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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Bonus Comic One—Page 8

470 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Bonus Comic One—Page 8

Does Spooky look like he could use a hug or what? If only there were some friendly readers who’d be willing to do that for him…

(And how about Amanda’s look in Panel 3? If she were to say something out loud to Parker there, what do you think she might say?)

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So! The detectives have been exiled, Charleyboy is giving Amanda the room, the future leader of The Young Protectors has put her junk food on the table and now she’s dragging over a chair towards Spooky. What’s she going to do with that chair? And how will it help her get results when the adults have failed?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

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  • Amanda at work 🙂

  • Awww Spooky is all huddled up again!

  • Sapfo

    Dont make me cry

  • SofiaT

    What a prick.

  • Oh snap, You tell him Colonel!

  • b3nc0


  • EldrinSMP

    That look in panel 3 is DEFINITELY an “I could break you, little man” look from Amanda. Good to know she perfected it at a young age. LOL

    • mogoskier

      Okay I was going to call it YEA BITCH look but your name is better.

      • Elrohir

        Although Eldrin’s name for it really resonates for me, your version works…I don’t think it got through Parker’s thick skull, but still…

  • Madock345

    I didn’t notice before all the scratches/burns/whatevers on Spooky, they made me sad. The cops should have bandaged him up. I just want to give him a hug.

    Also, Amanda’s eyes changed color again, they were blue on the last page. I’m thinking they change when she uses her powers, but I don’t know which color means what.

    • mogoskier

      No, Alex conferred it was just because the last page coloring wasn’t finished and it didn’t have to do with her powers. (Much to my disappointment)

      • Madock345

        Darn, I thought I caught something myself for once, instead of getting it from comments. Should have realized other people would have noticed.

  • SofiaT

    That candy bar looks like a snickers today. Mmmmm, snickers…

    I bet Amanda has already discovered the skeletons the detective is hiding in his closet (everybody has a few skeletons and everybody has a closet. Fact!), so that’s what the smirk is about.

  • I’ll hug Spooky anyday… all HE wants to be hugged <3

    Detective Prick.. ehh, Parker .. can go hug a cactus instead. Maybe that would remove his smug look.

    • SofiaT

      The wounded male pride of the macho man.

      Meh, who gives a shit? Go hug a cactus indeed!

      • Elrohir

        Seriously, and that sneer? Geez, did you do graduate study in being a total prick or what? What do you bet that he plans on standing outside the one-way glass and providing a running snide commentary on Amanda and the Lt. Col. is going to have to insist that they stay away?
        Does it make me a bad person that I want somebody to smack that man?

        • SofiaT


        • silibub

          If it does, then I think a lot of us must be bad people!

        • stickfigurefairytales

          He got his B.S. in B.S.

  • davefragments

    I wonder what canned soda demons sell in the hell dimension?

    • EyeDontNo

      Jones Soda Co.’s Turkey and Gravy Soda.

      • Klaus

        Mashed potato soda? Which smells not just like mashed potatos, but specifically like instant mashed potato? My faith in humanity just took a severe blow.

      • b3nc0

        ‘green bean casserole’? Now that is from a deeper, inner Inferno Circle oTL

  • Thank you so much Alex, Adam and Veronica.

    I don’t know why it’s so important and deeply moving to see the beginnings of life long friendships. But it is. I look at this page and I feel that spark of something special. (Love or friendship doesn’t matter at this point… just the beginning of something better for both maybe? HOPE.) Love it.

    Of course, lots of bumps ahead, but I FEEL it. Lovely work. Thank you all.

    All best,

  • Sapfo

    Alex, I am a bit scared of this guy. He walked around with a severed head, and that head was not human. If this little guy was the one to do it. Might be not do it again….
    Oh but look at him. He is so small and I just want to kick him into a shower, make some stew and warp some warm blankets around him.
    Darn, I sound like my mom! o.O

    • Elrohir

      If that’s true, then your Mom sounds like a wonderful, caring human being who has an immediate instinct to protect the young. Nothing wrong with that Sapfo, not a DAMN thing wrong with that.

      • Sapfo

        It’s true. I do not know how many people suddenly come home to us. Someone my parents met in India, or a student from Brazil.
        Mostly it was travelers how needed a bed to stay a night or two.

    • Madock345

      Hmmm… Sounds good, but I don’t know if you should trust someone in such a state of shock and exhaustion, along with potential disorientation, to shower alone. I’d probably get in with him, just to make sure he doesn’t slip. 😉

  • silibub

    What a douuuche — are we sure Parker isn’t related to Duncan somehow?

    • SofiaT

      Heeeey! 🙁

      • silibub

        Actually, you’re right. Duncan at least has redeeming qualities!

        • SofiaT

          Anni has some issues of his own, but he’s man enough to not feel threatened by a woman. I bet you he’d respect the hell out of her (even as he’d plot how to defeat her).

          • silibub

            Agreed 100%!

          • Madock345

            Eh, at this point, for me, Parker isn’t coming across as a misogynist so much as he is a all-round dick. Maybe I’ll be proved wrong if he interacts with some male characters later, but for now I’m not sure the Colonel being a woman is a problem as much as her being competition is.

          • SofiaT

            A suggestion: Re-read this page but put, in your head, a man in the Colonel’s place.

            And tell me if the Detective’s snark doesn’t sound suicidal then. I’m not saying he wouldn’t be annoyed. But he wouldn’t show it.

            …Actually, he’s suicidal now, but he’s too stupid to realize. >:D

    • mogoskier

      Nah, Duncan a subtle douche, meaning he gives a nice outwards appearance and then kick you when you least suspect it. Until that point you think he great.
      Parker is just a douche douche, meaning he has no redeeming charm.

      • silibub

        Parker wields his doucheyness like a blunt instrument. Deplorable lack of finesse.

  • b3nc0

    So, the garden cats are calling to be fed, and I’ve a roommate to wake up for a ‘most important’ meeting as he put it, (why he can’t get up by himself I don’t get)
    Be back in a few ㋡ノ

  • DC

    Confident young lady here and she probably trusts both her abilities and her senses that our young Spooky here is safe.

  • Noriam Gutierrez

    ^-^ So she also got him a candy bar?

    • Madock345

      I’m guessing that it “just happens” to be his favorite kind.

      • Noriam Gutierrez

        Lol, maybe.

  • silibub

    I like how Spooky finally looks up in the second-to-last panel! I think up until now he’s only had his eyes closed, so it looks like Amanda’s already getting him to respond.

    eta: eyes closed or lowered, at any rate.

    • Elrohir

      It’s the Snicker’s bar…they’ll do that to you. 🙂
      Actually, I’m hoping that it’s the change in atmosphere, all the “demand” oriented personalities being sent from the room. I mean, how much common sense does it take to see that a traumatized person will respond better to calm and soothing than to shouted demands? I know, I know. Klaus is probably right and they probably did try soothing first, but gimme a break. You find the kid wandering the docks naked holding a demon head and you think that in just a few hours he’ll be over it?

  • fujoshifanatic

    Amanda, panel 3: Dude, you are SO lucky my mom taught me to respect you elders, otherwise you’d be wearing that smirk off the side of your ass where it belongs! But anyway, I have more important things to deal with right now than your trifling pettiness.

    I love how the Colonel has total confidence in her daughter, but still lets her know that Mama Bear has her back (“You’ll be ok, right, Amanda?”) if she needs it.

    Oh and poor Spooky! He needs a warm bath, some Band-Aids, a nice hair brushing with a soft brush, some hot chocolate, cookies, a kiss on the forehead and both cheeks, and a warm bed–oh, and of course a big ol’ hug. I can volunteer my services, as long as it doesn’t trigger some kind of demon attack!

    • mogoskier

      Don’t think it so much as respect more I can’t hurt you because there witness.
      And I also offer my services to help spooky.

  • I think Amanda is laughing at the little Detective man, but she’s too polite to do it out loud.

    • Elrohir

      You know, I think you have something there Admiral. Like an amused dismissal of an annoying braggart.

      • Yup. Probably the best reaction she could have.

  • Sapfo

    I am extremely curious as to what Amanda will do now. How will she approach him? How much has she already found out just by being in the same room as him?

    Oh well, I need a nape. So you have fun trying to hug Spooky.

    • Have a good nap. 🙂

    • Elrohir

      Well, a good start I think is that she’s bringing the chair around to sit next to Spooky rather than taking the confrontational “opposition” position across the table from him.

      • Takehai

        You are right, moving the chair removes both a physical and psychological barrier between them. The question is if she is really moving it to the same side of the table as he is. Next to him could be almost as threatening, because she would be invading his personal space, and for a kid with as much trauma as he has probably got right now, not a good thing to be doing. The better psychological tactic would be to move it to the side of the table, just around the corner. The table wouldn’t be directly between them, she can be close enough to show she is an ally/friend, but not so close as invade his personal bubble of security.

        • Elrohir

          Good thought. I’m guessing from the last panel and the position of the can of cola and candy bar on that end of the table that she’s going to sit just at the corner and not go around the corner to sit at his side. Sitting out of his sight or “looming” over him would be intimidation positions. NOT guaranteed to make him feel more relaxed and comfortable. So, I’m going with your “just around the corner” position.

        • Yup, that’s what it looks like to me, too. And I was heading down into the comments to say as much, till I saw you and Elrohir already had.


    • I’ll follow your example and go take a nap too. I have a long day ahead.

