cliffhanger, I think of leaving the characters in major, unresolved jeopardy and then going to another scene or taking a bunch of time off. It’s possible I might do that for a chapter end, but I see what I’m doing in the most recent pages as simply setting things up so that you’ll want to “turn the page”. 

      That’s often my goal with anything I write—to set things up so that at the end of every page, you’ll (hopefully!) be very curious to see what happens next. To create a “page turner”. Now, there are exceptions. Sometimes (like for a big kiss), I’ll want to slow time down and encourage readers to linger on a page before turning it. But as a writer, if I’m in the middle of a chapter and you’re not really eager for the next page, then I’d say I haven’t written that page or scene as successfully as I’d like.

      • i’ve been pretty dang eager.

        “page turners” accurately describes what i’ve been reading here — yes.

        i’m very interested in the “interpersonal relationships” — more so than “action sequences,” although those are needed to help balance the story, as well, obviously.

        ..i wonder how story-telling shall be crafted in the future.

        how will people draw stuff, like comics?
        will any person be able to do it?
        shall people still be even interested in comics, once Technology does permit 300 full-coloured/full-detailed pages (at the average of the sizes of the … pages thus far shown in the young protectors) to be produced in 3 – 6 hours?

  • Erica


  • CommodoreZelda

    Oh, Anni. You think of everything, don’t you? <3 Can't wait for the next page!! *crosses fingers for a Wednesday upload*

    • It seems your crossed fingers are powerful agents for change. 🙂

  • Anni’s facial expressions over the amusing youngster are priceless!! <3

  • They are gonna go to China, aren’t they? My money is on going to China! And I truly love the art style to this. 😀

  • alex, i hope you will go against some of the more “genre savvy” readers’ expectation by not making this out-of-town restaurant, in fact, be out in China.

    besides.. wouldn’t make sense to separate sparky that far from his Protector Friends, and sparky would simply accept anhi’s proposal if that is what the annihilator desires.

    i do look forward to the opportunity for finally having an approximate geographical location established, anyway, in this story.

  • Timothy Hickman

    Now isn’t that a great way to overcome the anxiety of asking someone out on a date? Just become a world famous anacharist.

  • I just watched Young Justice, and now for some reason, Annihilator sounds like Lex Luthor. Which is cool, considering the suit. 

  • KrisYWC

    Yeah, it is in China.

  • Lady Mania

    “How far out of town?”  Only place to get truly Authentic Chinese food, China! Although I’m not sure going THAT far alone with Anni would be the best of ideas lol.

  • Are we talkin’ private jet far?  lol!

    Hm. Considering it’s evening there, it probably would be breakfast time in China!

  • DoktorNauk

    The fact that he’s literally walking away from you and you’re running to keep up means you’ve basically already said yes. Also, either one of you is gonna be really overdressed and really underdressed no matter where you go.

  • SakuraHana

    I feel so “wrong” for being a woman that likes this comic strip, considering it’s yaoi based, but I stumbled upon Artifice via I-don’t-know-how, and fell in love with the storyline. So this is a natural progression, right? I’m not saying that girls can’t enjoy yaoi… it just seems a bit odd, for lack of a better word. Now that I think about it, it may simply be that I love Alex Woolfson’s imagination. Wherever it may go. 🙂 

    • Weirdly enough, with traditional Japanese yaoi, it’s actually mostly written by women for women.  lol!

    • Becky

      Ain’t nothing unwomanly about enjoying cute boys getting all kissy. 😛

    • I use to think that way too, but now I’m a true blue yaoi fan. xD It’s the same for some women as it is for (straight) men who like two lesbians kissing – hot. That’s how I see it anyway. xD I just think its adorable and shows love at its best – a feeling I’ve long since lost and no longer believe in… but hay, if two guys falling in love despite the odds and general hate they get for it can help me trust in love again? Then it is all worth it in my opinion~!

    • Thank you for the props, SakuraHana, and welcome aboard!

