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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 1

188 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter One—Page 1

I think I mentioned to you all how I felt like I needed to raise the stakes of the story from what they were in the last chapter. I mean, even though Kyle might disagree, the Prelude was basically just about a kiss, right? But what could I possibly add to increase those stakes in this new chapter? That’s the question! Oh, well, I’m sure I’ll think of something

Oh! And before I forget, there’s a DeviantART group that’s focused just on Yaoi 911 fan art. Very cool. You can check it out here. (Also, Jheaa and Aikka created new Artifice Fan Art—a cool, mocked-up game screen. You should check it out.)

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Special thanks go out to long-time supporter Kara S.for their generous donation on Wednesday!

And big hugs go out to Daniel N. for their super-generous $25 donation—Daniel’s tenth super-generous donation to The Young Protectors! Thank you! You ROCK, Daniel!

So, you’ve finally got to meet all The Young Protectors! Who has your favorite costume? And more importantly, will they be able to save that baby? 😀


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  • the_duck

    Yay! A new page! 😀 They look all so amazing, especially Commander

  • talya101

    what a stupid man. how can he throw this baby away?
    lucky that we have FLYBOY to save the day xD

  • I reserve judgement, but until I know what’s going on: What the HELL?

  • Red Hot . . . heeheehee.

  • Can I just say, Spooky Jones is an awesome name. I’m really really curious what his powers are.

  • I really like the character designs of everyone in the team, they all look great.

  • 😀 So, Kyle is aka Red Hot… Anni sure knows how to make the right choice.

  • Waah! It’s getting exciting. The page looks awesome despite, you know… attempt to kill a baby, and I love everyone designs, especially Commander, Spooky Jones (:D) and Tsunami (I already ship the last two with each other). It’s hard to not notice that Kyle, I mean Red Hot, and Commander are color coordinated – coincidence or was it deliberate?

    • Kyle looks up to Commander, so it was definitely a factor in his choice.

    • b3nc0

      I’m totally with you for that couple, Kati, let’s make a fan club (^^)

      We should call them Spoonami ^/////^

  • Aikka

    Ok, i’m nicely suprised 🙂
    (and i am not talking about throwing a baby here… “XD)

    The whole kiss thing started to be a little… too long now and i was really wondering what will be next when it will finally end “xD
    And seems we get 5 new characters just now ^-^

  • Wait…………. Kyle wears that costume and wants to HIDE his gayness from people? Just saying. Others clearly got the “jeans are an option” memo. *snicker* Oh dear, Red Hot. 

  • That is an awesome start! And I love the costumes of TYP. Commander is v cool, and Spooky Jones, what are his powers? And I love Tsunami’s tattoos! 

  • Margaret O’Connell

    Judging by the background lighting in the sky, I think the building is probably on fire. But it’s still pretty stupid to just toss the baby off the roof, especially if the guy really did see a bunch of superheroes who can probably get up there to rescue both him and the kid faster and less riskily than the fire department anyway.

  • SomeoneK

    I just totally went like CHILI PEPPERS!!!1 when I saw Kyle’s name

    •  Go to YouTube, and look up “Red Hot Chili Pipers”. Their version of Bohemian Rhapsody is awesome!


  • Shasarazade

    Wow, Kyle’s team looks super-awesome!! (sorry for the pun) But I wonder what their personalities are like if he’s afraid to come out to them?

    I have to also wonder about the dude who just ditched his baby. Since he’s crying and screaming for them to help his baby, while he’s THROWING the baby, is he under some sort of mind-control? It sort of reminds me of the stuff Purple Man would pull in Marvel Comcis, although his mental powers were to the extent that he had control over their minds and bodies.

    But it would be interesting to see the Young Protectors suddenly get saddled with a super-villain who’s COMPLETELY out of their league…and somebody who’s not as seemingly easy-going as Annihilator.

  • Heeeey, Red Hot. Why don’t you come over yonder so I can feel those Red Hot muscles and we can go for some Red Hot ice cream and talk about your Red Hot kiss with the Red Hot Annihilator? 😛

    On a side note: Throwing your baby off a building isn’t the recommended use of your child. The recommended usage is to help them grow to the age of 10 in a proper, well regulated manor, then make them your slave until they move out.

    Side effects of slavery may include: Back talking, rebellions, and many bad grades.

    Warning! If child does not comply with slavery rules, wash their mouth out with soap 1-2 times every 6-8 hours until compliance is met.

    We are not responsible for any noncomplying or damaged children.

    (You would think that a baby falling to its death would cry harder. But noooo. Babies just don’t role that way these days, with their iPads and cars for their 2nd birthdays…)

  • So.. he threw the baby. Judging by the color of the skye behind him the place might be on fire? Guess that could set him off in a panic like that, hmm?
    And favorite costume? Oh that’s easy, it’s our very own Red Hot – Love that name btw 😀

    It might not be the costume I find the most cool but the design, along with the hero name, awakens my pervy side *lol*. And it might just be me reading way to much into his costume because I just woke up XD
    But those flames… come ON! If you’d go all analytical on where/how those flames are placed on his white costume… so that Red Hot’s hot red hands and lower front body/groin is on fire. There’s just SO much to read into that *ahem*

    I KNOW that Kyle’s powers involve fire.. but that costume and name ‘scream’ for a psychoanalyst to have fun XD

    And now I’ll take my tired and therefor pervy, analytic self away from the comment section for just a little while. It might be safer for us all *smirk*

    • Yukiness

      I doubt the place might be on fire because there would be evidence of debree, a crowd and delicious firemen everywhere. Who knows at this point

  • I shouldn’t laugh…but I am. That “Gah?” and that baby’s face was priceless.

