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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 11

158 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 11

What, then, indeed?

We have new Fan Art by Vendemiaire, “A Young, Lovable Protector” featuring Kyle. Thanks, Vendemiaire!

Look down below! We had a bonus page on Wednesday and we’re already at $35 towards the next bonus page!

Special thanks, a warm welcome and grateful bows go out to new supporters Donald S., Victoria B. & Matt H. for their generous donations over the last few days!

So! What could The Annihilator possibly want from our young hero? Tune in next Saturday to find out! 😀


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  • Caffienated

    I still wanna know why he’s in that get up. 😛

    • To make us drool 😉

      • Kyle really looks out of sorts in this situation. Not just because he’s not sure what Anni is up to, but while Anni is look all fine and Refined in his tux, Kyle looks totally under dressed in his hoodie and jeans.

        I mean look at Panel 4! There’s Anni being all tall, sexy, badass and confident next to Kyle, who’s uncomfortable, unsure of himself, and not as tall. The dichotomy of that image is INSPIRED!

        • I’m glad you like that. I do too. I think Adam and Vero did a great job capturing the emotion and, as you say, the dichotomy of the power imbalance here. Lots of fun for me when Adam first sent this page. 🙂

  • Erica

    *flail* ermergerdd!!! XDD OMG I WANNA FANART ANNI IN THAT OUTFIT SO BAD BUT I SUCK AT MALENESS!!! lmao omg. AH What does he want!!! im like super giddy he’s back now XDD he waited there for that BOW CHIKA BOW WOW >:DD jk XD lol I really wonder what!! 😀 😀 ohhh so exciting to see him back :3 he’s very very very handsome… OH OH AND i love Kyle in tht outfit!! So casual and so adorkable!!! :333

  • A date!

  • PLS SAY A DATE PLS SAY A DATE… JK. Or am I? haha Oh man, can’t get enough of Anni’s devilish smirk!

  • Oh Kyle if you can’t figure it out… Can’t wait for the next page!

  • Well… If Anni is a good nice guy (PFFFT) he’ll say a date. If he’s bad say s-e-x <3

    Wait, that's bad? Now I'm confused. Because I think sex with Anni seems quite awesome! 
    /its 1:21am in Brazil. I'm sleepy. I'm entitled to some nonsense 8D

  • DemureDesire

    I’d feel sorry for Kyle if I wasn’t so bleeding jealous…

  • melinda stumpf

    I date you moron 

  • Fabiana Nonato

    OMG, run KYLE! He just want your naked body !

  • DoktorNauk

    I cannot wait a week. I have no idea what’s gonna happen. A date doesn’t seem like him and he knows better than to just bring up sex out of the blue even if he does want it.

    • I have to agree, but somehow I can’t help but imagine Anni luring Kyle to his place under the premise of needing to “discuss” something with Kyle. Perhaps his adjustment into accepting himself as both gay man and superhero. There will, of course, be wine or brandy or a nice scotch, because such drinks are proper for earnest discussions. And that’s when my imagination goes off the rails….

  • MonicaProwl

    oh Kyle!

  • KrisYWC

    Ohhh the story is getting good!

  • Kyle’s just too bashful and cute for words. Thinking that Annihilator was waiting two hours for a kiss….dawww…so naive. 

    His good looks are enough to distract anyone, and KYLE brought up that kiss, which means someone is still HOT for the villian. (No pun intended). 

    I’m screaming inwardly “What now?!” because I can’t wait another week. The drama unfolds…and I’m at the edge of my seat. WHY *does* Annihilator want to see Kyle? I’m almost positive it’s something that’ll have me going “WTF?!” and shaking the screen going “NO, NO, noooo please MORE!” Ha, I sound like a…well, yeah. lol

  • Sorry, Kyle: you’re fired from the Young Avengers.  You have to go join the Super Dorks now.  

    •  it’s the young protectors… I wonder if they carry condoms with them?

      • KiannaLeigh

        Hmm … I really just LOLed, snickering like a fool out of nowhere. I’m so glad there was no one in the room. >_> 

      • Ha!

  • nebi_lan

    hahaha , is really funny Kyle’s face on the last panel , i can’t say if he’s angry, disappointed or he’s expecting for something more haha, love the old man, i seriously do <3

    • Totally suspicious, but secretly hoping to be attacked.  By lips.

