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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Bonus Comic One—Page 3

378 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Bonus Comic One—Page 3

Charleyboy wouldn’t actually be trolling Detective Parker here, now would she?

Oh and…


Our thirty-sixth bonus page in a row! And in between updates, YOU DID IT AGAIN! You yet again tipped over the target for the donation bar below. That means that, in addition to our regular Saturday updates, and bonus pages on Wednesday, March 26th (page 5!), Wednesday, April 2nd (page 7!), Wednesday, April 9th (page 9!), Wednesday, April 16th (page 11!), Wednesday, April 23rd (page 13!), and Wednesday, April 30th (page 15!), there will now be an additional bonus page (page 17!) scheduled for Wednesday, May 7th! WOO HOO! You are UNSTOPPABLE! 😀

Special thanks go out to long-time supporter Marcos N. (who makes their third generous donation to The Young Protectors!), and a warm welcome and grateful bow go out to new supporter Miloslava J. for their generous donations over the last few days!

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Thank you all so much for your generous support!

So! We get to see the head! And apparently some boy was carrying it around by its hair. What’s Amanda going to say about all this? Who is this boy? And why couldn’t he be bothered to get dressed before strolling around with a monster-head in his hand?

Tune in this Saturday for more exciting developments! Hope to see you there! 😀

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  • Time to get ahead on Page#3

    • You know.. I think you’ve been studying me and Sapfo just a little too well 😉

      • Well we learn from the best don’t we. Feel better kiddo. Rest the head.. and I don’t mean the purple one with all the eyes!

        • *lol*.. You know it gets to ya. You feel the hunt now :-p

          And thank you, I will.

      • Sapfo

        I do not know if I like this trend. But if you give me some more strawberries and guys in kilt, then I can love anything (almost anything. Maybe not the head)

        • Strawberries should be served with cream.

          Come to think of it, guys in kilts could also be served with cream, so I suppose the two can go together.


          • Sapfo

            I like the way your brain works ^_^

    • Holly

      3:25AST. I am going to have to give up camping. I think we are overworking Adam and Veronica.


      • Silly fun but thanks!

      • Thanks… but, you mean you weren’t worried about Adam and Veronica during Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day (see Adam’s posts about other related Hallmark holidays), but suddenly I get a Virgin and out comes the “overworked Adam & Veronica” guilt-mobile?

        Holly, Holly, Holly… I’m saving this post for when you get your next Virgin, and I suspect it will be soon. 🙂

        • Holly

          OH Chris, tsk tsk.

          I made it very learn it was the late hour that had dredged up extra concern for our lovely artists. The more bonus pages we get in a row, the more pages they need to get done in a short amount of time. So it is concerning.

          Also, I am very much looking forward to seeing you bring this back up whenever I get a Virgin again.

    • stickfigurefairytales


      • Hey I heard you really are traveling so safe travels and hope to hear from you soon.

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Thanks! I will be missing the Saturday update, but I’ll definitely get a look at the page. I will be back for next Wednesday, though!

          • Be safe!!!

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Thank you – I will! 🙂

          • Adam Black

            dont pick up hitchhikers,

          • That film scared the piss out of me.

          • Adam Black

            which one

          • The Hitcher with C. Thomas Howell and Rutger Hauer. Yikes.

          • Adam Black

            Which is so weird cuz you know 80s teen here

          • Not so weird. You’d be shocked, but I watch movies with Cary Grant and Kate Hepburn in them like The Philadelphia Story. One of the best comedies ever made. Also like What’s Up Doc, very 60s -70s. The best thing about film is that all you need is someone to rec. a good one and you’re gone. (Oh and don’t get me started with B-movies… so bad they’re good?). So much really good film is way before our time. Sad really. THOR can only take you so far.

          • Elrohir

            Ouch…the scene where Hauer has an unextended switchblade pressed up against Howell’s balls (Howell is driving the car) threatening to trigger the extension if Howell says anything to the cop and the cop thinks he’s just fondling Howell? Still gives me the shakes.

    • silibub

      *golf clap*

      • HA… it wasn’t easy to do without the inadvertent sex thing. I’m telling ya! 🙂

        • Adam Black

          Its the tongue, right?

          • Pretty and purple and if you’re lucky… more than one.

          • Adam Black

            If Only kyle had purple hair instead of red…

          • Elrohir

            Have I mentioned that I also admire a twisted sense of humor in you humans? 🙂 Nice one.

          • Yes, well Adam and I do sorta go there. We hoomans are like that occasionally. But I’ll get all sentimental the minute I actually see Spooky… who by the way is still possibly gay… he may just be a touch demon-phobic from now on, but I can work with that.

            We all have our squicks. You know. 🙂

          • Adam Black

            phobic? You hope.
            He probably has little horns now next to his cock.

          • Sure, but I never said that was MY squick. I am NOT Spooky-phobic. As long as Spooky hasn’t gone off white boys, I still have a shot and we’ll see how it rolls from there. I shall serenely wait the WoG on the classification of Spooky. Ommmmmmm……. HA!