    Love the team. Granted, every time I look at some Redhots I’ll be reminded of Kyle but, that’s a good thing right? 😉 Love his costume. Suits him really well. I’m bias because he’s wearing my personal color scheme which makes him twice as awesome. That and it’s skin tight..and my inner perv is going “me likey!”…and it’s also drooling over Tsunami’s tats. 

    All of them look really great and I can’t wait to see what they can do. I’m curious as to the background on “Fluke” though. His name scares me…and maybe I’m being paranoid. 🙂

    Looking forward to next week!! 😀

    • Go ahead and laugh. That panel with the baby is yet another example of AlexHumor. 😉 Glad you liked it!

  • Guest

    I have to admit that I’m pleasantly surprised by the superhero line-up we’ve been introduced to here. Wasn’t sure what to expect.

    • KBatty

      Hey! This is my comment. Where did my identity go?

      Edit: NVM. Disqus is being buggy, apparently.

  • Yukiness

    I’d have to see more details shots of them and see what their powers are before I can make any type of costume critique. Sometimes costumes don’t seem to fit the power of said hero/villian.

  • Matt Preston

    Wow I love tsunami’s design.

  • I LOVE the baby’s comment!  I’m a horrible person and lol’d so hard at it ^^’  For real, day made.  “Gah?”  *giggle,snort,giggle fit*
    Red hot XD  (I like his outfit, secretly)  Tsunami has *awesome* tattoos (for real, I need whatever muse inspired that to come inspire me!)  And Commander’s outfit rocks hardcore!  I also really like how Flyboy has the coat thrown over his spandex, I’dtotallydosomethinglikethat*nod,nod*

  • Bianca Simone

    AAHHHHHHHHHHH <3 seeing the heroes!  It gave me chills/tingles Alex!  It could also be my mom-senses tingling. OMG BABYYYYYYY I WILL SAVE YOUUU *preggo waddle* …

    It will be cool to learn what everyone's powers are, too.  We already know Red Hot 😉 My guesses: Fluke controls/manipulates electricity (like a Fluke meter?), Commander can read minds and/or implant thoughts, preeeety sure Fly Boy can fly (if he has a 2nd power I'd guess super-speed), Spooky Jones is either invisibility or teleportation, Tsunami is super strong (2nd guess is controlling water because if he were only strong he'd be called Earthquake, right? ;} ).  That mostly covers the bases of super powers, esp. with a big team!My super powers would be super hearing, meditative focus (aka super sleeping), and super speed (aka ADD… lol)

    •  My guess for Spooky Jones was either ESP or medium capabilities, probably both.  Or telekinesis. 

      Tsunami -> Aqua-Hulk?  He might be my favorite design so far. 

      • “Aqua Hulk”!  I love it! 😀

      • Bianca Simone

        I like “aqua-hulk”! teehee!!!!! ^^

  • fujoshifanatic

    Hellooooo Commander!! You can be the boss of me anytime. 😛 And Kyle–er, I mean, Red Hot, I love you and your costume boo, but the flames…their placement…you know they have medicine for that, right? Spooky Jones has got to be the most awesome super hero name evah! And I could totally drown in Tsunami’s tats! Fluke’s costume is unmistakeably hot! And Flyboy’s hair is sending me to new heights of swoon! All in all, they look like an impressive band of heroes so far. 😀

    Oh, and poor baby! Baaad crazy man/hypnotized father?/possessed pawn?? Awesome that you throw us right into the action. Go get him Flyboy! *claps excitedly*

    •  Judging from the light behind him, i’m actually guessing that the building is on fire, which is about the only good reason i can think of to throw a baby off the roof.  Heh. 

  • Why do I get the feeling that the baby is going to fly.

  • J D P Heal

    really kyle. red hot? while i am loling at kyles name (its funny okay, i mean it totally fits him, but common), i am applauding the fact that alex has made the leader of a unisex hero team female…. i think. please correct me if im wrong -_-” if im not, then bravo. oh i hope that doesnt sound snarky and im sorry if it did -_-“””””

  • Dex X.

    First Chapter begins with falling baby? I do believe we’re off to a good start. 

    Spooky Jones is definitely wearing my favorite costume, simply because it looks like he’s not wearing a costume at all. I do like the rest of them as well, including Tsunami’s tats and I died laughing at Kyle’s “RED HOT” costume…because, well….*giggles*

  • I cannot guess at Fluke’s power at all.  Maybe he manipulates luck?  But why would you need a bubble helmet for that?  (bad luck? xD)

    And what about the Commander?  Super Mom-Glare?  I’m curious! 

    •  I was about to say maybe fluke means fish, but then I looked at his costume and I don’t think fish is likely. Your idea’s better.