  • So Amanda is 16 here, but already seems home doing a ‘job’ like this one. I wonder how early she started out doing what ever it exactly is she’s doing?
    We already know that she, in the age of 22, has trained with navy seals for 11 months, and this only adds another factor in how young she actually started out.

    It’s also great to see the trust between Amanda and her mom – who’s both an authority figure and showing motherly care in between 🙂 All this while setting Parker (and the others) in his place when he does cross the line when being snarky. Go mom!
    With the look he’s getting from Amanda, I think (hope) Parker might have to be a little worried about tripping over his own feet when she leaves the station again *lol*

    Spooky.. just the look of how he sits here hurts. It’s never nice to look at someone who’s clearly sad and hurt, but I think the impact, for me, is worse because Spooky – of all characters in this comic – is the one we’re used to see be the strong, happy, funny and supportive guy.

    This is a Spooky who looks broken, and knowing how far he’s gotten between this and the man he is in recent timeverse makes me feel .. proud. Even if it’s still ‘only’ a comic character 🙂

    • stickfigurefairytales

      *points at you*

      *points at all of the points you just made*

      Yes. Yes to all of of this.

  • Elrohir

    Okay…I got so immediately wrapped up in the wonderful artwork and story development that I forgot my manners. So now, to follow Chris’ example,
    Alex, Adam and Veronica thank you so much for continuing such a quality job.
    Turing these pages out at a pace of two a week has got to be a serious strain. And yet you manage to maintain such a great level. Thank you.
    Nice job too Alex of spinning up the readers “If ONLY there were some friendly readers willing to hug Spooky?” If you sold raffle tickets for the opportunity to this crew you could probably make enough to fun half of a live animation TYP movie! 🙂
    Seriously, thank you again.

    • Hear Hear!

      • No. Hugs? Here here!

        • You’re so hug happy.

          • Indeed! I do not deny it. 🙂

          • Elrohir

            You would have done well in my family. For the most part we fell into that R.A.H. “Notebooks of Lazarus Long” description as,
            “Long on hugs and short on pocket money”

          • Elrohir

            As the old joke goes:
            He is incorrigibly hug happy; so please do not incorrige! 🙂

          • HA!

    • Saxon_Brenton

      I just got in from an afternoon of RPGing, read Alex’s comment, and immediately thought: “That’s such an obvious reward to use in the next Kickstarter.”

      • John

        I agree wholeheartedly with this sentiment!

        Actually it might be interesting to see who people would WANT to hug if they only got one: Spooky after his return from hell or Kyle after HIS return from hell.

        As traumatised as spooky looks right now, I’d still rather soothe Kyle.

      • Hmm. An interesting idea… 🙂

  • Elrohir

    So, I had a thought about the discussion of Spooky needing a hug versus it not being safe to attempt contact because of his trauma. Difficult. But what if
    it’s Spooky who initiates the hug?
    I suspect that most of us have seen the way a hurt child will run to/reach for the nearest safe adult and cling to them for comfort and protection. Cling to them so hard in fact that you can’t separate them. So I was thinking…
    Here is Spooky, who has just spent a year in Hell. Dealing with deception, delusions, illusions and “monsters being monsters”. Clearly a traumatic situation. The way he is curled up into himself makes me wonder if he is still uncertain if he’s made it out. Perhaps the demons tricked him into thinking he had escaped previously?
    But now, here is Amanda. So what if she reaches out to him mentally and assures him that he is safe now. Out of Hell and protected. Maybe he throws himself at her like a shipwrecked sailor latching onto the one point of stability in the storm tossed sea? I would see that as completely natural. And NOT a sign of weakness. I mean come on, YOU spend a year in Hell and tell me how starved YOU would be for human contact.
    And once past the surprise, Amanda envelopes him in a truly healing hug. One that comforts, strengthens and lets you know above all else that “You are not alone.”. I’m thinking this works. I really am. Thoughts?

    • Klaus

      I have not the faintest idea what I would do if I had just returned from a year in hell.

    • John

      Plausible, and similar to thoughts I’d had looking at this page. The key would be whether or not Spooky reacted positively to a mental approach. I can’t imagine that’s a skill Demons DON’T possess.

  • It looks like in the last panel that Tutt is telling Parker with one look that he’s an ass. Probably give him the silent treatment later.

    I think what Parker has been doing is complicated. I don’t think he’s a misogynist, as I’m betting he’s respectful of Tutt, his female partner. I would bet more on him as sexist or a closet sexist.

    I think he’s trying to see just how tough the Colonel is by spewing this shit. Folks are always trying to see how tough women are in positions of authority (doesn’t make it right, but that’s how it’s always been and he’s most likely not even aware of it)

    She’s also stepping into his territory, taking over and so I think he would be finding ways to poke at the Colonel even if she were a man. Cops are very territorial, they don’t like having their authority usurped. Granted I do think he’d be going about it differently were the Colonel a man. Parker feels safe doing it the way he is, because the Colonel is a woman (again not right, but how it usually is). Which is why I call it sexist.

    I do think it’s highly probably that Parker would still be objecting to Amanda even were the Colonel a man. Here is this young woman coming in and taking over his job. I’m sure he doesn’t like the idea that someone likely half or more his age has been granted higher authority. Would he act the same way were Amanda male? He would still hate someone half or more his age having more authority than him. He just probably wouldn’t be calling Amanda the Colonel’s “little girl” were she a boy. Which I might point out is all directed at the Colonel and not Amanda herself.

    • SofiaT

      In my experience, people use sarcasm for one of two reasons. Either because they’re afraid of something and trying to cover their fear up, or because they think the person they’re being sarcastic towards is inferior to them in any way that matters.

      The fact that Parker is so blatantly sarcastic towards the Colonel, makes me think that it’s not fear but contempt that drives him. Whether it is because the Colonel hasn’t shown him the respect he thinks he deserves, whether it’s because he thinks her actions are stupid or because she’s a woman who outranks him, are all possible reasons and we have no way of knowing which it is (or maybe it’s all of the above). But I believe he wouldn’t dare express that contempt if the Colonel was a man, and that makes the Detective doubly a douche-bag in my book. Whether it’s done unconsciously or whether it’s how it usually is, doesn’t mean we have to bypass it as something “normal”. Unless we challenge that perception of “normal”, it will remain that way for a long, long time.

      • I agree. It’s not right that he feels safe saying shit like this to a woman when he most likely wouldn’t be saying it to a man. It’s not right and I want that to change.

        If someone wouldn’t feel safe saying it to one they perceive as stronger than themselves, then it shouldn’t be said to someone perceived as lesser/weaker, even if they don’t realize that’s what they’re doing–which I think is often the case, though no excuse.

        Like you said, the only way it will change is through speaking up and educating folks.

    • I really like your thoughtful post. Thanks AJ.

      I agree with what you say. We readers are all primed to dislike this behavior, but just after reading your balanced post, I happened to read bloggist, John Scalzi’s, series of tweets about himself and sexism… smart and interesting.

      John basically admits (to his readers and himself) that he’s terrible with remembering names, yet he’s more likely to remember a woman’s pretty face than a man’s (HA, opposite of me). He meets people constantly at speaking events, so he was observing his own behavior. I loved that he tweeted:

      “Is that a sexist response? Hell yes, it is.”


      “I acknowledge that it’s a sexist response; I also work to make sure that my own innate sexism there DOES NOT affect how I treat people.”

      We are human, but we can choose to work on aspects of that so as not to hurt others. I love that. (Well said).

      So, I agree that Parker, particularly, is a completely unaware sexist, ageist and a classic cop personality (my bro-in-law is a detective in a big city… plenty of women friends, but they’re strong enough to kick his ass when he’s a jerk). Police deal with the worst of humanity day in and out. Constantly. It’s very hard to keep seeing people as individuals. We have family gatherings where we yell at my bro — “YOU’RE OFF DUTY! STOP BEING A COP JERK!” He get’s chagrinned that he’s gone into cop-mode and didn’t realize it.

      So I really liked your post (and Pikinanou’s above – link below).

      It’s true some of these cops are flawed human beings, who clearly think they have a stubborn 14 year-old runaway and they’re doing what police do and trying to get this silent kid back to his parents. RULE #1… they do it every day.

      So yes, Parker’s a douche, he should understand that “Bright Eyes'” purple head makes this whole thing unusual, but he’s doing the human thing and boiling reality down to something he can understand and covering his fear with bluster.

      Tutt is very simply a lot smarter. I think it’s probably why the Captain partnered her with Parker. Tutt is tough enough to slap Parker down, and she keeps him out of trouble. And maybe he has redeeming qualities, like being a crack-shot? Things that she values. Who knows?

      Det. Boxer… there’s where I totally agree with you and Pikinanou. We only saw two panels, so we had no idea how long he’s been trying to get Spooky back to his folks.

      My Boxer take-away was he’s an old and very experienced beat cop. His job was simply to get this runaway to say enough so he could find his folks. Just what you would want to happen if your fourteen year old had gotten in trouble… get the parents. We first entered a scene with Boxer tired and frustrated and failing to do his job. He doesn’t know about hell or Bright Eyes. I wouldn’t imagine he runs up against a lot of Spookys in his normal day.

      I’ve personally decided that Boxer is a gruff nice guy and a decent cop. Three daughters, two finishing high school and one at Uni. Good wife, he loves. Close to retirement and today he was working on something above his pay-grade, so L.C. Mom and Amanda arrived just in time. Yep, he’s gruff. Cops just are. Tough job.