          • Adam Black

            IN us humans ? OK

            bend over @chrisdangerfield:disqus something funny headed your way!

          • Adam Black

            well, Double tongues?
            that’s up there with foreskin overhand .

          • oooookay… *chris puts fingers in ears* …lalalalalalalanotlisteninglalalalalalala

    • Sapfo


  • Oh lord.. he’s ugly.

    • Adam Black

      bad hair day

  • Sapfo


    • Adam Black


      • Sapfo

        It came up heads. Does that mean that I win?

  • Librarican

    I don’t think I’m cut out for camping

    • stickfigurefairytales

      This was an awfully late one.

      • We’ve been spoiled lately. When I started almost everyone was midnight PST and I’d see it in the morning. It’s really only this last month that we’ve been getting these cushy before 10pm times.

    • I think Danish wakes up out of a full-on night’s sleep just to claim the page, and then goes right back to sleep. It’s like a big game hunter skill or something. I really don’t know. I find it way too exhausting. 😀

  • Isn’t that just lovely.

    • She’s a beaut. You can obviously see that is a female of the species. Hell sexual coloring is the opposite of nature in our world. The female is much more colorful.

      *chris put his “Dante’s Guide to Flora and Fauna in Hell” back on the shelf*

      • Ha! I just read that in the Croc Hunter’s voice.

        Sniff. RIP Steve Irwin.

      • Sapfo

        Don’t you know that most male animels are usally more colorful then the females?

        • Yes. That’s exactly my point. Hell is opposite us so the lovely colorful demon head is a real lady!

  • Adam Black

    I was here first, page blank of commments,
    disqus didnt load for me

    I will have my revenge on you usurpers

    • Gee that sounded just like grumbling?

      • Adam Black

        <<< Plants Explorers Flag in @chrisdangerfield:disqus sternum,

        • Okay AB, that WAS good.

          I’m retiring from hunting. (NO NO don’t try and stop me) I’m too old for this gig anyway.

          You young-uns have to challenge Danish and Sapfo from now on… I’m counting on you!

          • Adam Black

            Im not going to be able to contruct this put-put course if you keep moving around

          • Adam Black

            NO, you cant quit.

            or you have to find a NON- @disqus_FidZAwLkzS:disqus related reason.

            or you have to keep doing it long enough that you can fool me, that its not my fault you quit.

            im counting on you.

          • No, as I was telling AJ, it’s time for the young up and comers to get in the action and learn from the best — Danish and Sapfo. They won’t be virgin hunting forever you know. They probably only have 40 or 50 good virgin hunting years left in them.

            So, it’s not you at all Adam. I promise. I’m just stepping aside to allow others to enjoy. Besides, I’m not really a natural lurker. Now, I know you all think I’m very shy, but really I’m not a natural virgin hunter. All that concentration and page-refreshing just wears me out.

            I have my two virgins… one for each… erm… never mind. Let’s just say I have my two virgins and I can retire happy. My dude makes them sleep in the spare bedroom (most of the time) anyway. So, another, is just getting silly.

            Rest easy Adam. And you new hunters go to it and show Danish and Sapfo how it’s done. Tip: Watch for when they go silent… that’s the sign that a new page is imminent. Oh they’ll say ‘train’ or ‘headach’ or ‘nap’ or something, but that’s when to be MOST alert.

            GOOD HUNTING ALL!

  • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

    Aww, young Amanda’s quite cute. Somehow she grew up into the badass we’re familiar with… that’s got to be interesting!

    • I so agree. There isn’t a back story in the place i don’t want to know about.

  • Holly

    Did Amanda’s mom just call Spooky a beauty, or the Demon Head?!

    Anyway, back to bed for me I guess

  • silibub

    Ooh, nicely rendered severance! (And nice teaser panel where you only see dark hair and you’re not quiiiite sure it isn’t Spooky’s head, ha!)

    Speaking of, I guess he’s in custody, too. Hopefully he’s gotten some clothes by now, unlike some people I could mention who were left high and dry.

    • HA… and some of us were okay with that… after a bit.

      • Adam Black

        youve just re-traumatized somebody.
        where has he been hiding anyways?

  • Spooky carried this around? Now THERE’s a story I’m intrigued by, but not sure I want to know. Must have been some fight!

  • Looks like Spooky brought himself a souvenir home…

    Now did Spooky do that himself?

    • I say yes… there’s lots of stuff I’d do for a buddy but that kinda head aint it!

    • Elrohir

      I’m still in my,
      I want that head to be the head of the demon who took Spooky to hell and taking his head was “Spooky Payback” on his way back home
      NOTE TO DEMONKIND:“Your actions have consequences. This is your final warning. Transgress and asses will be kicked and heads will roll!

      • Or be held up very firmly by a stern L.C. Charlyboy. She is one tough mama!

        • Adam Black

          Charlyboy does not sound very Native

          • Klaus did some research and it seems a certain tribe picked up names from a location and one was Charleyboy. It’s doesn’t mean it’s why Alex chose it, but it was interesting speculation. Good I thought.

