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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 12

192 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 12

I love those saucer-like eyes in Panel 3. 🙂

We have new Fan Art this week. Lots of new Fan Art, actually! For The Young Protectors, KiannaLeigh gives us a fun photoshopped riff called “The Truth” (based on a reader request in the comments) and space-aged gives us a beautiful shirtless Annihilator and Kyle in “Anni and the Little Hero”. You totally should check them out.

Meanwhile, Archia has created a beautiful shirtless Deacon and Jeff from Artifice! You totally need to check that out as well!

(You also need to be reading Archia’s wonderful vampire webcomic Enthrall and her NSFW BL webcomic Days Before. You won’t be disappointed. 🙂 )

Wow! Look below! In less than a week we rocketed past the halfway point to the next bonus page!

Special thanks go out to long-time supporters Victor R. (who makes their 2nd generous donation to The Young Protectors!) & Renee N. (who makes their 4th generous donation to The Young Protectors!) and a warm welcome and grateful bow go out to new supporters Andrea D., Cassandra R. & Florent C. for their generous donations over the last week!

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Thank you all so, so much! Your generosity has given the artists and me a huge morale boost this week! 😀

In more news, I’m starting to do conventions so I’ve listed any upcoming appearances either as a speaker/panelist or exhibitor in the menu above under Conventions. If you’re going to be at any of them, please stop by and say “hi”!

All right. So, The Annihilator has asked our young hero out to dinner. Is it a decent proposal? And will our young hero say yes? Tune in for more next week! 😀


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  • ….pardon me.  I’m going to go find a place to faint.

    • *slides a faint couch into your falling path*

      • Sanbai

        *fainting couch is crushed by the 8-10 bodies cascading on to it*

        • …does this mean we are dogpile fainting en masse?

          • Sanbai

            *voice trickles up from under the pile* Mehhmmm-hmmmm!

  • Ditzite

    Go forth and date for he is a hottie fritotti! Well technically I guess the hot one is Kyle, but Anni is oooh so cool! XD Point is I love it!!!! Even if Anni is just using this to lure Kyle into a trap… a sexy sexy trap! Chain that boy to the wall!

    • Wow, that went from 0 to Kinky is record time!

      Also we all know what happens when you mix something very cool with something very hot; STEAM!!!

      • Ditzite

         He’s got.. badum… STEAM HEAT! XD

  • melinda stumpf

    Say what I did not think he would ask that

  • singerblooming


  • Julie Swenson

    I love it. I love all of this. Please, keep it coming.

  • That…wasn’t what  I was expecting.  Kyle and I made the same face lol

  • Fabiana Nonato

    OMG. I’m going to my bed to have a fujoshi attack. Bye.

  • DoktorNauk

    Well, I have never been happier to be totally wrong.


  • okay!

    let’s all say it together, now:


    as a deer caught in head|lights..
    ..but for fuck’s sakes: i. . . . .

    . . . . .i think my own heart would be rendered No Longer Functional, if that stud daddy posed his request to me.

    so of course i have to ask “Why Kyle?
    “(Why not Tsunami? 

  • Aqueos

    Ok. This is both unbelievably cute and making my stomach twist into knots.

    It’s clear that Anni is after something and I hope it’s not actually the date considering you know KYLE IS SORT OF YOUNGER THAN HIM. I suppose Anni could really look older than he is, but I find it highly unlikely the only reason is love here. Or lust. OR whatever. BLACKMAIL I SAY. BRING IN THE PILATES

    Ulterior motives I swear. In any case Kyle’s reaction is hilarious and sort of adorable. Seriously though Kyle, get a brain or something. If you do this you’re obviously going to get even more stuck to him like you want THAT.

    But something tells me we’re just going to skip to Kyle being somewhere else with Anni doing something.

    Well you have me thinking at least.

  • DAMN! Anni is so smooth. He is so very classy. I am assuming Kyle is going to need a wardrobe change. One wonders if perhaps Anni has a tux awaiting him. Oh! Maybe Anni will take Kyle to his personal tailor before dinner.

    I love how adorable off balance Kyle is by all of this. I also love that he did not say no. He just asked where they are going? You gotta bad, sparky. You got it BAD!

    Also I stand firmly on my belief that there will be wine or Brandy at Anni’s house and coercion. IN FACT, I bet that Anni will suggest dinner at his home. That way they won’t have to worry about “prying eyes.” This will make Kyle feel a little more secure, so he will go to Anni’s home. And that is when IT happens… Seduction, corruption, just a nice dinner. Not sure what IT will be, but I’m still 100% sure in involves high end liquor and possibly Anni’s house.

