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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Bonus Comic One—Page 4

344 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Bonus Comic One—Page 4

Charleyboy is having altogether too much fun right now…

We had our thirty-sixth bonus page in a row on Wednesday and, in addition to our regular Saturday updates, there will also be bonus pages on Wednesday, March 26th (page 5!), Wednesday, April 2nd (page 7!), Wednesday, April 9th (page 9!), Wednesday, April 16th (page 11!), Wednesday, April 23rd (page 13!), Wednesday, April 30th (page 15!), and Wednesday, May 7th (page 17!)! And look below! We’re already at $225 towards the bonus page after that!

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So! We’ve seen the head. Amanda’s tried using her powers on it and that didn’t get us any extra information. And now we’re off to see the boy who apparently used Bright Eyes as a hand-bag. I wonder what he’ll be like?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there!

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  • Got to look at it up close and personal before saying anything.

    • Yay… you ended your day on the virginal note! Nice. Good job.

      • But where were @smsif:disqus and Danish? This would have been all the sweeter if I snatched it from them.

        NOT THAT I AM COMPLAINING…..just missed them camping. 🙁

    • Elrohir

      Congratulations on a successful hunt milady! 🙂

  • mogoskier

    Still hate parker

  • Sapfo

    A new page and Let see what Amanda says.
    Two words! YAY!

    • *hugs* Hello Sapfo! You missed camping ;_; I was thinking you weren’t going to show up at all. ;_; And Danish isn’t here…Holly went to bed early….

      • Sapfo

        I am thinking of going back to bed. It´s been a long week and I like some more sleep if I can get it.

  • SofiaT

    The Detective is trying to be funny. That doesn’t change the fact that he almost pissed his pants earlier.

  • Chris S

    I’m gonna guess the kid is spooky. I can’t wait to see what he looked like when he was younger.

  • I’m surprised she didn’t pick anything up from the head. I would think there might something residual there?

    Or maybe Spooky, “the boy”, “cleaned” it?

    • Sapfo

      might need to be a living head for her to read…. or not dead so long.
      Maybe the head speaks another language and she don´t understand it.

  • davefragments

    MY, what big teeth you have!

    • b3nc0

      All the better to RIP YOUR HEAD OFF ‼

      … no … wait … what?!

  • You know, Alex, we have gone over this whole “cliffhanger” thing. >_<

    • Elrohir

      It DOES seem to be a personal addiction of his, doesn’t it?

      • Truly it does.

        • Elrohir

          Do you think there are support groups to help Alex with “Cliffhanger Addiction”?

          • Wayne Lunkwitz

            But, doesn’t his “Cliff hanger addiction ” keep US coming back for MORE *enters Gullem* Must have MORE give usss more, Yesssss, My Preciousss wants MORE!

  • I just had a thought! If the boy is Spooky and he was in Hell for a year, maybe there will be a flashback and we’ll get TO SEE GEORGE AGAIN!!!

    • Sapfo

      Wow, it was so long ago.

  • I still want to braid its hair.

  • Wonderful stuff Alex. This is a really fun bonus. I’ll bore everyone tomorrow by talking to much about it, because there’s clearly a lot of purpleness to talk about. Thank Adam and Veronica for us. Just super fun. Oh, and because it’s de rigueur… IS IT WEDNESDAY YET? 🙂

    • Sapfo

      Bore? I dont know what you are talking about Mister!

      • Elrohir

        Seriously, like his posts aren’t among the 3 or 4 contributors on here that I don’t re-read multiple times with a second browser open so I can bounce back and forth between what he writes and the panel he’s describing. Yup…I think Chris’ grasp of the English language is slipping if that’s his definition of boring. 🙂
        **The above observation being made with all due respect, of course.**

  • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

    “It’s afraid!”

    • Elrohir

      A “Starship Troopers” reference? Nice. And apropos.
      **Wonderful book…not a great movie adaptation…other than the eye candy…IMHO**

      • Archidel

        The movie was alright in a shut down you brain and enjoy the carnage kind of way. The book is better though, I’ll agree.

        • strangeangel24601

          Yeah, crappy movies can be fun like that. 🙂

  • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

    So is she putting on the rubber gloves, or taking off the rubber gloves, before going to meet Spooky?

    • SofiaT

      She was wearing the gloves on the previous page.

      • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

        Okay, so maybe she’s putting on a new pair.

        • davefragments

          They are blue, and nitrile rubber. Almost nothing penetrates through them. I’ve bought them for my technicians to use chemicals when I was doing research.

          • b3nc0

            Thought you were gonna say you bought them for your research on demon skin…

          • davefragments

            Not demon skin but to prevent skin irritation and ultimately cancers. . .
            It’s industrial hygiene. We worked with coal and coal-derived organic liquids. The (big word) polycyclic aromatics were cancerous if used the wrong way. So gloves, face shields, coveralls, masks, and all that good stuff. I also directed work with hydrogen gas under pressure which had the capacity to blow the building to dust. IT was fun (that’s not sarcasm). My childhood dream from when I got an Erector set for a birthday.

        • Elrohir

          I’m with Sofia on this one. She had them on to handle the Demon head, and is taking them off to go interview the “human”

  • Summer

    Can we please all start a Commander’s Mom fan club? She’s really cool!

  • DC

    Maybe Amanda can pick up info telepathically from the kid upstairs, Spooky, to spare him from being interrogated too much. I imagine he would not want to talk about the hell he went through in hell.

    • b3nc0

      Maybe he isn’t even able to talk at all…

  • davefragments

    Look closely, the head extends out of frame One and so does Amanda’s shoulder. Excellent!

    • SofiaT

      Comic 3D 🙂

  • I wonder what the two detectives are thinking in that final panel with those side-eyes of theirs.

    • Sapfo

      I think there is something they are not telling. Something important.

      • b3nc0

        Reckon they’re a-plotting sumthin’ or finding it a good time to contact whoever…

      • Maybe a silent and sarcastic: “Good luck with that.”

  • Elrohir

    Just a couple of quick things that struck me:
    1. I love the way Amanda is just completely calm as she leans in to “read” the head (and the way the head breaks out of the frame…very cool); so very unlike Detective Squeamish over there. And those eyes…as it’s one of the things I first notice about people I have to say I could fall into those eyes for a looong time.
    2. In panel 5, is it my imagination or are we seeing the aftermath of Detective Tutt having just elbowed Detective Squeamish in the ribs over the “Silent as the grave” comment. The arm/body position would tend to lead me in that direction. **Side note, clearly Detective Squeamish is unaware of the old adage that: “While everybody likes a little ass, nobody likes a smart ass.” Perhaps the Lt. Col. can be persuaded to broaden the Detectives education for him.**
    Alex, you and Adam and Veronica have given us fodder for days! Very cool. But please don’t let that statement in anyway affect any plans you might have to deliver the next update on a Friday that’s dressed up like a pretend Saturday. Everybody here would be totally understanding of an early delivery. But thank you all so much!

    • Klaus

      Those eyes. The colonel has blue eyes. I would have thouight that highly unusual for a native American.

      • Elrohir

        Recessive gene, yes. Unusual yes. Striking? Absolutely. 🙂
        Similarly I have a couple of Mexican friends with extremely striking green eyes. You never know.
        Maybe a genetic contribution from the Norsemen who came down from Hudson Bay to leave the Kensington Rune Stone? Maybe one day Alex will give us a hint.

        • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

          Or maybe a genetic contribution from some random white guy. Really, the rare thing is to meet a full-blooded Indian.

          • b3nc0

            As Elrohir said, we’re talking about recessive gene, here. So it needs 2 blue-eyed ancestors (one on each parent’s side) to have blue/clear eyes… Let’s say “some random white guys and/or gals”.
            i’ll retreat my knowitall self now

  • David Welbourn

    A trifle disappointing that we seemed to learn nothing new on this page, neither about the head nor Amanda’s powers. The new fact that “the boy” has said nothing suggests he’s in shock. If the boy is Spooky newly-returned from Hell (as seems very likely), possibly he might be mute from habit if he hasn’t spoken to another human in a year. I further suspect that tackling this silence might be how we’ll truly see our Commander-to-be’s powers in action.

    I’m also more curious about the ragged edge of the monster’s torn neck; that’s not at all a clean break as I might expect from, say, a sword slash or a rapidly-closing portal that left the rest of the body behind. This is weird thought but… maybe another demon ripped the head off with brute strength? If so, why would that have happened? Puzzling.