  • As a frequenter of Escher Girls, I highly appreciate the fact that Commander has a sensible super heroine costume. No boob windows or battle thongs! 8D

    • Yes, woe be to the costume designer who asked Commander to include “boob windows” or “battle thongs”. I don’t think there would be much left of him…  😉

      (And I don’t think I’d ever seen Escher Girls before. My readers introduce me to the most awesome things. Thank you!)

  • mikakitten

    Aaah! Kyle! You are red hot! That makes me smile! Hehehe  <3 I wonder if he has a crush on any of his team mates! I wonder if he has fallen for Anni (from the last few pages) this is so exciting! My favs are Fly Boy and Spookey! <3 Is he ghost? I also love Tsunami! <3 cos of his tattoos!

  • Jen Roberts

    As a regular reader of Escher Girls, I <3 you forever for Commander's costume and lack of Boobs & Butt posing.  She looks pretty badass.

    Also, I'm surprised by the half-and-half masks/no masks going on. And I am curious about Fluke's powers too. His posing makes me think football for some reason. Or maybe I just expected him to go long chasing after that kid.

    Are Kyle and Commander related? Their costume colors are so similar.

    Also, I kinda like taking the first panel out of context and thinking the guy is yelling for help because there's this crying baby he doesn't know how to take care of at all. "I CAN'T CHANGE A DIAPER! I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DOOOOO! MAKE IT STOP CRYING!"

    Superheroes to the rescue! xD

    • Commander is definitely badass. Glad you like her.

      And yes, while Fluke, Red Hot and Flyboy have secret identities, the older team members—Commander, Tsunami and Spooky—have varying degrees of public identities.  Tsunami is a very private person, but because of his tats which are connected to his powers, he’s had to accept that a truly secret identity would be too difficult to manage. Commander is the very public face (and leader) of The Young Protectors. And Spooky Jones is Spooky Jones 24-7—he makes no distinction between his “superhero life” and his regular life.

      In answer to your other question, Kyle and Commander are not biologically related, but Kyle looks up to Commander and that did influence his costume choice.

      And I love you interpretation of Panel One. HA! 😀

    • One_Traveller

      I know-I’m a nanny and when I saw that first panel I thought, “This guy doesn’t need superheroes, he just needs *me!*”

      “Don’t worry sir, I’ll save you! Then we’ll talk about my schedule and how much I charge per hour…”

  • Bien Batol

    Ok, I’m about to splurge as to why I love this comic so much. 

    1.  I love how we dive right into the action and the other supers are so diverse.
    2.  No “super-sexualized-boobs/butt” from Commander, can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen comics where the female hero is beyond sexified.
    3.  Samoan superhero.  That alone makes me squee.
    4.  Style of costumes.  I love Flyboy’s costume, feels very old-school pilot/dashing.  Tsunami’s “costume” is….well freaking great.  He can just stay that way for the rest of the comic, right?  Commander’s reminds me of an even more badass Carmen Sandiego/Trigun.
    5.  You.  Amazing story thus far and I can’t wait to see more.

    • Absolutely agreeing with this.  Commander’s rocking the jacket.  She’s also wearing more than Red and Tsunami, which is a switch I’d definitely like to see more often in comics!  Plus, everybody looks so dang COOL.

    • 1. Cool. Glad you like that.
      2. Yes, I agree. And super-sexualized is exactly the opposite of what Commander is about.
      3. Not sure why, but I am very tickled that you pegged Tsunami’s ethnicity.
      4. Yes, Adam did a great job with the designs here, right? I’m so lucky to have him on this project. And I love how Vero rendered those designs.
      5. Thank you! 😀

    • b3nc0

      Ain’tcha a bit biased: 2 spandex clad male heroes & 1 half naked, they seemed quite sexified to me 8°P~

  • He’s possessed.
    Or the baby crying got to him. 

  • kiebeau

    Not that i thought I’d say this in a Yaoi comic, but . .

    YAY! plot!

    I’m liking the outfits, very retro.
    Flyboy’s head gear kinda reminds me of Gambit from x-men.
    I like Gambit ^_^

    • b3nc0

      Flyboy also reminds me of Invicible… Which is alright, I like him too ^_^

  • So much awesome costuming!  I do wonder, though–Tsunami’s tats must be pretty distinctive, and Commander and Spooky don’t wear masks.  It’d be interesting to see how they conceal their alter ego identities (Clark Kent glasses notwithstanding ;P).

    • b3nc0

      Maybe the tatts only show when his powers & ultra-size are activated ?_?

  • chikao

    No fly boy. You don’t fly after he’s thrown it. you should’ve been going up there to take it from him anyway….

    Other than a silly method of heroing I like the new costumes though.

  • Oh goodness! This rocks! Looks like there’s a baby falling from the top of a building… I guess those are some pretty high stakes.

  • Helloooo Tsunami!  I think I really need a Hawaiian vacation now…  Mm mm!

    Only one girl on the team?  It’s cool that she’s team leader though.