  • Master manipulator on the hunt and Kyle is too young or rather unexperienced to realize it yet. The perfect ‘prey’.

    Anni, you player, did you set the fire scenario scene up so you could stand there looking handsome just for Kyle?

    Someone has plans *kekeke*

    • Sanbai


      Seriously, to set a building on fire, then hurry home and change into a tux, then strut around outside waiting for the Protectors, then handsoming as hard as he can behind the yellow tape JUST WAITING for Kyle???

      That’s devotion.

  • SO.  CUTE.  I can’t even…excuse me.  I think I’m going to go into the soundproof room I have had constructed for scenes like this and squee.  A lot.

    • Syreen

       You have a soundproof room? My neighbours are begging you to build me one too 😛

      • I had it built during the Artifice days.  People were getting sick of the cops constantly coming by to find out if I really killed a cat every Weds and Sat. 😛

  • *snerks and facepalms*  You don’t EVEN have to be a master manipulator to talk circles around Kyle.  “You wanted to blackmail me into kissing?”  Nope, but now I know you’ve been thinking about it!  Also, I’m terribly amused that Anni actually pointed out that he’s literally been hanging around for 2 hours, just waiting for Kyle.  As sad and creeperlicious as that is, I have to admit that it paid off for him.

  • nayia

    Oh, wow. He want it X”D

  • Syreen

    Oh, Kyle… He just want the recipe of your grandmother’s famous pie… obviously 😛

  • Kyle is so adorable. I can totally see panel four playing like a little movie in my mind. Kyle shrugging and looking at his shoes in that aloof totally nervous way teenage boys do. The young man basically said “You can kiss me if you wanna.” while making halfcircles with his sneaker.

    Also, I’m LOVING Anni being all “Do YOU want me to kiss you?”. He is so deliciously manipulative.

    Though the best part is Kyle’s expression in panel 6. Honestly, I don’t know if Anni waited 4 hours to seduce Kyle, or something completely different, and Kyle seems to feel the same way.

    In my mind the word Kiss in panel 5 is in bold. As I said before, I can’t tell if he wants a favor, or he’s he trying to say he wants a lot more than a kiss.

    I am kicking myself for checking this first thing in the morning. Waiting a WHOLE week to see what happens next is going to drive me bananas.

    • Yep, I think you have pictured Kyle’s action in Panel 4 quite well, with the little sneaker half-circles and everything. 😀

      I have the biggest grin after reading your comment. Fun reading your reactions.

  • mikakitten

    Hehehe whats Anni up to? Poor Kyle! So confused! x

  • Save yourself time Kyle. Just take your clothes off now…

  • Captain_LeBubbles

    Jeez, you blackmail someone into a kiss one time and they never let you forget it.

    • Brilliant. I swear to God, y’all are really cracking me up with your comments on this page… 😀

  • I can’t take much more of Anni in a suit… It fits him so well I’m swooning on every new page! Also I must add that Kyle has the most adorable haircut… I just haven’t thought about it until now.

    •  “Well, Kyle, the truth of it is…  I’m dying to know what product you use on your hair.  I mean, look at me!  The silver fox look as great and all, but some mornings my ‘do is so limp and flat that I can barely get out there to serve the cause of evil.”

  • Tristan BlackWolf

    Oh, I’m sure there’s quite a laundry list (or a dirty laundry list) of options available… *lol*

  • Dee Dee

    Hmmmm I sense a date or something along the lines of “because I wanted to see your face”. 😀

  • Shinashi

    Aaaaand, another great page where Anni seems to show that he has an ulterior motive. Not just in this instance, but overall…

  • YangYueLan

    Good lord, boy! Are you really this naive?  (He is still cute and all, but I just cant get over how puppy like he is. Does he not read? Or go on the internet?)

    •  Superheroin’ and shopping for sweatshirts takes up all of his time.  Also creeping around behind nightclubs. 

  • “4” must be my magic number.

    this panel also has to become my next wallpaper.

    no questions to be asked nor entertained.

    sean annori would be much more awesome if he conducts the rest of his super-villainous affairs in tuxedos.

    this much cannot be denied, either.


    and look at kyle down there.

    all derpy.
    and shy.

    (he really wants anudder kiss from Daddy, don’t he¿)

    •  damn it! Now I have to reread the whole comic thus far so that the brand new Scottish accent I have invented for Anni will read the dialogue. My brain has a brain of it’s own sometimes.

