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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Bonus Comic One—Page 6

332 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Bonus Comic One—Page 6

In Detective Boxer’s defense, he really hasn’t had a coffee break in quite some time…

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We had our thirty-seventh bonus page in a row on Wednesday, and in addition to our regular Saturday updates, thanks to your generous donations, there will also bonus pages on Wednesday, April 2nd (page 7!), Wednesday, April 9th (page 9!), Wednesday, April 16th (page 11!), Wednesday, April 23rd (page 13!), Wednesday, April 30th (page 15!), Wednesday, May 7th (page 18!), and Wednesday, May 14th (page 20!)! And look below! We’re already at $290 towards the bonus page after that!

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Thank you all so much for your generous support!

So! There’s our boy, clearly chilly in those oversized, borrowed sweats. (Or maybe he’s noticed some change on the floor? Sometimes it’s so tough to know what’s going on in this comic!) But one thing I picked up on that was really subtle but yet so obvious once you know what to look for is the hand position Charleyboy is using on Detective Parker—that is so the Vulcan Nerve Pinch! Which means that Charleyboy is totally a Vulcan! And that’s where Amanda/Commander must have gotten her psychic power. This author thinks he’s so sneaky, but like, duh! So obvious.

Anyway, do you think Detective Boxer is actually going to be able to get a cup of coffee if he’s totally unconscious on the ground?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

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  • mogoskier


    • Congrats mogoskier on your 3rd Virgin!

      Also, Holly would like me to inform you that you are her favorite! ^_^

      • mogoskier

        Thank you,
        and Holly your my favorite too.

        • Holly

          I KNEW IT! XD

    • b3nc0

      Yeah… Yes, he still is *sigh*
      Congrats on the V & the fav exchange with Holly

  • Oh boy.. kick his ass.

  • Yeah, he is clothed!

  • Aw! Sad baby face! <3

    (Also, HE SAID THE THING! HE SAID THE THING! lol Spooky looking eyes)

  • SofiaT

    So the Detective is both incompetent and a racist. Good thing Amanda and her mom are there to take over.

    Also… spooky eyes? That will be interesting.

    • They might have seen the eyes when they go white.

    • mogoskier

      Incompetent yes (you don’t yell a traumatized child) but probably not racist. It believe that this is taking place in California, where there a huge Chinese immigrant population, and from what I understand it fresh off the boat or under 2 generations there. It would make sense for the cop to say the most common Chinese names.

      • SofiaT

        Hm, I’ll have to disagree. Wherever you are on the planet, relying on stereotypes is never a good sign. And I’m sure that no matter how common these names may be amongst the Chinese populations, the chances of Spooky answering to one of them are close to nil… so he’s simply being obnoxious here.

        Also, I forgot to add “misogynist” in my previous comment.
        He seems to not like a woman coming in and taking charge of his case at all. I bet he’s in for a surprise.

        • Klaus

          Being ordered around by an outsider annoys him.There is no indication that the Colonel’s gender plays any part.

          • SofiaT

            You’re right. But that outsider is a Lieutenant Colonel with close links to the Pentagon. Something tells me that, while he’d still be annoyed, he wouldn’t be so quick to show it if this had been a man.

          • Madock345

            To be fair, there is no evidence he actually knows who she is at the moment, he hasn’t even turned around yet. The next page could easily open with his “Oh Shit” reaction when he turns around and sees a highly decorated military officer.

        • Errorblankfield

          Disagree completely, it’s seems like you are looking for something to upset you Sofia.

          As mogoskier was getting at, he really was grasping straws to get this kid to do something, SOMETHING other than just sitting there. Any reaction will do for him.
          He makes a stupid choice to go for a surname, but whatever. It’s not racist to assume someone that looks Chinese _is_ Chinese. Beyond that, he listed common Chinese surnames -none that seemed mal-intended.

          I will say I did get a mini-vibe over the surname thing he picked, but when I thought about it more, the guys just frustrated and trying everything. If this was his first attempt with talking to the kid, yea, tinge of racism. If this guys been with him since Charelyboy was even call (or before that likely) no, he’s at the bottom of the barrel for ideas.

          Moreover, he’s mad at Charelyboy likely for one of three reasons. 1. She’ll pulling rank over him. ‘Step aside _detective_ let the a real player in.’ Sure she wasn’t mean about it, but that’s what’s happening. 2. He’s mad that he failed and now the ‘big boys’ (not misogynistic either :P) have to take over. If I had to guess, it’s a combo of the two.
          The third would be misogynistic, police and women do have the rift in society right now. So it’s a possibility, but we are jumping at straws if we assume the worst of him just cause he’s yelling at a favorite character. Yes, he sucks at his job. That doesn’t make him a racist, misogynist that kills babies on the weekends.

          • SofiaT

            I’d thank you not to make assumptions about me, Errorblankfield. I’m not getting upset by a fictional minor character in a comic, nor am I looking to get upset.

            I was simply stating the impression he gave me. I could be wrong and he’s really a nice guy in need of that snickers bar the Admiral ordered for him. To me though, he seems like a dick. Not enough of a dick to “kill babies on the weekends” but dick enough for me to smile when Charleyboy puts him in his place in the next page(s).

          • Errorblankfield

            That’s really proving my point there.

            I said ‘it’s seems like you are looking for something to upset you Sofia’ and you make a passive-aggressive remark that I’m being presumptuous. :/

            I mean this in the most respectful way possible, but that’s exactly the response I was illustrating. That ‘quick to pick a fight’ mentality.

            I’m not condemning it, I merely suggested that’s part of what is at play here. I do it all the time -it’s not a bad thing- it’s in our blood. I wasn’t attacking you, just pointing out your humanity on the matter.

            In fact, I’m also reacting similarly right now because your first sentence was very offensive to someone like myself. However, I’ll assume you didn’t intend the gravity behind your words as most people don’t get _as_ offended by such statements.

            I do apologize if my first sentence came off as aggressive or hurtful, that was not my intention. Anyway, in the future I’ll try to be more cognizant of such triggers.

            That said, you provided no counter points -only attacked my person, restated your opinion on the matter, and defended you moral position.

            Seeing as I have no desire to attack you or your morality, I have nothing constructive to add.

            As a parting note, this was my first attempt to talk with someone on this boards -with a moderator no less. Seeing as we can label this a ‘failure’ I’ll refrain from doing so in the future. It’s not worth walking on egg shells every time I want to converse.
            Again sorry for the inconvenience, I’ll be social elsewhere.

          • Adam Black

            Just my unasked for opinion.

            I think you are over-reacting. and Maybe just a little oversensitive.

            From a neutral point of view , you totally have the right to your own own feelings, and Sofia has the sole right to define hers. I thought she expressed it quite clearly.

            you need to remember, you can not adequately read other peoples emotions through flat text. Especially if you dont know them well. Its better to give people the benefit of the doubt.

            You dont need to “walk on eggshells”. But its helpful to listen to people when they tell you how they really feel. Nobody like being told by somebody else how they think and feel. Probably even you. which you were doing, and then did it a lot more.

            and If I am wrong @disqus_P2huBPd9nS:disqus and you , can correct me.

            BUt Ive been on this board a long time. Ive seen Sophia when she was upset. She is very honest. Trust me, she would tell yoU! You would Know!!

            Relax. be happy. But remember, you can only feel your own feelings, and cant read tone of voice from text alone.

          • Howdy Adam,

            I appreciate you looking to cool things down. 🙂

            And… telling another commenter they are “over-reacting” and “oversensitive” gets into that whole you-statement thing that I ask folks to avoid here. There were a few other you-statements in your comment as well.

            I can tell your motives were good and it feels clear to me that you were looking to use a tone of respect. But as I point out above, that’s very hard to do with those pesky you-statements. Let’s keep it about the I-statements and the ideas here, please.

            Thanks, Adam!

            And now this thread really is closed. 🙂

          • Adam Black

            Thank-you .

            I generally do try to use I-statements. ( Hmmm or I thought I do. Maybe I fell out of good habits. )

            I was trying to point out how projection gets us into trouble, and not be an example of that myself.
            I will look over what I did wrong. That does sound like the opposite of what I wanted to convey.
            and am commenting to you purely about myself, and not on the thread that is closed.


            By the way, Disqus is really horrible. Its worlking fine on site, but their comment following is very flaky.

          • Thank you, Adam. I appreciate you being willing to look out for “you-statements” in the future. And, yes, I do see your use of the inclusive form of you (instead of, say, the use of the word “one”) in parts of your comment. But actually, I was referring to some other things you said, like the second line of your comment:

            “I think you are over-reacting. and Maybe just a little oversensitive.”

            and this:

            “Nobody like being told by somebody else how they think and feel. Probably even you. which you were doing, and then did it a lot more.”

            In those cases, it would appear to me that you are not talking about people in general, but are instead talking specifically about the commentor. And when you tell someone they are “overreacting” and “oversensitive”, that is not likely to elicit warm fuzzy feelings from them and more importantly, it runs afoul of my policy asking everyone here to treat one another exclusively with a “tone of respect”. The general guideline is to treat people as if they are as smart, reasonable, and rational as you would be on your best day, if not more so. But a simple way to avoid trouble, is to avoid you-statements altogether which is why I recommend that. As you can see, it can sometimes be tricky knowing when you are talking about people in general and when your commentary is getting personal. 🙂

            Thanks, Adam!