    Those are pretty cool costumes.  Commander has a rather nice WW II retro vibe uniform going.  Taking charge, kicking butt.  Very cool.
    I like Flyboy’s outfit too.  It’s simple, classy and the goggles are great.
    Kye’s Red Hot outfit makes me think “burning bush”, but I like it.  lol!  Yea, he does stand out a bit as being “the gay one” with that outfit and hero name.
    Spooky Jones mostly looks like he’s in street clothes but it looks good.
    Fluke’s outfit screams “I’m an athlete!” and the helmet is kinda cool.
    I think I mentioned Tsunami already… move over The Rock, Tsunami is makin’ waves!

    Looking forward to seeing their powers in action.

    Another guess on Spooky Jones’s powers- phasing, like Shadowcat from Marvel Comics, going ghostly?

    • b3nc0

      There may be only one girl coz she’s the boss…

      & doesn’t like the competition!

  • OroroNebbia

    I am totally loving the suits~ Oh my gosh~ The girl´s codename is Commander, I think I love her already~ I love the team~ 

  • Rex Justrex

    Mmm.. Red Hot indeed.  And the rest of the team looks awesome.  Can’t wait to see what everybody can and does do.  As much as I enjoyed the previous “action” I’m also glad to see there’s going to be some action going on in this story.

    Great work as usual, Alex.  Keep it up!

  • The random civilian has seized the power of the red speech bubbles for himself!

    What’s going on?

  • Lukie15

    Spooky Jones has the best costume in my opinion; it just looks super comfortable and inconspicuous. He could just walk down the street like any normal person if need be.

  • b3nc0

    The first panel by himself can tell a totally different story: Help! Someone! God! Christ! HELP! Protect me from that noisy, smelly pack of pink meat ;°p

    Love the young protectors’ looks!
    Of course it’s Flyboy the one to be sent… wouldn’t put a baby in the care of a Spooky someone, neither Tsunami nor a fire powered hero would do the trick, maybe Fluke?

    Now the couples: Commander & Flyboy (the first one she relies on) Fluke & Red Hot (total spandex) Spooky Jones & Tsunami (my favies and the more contrasted) But I doubt there will be more than one other homo member in the band & with Kyle’s luck it’ll be Commander orz

    • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

       I’ll never be able to look at that first panel again without laughing so hard my ribs hurt!

  • So… the father is being controled by someone? That is… sort of EPIC! yet sad.

  • CrispyChicks

    I like Flyboy’s jacket.

    • Sanbai

      I’m already liking the hotness that is Flyboy. But then, I really dug Superboy too, so I guess the point is moot.

  • I’m supposing that the man can’t control his body…  Mayhaps a hypnotizer/psychic supervillian?

    • Ryn

       must be one seriously lame villain if tossing kids off a roof is the best he could do.

      • ZHODY

        Whoa, what. When did I write that?

  • Amazing job! Now, this is what I was hoping for from a team of heroes! Individualized and yet cohesive, without yellow and blue spandex. 😉  Alex, you never cease to amaze me!  Kudos and candy bars to the entire creative team!

  • Ryn

    sooo, from the glow i’d say the building may be on fire? kid’s going to have a horrible fear of heights after this.

  • Dracon Ra

    So, I see you listened to Edna’s advice, “NO CAPES!” 😉

    • I wonder if Edna would have approved of Flyboy’s accessorizing of the leather jacket. She sure seemed like an uptight, supercilious kind of woman who wouldn’t have wanted someone to change, nor even marginally cover up, a costume. XD

      • Dracon Ra

         Probably not. Teenagers these days 😉

    • In fact, yes. Or at least Commander did… 😉

  • bibliophile41

    I’m thinking that guy is being controlled somehow…

  • Monica

     Ohh Kyle.. that costume looks ridicules on you! XD 

    Tsunami looks intresting 🙂 And I’m very curious on Flyoy :3

    Starting right in the action! I like that I must admit 🙂 This will be interesting to follow mr Wolfson <3

    • Glad to hear you’re intrigued, Monica! 🙂

      • Monica

         I am! This will be fun to follow :3 But I have always thought.. if it takes 6 heroes to fight 1 villain… isn’t the villain better than the heroes?

  • vanirfrey

    As Avengers (and many other examples) have proven, you can’t have a superhero group with more than one woman. It is impossible. Even when a considerable proportion of the audience is female. 
    Well, maybe the guys will at least get some steamy action here. In Avengers you only get the occasional homoerotic moment. Deeply unsatisfactory. ._.

    • Lady Mania

      There was more then one female in the original Avengers.

      • Johndar

        The ORIGINAL team was Ironman, Hulk, Thor, Ant-man, and Wasp. So no, there weren’t. But the comment that Superhero teams can’t have more then one female character is false, as several rosters of the Avengers, Justice League, X-men, and the Teen Titans had 2 or more female characters. I’m guessing that comment was tongue in cheek though.

        On a similar note, I am a bit disappointed that this team only has one female. I’m also hoping that not all the male characters on this team turn out to be gay, as it would be cool to see some straight male characters who are legitimate good supportive friends of gay characters  in a gay web comic. It seems in all the gay web comics and even yaoi stories I’ve read the “straight” supportive male friend/s are/is secretly really gay and has a crush on the hero or another male “Straight” friend in the cast. It’s frustrating for me to see as someone who’s friends mostly consist of awesome straight guys. Also, I’m hoping that the world is a place where people co-exist regardless of sexuality/gender/race/religion. Gay web comics depicting straight men this way is almost a fictional segregation of sexuality. “Straight characters? But this is a gay comic, those people don’t exist here!” Even “Straight” fiction has evolved to the point where gay characters aren’t just a token stereotype, and are actual characters in more and more cases.