  • New here, find you out through TeaHouse and I’m glad I let the adv tease me. 😀
    You draw very well and I must say I loved the fire effects in both the first pages and in the action scene of the group.
    Looking forward for the next installments!

    • Thank you! Artists Adam DeKraker is responsible for the linework and Veronica Gandini for the colors—I’m really happy to hear you like their work. (Me, too! Especially the fire. 🙂 )

      Very glad to hear you found us and I hope you continue to enjoy the comic!

  • . . . . .just, please don’t hurt kyle too bad, Anhi..

    ..or i will have to Spirit Bomb you.



    Yes, there may be some ulterior motive on Anni’s side, plus the bonus of Kyle’s company here. And Kyle hasn’t said no 🙂

  • Lady Mania

    Ok wow that look in panel 3. O_O Absolutely ADORABLE! I laughed for a good few minutes before I could even finish the page! Amazing work with the reactions and expressions throughout.

  • AnyOtaku

    Don’t fall for it Kyle! Even if I want you to be very happy I think Anni is trying to fool you… or maybe he really does want to go out with you? I’d like that but HUH! I can’t see if Anni has got bad or good intentions…

    P.s: Panel 3 is amusing, those eyes!

  • KBatty

    Adam: Panel four is very Sean Chen… and I mean that in a good way. I hope that’s not a back-handed compliment for a DC guy to get. 😉

  • Look how shocked he looks. He’s so cute!

  • Awww… and he’s all dressed up for it too. <3

  • And Kyle might be confused.. but saying no to sexy styled up Sean Connery.. no wait.. Anni, who he shared that hot kiss with earlier..

    Can Kyle do that?

  • Amerou

    Points for Kyle, if I were in his shoes right now the first words out of my mouth would probably be “guhwoerohcdaplllff?” *verbal keyboard smash*

    • Sanbai

      That is my new favorite word.

  • Anni’s dialogue in panel 4 is a bit convoluted for my liking, though I realise that he/you were aiming for a specific effect. I just have a real thing against convoluted wording. Apart from that, excellent page and I can’t wait to see what happens next ^^ If Kyle is seen out in public with an older dude, that doesn’t bode too well for him staying in the closet!

    • Alas, you can expect a lot of that kind of dialogue from The Annihilator I’m afraid. That’s just the way he is. 🙂

      Glad you enjoyed the rest of the page, though!

    • xLizardx

      It’s not convoluted – it’s enigmatic, which admittedly could be equally confusing, but it also happens to be mysterious, intriguing and stylish, as opposed to awkward and digressive. 🙂

  • Dracon Ra

    Anni really knows how to play the young and innocent.
    And we all know what’s for dessert 😉

    Oh and Anni, darling, you’re a supervillain, not a gentleman 😉

    • Plum Soda

       Aw, why can’t he be both? Until now, his impeccable manners rarely slipped… XD

      • Dracon Ra

        Well, yeah shure, luring innoncent young Super Heros into your bed is very gentleman like 😉

        Don’t get me wrong, I really love Anni, but a tux doesn’t make a gentleman. 😉

        • OZ_in_OK

           Maybe not, but it *does* make him even hotter. 😉

  • Yukiness

    My word Anni, what beautiful eyes you have.

    I wish I had money to travel to all those far away conventions that you will be attending. It seems that this year a lot of artist’s I follow will not be attending NYCC/AnimeFest.

    • There’s a chance I might go to NYCC next year. 🙂 Still haven’t decided.

  • Taylee94

    IT’S A TRAP. A very adorable trap BUT A TRAP. xD 

    Lets ignore the fact it’s probably a trap for now and continue fangirling over this :3 Eeeeeee <3

  • fujoshifanatic

    Really Kyle? This is what you ask when Mr. McSexy Pants makes you an offer you can’t refuse? I am so looking forward to Anni teaching you how to get your swag on, ’cause you are too cute to not have a clue.

    And I really like the subtle foreshadowing in panel four; very cool juxtaposition to have Anni lit so ominously while making such an innocently(?) charming request for Kyle’s response. Decent proposal indeed.