            P.S. Yes, Disqus can be pretty flaky. I know some readers like to reach out to the company directly via twitter or their website to report problems. Hopefully, at some point, they will get their act together.

          • Adam Black

            Thanks Alex Woolfson .

            I’m finally starting to get the sleep thing under control. ( after 9 weeks! ) I am surprised I said anything about that at all . I knew that would get under my own skin—-and I did it anyways. I even said so. I can be a jerk to myself.

            I ended up scaring myself off from this conversation, until I had more normal sleep. Im finally having 24 hourish days again.

            and this Backstory is coming along awesome. I ( and a lot of people ) are looking forward to seeing the Commander shine.

            I had/have a much longer response here acknowledging what you repeated, agreeing with most ( 85-90% ) of what you said, and explaining why I said the rest . ( Becuase I thought I wasnt fully understood ) .

            But after a few weeks, I’m not really sure it matters. Whether or not, I was Understood correctly, i thought you handled the situation, fine yourself .

            I could email if interested; if not, it doesn’t matter.

            I was far more interested in this:
            ” If a person says something like “Im too uncomfortable to ever make a comment on this site again”
            Does that count as a “bow out” , or is that call for help? ”

            because I felt morally conflicted in helping.

            but, In Liu of an answer, I will just assume in the future that those will be situations you ( or mods ) personally handle. It doesnt have to be my responsibility.

            ( The following excerpt makes more sense in context: re a discussion about sexism …

            Youll have to take my word for it, unless you want the full comment )

            Now I have another conflict: I wonder if you would WOG anything
            about how sexist some of the motivations of the cops are. ( Both are
            under question ) That is a lively area of debate both here, and later

            But , that was also at the very heart of the discussion you already
            ended… So, it would be improper for me to ask you. 😉 But, if you
            later to choose to discuss it, on your own ( here ,or on page 7 or 8
            ) I believe a lot of people are interested. Just putting it out there.

            PS: I dont remember deleting my other comment. ( sleep disorder ) .
            But I was considering it ,because It was personal. If you deleted it as favor to me, please let me know. ( so i dont think I have memory problems too )

          • Adam Black

            I have question , If a person says something like “Im too uncomfortable to ever make a comment on this site again”

            Does that count as a “bow out” , or is that call for help?

            I dont mean to burden you with stupid-sounding questions. I was uncertain about that.


            This is totally left field. Really new thread… :

            I think I developed a sleep disorder. ( massive understatement. Awake 36 hours , sleep 14, awake 24, sleep 4 awake 30… After 2 months I am concerned it might effect my personality. ) Normally I always want to be make certain daytime Adam and late night Adam have some sort of coherence. Was I a version of myself I agree with and will back up?

            ( it also would help a lot if disqus worked every day so i respond promptly and check. They piss me off )

            But whats whats so weird is I know longer no which is which, because I no longer have any clue where in a sleep cycle I am . But it doesnt feel like normal insomnia. Its like a normal day is a deck of cards and its shuffled randomly and confused with a totally different deck. Right Now I feel like I am jaunty afternoon Adam. but its only 8am. and ive only slept 4 hours in 33 .

            Do all morning people feel like this? I should be thrilled ,but i know its just wrong for my body. It cant be a morning person. It feels like the Apocalypse .

            I totally give you permission to use this in some future character.

            Yeah, Obviously Im seeing a doctor about this. im a night person anyway, and I wasnt suffering so i didnt get help ( right away ) I had to admit to myself, I was getting irritable. But im not right now, and its 8am cheerful no coffee? I do not trust this.

            But you are my friend. If I say something stupid in the next few weeks, this is probably why. and Just like this I can trust you to point it out. Not that Im planning on it, I am just in a state of being of aware of my odd potential moods. Ive become my own experiment. But I still have the self-awareness to question, Am I being normal or weird? In this moment. I am going YES, I may be being weird right now.

            its a little weird that Im telling you this. But I think , this a weird I can live with. So when daytime Adam reads this at 11pm, he’s just going to have to be accepting and not self-conscious.

            My Doctor switched me to a medication with supposed “zero side effects ” . I think we found a side effect. My wisdom to you , Dont Ever believe that. ( My doctor is so charismatic. Hes handsome, a new doctor, cheerful, a total geek, and loves sharing the medical science with patients. So I try not to believe such bullshit, but when he implores me with those blue eyes and medical studies to back it up, I just want to believe. ) I think its all biochemical and just a fluke. The sleep problems. Dr joe is pretty awesome. Good sense of humor too.

            If my goofy problems inspire you in any way that would make me happy.

            This is not meant to be preemptive excuse for poor behavior. I dont want to be paranoid and totally avoid the comic because I might say something stupid. But if this continues for a long time without getting fixed, its better friends around me know, whats up and why. Context! Plus, self-awareness is a highly variable human trait. I may be awesome right now, but I cant count on that with a sleep disorder. I mean,

            Well know you know. If i have acted odd lately , or I f do, this is why…

            ( @admiraljane:disqus @smsif:disqus @disqus_P2huBPd9nS:disqus

          • Adam, you should post this as a new post up at the top. This thread is closed and I need to delete this comment, even though it’s a new topic.

            But to answer your question before this is deleted as well, I don’t believe that is a bow out.

          • Howdy Errorblankfield,

            Welcome to the Comments Section. 🙂 You offered some very good analysis about Boxer’s potential motives. And… you started it with a you-statement about the OP, which in my experience tends to get folks riled up and, even when it doesn’t, often tends to derail otherwise really fruitful threads by making things personal—usually unintentionally. And then before you know it, an interesting discussion about a character’s motives descends to commentary about another commenter’s “passive-aggressive” style of commenting and supposed “quick to pick a fight” mentality—which, in addition to being completely off-topic to the original post, is pretty much impossible to express in a “respectful way.” Predictable results usually follow and the really interesting ideas get totally sidelined.

            This is why I have a Comment Policy that strongly recommends avoiding you-statements and interpretations about another commenter’s state-of-mind altogether and instead requests that everyone stick to the topic and only address other commenters with a clear tone of respect.

            While I did not see Sofia’s request that you not make assumptions about her or “what she was looking for” as an attack, you are certainly entitled to your own feelings on the matter. If you decide that you’d prefer not to comment in this forum again, I’ll respect that decision. But if you are mainly concerned about similar reactions from commenters on this site in the future, take a look at my Comment Policy—following those guidelines will likely ensure that your continued involvement is much more enjoyable. Many commenters say they find our Comments Section here one of the friendliest and most respectful out there—and if you’re willing to give it a chance and follow the guidelines outlines in the Comments Policy, you might very well have that experience as well.

            It seems like you might have a lot to offer. I’d certainly like to see more of what you have to say. 🙂

            Either way, though, I thank you for your participation. And now this thread is officially closed.

          • Oh LOOK I have a key… to re-open this thread. How very Alice in Wonderland. 🙂

            I just want to say I’ve had many of my own conversations go astray this way, but still this was a really interesting conversation at it’s core.

            Boxer’s job and, when we (the reader) entered the conversation… was he tired and at the end of this temper? Or just a dick? It’s like watching Tutt and Parker and deciding who they are, after one or two lines. Hey, it’s what we all do.

            So, to all involved, as one who has done every wrong thing, in commenting on the commenter, as opposed to expressing my own thoughts clearly about the substance of the page. I just want to say PLEASE DON’T GO AWAY.

            People with passionate ideas are precious on a discussion group and (I should know) it’s easy to make misstep and focus on another commenter as opposed to the substance of the page.

            So, @disqus_a0Yx706BW4:disqus please don’t go away.

            I’m a gay man, so I hair trigger on homophobia and fear that non-gay men and women might not understand things.

            I see non-gay women hair trigger on feminist issues, ones that they feel intimately, but I’m less familiar with.

            Non-gay men are SHY (HA!) and so they’re dainty and hard to get really involved. (See WIDT?)

            I just hope no one goes away. I’ve learned over time to be a smarter commenter and I love it when smart people contribute. So, Errorblankfield, your thoughts on Detective Boxer reminded me of the exhaustion and stress that my brother-in-law, who is a Detective in a major urban city, undergoes and the cynicism (and exhaustion) that it creates in him.

            I agree with Sofia’s thoughts, but I also loved yours.

            Boxer became much more multidimensional due to your post (which got derailed). So I hope you’ll do what I’ve done and come back and comment in your own voice, and don’t worry if people agree or not with you. Your comments will shine out for what they are. Good or less so. Agreement is not a barometer of quality of thought.

            This was still a good discussion.

            Sorry, Alex, now this discussion is re-locked and Alice is with the Red Queen… 🙂

            And OFF WITH IT’S PURPLE HEAD…. Chris D.

        • mogoskier

          But it not a stereotype. It is basic police practice, think of it like this. There a old white man walking around disoriented in downtown Dublin. He not talking but is reacting to things. You want to get his name to get him home so what do you do, say the most common surname in the county until he reacts to one. Well the cop is doing the same thing to spooky. In a city (which I am going to assume it is) with a big Chinese community it alot more likely he going to react to an Asian surname then a western one.

          • SofiaT

            I understand what you’re saying but, when it comes to surnames, it would be very unusual for Spooky to have one of those mentioned, no matter how common. “Smith” is the most common surname in the English language but what would my chances be, if I asked an anglo-looking person if that’s his name, that I’d be right?