    • b3nc0

      Hm, didn’t see that (the neck’s edge) good point, could Spooky have ignated a fight between demons?

      Or did he make a blast of breaking his new powers in?

  • Klaus

    Usually there are about 100 comments when I get up in the morning, and another 6 or so are posted while I read them. Today only 47, and the only one that has been added since is my own. Slow day.

  • Commander and Commander Senior certainly aren’t bothered by the sight of the demon head, which makes me wonder how many things like that they’ve already seen. It also makes me wonder how much of a long game the setting up of The Young Protectors is. Probably at least as long as whatever it is Duncan’s up to (which I still very much doubt is just the immortal ruler thing).

  • bronakopdin

    ohhhhh whoooow… Mom touches THAT thing just like this but for Spooky she gets herself medical gloves?!?!??!?

    this is freaky!!!

    anyway, I’m actually soooo sorry for Amanda… but my first association for the first panel was

    … I’m a bad person …

    • SofiaT

      She was wearing the gloves before -she’s just taking them off now. 🙂

      • Sapfo

        Do not forget basic hand hygiene.

        Always wear gloves when dirty work. Dirty work means when you can come in contact with body fluids such as blood and demon slime.
        Wash hands with soap and water afterwards. Dry your hands really dry before application of hand disinfectants based on alcohol. Do not drink hand sanitizer. You will end up the hospital …. if you are lucky.

        To reduce the risk of spread of the demon slime the person shall not use rings, watches, nail polish, acrylic nails. As these increase the risk of the spread by 80%.

        • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

          The blood and demon slime should mostly have drained out of both Demon and Spooky by now.

          My uncle tells me that back in the old days, before rubber gloves, proctologists would wedge soap under their fingernails in order to keep poo from getting lodged there.

        • Elrohir

          I’m wondering how they would react at work if I printed this warning out and posted it by the entrance.
          Clearly a set of rules to live by. 🙂

      • bronakopdin

        I saw that later, too, it was just that in panel 5 this page you see the skin of her hand but no light blue from gloves, only dark blue of the heads hair so I assumed she was just drawing them on ^^’ after reviewing the last pages again I saw her wearing them of course… sigh… what all this stress in RL does to me right now is not amusing anymore 🙁

        but thanks for replying 🙂

        • b3nc0

          As the page was at first published Work In Progress (color-wise) I thought the panel 5 would have been corrected by today… Veronica might still retouch it?!

          • bronakopdin

            now I even feel bad about my comment ^^’ dear Veronika, I was not offending you >_<' it's such a small mistake and I could have just checked before!

            actually I think it's amazing how you guys make all this possible for us readers! Thanks a lot Vero, Adam and Alex!

          • No offense taken at all, bronakopdin! As Sofia mentioned, it’s helpful to be able to catch these continuity errors before going to print. I’ve let Vero know about this. 🙂


        • SofiaT

          I think that’s probably just a small detail Vero must have missed when coloring the page.

          I didn’t even notice to be honest, until you pointed it out. I guess it’s a good thing minor details like that are brought to Alex’s attention by fans, so they can be corrected before the comic goes to print. 🙂

          • bronakopdin

            that’s some kind of way to make the impression of an “not paying attention on the plot but commenting” person into an “paying attention a lot to details” one xD thanks for seeing me so positive :)))
            seriously I could have just checked before commenting ^^

  • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

    A great time to be thinking of “biosafety,” now that you’ve all been exposed to whatever woo-woo organisms were inside that thing.

  • TwilightDreamer

    wow, lol, I know she’s only been in a few pages so far, but Colonel Charleyboy is really cool. Why exactly was she getting her daughter to look though? I’m curious…

    • fujoshifanatic

      Amanda has psychic/telepathic powers of some sort, and the Colonel wanted to see if her powers could work on the head.

      • TwilightDreamer

        Thanks :)…I knew she had some sort of ability or such, I just never saw what…

  • Pikinanou

    Aaw, so they won’t hang it over their fireplace? 😛

    • b3nc0

      Maybe on their office wall in DC?

      • Kyletin

        Like a deer! 😀

  • fujoshifanatic

    Awesome page; that head is truly scary! Now we know Amanda’s powers don’t work on dead demons. Which gets me to wondering, are demons really “alive” if they live in Hell, the land of the Dead? Or are they like angels, where they are a different life form whose rules for living and dying are not based on human rules? And where do demons go when they die, since they are already in Hell? Anyway, I know these questions are not germane to the story, but these last few pages had me thinking.

    What I really want to know, is how the Colonel and Amanda will get Spooky to open up and them about what happened. Hopefully it will involve some fun snark.

    • b3nc0

      When demons die, there 3 solutions:
      – deeper Hell (then deeper-er, and so on)
      – the Nothing
      – reincarnation as a carebear

    • Klaus

      Is Hell the land of the dead? We just do not know the cosmology of the YP world.

    • JozefAL

      Bit of a leap there, dontcha think? That “Amanda’s powers don’t work on dead demons?” Do we know for sure her powers work on LIVE demons? Have her powers been shown to work on dead humans? (Sorry, I don’t recall seeing that before.)

      It’s a bit of a human-centric vanity to presume that a human telepath would automatically be able to “read” a non-human anything. Animals, after all, don’t “think” the way that humans do so why should aliens or demons? (Somehow I doubt that Amanda would have much success reading an Alien. Maybe with “The Thing”–from the sci-fi/horror film, not the FF character–Amanda would be able to determine that she wasn’t dealing with one of the humans but, that creature’s a shape-changer so if it changes form, she wouldn’t necessarily read IT as much as read the NOT-creatures.)

      As to the demons and “life and death” deal, Alex is going to have to decide how the rules work in HIS universe but it traditionally depends on where the demon “dies.” The tradition usually has it that in their native dimension (wherever it may be), a demon can’t actually die or be killed; death usually means the demon’s energy gets reformed (as in “formed again” not the “spent time in jail and is ready to be released”) after a period of time. As for dying or being killed in “our” world, tradition usually holds that the demon itself isn’t here but rather a type of spirit or avatar with a physical form (again, the rules differ; many cases that physical form remains intact, other times it evaporates–here, it’s obvious the physical form remains). Mortals, on the other hand, aren’t as lucky; if they’re physically in a demon’s realm (as Kyle and Spooky were), they can die, unless the demon intervenes (think of it like the Greek myth of Prometheus where he was punished by having his liver eaten out every day only for it to grow back at night) but if they send a “projection,” like an astral form, and that is killed, the person still at home will usually suffer only a bit of a shock (unless we’re looking at special rules such as those in the Elm Street movies–where if you die in your dream, you die for real).

      • Elrohir

        Interesting, but as somebody suggested perhaps it was just to make sure that BriE (to use @admiraljane:disqus definitions) was “Really most sincerely dead!”?
        As for being able to read a live Demon, interesting question too. I see Demons falling into two general categories:
        1. Those who do not appear to possess human speech. And in this case your point is well taken.
        2. Those who seem to be able to converse in human speech. In which case if the though processes exist to form human speech why wouldn’t Amanda be able to read them?
        In David Weber’s “The War God’s Own” they make a similar case that Demons can’t ever really be destroyed. Only banished for a time. So perhaps that is true of the Demons in the YP universe as well. We’ll have to see what Alex says or more likely “implies” over time. 🙂
        Thought provoking post. Nice.

    • WilmRoget

      “And where do demons go when they die,”

      They come here. Frequently, they end up as politicians, insurance salespeople, and telephone solicitors. They usually do more than enough evil in life to get sent back to Hell. But not as demons again, but damned humans, and so the tormentors become the tormented. Some eventually evolve into back into demons by preying on other damned, repeating the cycle.

      Though the cycle, some evil is permanently dissipated and lost, so that existence itself slowly becomes less evil and more perfect. It is the metaphysical equivalent of the heat death the universe will experience ultimately, but while the physical universe will be infinitely dead, the metaphysical will be infinitely alive.

      • *chris’ head explodes, but in a cool and appreciative way*

        • Sapfo

          Picking up the pieces of Chris’s head and glue them together again. Chris hubbie would not be happy about Chris head was not whole.