      I’m with you AJ… I’m glad LC Charleyboy and Amanda have arrived. The rest just don’t have what Spooky NEEDS, which as we know from his time with Kyle, seven years later, is a hug and some understanding.

      Go Amanda!

      • stickfigurefairytales

        I love your headcanon for Boxer, and I shall accept it and love it as my own.

  • Klaus

    So the invisible purple people eater people has left the room. Probably because there are no purple people there to eat.

    • And thus you have discovered the true tragedy to be found in these pages…

  • DING DING DING. We are now good on bonus pages until the end of May!!!

  • Chibi

    awww poor spooky!

  • Mary Klemzak

    Ohh junk food + teenager = happies. 🙂 Plus, I bet Spooks hasn’t had much to eat.

    Third pannel: “Go mom!”

    Yeah, this reader sure does want to snuggle the poor guy. Doubt he’d be receptive right now tho.

    Junk food is a foot in the door tho. Here’s hoping it works, as well as the other person not being a judgy, authorative adult.

  • Feverfew_M

    If only there were some friendly readers who’d be willing to do that for him…
    Haha, I bet everyone would hug the stuffing out of the boy, given half a chance! He might not be quite ready for the amount of hugging he would get… Better let Amanda deal with him first!
    I’m so pleasantly surprised by Amanda’s mum! Military parents are often pictured as kind of demanding and controlling, in a way that is resented by their kids. And maybe that is what a lot of people experience, I don’t know. But the Colonel here is refreshingly different. I bet she knows how to keep discipline, too, but she also seems to be the kind of leader who brings out the best in her people (and her daughter), knowing when to trust their expertise and how to have their backs. That’s great!

    • John

      I know a couple of military parents. One set ARE very controlling and disciplined, demanding the same level of discipline from their children what it took the military to instill in the parents.

      But the rest tend to enforce a number of rules consistently but otherwise let their kids make their own decisions. Pretty much like regular parents, but with greater emphasis on team efforts and greater praise for initiative (that I’ve observed)

      I often use that to remind me the military is rarely the problem. It’s the politicians that give them the orders.

  • Monica

    I’ll hug him forever and forever!! <3

  • What’s the betting that Amanda does in fact have clearance, but the Colonel wants to make a point?

    • John

      Whats the betting the Colonel doesn’t care if she has clearance or not? 😛

      It strikes me she’s a women who values results over procedure. I’m looking forward to seeing her daughter is the same way when she’s older 🙂

    • 😀

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Given that she already had clearance to see the demon head and everything, I think you’re right.

  • TwilightDreamer

    Did anyone else’s heart break looking at Spooky just then?
    lol, don’t diss the Colonels decision…OR her daughter XD
    so happy to come home to this.

  • Nate

    Willing? I’d pay for the privilege. 🙂

    Although I agree that he’s probably not ready for physical contact unless he initiates it. Given his experiences, he almost certainly has some trust and boundary issues. His body language practically SCREAMS “Don’t touch me”.

    I bet Amanda can get through to him, however, although it may take a few pages.

    • Klaus

      After all he has been through in hell, on return to his own world, he falls into the grasp of a prostitution ring takes money from people to let them hug him. And who knows what else?

  • RustyBurrell

    The way Spooky looks right now, I’d tear the very fabric of reality to get into this comic, just to give the kid a hug and a teddy bear. I’m just that kinda guy.

    On that note, I’ve always been impressed with the conveyance of emotion in facial expression here. Bravo 🙂

    • Donatien

      Kinda like a cuddly Deadpool? Will this be a thing? A Cuddlepool? Damn, I wish it could be a thing.

      • RustyBurrell

        That needs to be a thing. Follow D.Piddy on FaceBook, I’m pretty sure it’ll happen eventually. I saw Batpool this morning

  • i think amanda would aside, suck it, bitch.

    (that’s what i imagine, anyway…)

  • Richard Weeden

    Does Amanda already have her psychic abilities at this point? It looks like she doesn’t, but if she does than this is going to go a lot faster.

    • Wayne Lunkwitz

      Why would she request total privacy if she did not have a plan? She has some way to communicate…..without words.

  • Pikinanou

    Don’t want to play Devil’s advocate here 😛 but how about we put ourselves in Parker’s suit, for a moment. You find a lost teen wandering around naked, bruised and carrying a monster’s head around (a freaking monster head that you quickly realize is not fake), then you have a higher-up from the Pentagone who drops by and take over the mystery; that person brought with her someone that not only is not part of the police or even remotely close to a psychiatrist but is a mere teenager. Then the colonel tells you: hey you know what, I’ll let my kid take care of this messed-up case, because she’s OBVIOUSLY more qualified than you, despite your status and your twenty-something years of experiences…
    So can we really blame him for not being an happy camper, right now? 🙂
    (please forgive any grammar mistakes)

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  • JohnInCA

    Clearly she’s going to hit him over the head with a chair until he comes to his senses. It’s the only plan that makes sense.

    • Elrohir

      I LOVE your “thinking out of the box” solution! 🙂

    • RD

      Yes, clearly.

  • Darkflame173

    This may be a side story, and with most comics, a side story is just a distraction and is less popular, but I am just so invested in this story line it’s crazy. I can’t wait to see what happens. I just love this whole universe.

    • That makes me really happy to hear. Thank you for letting me know. 🙂

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    *the feels*….don’t know why I find tears being fought back over the sight of Spooky in his present condition……it just hits me hard!

    • I felt exactly like that when Kyle was paralyzed and bound to that slab in Hell, and he started to cry while Laampros fondled his face and called him his son.

      All so Duncan could masturbate for eternity. I was totally wrecked.

      That was the first moment I wanted Duncan stone-dead and painfully so. Thus, Detective’s Parker and Tutt bother me not at all.

      So, I think I can say I understand exactly what you mean when you say, “it just hits me hard!” We are all different and Alex is good at finding different ways to get us to feel.

      He’s good at his job… darn it. 🙂

  • Morbidkittygirl

    It’s so disturbing to see Spooky looking so defeated and scared.

    • Shinashi

      My sentiments exactly.

  • Kiri

    Moving the chair to the corner, reduces the distance and allows side glances rather than having to look up. Spooky is in a classic self-protective pose. He’s clearly the worse for wear, and he’s seeing the need to remain in self-protective mode. I would sincerely be surprised if the police didn’t realise that this was a severely traumatised person and offer him food and drink, as well as start off with reassuring noises etc. I mean, if nothing else – they got him into clothes which is a great way of making someone feel less vulnerable when amongst other clothed people. They’re not necessarily the stereotype. So while I think that Amanda is on the right track to help Spooky – I suspect that (a) her age, and (b) her gifts are going to be what gives her the edge over the police. And not that the police were necessarily doing the wrong thing – although clearly it had degenerated due to frustration.

    Regarding male-policeman and sarcasm – actually I do think he’s fearful. Sexist and fearful. My theory is that most prejudice is based on fear and a denial of fear anyways. So apart from him being scared that Charleyboy and her daughter are going to be able to do what he can’t and show him up. He’s also scared that his position in the pecking order is being challenged, and his territory is being invaded. Then add the sexism angle – that he believes women are inferior (and I bet you a nickel to a dime that he doesn’t think of his female partner as a woman) – and he’s got lots of reasons to feel afraid. Hence the sarcasm.

    Charleyboy is being more than just a mother here. She knows and understands what Amanda can and can’t do, and that Amanda can accurately judge her own ability to cope. Which right there is a showing a huge maturity in Amanda – because most adults I know over or under estimate their own power and ability to cope, and generally only get away with it because they’re not put in positions where it’s tested. And this is what makes me think that Mother and daughter have some sort of link – not necessarily telepathic. I have no doubt that if ever Spooky was a danger to Amanda, Charleyboy would be in there before the first scream was uttered. No mother who loves her child will send them into danger without backup.

    My initial response to Spooky is to go hug him, but that would likely cause him to hyper-alert and go into a hysterical response. But you know, I could play soothing music to him, and offer him chocolate. And when he’s ready, cover him with as many hugs as he needs. Also Ice-cream. I probably wouldn’t offer him coke – it’s got caffeine in it and that’s going to be a problem with alertness, I would think. Sugar is good though. It helps with a shock reaction. And Spooky is definitely shocked.

    • Heh

      Kiri, you got the words out of my mouth. That’s exactly what i’ve been thinking.

    • Bravo(a) — what a smart thoughtful post. I tried to say similar things somewhere below, but you expressed these ideas really smartly here. Thank you for taking the time to share this.

    • Lady_Hiroko

      I agree. I couldn’t have said it better myself even if I tried (and was actually a qualified criminal psychologist–which I’m not obviously. Have you ever considered that trade? I bet you’d do wonderful. XD). Kudos and cookies! Lots and lots of cookies!

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Such an awesome and well thought out comment. Bravo you!

  • ALEX PAGE NOTES: “(And how about Amanda’s look in Panel 3? If she were to say something out loud to Parker there, what do you think she might say?)

    I’ll think about this tough question, but I’ll start by eliminating a few things that I do NOT think Amanda is thinking just now. Okay?


    1) Hey Parker you’re hot, but not now. My MOM is in the room.

    2) OMG this kid has been to hell and he’s still HORNY. Boys! Humph.

    3) Boxer is hot. What is it about those bald guys?

    4) Screw the kid… I think I want this Snickers for myself.