            In Greece, the most common surname is “Papadopoulos” but I only ever met one person called that in all 28 years I lived there! In the same way, the detective spewing Chinese names like that, had very little chance of achieving anything. He may as well have called him “Charlie”.

          • mogoskier

            Yes you are right given the amount of people living at any given place it is not likely for a person to have a “common” last name but it a lot more likely then them having a name like Glendon (thank you random name generator). You have to get the most common ones out of the way before the more elaborate names are said. Where there a 881 to 100,000 chance (in the U.S at least )a person last name is Smith you have to make sure it not the person your interviewing.

          • SofiaT

            Now I’m sad Charleyboy came in when she did. She should have let him try a few thousand surnames first. 😀

          • Adam Black


          • Klaus

            This is very different from country to country. If he was a Korean, you could name three names and have a better than even change that his was one of them. Where I live, the most common name is Jensen, and I know and have known several unrelated people with that name. I do not know how it is with Chinese names.

          • mogoskier

            Yep, for example my mother maiden name is Murphy and I have met at least 5 other FAMILIES in New York (lets not even go into Ireland) with the same name that have no relation to us.

          • Madock345

            Just think if he was vietnamese, there’s a fifty fifty chance he would answer to Nguyen.

          • Archidel

            Of course, the flip side of that being that a name that is that common is kind of useless to know. After all, knowing that someone is a Nguyen when there are a gazillion Nguyens around doesn’t really narrow things down all that much.

          • Adam Black

            I dunno about that.

            I worked at Harvard University Graduate admissions, and 50% of ALL the applications we got, began with the letters X , Y , Z . That was an eye opener for me.

            I am not kidding.
            It was my job to assemble applications and alphabetize them.

            If its isnt obvious why that was, its because they were from Mainland China. The majority of all applicants were from mainland China.

            and yes, i sure most were VERY QuALIFIED.
            ( People would include published works , and their books, with their applications )

            The odd thing is , when you are a University that is so popular with International Students , you have no choice but to discriminate ( if you want any local students , or any diversity at all )

            China is such a Big country that barely Any Americans ( of any race. or Europeans ) would be able to get in , if Harvard didnt have some kind of set asides. I have mixed feeling about that.

            Oh my point, if someone is from mainland china, guessing X-, Y- Z, xh- zh- Ch- is a good bet.
            ( —If they are really smart, and are likely to apply to Harvard Grad school. )
            But if they are Asian-American , he does sound kind of racist.

          • Adam Black

            my exbf was “Pantazapolous”

            ( i miss that crazy bastard. Its a very sad story )

          • SofiaT

            Mmmm… Pantazopoulos maybe?

            Sorry to hear that it was a sad story, but here is something that might make you smile: the suffix -“poulos” means “the son of”. But in slang, “poulos” is a part of the male anatomy that you’re very fond of. “Pantazis” (which is a first name) means “Live always”.

            So Pantazopoulos can be translated either as “the son of Pantazis” or “may you live always with… poulos” ;p

          • Adam Black

            that is funny. Thanks
            He did love cock.

            Too bad George isnt alive so I could mention this.

  • Awwww thank you Alex, Adam and Veronica. You always give us such wonderful gifts. Much much appreciated.

    • It’s such an emotional page. The facial expressions telling us exactly what we need to know. It always astounds me to see it each page.

  • AlexandraSwiss

    poor baby spooks. I just want to put a blanket on him and spoon feed him soup.

  • Jac

    Noooooo, baby! Oh, seeing him like that is just breakin’ my dumb heart. Someone get this boy some hot chocolate, stat! If he likes hot chocolate. Maybe tea? Tea is nice??? WEH

  • Sapfo

    This Spooky boy will grow into that oversize sweater, just you see Alex.

    Right now I have high hopes for Colonel Mom. I think she might have a secret power, for some reason I trust her. But then it might be the Amanda effect.

    • I think she has a secret power too but I’m not sure what that could be yet.

  • Oh THAT is Detective Boxer! Now we know where the glitch with Tutt came from .. and he’s clearly being Spock-handled 😉

  • TwilightDreamer

    ggrrr! does that officer think that’s the way to get through to him >:(
    Still, it would be hard to know what to do I suppose.
    Poor Spooky 🙁

    • Sarah314159

      I get the feeling Detective Boxer isn’t a bad dude, just waaay out of his depth here and getting crabby because of it. His specialty is probably fighting bad guys, not reaching out to traumatized children.

      • Klaus

        He has been give a task that he is unsuited for. I would have thought much better of him if he had reacted with relief rather than anger at being taken off that task.

        • Sarah314159

          Indeed… It’s not a very wise or mature response. Probably partly the stress talking…. His speech to Spooky strikes me as starting out quite sweet and well-intentioned, if not very effective, and then it spirals into beat-head-against-wall frustrating… And then just as he’s really going bonkers but has dug in his heels in determination that he can handle the situation, in walks someone who’s just soooooo cool and collected and tells him she can do it better.

          A better man would say “thank you.” A basically decent man who isn’t very self-aware might take his frustration out on this infuriatingly calm new face.

        • b3nc0

          Even if unrequited, Dt Boxer might feel he has created a bond with the boy, he might even have been with him since he found him in the street, so he feels it’s his duty to keep care & an eye on him?!

      • TwilightDreamer

        yeah I know, you’re right 🙂
        it’s hard to not want to be protective of Spooky 😛

        • Sarah314159

          Yeah! He looks so scared and miserable, and even if Boxer means well, he is *not* helping!

  • Sapfo

    Sorry have to go!

    Have to run now. Will try and join you again, but because the page is already up, might take a nap instead.

    Have fun guys. 🙂

  • Eve

    I see where the name Spooky came from. At least he got to come back from hell clothed.

    • No, he was naked. They got him the clothes.

  • I really do hope that is the Vulcan Neck Pinch. Because that Detective could sure use a nap. Someone get him a snickers bar too.

    • mogoskier

      Detective eat a snickers


      Because you become a prick who yells at children when your hungry.


  • Am I the only one who right now is kinda trying to focus on everything but Spooky on this page?

    I’ve waited to see him because I knew it couldn’t be good, but I wanted to know HOW bad.. but I still need to have it sink in a little before I make bigger comments about him.
    Right now I just want to give him the biggest hug .. but know that’s probably not what a RL Spooky would want currently in this situation.

    • Sapfo

      You are right, at the moment Jones is not with friends. And I don’t think he wants a hug from Boxer.

  • Heh

    Spooky probably just wanna eat something, sleep and be left alone a while. But i kinda sense her mom to be a good person, so im just glad it’s time to change shifts with mister frustated cop over there.

    Oh, boy. His posture. The marks on his body. Damm.
    I wish i could say anymore about it, but just… damm.

    Makes me think about all the kind of things Commander/Fluke/Tsunami/Flyboy must have went trough either. Born with superpowers can be kinda bitter before the cool part appears.

    Even for bad guys, too. But for them, sometimes, having powers is the ‘solution’ (not the best, but still one ) for thing they had to pass BEFORE having power, not because of.But that could also happen to heros, so …

    I guess my sleepy mind just got confused. Anyway, going to bed. Nice work again, TYP team. Keep goind, we love you all.

    To my lovely camp companions: see you next time.

  • Elrohir

    Oversize sweats for the kid. Makes perfect sense. More than one of the officers would have stuff in their lockers for hitting the gym. And it’s the easiest thing to size because you don’t have to be super close and they are warm. I get that Det. Boxer is frustrated, but what about Spooky’s body language as seen through the door-window of the interview room says to him, “Hey, if you raise your voice to me I’ll tell you anything you want.”
    Seriously, can the man not recognize a completely closed off person just from the look of it? Now me, if somebody brought me a young boy who had been walking around the docks (not widely recognized as a “safe place for kids to play”) naked and holding the head of a demon that had apparently been torn from it’s rather oversize and over muscled body I might speak to him with respect and in calm tones. Because two of my surviving brain cells might have bumped into each other and allowed me to realize that the kid might be riding on a hair trigger and if he loses it that would be what is referred to in police speak as: “a bad situation”.
    And then to make matters worse, the half curled lip snarl at the Lt. Col. as he gets ready to resist her attempt to take over the interrogation? Perception is clearly not this lad’s strong suit.
    Hmm…I wonder if he’s going to start to get physical in his resistance and the Lt. Col. is going to put him into an arm bar and introduce his face to the table at which point Spooky smiles and makes eye contact with her? Or am I just being a little bloodthirsty over his behavior?
    Actually, I’m of the opinion that Spooky won’t really react until Amanda enters the room with her vending machine prize. Speaking of which…tricky Alex…very tricky…you think none of us would notice that Amanda hasn’t actually put money in the vending machine? Look at the way her hand has been over the keypad in both pages…and tell me that doesn’t look like an effort to control the machine with telekinesis or something. Hah! Chocolate manipulation! That’s it! That’s one of her powers!! 🙂
    In all seriousness, thank you Alex, Adam and Veronica for another wonderful installment in the story. You’re the best.

    • Klaus

      Boxer has probably tried the respect and calm tones. It didn’t work, and now he is frustrated. Obviously reacting to frustration like this means that he is not the right person for this task.