    • “…where do demons go when they die…”

      Have you ever been to Las Vegas and seen that old man or woman in a motorized chair, on oxygen, sitting in front of a slot machine. And they are at that same slot machine when you arrive? And every time you walk through the casino, still there? And, even still there when you leave…

      You find yourself wondering if there was ever a time they weren’t there… only moving enough to put quarters in the machine and pull that handle… other than moving their oxygen mask to the side, just enough to light a new cigarette…

      THAT IS A DEAD DEMON… just gone one step deeper into hell.

      Hope that helps… XD

  • *sneaks in, doing the walk of shame* … I forgot camping o_o

    I was exhausted yesterday but that’s no excuse. I literally forgot camping and fell asleep around the time I’d usually start to camp. I’ve even been awake for two hours before it suddently struck me that I had missed something since it’s saturday afternoon.
    This is unheard off! One thing is doing it on purpose, skipping a camp, another is forgetting it xD

    • b3nc0

      Don’t know if I should acknowledge you… But you’re contrite so here’s a hug to better appreciate this first spring page (✿づ◠‿◠)づ

      edit: and as I only camp on wednesdays, can I really say anything?

    • Simba

      I’m not much better… I showed up for camping but then fell asleep. 🙁

    • ….So that is what happened…

    • Oh the shame, the shame. The once proud predator that I remember is now at least 20 years old and, thus, past her prime hunting days. I remember the days of yore, when “sleeping through a camp” was unheard of for the mighty Danish Wolf. Ah well, it was bound to happen. Nature and time can’t be argued with. 😀

      Soon the pack will turn on her and look for a new Virgin Pack Alpha. Don’t worry tired wolf. You have friends here and we will make sure you get shared an occasional treat, so you don’t go hungry. Nature is hard. I’m sure Doki and Holly will occasionally throw us old ones Virgin scraps to keep us from starving. .

      I’ve retired from hunting, so I understand how you must feel. HOWEVER, we do still have the mighty Sapfo who is still in fine hunting form. We’ll see how it goes. But the young pack members are close on everyone’s heels as noted by Doki’s fine capture last night. The YOUNG ARE COMING!

      *done being daft, chris stops trying to talk in a Darth Vader voice*

      So, anyway, godmorgen Danish. Nice to see you. XD

      • Sapfo

        No, no! you are not over-dramatize this. Not at all.

        Does this mean I too will soon be to old for virgin hunting?

        • ….I think I would call Chris’s judgement into question here. Now I am flattered that he called me young, but the truth is I am going to be 30+1 this year. I wouldn’t really call that young.

          • I’m not being condescending when I say you are just starting your adventure… and other than the fact that it takes a lot longer to get over a hangover after 40… (ahem) it does all get better and better as you go.

            But yes you are just a young one… and that’s grand. Hey, I still call my mom when I want someone to call me her little boy and remind me I’m still a youngun… You know just to keep it in perspective!

            They’re all good years until Spooky rips your head off, I say. So let’s be happy! XD

          • 😛

          • (✿づ◠‿◠)づ

        • NOPE…. not a bit… until you SLEEP THROUGH CAMPING! Sleep more important than the hunt? (I’m kidding) OMG. The horror!!!

          I’m sure you have many good years left in you and I’d call you just a “little girl” but then I’d have to run for my life! HA!

          Teach the new hunters well Sapfo, but I can tell that Danish (The Great White Wolf) won’t go down easy… she’s not done yet. XD

          • Sapfo

            You better run old man!
            “Little girl” my ass! 😉

            I thought Danish and I might have taught you a few tricks. I am ready for the next generation. Do you thing Picard will join if we ask him? o.O

          • For you! Jean Luc will probably do anything you want. LOL.

          • Sapfo

            Yay! ^_^
            (The reason why I think bald men are good looking!)

      • LMAO.. Godmorgen (now godaften), you really know how to say it and you retired from hunting? HA! Sneaky you coming from behind twice recently.
        And this ‘old’ wolf won’t go down easy. Even with the young ones trying to take over 😉 I hope Safo can handle them in the almost 2 weeks in May where I won’t be there for camps – as I’ll be in US instead 😀

        • Where at in the US Danish?

          • Going to a wedding in Iowa. Well technically the wedding is taking place in Nebraska but I’ll be staying in Sioux City, Iowa.

          • I went to college with a girl from Nebraska. She was in my freshman seminar (Which was the history of Ireland). For the longest time, I don’t know why, I couldn’t remember her name, just that she was from Nebraska. I asked if it was ok to call her that…as soon as she said it was okay, I had no trouble remembering her real name. >.<

        • You know that just put’s you closer to Alex’s time zone… hunting might be even easier. Take note Doki… you have a challenge coming. “Much to learn have you!” LOL. (a little Yoda for you)

          Let me just close by calmly saying *chris waves his arms and runs about house madly* RUN FOR YOUR LIVES THERE’S A WOLF COMING TO AMERICA!!!!! XD

          • The hunt is better when there is competition.

          • *pouts*.. but sadly I don’t have my own Ipad or laptop, or anything like that (not even internet on my phone), so I’d have to borrow one of the others computer *snif*.. and then be asocial for a couple of hours. Staying with the bride to be, the future hubby and 3 other of our friends in an apartment xD
            So hunting will be hard, but I’m gonna check the updates for sure. 10-12 days without computer access would drive me bonkers LOL

            *points down*.. I just told Doki where I’d be staying, so you know what area to avoid 😉

        • Elrohir

          Many of us are aware of the ancient truth:
          “Old age and treachery will beat youth and skill every time.”
          And those who do will not underestimate the “old wolf”. 🙂

      • Elrohir

        Darth Vader voice? And here I thought I was hearing the voice of Akela describing the Law of the Jungle to young Mowgli “We be of one blood, you and I”

  • Okaay..something is clearly not being told from the detectives side. That glance they share in panel 6 and Parker’s ‘silent as the grave’ comment in panel 4 has me wondering what we’re going to see when they go to meet Spooky >.>

    Good thing that Amanda is a telepath here. They won’t need him to say anything out loud to get an answer. A breach of privacy, yes, but probably needed to get this whole mess sorted out if Spooky isn’t ready to talk at all.
    I wonder how much Spooky has ‘leaned’ on Amanda at first when they got frined, or if Spooky is about to completely surprise us in some way.

    As a telepath Amanda could be one Spooky is trusting faster, because she’s the one who will get (from seeing) more of what he’s been through, or the one he might resent at first for that same reason.

    • b3nc0

      Could there possibly be a mother-daughter combined hug-attack on Spooky after the first telepathic glimpse Amanda transfers to lieute-Mom-colonel?

    • Wayne Lunkwitz

      Also,Spooky could “share” without having to physically speak, which might also be easier for him.

    • Elrohir

      @DanishWolf:disqus Thank you for bringing up the idea around using Amanda for a Telepathic interview. I wonder though, how much control she has? A common thread in describing such gifts is the difficulty in blocking out thoughts/voices you don’t want to hear. But I should also think the ability to decide how deep you read. Surface thoughts are one thing, but the corners of most minds are filled with things I think people would rather not have known.
      So to your point on a “breach of privacy”, I think it’s a significant danger. Most people, I believe, harbor that reserve that says if somebody really knew what we were like on the inside they wouldn’t or couldn’t love us or accept us. I suspect that’s why one of the strong reactions people have when they find love/acceptance is amazement and wonder. So, if a 13 yr old Spooky got taken to a Hell and had to endure there for a year, with “monsters doing what monsters do”, and then hopefully as a 14 yr old (I’m sticking to this thread Alex until you make me give it up) taking some “Spooky Payback” on the way out and bringing the head of the key to his gate back with him; how would he react to somebody being able to “read” that from him? How would any of us?
      **Note: I’m re-reading Lackey’s “Magic’s Pawn” at the moment…umm…because @dokidokibaka:disqus pushed me into it…yeah…that’s the reason…and so my views may be slightly colored by the concepts in her story.**
      But then I think to myself the obverse side of that coin, is that somebody who could read that in him and could begin at least to understand what he went through might be the only salvation for him. Does Telepathy time run concurrent with real time? Or could Amanda “fast read” Spooky’s “year in Hell” by somehow absorbing the memories? How would she rationalize them? How would she react? Would Spooky be able to differentiate between a negative reaction by Amanda to what was done TO him from a negative reaction to his “involvement”? Will there be a healing hug? Would Spooky allow physical touch at this point? Would he trust it? Would the ability to Telepathically interview allow a two way street of sorts so that he could properly read Amanda’s reactions and find trust?
      Argggh! Will Alex ever create a storyline where I don’t run into far more questions than answers? Will my heart withstand the rigors of Alex’s clearly formed intent to put us through multiple cliffhangers in a week? 🙂
      Seriously Alex, I really do love how this community builds and ebbs and flows in discussion around the storyline and its art. So, if any of the above sounded like “petty carping” I trust you’ll view it with a kind interpretation of a group who is completely wound up in a story. Because I’m fairly certain that’s the explanation. And…umm…can it be Wednesday now?