          • Klaus

            A mr. Charleyboy is chief of one of the First Nation bands in British Columbia.

          • Adam Black


        • Adam Black


          Urban Dictionary:


          1. In female version, a Charly is a sexy mama with the body of a goddess
          and equal parts of intellect and genius. The perfect ingredients.
          Usually found with flowing red hair.

          • Well, I wouldn’t want to argue with the Urban Dictionary on scholarly research issues. Lofty tomb that it is… so I’ll bow out.

  • stickfigurefairytales

    I don’t know who that demon was, but I’m betting I’ll be really glad it got beheaded.

  • silibub

    So can Amanda get traces of thoughts as long as the brain is present, even if it’s no longer functioning? Or can she get readings on objects, too — like being able to tell who handled it last and when, things like that? Her powers are so interesting!

    • Elrohir

      I’m betting on readings on things as opposed to thoughts.

  • Alex you are a wonder! And that goes for Adam and Veronica too!

    I’m going to soak this page up and yack on this tomorrow. This is pure delicious purple many-eyed awesomeness. That is exactly how I figured our 14 year-old Spooky would arrive home. With something all cute and bloody. Yayyyyyy.

    That last panel look and, “Anything?” is just perfect. I’m sleeping on this baby. 😀

    Wishing all three of you a good night and some well earned rest. It’s not easy making a bonus comic as awesome as the main one, but you guys sure are doing a swell job of it. Many thanks!

  • Toli Bera

    Carrying a monster head while naked? Was it Perseus? I bet it was perseus. Perseus Right?

  • Lillihandra


    Gorgeous page. Love it. The expressions!!! >.< Too much… *explodes*

    Okay. Bed time now. Thanks for the comic!

  • Adam Black

    Looks like spooky acquired some strange taste in lovers, in hell.

    • silibub

      *wrinkles nose* I hope the only contact that thing had with Spooky was when he was tearing its head off.

    • What’s that old saying… “IT WILL ONLY SEEM KINKY THE FIRST TIME?”

      • Adam Black

        How often does that work for you?

        • You just know that Elrohir probably has an accent that makes them buy those poet type lines, “But we’re doing it for our art… come on… just this once.”


          • Elrohir

            “Who me?”
            **showing Chris his biggest innocent puppy dog “I have NO idea how the living room got like that” eyes**
            Actually, I think Adam had directed that inquiry to you good sir in regards to YOUR line. 🙂

          • oh

          • Adam Black

            Your line also doubles as curse

          • True that. You are wise. I learned that to my great sorrow years ago……. ah well.

      • Elrohir

        Does that go along with:
        “Just once means your a poet”
        Something about broadening the horizons of one’s experience for one’s art.

        • Okay fine… same sentiment you just classed it all up with your fancy verbiage. LOL.

          Perhaps I’m a poet then… just didn’t know it. HA!

  • strangeangel24601

    And what a beauty it is!

  • stickfigurefairytales

    All right, I’ve got a conference to finish getting ready for. I won’t be here for Saturday’s update, but I’ll be back for next Wednesday. Have a good weekend, everybody!

    • silibub

      Ok! Safe travels and good luck at the conference!

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Thank you!

    • Good Night and safe travels! And of course have a good conference!

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Thank you, Admiral!

    • Travel safe. G’nite!

  • Detective Parker is all grossed out when the Colonel lifts the head, but Amanda looks almost bored. HA! And he thought she would have delicate sensibilities.

    Amanda 1 Detective Parker 0

    • silibub

      I like the doctor, too — she seems pretty unfazed as she opens the box.

      • She’s probably seen it all. What a weener the detective is. 🙂

        • Adam Black

          he look s like a doofus

    • You HAVE to love the line, “Well, aren’t you a beauty. Where did you come from?” Alex gets an award for that line alone! So great.

      • Oh indeed I do! It’s clear where Amanda got her awesomeness from.

  • No_One_Special

    Well I about jumpped out of my chair when I saw that think I am glad I checked it out tonight instead of in the morning with hot coffee in my hands, well I don’t think it spooks head.. spooky yes but not spooks.. great job to keep us on the edge of our sits again. Thanks for the Update you Rock.

  • Det. Parker is so grossed out. He’s the only one who’s not looking directly at the head at any time. Feeling uncomfortable can make you react like an ass (though I’m sure it’s not the only reason) and having Charleyboy not reacting at all must sting xD

    Add to the ‘insult’, even the ‘little girl’ isn’t reacting either and is even being asked about opinions. Double sting.

    Have to say that Adam has done a great job in drawing this demon head. That is one ugly mofo!

    • Awwww with a nice hair-doo she’s be a pretty demon… Come on. We all have to work with what we’ve got. Right?

  • Klaus

    Another page that will read very differently in print. On the screen, you see the hair, worry that this might be Spooky, scroll down. In the book the head will draw your eye the moment you turn the page.

  • I actually stayed up longer than I should have, so I am going to go hit the hay.

    • G’nite Doki and thanks for the Dashboard tips.

    • Nite!