        Nerd rant over.

        • Howdy Johndar!

          While I can put your fears to rest about the entire team being gay—there are straight male members of The Young Protectors—I hear you with your disappointment that there aren’t more women in the team. There’s some backstory as to why Commander chose to assemble an all-male team of younger superheroes, but if I were a reader I might have a similar complaint. Showing diversity is important to me and it’s a fair critique.

          As for the world, it’s like ours in that there are places where diversity is embraced and places where it is despised. The city where The Young Protectors are based has folks who espouse both attitudes, I’m afraid.

          Like you, though, I also have awesome straight friends and a desire to celebrate their support. As for whether you’ll see any of that in this story, well, stay tuned…. 😉

          • Johndar

            Thanks for the reply! To correct some confusion, what I meant in that ” I hope that the world..” I was referring to the real world. I’m an idealist, and I strive for that idealistic world, while recognizing the faults the world currently has. Having fiction that depicts straight people and gay people getting along and co-existing would help towards that I believe, if only a small amount. That’s what I was trying to convey, but I can see how my wording could be interpreted differently.

            I am quite happy that the world presented in your comic is a realistic one, where both accepting and in-tolerant attitudes exist. Otherwise, the cases of accepting people within would not hold as much weight, among other things.

  • Meijy

    I’m curious on these new males characters D How could I not when I just love your comics?

    ;3; Dear creators of these comics, you’re doing a great job. ;D

    • Thank you, Meijy! I’m glad to hear you’re looking forward to more! (And cool that you joined that dA group. Maybe you’ll make some new fan art for us? 😀 )

      • Meijy

         Would I ever! ;3; I will let you know for sure when I draw something 😀
        You’re so welcome! Thank you for answering n_n

  • VanQuinn

    I just can’t get over the fact the first page of the chapter has babies being thrown. Way to start the story, Alex. 😀

  • Ditzite

    Ah the classic game of baby toss! 

  • Lady Mania

    I do hope that orange means fire, and the  guy is just not insane enough to toss a baby because heroes happen to be around. O_o

  • KNT609

    This has actually happened, some guy pulled off some inhuman speed and caught the kid in time and then gave it CPR to get it breathing again!  Sorry that’s what this page made me think of :3

  • Mochi

    Spooky Jones! On the draw of cool super hero names you got the shortest straw.

    • I don’t know, Fluke isn’t exactly a name that inspires confidence.

      • Mochi

         Yes, in terms of heroism, I suppose not! But it does sound a little cooler than ‘Spooky Jones’.

        • AC♥Bear

          Tbh, I love Kyle, he’s a cutie but Red Hot just sounds weird to me.

          • Red Hot doubles as his stripper name.

  • Lillexe

    Oh no you didn’t just throw that baby off a roof you cray-cray! That orange glow had better be a fire, or I’ll have more reasons to smack you D: Also, I love how Kyle’s superhero name is Red Hot. <3 Annihilator liiiiiiiiiiiike

  • Am I the only one that can’t help but think that if Kyle had walked into the gay bar in the Prologue wearing THAT outfit that he’d have ended up doing a lot more than kissing in the back alley?  RWAOR!
    Please excuse the momentary lack of discretion.

  • Oh, Alex.  I’m praying first ipressions are wrong.  

     Commander….oh, look, Dani Moonstar.  Before she got interesting being the recruiter.  And just as bossy and opinionated and full of herself.  “Not if he’s seen US!”  Sorry, with no prior set-up, this kind of dialogue turns me off.

    Fluke….Marvel Character…rode a skateboard…Villains for hire with Silver Sable…Rocket Racer?….   but am curious to the powers….Domino/Scarlett Witch probabilities?  One to watch.

    Flyboy…goggles?  Ugh.  Impulse/Superboy combo.  Dislike already.

    Taunami….the powerhouse, I’m assuming.  Bland.  Like Thunderbird.

    Spooky Jones….HUH?  I like the idea of phasing, however.  Another one to keep an eye on,

    The Flaming Flamer…er, I mean, Red Hot.  Doable.  😛  There’s something about Kyle that’s missing…..oh yeah, Annihalator’s lips!

    Babies being thrown off roofs!  Nasty little creatures.  Ugh.  Redeem thyself and have it crap on Flyboy’s head. 

    For some reason, I want to not like these characters (I think the perv in me that just wants to go back to Kyle and Anni!) but you know you got me along for the long haul.  If nothing else, I can say I read at leastg one comic that isn’t threatening to do a non-reboot reboot.  lol. 

    Until Wed…or Sat.  I anxiously await.  Just please don’t drag out the intro’s and powers.  DC has done that to me enough to last a lifetime with Wonder Woman.  🙂


    • Howdy Mykle!