    5) Wow all Tutt is thinking about is the sex she’s going to have with her HOT husband after work (it’s sorta creeping me out, she’s kinda kinky… leather boots… what? wait?).

    6) OMG, feck this telepathy thing, this kid is fourteen and he has a huge penis? Focus Amanda, focus.

    7) Mom promised me a Hello Kitty purse for doing this… she better not forget.

    8) I have homework to do… I hope this doesn’t take too long.

    9) Kissing this cute kid is NOT going to help him. Why didn’t I buy two Snickers?

    (and #10)

    10) He’s been to Hell? Jeeze you couldn’t make this stuff up with anything but Woolfson’s mind. Unbelieveable.

    Next post, I’ll try and list the ones she actually DOES think…

    • Elrohir

      Thanks for the smiles…a nice twist on the standard answer. Gotta love #10…tricksy is the mind of the Wizard Woolfson.

    • Sapfo

      #3 Jean-Luc Picard (fan-self) made all bald men sexy 😉

  • Hey just for feels. This page is a great moment to re-read this one…

    • Elrohir

      Which is why I’m HOPING that it’s Spooky who hugs Amanda once she breaks through…he needs it…and I don’t think it can be initiated in the opposite direction (anybody hugging Spooky) in his current state.
      The emotional content of that page…gets me every time…

  • @alexwoolfson:disqus, I think this is my five thousandth post. And, I think it’s fair to say… it’s your fault. LOL.

    When I first found Yaoi911 (which is a great read, all on its own), then your Kickstarter, then ARTIFICE, then TYP, and then, through this community, new friends, new art, and a whole world of web-comics, links, blogs, books, etc… well what can I say, but that I never expected any of it… and I’m seriously grateful.

    Aside: I want you to know that I forgive you for the fact that Sapfo sent me this:

    Thank you (and your partners in troublemaking, Adam and Veronica & The Admiral and Sofia) for providing, provoking (yes!) and a thoughtful (very!) special journey. Your work has made me think about myself and what I value in ways that only the best books, films (and now I must add) graphic novels do. Thinking that is not always EASY but, that said, often the best things in life are NOT easy. So please accept some sincere gratitude.

    I hope to continue to harass you until the finish of this epic.

    5,000 posts worth of love and appreciation,
    Christopher D.

    • Wow Chris congrats! I still have a ways to go to catch up to you! I am only on 2049 (as of this post). Eventually maybe? Right?

    • Congratulations on your 5000th post, Chris! And thank you so much for being such a cool, positive part of our community! 🙂

      (And that video has to be one of the most disturbing things I’ve seen (and heard!) in 2014…)

    • Elrohir

      Congrats on the 5000th post. And I look forward to the chance to read more of your thoughts on TYP. All the best.
      **Must remove PFUDOR tune from my head – pressure is building – arggh!**

    • Sapfo

      Congratulations Chris!
      thank you for being here.

      and thank you for reminding me of how I am. A pink unicorn dancing, that loves to make (and eat) breakfast.
      Did you know that I found a 10 hour version of that vid? ^_^

    • *Now wonders if she should send Chris the 10 hour version of the cat meowing the theme from GoT – just to shield off Sapfo’s link*

      • Sapfo

        I think you should save it for the day Chris needs it the most.

        • You are both diabolical and cruel to consider such horrible things. See how you’ve inadvertently scarred poor Alex with the short version. I just wanted him to be aware of just one of the magical wonders this Group has exposed me to.

          FYI – I saw there was a 10 hour version and thought it was a torture device used by the CIA so avoided it.

          And regarding 10 hours of cats meowing? Just remember this… (LOL)

          • Sapfo

            Oh but it is a wonder to listen to.
            Pink fluffy unicorn….

            10 min later
            dancing on rainbow

            1 hour later
            oh my it´s the same thing over and over and over again.

            2 hours later

            5 hours later
            Lalalalalal I can not hear you lalalala….

            10 hours later
            Where is my black unicorn? Don´t he want some breakfast?

            Okay, so I never done more then 10 minuts, and I love the last bit of that vid to much to just listen to the song over and over again.

          • Girrrrrllllll you is crazy but I love you so! HA.

          • I have the song on my mind again just from reading her comment *LOL*

          • Sapfo

            Mission accomplished

          • Meanie.

          • Sapfo

            You know me to well. But I don´t mind my boy.
            Love you 🙂

          • *psst*.. you know what? That jumping llama gif. Someone needs to photomanipulate that one so it’s jumping on a rainbow 😉

            ..isn’t that a fabuless idea? *mwahahahaa*

          • @Admiral Jane is in charge of all Alpacas… and goats. I’m just a procurer. 🙂

          • Alpacas yes, goats, yes, llamas, no. Llamas are grumpy.

          • Ahhhh… Grumpallama… (understood). LOL.

          • Indeed! Snirk

          • Ahahahahhaah… insane. Very insane. Well @alexwoolfson:disqus… warning this should get rid of @smsif:disqus’s unicorn ear worm, but I’m not sure you’ll thank anyone. HA!

          • Forty seven points beyond ear-worm awesome. YOU WIN. xoxox

          • mmmmmm I think I should start keeping track of all the times I get you to say that to me! 😛

    • Simba

      There’s a DJ on the dance station here in Seattle ( that plays a dance version of that song fairly regularly. Pretty awesome. 🙂

      • Thank you. Seattle is VERY cool. I click the link with both, antic…….. ipation, gratitude and a touch of fear. LOL. Thank you.

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Hi guys, I’m finally back from my various trips! Had a lot of fun seeing my friends in Minnesota, but it’s good to be home, too. Sorry I couldn’t make camping last night, but I was exhausted. Hope all of you have been well!

    • Welcome back!

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Thank you! It’s good to be back! 😀

    • Welcome back! I have been working on getting various things done, and as soon as I am done with my current project, I am going to tie myself to the desk until I finish that fanfic I was working on for the comment section. >.<

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Oooh, I’m super excited for that! Good luck with all of your various things!

  • Zolabat

    Can I just say that your body language is excellent? I love how you’ve been able to portray how Spooky’s feeling through his language and expressions alone. I’ve been having trouble getting the body language just right on a set of brother’s I’ve been drawing who went through a traumatic experience together (from my comic). I also wish I could actually manage to get 2 pages done a week, or even do one as high quality as yours are. I’m working on it, but it’ll be a long long time yet
    also, where can i buy a copy? I missed the kickstarter because of when I started reading this, and i really really want a copy of the book!

    • Welcome, Zolabat, and thank you very much! Adam (the penciler) and I spend a lot of time getting the body language just right and we actually tried a few different things until we felt the right balance (and pose) was struck for Spooky for these pages. It’s one of the great pleasures of working with him that he’s willing to put the time into perfecting those kinds of details and has such a great sense of what real human behavior looks like. 🙂

      While you’re right, there isn’t a way to contribute to the Kickstarter campaign at this point, most of the rewards (including the book and the trading cards) will be made available for sale to the general public once the current backers get their rewards. So, they should be available by the end of 2014.

      If you’d like to be notified when the rewards are made available for sale to the general public, you can always join my mailing list here:

      I’ll definitely be sending out an email to the list when that happens, so that’s the best way to get notified.

      Also, the book and other merchandise from my last Kickstarter for Artifice are currently available from my store if you wanted to take a look at those in the meantime. 🙂

      Hope that helps! Thank you very much for taking the time to comment. And good luck with your own work! 🙂

  • stickfigurefairytales

    As for what Amanda might say to Detective Parker in panel 3 if she were to say something out loud, I’m going to go with “I could rearrange your brain without blinking an eye, pal.”

  • Klaus

    It is Sunday morning, and Wednesday’s page is still not finished. Is page 7 very tricky? Or is there a more serious problem?

    • Oh, Klaus! Didn’t you hear? Alex spilled and an almost (well mostly) full glass of coca cola onto Veronica’s keyboard and shorted out her machine… their floor’s power went… the building’s main electrical circuits blew… and half the SF power grid went down. They thought it was Laampros’ demons, but nope, just an Alex boo boo.

      (It’s all on the Huffington Post)

      San Francisco’s Dept. of Water and Power is hoping to have the area up and running anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks. So don’t worry. Just a small muff-up, and I’m sure it will be fixed shortly. It will be over before you know it. 😀

      • Sapfo

        You are even worse then me.
        Bad boy Chris 😉

        • Worse than you my lovely? Oh I don’t know…

          • Sapfo

            Note to self: not comment when you are tired. You just get muddled and difficult to understand.

            Oh look, it is a pink Chris dancing on a rainbow. I wonder if he also have a black unicorn in bed. Would you like some breakfast? @-@

            Note to self: go to bed. Now!

          • Elrohir

            Okay, okay, few things are worse than PFUDOR. I grant you that. But you were kidding in your response to Klaus weren’t you? I mean, I don’t think my heart could stand the strain… 😉

          • Of course… more than kidding… 😀

    • Sapfo

      Oh my! Klaus! You have a face.
      Well, you look handsome today ^_^

      (But will now our dear Adam Black also find himself unable to resist this trend?)

  • bronakopdin

    “Does Spooky look like he could use a hug or what? If only there were some friendly readers who’d be willing to do that for him…”

    what am I talking about since the last two pages?!?!?
    SUPER-MEGA-HUG for Spooky from me!!!!

    “(And how about Amanda’s look in Panel 3? If she were to say something
    out loud to Parker there, what do you think she might say?)”