    • Elrohir

      Sweet dreams.

    • Adam Black

      The Committee of Prevention of Cruelty to Hay,
      says “hey”

      • Trust me, hay is not comfortable to sleep on. Hay is the cruel one

  • Am I the only one who kinda wants the next action to be all of those six eyes to blink, and for the head to say ‘boo’ just once?

    No one else? *looks around*

    .. just to see if it would make Parker squeal *kekeke*

    • Well to see Parker squeal? Yeah, count me in

    • For a Parker squeal (really high) I’d go for it! 🙂

      • bronakopdin

        absolutely! xD

  • Silvene

    The naked boy is probably Spooky. If this is a demon head it could be right after he escaped hell

    • Becky


  • CH

    Was naked Spooky trying to turn people to stone? I ask because that’s the classic “using a gorgon’s head as a weapon” hand hold.

  • Oh, uniforms picked Spooky up carrying that thing. How convenient, he’s probably in the building somewhere. Or a hospital, depending on what he needs.


    (Thanks again Alex, great page)

    Good night guys. Sleep well and don’t worry. The chance of one of Miss Purble Tusk’s brothers blundering around and waking you is very very slim.

    • Night!

    • Adam Black

      yes, we are sleeping alone.
      rub it in

      • Hang in there Pal. There’s a purple tongue out there for you to. I just know it!

    • Elrohir

      Sweet dreams Chris.
      **Elrohir ponders the logic that “very very slim” is not the equivalent of zero and takes the precaution of putting anti-demon runes on the doors and windows.**

      • HA!

        (Well I can see that’s not going to happen to you twice… we’ll talk tomorrow).

  • TwilightDreamer

    *claps hands over mouth*…..Spooky….when he first returned from hell…right?
    Oh man….poor sweetheart…now I’m both eager and anxious to see him.

  • I am wondering why they went to see the head before the boy.

    • SofiaT

      So they’d know what to interrogate him about? :0/

      • I suppose there is that. I guess I’d be a terrible investigator.

        • SofiaT

          *pats back*

        • *admiral puts her thumb screws back in the drawer*

          • That’s not mine.

          • Lies and garbage. No one makes the rank of Admiral without a little interrogation technique. We know what you get up to with your cabin boy. Well that a different technique… but my point is I saw you slide those thumbscrews back in the drawer all stealthy-like. Hey, there is no need to be embarrassed about a desire to get to the truth. 🙂

          • Elrohir

            Umm…am I the only one that wants some fan fiction written about the “Admiral and the Cabin boy”? Anyone? Anyone?

          • Leave the cabin boy out of this. 😛

          • I don’t know what you saw, but those aren’t mine and that wasn’t me.

          • Elrohir

            Two words Admiral:
            “Plausible deniability.”

          • Which I has!

      • Memories? Seriously I wonder what kind of shape he’s in?

        • Elrohir

          I’m thinking getting him stable and a thorough medical check before any interrogation. Police shows always depict interrogators wanting to get the details while “it’s still fresh”. I’m no therapist, but I’m in the “give the kid time to breathe” before interrogating.

      • Police work in the Gotham city is Hell! Of course they would! (that was meant to sound a little 1940’s, but I think it just sounded a bit lame… so… never mind.)

  • SofiaT

    Amanda is a telepath, right? Not a psychic? Or is she both?
    I wonder what kind of “anything” can she get from a severed head… You can’t read the thoughts of the dead.

    …Or can you?

    • Maybe she would get a feel of what happened around the head?

      • SofiaT

        Yeah, getting “impressions” of things is a psychic quality.
        It’s why I’m wondering what her powers really are.

        • Good point.

        • Memories from an inanimate object is Psychometry, the dead is usually some form of necromancy, she’s clearly (as Klaus said) some form of telepath with the living. Such cool questions.

          Edit: Yes I’m going to bed!

    • MFX: Dum da Duuuuuuummmmm!

    • Klaus

      We do not really know what she is capable of. The only power we have seen her use is transmitting her thoughts to people in a burning building. We don’t even know if that was a message or mind control.

    • David Welbourn

      I think it’s possible that the severed head might still be alive. Perhaps some demons can survive decapitation and it’s just shamming.

      • Funny idea. LOL.

      • Elrohir

        Don’t I remember that in the “Angel” spin-off from Buffy cutting the head off of a Demon didn’t kill it (or stop it from talking) as long as the body wasn’t destroyed. I seem to remember the Demon side kick who could read people while they sang show tunes actually ended up having his head cut off at one point but got it reattached. I think I got that right.

    • Jakk Anthony Guzman

      If the head is dead, then Amanda has more mental abilities than just telepathy because her mother is asking her if she’s getting anything. Or maybe she wants to make sure that the head is truly dead and that is why she’s asking Amanda if she’s getting anything.

      • I might ask that before I get my face right down there by Miss Purple… “Ummm… honey, is she dead yet?” LOL.