      Unlike The Annihilator who was inspired by a character and comic arc I loved as a kid, Commander isn’t based on another character. I actually hadn’t heard of Dani Moonstar before. (I think half the fun of me putting out this comic is all the cool stuff y’all introduce me too.) I did read her Wikipedia page, so let me see if I can address your first impressions. 

      Based on that Wiki page, I can say that yes, Commander like Moonstar is a young Native American female superhero. In addition to superhuman strength, “alteration” and a supernatural sword Moonstar seems to have some psychic powers (animal communication, illusions, telekinesis) and Commander’s powers are primarily psychic. You say Moonstar is “bossy” and Commander is actually the leader of The Young Protectors, which I suppose could make her seem “bossy”. 🙂

      Outside of that, though, I’m not sure they would share much in common. Their personal histories are quite different (Commander is a military brat) and while Commander is confident in her team, “full of herself” would not be an accurate epithet. “Serious and determined” might be, though. And while I think Adam did an awesome job rendering her expression in Panel 2, it is a Wide Shot and unlike with a movie, you can’t hear her inflection. FWIW, there is no cocky tone when she says “Not if he’s seen *us*.”—it’s a calm, matter-of-fact statement. She knows that people do extraordinary things when they encounter superheroes (and celebrities).

      Anyway, as for the others, you’ll learn more about them on the next few pages. I can’t guarantee you’ll fall in love with them, but perhaps one or two will win you over. Glad to hear you’re in it for the long haul, though! 😀

      • Leigh Nelson

        Moonstar could be misunderstood a lot; she’s very matter-of-fact and introverted, so you may end up with a lot of misunderstanding concerning Commander as well. However, you confirmed what I was thinking about Commander, which is always a great feeling! I’m a huge sucker for strong women, so I know I have to keep coming back to see her, in the least. I feel like she may be the team’s confidant? I guess we’ll find out more in time but this is killing me! I want everyone’s stories now haha

      •  lo, I love it.  See, people, THIS is how you get a writer to give away more details without having to wait for a new page!  😛  Kidding.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Dani hater…for the most part.  Most of her character life, to me, has always been more focused on having to prove herself, and I dunno if that’s writers feeling they have to take on the whole I’m Woman/Cheyenne/Mutant or what.  And there have been plenty of times when she just bites off more than she can chew.  Which is fine, if it wasn’t overdone.  Everyone makes mistakes, and sometimes it does take a few times to learn from it.  But lmost 30 years after her creation…well….ya know? 

        And I apologize, Alex, if I made you feel like I thought you were trying to rip off previous existing characters.  I was just giving my opinions of, in terms of first impressions, how these charcters invoke feelings in me from the ones I know.   For all I know, Commander could be the nelliest queen to hit Trannyland. 

        Regardless, I do enjoy the comic.  As I said, it’s beating what’s out on the shelves each month for me.  Guess that says Alex is doing lots of something right, eh?  lol.  

        And howling, no nerd rage.  Just smart-ass-i-ness.  Believe me, even if this is the crappiest team since my last job, the fact that Anni and Kyle could still get it on makes it worth it.  Heh heh heh.

    • Methinks you’re reading a bit much into a group that we see barely a page worth of characterization on. It’s painfully easy to just take a cursory glance and lump them with characters in existing comics:

      Commander = Marvel’s Nomad or genderbend!Patriot

      Fluke = Every Token Black Dude on a team (Steel/Static Shock/Mr. Terrific/Patriot/etc.)

      Flyboy = Starman

      Tsunami = Shirtless Lobo, Colossus, S6!Bane

      Spooky Jones = Deadman, Shadowcat

      It’s hardly a new concept of certain power sets being more appealing (not to mention easier) to work with. Just, you know, slow down on the instant nerd rage when we haven’t even met the team yet, ya dig? 

      • I think you mean Deadpool.

        • Leigh Nelson

          No I think he means Deadman. DC character not Marvel.

  • I don’t care what he’s wearing.  I just wanted to see a lot more than kissing!  lol

  • Feverfew_M

    The baby’s “Gah?” cracked me up!
    Maybe not the approved way to startle a baby out of a crying fit… 😀
    Like some other people here, I assume the house is on fire or there’s some other kind of danger, and the man thought throwing the baby at the superheros was the best chance for its survival. Go Flyboy, save the baby!

    Wow, I’d thought Kyle was hiding an amazing body under that blue shirt. Turns out I was right. He doesn’t hide much now. Red Hot, indeed. You must want us to start calling him Chili Pepper. 😀
    Commander seems to be the no-nonsense type. I’m curious to see more of her. Hope she isn’t making the boys’ lives hell.
    My guess is Fluke’s powers have something to do with water.
    Spooky Jones makes me curious, because he doesn’t bother with fancy costumes. Wonder what his powers are.
    And I love Tsunami’s tattoos and Annihilator-like build. Kyle’s type? 😉

  • Leigh Nelson

    I think I’m interested in Commander and Tsunami the most. However, as someone pointed out, Commander is similar to Danielle Moonstar, however, I like Danielle Moonstar. My personal hopes, honestly, is that Kyle is the only gay Protecter (maybe Commander too, just because I love women, though). Of course I want to hear all of their backstories, and I’m open to my opinions changing – funny actually, because I normally go for the goggle-clad kids. I’m a Steampunk fan though. ANYWAYS, point of this entirely incoherent statement – I’m glad no one has capes – although Flyboy’s jacket just seems odd to me – and I LOVE authorative women. Only thing that would make her better is if she was a redhead. Mmm. However, not sure I’ll be fine waiting for this story page by page. Think I might have to take breaks away until the story builds up.