    … if it was me to decide that the panel wouldn’t be big enough xD
    but maybe sth like “so in the end you do know your place? Now you know mine, too!”

    oh Spooky… each new page, each new panel I see you my heart makes more throbs… if it was for only this I’d wish the special would end very soon T_T’
    let’s hope Amanda can somehow get you to make a brighter face in whatever facade 🙂

    I’m really approving Charleyboy’s trust in Amanda! Even considering her age she is full of trust towards her daughter and doesn’t refuse to say it out loud with confidence to some gawky officers face 😀
    so finally get out of there, Parker, why even keep staring at them? What do you get from that anyway? Oh how I wish I could understand those kind of people’s minds…

    soooo, what will be next?!
    I would even bet Alex is a tease and give us a next page with the people OUT OF THE ROOM talking first xD
    Don’t you dare! 😀

    • HA! Good one. You tell Alex… no hallway convos. And yes everyone wants to dab some Neo-Sporen on Spooky’s scratches. Awww. 🙂


      • Elrohir

        You know, I was just re-reading this, and the image of you putting the cap back on the Neosporin and than grabbing Spooky (faster than lightning) into a “I swear that when I let you go you’ll be all better” Chris hug hit me…followed by Spooky’s obvious line:
        “Umm…Chris?…Can’t breathe…really”
        At which point you would loosen up just that couple of extra centimeters that would allow Spooky to inhale. Hey, I never said you would let go. 🙂

        • Nope… no letting go. I’m sorry, I think it was back on the comments on page #31 of the main story and Ramon Cintron said his friends called that kind of hug a “Glomp,” (I hate that Disqus wont let us identify a member until they make a comment on the current page… plllllllllllllt or I’d “call out” to Ramon… for perfect wording!

          I love the word ‘glomp’. I love words that sound like what they mean and yes… that kind of hug is definitely a ‘glomp’.

          I hope Spooks gets a ‘glomp’ at some point. He clearly knew what he needed to do six year later. The hard part is that when you re-read that conversation he had with Kyle (in ‘present’ time), it sounds like he didn’t get what he needed. So I’m holding my breath.

          Yep, I’m on pins and needles as to what he’s going to get out of his convo with Amanda. Knowing Alex, I doubt it will disappoint, but… predicatable? I don’t think it will ever be that.

          Wait… isn’t this Wednesday? Errrrrr GAD! 🙂

  • Elisabeth Ermine

    I’m just as obsessed with this side story as I am with the main story. I think this is a first for me! I just want to give Spooky a hug if he’s comfortable with that. Poor kid’s all scratched up. I’m so glad that he was able to move on from this.

  • I am listening to my Disney musics ^_^ and I thought that this song from Pete’s Dragon is perfect for this situation between Amanda and Spooky. ^_^

    • Or if it’s all about magic…

      • I just realized I’ve never seen that movie in English. Until the DVD took over from VHS, not a lot of Disney movies could be watched in the original version in Denmark.
        Sometimes I like the English voices better and sometimes I still prefer the Danish dubbed.

        • Elrohir

          Funny, I’ve always admired how much more common it is for me to find US/English programming in Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands that uses the original English soundtrack with local subtitles (it’s really helped me in being able to survive nights in hotels where my other choice is the 30 min CNN or BBC World loop and helped me begin to read some simple text). I suspect that’s one of the reasons that their comfort level with English seems higher than countries that dub over the voices. But not for the Children’s material, that still is almost always dubbed.
          My Swedish friends find it funny when I ask them, “Why did they translate what he said like that? That’s not what he said.” Because they are used to the occasional subtitle errors and the idea that the American in the room caught it surprises them.
          I was at an HDS event in Mainz, Germany a couple of years ago and there were posters up of the special guest star for the event (maybe 300 attendees) and I’m looking at the pictures and trying to figure out why everybody seemed so excited (my German is not great) and it turned out to be the guy who did the voice for the Bruce Willis character in the Die Hard series. And his voice is nothing like Willis’. I prefer subtitles and the emotional content of the spoken word from the original actor I guess.
          Confession: I also use subtitles for a lot of my favorite British drama when it’s available because some of the regional accents in the UK can be hard for me to follow. Never mind when I do something silly like watch the old “Taggart” series and try and work my way through that accent.

          • I just realized I missed this comment. Oops xD
            Yes, I very much like that we don’t dub most things, but as you said the childrens shows, movies, cartoons here often come in a dubbed version and still do it today. Especially the cartoon/childrens tv channels comes in about 90-100% dubbed.
            That’s where DVDs are nice now. They leave space for both the dubbed and the English version which the VHS didn’t always do. Though most VHS did in the end. Most real movies almost always had both versions, but with cartoons it wasn’t always so – and Disney was one of the companies which only gave a dubbed version on video. If you wanted the English version, you had to buy them on another tape in special stores.
            Great way to make money *ugh* but also means that a lot of people from the mid 20s and up in Denmark didn’t see an original version of a Disney movie until they were late teens or much older. If they haven’t watched Disney as adults, some still hasn’t.

    • Elrohir

      I haven’t heard that in ages. I think it would be a really nice theme for it.

  • vessto

    I bet Amanda would say “You need a beer, buddy”. 🙂 Thank you for the new page and many thanks to all donators!!!

    • No kidding, 14 and back from hell… make it a good beer. Age be damned!

      • Klaus

        And heck means?

        • H.E… double hockey sticks… (maybe Google Translate isn’t handling that one so well.)

          • I don’t know if you should curse like that. Bringing in the hockey sticks, that’s just bad juju. 😛

          • True… Oh noees… Going to ‘hell’ now. Ooooppps… full circle.

          • You’re very good at that. I wonder how you ever move in a straight line. 😛

          • AJ, I have no interest in “straight” — lines or otherwise. 😀

          • Ha! I suppose not.

          • Klaus

            My point beeing that given that “damned” is not appropriate in this context, how is “heck” better?

      • vessto

        Lol, I think question is what she’d say to Parker.:D

      • Sapfo

        And she is 16.
        Have a beer my dear xD

  • Heh

    I just love the face amanda does when her mother and the detective are talking. It’s just like ‘ oh boy you should not have said that. Mommy will get ya ‘ Because she knows what happens when these situations occur. Haha, she is even smiling, Just like she’s saying ‘ tsc tsc wrong way buddy’

    This amuses me to no end in this page.

  • Donatien
  • Lindsey Amethyst Hampton

    I wouldn’t hug Spooky at ALL right here–last thing he needs is someone he doesn’t know touching him without his say-so. I DO like the whole “I trust my daughter’s judgement” bit. Hell yeah for parents who trust their kids to know their limits!

  • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

    In panel three…I believe Amanda would say “Suck it”.

    • Jackal

      I was thinking, ‘eat me,’ but yes, either one will do. XD

  • b3nc0

    Here some pics, minutes before the rainpour of Hell started (an hour ‘n ½ long & still going‼) There are some nice contrast, balance & proportion if i do say so myself

    • Elrohir

      Really nice set of contrasts. I can’t tell you precisely why, but pictures 3 and 6 were my favorites (6 maybe because of the jet trail being set off in a different color). thanks for sharing.

      • b3nc0

        Why, thank you!

  • SofiaT

    Better late than ever! 🙂
    Welcome to the comments section, SmokedBoo!

  • Welcome, SmokedBoo!

  • b3nc0

    Welcome, SmokedBoo‼ And you’ll see it’s lot of fun and infos and debates and… And things!
    Edit: I nearly forgot, there’s camping thursday/wednesday for the new bonus page and friday/saturday for the regular page (uploaded more or less 12am east time?) so the 2 hours before that are condensed FUN (^^) (/^^)/

  • Random Geek PSA: Attention Battle Star Galactica fans:

    Reported today in DAILY VARIETY:

    “Universal is ramping up a movie version of the sci-fi franchise “Battlestar Galactica,” aiming to develop the film as a complete reimagining of the story.

    “Transcendence” writer Jack Paglen has signed on to write the screenplay. Paglen has also committed to Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus” sequel for Fox that will start production this fall.

    Original series creator Glen Larson will produce the “Battlestar Galactica” film.

    There have been three “Galactica” TV series (including the brief “Galactica 1980″). The first, starring Lorne Greene and Richard Hatch, ran during the 1978-79 season and was centered on humans engaged in a lengthy war against a cybernetic race known as the Cylons while searching for Earth.

    In 2003, a reimagined “Battlestar Galactica” miniseries aired on Sci Fi Channel. The second series, starring Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonnell, went on to run for four seasons.”

    • So they’re going to reimagine the reimagined reimagine? Good grief. There doesn’t need to be another one after the last one.

      • I’m not disagreeing with you at all, but I’m sure the same thing was said about the Marvel universe products? They’re bad if they’re poorly executed… if it is great??? So hard to know. 🙂 Hey… just an FYI.

        • I just don’t know how they could follow up after the last reimagining.

          • You know? That’s exactly what they said after Joel Shumacher directed Clooney, O’Donnell and Schwarzenegger in “Batman & Robin”.

            Best leather cod-piece EVER… but wow what a BAD film… still WB got over it and thus we’ve now had three more bat films and still going.

            Heath Ledger is still considered a definitive Joker and and there are literally over a hundred, live action films, television and animated series about the Bat & Rob… so I just offer Bat Galact up as interesting.

            Everything is execution. So Battlestar Galactica at this unwritten moment is totally unknown. It could be stinky or it could surprise us? Most of us geeks live in hope until we’re proved wrong. LOL.