  • bronakopdin

    good morning everyone 🙂

    and helllooooo, what a beauty indeed! you sure have to impress it so it can cast ALL its eyes just on you… and if you’re itching for a hug, don’t fear it won’t be scratchy enough ^^

    yeah… in fact I’m a little impressed by both Commander and her mom… for being so UNIMPRESSED to see it… like no reaction at all, besides analizing the way HOW the boy (I guess it’s Spooky and we all think think that anyway right now) was carrying that… accessory.
    Seems like both of them saw at least similiar things before or even weirder or scarier stuff!

    I especially like mom’s casual disinterest xD seriously, even the way she asks Amanda like she would not even expect her to answer that quetion with useful info

    • Good Morning!

      I got a lovely chuckle seeing how squeamish the detective is and the Lt. Colonel and Amanda are ho-hum about it.

      • bronakopdin

        ha! indeed 😀
        Parker seems to be such a poser but when it comes to the real thing he’s making faces and is totally grossed out… as the only male, all the females stand their ground xD

        • I love the strength of the women in this comic!

  • Klaus

    Here we get a good look at the colonel’s ribbons. 21 of them. Anyone up to identifying them?

    • bronakopdin

      I’m not American but are those actually copied from real ones? or just random? because al those colours leave me with a “how you ever know and differentiante all of them” feeling ^^ though sure the one in the first row, middle looks like it could be identified

      • twincast

        Oh, they all look perfectly identifiable to me if real and not random enough not to be.

    • Librarican

      Have to head off to work, but here’s a good first effort. Anyone want to try to fill in the blanks. And either Amanda’s mother has some powers of her own, she looks REALLY good for her age, or she is in disguise, because some of these appear to stem from WWII!
      ? = not sure or no idea
      Care of

      (Possibly) Navy and Marine Corp Medal, US Navy Presidential Unit Citation Ribbon, Marine Corp Good Conduct Medal

      ?? , Military William Order – Ribbon bar of Knight 4th class, American Campaign Medal (WWII?!)

      ??, World War II Victory Medal, National Defense Service Medal (?)

      ??, ??, United Nations Service Medal

      ??, Navy and Marine Corps Combat Action Ribbon (could be Coast Guard, since the coloring is very similar, but I doubt it), Army Reserve Components Achievement Medal

      Army Commendation Medal, Iraq Campaign Medal, Navy Expeditionary Medal

      Last Row: Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal (?) , Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Army Service Ribbon

      • Acerolo

        Turns out this is an interesting exercise. It’s kind of like “what do these say about the Colonel?” The Colonel’s lapel and its shadow make some of them hard to identify, but here are my guesses so far, courtesy of

        They’re pretty much the same as above with a few differences (question marks mean best guess/I don’t know for sure):

        Navy and Marine Corp Medal, US Navy and Marine Presidential Unit Citation, Marine corps good conduct

        Navy and Marine China Service/Gold Lifesaving?, American Defense Service/Military William Order Knight 4th Class?, American Campaign

        Asiatic Pacific Campaign, WWII victory, National Defense Service

        Korean Service?, Coast Guard Good Conduct?, United Nations Service

        Army Achievement?, Combat Action, Reserve Components Achievement

        Army Commendation, Iraq Campaign, Armed Forces Reserve

        Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary, Global War on Terrorism Service, Army Service

        • Klaus

          The Military William Order would be a most spectacular decoration. It has been awarded once in the last 60 years. For details:

          • Rick C

            She must have a really interesting background. WWII service medal? Hmmm – that would make her — well — if she went in at the end of the war at 17, that would make her … 86 or so? Also, it would be really unlikely for someone to be wearing branches from Navy and Army, and yet be in the Air Force (of course, she could have changed services several times. It happens).
            Or, as someone suggested, the medals could have been chosen because they made a nice color splash on her uniform. I guess we’ll eventually find out. Or not.

          • Klaus

            Chapter 1 page 1 was posted March 2012. If this is also the date in the story, the now of the main story would be April 2012. So the bonus comic should be set in 2006. If 17 in ’45, she would be 78, give or take a year.

          • Librarican

            That’s what I was thinking as I was putting it together (which by the way took over an hour using my iPad, I was kind of hoping more people would be intrigued by it but oh well). At the very most you have Army, Marines, Navy, and Coast Guard. Now the last three makes some sense together, since the Marines are part of the Department of the Navy and all three deal in some way with water protection. But there has got to be a clue with the inclusion of the WWII medals. And can you get a medal from a different branch if it is a joint mission?

    • I’m so sorry Klaus. I usually count on you to know all these kewl details and I just nod wisely, as if I had a clue. 🙂

  • AlexandraSwiss

    Spooky’s origin story?

    • Klaus

      Spooky’s origin story.

  • Klaus

    Erased rather than couped. What could have caused that?

    • I’m sorry Klaus, just have to ask. This is an intriguing comment and I have no idea what it means. Would you mind awfully adding more words for me? Many thanks.

      • Klaus

        Those are terms from heraldry. A head couped is cut off with a clean cut. A head erased is torn off with a ragged edge.