      (And it’s interesting that you would feel wrong for liking yaoi. It wasn’t too long ago that a woman wrote me to tell me I was wrong for making it! As Jay pointed out, “yaoi” is traditionally is created by and for women.)

      I really hope you continue to enjoy the comic. And thanks for taking the time to comment! 🙂

    • Dracon Ra

      Most Yaoi is written by women,  TYP and Artifice are the only ones I know that are written by a man. And they’re the most ‘tame’ ones I’m reading, the others are much more explicit 😉
      I don’t think looking at hot guys can be wrong. Drawn or real, who cares 😉

    •  You’re not alone. I’m enjoying this profusely, and I’ve no intention to quit anytime soon 😉 I have a theory that women enjoy gay men the same way men enjoy gay women… We all like to watch. There is much to be learned from being an observer, and a fantasy is usually much more fun in ones head/on paper/on screen than it is in real life. So, enjoy!! We sure are! 😀

  • i’m both scared and excited to hear the answer~ goooooodness i’m happy to get my page~ now i gotta break out some $ to get the next one -_- …so worth it anyways

    • i reeeeeealy want the anihilator to be able to fly and have to carry kyle there XD

  • I am hungover on holiday in Helsinki. This has just brightened my morning!

  • Monica

    Ohhh… Silver Fox..  please please please take me instead! *jumps up and down* Gah that man gives me dreams…..

  • olivefood

    I’m loving this webcomic so much, it is definitely one of my favourite webcomics (my other favourite is quiltbag). It’s become a regular thing for me to check out the next page on this comic first thing on a Saturday morning 😛 The art is just amazing, I love webcomics which are so detailed and in colour!
    The donation bar has gone up to over $400… looking forward to the bonus page next wednesday!
    Like quite a lot of others I’m guessing they’re going to China, which would be cool to see, but I kinda hope it’s something different!

    • One of your favorite webcomics? That’s great to hear, PengiQZ! Thank you for all the kind words!

      (And thank you for also introducing me to the acronym QUILTBAG. Hadn’t heard that before.)

  • elijah elquest

    AAnyone else guessing it is in China? Lol.

  • olivefood

    also I love how even though Kyle says “I haven’t said yes” he is still running after anni xD

  • Becky

    I’m enjoying the little bit of snark Kyle has started to show (eg: that last line there). The confidence that this implies is a bit undercut by the way he is chasing A around, but still. Intriguing!

  • Mihael Keehl

    It’s definitely in China xD

  • Bianca Simone

    ALEX!!!!! So EXCITED that you get to give 4 presentations at YaoiCon!!!! <3 

    • Leigh Nelson

      Yeah Alex, congratulations about being picked for FOUR different presentations, that’s so cool! ^_^

  • Would Kyle be trusting/naive enough to go with Anhi to another continent?

    Actually he probably is.

  • Yukiness

    I would not be in the least bit suprised if: A)The restaurant was in china and/or B)When Anni says special he means they serve endagered things.

  • It’s IN China isnt it? 😀

  • It’s his apartment

    •  Now that i think about it, it would be completely within character for Anni to have a suite of Chinese chefs working in his evil lair for just such an occasion. 

    • Leigh Nelson

      See, I had thought that too at first, but he says it’s far away…lol plus, I just can’t see the advantage of that. Taking him straight to his house even though they don’t know anything about each other still? Oh, unless it has to do with a lonely Kyle surprising Anni’s servant at the doorstep every once in a while…I dunno, I’m feeling China. Lol

  • you know disqus ate up one of my comments here?

    apparently there was an outage or downtime for several hours.

  • Maggerz

    I’m half expecting Anni to beam them to Beijing.

  • QuantumKid

    Over the hills, and through the woods, to grandmother’s house we go…..