    Ugh, I want more! *anxiously watching the bonus page bar while cursing my empty wallet* D-:

  • geneticsgirl

    i think it would be funny if they went out for bbq. or something flambé… and Anni is like an evil muscular Anderson Cooper. I don’t think anyone could say no to a silver fox with steely blues…

  • ManicThrifts

    OOohhh this comic. I  kind of want to walk away for about a year so I can sit down at the end and read all the pages at once. 😀

  • Oh my gosh how cute can one character actually be. Urge to pinch cheeks has reached critical capacity.

  • That explains the dressy suit xD I was wondering haha

  • Suhndog

    As an ‘older’ guy myself, this page has me going! =3   Love is ageless, and I can’t wait to see what happens next… Kyle is being ‘cautious’, yet his response is as dangerous as Anni’s!   [insert cold shower here]… =3

  • Captain_LeBubbles

    More importantly, where will you go that Anni won’t seem overdressed while Kyle won’t seem underdressed? Not a lot of places where tuxedos and hoodies are both part of the dress code.

    Though… Anni strikes me as the type who would wear a tux to Burger King and not think anything of it.

    • The Annihilator would wear a tux to Burger King. And feel tremendously superior to everyone else in the room.

      • Captain_LeBubbles

        And let’s be honest, who could fault him for it?

      • xLizardx

        He’d be Barney Stinson’s ideal date! Well, ok, Barney the character is straight, but Neil Patrick Harris who plays him totally isn’t… I’m sure this can work out somehow. On the downside, Barney would never get to say “suit up” because The Annihilator would already be way ahead of him.  🙂

  • SomeoneK

    Hahahha the third panel, I bet Kyle would’ve been just as shocked if Anni asked him to go to the nearest hotel with him

  • I love the age difference between them, it’s rather romantic. 

  • OZ_in_OK

    A superhot, muscular baddie wearing a tux, gazing at me with those blue eyes, asking me out on a date?

    *glances at the D20 dice in my hand, then throws it over my shoulder*

    Hell, I wouldn’t even bother making a Willpower save.

  • Syreen

    Panel3: my exact reaction when someone ask me out…

  • nebi_lan

    x_X i’ve passed out :’D Anni looks so hot in the first panel, that should be considered a crime!. Say yes, little boy, even if you know that will bring you troubles just SAY YES!

  • Dee Dee

    Kyle: “I…um… where would you even want to go?”
    Annihilator: “Just some awesome fancy restaurant.” (which turns out to be in Annihilator’s house)

    And then, followed by a major freak out when Kyle tries to run and save his hide! 😀 

  • Ten points to everyone who guessed it was a DATE!

    Similarly enough, Kyle’s reaction is the same one I would have if anyone ever asked me out. Lucky red head. 
    I wonder why he’s asking Kyle out on a date. He certainly came dressed for the occasion…somewhere fancy maybe?! KYLE, run home and get some slacks or something!! I mean you’re hot(figuratively and literally) but your date is suave. 

    I have to tune in next week for sure. 🙂 

  • xLizardx

    I’m guessing maybe something like a casino… somewhere sophisticated, but also slightly nefarious, like the Annihilator himself.  Or else somewhere completely random and quirky, and utterly inappropriate to Mr. Fox’s elegant outfit, like a funfair or a moonlight boat ride or a helicopter tour of the city.

  • Aw, Kyle is so adorable xD So ukeish xD I love it!

  • Jane Siveyer

    Has anyone wondered about Anni’s timing – as in being there, dressed in a tux just as the fire is put out?

  • sayaa.

    awww… :ooo i’m sooo excited… *-*

  • Panel 3, I think you brokeded him XD

  • Bad_Guy_Lover

    I really like to think that were this is going is that Anni is toying with the little hero for his own gain, but then i can see Kyle getting hurt and/or trapped and despite the danger to himself Anni  saves him! *giggles* or am i already making fanfiction to this comic?

  • Last panel: Adorable Kyle!

    Anyway, Sliver Fox Anni can pretty much do no wrong in my book at this point so whatever he does to Kyle will be wonderful (even if he is just toying with him)! 

  • jokerfish

    He didn’t wait two hours to ask for a kiss- he waited 2 hours to ask for a dinner date. much different.

    • Kisses are fleeting, Dinner dates are for…a few hours at least. ;D

  • Epistasthai

    oh noes! I’m beginning to fall for Silver Fox(y) Anni! He waited 2 hours to ask for a date! He’s up to something, but I don’t care. Say yes, Kyle!! Say yes!