      • Good questions… one and all. However I can answer only one…

        “Will Alex ever create a storyline where I don’t run into far more questions than answers?”

        In my personal experience… NO! 🙂

        • Elrohir

          WOW, when you take a stance you don’t believe in leaving any wiggle room do you?

      • None of this comes off as “petty carping” to me, Elrohir. I really like all the questions you’re raising. They’re good ones and it’s a lot of fun for me as always to see how you’re engaging with the work. Thank you. 🙂

      • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

        Elrohir, you bring up some great points.

        As someone with a little bit of psychic talent, I love your point about not necessarily picking up what you want to hear. It’s very frustrating when you’re trying to listen to one thing, and something else is shouting over it. When I’m not reading from cards, just picking up on what’s already there, it’s not so bad, I can usually ask the loud ones to shut up for a bit. But this is especially problematic for me when I do card readings for people, and this is actually the reason I’ll do a reading of myself, followed by several blank readings (no specific person) before I’m ready to read my target. The reading for myself is really just getting my brain where it needs to be, the blank readings just kind of ‘clear the cards’.

        Definitely, there is an issue of breach of privacy to think about with the kind of psychic abilities shown in entertainment media – less so with Psych where they’re showing someone who cold-reads with an eidetic memory.

        I sure wouldn’t want to know another person’s deepest and darkest, because I know my own are not the sort of thing to be shared.

        You’re right to bring up the rationalization process a psychic might have to go through to make sense of what they see too. I have to do that a lot – I often see abstracts that don’t always make sense at first glance. It’s only as I get more experience with reading folks, and talking to my spirit guides, that I’m getting good at interpreting what I’m seeing. Like any ability, it requires a little practice/experience to learn how to do it well.

  • Simba

    Maybe the Mom Commander was using Baby Commander (don’t tell her I said that) to see if the head was 100% dead before shipping it somewhere to be processed. How many horror movies start with an alien or monster that is assumed to be dead and eats the medical/science team trying to dissect it? She’s a smart lady.

    • Yeahh.. I still kinda hoped the eyes would blink just once 😉

      • b3nc0

        Or some tongue flickering ;°p

        • Has anyone named it yet? It’s so cute.

          • I wonder if GFE will toss (what’s the key’s name?) aside and fall in love with this pretty purple princess? Such mysteries and romance. Ahhhhhhh……. XD

          • Sapfo

            The keys name is Clave….wait….WHAT!!!
            No that would never happen!
            George and Clave are like made for eachother.

          • How about Betsy?

          • Pikinanou

            It looks like a Marvin to me…

          • Alex did. It’s in the page notes. “Bright Eyes” So pretty.

          • Betsy is better.

          • Nuh uh. BriE

          • HA!

      • Wayne Lunkwitz

        Would have been interesting if it would have reacted as if it didn’t need it’s body to exist.

  • b3nc0
  • bobbyjoeguy

    Can I please have a Bright Eyes handbag? Thanks.


      Take note please. I think “BRIGHT EYES” handbags, backpacks and totes could be the next big thing.

      I’m with bobbyjoeguy. I’ll pre-order. XD

      • bobbyjoeguy

        I was thinking instead of opening at the top, that you would store and retrieve items from the mouth that would have a clever hidden latch shaped like teeth. If only i could sew, I would make myself one! 🙁

    • Klaus

      Stretch goal for the next kickstarter?

  • Once again Alex you give us a beautifully crafted page that takes us another step on our bonus journey.

    Actually, I think is two gifts (two gifts, two gifts in one, LOL). We’re getting to know Amanda, her mother and soon (I hope) young Spooky. And I find myself constantly bouncing each new page against the characters and what I already know when we left off the main story IN REAL TIME. Thus the main story changes in my mind also. So each bonus page is like getting two ‘adjustments’ in my mind at once. That’s just double the fun.

    And supreme compliments to Adam & Veronica for taking a seemingly simple page and making it alive and special.

    Oh I promise I’ll bitch about something, be all cranky and acerbic in one of these posts… one day. But, today isn’t the day. I was a happy lad in the morgue with you all.

    I like “Bright Eyes”. AlexHumor™ is functioning smoothly in spite of a busy week. So, no worries. LOL. She’s just got that swell demon joie de mort. I think you have pre-named her well. Our little purple people eater was someone’s pretty princess, that’s for sure. *chris wipes a tear* But… never mind.

    OMG I love P#1 — You guys have reached a new high in playing with framing. The way both Bright Eyes and Amanda break a ‘frame’ which almost isn’t a frame. I know others, such as davefragments, already noted this feature nicely, but I just WANNA repeat it, ’cause it’s yummy. The contrast between the wonderfully institutional morgue environment background and that vibrant purple head and arm (that breaks two frames) is just great.

    Sofia rocked when she said, “comic 3D”, cause if that’s not right, I don’t know what is. I also like that Bright Eyes is out further than Amanda so that she’s looking out more toward us. Great composition. Thus we really get that great expression on Amanda’s face. I don’t know what mom is hoping she’ll ‘pick up’, but her concentration is so clear. I can ‘feel’ her talent reaching out and trying to ‘read’ something.

    Compliments to Adam and Veronica, I know it’s not easy to age a character up or down and keep them looking identifiably like themselves, but IMHO you guys have done a great job with Amanda. She is not only hugely appealing, she has just that right look for a smart serious 16 year old who is out to prove herself. I can so remember feeling that way at that age and wanting to be thought an ‘adult’ and yet I see the lady in her young face. Check out Amanda at 22 in the last panel on this page…

    Really well done. Compliments! Oh and since I was back snooping… just look at the boys in the last couple of panels of this one…

    …and tell me if they are not the most adorbs bunch of pups you’ve ever seen. Cute boys one and all. Not to mention that Amanda’s off-screen “NO” (outlined in RED, no less) is hysterical. (Sorry, I digress, cute boy addiction issues).

    P#2,3,4 — Tons of info packed into a small space. I know someone regretted that we didn’t get further on this page. And I sympathize because I want to get to young Spooky just as badly. Still, I was reminded of the difficulty in balancing the flow for the screen today and then the eventual Graphic Novel. I’d imagine that this info-page gives us a lot of detail in a short space. So that when we do reach Spooky we know more what to expect. I don’t need a full page of Spooky being silent. I’ve just been told that he’s “silent as the grave.” by Det. Doof. (who clearly thinks he’s funny).

    P#5 — Just love the angle. That is not easy compositional work and A&V, I thank you for the effort and for letting us really see the layout of all the items, including the box the head was in… Ewwwwwwww… So it doesn’t ‘drip’ demon-juice on Dr. Baker’s nice steel tray…S-L-I-D-E. Nice.

    P#6&7 — Love mom taking over again. She really is cool, and that final expression of hers in the last panel is more knowing than anyone’s. If anyone has any idea what it means for a 14 year old kid to be found naked walking around holding Bright Eye’s head… mom may have an idea and it CAN’T be good. Although I have to admit that Tutt and Parker’s expressions in the background are really funny. They are outta their league and they know it, but so funny. Love it.

    Alex, Adam & Veronica thank you so much for another page like this. This could so easily have been a business as usual information page, but you all really made the extra effort and it’s art as always and more special than one should expect. Thank you all so much for that. God I hope my little nephew is gay, because then I can buy this book for him. Of course the GN is so good, that by the time he’s old enough to know, he won’t even care about who is gay and who isn’t. That’s a really nice thought.

    Oh and because it’s knee-jerk habit… “Is it Wednesday yet?” 😀

    • I am going to call her BriE. 😀

      Lovely feed back as always, Mr. Dangerfield. Not much else to say. 🙂

      • I knew a Bree at Uni… she wasn’t nearly so pretty as our Bright Eyes… but BriE works nicely. Thank you!