      • Elrohir

        Snap judgment on my part but I think you’re right. I’m thinking that he probably tried his version of compassionate too. But yelling at a kid who at least appears traumatized is a blockhead move. And it’s about to get worse because I can picture him thinking that he’s losing the chance to make the papers for solving this and now the “Feds” have shown up to take the “high profile career/name making case” away from him. I am really, really not liking this guy at all.

    • I was wondering why they hadn’t brought in a psychologist as of yet. Considering he’s a minor and was down on the dock naked with a demon head? I would think that’s who would be in there not a macho detective.

      • Klaus

        Yes. Or at least a detective who is known to be good with children.

        • At the very least a more compassionate detective.

      • mogoskier

        Well they did say someone from child severs was on there way but if this is late at night there would not be one there and had to wake one up. Also this is most likely unit that dealing with spooky so in theory he should be able to handle children but as the world has taught me that rarely the case.

        • But would they really be pushing at the kid like this without some sort of advocate present? Especially after being found naked and in the condition he’s in?

          I mean I would expect a little more compassion, instead of frustration.

          • mogoskier

            I would love to say yes but not likely. We are thinking of spooky as a kid but at this time he is a teenage and people tend to have a lot less sympathy and patience for that age group. I’m not saying what there doing is right but it not unrealistic there is a hight change that if this happened in the real world this is how it would act out.

          • Then they are not very good police officers. Considering he looks shut down and abused, not sullen and difficult. If he were an older teenager I might buy it, but he’s barely in his teens and this is just incompetent.

            I still say they should show a little less frustration.

          • mogoskier

            Oh god yes this is not at all good police practice but not uncommon. We really suck as a country when it comes to dealing with children, especially ones who have no one to speak for them.

          • Elrohir

            I think (and I don’t know for certain) that in most of the US it is not legal to interrogate a minor without their parent present. And for under 16 I think if the parent can’t be found (or is a “person of interest” and so can’t be in the interview) somebody from CPS has to be there. But as Mogoskier says, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.
            And then you get the macho characters that decide that they can/should apply the “it’s a matter of national security” tag to something and suspend all due process.

          • No that’s exactly right. The police are not supposed to interrogate a minor without a parent present or a child advocate of some sort. I’m sure that the police try to get away with what they can before parents or CPS shows up, but they’re not supposed to.

            I guess it’s a feeling of hey that’s not right, despite knowing that it happens.

          • Sarah314159

            To be fair, all he’s trying to find out from Spooky is who his parents are. He’s not doing a good job of it, but that *is* a good first piece of information to try to get.

            If I had a kid who got into a really bad situation and was found by the police, I would want them to call me *right away*, before they handed him over to CPS.

      • Elrohir

        It would seem they have done a physical check (though given he was found naked unless he was covered in blood, mud or demon slime it was probably a quick visual check) but you would think a psych evaluation would be a logical step as well.
        I wonder if Det. Boxer is thinking that he can get the kid to talk before CPS (Child Protective Services) shows up because then at least some of his tactics/approaches won’t be allowed?

        • Oops, I didn’t see this post before the other one. 🙂 You already said what I just said above.

          But yes, I agree regarding Det. Boxer trying to get some answers before CPS shows up. The jerk.

      • Adam Black

        Maybe because they can get a telepath to see him first.

        what if he isnt human?

        • There is that, but as a minor and as someone who appears traumatized and abused, it makes sense to have a psychologist who specializes in such things on call.

          • Adam Black

            I want to agree with you and disagree with you at the same time.

            I want WOG to resolve this impossible puzzle. But I can wait it out. I want… I want, I want a Pizzza and coffee. and a foot rub would feel really good right now. Yes on call.

            Lets see, we have espresso, pizaa, reflexologist, a psychologist…. and im going to put this order in . Do you want anything? Travelling pet zoo if they have those mini fainting goats? I think that should cover it. Do you want your own goat, or will you share one with Spooky?

          • HA! Pizza is fine.

          • Adam Black

            well then, that leaves more fainting goats for me.

      • Elrohir

        You know AJ you got me thinking too…what about forensics? I mean, maybe I’ve been watching too much TV, but wouldn’t they have needed to process for trace evidence?
        Having said that, God I hope I’m wrong. I can’t imagine an already traumatized kid having to go through evidence collection. Do Demons even have blood types?
        Downward spiral…I need to catch some sleep before thinking about this any more.

        • That’s actually an interesting thought. To take it further, what about being taken to a hospital to check him for injuries etc. at which point any evidence would have been collected. Since they didn’t know where he’d been, and having had that head with him, it’s possible he would have been placed in quarantine?

          Of course, I’m probably like you and have watched too much TV.

    • Nice observations!

      Amanda probably knows Spooky’s favorite drink or knows he’s thirsty or needs Gatorade to restore his electrolytes. Demon ass kicking takes a lot out of the kid in that way.

      I keep wondering if his “Spooky” eyes look like George’s brownish-red eye.

      • Michael

        Gatorade is just the thing after escaping Hell with the torn-off head of a demon in your hands. It’s got what demon-slaying teenagers want. It’s got electrolytes.

        • HA!

          • Michael

            Sorry, that’s just my automatic response when ever someone says or writes ‘electrolytes’.

            He does look like he could use a snack, though. Something comforting and familiar, that he knows the taste of.

          • Nope, nope.

            No need to be sorry. Automatic responses work too which is why they’re so useful.

            Agree with comforting and familiar. I’m sure Amanda will bring him something.

            Damn. I’m really exhausted. Have a difficulty making sense here.

      • purplefoxglove

        My guess is that Spooky’s eyes look like they do in panel five here:

  • Sapfo

    Hey! It’s Dick in a Box! XD
    (Sorry, but I been having that song in my head fare to long)

    • Adam Black
      • Uh yeah, Mr. Black, it’s not even my birthday and I’m swooning in gratitude and happiness with all those wonderful…presents.

        • Adam Black

          Nuh-uh, I beg too differ.

          Right Now, in this very moment, ( across time and space ) in a timey-wimey way, you are having your birthday. . RIGHT NOW. in the past, in the present or in the near future, you are having your birthday RIGHT NOW,

          According To GR, all of Space-Time is a just a geometry that you can travel in , and your Birthday is just a location ;
          a room a big Timey-wimey house, and its happening right now.

          You are going out with friends,
          having a few drinks, and wham
          #CockInASock dudes getting naked to fuck male cancer.. Happy Birthday

          • This is the best explanation of space-time I’ve ever read! Sorry it’s taken me four days to find it…even thought you posted it right now.

            Traveling around in that geometry, everything a location. Makes me think of space-time as a gigantic bouncy fun house. The ones where Gryph is not allowed to go bouncing around in because the stupid line wardens say that she’s too tall or too heavy…well, clearly the wardens are wrong about my participation and you, Mr. Black, have made that very clear indeed!

            Thank you.

          • Adam Black

            Glad you liked it.
            That also means you can travel to that Dark Day ( also happening right now ) where the Line warden banned you from the Bouncy House, and @admiraljane:disqus , will kick his ass.
            ( Did you think I was going to Intervene? Oh, I just couldnt. I took this Boucy Non-intervention Oath, you see Couldnt break it, or they might ban me from Bouncy Castles too!
            Oh, yes, they are way too much fun. Nothing to do with the time-stream or anything, Breaking that is my fav hobby. But those Line-wardens mean serious business. I’ll just sit here with my popcorn, (mmm mumm crchchh ) and let you ladies settle this. Of course I dont think you are too heavy for — this popcorn is to die for. Cmon, its low fat ,have some. Its not like you are going to break a bouncy Castle if you have — Oh, I am sooo sorry. Non-intervention Oath and everything )

      • At least some of them weren’t shave happy.

        • Adam Black

          Cmon, there has to one or two you can make your pet goat.

          did you see the …beard on some of those dudes?

          • I don’t mind a beard, but these guys that get a little happy with their manscaping need to have the razor taken from them.

          • John

            I saw shaped ‘pit hair once. In the shape of a face. Creepy as all hell.

          • I’m creeped out just hearing about it. :

          • John

            Yeah, sorry. In hindsight it wasn’t the cleverest thing I could’ve shared.

          • Ha! That’s okay. We all have those moments. 🙂

          • Adam Black

            The cleverest would have been an actual photo

          • John

            Had I been more quick-thinking I’dve taken one but, sadly, that oppurtunity was allowed to slip by

          • Adam Black

            create a new one

          • John

            I have no idea who he was. I’ve never seen him since at my local Gym.

            Maybe one of my friends would be willing to give it a go…

          • Sarah314159

            “Manscaping”? Hahahaha!

            Well, you know when guys start pruning a tree or something, they tend to go bananas and hack off everything in sight? Same principle?…

          • Probably the exact same principle.

            I find it so funny how they have everything taken down, but their hairy hairy legs. I mean, if they’re going to go that far… LOL.

            I like a chest with hair, but maybe I’m old fashioned.

          • Sarah314159

            Then I must be old-fashioned too…

          • Adam Black

            I say trim, dont shave.

            But I wont deny a man clean nuts. they are totally worth it. totally.

          • Trim is fine, but these guys go overboard often. Especially when you compare the neat job with their hairy hairy legs.

      • Sarah314159

        Wow. I’ll gladly accept that as an early present for *my* birthday.

        Those guys in the second link who are all standing in some sort of work-place kitchen, though… What the hell do they do for work? O_o

        • Adam Black

          what about that factory floor below it, with 25 guys by the time clock

      • Sapfo

        You are too sweet. but it’s not my birthday today?…..MOM!