            As we learned to our sorrow… an awesome cod-piece does NOT make up for a badly made film. Heh.

          • I saw bits and pieces of B&R several months ago, and OMG that was bad. Joel Shumacher should never have been allowed anywhere near B&R. ARG! Don’t forget the nipples on the suit.

            BSG was awesome. Well the last season was kinda weird. But still. It’s usually best to let awesome be, you know, awesome.

          • “Don’t forget the nipples on the suit.” OMG… that is so right… I forgot about that. GENIUS. New heights in depths… and Joel… oh my. I think we can put that one away!

          • Exactly!! Ha!

    • Haven’t they already ruined BG enough?

    • Klaus

      I have only seem the first film, back in ’78 before there was a TV series. The characters did not seem particularly interesting, as far as I remember. Just another humans vs. alien menage film.

    • davefragments

      I’ve read more than one story about this. Apparently someone realized what the plot of the movie TRANSCENDENCE was decided that it was a “new” take and “fresh” idea about robots or computers or machines or whatever gaining sentience and taking over the world.
      So that someone decided that they would get in on the idea and pitched another version of Galactica.
      My eyes roll to the heavens and my mouth says “oh how original” in the most sarcastic tones possible.
      Gee! Golly! Whizzies! “whoever” this new group is – come up with a convincing new idea for an old theme – Fritz Lange started this all with METROPOLIS – man as machine, man becoming subservient to machine, man being conquered by machine.
      Do I sound grumpy today? Snarly but not grumpy.

  • nightstigress

    Help… please?

    I know this isn’t so much the place I should really be doing this, but I don’t really have anyone else
    and this community seems to take care of each other and offer support without judgement. I really need a few ears right now, and since I know at least a few of you know a little of my story I’d like some imput.

    This could be triggering to some people, and it’s going to be rather long… I just have so much I need to get out.

    Background before the background. My mother and biological father divorced when I was really young. He was emotionally and physically abusive to her and was way into drugs. I don’t have a whole lot of memories from him other than constantly being stood up when he was supposed to come visit, or being locked outside so he could have sex with his girlfriends.

    Enter the picture my “dad” the guy that eventually adopted me and my little brother’s biological dad. My mom married him when I was really young. She thought she’d met the perfect man, he treated her well… worked, brought her flowers … all the things you’re supposed to do when you’re in love. What she didn’t know was the first time he came into my room at night and touched me I was only 5 years old. I was finally getting attention, and when I was little my only explaination of sex was “it’s what people do when they love each other”. Things escalated, touching became other stuff and when I was 8 years old my brother was born. I was just so excited to have someone that actually seemed to want to be a part of our life it never occured to me it was wrong. As I got older things happened more, and when I’d say no I’d be emotionally manipulated into giving him what he wanted. Around 4th grade I got suicidal for the first time… I can remember writing I hate myself and want to die over and over again on my school papers and stuff. My mom had gotten hurt for the first time, and her dad died … she was becoming an alcoholic to self medicate and I decided I was going to fix my own problems. I told my mom my biological dad had touched me, I figured that way no one would get in trouble since he was long gone and I was adopted and I could get help. My mom asked if I was sure it was my biological dad and I told her of course, my dad would never hurt me. My plan didn’t work and I went to 2 sessions before being done. The touching continued and I lost my virginity after one of the many “please, please” sessions I had been conditioned to give in to.

    My mom hurt more and more as her body broke down and she secluded herself. I pretty much raised my brother as my kid for a few years and then I finally hit a point where I couldn’t take it anymore. I told him if he ever touched me again, I’d kill him. He started talking to other women online and i’m sure he had more than one affair. My mom was still none the wiser until I ate most of a bottle of pills and cut over 70 percent of my body. No one would have knwn, but my sleeve rode up in class and someone told the school psychologist. I finally had a break down in her office and told her what had been going on. In come police, I spend 2 weeks in a mental hospital and “dad” had to move out.

    Mom said she still loved him, I didn’t want my little brother to not have a dad who had been most of his world since my mom couldn’t really be there for him. … Mom knew it happened and decided to stay with him, I lied and said it never happened and that I had just taken a lot of meds and didn’t know what I had said.

    They stayed together and things were fighting and alcohol for my mom and him being himself and manipulating her for a few years. I turned 18 and while my mom was in Florida helping my grandmother I decided I wanted to die again. I went to get his gun and found several pairs of my underware in with his porn and the gun in a lock box. I told my mom, his excuse was I planted them there and he was trying to make sure he didn’t get in trouble. She stayed with him again.

    My brother never really knew about anything and we stayed close, he hated my mom cuz all he could remember of her is her cutting her wrists in front of us asking me if she was doing it right while she was drunk… and me taking care of him..

    I got pregnant and had a daughter at 20… realized I had to get out of the house or he could hurt her… didn’t really have anywhere to go…

    My mom put their cabin in my name since she was going to finally leave him and we needed to add some bedrooms for it to be livable. I got a loan to add the rooms in my name because their credit wasn’t good enough and we added 3 bedrooms on the cabin in the woods and me, my daughter and mom moved up state. … a few months later “dad” and little brother moved up with us… she decided to take him back again..

    I moved in with some friends down state for about a year and met my husband online while down there. He moved in with us and he and my daughter are amazing together. (Her real dad ran away from responsibility and never paid child support etc… ) My daughter has had it engrained in her since she could talk that she hsas “private parts” that no one but herself or doctors with me there are allowed to touch and it doesn’t matter who it is or what they say it will never be her fault if someone touches her there and that she HAS to tell. She spends time with the grandparents but is never left alone with “him”. My husband and I ended up having to move back in with my parents to the house that is in my name…. my brother met his girlfriend and she moved in too. My mom stopped drinking, but they still constantly fought so we decided to get a place with my brother and his girlfriend and split the bills. I have always continued treating my brother kinda like my kid. Whenever he needed money I’d give it to him, and I paid the fist and last month’s rent for the place we were renting.

    My brother and his girlfriend eventually got a loan for a house and we moved with them instead of getting our own appartment since they couldn’t afford the bills on their own. … Last fall I had a hysterectomy and was out of work for a few months because I take extra long to heal. I have fibromyalgia and quite a few other physical problems that make it hard for me to wake up and get out of bed in the morning let alone work the 40+ hours a week that I do. I spent quite a bit at Christmas on our family and my brother’s fiance’s family since everyone is having financial problems and I knew I’d have my tax refund to pay off the credit card bills and medical bills that accumulated. In January I got a facebook message from my brother’s girl telling me that they wanted us to move out (I admit my husband is hard to live with… but it still hurt) but that they knew it might take a while for us to find a place so we could take our time. My brother’s girl is the only friend I’d let myself have in years, so it really hurt when after all I’d done we were asked to leave.

    So, the situation up until last Thursday is my mom is unable to work and they just denied her disability claim. “Dad” is working but their relationship is on the rocks again, my brother and his girlfriend have invited 2 other people to live in the house and have our rooms when we’re gone, and they’re already moving stuff in and taking over the living room etc. My parent’s house is still in my name and it’s making it so I can’t get a loan or an apartment for us to move into (we can’t live with them because it’s too hard to get in and out of the two track it’s on and the animals they have try to hurt ours and emotionally I can’t be around him). My husband started packing a few of our things to make more room in the house and my brother’s fiance started “helping” by packing other boxes whenever she has a chance… My fibromyalgia is getting horribly worse with all the stress and I’m in an insane amount of pain every day but I still have to work. I come home and lock myself in the bedroom when I’m done because I can’t even face them… My parents were working on getting a mortgage on the house so we could get our own place, things were rough but seem to maybe be getting better.

    …. and then last Thursday….

    My husband was going to go work on my mom’s computer so she could do bills, but she was going to meet us at the main road because my car wouldn’t make it up the driveway. When she picked us up she was crying… she had found a birthday card and a valentines day card in his truck while looking for the keys that were supposed to be in the console. (His birthday is Feb 12th and he was supposed to be visiting a male friend to go on a trucking run with him for a few days) … The birthday card said what a wonderful guy he is and that “I hope I made your birthday the best you’ve had in a long time” and the valentines day card said “you’re my heart and I’m so glad you found me”… they were signed from “Paula” and had lipstick marks etc on the envelopes. I had gone through his work bag a few weeks before that looking for his medacine he needed while he was in the pharmacy and found a poem he had written for valentines day that had been written and ripped up. After putting it back together it said something along the lines of ” you are my heart and soul blah blah blah” but one line hadn’t made sense… “because we are kin, our love is a sin”. I hadn’t told my mom about it but when she asked him who Paula was he told her “it’s my cousin” we used to be really close and if she wasn’t my cousin we would have gotten married etc. It clicked then, but I didn’t say anything to my mom… I found his cousin through his family on facebook and she has all sorts of pictures of him (including the weekend he supposedly hadn’t seen her, he told my mom she had given him the cards at a family reunion the summer before that). .. and she kept writing about how she couldn’t wait to move up north into the woods…

    To me it doesn’t seem too far fetched that he’s having an affair with his cousin… but my mom and my daughter, husband and I are all so trapped… She needs away from him but has no way to make money and I can’t get a home finally until that house is out of my name… and he can just decide to not do it if I bring certain things up to my mom. My brother doesn’t know what’s going on with them, but he and his fiance definately want us out of their house and they’re making it more than clear and all I want to do is hide under a rock and never come out.