        • I was thinking a little of the cheese. It’s all a matter of taste. For some it’s too strong and others, what a delightful morsel. 😛

          • It is heaven on a cracker, and probably just what our young Spooky needs right now… with a really good glass of wine… BUT NOT DUNCAN’S Montrachet… we saw where that took us. LOL.

            What? Wait? Do 14 year-olds like wine with cheese and crackers or am I just OLD?

            Erm… don’t answer that. It was meant to be rhetorical… (NO not rectal, rehetorical. Oh for pete’s sake it’s all in Wikipedia.) XD

          • Elrohir

            Old? No Elf would ever call you old! A mere stripling youth, in fact! 🙂
            The adaptation of taste buds seems to vary so much among humans. Some kids take to wine even as young as 2 or 3, stealing sips from adult glasses (or so family stories go). And cheese is always an individual taste, though personally I love a lot of varieties. Had a particularly good Wisconsin the other day, Bella Vitano from Sartori. Ah…excuse the digression.
            But old? No lad, you are most emphatically NOT old. And in spirit still a youth I think. Certainly true in heart by all appearances. 🙂

          • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

            It’s true, cultural exposure has a lot to do with your preferred food tastes. I was eating bitter and spicy foods at a very young age, thanks to England’s importation of Indian cuisine. Heck, I was eating food food at a very young age – darn lactose sensitivity!

            But, cultural exposure aside, in the broadest of strokes, young children gravitate toward sweet and fatty because natural foodstuffs with that flavor profile have a lot of the building blocks they need for growth, and are very energy dense. Similarly, children steer clear of most bitter flavors because, again in the most broad and general of terms, bitter natural foods often indicate a certain level of toxicity (for example, most bitter berries, fruits, and insects are at least mildly toxic to humans).

            Most folks living in a modernized, industrialized setting don’t have the exposure to toxic foods that people in some ‘primitive’ cultures do, but the pathways are still there in the brain because the people who weren’t hardcoded with that survival instinct ate something toxic and died before being old enough to reproduce, or they didn’t grow enough to be able to compete on an equal footing for a mate.

            And no, no-one’s ever old, they’re just experienced 😉

          • Don’t forget the choice of baked brie with a compote of fruit and nuts on top.

            Of course at 14, one should not have wine, cheese or no.

    • Thank you for another wonderful analysis, Chris. 🙂

      More than even the regular updates, this Bonus Comic was always meant to be read in book form so I am sympathetic to those readers who might sometimes want more “meat” on an individual page. But, as with all my comics work, there is never meant to be any “filler”—every page, every panel is there for a reason—and it’s a great pleasure to have that seen and commented on so eloquently. 🙂

    • Elrohir

      Chris, only through my read once so far. But thanks for giving me lots more grist for the mill!

      **The wheels of Elrohir’s head grind slow, but they grind…ummm…well actually, they grind slow.”**

      But to your note about the time your nephew will come of age, I am partial to this concept from Josh Hutcherson;

    • Klaus

      Great analysis as always. I just want to point out that we have not two but three characters breaking the frame. If you can call a head a character.

  • Well, my mother is going to be taking me to work with her tonight because I have had chest pains for about 21 hours now and my heart is out of rhythm again, which means my pulse has slowed down quite a bit. Hopefully all they need to is give me the meds they did last time and I will be fine. I just wanted to let you guys know I might be away for a bit.

    • Elrohir

      @dokidokibaka:disqus Take good care and I hope you’re home safe soon.

      • I wasn’t even there for 24 hours. Not too fond of the ER guy. But with the exception of one of the nurses, the people in the Chest Pain Center were awesome. ^_^ It wasn’t that she was bad…I just preferred dealing with the others. The night nurses in the CPC were both guys and the day crew were girls…0.o….wondering if that is coincidence?

        If it wasn’t bad enough that mother felt it nesecary to take to the hospital, when they moved me from the ER to the CPC (roughly 4 hours after arriving) they let me use the ladies room before getting all hooked up again……well let me just say there was much cussing on my part…like chest pains weren’t enough, now I would have to deal with cramps too….Apparently my luck the past few days would fall under “Abysmal”.
        This morning was fun….
        Nurse: Any chest pains?
        Me: If I have had any I haven’t felt them over cramps…can I have some Midol?
        This conversation I had at least twice. Midol was a no, but they gave me something for the cramps. I was actually able to take a nap after that…fell deep enough asleep that one of the doctors scared the heck out of me when he came in.

        Sometimes my heart will do this bigeminy (and sometimes there has been trigeminy) thing, and most of the time when that happens my heart rate will slow down….A LOT. Most of the time I don’t feel any different when it happens, you can only really tell when there is a dip in my pulse rate. (When my mother visited me this morning she was watching the screen and said “Your pulse just went down, you might be going into bigeminy again.” Sure enough a moment later, it went bigeminy. I think it is the chest pains that always(?) come with them that gets me in trouble.

        (I have noticed that it is almost becoming a pattern….I first went to the hospital over the issue in 2010, the next time 2012, and this time 2014, so far I am ending up in the hospital every 2 years over it….)

        My blood was all good, the chest x-rays were good (I assume because they didn’t seem to tell me any issues), blood pressure all good (funnily enough BP is never a problem…), Dr G said that since I was young and he did certain tests last time and I don’t have any bad lung habits, he didn’t feel like I needed to have those done again. He didn’t renew the prescriptions he gave me last time. But I am on a heart monitor for 30 days. ^_^

        And a weird thing about Dr G, his last name is Mexican/Spanish sounding, but looks Asian. You would think that is a significant enough difference to pop out in your head for me to remember him, but no, took me by surprise AGAIN……I really have a bad memory….

        This is some information about bigeminy: reflects a slightly abnormal heart rhythm that is usually of no
        serious concern in the absence of other cardiovascular disease. This condition describes a state where your heart alternates one “normal” beat with one “premature” beat. As you are probably aware, the heart contains cells capable of initiating electrical activity, which are necessary for enabling coordinated heart contractions. While these cells are contained throughout the heart, the sinus node is typically the place where these electrical impulses begin. The term “normal sinus rhythm” describes the normal beating of the heart, where electrical impulses originate in the sinus node (SA node), travel through the atria and atrioventricular node (AV node), and terminate in the ventricles.
        Premature beats occur when either the atria or the ventricle initiate their own electrical impulse before receiving the impulse from the sinus node. The term “bigeminy” is typically used to describe when normal sinus beats alternate with premature ventricular beats.

        All of us at one time or another experience occasional premature heartbeats. In isolation, these are not usually reason for concern. It is useful, however, to have an understanding of what can precipitate premature heartbeats, including bigeminal heart rhythms. Increasing age, tension, anxiety, overeating, exercise, and stimulants such as caffeine, tobacco, alcohol, and over-the-counter decongestants are all associated with greater frequency of premature heartbeats. Medical conditions may include an overactive thyroid and/or abnormal electrolytes, such as low potassium and magnesium levels. Even prescription medications, like diuretics, can deplete potassium and
        magnesium levels in the normal course of treatment for high blood pressure and cause increased numbers of premature beats.

        Finally, various forms of cardiovascular disease always need to be considered whenever you have any type of irregular heartbeat. Premature ventricular beats may occur after suffering a heart attack or having compromised overall heart function, which occurs in the setting of heart
        failure. Premature beats in these settings need to be evaluated carefully because they can signal a person at high risk for experiencing sudden cardiac death. Echocardiogram, cardiac catheterization, and electrophysiology studies are all potentially helpful to further delineate a person’s risk for sudden death in the presence of frequent premature beats.

        In the absence of identifiable causes, premature beats, including bigeminy, are not typically treated. If a predisposing factor can be identified, treating or eliminating the predisposing factor usually reduces or eliminates the abnormal heart rhythm.