  • Dex X.

    Expression in Panel 3 is fantastic hahahaha. 

  • elijah elquest

    cant stop laughing at panel 3. 

  • oh my god XD thank you soooooo much for this page, i love it so much i can’t stop looking at kyles face! “where would you even want to go?” that means yes~!

  • alex?

    could you, just one time, find a way to somehow get mr. annihilator to say, in canon, Big Pussy?

    That would just make my day.

    (because in my head i’d be hearing the baddie say “Beegh Pooshi”.)

    • Damn it Rex. Stop making Anni Scottish in my head ><

      • (*puppy dog eyes*

        i’m here t’shee Beegh Pooshi™.

        *devilish grin*)

        what’s wrong with anhi being scottish?
        it’s not like alex has ever established much about Mr. Baddy yet.

        alex might have even based annihilator on mr. connery.

        •  Nothing wrong with it, but in my head his accent isn’t scottish. Then you say these things Rex, and I have to reread it all in that voice.

    • xLizardx

      Hahaha, oh shit, now I’m going to imagine all of Mr. Fox’s dialogue in James Bond-speak… for eternity… or at least until the comic ends, at any rate.

  • Simon Stewart-Rinier

    You know, considering how much of a troll Anni seems to be, I can see this being how the exchange goes:

    Kyle: Where would you even want to go?
    Anni: Somewhere nice.
    Kyle: [sheepishly] I should go get changed.
    Anni: I wouldn’t worry about that. You won’t need clothes.
    Kyle: O_O
    Anni: Because I have a perfectly fitted tux waiting for you.

    And then, of course, Kyle is relieved until he thinks to question how Anni got his measurements.

    • He checks your inseam while you sleep. XD

      • What a hilariously creepy way to get your hand into someone’s crotch.

        “Oh, don’t mind me!  Just fitting you for some free trousers. My, aren’t you a big boy.  *NUDGE* And you dress to the left, i see.”

        • Bianca Simone

          Your comments always give me *lulz* Sola 😀

          •  Heh, sorry; something about the comments here seems to bring forth my imp of the perverse.  xD

  • ajah2

    I really do love whats going on with Anni and Kyle but I am really hoping my reaction to any evil do-er (which is Kill it with fire.. or something its not immune to!) doesn’t kick in.
    I do not wish to know how Anni is a baddie, why is fine just so long as he doesn’t turn into Magneto or something

    •  To my understanding Mr. Anni became a world class villain because he didn’t want people to judge him on his sexuality. People don’t care if you’re gay if they’re too busy being afraid of you. Though chances are he’s not really a bad guy deep down, as we can see from his obvious crush on the flaming hottie Kyle. Though I consider him a creepy old guy entering into an inappropriate relationship with a teenage hero.

  • Bad_Guy_Lover

    i love how Silver Fox has become a nick name for Anni <3 

    • Because he IS a Silver Fox. And Kyle is cute as a bunny. And Foxes eat bunnies up! *smirk*

  • Are you sure you qualify as a true gentleman Mr. Annihilator sir?

    A silver wolf in gentleman’s clothing maybe…

  • DemureDesire

    Just say “yes”… Because if you say “no” Anni will be hurt and then he’ll be even more evil and, well…

    I <3 Anni.

    (Then again, I <3 Darth Vader, too, so what do I know?)

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    I have to agree with DD on this…Anni is dressed to the 9’s…this would definitely NOT be fast food take out…I just hope Kyle knows how to handle himself in a “proper manner” in an upscale setting.

  • For some reason, this page makes me think of Frank Scorpio from the Simpsons XD

  • I can’t wait for more, the only thing which could make this comics better is that it wouldn’t have censure

  • Oh Kyle, hun, whatever you decide you are gonna be in it deep, that’s for sure! But who could resist those eyes?!
     Hey Alex, would this be Kyle’s first date ever or just first date with a guy?

    • That answer is revealed in this chapter. 🙂

      •  Yay! Thanks for the reply, Alex. Now I really can’t wait to read more of this chapter!  *sigh* If I hadn’t already donated, your reply would definitely have had me chucking more of my money at you!

  • KNT609

    Oh you’re SUCH a gentleman

  • Erica

    he has to say yes. >:U YES YES YES YES

  • psiquest

    Kyle’s gonna be squirming like Bill Clinton in a room full of interns… 😉

  • Midwestmutt

    Annie looks so good in a tux I fear a return to his evil duds will be a letdown. Perhaps there will be an intermediate stage?