        • Adam Black

          Its always your Birthday , somewhere TODAY, in the space/time contiuum.

          mines may 23

          • Sapfo

            Only the Doctor knows 🙂

            Have to remember yours.
            Mines Nov 30.

  • Sapfo

    395 …. look for the wallet…. Wait for the ding 🙂


      I refreshed after reading this and it says 400 ^_^

  • *Ding ding ding*

  • Michael

    That’s racist!

    I bet Amanda’s going to walk in there like “Hey kid, eat a snickers.”

    • John

      well, being psychic, I expect she has a knack for saying the right thing. And we know she has a good relationship with him in the future.

      • Michael

        Of course, but even aside from her power, she’s likely to be far less stuffy and confrontational than the shouty man or the “we know best” adults.

        • John

          True. The young are more open-minded.

  • Klaus

    That is 44 bonus pages in a row paid for. We are getting close to a whole year of two pages per week. What would the technical term be? Hemihebdomadal pages?

    • Whoa-ho!

      That has to be a record of some kind. Alex, Adam, and Veronica must be so proud…and having to work damn hard to keep up with us.

      • John

        more! More bonus pages!

        • Raikana Sakaro

          …six seasons and a movie?

  • december

    Did they cut his hair ib hell? It’s very short to not have been cut for a year.

    • Klaus

      Maybe hair does not grow there. Maybe Spooky did not grow or otherwise change physically for a whole year.

      • John

        Maybe the police cut it?

  • Discus is acting weird, or my computer is, or my brain is not making any more sense or all of the above.

    The fluffy soft pillow calls, beckoning. Here’s to hoping for sweet dreams to everyone about to sleep or already sleeping, and if it’s day-time then I wish you a great rest of the day, evening.

  • Holly

    That detective looks like he is about to make a misogynistic rant.

    Also AWW BABY SPOOKY! I just want to cuddles him!!!!

    really excited to see what Wednesday holds. But I don’t know when i’ll have internet..

    • John

      Given what we know happened to him in hell, I suspect close physical contact not initiated by him would not be welcome

      But I REALLY sympathise with your desire there.

  • kat kat

    stereotype much mr?

    • John

      It’s a police thing

  • Maria White

    Looks like she is getting stuff from the top. Which either means chips, or chocolate. At least in my experience from school. They put the chip bags on the top and they ended up getting caught ALL the time. If you didn’t care about the dollar you just lost you left if for the lucky person willing to spend their money to get two chip bags. ((once three for me!)) But in the other case this is place where they put the moon pies and snickers.
    God. I miss moon pies. Those are like CRACK, I hope she gets Spooky a moon pie. Wait… moon…. AH HELL. My dirty mind just had to go there.

    • Klaus

      Which raises the question: do they have George pies in hell?

      • Sarah314159

        Augh! I would *not* eat that!!

    • Elrohir

      Or the small bag of chocolate chip cookies. Talk about addictive. What the hell do they put in those things that make you unable to just have a couple?!?
      **Not that I have been known to do major damage to a bag of Chips Ahoy cookies with a tall glass of milk for dunking or anything…I mean I’ve READ about such things of course…okay…maybe I’ve indulged in such behavior SOMEtimes.**

    • John

      In the police station (in England) that I visited they had stuff like cheeseburgers up there; sort of snacky lunch meals.

      • Maria White

        I’m moving to England.

  • David Welbourn

    I wonder why the desk seems to have a long handle on one end.

    • SofiaT

      Attach handcuffs from it?

      • Elrohir

        I believe that is correct Sofia. As an extra means of restraint for potentially violent cases.

        • SofiaT

          Thank you. Lucky guess! 😀

      • Klaus

        And what kind of message does that send to a traumatised kid? The more we discuss this, the more incompetent these police officers seem.

        • SofiaT

          Not sure Spooky registers such details at the moment, but I won’t disagree with you. Incompetence galore.

          And I really, really dislike Detective Boxer. More than Detective Parker, and that is saying something.
          I’m voting for him to be unconscious on the floor and unable to get himself some coffee on the next page >:D

          • Elrohir

            I am with you on that one Sofia. It’s a credit to Alex, Adam and Veronica that I have built such antipathy towards a character in just two panels. I’m definitely in the camp of “Det. Boxer tries something physical and the Lt. Col. introduces his face to the table” real soon now.

          • John

            Put something in his Coffee? A Laxative perhaps?

          • Elrohir

            Nice. I LOVE the scene in “The Iron Giant” where Hogarth sprinkles “ChocoLAX” into the federal agents milk shake.

          • John

            Oh you know I’d completely forgotten that!?

            I tend to remember the Giant refusing to kill people with his killer eye laser thingy. Everyone always goes on about how sad Bambi is, but i cried harder for the Giant when I was younger.

            Hmnm, I think I have to watch that when I get home now.

          • Regardless of our-time vs. TYP time… there is definitely a “six-years-ago” feel to these pages. Someone noted the patina and the style of an overworked “Manhattan” precinct feel to it. So there is a little feeling of more dated policing techniques. (IMHO, sorry Alex I have no idea of your intention).

            I know in our world (today) they are trying much hard to have trained interrogators in big departments like this and also Social Services would be present (for what that’s worth sometimes) with a 14 year-old. So, Boxer wouldn’t have free rein, nor Parker. We’re not seeing two-way glass here, so that speaks to the state of facilities also.

            So it does speak to the specifics of where they are. Kinda like Alex’s previous note that the Morgue was in the same building to save page-time. (Yayy).

            So it makes it feel like interrogating a 14 y-o, more than six years ago, in some ways. Just an observation.

            ORRRRR Parker and Boxer are just assholes and we get to wish them a headdesk… which I’m all for. *grins*

  • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

    What’s so spooky about his eyes? I never noticed anything before.

    I wonder whether they shouldn’t be treating him as a murder suspect? (Demon-slaying being of borderline legality.)

    • Klaus

      Spooky’s eyes, present time:

      Seems normal to me.

      • SofiaT

        We haven’t seen his eyes yet in this comic though.
        He just came back from hell and he must have used a significant amount of magic to accomplish that… his eyes may be glowing or something? I really look forward to seeing them.

        I also wonder about the spots on his skin. Are these wounds or blood? And if it’s blood… is it his or the demon’s? o.O

        • There’s this scene back in Ch 1.

          • SofiaT

            It looks like he was using some sort of Sight there.

            I wonder if they change depending on the kind of magic he’s using. I had glowing green in mind.

          • You know, that would be kinda cool, if the different types of magic gave him different colored glowing eyes.

            I was wondering if because he had been in hell and around the demons if his eyes went through a metamorphosis of sorts. Lampy’s eyes glowed if I remember correctly.

          • SofiaT

            Please don’t remind me of Laampros’ eyes *shudders*

          • My apologies. 😐 They were creepy to say the least.

          • Klaus

            In the closeups they are exactly like Spooky on the opage linked: pure white.

          • Elrohir

            I like the different magic, different color scheme. That would be cool.

          • Indeed!

          • John

            doujutsu! I like it!

          • Elrohir

            Sofia, you made me think of the scene where Spooky checks Kyle out (ahem) for residual spell damage.
            Because I remembered his spell glowed green. Not absolutely sure because there is no close up, but I don’t see his eyes glowing there. But maybe it’s too far away a view.

          • Klaus

            They are clearly not all white in those panels.

    • They might have seen these eyes
      His eyes sometimes glow white when he’s using his powers.

  • John

    Ah casual institutional racism. Amazing how that happens in Police forces across the globe.

  • I keep going back and looking at our Spooky. There he is basically hugging himself, his arms crossed over his chest, gripping the sleeves of his sweatshirt, doing all he can to guard himself, his heart, his body, trying to hold himself together. It’s so heartbreaking and it brings home everything Spooky said to Kyle at the end of Ch3 Part 1.

    I so very much want to Gibbs Smack Det. Boxer. Is he blind?

    • Depending on how this moves forward, when Amanda gets involved with Spooky, it really does speak to why Spooky does and says what he does with Kyle. I’m echoing what AJ said… Spooks tells Kyle he’s going to say something he wishes someone had said to him, upon his return. And does.

      Then he gives Kyle that damn big wonderful glomping Spooky hug and says, “I’m so sorry this happened to you.” Feck, what could be better.

      You think THAT’S what Spooky needs right now rather than Tutt, Parker and Boxer doing their job? Our Spooky needs an experienced friend to tell him that when bad shite happens it’s often not about YOU, but about monsters doing what they do… and thats just a hard life truth for any situation. Monsters are monsters and it’s NOT about you. But the giant hug is essential.

      It’s heart-breaking to see Spooky needing it right now. I agree, all readers should be allowed to give him a giant hug… but, like Hero-Kyle, no copping a feel. He’s fourteen!

      Jones is such a generic name. (I’m sorry, I’m sure someone has said this somewhere and I haven’t had my usual time for looking). I wonder if Spooky (eyes) and the generic no-last names Jones, just stick.

      Especially if his parents had anything to do with his journey to hell. The racial delicacy of Boxer, What is it? Wu, Lee, Wong? Just so real in this or any AU. Well if Spooky isn’t going back to his parents… EVER. Jones will be the new moniker of choice. Just guessing of course. But everyone is right, this kid needs the hug and he remembers that for seven years and passes it on properly to Kyle just when he needs it most.

