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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Bonus Comic One—Title Page

7 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Bonus Comic One—Title Page


As mentioned previously, I’ll be pausing the main story and temporarily posting up the pages for the Spooky/Commander Bonus Comic! Enjoy! 🙂

Bonus Comic One of the “Engaging The Enemy” arc of the superhero comic The Young Protectors is written and published by me, Alex Woolfson. Pencils are by Adam DeKraker and colors are by Veronica Gandini.

  • twincast

    Just wondering if there’s been any update on the RSS issue, as it’s persisted throughout chapter 3 so far. Sometimes it (seemingly arbitratily) works properly, but most of the time it’s stuck at going only as recent as the last page of chapter 2. Can change by the minute. Gotten used to it by now, but it’s still annoying as hell. One obvious solution would be to have direct to the most recent page – as is the norm – instead of (rather uselessly) the cover of Artifice’s first chapter.

    • Niggle

      What RSS reader are you using? Using Feedly I’ve never had an issue with updates and they get to me promptly every time.

    • People who have had that problem have told me it gets fixed when the feed is deleted and then re-added to their RSS reader. So, as far as I have known, the problem was solved. Have you tried that? Has that not worked for you?

      • twincast

        I tried that at the very beginning to no avail but not since.

        Can’t really check now, as now happens to be one of those times it appears correctly anyway.

        • OK. I actually use a third-party service to host my feeds—Feedblitz—and they told me this was solved. Since you’re still having trouble, could you please reach out to their support department the next time this happens? They should be able to help your troubleshoot this and hopefully we can finally get this fixed once and for all.

          You can contact them here:

          Thanks, twincast!

          • twincast

            So, tried it, and it didn’t work. … *sigh* Will get around to contacting them again sometime over the weekend. As if I’d ever had any luck with any support I ever contacted (either in person or online)…

            Anyway, regardless of that, though, changing the page seen on really would be a good idea.

          • Sorry to hear that didn’t work. Please let me know if Feedblitz is able to help you. I’m certainly paying them a fair amount for their service, so if they aren’t helpful, I want to know about it.

            And I hear that you would like me to change the starting comic on the home page of from Artifice to The Young Protectors. But I actually prefer to introduce new readers to my webcomics work with Artifice as it’s a complete story and, thus, I think a better introduction to what I’m trying to do than The Young Protectors is at this time. Thank you for the feedback, though. 🙂