  • Kyle really is absolutely adorable x3 And I LOVE the fourth panel! I’m gonna go crazy waiting ot see what happens next e_e

  • So much for his vow to fight Annihilator the next time they met… lol!  And how did Annihilator find out his name is Kyle?! Is stalking on his list of villainous deeds?

    • GAH! Yep, that’s a goof on my part. Even if The Annihilator somehow knew Kyle’s real name, he wouldn’t say it out loud. Thank you for bringing that to my attention. 🙂

    •  Wow, I totally forgot Kyle’s vow to fight Anni! You’re right, that promise went straight out the window. 😛

  • Lady Mania

    Panel four.  Kyle is too adorable for words.

  • Midwestmutt

    Will Kyle need a tux wherever they are going?

    • 🙂

      •  Not quite Word of God, but the smile has put my brain on a NEW tangent of possibilities.

        Honestly Alex, I need some free braincells to survive day to day life and they are all being eaten up by THIS! XD


        Glass slippers mandatory.

  • No Names

    Panel four. I am speechless.

  • ithilloke

    A date, of course!

  • I wonder, how old IS Annihilator? Forgive me if this has been addressed before, but I’ve been wanting to know that for quite a while.

    Mind, I’m not asking for the sake of being able to properly make some sort of squicky comment. Anni’s HOT, however old he might be, and I personally find the age difference only adds to the appeal of this relationship.

    • It hasn’t been stated, but we’ll find that out in this chapter. 🙂

      • ManicThrifts

        I am excited now.

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    I love this comic…and the artwork is superb ….but these constant cliff hangers are driving me BATTY!!

    •  IKR.  On the one hand, they keep us coming back – on the other hand, they keep us waving our little fists, too.  Gah!

  • Is anyone else having loading problems with pages? A few weeks ago
    comics started to  not load fully and stayed pixilated or even have
    fragmented CMYK pixels.
    It certainly seems to be a loading issues as the bottom is most always
    worse than the top, but I can’t read the comic at all. I’ve tried
    refreshing, loading image only, clearing cache/cookie/etc, and chrome
    and firefox. Only once I’ve gotten a clean page but sometimes I’ll get a
    message that the server is too busy. I’ve come on non upload days to
    see if it would behave also and no such luck. I’ve also tried it on what
    I know to be a high speed internet yesterday to make sure it wasn’t
    just my internet that failed. Is anyone else afflicted and is there any
    hope for fixing it? 

    • I use Chrome and the page loads fine (this is like my third visit today alone lol). I’m not sure what your problem might be, seeing you already tried clearing your cache and such. =v= Hopefully you can get it fixed!

    • Bianca Simone

      Did you try a different browser?  Sometimes certain browsers have issues… or sometimes your add-ons can cause conflict with content that you actually WANT!  Firefox, Chrome, and Safari are all good browsers.

      •  I totally didn’t see your post before just giving similar advice. :F  Sorry about that. 

        • Bianca Simone

          ‘s cool. we’re all friends here 😀

    •  If i’m not incredibly mistaken, there is a layer of copy/protect between the image and your browser, probably as an automagic part of whatever webcomic software suite the site is using.  Check your browser extensions; one of these may be interfering with the loading.  If you use any extensions that scrape content (link collectors, download helpers, etc) those are the ones i would suspect first.

      Have you tried just straight-up using a brand-new, clean (no extensions, no search bars, none of that) browser to view the site?  Download any old one and give it a go; if everything loads okay, then you know it’s something in your usual browser and can start hunting it down.

      • I actually keep Chrome around just to be a clean browser as I have a number of extensions/add-ons on Firefox and going on Chrome was one of the first things I tried. I’ve cleaned Chrome and tried again but no such luck. Thank you everyone for your advice though, it does seem that it is quite possibly just me somehow… heavens if I know what as it is defying logic. 

        • Geh. I have no clue myself, then. Sorry to be unhelpful. 🙁

        • Bianca Simone

          Another thing is that the page may actually be blocked.  I tried reading the comic from somewhere that wasn’t at home (behind a firewall) and as soon as I opened the comic the page went INSANE.  Apparently the content on the page was blocked because “adult” and “homosexual” were in the page description.  GAH! I’m an adult (and half homosexual!) so I should be able to do whatever I want (but not everyone on the internet IS, so I understand the desire to block things).  If the content is indeed being blocked, pixellization may be the blocking method of choice.  You’ll just have to use the internet elsewhere (sadface).