      I also WONDER if, just as he is assuming new names and self here. Forever changed by this experience. The clothing they give him here begins to define the new him. Not FIT obviously, but the idea. His regular clothing does look like stuff you’d inherit in a police station… a little baggy. Levi’s, hoody, duster… ? Just an off the wall idea. The new “Spooky” begins here? Curious.

      Now for all the people who’ve already noted all this… I promise I’ll appreciate and up-vote you later. 🙂

      • Klaus

        You beat me to it. I also wondered if what these officers are saying on this page caused him to shoose not only not “Spooky” but also “Jones”.

      • Elrohir

        Your description of his current state and needs just put me into super protective mode about Spooky. I think you pretty well gave a focus to my frustrations around the police behavior.
        It had not occurred to me that this was to be the seminal point for Spooky’s new life/character. It all makes perfect sense once you’ve said it, but I hadn’t seen it. That maybe his new surname will be Jones because the previous life is gone. That the new look is an offshoot of today. Not so off the wall I think. I just hadn’t seen it. It fits.
        But you got me thinking too, I’ve been assuming that Spooky was a denizen/native of the local city. That he was taken to Hell from here a year ago and returned to the same place. But, what if he wasn’t? What if he was gated into Hell from someplace else? Perhaps China? What if he doesn’t, yet, speak English? Or very little. Will Amanda’s telepathy work across language? Can a language be “given” to somebody via such a power (I’m pretty sure I’ve read at least one SF story where it could). Will Amanda be able to reach Spooky because she speaks to him mind-to-mind? Is it even possible to lie telepathically? And once he knows that she knows, because she could read it from his mind, would he allow the big hug you point out he so desperately needs?
        I like the direction you’ve taken this, I really do.

        • …..Those “downloads” were often accompanied by raging headaches if I remember correctly. Hmmm and when I think more on it, it was the Kryee who did the knowledge transfer not people.

          And in most cases, you cannot lie mind to mind, but you can not reveal all.

      • I would like very much for the trio to be doing their job, I’m just not certain what job Boxer is doing other than terrorizing an already traumatized kid. 😐 *gibbs smack gibbs smack gibbs smack* I mean wouldn’t that actually BE part of the job, calming him down? Trying to make the kid comfortable. *gibbs smack*

        Other than that, I don’t know if Spooky would allow anyone to touch him at this point, let alone give him a hug, but if someone could tell him what he told Kyle that would be excellent. *sniffles*

        It just makes it so much more poignant all he said to Kyle seeing our Spooky this way.

        Sorry if this sounds grumpy. Don’t mean to be grumpy. Grumpy.

    • Elrohir

      Your description just spun me up again in my severe dislike for Det. Boxer Admiral. He really can’t/won’t see. And I wonder is Spooky also trying to hold himself together because he knows what damage he can do if he loses it? Clearly the detective does NOT seem to realize that he is poking at the proverbial “ticking bomb”.

      • Nope. Det. Boxer is a blind fool. Yes, lets poke the kid who’d just been naked with a severed demon head. Yes, lets do that and see where that gets us. I think I need a snickers now.

  • fujoshifanatic

    Arrrg! My internet service is down, so I’m stuck on my phone for the time being, which is not very compatible with my fat fingers. Just wanted to say that the last page and this page are awesome, and poor Spooky–he so needs a hug right now, and that the detective doesn’t need coffee so much as he needs to take several seats in a diversity training/sensitivity course. >:-( That’s all for now until my internet comes back.

    • Derkins

      Remember the days before you could look at comics on your phone? Or further, the days before there was an internet, and therefore before the web comics phenomenon. If I’d known how I was missing out back then, I may have shed a tear. 😉 And yes, diversity training would be nice for that guy– something that has become more of a hot topic in media and popular thinking lately. I am in an education program that was recently reformed to include a lot of multi cultural sensitivity training, whereas in the past there were just a lot of people trying to argue that “this is ‘merica” and if minority citizens want to live here then they should have to conform to the dominant culture. The dominant culture now knows that those people are ignorant bigots, regardless of their prevalence in the population. 🙁

      • Elrohir

        Truly the “melting pot” frequently does not work smoothly. At every wave of immigration there is resistance and anger. In my home town the Irish wave came through to work on the canal system and were resented by the original settlers. And then 50 years later the Italians came to work on the railroads and the Irish were the established population. Even coming across the border, how many surnames got changed because the immigration agent couldn’t or wouldn’t spell the surname properly. I can think of at least 10 friends fairly quickly who’s family names got changed/modified in spelling on arrival. Or signs of “no Irish need apply” or “no WOPs”. The isolationist neighborhoods (in both directions, both refusing new immigrants and those neighborhoods of new immigrants where only their native/home tongue is spoken). The treatment of the native population who was on the land first.
        It’s a long list. I know of only one recipe for changing it. Education, Time and more Education. Or, as one of my favorite Native American bumper stickers reads,
        “America: Love it, or Give It Back!”

  • Choreocrat

    I’m awkwardly attracted to the dickish detective. And the other guy who looks like Anni with dark hair. I’m a bad man.

    • Derkins

      Guh, really? That man is *not* my type. I will say tho that I am always amazed at the maturity in not only the character design but the mobility that such fully developed figures are given in their movements and facial features. Usually highly naturalistic figures in comics tend to be very stiff and expression-less. In this comic it is clear that the artists are true pro’s. The characters always feel like real people that were pulled out history or something (at least in this case, given these pages somehow manage a vintage feel). Their believability as real people makes it that much easier to really get into the story that is being told about them. My hat is off!

      • Choreocrat

        It’s definitely a type thing. I’m stupidly attracted to confident (and arrogant) guys. I know well enough not to get involved with them though, these days.

        That said, I’d have totally fallen for Anni.

        • SofiaT

          *pats back* Who hasn’t?

          • Derkins

            Me. :3 I like sweet, skinny, pretty men with a sassy sense of humor. Ever since Spooky spoke up to support Kyle he’s totally been winning for character I would’ve crushed on. That, and i distrust men like Anni who come across as super confident. I’ve met a lot of overly confident men who just come across as entitled, or like they’re god’s gift to dating. Nothing is a quicker turn-off for me. Gimme a sweet humble guy who has no idea how yummy he is 😉

      • I agree with you 100%, Derkins. One thing I love about Adam’s naturalistic style is how much life you see in all the characters. I, like you, have seen a lot of very pretty, highly-rendered naturalistic art in mainstream comics that looks impressive—until you look in the characters’ eyes and see no real life there or look at their faces and clearly see a model mugging the expression instead of the character actually feeling it.

        With Adam’s linework (and Vero’s colors), I truly believe that these characters are feeling the emotions they should be feeling. It’s a lot more work on the backend—both for me to make very clear what emotion is needed for every character in the story but especially for Adam who breathes such life into each character, that even the “extras” in the background feel like they have their own interior stories. It’s one of the great pleasures of working with these artists on my comics. A real privilege, actually.

    • Jay Demetrick

      lol! You are not alone.

  • Klaus

    If we hurry we can get all of May covered before April even begins.

    • Will help that many of us get paid monday. I think the donations will roll in then 🙂

  • Adi Zeller

    Of course Spooky has Spooky-looking eyes! Did you expect him to have Kyle-looking eyes? pffft!

    • Cman65

      Come here eyes, Bedroom eyes, Be mine tonight eyes?

  • Toli Bera

    Not the last names I would have gone with.

    you know, the classics. 🙂

    • Elrohir

      Every time I scroll past this comment it makes me smile all over again. 🙂

      • Toli Bera

        Thanks. XD

  • purplefoxglove

    Oh, I know, I know! I know his last name! But I’m not telling you. You’re pressurizing our favourite Spooky. 😛

    You’re not telling either, right, guys?

  • bronakopdin

    OMG Alex I like how you troll your own comic xD

    Live long and prosper!

    and oh my, why is teenage Spooky so cute?!
    I really pity for him, even if we can’t really see his whole face here one can imagine his expression! Such great skills Adam and Veronika!
    he seems so miserable but at the same time totally annoyed by Detective Boxer who is not left behind on that part (and btw, who chose THAT name?!?! xD)

    talking about annoying, Parker never fails to get on my nerves with his showy but useless attitude <_<'

    and somehow I don't like the fact the out of all people HE is the first one to use Spooky's name!!! (Even if it was only a description of his eyes)

    and somehow I can't believe Amanda will seriously get sth from that mashine after inspecting that head o_0 her mind must be so tough…just as her stomach xD

    great page as always 😀
    my heart made a jump just from seeing Spooky through the window ^^
    I was seriously screaming out THERE HE IS when I did see him 🙂

  • Nate

    young!Spooky needs a hug. I volunteer (especially since that detective shows all the empathy of a garden gnome).

    I wonder if we just saw the origin of his codename?

    • Lady_Hiroko

      I agree on both accounts. I’m fairly certain that is how he got his codename. Them again Alex likes to mess with us too like a good author. I really want to give Spooky a hug too.

    • Elrohir

      Wait! Garden Gnomes have empathy? 🙂
      I couldn’t agree more. The guy just really seems clueless.

  • Klaus

    How long does it take for a donation to show in the donation bar? This time I am quite certain I did complete the transaction. I got an e-mail reciept. but after two hours, the bar still shows $0.