    I’ve never had a place where I wasn’t affraid for myself, or having to walk on egg shells or being totally unwelcome… I want a home, and I want my daughter to have a home. Eventhough I’m not really feeling as guilty as I did in a previous post because I realize how manipulated I was as a kid I still resent my mom but I love her and I know she doesn’t deserve what he’s doing to her either.

    I’m sorry for going on and on and complaining because it pretty much comes down to this simple question. Is it wrong of me to withhold some information from my mom to make sure the house gets out of my name? I feel horrible about not telling her…

    Thanks in advance everyone

    • Klaus

      I wish I had some advice for you. This is way outside my experience. I can only offer my best wishes,

    • Alba


      I don’t know much about “right” or “wrong”, but with all that you and the people you love are going through… if I was you, I’d get that house out of my name, get out of the situation that ties my hands, and get my daughter to safety as a top priority.
      After that, if you feel really bad, you can then talk to your mother with a clearer head.
      I hope this helped ease your mind some, and… I don’t know what else to say. I really hope things take a turn for the better for you.
      Lots of hugs.
      Stay strong.

    • Howdy nightstigress,

      I’m sorry to hear all the tough stuff you’ve gone through. 🙁 I’m sending you my biggest hugs.

      You’re right that this community isn’t so much the place for this. It does tend to be very supportive, so some people do share some tough stuff here, but while it’s a very special forum for talking about my comics with very special people, it’s still just a comments section on the Internet under webcomics pages and, as far as I know, no one here has the training to offer advice/support during a crisis situation with a level of safety that I’d feel comfortable with. At least not using Disqus comments. (And I’d advise everyone to use extreme caution before engaging with someone they meet here offline. 99% chance, there would be no problem, but it’s still strangers on the Internet—if someone is in crisis, they should make sure they are putting their own safety first and IMHO that means erring on the side of caution.)

      The well-being of my readers is very important to me and, while I hope that my stories can serve as a catalyst for healing and positive action, I’m also aware of my limits and the limits of a semi-anonymous forum like this. So, while I have allowed folks to occasionally reach out for support here, ultimately there are far better and more appropriate resources out there—especially when someone is wrestling with such tough, fraught stuff as you are right now.

      And so my advice comes in two parts:

      1) FWIW, I agree with Alba, your daughter’s safety comes first. That trumps everything else, including any obligation you have to your mother. She should have put your needs first and it’s awful that she didn’t. But you have a chance to do things differently with your own kid. Do what you have to do to get your daughter into safety. Period.


      2) You’re 100% doing the right thing by reaching out for help. But, like I said, the kind of help you can get from the advice (and commentary) of strangers on the Internet is very limited. With all that going on and with the safety of your daughter at stake, it’s time to reach out to trained professionals in real life.

      I’m not sure where you live, but in many places there is low-cost or free counseling. Some will do phone counseling for those who have illness. And in my opinion, finding and talking to a trained professional in real life who can understand all the details, be a consistent sounding board/support and who is hooked into local resources is going to be the best way to get both you and your daughter to a much safer place.

      There’s a lot of drama going on around you right now, but talking to someone with training should help make clear what you should do next.

      So, those are the thoughts of this stranger on the Internet. I appreciate you placing your trust in us by posting this and I hope you don’t think I’m upset by what you wrote or upset that you decided to share it here. But I want to make sure you get the actual help you need. By my lights, that’s going to involve real life people who can directly help you in the real world.

      And with that in mind, I’m going to ask that folks not continue this thread with personal sharing or anecdotal advice. If there is a specific professional resource with specific contact information you want to share, that’s fine. But I would prefer not to have non-professionals weighing in when so much is at stake.

      Hopefully, at least some of what I’m saying is helpful to you, nightstigress. You’re very much in my thoughts. You’re a good person who deserves good things in your life. And I’m sending you my warmest, most supportive hugs.

      • kamishiro

        oh. just replied before seeing this post. >_<''

        • No worries. I’ve removed it. Thanks for letting me know. 🙂

          • kamishiro


    • nightstigress

      Thank you so much everyone… I was having a moment. It’s so nice that this community is as amazing and filled with as many amazing people as it is. I appreciate all of the warm thoughts and helpful advice. I think more than anything I just needed to get some things off my chest because I don’t really have anyone to talk to. Alex, I’m sorry for having bothered the community here and I’m very grateful for everyone’s time and thoughts. If it’s not too huge of an inconvenience and for the sake of all involved will you please delete this thread?

      • It’s not an inconvenience and you didn’t bother the community at all. Like I said, asking for help was the right thing. I’m hoping for good things for you very soon, including someone trustworthy in real life to talk to. 🙂

        And now, per your request, I’ll delete the thread. Be well!

  • b3nc0

    Pics! Sunset pics‼ and there’s an actual glint of the sun tonite

    Edit: Oops, with a link it would be better, wouldn’t it?

    • Lovely colors you were able to capture!

      • b3nc0

        Yep, yep, nearly stole them all ^^

  • Simba

    Today for camping, I have a little propane BBQ with hotdogs and kabobs. Yum yum! How is everybody? 😀

    • Not too bad, considering that I am having the chest pains again. Sometime this morning I finished a Korean Drama called 49 Days. It was amazingly good and I cried a lot. ^_^


      • stickfigurefairytales

        Oh no (about your chest pains)! Is this something you’ve had checked out and know what’s causing it? Either way, I hope you feel better soon!

        • Eh, I am still on the heart monitor until the 21st. So any time i have a “symptom” I press the record button and then call them and send them the recording over the phone. So they can tell me if I need to do anything. Though I can never really feel anything when my heart goes in and out of bigyminy, so this will at least let me know if that and the chest pains are connected…..I think.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            That’s good that they can tell you if you need to do anything, I guess! But that still sounds a bit scary to me. I’ll be sending positive thoughts your way!

          • Ehhh, more annoying than anything really…..those stupid pads that I have to stick to my body give me a rash.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            That sucks. Oh, on another note, a good friend of mine really likes Korean dramas – I’ll have to ask her if she’s watched 49 Days.

          • No joke, I shed a lot of tears watching that show. I love it. I think what I love most is that it doesn’t have the stereotypical happy ending. ^_^ i am not saying it is a bad ending, just not the happy ending that most shows and things end with. There was one twist that completely took me by surprise….I called a lot of things, but that one at the end was really a shock. I love a show that can surprise me!

          • stickfigurefairytales


      • Simba

        Eh. I has a nice boy who cuddles with me when I’m sad, which is awesome. On the other hand I got in a bit of a fender bender on Sunday and I’m still a little sore. =/ Feeling better than yesterday, though!

        • Oh dear! Glad that you are okay other than soreness!

          I wish i had a boy toy….I mean…boyfriend to cuddle with.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Mmm, I just had some actual hotdogs for dinner! Thank you for sending them back in time for me!

  • I laughed so much when I read this!

    Iron Man, Spiderman and the Hulk.

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      Me too!! I loved that.

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    Welcome to this glorious part of the Young Protectors experience, SmokedBoo!

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        I did my taxes, my Mom’s taxes, Dealt with the sale of her house and a bank, and a half dozen legal papers, and that was a day gone.

        • The massage then? That sounds like a massage worthy day! I have been told my shoulder massages are quite good. ^_^

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            A good night’s sleep and a hot breakfast. That’s the cure.

          • Well, if you really want to pass on my (`_^) amazing hands. ^_^ Though kudos for surviving all that in one day!

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          • It’s okay, you are probably extremely worn out.

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    When I was flying to Minnesota to visit my friends, I met a couple of dads with their brand new, two-week-old baby girl. She was adorable and super well-behaved on the flight. <3

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    Good morning!
    I got some coffee (that´s a lie, I drank it all in one go). I have a warm blanket, and I can now sitt down for a moment and wonder over the biggest question of them all: “What kind of candybar did Amanda get?”

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        • Ah yes, the new Yaoi bar.

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            (Did you know that there is a Yaoi Manga called Yellow)

          • I would believe it. There was one I read called Vitamin C.

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            I think I have seen that one, but not read it.
            How is this for a name for a manga “Blue Sheep Reverie” 😉

          • Shoot. I don’t know why I said read Vitamin C, since I actually saw it. 😐 I must be tired.

            But I would believe the strange names.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I still think Snickers is the logical choice, but Alex does like to take the comic in unexpected directions…although unless it gets mentioned in the dialogue I suppose it’s up to Adam and Vero, actually.

      • Sapfo

        There is no logic in Snickers 😉
        But as you see Sticky, this is a hard question and I think Alex should answere it somehow xD

        • stickfigurefairytales

          While it’s very small, the coloring in panel 1 does seem to suggest a Snickers wrapper. I’m just saying.

  • Now also camping. An interesting extra waiting as I had to wait an extra 4-5 mins longer (than the usual 2mins) it takes my computer to fully start up, because I managed to turn of the power switch on the wall first and modem had to releoad also. Tired mornings xD

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  • Heather

    Just wanted to say that I found and started reading this story tonight, and I think it is fantastic – can’t wait to see where it is going.

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      Yay – welcome!

    • Welcome to the fandom, Heather!

    • Welcome Heather! Glad you found us too! Thank you very much for the kind words! 🙂

      (BTW, how did you find us here?)

      • Heather

        I saw an ad for your comic on another webcomic I read, With Fetus. It was intriguing, so I clicked and was hooked.