          If you’re surfing from home, try disabling your antivirus/firewall software to see if that does the trick.  ONLY TEMPORARILY! Don’t turn it off forever.  If that doesn’t work, try disabling your most recently installed browser extensions one by one (tedious, I know, but it helps to turn them off one by one so you can see which one is possibly causing conflicts).  Next, try downloading and installing updates for your computer AND for your browser of choice (Firefox for you).  Finally, try downloading another browser (Safari is my suggestion) or a clean/updated copy of the secondary browser you like (Chrome in your case) and see if that works.

          If THOSE don’t work… let me know.  Hubby and I both do tech support. XD

          LOGIC SHALL NOT DEFY US TODAY!!!!!!! 😉

          • Thank you for taking the time with this~ I had tried most all of that before, but went through the steps again anyways to no avail (even tried a new install of chrome with all disabled). While it could be content block (and I had admittedly not thought of that) the pixalation is not consistent- being more blurry at the bottom than the top. It is also not consistent from page to page or refresh to refresh which makes me feel like it’s a loading issue. But having tried it on a differently provided network and no problems on other sites. I had thought maybe it was host related not my service.. alas that seems to not be the case… u_u

          • Bianca Simone

            The only other things I could think of is that a program that you recently installed or updated is causing an issue (usually Java and Adobe are the culprits… but no one thinks of them LOL) or that it’s time to ask Santa for a new computer. Or Alex 😉

    •  It could be a misbehaving plugin, in which case you could check all plugins are up to date. (That’s a Mozilla page, but it works for almost all browsers, even IE. Update plugins in one browser at a time, as many are cross-browser*.)


      * For example, there’s a flash plugin built into Chrome, there’s another flash plugin for IE, and then there’s another flash plugin that works across Firefox, Opera, SeaMonkey, Safari and many other browsers. So you don’t want to be updating flash in Firefox and Safari at the same time, as it’s the same plugin.

    • I’ve been an idiotic git and just check on my phone with mobile data only (no wifi on) and it works. (I’m normally more savvy I do swear, but it’s been a long few months) It seems to indeed be my network even though it didn’t work on another network I tried. Next time I am on a different network again I will check further and mess with my network settings in a bit. It looks like I’ll be reading on my phone for now though! I should stop bloating the comments ^_^; Thank you everyone for being kind enough to try to help!

  • Look out Little Hero, the sly Silver Fox is out on the prowl! I just adore Kyle’s shy awkwardness. I have a thing for guys who’re shy, awkward and easily flustered. xD Also have a thing for perverted sly foxes too, so these two are just killing me with epicsause that I can’t help but grin! Cannot wait to see what happens next!

  • Zebriane

    The expressions on this page are especially fantastic–and by that I mean that the expressions in this comic are always great, but there’s just something about this page in particular…their faces say so much, it’s like there’s one conversation going on in the dialogue and an entirely new conversation being communicated just from their faces. Not to mention, that body language! Both Kyle and The Annihilator look superb in the 4th panel–you can just FEEEEL the emotions they’re both radiating. Kyle is awkward and bashful and Anni…he knows what’s up.

    I really like the relationship dynamic between these two so far! The age gap may not be to everyone’s liking, but I think it’s a huge part of what makes this potential romance so great. The Annihilator can teach Kyle about so much more than just kissing and sex and all that jazz (though I’m sure the physical intimacy is what a lot of fans are hoping for, there’s so much more than just that), and I’m sure Kyle can open up The Annihilator’s eyes about a thing or two as well–such as the true meaning of “justice,” perhaps? Because more than the age gap, there’s the obvious fact that one of them is a hero and one is a super-villain. There’s so much going on here, and I’m excited to see where it ENDS UP going.

    EVERYONE working on this comic is doing a great job! Kudos to you guys!

    • Thank you very much! 😀

      (And I’m glad you like the subtext shown in the faces. That’s one of the things I most enjoy about “visual storytelling”—or any kind of storytelling really, that there are layers of meaning and intention for the characters we see. But it’s an especially fun challenge in comics to try to create that and Adam makes it look easy, IMHO. 🙂 )

  • Dracon Ra

    Panel 4 is really cute, but Annis expression in panel 5….
    God, I’d just jump him if I were in Kyle’s place!