  • For some reason, it’s Anni’s “come along!” gesture in panel 2 that is really cracking me up.   He never even bothers to glance back to see if Kyle is coming; he knows he has him hooked like a trout.  xD

  • Lemur01

    I’m loving this webcoming so much! This altogether with Grant are my favorite comics of this kind! 🙂

  • They are going to China?! Seriously Alex? Seriously?

    I am rechecking this page once I am no longer high on pain meds from my surgery I had yesterday. And if they are still going to China well then…

    • I hope it wasn’t anything serious. D:  Speedy recovery! 

      •  I had abdominal surgery. I had to have my gall bladder removed. I’m healing very fast, but I’m still very sore. I’lll be fine. ^_^

        • Aw, dang: gall bladder surgery is the worst, but at least the recovery time is fairly quick. Feel better soon!

    • 🙁


      Beegh Pooshi!

      *puppy dog eyes*

  • Colleen Boye

    Yeah, it’s China, no question.

  • Syreen

    “a difficult man to say “no” to.”  Is there someone who would say no?

  • I think it might be something else (at least other than just in China). Would a great dim sum restaurant qualify as “very special” if it was in China? Presumably there would be many great restaurants in China that serve Dim Sum. In my opinion it has to be something else/additional. What does “Great view” and “Stellar Service” really mean? Is anyone else’s mind going to naked waiters or restaurants on the moon?

  •  Amazing as always ! It’s soooooo hard to wait a whole week each time ! TT__TT

  • Leigh Nelson

    I  dunno, I feel like there’s no question about it being in China, what makes it spcial is probably that it’s his…lol or something else that’s interesting. Maybe that it’s a gay chinese restraunt? haha I don’t know…

  • Dracon Ra

    Mh, China sounds good, but very special, great view, stellar service… Super Villains have hideouts too, right? So my guess is Annis is somewhere in the earth orbit and
    he has a Chinese cook 😉
    At least that is something to impress a young man like Kyle. And anyone else 😉

  • Didak

    That awkward moment when you wake up naked in China after a night of vigorous ‘fun’, tied to a bed, ball-gagged and surrounded by a pack of wild monkeys and you wonder why you agreed on a date with a super villain.

  • *Facepalm*Kyle you are soooo naive!

  • Hey, is anyone else not seeing any likes in the comments except their own on this page?  Something up with Disqus? 

  • Ooo Im so excited for the next page 😀

  • Midwestmutt

    I don’t think it can be China. Neither of them have super speed or flying as a power. I am for some sort of underworld meeting place in another city but nearer by than China. Is this comic set on the west coast? Perhaps A. has some connections with the Tong? [reposting of comment swallowed by Disqus a few days earlier.]

    •   Looks like i’m not the only one who was having Disqus issues these past couple of days.  They’re usually so reliable; ah, well. 

    • What about a private jet or other high speed transport?

      • Midwestmutt

        you are looking at a 12 hour flight from L.A. to Beijing.

  • xLizardx

    Hahaha, awesome. I bet it’s so far “out of town”, and so “authentic” it’s actually in China… Methinks we might be seeing a few more of Annihilator’s abilities in order to facilitate the journey…

  • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

    Oh wait….breakfast for dinner is a sign of anarchy? So when I have pancakes for dinner I are an anarchist? T_T Oh Anni…the things you teach me.

  • arcaniss_caesin

    I’m thinking they are off to Annis house…lair… fortress… alley behind the China Buffet…

  • DarkFeanix21

    I really like how… suave the Annihilator is. And how starstruck Kyle obviously is, even though he’s probably in denial about it.

  • SolrSurfr3

    PLEASE tell me they’re going to China for dinner. What good is being able to fly if you don’t use it for free air travel every now and again?

  • Why do they always make anarchists the bad guys?  I dunno what else he’s meant to have done but you don’t get to borderline rape someone and call yourself an anarchist.

  • disqus_3iau8D8wm4

    I could just see him saying “far from your home an closer to my bed” regardless of how gentelmanly he’s been of late.

  • demoncat_4

    so far in a unique way the annilator and kyle are proving that they would make such an interesting couple.