        And this is what wikipedia says:

    • b3nc0

      BAKA‼ Gotta keep your doki-doki in track… ;°)
      Was that the origin of your alias, previous heart rythm issue? Like a conjuration of sort? sorry if you’ve already broached this in previous discussion andor site
      In all seriousness, praying for the most prompt and complete of recovery ღ

      • ^_^ No, the dokidoki wasn’t because of my heart problems. It was my roundabout way of calling myself an otaku. ^_^

        Thank you for your concern. ^_^

        • b3nc0

          You? An otaku?? I’d never have guessed with a Yoite avatar?!… ^^’

          • ^_^ He and Miharu are my favorite characters…along with Shijima. My avatar before him was Kyoya. mmmmm Kyoya…so deliciously kind and loyal yet evil and devious. And that one smile he gets, that if you see it you know you should run, gives me the most lovely shivers. ^_^ My only problem with Kyoya is that I ship him with both Haruhi and Kaoru…in the last few volumes of the manga I think there is definitely Kyoya/Kaoru chemistry. ^_^

  • Jac

    Last page: “Anything?”

    First panel: “… Well m’am, it appears to be a big purple monster with a lot of eyes and very sharp teeth.”

    • Jac

      And to add:

      “Silent as the grave.”


  • Elrohir

    And I believe that would be the sound of the bonus page for May 14th falling.
    You know…just so the Alex/Adam/Veronica team can plan. 🙂

  • Jac

    The next page should be interesting indeed.

  • Sargon

    I just realized, Spooky!! He mentioned that he was stuck in hell. Why did it take me this long to realize it???

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Because sometimes we just overlook things. Seriously. It’s like, back when Annihilator had finished with using Kyle to make his Deal with Laampros and was taking his leave, the comments section was full of speculation about how Kyle would contact his teammates. Was there a still-working telephone at the burnt out warehouse Kyle could use? Would Anni dump Kyle at a random town where he could make a call? As it turned out Kyle had his fire-proof communicator with him, and he just picked it up off the floor. And we were all staring google eyed or facepalming and going “How could we have not thought about something as obvious as a superteam communicator?”

      Occasionally missing the obvious is just something that happens, y’know.

      • Yes I remember I had the brilliant: two dixie cups connected by string theory… it was close… but no cigar. 😛

  • DING…. We crossed the green bar! Our supply of Wednesday pages is still protected from the evil forces of the universe. You guys all are so awesome. Thanks. Okay I get happy… sue me. LOL.

    • Elrohir

      @chrisdangerfield:disqus I’ll be sure and ask the @admiraljane:disqus for a ruling but I’m pretty certain there is no cap on the amount of celebrating we’re allowed to do about bonus pages. Special Admiral’s dispensation or something I think. 🙂
      Besides, not being the veteran around these parts that you are my post was kind of “Stealth” in that I forgot about the DING format. 🙂
      Please! Continue celebrating the glorious news!
      **Elrohir <== A bit slow sometimes, but can be trained.**

  • Adam Irving

    Gods! I think I’ve spent half the day wanting to make a comment about this great page, then realizing I couldn’t, and searching high and low over my new computer to figure out what precisely was blocking Disqus…grrrr. And of course, I find the solution about two minutes AFTER I send Alex a “help me Obi-Wan, you’re my only hope!” message…oye. It’s been so long since I’ve truly had a new computer, I forgot all the phone it can be to set everything from the ground up. I need to write the solution down again, just in case…

    Oh, and what a great page! I’m not going to articulate this well, but I love that there is a distinct “feel” to these pages that’s different than the normal ones. It’s like there’s a slight patina of flashback or something. I can’t tell whether it’s color choice, clothing, speech, or some ineffable combination. Whatever it is, I like that it’s giving an identity all it’s own. Well done, all!

  • Sapfo

    I blam you, Alex Woolfson, for putting that song in my head!…
    Bright Eyes, Burning like fire…

    And that´s makes me think of Watership Down…
    Bright eyes, How can you close and fail?…

    And then I think of all the hardship they when through. All those poor rabbits…
    How can the light that burned so brightly. Suddenly burn so pale? Bright eyes…

    The part the most stands out is then they where in General Woundwort part. Fiver telling everyone there are bones in tha walls (I think?). That book always made me cry.

    Oh well, it might be good that this Bright Eyes don´t get my feelings up as much. It might even look like he/she is smiling… is you tilt your head to the left that is. And all those eyes, must eat a lot of carrots…..

  • Takehai

    So, some of my thoughts on what we have learned on this page. As some have mentioned so far, Amanda was likely brought along to attempt to get a read off this demon head, likely to get a story on what happened, where it came from, etc. I think that would be because, as hinted at by Lt. Col. Charleyboy, the Pentagon has some real concern whether this is herald of an invasion of this dimension/the country by a demonic force. Something the Pentagon would be interested enough in to send out an investigator to determine. In a world where super-beings have laws regulating who should where a mask, and teams are either government or corporate sponsored, I’m pretty sure they would have a branch of the Pentagon to specifically track and deal with metahuman and supernatural threats to the country.

    “The Boy” that was found carrying the head has got to be Spooky. Who has not spoken since he was found. Some have speculated that is because of trauma. Which might be part of it, since he is still pretty young. But I’m thinking they is another big factor here: Suspicion and Caution. He’s just spent a year in a Hell dimension. And survived. One of the things I would develop would be a healthy amount of suspicion and caution over things that were too good to be true. As he has mentioned, the demons of the dimension would try to screw with his head by making him believe things that weren’t true. So it suddenly looks like he has finally made it home to the real world. Or has he? If I were him I’d be suspicious that this was just another fantasy perpetrated by the demons of the dimension to make him believe he was home so he would let down his guard.

    Whose to say that haven’t tried that before? It’s a classic deception, after all. Oh, you’ve been banished to Hell. You are tortured and tormented day in and day out. You have been taunted and teased with hints that there was some sort of relief available, only to have it snatched away at the last moment. Then you wake up one day, and you are home: it was just a bad dream, and you never really left. Only to find that fantasy brutally ripped away when you let down your guard.

    I would think after a time, to stay sane and keep from giving in completely to them, he would stop believing anything his senses told him. He may be remaining silent to prevent giving any hint away of any vulnerability that could be used against him. That’s what I believe may be happening here. Any one have any different thoughts?

    • This is really smart!

    • Elrohir

      Remind me not to be in a prison/interrogation run by you! But I like the premise of your discussion. Maybe he doesn’t know who or whether to trust yet. It seems probable that they would have done this to him before.
      **You now have me remembering the scene from GoT where Theron Greyjoy is led to believe that they’ve escaped only to be led back into the same dungeon. Talk about breaking one’s morale.**

      • Takehai

        Meh. Can’t say I’d be that good at interrogation. I’m pretty good at imagining things or putting myself in others’ shoes to figure out what they may be thinking, however. It does help if you know more about that person, or it is a character of your own creation. I’ve spent so many years doing tabletop RPG’s and LARPs, it kind of comes naturally now. Plus, I do a little writing on my own. Nothing published, but it kind of a hobby for me.

        • Well based on how interesting your post was, I’ll bet your writing is very intriguing, but I don’t know if I could survive the suspense of not knowing if your character really escapes or it’s just a set up and a mind game. Yikes.

          I suspect I’d be in pieces by chapter three. LOL. Great thoughts. Thanks.

    • DC

      That makes me think would someone who had just discovered their powers be reluctant to tell the authorities. But maybe not, because in this world it so far seems that having powers is accepted as a good thing and not something to be ostracized for.

    • Very nicely thought out, Takehai. 🙂

      • Takehai

        Thank you! Coming from you, that is indeed high praise!

  • vessto

    Great suspense!!! I wonder what results would give a poll “Will Spooky be the found boy”.:D

  • Vincent

    Kicked ass on his way out of hell and took a souvenir with him. Gotta love Spooky.

    • Valja

      Ah! xD I bet he stays silent because he feels offended – they took away the precious souvenir he’s literally FOUGHT for…

  • Valja

    Oh yeah, let’s go meet the Spoo-the kid, I mean. Still don’t know if it’s him we’re going to meet… Though I sure hope he is 🙂
    And I admit I don’t envy Amanda here… If she’s gonna meet a Spooky freshly escaped from Hell, imagine what kind of horrible memories she’ll read in his mind. I know she’s strong and everything (she’s just examined a demon head up close without even a blink) and sure Spooky’s the one who’s had the hardest time, but she’s still a girl… And if she sees what’s happened to the boy…
    Mh, let’s say I’d need sleeping pills for at least a week. Damn sure.

    • b3nc0

      If the kid is still prone to being nekkit, at first, one might envy Amanda meeting him… Then he must also have some horrible, horrible physical memorabilia (°Д°)
      So, could you tell me your doctor’s phone, I’ll need some of those pills too?