        • Interesting, I don’t remember advertising there…

          Glad you found us, though! 🙂

          • Heather

            Oh wait, I’m mistaken, it was Riot Nrrd. Lol I read a lot of webcomics. 😛

          • Ah, that makes more sense. lol

  • Bwahahaaa.. I just read a really bad GoT joke.

    — This might be slightly spoilerish —

    Why do the Lannisters have such big beds?
    Because they push two twins together to make a king.

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      Love it XD

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      That was AWESOME! 🙂

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        Well, I really love the Ace Attorney game series right now, but I’m not sure that I want to go with a fandom thing. I do love fairy tales (as my name would imply) and also dollhouse miniatures. And cute animals. And dragons.

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          And candy, and cool swords, and pretty flowers, and superpowers.

          • mogoskier
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            Hmm, that’s pretty, but it doesn’t convey the underlying sense that I might mercilessly crush my enemies.

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            Makes gifts easy

        • You like Ace Attorney?!?!?!? I couldn’t tell! :-p

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            I know, I am such an enigma, right?!

          • Yeesh, you have blogged or reblogged SO MUCH AA, that I am almost wanting to play the game now.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Oooh, you should! They’re a lot of fun. ^_^

          • Alas no incoming monies.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            That is always the trouble. 🙁

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Okay, I think I am gonna go with Eowyn. Specifically, a portion of this picture:

      • Elrohir

        I LIKE it. Shield Maiden of Rohan. She kick’s ass!
        Umm…am I allowed to say that? 🙂

        • stickfigurefairytales

          I believe that you are. 🙂

          • Elrohir

            Well, we elves are known to be good with the occasional turn of phrase. Polished and sophisticated, that’s me…umm…or not.. 🙂
            But she DOES kick ass!

  • Oh dear.. the time where I have to leave moves closer fast. Maybe I should get my work clothes on about now, and pack my bag.. but that means leaving the screen *lol*

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Oh noes!

    • stickfigurefairytales

      *whispers* Quick, get ready for virgin hunting while Danish is distracted!

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Now I don’t know how I feel about this. Change is so complicated and confusing!

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I do like this icon, though. Even though it’s extremely weird to see a different picture appearing next to my comments.

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Well, look at it this way. You’re gonna get angst about it either way. So on the one hand you can front load the angst, decide to make a change and *worry* about what the change should be; or, on the other hand you can back load the angst and make a change on the spur of the moment and then *recriminate* about it later.
      Or maybe I’m just being mischeivous.

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Or I could just punch fear right in the face, because I’m Eowyn now!

        • Saxon_Brenton

          Tremble in fear, Fear!

    • Well, I like it!

      Hmmmm…..all the avatars on Disqus except for the one of me, have been male…..why do I prefer a male avatar over female?

      My avatar on Google + is Tashiro Hitsuguya, my smackjeeves is Fujiwara no Sai, Disqus is Yoite

      • stickfigurefairytales


  • Sapfo

    All quiet on the western front?

    • davefragments

      between discus misbehaving, too many sweets, and general sleepiness, — waiting, waiting, waiting

    • stickfigurefairytales

      So it would seem.

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Metaphorically turning blue from holding my breath waiting for Amanda to actually *interact* with Spooky.

    • That was a good book.

    • Adam Black


      • Sapfo

        <.< wow, there is someone alive out there.

        • Adam Black

          lets not be hasty. You legally have to consult a doctor to make that determination, dont you ?

          • Sapfo

            I only have to do that if I want to have someone pronounce someone dead.
            And you are only dead if you are warm and dead

  • 10mins until I have to run for the bus. I might have to leave the virgin hunt for the rest of you today and wait 12 hours to see the page, as I get home late today.
    *Looks at clock ticking* xD Looks like Alex -and probably Veronica- is (sadly) having another long busy day. Hope he gets some good sleep afterwards.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I’ll cross my fingers for an update before you have to go, but if not we’ll see you later! Have a good day and good luck with its length!

  • Adam Black

    wow, late night

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Yep! Also, look: I have a new icon!

      • Adam Black


        • stickfigurefairytales

          I’m Eowyn now. B)
          (Eowyn gets sunglasses because she is so badass it doesn’t even matter that they’re anachronistic.)

          • Adam Black

            do you ride?

          • stickfigurefairytales

            If by ride you mean “Have I ever ridden a horse before,” then yes. Yes, I do.

          • Adam Black

            How High? 😉

  • Bye all, have a great day and camp for those who has started the day. Sleep well to the ones going to bed soon.

    • davefragments

      have a good day

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Take care, Danish!

    • mogoskier

      Have a good day

    • Have a good day!

    • Elrohir

      Have a good day Danish!

  • arobynbird

    I hate the end of the semester, too many papers to write!!!

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Ugh, I always hated that. Good luck with them!

      • arobynbird

        yep, deconstructing the names of Tolkien’s Dwarves is going to require luck.

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Actually, if you want, a good friend of mine just wrote her thesis on dwarves in medieval and fantasy literature, and she talked all about Tolkien’s dwarves and the Prose Edda. Would you like me to ask her for some references?

          • arobynbird

            thanks but no, its just 1000 words and due at mid-night AK time.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Ah, gotcha.

          • Madock345

            She did her thesis on Dwarves!?

            Man, why does everybody else have more fun research than me?

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Master’s in Children’s Literature, baby! Aw yeah! We know how to rock.

        • Elrohir

          Deconstructing them?

          • arobynbird

            pulling them apart and finding patterns; Rhymes, Alliteration, consents vs voles. that kind of thing.

    • Same. *sigh*

    • mogoskier

      Ahh the end of the semester, where the teachers remember they didn’t give us enough work to grade.

    • arobynbird

      so if I remember correctly chapter titles are in quotes, are Appendices chapters? Witch is right? the most helpful resource is in The Lord of the Rings Appendix A or the most helpful resource is in The Lord of the Rings “Appendix A”

      • Elrohir

        I’m not certain, but memory says that no quotes for Appendices is the choice. But man, that was a LONG time ago. sorry.

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Okay, I’m gonna head home for the day, probably picking up chocolate on the way. Be back in 60-90 mins, depending on whether I can get a fast train.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I think I’ll be in bed by then, so I’ll see you some time later. Have a good trip home!

    • Elrohir

      Good luck with the trains.

  • So what’s everyone up to while camping? I’m halfheartedly doing homework.

    • Maria White

      Well I was going to start playing skyrim, but that was after this.

    • mogoskier

      I’m watching supernatural

      • I wish I were watching Supernatural. Just finished season five today.

        • mogoskier

          Hey I’m in the middle of that one, isn’t that funny.

          • Destiel forever! <3

          • Maria White


          • mogoskier

            I don’t know man. I think he only wants him for his body 😉

    • strangeangel24601

      Playing Harvest Moon.

      • Which one?

        • strangeangel24601


          • My favorite one so far is Grand Bazaar (for the DS). Honestly, I thought I was the only person who likes these games.

    • Elrohir

      Just finished watching Agents of Shield

      • stickfigurefairytales

        I need to catch up on that. I’m really curious as to what they’re going to do with the stuff that happened in Captain America 2.

        • Maria White

          …… *Stares* I… uh….*slaps self* NO! MUST NOT SPOIL! MUST NOT SPOIL!!

        • Elrohir

          No spoilers. But O. M. G. I was NOT ready for tonight.

          • I know! That was just… There is no other words than OMG!

        • You have to hurry up!

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Reading fanfiction.

      • mogoskier

        Ohh, what fandom.

    • Madock345

      Studying, or at least pretending to.

  • EMR has updated….. 🙁 Trigger Warning!!! There is language that some might find offensive, homophobia, and domestic violence. 🙁

    (though I do like that themice’s warning suggests having a purring kitty on your lap)

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Okay, I’ve sadly got to go to bed now. Goodnight folks!

    • Elrohir

      Sweet dream woman of Rohan.

      • stickfigurefairytales


    • Madock345


    • night!

    • mogoskier


    • Night Stick!

  • Sorry for the late night, folks. 🙂 Page should be up in next 15 minutes…

    • Elrohir

      Alex, as desperate as we all are for the new page, I think most of us would be happy to know that you and Adam and Veronica are not working yourselves to exhaustion. I’m really very extra sure that we’ll all still be here. Thanks for the update! And do take care.

      • Klaus

        Good morning everybody. Am I the only one who can not see the name Veronica without thinking of Cornelis Vreeswijk?

        • Madock345

          Probably? I’ve never even heard of him.

          • Klaus

            As far as I remember, Gandini is the first real person named Veronica I have heard of. There is a likely fictitious saint, and then there is the title character of the Vreeswijk song. Thise are all the Veronicas I know of.

          • Phyre Storm

            What about the Archie one?

        • Sapfo

          No, but now I do. Don’t think his name is that known outside Scandinavia.

  • Elrohir
  • Superjenny

    I would hug Spooky, but in his current mental state…

  • Amanda’s Thought Bubble: “I see London, I see France, with x-ray vision, I see Parker’s underpants.”

  • Sanbai

    Amanda got dis, yo.

  • Midori Ren

    The degree of condescension just grates. As I’m sure it’s meant to, but still. You’d think adults would remember that children are human, just smaller, but there are plenty seem to think everyone who isn’t of age has the mental (physical, psychological) capacity of an eight-year-old. I still get that sometimes, being 22. It’s more tolerable now that I know how to stare it down, but I learned that trick at 16 in self defence. Amanda almost has it, that trick. I’d give her a year, tops.

  • Ree

    Amanda…/Commanda/….please tell me this was on purpose.