    •  Silver Fox. you are now Tuxedo Mask.  Sorry.  I know the tights were convenient ‘n shizz, but you’re not allowed to go back. 

  • Oh, Kyle.  You have absolutely no idea that he has you right where he wants you.

    Which is fine, because we want you there, too.  

  • Bealtaine

    I don’t trust Anni. As much as I want this just to be a nice date and maybe a bit more, I doubt it it. Anni’s evil henchmen must be up to something which needs Kyle distracted…

  • geneticsgirl

    Am I the only one who imagines Anni’s chest to be full of hair (perfectly manscaped, of course)?

    • Dracon Ra

      No, you’re not.

  • Sigh, I never thought I’d have to write one of these…but here goes…

    Dear Alex,

    It is with much regret and sadness that I must inform you that I can no longer read the Young Protectors..

    Aw, who am I kidding?  I just reread it from page one again!  lol.  I knew he’d ask for a date.  And honestly, because I’m a nerdy sap, I want to believe that Anni really does have genuine feelings for Kyle.  And it’s not some evil ploy.  Just as I chose to believe Anni didn’t set the building on fire.  These things DO happen by themselves, you know.  And since a strict timeline wasn’t given, it may mean that Anni heard it on his villain-radio that the YP were at the scene, figured he could make his move, got dressed, and played the 2 hour waiting game. 

    What, am I overreaching?

    Sue me, I’m a softy for the villain-gone-“good”-because-they-were-never-TRULY-evil-in-the-first-place.  And given his “history” on why he became a “Baddie” to begin with, and we don’t know he’s done anything majorly bad like kill anyone, there could be “redemption”.   Kinda like Catwoman and Black Cat pretty much used to just be doing their thing mostly to get close to their love interest.  Or, Lois Lane doing dumb crap to get Supes to “save” her. 

     And poor Kyle.  He WANTS it.  Hell, we ALL WANT IT!!!  lol 

    Keep up the great work, Alex!!  This is soooooo hottttt! (it’s so hot, Paris couldn’t fathom it!)

    • I’m really glad you’re enjoying it, Mykle! 🙂

      (And you almost got me with your “It is with much regret…” line… 😉 )

  • any way i look at this it screams for some tux buying with kyle , because anni would catch too much attention eating a hotdog or a burger dressed like that and because kyle wouldnt be allowed to enter restaurants anni would look normally dressed in. aaannd the big rule behind tux buying for your date iiiiiiiis…. ? 😀

    •  If you put it on him, you get to peel it off? :D?

      • Yukiness

        That is correct! Johnny, tell her what she’s won!

  • Suhndog

    Hmm, if Kyle were more savvy and understanding.. he could use this encounter to his advantage [maybe temporary..depends], of course we don’t know all that Anni can do super-wise, Just suppose: Kyle goes on a date, followed by a ‘room somewhere’, and at a certain moment decides to ‘flame something’ of Anni’s..  heh ..  but then, Kyle might end up dispatched, or..  but Anni might end up ‘powerless’ somehow [including his Huge, um ego..]..  mmm

  • Zebriane

    Kyle is CLEARLY unprepared for a dinner date with with The Annihilator.

    He’ll need a cold shower first.   

    …And I think I will, too.

  • Waitaminute, Kyle said he’s 17 previously…. doesn’t that mean if they had sex it’d technically be statutory rape?

    Btw, long time reader, first time poster, love your stuff, Alex!  Big time!!!

    • Depends on what state they’re in.

      • who said this story is even taking place in the united states?

        although i’m getting a strong Chicago or Manhattan vibe, myself.

        •  Point, but I hadn’t picked up on any UK, Australian or Canadian slang (unless I missed something) yet and since it’s written in English I’ve been running under the assumption that I could pretty much rule out countries that don’t have English as their main language.

          • i do look forward to seeing how these two’s age difference shall play out in this story.

            alex easily could have made sparky 18, but conscientiously elected to have Flames be 17 instead; anhi (in universe) had apparently wanted to be sexual with sparky even when he pegged sparky for 16 — the typical age in the u.s. when a guardian may give consent to a major for screwing around with the guardian’s minor.

            i think anhi has a wide array of “options” available..
            ..yet he has his eye on kyle.

            i really can’t wait to find out “Why Kyle?

            “(Why not Tsunami?)”