  • davefragments

    I number of pages ago I quoted grand opera. . .

    this page reminds me of THE STAGE:

    Specifically – CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF:

    “What’s that smell in this room? Didn’t you notice it, Brick? Didn’t you notice a powerful and obnoxious odor of mendacity in this room?… There ain’t nothin’ more powerful than the odor of mendacity… You can smell it. It smells like death.”

    • HA! Awesome, and the penalty for authorial mendacity is?????

      See I’m a staunch believer that as tricky as Alex can be, he is not an author who uses tricks without purpose… so, I do not believe we’ll be going to see the skateboard kid who broke his ankle by accident. Then, LC Charleyboy looks at Tutt & Doofer and says… (bleep) “WTF?”

      At which point they’d look at each other and check their clip boards and say, “Ooops, wrong room.” And we’d all have to come back on Friday night. Nope, even if it’s NOT Spooky tonight, I do NOT believe it will end in authorial MENDACITY, please god no Mr. Fragments, (Big Daddy would not forgive it). END OF DAYS. Riots in the streets. People demanding extra page money back. Huge mess.

      *chris shakes his head in horror at the mere thought*

      Now, Maggie The Cat might say: “One of those no-neck monsters hit me with some ice cream. Their fat *purple* heads sit on their fat little bodies without a bit of connection… You can’t wring their necks if they got no necks to wring. Isn’t that right, honey? … Think of it, they’ve got five monsters and number six comin’ up.”

      If that happens tonight, you may email your concerns to Alex with my blessing and full support. 🙂

      • davefragments

        I didn’t expect that.
        Seriously? That’s your reading? I don’t need an answer to that because you did type it and I did read it. OK.

        But, I only meant that I thought that Amanda and Colonel Charleyboy were not telling all that they knew about the demon’s head and I think that they may also know more about where Spooky might have been than the local LEO’s.

        • Oh poop. Sorry, no harm meant. THAT was my second guess. ‘Doh. Everyone has been wondering if we’re going to see Spooky tonight, so I made a guess… the wrong one. Please excuse my moment of silly, and have a swell evening.

          • davefragments

            That’s OK. I took the surface intent that Tutt and Parker were angry at having military brass farting around their case, not that they were duplicitous about what they found. It could be an interesting twist in the plot lines. {Spooky saves Colonel Charleyboy when Tutt and Parker get possessed by their demons.} However, I suspect that the story of Spooky is the story of his readjustment back to being so normal. And that he will be saved by Amanda in some manner. . . You realize that It had to have been a shock to him to learn Kyle was forcibly taken to the hell dimension and fondled by Laampros. A look back on the bad-old-times.

          • Indeed… I’m sorry (ouch) that was my second thought and I just guessed, not being quite sure, but it’s a good summation. I can’t wait for tonights page to see what we shall see. Thanks.

  • I was sitting at my computer earlier today with the window open to keep the room cool. It was a cloudy day and when I heard a “wooooosh” I though it was going to be rain. …..Nope not rain…

    Apparently it was going this all day:

    ….take note of the time stamps on those pics…

  • EMR has updated! and don’t forget that it is two pages!

    For those that have yet to read EMR and would like something to occupy your time while waiting for TYP to update, you can begin reading the story here:

    Enjoy! ^_^

    • KryX

      I don’t know if anyone has posted this comic link before, but is helps me get through waiting for TYP updates.

      • TJ and Amal is indeed a great comic. ^_^ It is a shame it is almost over though. 🙁

      • Thank you. New things are always much appreciated.

  • Here are a picture from the 21st and the sunset on the 23rd (I was in the hospital on the 22nd so I have no idea what it looked like).

    Here are last night’s sunset pictures….the clouds were amazing.

    Because of the weather we have had today, I wasn’t expecting to get any pictures tonight, but this set I am thinking of calling “Hide and Seek”

  • *has a feeling that since the pages have been coming up late people are showing up late to camp….and then Alex is going to get one up early and surprise everyone* Anyone here for camping?

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I’m here! Back from Florida to the snow.

      • Yay! *hugs* How was your conference?

        I was seriously about to fall asleep. 🙁

        • stickfigurefairytales

          It was really good, thanks! And then I got to go to Disney World after! (Aw, I’m sorry that you were falling asleep.)

          • Did you get to see Donald? Every time I have gone, I have run into everyone BUT Donald….

          • stickfigurefairytales

            I saw him in passing at Epcot, but I did not meet him personally.

          • *grumbles* Never even saw him in passing…unless you count being so far away you can barely make him out….

          • stickfigurefairytales

            He was by Mexico and was wearing a sombrero, if I recall correctly.

          • I have a Pirate Donald from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. ^_^

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Awesome. 🙂

          • davefragments

            FIrst time I was in the Magic Kingdom. we (me, my brother’s 4 kids, my Mother and my Aunt were eating in one of the “character” restaurants and Minnie Mouse and Goofy were a little too friendly — Like grabby and touchy and stuff like that.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            With you, the kids, or both?

          • davefragments

            Each other. They didn’t ever touch guests.

            Now you could talk CHIP and DALE the two chipmunks into some practical jokes. They lived up to their reputation. Sneak up on people and scare them. Take their food. Silly stuff like that.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Chip and Dale sound like fun. My one friend mentioned that her little nephew really likes them.

          • davefragments

            That was a decade before I went with the robotics group. It was family and I could misbehave and let the kids misbehave much to the chagrin of my Mom, their grandmother and my Aunt, their great-aunt.

            Now the HS kids I learned not to encourage. The didn’t need help from a perpetual kid like me.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            I hope that one day you will get to see Donald.

          • Disney World is awesome. Did you hit Epcot?

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Yep! We went to Magic Kingdom on Sunday and Epcot on Monday. It was a lot of fun, though my feet were killing by the end of both days!

          • That is how you know you are doing the theme park scene right!

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Hee hee! I was also with two friends who are huge Disney fans and had been to the parks a lot before, which really helped in terms of knowing where to go and what’s the most worth doing.

          • I love Epcot. I kept going around and around and around. Of course the last time I went it was during August. So I made many many stops in the various shops and attractions.

            But you know you did it right if your feet hurt.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            And there was so much good food to try!

          • Oh yeah! I wish I had tried more.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Let’s go back right now!

          • I’m game!

          • stickfigurefairytales

            I also highly recommend the Festival of Fantasy parade at the Magic Kingdom.

          • davefragments

            I used to do the FIRST Robotics competition as advisor at EPCOT and it is so big to get around. Take comfortable shoes and be prepared to stay up all hours of the day and night. We tired out high school kids after a day of Robot COmpetition and a night of rides and such.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Did you have to chaperone the kids yourself?

          • davefragments

            Half the “crew” was adults or college grad students and the rest were HS kids. First thing they tried to get from me was beer. I wouldn’t drink wine in front of them only when I ate with adults. THey also tried sneaking in rooms together. However, there were teachers along and although I thought the teachers were rough and strict they and to be.

          • Comfortable shoes are a must. It helped I was in pretty good walking shape at the time I last went.

          • stickfigurefairytales


  • davefragments

    Are we camping yet?

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I just got here, but I’m up for it!

    • I have pretty much been alone here for 3 hours. It is nice to finally have company!

      • davefragments

        I was looking for note paper to write on and found nothing.

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Well, I’m here – for however briefly before I knock off work

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Hi Saxon!

      • davefragments

        Welcome to the camp. . .Start a discussion or join one.

  • I remembered camping today! xD .. but took the chance of showing up at a normal time despite the change in timezones until next week where Europe also has time saving (or my part has, not sure if all Europe change time to summer time the same day)

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Welcome, Danish!

    • Good morning!

    • Danish!!! Yay!!! *hugs* Did you sleep well?

      • Well, but doesn’t feel like enough 🙂

        • I know that feeling! I know that feeling very well!

    • Sapfo

      ..daffljaljlas………..I´M AWAKE!!!
      Good morning Danish, glad you could make it. ^_^

      • *hugs* Good morning Sapfo! Did you sleep well sweet?

        • Sapfo

          Sleep well?

          Yes and no. Did have some strange dreams.

          • Yeah, I have also been having some strange ones of late!

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Hi Sapfo!

      • I actually thought about skipping on purpose today. I’m beat from work. Nearly had a fall accident where I was slipping in cooking oil and my back hurts from the twist.
        I’ll see later today. Maybe I’l ask to go early but it’s always busy on wednesday and only half the crew have been there so far this week.