    • Leigh Nelson

      Hrm now that I’ve looked back – guilty, I do that all the time, just don’t always have much more to say – I feel like Kyle and Fluke seem to come from money…at least more so than the other Protectors. Maybe this is where Kyle’s perspective on appearance comes from? Well, that and the fact that he looks like The Flash, because that is one bold statement these days.

      EDIT: (Okay, sue me, it’s 2 am here and I’m trying to stay awake AND make sense, which takes a lot of concentration) Are there going to be any heartbreaking internal-monologue bubbles like with Justice League and everything? Because that would be majorly awesome!

  • Is the commander a chick? Didn’t look like at first, but in the last panel I see quite a feminine look…

  • I like Fluke and Flyboy… they have pretty awesome costumes.

    All I can remember thinking is “That is one big baby” lol.

    •  LOL i nvr realized how big the baby was unitl u said something

    • Angie Penrose

       Me too, LOL!  That is a freaking huge baby!  Maybe it’s a mutant…?  They can raise her to be their sidekick when she’s old enough.  😀


  • Spooky Jones. 


  • kestrelsama

    Mmmm Tsunami. I am a sucker for tattoos and muscles. /drool

  • Just noticed something. “Red Hot?”

    How very fitting, in a bunch of different ways. C:

  • Well, if I have to judge from their outfits, my favorite would be Flyboy. He looks unbelivebly cute with that jacket and the goggles <3

  • I Really like Kyle’s Costume it has that “real superhero” feel to it
    At Least there is more than 3characters in this one, unlike Artifice

  • Deyx

    Alex, I’m a huge fan! I’ve been following your work ever since the 50 something pages of Artifice. Your work is phenomenal. It’s not just emotionless and passionless porn; there’s a back story and boy is it interesting! Keep up the good work!

  • <3 I'm loving this Comic so much already. xD 

  • Larne

    The superheros definitly promise to be interesting. ^^
    I do not know why, but somehow I love Spooky Jones´ costume. But it´s hard to guess which superpowers he posesses… maybe he can go through walls…

  • AC♥Bear

    Work dem tights,  Kyle!

  • Superjenny

    Throwing your baby, Man!?  What’s wrong with you?  What if Flyboy fumbles?  Then your baby is gull feed!

    Then it can join the ranks of the dead babies…  Zombie Baby Apocalypse!

    Also, Kyle looks /smashing/ in those tights of his. I can see why he’s called “Red Hot”… Dat bulge.

  • Erica

    omg, yess Red Hot! lololol 
    Commander looks like a firebender. C:
    Tsunami makes me think of Heavy’s voice from Team Fortress… lolol but then it’d be awesome if he had that super intelligent speech. Like… old English XD
    I like the shoutout to the dA group 😀 It’s definiteliy helping for more recognition of others’ art. Very awesome 😀

  • Oh yay, the new chapter’s starting~ 🙂

    I very much like the hero bunch, especially Tsunami and his awesome tats. Also what the heck dood, is that guy “testing” these heroes? Commander seemed to imply that…

  • krissdevalnor

    🙁 why did you give our hero the most unappealing outfit? the others look so much cooler

  • Maybe he’s being controlled or something? Would explain the crying while he’s practically throwing his baby over the dge of a building…

    • I’d say the building is on fire or something. People do crazy shit when it comes to their children.

      • b3nc0

         Or maybe they’re a vampire family & the red sky announces dawn orz

  • Phoenix_xxx

    Who throws a BABY? It’s worse than a shoe!

  • Bealtaine

    I feel like making a michael jackson joke now would be in poor taste so I’ll restrain myself 😛 Must say though delighted that we get to see the team altogether for the first time!Kind of curious to see what Fluke’s super power is

  • I’m not exactly sure what that guy’s deal is, but I wouldn’t throw a baby to some guy called Fluke XD I’m LOVING Kyle’s superhero name, and I wonder what’s Commander’s special power. 

    • b3nc0

       Erm, you know, the nametags are actually only for us to see ;°p

  • I love love LOVE Commander’s costume. I get wobbly in the knees [and vaginal walls] for girls in militia themed costumes…

  • Hmmm Flyboy kinda of reminds me of Wiccan physically I mean… I think I like him already.

    Oh, you’re gonna raise the stakes, hmmm? Does that mean s-e-x or does that means drama and complications? Either way I think I’m gonna like it!

  • Snarky comment #11234: my darling Kyle, if you really wanted to conceal your orientation because you view it as a crutch to your being a super hero (even though I personally disagree with that assessment), it might have been a better idea to go with a costume that DIDN’T feature flames flying up from your crotch.

    Just saying.

    Beautifully drawn!  I love the very distinctive looks.  Especially Kyle’s.  ::snerks::

    • Brings a whole new meaning to the word Flamer xD

      •  I was thinking it was in reference to a fire trail since he’s also a ginger

  • He’s throwing the kid so they can catch the kid and carry him/her to safety.  People in burning buildings throw themselves out of windows, so why not throw someone who can’t jump?