  • bronakopdin

    omg, looking at the page again and again… I SO want a fanart or troll about mom holding that head like she does xD

    “like this?”

    holy-moly, seriously I can’t stop chuckling about it!

  • SLiDE.


    :: move, —–!
    (get out da way!

    {get out da way !!}) ::

    • Loved that myself!

      • it’s little technical ‘touches’ like that…

        …good stuff, christoff

        • I so agree. And, for me, it’s that it would be the ‘norm’ anywhere else and so ‘invisible’ but here it’s in a morgue… with a purple demon head… and a lot of possible crazy angst. So, it’s the perfect contrast of comic fun against the backdrop of grim. Just makes me happy. Good stuff indeed…

          I’m sorry that Spooky is naked right now… he’s probably only had demon cookies for the last year anyway… so no lemon cookie today. 😀

  • fujoshifanatic

    Alright, demon head it is! And quite the impressive one at that, I might add. So my next guess is that Spooky used the head in some fashion (to open up a portal?) to get himself back to this world from Hell, similar to how Kyle was used (although something tells me that there were no orgasms involved in Spooky’s process), which is why Colonel Charlyboy was asking about how the head was held. Commanda is definitely her mother’s daughter, as they are the two coolest cucumbers in that room! Commanda even looks like she’s thinking, “Are we done yet with this boring old demon head? When can we check out the naked dude?”

    In that vein, I’m hoping they are keeping Spooky (I think we all know this is who naked dude is, right?) nearby, so we can meet him soon! I am veeery interested in learning the story behind how he came to have that head. Judging from the size of it, it must not have been an easy task to separate it from its body, and I so want to hear how Spooky did it. No wonder Spooky was so highly sought after by the other teams; if my origin story involved me arriving on the scene naked except for a freaking giant demon head in my fist, I would imagine everyone would want my level of badassery complimenting their team!

    Great job as always Alex, Adam and Veronica!

    • “I would imagine everyone would want my level of badassery complimenting their team!”

      You know I think that pretty much says it… and darn well too.

  • science

    What about this page is unfinished? All I could think is maybe panel 5’s background (or lack thereof) but that’s easily justified by trying to convey Parker’s disgust and the shock and focus about the head. It seems like the usual flawless quality to me :shrug:

  • amanda

    love it

  • davefragments

    Now THAT is a severed head worthy of notice.
    Just not your typical severed head!
    Better than the average severed head.

    • 110% agree that is the kind of severed head you take home to mother. Good stuff that! Bravo A,A&V.

      • davefragments

        Alternately – mount it on a pike in the front yard with the sign “beware of dog” and see what happens

        • Kids are off that lawn in 2 seconds flat and no yelling or waving of shotgun is required. Nice.

          • Sapfo

            Kids running? Have you meet kids today?
            My nieces would love this

          • GAD. (bloodthirsty little things aren’t they… I can see why you love them)

            LOL. You are so right. You’d be the coolest person on your block. “Moooom, Daaaad why can’t we get a demon head on a pole too. Johnny has one and it’s kewl!

          • Sapfo

            Got to love thouse kids.

            Got to teacht them good comics also. I started to read Elfquest when I was eight I think. I should give them that…. just got to make sure my brothers don´t catch me

          • With your stealthy Virgin hunting skills. You’ll have no problem! 🙂

          • davefragments

            Gee, I just wanted to scare away the tracking salesmen with contracts in hand — they send those around to me and my neighbors. Drillers who want to frack the natural gas and to put it more bluntly – they “frack” your well, they “frack” your street into potholes, they “frack” your ears all summer when you want peace and quiet. I thought a salesman might be put off by a severed purple demon head halfway up the driveway. My way of saying – go “frack” yourself – to salesmen.

          • Not at all a bad idea. Better than a pit-bull any day! 🙂

          • Klaus

            Elfquest is an excelent way to get kids to read. Comics at fist, and hopefully they will continue with that, but once they are acustomed to reading they will discover novels on their own.

          • Elrohir

            One of the “Greatest Gifts” that you can give a child is a love of reading. And if they see their parents reading too it helps (the little mimics!). When the kids were little I used to read their books with them so that I could ask them where they were in the story and talk about what was going on. It really energized their desire for books I think (and it gave me an excuse to read of lot of young adult fiction later on).
            I started reading Elfquest in it’s second year (the folks at Million Year Picnic off Harvard Square used to order them for me) and I agree with you, it would be a great hook to get kids to read.

          • Klaus

            In the Elfquest letters page there have been several letters from parents who have seen their children turned into avid readers by Elfquest. It happened to one of my cousins’ sons too.