    But of course, I am not an insecure 17 year old, but very naughty Lady in her 30th 😉

  • Yukiness

    So many beautiful expressions, not just in their faces yet their bodies are speaking volumes too. I just love the contrast between KittyKat’s sheepish stature to sly ol’ Anni’s manly chest thrust.

    • It’s Kyle’s shy glance backward that is kind of killing me with the lulz.  Sometimes i wonder if delighting in someone’s awkwardness makes me an unpleasant person.

      Probably.  But we enjoy it so much.  <3

  • TwoWayStar

    Just say you wanna be all on that Kyle geez, no one is here but you two!

  • llove7

    I seriously need to get rich so I can buy daily bonus updates….

  • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

    What possible possibility could Anni possibly want?! We may never know. XD But oh…the ideas we could come up with.

  • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

    But Anni sure does know how to play him like a harp, doesn’t he.

    • No harps take an exceptional amount of skill to play. Anni plays Kyle like a recorder, or the drums, or a KAZOO!

      Kyle is making it too easy for him. I hope Anni won’t get bored. 🙁

      • Kyle kind of does lend himself to being played like the drums.
        What, you really are not going to coerce me into some of that terrible horrible passionate kissing? Are you absolutely positive on that? Oh well…

        • Now you just made me picture of Annihilator playing Red Hot’s bumcheeks like a pair of bongos.  Kyle has to be wearing that skin tight uniform of his while Annihilator is doing it of course.  Shame on you.  lol!

  • then what did he want?
    Kyles ass of course!

    • QuantumKid

       Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, hold it, sister! If he wants anything, he’s gonna have to get in line like the rest of us.

  • Lol, besides wondering what Foxy could want, this is what ran through my head after reading this page.
    The scenes Alex didn’t show:
      30 minutes after getting home, Kyle is digging through his closet.  Holding up his nicest shirt, he thinks “No, if I wear this it’ll just look like I dressed up to see him! Gotta play it cool and um less eager.”
      40 minutes later:
    “No, no, no! Oh geez, I’d look like a total hobo in that!” Throws aside the spurned outfit in despair as he dives back into his closet.
     An hour and 15 minutes later:
    Kyle looks down and sighs in frustration at a plain grey hoodie and his second best pair of jeans. His eyes widen as he looks at the clock and realizes just how long he’s taken to get ready. Kyle runs out the door half hoping the Annihilator will still be waiting in the alley.

    •  So in 35 minutes Kyle finished saving all those people, ran home, and ran back.? So what, 30 more minutes of people saving, then 2.5 minute run from his palce to the alley? Just trying to factor travel time and rescuing into your time line Jamie. XP

      • Maybe I shouldn’t have put the time on it? I just saw him in my head digging through his closet trying to figure out what he was gonna wear. Sort of like a teenage girl on her first date, I suppose. *shrug*

        •  Haha. No I definitely see that. It’s probably his best jeans and hoodie too. It looks really casual, but he only wears them in semi-special occassions.

    • Heh. Well done. 🙂

  • SomeoneK

    For some reason I think Anni is only going to take him to a fancy restaurant and try to convert him to the evil side or something… I feel that the Sly Guy is too interesting to do what everyone thinks he will do, especially this early in the story :’D  (or maybe it’s that I’m as naive as Kyle, ahahahah…)

  • DemureDesire

    I love that Anni calls him “Little Hero” like it’s some sort of pet name.

    • Yeah, both diminutive and affectionate. Just like Anni.

  • fujoshifanatic

    Just got back from a weekend trip and was treated to this lovely page! Oh Kyle, if you want a kiss, just ask son; Anni seems more than willing! Panel four is one of the cutest ones in the comic so far. :-3 

    I can’t wait to see how the interplay of power balance evolves between these two. While it is fun to watch the ‘little hero’ squirm against Anni (oh my, the visuals on that! *giggles*), it will be interesting to see how he changes through the course of the story as he grows into the super hero he is meant to be. Most importantly, it will be awesome to see how Anni factors into that process.