  • …this was a reply to Schereazade, whose name I am probably mangling.  Why’s it up here?!

  • brings a whole new meaning to “playing catch with your kid”…

    anyone else notice in the last panel everyone looks worried but the Spooky Jones character looks completely unphased by people playing hot potatoe with their baby?

    and who else is expecting the Annhilator to show up at the last minute and smack the baby away from Flyboy just as he’s about to catch it will screaming “Rejected”? Just me? Oh, ok.

    • ruby raulerson

      I have the same feeling xD

    • seekmore

       Annihilator doesn’t exactly seem like one of those “murder a baby for the hell of it” types.

  • Only one girl? : (

    • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

      Yeah, really not much fair….although I must admit she looks awesome. But yeah…should totally be more in the group. T_T

      • jeremy thew

        As a gay comic artist dude, I have a hard time writing male characters (without them being terribly boring). I’m actually surprised that Red Hot  isn’t the ONLY male in that group! There could be more females in their team. Like, who’s parking the Super transportation mobile?
        This is the first time we’re seeing the whole group, but maybe they have a lot of female non-super allies. Like a techie or something?

    • Kit the Coyote

       Well the one girl appears to be large and in charge 🙂

      • Roseland

        Yes, she’s the “exceptional woman.” It is a sad and frequent trope.

        I love the comic, but this bothers me.

  • seekmore

    Unless he has an ability that can slow that baby down before he catches it, I don’t see how it’s going to survive.

    We all remember what happened to Gwen Stacy, right?

    • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

      Well, if baby does not hit terminal velocity, and if he does not just STOP the moment he catches it…….if he follows the motion down maybe….

      • seekmore

        A baby is gonna be even more fragile than an adult, though. At least an adult can completely control the motion of their head. This baby doesn’t look old enough to have developed that ability.

        We’ll just have to see.

  • QuantumKid

    Flyboy looks like that dude from X-Men. Um…..whats his name again? the one with the cards?

  • Notice that in the last panel spooky jones is smiling a little bit
    kind of creepy,
    maybe he has ghost powers like Danny Phantom

  • i like that i picked Kyle out of the group immediately.  i just looked for the flaming one ;D
    I’m kind of curious as to what Commander and Fluke are capable of.
    Commander looks like a mix between Wonder Woman and M. Bison. I love it

  • spooky jones seems rather interesting…

  • Kyle reminds me of Kid Flash. Costume is just a different color and features flames instead of lightning.

  • ManicThrifts

    Camping :3

    • CrispyChicks

       I’m with you, buddy. c:

      • ErykaSoleil

        -Suddenly remembered it’s an update day after being off the internet for a while.-

        I’m going to guess that building is on fire or something?

        • I actually get to CAMP!!

        • Larne

           Well I guess so. Otherwise it would be a very strange father…

          • ErykaSoleil

            Hey, man. There are all kinds of people in the world.

          • Larne

             XD Glad I have not met such a person.
            But I actually 1st thought “Is this man possessed or something?”  Only after that I noticed the orange light in the background.

          • Would this imply that the baby is Carrie, and we’re seeing Stephen King novels once again come to life?

          • Larne

            Exactly! XD

  • ErykaSoleil

    So where’s the food at this campout? Seriously. How about some Ramen? I also have Girl Scout cookies. Anybody?

    • Could do with a thin mint cookie.  Or eight.  Who’s counting?

    • melinda stumpf

      I could go for some popcorn camping style 

      • ErykaSoleil

        -Remembers.- Oh, yeah! I have a cooking pot, veggie oil, and a bag of popcorn kernels. 🙂

        • melinda stumpf

          sweet *gets the camp fire ready*

          • CrispyChicks

             Popcorn? Yes, please!
            I just made tuna sandwiches. Anyone want some?

  • I like how the baby cries really hard as it’s held aloft, but then once it actually gets thrown, all we get is a “…Gah?”


    I think Spooky Jones has my favourite costume, because trenchcoats are love. But I also like Commander’s. 1, she’s the only chick, and 2, headbands rock.

  • … I think the baby has the best costume. Pink footie pajamas are sexy.

  • DarkFeanix21

    So… I totally thought the guy just wanted the heroes to change the baby’s nappie or something. Did not see *that* coming.

    I can’t decide whether I like Commander’s or Spooky Jones’s costume the most. Although there’s definitely something to be said about Tsunami’s shirtless look as well.

  • Is it just me or did you forget to color that old man’s fingers in the first panel? Just wondering because it looked so bright, and because I’m reading through the second time. Loving the team. 

  • Ree


  • rgleon9986

    So, this is my second read-through, and I just noticed there seemed to be a shift of artistic style between the prologue and this section. Did anyone else notice that? I’m not saying one is worse than the other, it just occurred to me that there was a definite change.

  • LL

    “Someone! God! Christ! Buddha! Krishna! Any of you guys listening?!” -Someone having a faith related existential crisis while also on fire

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  • 1Iamnotserious

    OMG did he throw his baby off a building, and did he even know that the heroes are there to catch the baby.