          •  I agree with the alternate dialects and/or spellings utilized in those English-speaking countries being presented within the dialogue if TYP was set there. HOWEVER, if the country was non-English speaking it wouldn’t be unusual for the comic to still be presented in English since that is the language of the writer.

          • True, but usually if a story is written in english and is set in a non-english speaking country, the author is typically quick to mention in-story what country they’re in.

    • Thank you for the props, K.P.! I’m glad you’re enjoying the comic. Thank you for letting me know! 🙂

    •  Same as what I was thinking, but so long as they don’t get sexual… Hey, don’t look at me like that, guys! Seriously. I love these two, and I love May-December romances, but I do hope there’s space for a mature relationship that doesn’t jump into anything… yet 🙂

  • There going to have dinner at The Annihilator apartment so Kyle won’t feel self-conscious. I bet a billion dollars  

  • Goodness, I love this comic and it’s artwork.  I don’t know why I ship them so much, but I do.  I must say, I do hope that there will be some actual sex scenes in this comic and maybe some genitals, not just because of the hotness factor, but I do believe such scenes add greatly to stories.  I am just loving the story so much!  Go Annihilator. 😉

  • Kyle’s face in the third panel is priceless lol.

  • Yukiness

    Please do, I have been dying to meet you/purchase everything on your table and die of a major facial hemorrage. You have no idea how much you changed my life for the better.

    • If my comics have made your world a better place, that makes me very happy to hear, Yukiness. Even just as entertainment, it’s my hope that these pages can give folks a smile at the end of their day. 🙂

      So, does this mean you’ll be going to one of the conventions I’m planning on attending?

      • Yukiness

        At the present moment I cannot. If given the oportunity I would go in a heart beat however finacially my family is in the red. One day in the future I most definately will. Perhapse next year. *crosses fingers*

        •  You and me both!  We will gang up on poor Alex, and he will meet his end in a shower of cookies and squealing.  Alas. 

  • Monica

    I kinda love Kyles hair. The color is just vibrant! But still, that silver fox… <3 *sigh* If I only was a dude….

  • Where would he like to go? Judging from the way the Annihilator is dressed isn’t it obvious? Chuck ‘E Cheese’s of course! Maybe followed by some go-cart racing and mini golf? Wow…that would make the whole age difference thing that much more…weird. I assume he would need to get Kyle home before 10 as it is a school night.

  • Jay

    Panel 3 has me in giggles, hehe.

  • speaksenglish705

    This comic would get a lot more readers and donations if it updated more than once a week.  Other webcomics with comparable art quality update 3 times a week.  It’s annoying to check back in 2 months later to find out that nothing has happened.

    • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

      Oh for the love of…..are you always this entitled? Is this all you have to look forward to in your life? How sad for you.

    • Yes, because the FREE webcomic must update more often so as to suit your schedule. Really.

      Grow up, and get over the fact that Y911’s author has other calls on his time. There’s no rush, and if you don’t like the pace at which the story is being told, too bad for you.

    •  For your information, the author COMMISSIONS these pages. Did you ever stop to consider that perhaps he cannot afford to update more than once a week? Why do you think he asks for donations at all?

    • LimpBiskit

      Wow, you guys went completely apesh1t on this one… Vicious. But he is correct in that more availability usually garners more attention/donations. That said, I don’t care personally how often the updates come, because the comic is worth the wait.

  • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

    I was seriously not expecting that. XD Made me giggle…oh Anni brings out all my raving fangirl urges. XD Lovely page. And I love Kyle’s dumbfounded reaction.

  • Why am I *constantly* getting “creepy stalker!” vibes off the Annihilator?

  • ErykaSoleil

    Finally resurfaced on the Web to catch up on things, and started here with TYP. You’ve had me snickering and giggling for several minutes now; I’m glad I made a little pause in my day to catch up on it. 🙂 Good work as always, you guys.

    • Thanks, ErykaSoleil! I’m glad you did too! 🙂

  • Adrian Rios

    Ugh I hope this ends well… I am being overwhelmed with so many feels right now :c

  • What? Oh noes! I just stumbled across this comic today and flew through the archives. How can this be the latest page!

  • Dee Dee

    Oh and Enthrall, eh? That’s quite a good vampire comic so far, which doesn’t copy much of the Anne Rice influences. 

    •  I am really, really enjoying Enthrall, too.  Such a great suggestion. 

      • Glad you y’all are enjoying it. It hooked me right away. 🙂

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