    Ugh, I’m not looking forward to waiting a week to see what Anni wants, but I can console myself with the fantastic new PDF of Artifice that I found waiting in my email for me! Thanks Alex! *Runs off to fangirl over Deacon and Jeff* 

    • You’re very welcome, fujoshifanatic. I hope you enjoyed the PDF. I certainly enjoyed reading your comment. 🙂 

      (And Kyle’s character development and how that changes his relationship to The Annihilator is something that’s a lot of fun for me to write.)

  • He’s gonna ask Kyle to the prom. Awwww.

  • Bien Batol

    “Will you go to homecoming with me?”
    I am, like, 56% sure that will be the question.

  • Annihilator in a tux looks like a buffer and evil version of Anderson Cooper.

    • That is a really good point…Eerily good.

  • coyoteconscious

    So, is it possible that, while the Annihilator was running around for a couple decades being the most powerful super-villain ever, that he forgot to make time to have healthy relationships, and now he’s attracted to… um.. fire.. dude?

    •  I don’t think it’s so much “not having invested in healthy relationships” so much as “having discovered that teasing young boys is much more entertaining.”  😀

      I think the Annihilator has more than a touch of the adrenalin junkie in him and needs high stimulation to sustain his interest; he’s well old enough by now to have figured out how to get that without endangering his other plans past tolerance.  Kyle is, frankly, perfect.  Heh. 

      • “Entertaining” is key, so it would seem.

  • My friend is making me post this comment;

    “This comic is amazing, if i was into Yaoi I would definitely read it. Sadly I’m not. But the art and writing is amazing.

    Though I have been mocking Holly. She’s been working on the script for a webcomic for a few years now. Didn’t realize until I pointed it out how similar one of her characters is to Kyle. His name is Cole, he’s a redhead with fire powers. He is a hero, who is involved with a villain. Though that’s where the similarity ends.

    Still I am probably going pick on her about this for the next few months.

    ….It’s sad that I have been reading this comic this long without that fact cluing in. Though I majorly regret showing this to Dyl now. He won’t stop teasing me.

    • Hmm. Maybe Cole and Kyle could become friends. Or at least give each other some advice…

      (Please thank your pal Dylan for the props. And tell him that even if he’s not into yaoi, he’s welcome to keep reading. Artifice had lots of straight boy readers. We won’t judge. 😉 )

  • Travis

    “I’ve been waiting to take one” *more super hot make outs ensue*


    • Haley Dillon

       my exact thought.

  • panel 4:

    Anhi: *thinks to himself, “Awww yeah.  I Got This.  There’s gonna be some Massive Butt Humpin’ tonight.”*

    Poor Sparky.
    if you knew what mr. sean annori had in mind fer ya i believe you wouldn’t be assuming that “Aww, shucks” posture.
    you might be assuming a Give it to me Daddy! pose instead.


    • Yukiness

      Reading this for some reason made me automatically think of Hard Gay.

  • schmzowow

    Ahahahaha, oh Red, you are too cute.

  • Bealtaine

    I love the little shoe scuff moment, it’s so sweet!

    •  That pannel made me think “Swag, Not-swag” XD

  • I feel like Anni is gonna bring this up, “Have you told your friends yet, Little Hero? Done anymore digging into who you want to be?”

  • Ryn

    wheee!*bounces* Annihilator is so much fun! 😀 I just love Kyle’s look and the contrast between the two.

    man, i’m getting really bad at reading these on time.

  • “Your VIRGINITY!” In Nathan Lane’s voice……. AKA The Producers…. Anyone?

    Literally, like, the FIRST thing that popped into my head. XD

    • OH, you mean that weird Clint Eastwood voice he does when he is playing The Well Hung Stable boy with one of his little old lady backers?! I love that scene!

      Though I don’t think Anni would sound like Nathan Lane…. 😛

  • Oh, you manipulative… EVIL GENIUS.

  • Lillexe

    Um…..I’m wondering if he’s going to be taking Kyle to something involving that tux he’s wearing. That’s interesting. First thought on this though was “HE WANTS YOUR VIRGINITY!” Which….is actually still likely, but being an evil genius, there must be some build up! XD

  • Superjenny

    Don’t play with fire, Anni.  You’re gonna get burned…

    Oh, who am I kidding?  Please, play away!  >:3  You rascal…

  • mikakitten

    Oh god!! I must know why! <3 Heheh don't pretend you didn't enjoy it Kyle!! You LOVED being black mailed into that kiss!! Ahem… as I'll requote you! "YES!" <3 hehehe c'mon!! Why are you not completely blushey blushed faced and melting at the sight of Anni in a tux!! Your just playing hard to get! <3 I know it! Love Anni's smirk on pannels 3 and 4. Looking forwards to saterday now!  