  • Elrohir

    Caution: Potential Nonsensical Conclusion(s) Below
    So a couple of people had mentioned that the Lt. Col. never expressly says that Amanda is her daughter (as opposed to a ward of the government or something). But I was studying some of the lovely highlight work that Adam and Veronica have done in this page and it struck me. The color and the highlights of both the Lt. Col.’s and Amanda’s hair are exactly the same. And completely unlike any other hair color going back a number of pages. The mirroring in those colors and shadows, especially when both are in frame is brilliant. Such a lovely subtle way of connecting the characters without necessarily applying the large blunt instrument to the observer’s head in order to do so.
    Annd…I think it was Klaus who mentioned the possibility of them being, at least in part, First Nation/Native American (depending upon whether you apply the Canadian or US nomenclature). And the depiction appears, at least to these bleary eyes, to be that lovely blue-black that one frequently sees among that population.
    So, I think yes to both suppositions; with advance apologies to any poor souls I take down a dead end if it turns out I’m completely off my rocker again.
    I think one of the really wonderful things about this comic to me is the overall subtlety of both storyline and artwork. Whether, wandering the intricacies of Alex’s story, dialogue and implications (and how many nights has this group spent lost in those possibilities?) or finding ourselves lost in the artwork that Adam and Veronica deliver as a combination of both detail and imagination. And that’s not easy, creating so much detail and yet leaving so much imagination on the table at the same time. And in both the storyline AND the artwork. At the risk of repetition:

    • You know, I completely agree both you and @disqus_8gizXhsHgE:disqus. The mother daughter – Native North American force was strong in this page!

  • Pikinanou

    Colonel: “Anything?”
    Amanda: “I like it. It’d look great in our living room, right over the fireplace.”

  • Cman65

    You monster you killed my little brother, We were going to eat him for my next brithday.

  • WarGoddess

    Fun to see a severed demon head while watching A Game of Thrones. There is a recurring theme here somewhere, I just know it.

  • Johndar

    Is this a flashback and their talking about Spooky?

    • Wayne Lunkwitz

      Yes , I think Spooky would be the stark naked boy, but somehow I feel we will not be allowed to see that….considering the care taken in the past to “block” flesh in this comic.

      • Indeed and thoroughly underage flesh at that. I suspect they will have had time to get Spooky cleaned up, some clothing and a cup of steaming “heavenly” cocoa.

        • Elrohir

          In my head I hadn’t thought about Spooky still being naked. I had sort of two alternatives in mind:

          1. It’s more of a late 40’s to early 60’s culture and Spooky is given some oversize clothes from the officers and maybe a heavy blanket to wrap in.

          2. It’s more current culture and he’s in a hospital room with an officer(s) on guard outside the door. While he gets checked out.

          Unless there is a law for carrying around a decapitated demon head —“Honest officer, I just found it on the last street corner!”— he hasn’t broken any law except possibly for public nudity (depending upon the mores in this society. Mind you, Chris is the one with the amazing cross-universe reference library so I’ll have to default to him on the whole, “Transportation of Demonic Body Parts” statutes.

          I like the first scenario better, especially if while sitting there in the too big clothes/heavy blanket he is sipping the “heavenly” cocoa. Umm…could it be made with Ghirardelli ground chocolate? Please?

          • Oh, Elrohir, you big softy you. You just wanna see adorbs mini-Spooky in that oversized cop-clothing being cuddled in a soft blanket…. Wellll, okay, so do I. There are times for backless hospital gowns… and this isn’t one of them.

            My “Inter-dimensional Transportation Reference Guide” states that if said demon body part is used to actually open the walls of blood and pain to create said dimensional doorway then it’s allowable. There is also a “forgiveness” in the statute if the human holding the head is traumatized and doesn’t realize he’s actually holding a huge purple demon head when he crosses the dimensional doorway. Then all fines are waved.

            Now, that said, Spooky IS prohibited from reselling the head for personal gain. That’s just a given, but I don’t see that as a problem just yet.

            Our researcher @disqus_8gizXhsHgE:disqus may also have insight into jurisdiction and interstate and inter-dimensional commerce clauses in this situation.

          • Elrohir

            Softy? Me? Umm…well, yeah. Heart on the sleeve kind of guy here. And yeah, the foundling waif image of Spooky in oversized cop clothing wrapped in a blanket sipping cocoa is just too good to let go of. 🙂
            Thanks for the early reference library work.

          • davefragments

            I don’t think that Spooky is going to be “cuddly.”

            I think the price of Spooky getting out of the hell dimension was the death of a demon.

            The demons ain’t going to like that too much.

        • Cydney Sabin

          Much better than the hellish cocoa he’s had for a year…

          • Oh hells yeah! In hell you don’t get any miniature marshmallows… LIKE EVER!

    • Adi Zeller

      This takes place 6 years in the past (relative to the “main” TYP plot), so Spooky would be 14, which fits perfectly with the timeline, as Spooky said he was transported to hell on his 13th birthday and that he spent a year there.

  • Sapfo

    Oh no Charleyboy! You are getting blood all over the place.
    But I wonder? Would this not make a wonderfull table decoration for my next teaparty? If nothing else it would light up the room

    • Elrohir

      It would certainly be a conversation starter! 🙂

    • Sweetheart, I think it’s going to be all about ‘smell’. Necrotizing demon flesh is sometimes a tad pungent. Just sayin’.

      • Sapfo

        Well are you going to be a party-pooper or are you going to join the fun: I got games like “pock demon in the eye – 10 point for the small one” and “lick the demon head”.
        It will be fun for all the ages. ^_^

        • Will there be cocktails for the adults?