        • Sapfo

          Are they still sick (are they sick?)
          You and your bad back. Maybe you should put something warm on it.

        • Awwww poor Danish sweetie! *gets out massage table and makes you lay down and then massages your back* I will make it feel better!

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Oh no, I hope your back feels better soon! (And that you are able to get more sleep.)

        • Chibi

          mm I ended up slipping on the stairs today … >> think I broke a toe TT _ TT …

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Oh no!!

          • davefragments

            Not good.

          • Chibi

            (in reply to comments) yeah it sucks … the top of my one toe is like … all black and blue and a angry red @_@…. well even if I broke it not like the doctors could do much … besides tie it to the toe next to it >> …

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Yeah, I guess you’re right. I hope you get better soon, though!

          • Chibi

            thanks. Yes I just hope I can put my shoes on tomorrow so i can go to class… because I couldn’t today so I had to miss class x.x’

          • OUCH! You should see a doctor about that if you think it’s broken. To be sure it’s completely back in its place.

          • Chibi

            yeah apparently unless it’s the big toe all they really do is tie it to the toe next to it …

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Oh noes: timey-wimeyness. Yeah, being outside of the States frequently means having to keep track of relative times and daylight saving modifers for when your favourite webcomics update.

      • Elrohir

        @saxon_brenton:disqus It’s always a good occasion when you bring the Doctor to mind. 🙂

  • Sapfo

    Good morning, everyone. Today, I offer free range tea. The tea is known to roam in the wild and was captured in late summer when they are at their most indiscreet. Be careful, it still have some kick in it. 🙂

    • I will have a cup of free range tea!

      • Sapfo

        It’s very exclusive. Be careful, it’s still hot like crazy

        • heh….it will give the heart monitor something interesting to record then! ^_^

          • ……I just wish I didn’t have a reaction to the…nodes?…that are stuck on my body, they itch and the ones I took off the other day so I could shower left red spots….that I think are a little warm to the touch

    • davefragments

      It’s midnight here. But the tea is still flowing.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Mmm…we’re not overharvesting it, are we? We don’t want to thin the herds excessively.

      • Sapfo

        Oh my….
        Oh no, let the future generations to think about that.

        • stickfigurefairytales

          In that case, I’ll go get my hunting rifle.

          • Sapfo

            Enjoys some lead flavor to my wild tea

    • stickfigurefairytales

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      • Sapfo

        You do that Sticky.

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Back with delicious tea!

    • Good Morning, Sapfo!

      • Sapfo

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        Can you call my boss and tell her i have to camp, so I will not be in to work today?

        • Haha! I could try, but I’m not certain she would believe an american moderator

          • Sapfo

            I would! But I am kind of naive.

          • ^_^

          • stickfigurefairytales

            You could try doing a funny voice and hope that successfully obfuscates your American-ness.

          • I suppose I could do the Swedish Chef?

          • davefragments

            I boil water like the swedish chef with panache and dash and green tea and jasmine.

  • Taking chances and running around here getting dressed, finding some breakfast and such.
    Ugh.. it’s so cold, windy and raining this night/morning. Might even be sleet in the air. Not the day you look forward to getting out!

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Ugh, definitely not. I wish we could all just curl up in blankets and stay cozy on days like that.

  • Sapfo

    Sapfo sniffs the air
    No, no new page smell yet!
    You have fun, without me. Aj said my boss will not belive her, if she calls me in camping. Maybe it would have worked if she called me in sick. But I don´t want to be sick, I want to be camping 😉

    • See you when you’re on the train 🙂

      • Sapfo

        No, not today. Today is a far day -_-

        • Damn, hoped you could bring the Ipad there and camp again.

    • Have a good day at work! Despite wanting to stay at camp.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Have a good day!

  • I think I am going to go. I am going into a dark place where I am not good company. I am going to bid you all good night.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Good night Doki, and I hope that you feel better. *hugs*

    • Night. Feel beter soon.

    • DC

      Goodnight, peaceful dreams

      • ……Well I cannot say that the dream I woke up to was peaceful exactly….. >.//<)

  • Damn, Alex and A&V must have some long days at the moment.

    On one side I/we sit here, happy that we get pages twice a week, but I also know it makes them extra busy all the time which must be hard – also for Alex with his day job. Loong days sometimes, and not much free time.

    I know the bonus page donations help Alex so much in paying for the comic, so they’re needed and we want them so badly, but I also want to thank AA&V for all the work they do to make this happen and constantly continuing – even on days where you’d think there would be a holiday break.
    I really hope they get time for some days off here and there. There IS a life outside the comic, even though we like to keep them not knowing this 😉

    • Elrohir

      Agreed. And those are extremely insightful observations. And you, I think, are a kind soul Danish.
      Alex, Adam and Veronica please do take good care of yourselves. I think our good Wolf would like to have you around for a long time. And I think most of us agree with her.

    • Thank you, guys. With the new scene, it’s been a bit intense, but I’m glad you’re enjoying it. You’re all so generous with us, we want to be just as giving right back. 🙂

  • Bimasou

    I have so much homework to do and none of it will be accomplished until I read the new page!!

  • Shenanigans! I call shenanigans. Look at all you trouble makers pretending to behave. I see through it all. You’re all sneaking in the shadows waiting…waiting. But I see you. ^_^

    • Elrohir

      And there speaks the voice of experience!
      **Picturing AJ looking about with steely gaze to catch all the scofflaws and neer-do-wells in the act!
      While appearing totally innocent himself (it’s the big brown eyes)**

    • Everyone is just burnishing their halo, Admiral. That’s all.

      • Elrohir

        Yours is looking particularly shiny tonight sir!

      • Oh sure, you all quickly grab your rags and those little brass rings pretending to be busy. I’M NOT FOOLED!!!

        • silibub

          Brass? Please. Mine is the finest platinum.

        • Elrohir

          But I thought Admirals LIKED when brass was being shined…I distinctly remember a Gilbert and Sullivan reference for that…H.M.S. Pinafore I believe. 🙂

    • Yeah.. some must be sneaky today, or no one is here xD
      My time for leaving comes near, so I might have to wait 10-12 hours to see the new page. 23mins, and I’m out of here in a hurry *lol*

      • HA… young hunters that is your sign that a page is near. Look sharp. The supreme hunter pretends to look away, but we will not be fooled!

        • *lol*.. only having a stationary computer as the only source for internet makes hunting harder sometimes.
          I might have to leave the hunt for others.

    • Saxon_Brenton

      What, no one else wants to do the obvious quote? Fine. “It would just be a very small demon.”

  • Psst, Alex. You there? Do you have kind of an estimate for the next page?
    *Looks at time* You guys have a long day again today.

    • Cheating…. bothering the creator!!!!

      • Oh you shush! *lol*

        • Is that the lonely wolf howl I hear……..?

          • I’m back to rushing to and from the computer to refresh in between preparing the last things for work.

            Hunters exercise 😉

          • ooooh slim trim you!

      • Elrohir

        Doesn’t bothering the creator frequently incur lightning strikes? Something about:
        “Meddle not in the affairs of Wizards. For they are subtle and quick to anger”
        With all due respect Wizard Woolfson sir!

  • Page is in the oven, my friends. Should be up in about 20 minutes. 🙂

    • Aww.. I’ll probably just miss it then since I leave in 8-10. I’ll have something good to come home to instead 🙂
      Yay for the others, and you can finally get some rest for the day!

      • stickfigurefairytales

        I think I’ll miss it too, sadly – I’ve really got to get to bed. Have fun though, everybody!

  • Alright, see you guys. I’ll be back in about 10-12 hours 🙂
    Have fun with the new page, and good luck for the hunters.
    *runs for bus*

  • Elrohir
  • Quest

    Is it just me or does this guy look exactly like Duncan? I don’t know if anyone else has noticed it or if the author has said anything about it, but I’m really suspicious about him! I could be way wrong because logically it should only be a few years before current events, but their faces are uncannily similar and even his personality vibes young Duncan. Maybe it’s just the artwork of this particular page, because he does look different in the previous…

    • Cman65

      it could be his sumg look thats like Duncan

  • Midori Ren

    Throat spikes and big ears seem to reinforce the idea of needing defence. Interesting. Though, I’d imagine the demon realm would rather require that.