  • Two hours. Whoah. Some villain. Doesn’t he have some evil evilness to get done?

    • I’m sure while he waited a girl scout asked him if he would like to buy some cookies, he asked for thin mints which are for some reason always at the bottom of the cookie box, and when she finally got to them he said he didn’t have the money so she had to repack and walk away dissapointed having wasted all that time as he laughed manically. Dastard!

  • Maaan, Kyle didn’t get to blackmail himself into getting Anni to torture him with kisses, again. What a damn shame.

    • Shinashi

      I know… 

  • Shinashi

    A date! That would explain the tux!!!!

  • donner chan

    oh ho ho what indeed

  • whatisthisidefk

    Is it possible to get the prev/next/last links on top of the image as well?  I read this on a laptop and if I am trying to flip through pages to the last one I read (I seem to miss a bunch), I have to scroll through every. single. one.  Help? <3  I love Yaoi 911 and this comic is always on my list!!

    • GiovanniBoss

       You could click on the page itself. It’s a link to the next one.

      • whatisthisidefk

         Which is good to know–I wasn’t aware of that–but it doesn’t work if I’m going backwards to see the pages I missed.  There seems to be a wide black border on the top, too, that isn’t clickable or part of the image, so it really forces the image further down the page.

        • Dracon Ra

          You can navigate using keyboard commands, as is written on the first page 😉

          Left Arrow: Previous Page
          Right Arrow: Next Page
          Shift + Left Arrow: First Page
          Shift + Right Arrow: Last Page
          Shift + Down Arrow: Random Page

  • I love this comic! Is there a way to read it just on the main page?

    • I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking, but if you’re looking for a Current Page link that’s not something I can do with my webcomic software and I prefer to have the main page of the site show the first page of the comic for personal reasons—I hate spoilers and it drives me nuts when other webcomics show the latest page on the main page of their site. (I know other folks feel differently about that, but I really don’t care for spoilers…)

      That said, you can always get to the latest page of a comic from the main page (or any other page) by hitting Shift-Right Arrow on your keyboard. And if you follow any of my subscription methods, a link to the latest page will be sent directly to you whenever I update.

      Hope that helps! 🙂

  • ManicThrifts

    I found a fresh bag of popcorn. TIME TO CAMP.

  • I’m still really undecided on this comic but I can’t quite put my finger on why. Maybe I don’t like super hero things or perhaps I am comparing it too much to Artifice. I do keep reading it because I am expecting to like it eventually but so far I have been a tiny bit disappointed. (I hope I don’t sound mean 🙁 I just wanted to share my opinion.)

  • older_gentlemen

     PS – I’d like to see Kyle’s eyes turn into a BLUE FLAME when he’s ready to
    shot his flame (kind of like taken aim) and during the time of him shooting flames. I
    figure….his eyes are blue,,,so… why not 😉

  • older_gentlemen

     Hello Alex, I’ve enjoyed ALL of your stories and ALL of what they were about.
    From the kid who was picked on in the alley and saved by one of the
    members of the gang to the Demon one where all the were mutilated except
    for the one were the Demon read into his past and saved in the end. Now
    as for this latest one you have here….. My question
     would be….
    do you write them from your imagination OR personal experience? (I’m
    asking at this time cause I’m the OLDER, in something I’d like to see

    • Well, thank you for the kind words, older_gentlemen. In answer to your question, I write mostly from my imagination and in particular about characters and conflicts that I think other folks will find interesting and thought-provoking. I particularly like writing villains and, as my friends would tell you, that’s quite different from my personal experience. I’m the kind of guy who will spend twenty minutes engaging in a capture-and-release project for a spider rather than squashing it, y’know? The Annihilator would make a different choice… 😉

  • DarkFeanix21

    Kyle trying to sound all casual is one of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen. He’s not fooling anyone, though.

  • SolrSurfr3

    Didn’t wait for a kiss? Well, gee, I wonder what else he could want. (heavy sarcasm)
    Seriously, Red, just diggin’ yourself a deeper hole here.