    • SofiaT

      I remember Alex mentioning that when it’s after he’s reset the donation bar, he has to adjust it manually because for some reason the first donations won’t register properly. So, I’d reckon we’ll have to wait till the morning, when Alex wakes up and fixes it.

    • Two ‘bars’ back I did the first donation and it took about a day, probably for the reason Sofia said. Alex was away.

    • Howdy Klaus,

      Yep, Sofia’s right. Due to a bug in the software, after I reset the bar, for anywhere between 1 and 24 hours, donations don’t show up on it. And that’s even if I add a donation manually. So basically I need to wait until I see someone else’s donation shows up and then I know I can go back and re-add all the donations that didn’t get included on the bar.

      It’s a pain in the butt (and I’ve always been a bit surprised other donators haven’t commented on it), but I’m now working with an independent developer to get it fixed (along with a couple other bookkeeping enhancements that should make managing donations a little easier for me.) Hopefully that’ll be ready in a couple months.

      So, not to worry—I keep all the donations I receive immediately after a reset in a special file so I know what to add back in when the plugin decides to let me. Your donation should show up no later than tomorrow morning. Thank you for your patience and your generosity! 🙂

  • Kalynn Osburn

    *cries* No! No I can’t! No i can not see Spooky this way! I just…it hurts too much!

  • b3nc0

    NOOOOOOOO‼ I don’t want Spooky to get his name from Dick-tective Parker TTATT

    • Gorgeous! Just gorgeous!

    • Klaus

      Only half of it comes from Parker. The other half comes from Boxer. He is suggesting common Chinese names. The boy ends up choosing the stereotypical common American name for his code name. Coincidence? I think not.

  • Frater Gymnos

    Hey!!! It’s a baby Spooky. Awwww….

  • Adam Irving

    Future Commander is separated from everyone else, and someone else just mentioned our traumatized little one might “lash out.” Blowing out that room might be considered lashing out, and would leave Amanda to rush in and pick up the pieces. Just a thought, even though I’m sure something much better will be coming along. Can’t wait!

    • EyeDontNo

      Helping Spooky with a jailbreak as a way to earn his trust? That’s so crazy it just might work!

  • Elin Gregory

    Stunning artwork again. I love the fully populated feel of the backgrounds and foregrounds. Nobody has cut any corners here. Congratulations, Alex, on having such a talented team to add complementary images to your words..

    • I’m a very lucky creator. Adam and Vero are seriously the best! 🙂

      • Elrohir

        Certainly an amazing team. In my head I picture these wild brainstorming sessions at the creation factory (umm…I blame Chris a bit for some of it…he really got me with that short order cook imagery some frames back). If there is ever a lottery of some sort to sit in on one of those sessions there would be a stampede to participate I bet.
        Magic happens there I feel certain…with story sprites running about and pencil nymphs wandering through and no shortage of color sylphs hovering over the art as well. Umm…or perhaps that’s just me. 🙂

  • i am enchanted by seeing all the people being depicted in this, the bonus portion of TYP

    i am sure that putting in all those bodies is more difficult, but the effect on the story ambiance is well-appreciated by me, veronica and adam

    alex, why won’t you let us know what spookster’s nationality is?

    just kidding, i’m sure it’ll be revealed in time.
    (p’raps he’s a combination of both the suggestions detective tutt’d made)

    Mister Boxer?
    You’re a pretty guy.
    Please don’t do anything dumb, that would make the lieutenant colonel mess up those good looks.


  • Surely they’re crosschecking with reports of runaway or missing children who would match Spooky’s description and estimated age, rather than play ‘guess the name’?

    • Klaus

      He has been gone a year. How many children disappear in a year?

      • Elrohir

        Klaus, you made me wonder, a quick search found this link:
        But they point out that not all of the over 790,000 disappearances are for long periods. Still, it’s a lot of kids.

        • Klaus

          I suppose these numbers are for the USA? The article doesn’t say.

          • Elrohir

            I believe that’s just out of the USA. I suspect that accurate global numbers would make me cry. The thought already saddens me greatly…

    • Jay Demetrick

      That is IF he’s been reported missing. If getting sent into the demon dimension was his “coming of age” trial that his family sent him into, would he have been reported missing?

      • Not expecting that they’ll find him on the list. But am suprised they’re not mentioning doing it yet.

    • Elrohir

      It would seem like good police work. But I’m also not certain that this was his home city/country before the abduction to Hell. So would he be in the database if say, he was abducted from Singapore? Shanghai? Just wondering.

    • EyeDontNo

      And yet Spooky has said (in the future) that he was gone for a year. If they were looking reverse-chronologically, from the present to the past, they would be a while going through the databases. It makes sense that they would try to shorten the process by getting additional information to sort through the huge number of files that (I presume) would result from a search for “Any missing Oriental boy born in 1990, 1991 or 1992”.
      I am more concerned by the detective’s inability to treat this as less than a hostile investigation. I mean the boy was carrying a demon head that was obviously ripped from its body. If stressed wouldn’t the boy be justified in doing the same to the bullying detective?

  • DariBird

    So I just found this lovely piece of work, read it three times over in what’s available, bravo. You are all very talented and I look forward to seeing more, which is a first in a while for me, good job.

  • Sapfo

    Hi! ^_^
    Just found this, and I do wonder if there is any future “Alexis” there. I hope so. The world need more people like Alex

    • That’s awesome! Thanks for posting it!

    • bronakopdin

      omg the girls really are creative! and the drawings take the best of it! nice 🙂

  • Klaus

    She should not have touched him.

    • Elrohir

      Maybe she needs contact for her powers to be effective? Maybe she reads people or has the ability to direct/push them in an emotional content?
      I completely agree that it seems out of character for any Lt. Col. to initiate such a physical contact and nothing in her demeanor in the few panels we have known her would have led me to see her as somebody who initiates physical contact lightly. That’s why I’m reaching for some other explanation.

      • Klaus

        The more reason not to do it.

        • Elrohir

          Probably true. Ethics of course. You’re right.

  • Archidel

    On a technical note, from page 3 of this interlude onward hitting the “last” button when browsing through the pages only takes me to the next page rather than the most recent one as one would imagine it’s supposed to do.

    • Same for me. Takes me about three “Last”‘s to get to this page.

  • TwoWayStar

    Oh great, Detective numer 1 is an a-hole and Detective number 2 is racist *facepalm*

    • bronakopdin

      which sadly kinda reflects the truth here and there…

  • vessto

    Oh, gosh, so it is how Spooky had his nickname invented!!!

  • Falconfly

    These detectives are a bunch of really stupid, insensitive twats. I hope the demons get them.

  • Xalun K

    Spooky looking eyes? And we don’t get to see right away? WHYYYYYYYY????!!!!! I want to know why they call him Spooky NNNAAAOOOO!!!!! *impatient, throws tantrum like her 4 year old son* *snicker*

    But seriously, I really like how Spooky’s hunched in on himself here, so it’s really, painfully obvious what he experienced was traumatic in action, not just in name. Poor kid. 🙁

  • Torkwase Ahua

    I sense a curmudgeon! Curmudgeon ahoy! Curmudgeon to the starboard prow!

    ahem…..all done now.

  • bronakopdin

    somehow after re-reading the page now Parker seriously p1sses me off for some reason…
    Does he face every person with that kind of attitude? I mean Spooky is still a kid here… if he’s giving so much sh1t to a kid how does he handle adults?

    below someone just said that the police officers shown (the men at least) have both some issues… I never had much to do with police in my life yet but you hear these kinda stories so often in RL, too, it really makes you think about it.

    That people who probably started the job with motivation end up like this 🙁

  • LL

    Parker seriously needs to stfu. Though I guess he did give Spooky his name.

  • Donatien

    Detective Douchebag, reporting for duty.

  • KryX

    I don’t know. If I was trying to solve a particularly difficult problem and someone walked up behind me and said “I’ll take it from here”, I would not be amused. When I’m that absorbed, it takes a few moments to change focus to the outside world. The Lt. Col. may just be gently interrupting the Detective. The last thing Spooky needs right now is more stress from a confrontation in front of him. I hope the someone in that room knows that.

    • Klaus

      That touch seems condescending to me.

  • Faye

    Is it bad I really want to cuddle with Spooky?

    • Falconfly

      Not at all. If in a parental way.

      • Nate

        How about fraternal/avuncular?

        • Falconfly

          I suppose, but there’s no real psychological difference there.

  • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

    The male detectives are obviously depicted in such a way as to make them unlikeable, and to make us sympathize with the leads. I find this clumsy. Notice also how the black female character can do no wrong. This must be some sort of “TV trope” at work.

    Also, consider this: the detectives have no way of knowing that Spooky is Chinese, so why are we hearing only Chinese surnames? (Granting that at least one is multilingual.) Shouldn’t they also be trying Japanese and Vietnamese ones, etc.?

    • Klaus

      That depends on where this is. If this is a city with many Chinese and few other east Asians, it may be reasonable to assume that he is Chinese.

    • Falconfly

      How do you know she can do no wrong? We’ve basically only been introduced to her, and her personality has been explored very much. This is not the place for PC accusations.

      • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

        Just going by what we’ve seen so far. I do recognize the utility of “tropes” as a kind of shorthand.

    • Sybarite

      Chinese people often look quite different than Japanese or Vietnamese people (different facial features, builds, skins tones, eye shapes, etc). So if he has spent a lot of time around multiple Asian ethnic groups, then he could be using that familiarity as a way to guess at names. Or he could be a yutz and just assumes all Asians are Chinese. I’ve seen both situations happen. :/

    • “Notice also how the black female character can do no wrong.”

      Fluke is a black male, and Alex hasn’t shied away from having him say some insensitive serious foot-in-mouth stuff…

    • b3nc0

      You could even add anglo-saxon names as he could be adopted and seeing as metisses can look very asian.

  • Loneliestoflulabies

    I find myself trying to remember if spooky has weird eyes and what they look like.

  • bronakopdin

    reading the page again and looking a little closer just now I noticed that Spooky has still all that dirt in his face and neck… can’t they at least have let him go to the bathroom or sth before questioning him… or sometime inbetween…
    even if they don’t know what EXACTLY happened to him, from what he looks like don’t they think he might feel better after cleaning himself… and with feeling better MAYBE could be more talkative, too…
    gosh, everytime I see him my heart throbs so much :(((

    • Jakk Anthony Guzman

      It may not be dirt but scratches.

      • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

        I thought they were pimples.

        • b3nc0

          Heh! He’s a teenager after all…

      • Elrohir

        I think you’re right. I’m going with you don’t break out of Hell on your own without a few scratches…especially not carrying a demon head.

        • EyeDontNo

          I presumed the demon head was what actually opened his portal out of Hell.

          • Elrohir

            Yeah, me too. I keep repeating the same wish in the hopes that it’s actually going to be the story line that Alex wrote. That BriE is the demon who took Spooky to Hell and that he used the demon to break back across the barrier from Hell and took the head as “Spooky Payback”. And that’s the reality I’m staying with until/unless the actual comic says different. 🙂

      • bronakopdin

        haha, yeah true, for me they were just dark, not red, so I assumed it’s dirt ^^
        because I’d think instead of ust a few scratches, I’d imagine bigger Injuries?
        Maybe he’s hiding them under the clothes right now :/

  • I wanted to share this, because I find it matters just as much now as an adult as it did as a kid.

    • Elrohir

      Thank you Admiral. That made my day. It really did. 🙂

      • 🙂 It made mine as well, as does your comment.

    • DC

      This is great. I have to share it with my sister and 14 year old niece. I was trying to persuade them that being a nerd was definitely cool in its own way. My niece was undecided because her mum was telling her one thing and her favourite auntie was telling her the opposite and my niece is too nice to disagree with either of us.

      • It’s one of the many reasons why I love Wil Wheaton. Hope it helps. 🙂

    • Another GREAT respons from Wheaton 😀

      I thought you were linking to this clip, since I know it touches the same topic, but now i’m gonna add it because it’s another reason why I love him:
      Here he gives a respons to a future child.

      • I love that one as well. He really is a great ambassador for geeks and nerds. 🙂

        I think Mr. Wheaton should be required viewing in school.

    • b3nc0

      This goes for Danish’s vid too: Thanks, I shed a good tear ◡‿◡,

    • *lip wibble* Heart break!

      • Sapfo

        Do you need glue? o_o

        • If next page doesn’t improve I just might.

          • Sapfo


            I think Hamlet is going to spread the emotions on thick in this last chap. Not a dried eye in the fandom.

          • SO MEAN!!! *takes glue*

          • Sapfo

            I help you ….
            which means the I most likely will glue my hands together 😉

          • Just make certain to use your nurses gloves. 🙂

          • Sapfo

            I will wear my best gloves for you.^_^
            Sorry AJ, I think I glued my hand to your…. well you know….

          • Sigh… I had a feeling that might happen.

    • oh cool! i love how TYP and Starfighter and Teahouse all cross reference with each other in terms of the fan base.

  • lol…i love how all these officials are all jockeying for dominance and trying to assert control over each other…social hierarchies…got to love ’em.

  • ShaedowDancer

    Ah-ha! So this storyline is in the -past-. This is not the Currently Occuring Arc. This is the Let’s Get To Know Spooky Arc.

  • Jac

    Oh goodness. I’ve been rereading and I got to this page….

    Suddenly I’m shipping it. Oh no. Another ship.

    Spooky whyyy <3

  • WarGoddess

    Awww Spooky I wanna hug him so badly right now….

    Btw, I would like to say thank you to everyone that comments here for not being total douchecanoes to everyone else. I tested my skills at making a meme for the first time on a website yesterday. It was a y u no meme asking why no one makes that meme anymore. It got a lot of likes, but the only four comments that people left were extremely negative. I wish people would be as nice as you guys everywhere else.

    • *hugs* Some of the people that liked it could have just left a comment like “cool” or “awesome”. That way you would have some good comments to read.

      • WarGoddess

        Yeah but their likes are enough. I just wish that people would keep mean things to themselves. Like in Bambi, if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.

  • Hey,
    I’m taking a chance here and have a request. Is there anyone here who I comment with on a somewhat frequest basis who live in NYC – or has close family/friends who live in NYC (and you trust) – who will take the chance of housing me for a night or preferably two?

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    I’m asking because in mid-May I’m gonna make my first trip ever to US, for a wedding in Iowa (something I’ve saved hard for, for over a year), and my stay over from one plane to the other will be in New York.
    The trip from Denmark to my destination will probably be made in one LONG travel with the included lay overs, but since I WILL be shortly in NY it would be nice to get a chance to explore a little of the city before I have to return to Denmark. Who knows when my horrible budget will allow me a travel there again.

    Sadly my budget doesn’t allow me to rent a room for a night, unless I’m going for places I probably shouldn’t get near, so I’m hoping that one of you might be able to help me out here. I will love you forever if one of you can make this happen 🙂
    You can reply if you can help, and I’ll give my email so we can talk further.

    • Elrohir

      Danish, May I ask which airport?

      • I should be landing at JFK I believe, when I come from Denmark, but it seems I might have to go to another airport to travel from New York to my final destination.
        This is going to be SO much fun to figure out on my first travel to US xD
        I’m sure I can figure out the transport, it’s just if anyone will give a little space for me and my luggage for those two exra days in NY 🙂

        Edit: And still not knowing which airport I land in, in NY when I return from Iowa yet, only know I have to travel to Denmark from JKF.

        • Elrohir

          I might be able to help, let me know and I’ll give you the details.

          • My email is:
            It would be great if you can help, so I’ll look forward to the mail.

          • Elrohir

            Got it, you can take it Edit the address out now 🙂

          • Elrohir

            I sent you an e-mail.

  • EMR has updated! Two pages don’t forget! You may become angry at a specific someone, those who have read should know who. He really pushes things a bit far on those two pages. You might want to have something calming on standby.

    For those of you that have not read EMR yet, it is a lovely tale about Elan who Meets Rafa after his father kicks him out. themice does some very excellent artwork, most notably her hands and eyes closeups. Some have refered to her hands as “hand porn”. (Has anyone else noticed that there are an increasing number people getting hot over hands in webccomics? Is this a new fetish?) I find their story to be very real and engaging and you develop feelings for the characters. There are characters you’ll love and characters you’ll hate. You can begin reading it here:

  • Pure Awesome Fun:

    MegaCon 2014 Coverage – Costumes, Laser Tag and Hot Tub – GayComicGeek

  • mogoskier

    Hey, it camping night. I almost forgot. How everyone doing

  • I am going to have to go to bed, my nephew woke me up this morning (who needed a few more hours of sleep anyway?) and I was chasing after him all day. I am tired and I have to wake up early to go with my grandmother to her doctor’s appointment (checkup/results) and watch the nephew all over again.

    Have a good time camping, enjoy the new page, I will be back tomorrow…..sometime.

    • mogoskier

      Good night, and if you need a nap while you are watching your nephew, just remember cartoons were made to distract.

      • Eh, he is 9 and is all about playing (console/card/board games) with his Aunt and Uncle….until he gets bored and wants to do something else….

        • mogoskier

          Aww I love babysitting kids that age, old enough that you don’t have to watch constantly but still young enough not to be annoying.

  • *joins a silent camp* Anyone here?

    • 😀

    • mogoskier


    • Saxon_Brenton

      For a little while, before I pack up and head home for the day.

      So, speculation: Does Spooky sit there sullenly until Amanda tempts him around with muchies? Does he make a break for it while Dt. Boxer is being distracted? (oh come on, you just know Spooky developed great running away skills while in Hell…). Or, is there a sudden magical poltergeist type phenomenon that detonates the room?

      • Look at the new pae and find out 😉

      • mogoskier

        Hmm all good ideas but I’m going with Amanda trying to get in his mind, spooky realizing it and saying something.

  • RD

    Hello. May I join?

    • mogoskier

      Anyone can join!

      • RD


    • Please join in!

  • And I joined just in time for page is up

  • Onomatopoeia

    I’m going to take a stab here and say that his last name is Jones. 😉

    Unless that’s just a pseudonym, in which case I got nothin’. XD

  • Klaus

    Jones is the stereotypical common last name of Americans. We all know what Spooky thinks of stereotypes.

  • GrumpyPanda94

    has anyone else noticed that the guy in the interview room with spooky has hair in this page but not in the next???

  • Timni16

    haha… racism… that’s how you get people to respond

  • Curt Clark

    I get bitchy when I’m undercaffeinated, too.