          • Sapfo

            I have a some wine at home, a little whiskey and rum. I can make something with the rum if you like. A mojito?

          • Excellllent. I’m also not opposed to BYOB. It’s just that rotting demon is going to require alcohol. You know. 🙂

          • Sapfo

            I know what you mean. Just as long as you know that I fall asleep just by the smell of alcohol. Or I might try and learn how to swim on dry land.
            It’s not a pretty sight. o.O

          • HA!

      • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

        So was the flesh of Fr. Zossima from “The Brothers Karamazov”

  • Cydney Sabin

    I just noticed the “SLIDE” in the second panel. I can’t stop giggling for no reason at this.

  • What a wonderful page you guys. Thank you. You manage to combine, real humor, gruesome demon heads (with viscera thank you), traumatized child in peril (somewhere), Mother daughter relationship, develop Amanda’s character, satisfy us with trolling Detective Pooper (never said I was adult), give us a droll L.C. Mom with a macabre sense of humor… oh and a slide table in a morgue… let’s not forget the S-L-I-D-E, LOL. A always you get more milage for your paper and ink than any comic in town. I am so satisfied and giddy at the same time. Thank you!

    Honestly, this is the type of page that makes you feel like a kid and reminds you why you loved the comics and at the same time we’re following a story of growth and angst, trauma and triumph. One as sophisticated as one could hope for. So it’s very much best of both worlds.

    First a quick nod to Alex Humor™.

    • “Charleyboy wouldn’t actually be trolling Detective Parker here, now would she?”

    • “And apparently some boy was carrying it around by its hair. What’s Amanda going to say about all this? Who is this boy? And why couldn’t he be bothered to get dressed before strolling around with a monster-head in his hand?”

    Yep LMAO before I even sank into the page itself. I think I read somewhere that you ‘write’… well that’s some fun stuff right there. Thanks.

    Okay day 1 – panel#1: I love the perfect (title?) Head of Forensics, Coroner? She is perfect. Old enough to have seen it all (okay maybe not this head… but), grey hair, lab coat against that wall of steel trays. I love her look over the glasses and the way she greets them politely before mentioning… ‘it’.

    P#2: First, “S-L-I-D-E” is just damn fun and reminded me of the lettering when Kyle first saw “THE PLATINUM PRIESTESS”. Again it does such a great job of contrasting location and action with comic adventure fun. Just smart. Now look at all their faces. Det. Pooper is looking slyly A-FERKING-WAY the weiner. Tutt, yeah whatever. Amanda’s look at mom is awesome — kinda of a cross between ‘thought so’ or ‘told ya so’ or ‘Oh this should be good’ I’m not sure but Amanda’s look is so relaxed and yet 16 it’s just perfect. Mom is perfect all the time. Damn just on point.

    P#3: This is easily my second fave. That gloved hand, no shyness as mom gets her face right down there and that line Alex get’s a blue ribbon, “Well you ARE a beauty. Where did you come from.” How MUCH does this tell you. 1) Not the first time she’s seen a creature like this. 2) Probably has a good idea there are multiple dimensional locales where such things come from. 3) Threat to National Security in last page says her department definitely has a clue. And best 4) Says that like Sir Richard Attenborough, she definitely appreciates a good specimen.

    Alex you’ve been watching your BBC nature programs lately, haven’t you? Just great. I didn’t ever really think this was going to be Spooky (threat to National Security? From the head of 14 year old boy… not so much. And then Dr. Baker referring to it as ‘it’), but I did appreciate holding the reveal until the last second with that flash of black hair. Klaus is right that holding the book will be different, but still you are giving us both aren’t you. Page by page fun and the book yet to come. Two totally different experiences. One to look forward to.

    P#4: Love matter-of-fact Tutt with the facts. Now we know where Spooky is. LOVE the squicked look on Det. Pooper’s face. He also won’t be shaking hands with ‘that boy’ anytime soon, he’s so squiged. Charleyboy calls it a ‘beauty’ and he can barely say ‘this thing’. Yep that says it all. I also love p#3-4 framed as CU’s so that we get the pull-back next for the big reveal. Perfect.

    P#5: Okay this one fights with p#6 for my fave. Trolling Det. Pooper FER SHER. Love it. And mom is strong to hold that head that way. I love her dry expression. “Like this?” God I laughed out loud. Parker squeeing away and Tutt just has to look back for the satisfaction of watching her dopey partner be a doof. The side-shot is perfect. Reveals the head in all it’s gory glory. I think Silibub perfectly noted its trailing neck viscera, which is perfect for letting us know this head was TORN off, not sliced off. Nice! Great color. Extra eyes, tusks, great character design. Just damn fun. You guys spent time on creating this wonderful creature. Compliments.

    P#6: I just love the quick shift back to this expressive 2-shot. Back to work in a flash. Real expression of question from Charleyboy and in classic Alex style Amanda’s look could mean anything and you’re being stinky and making us wait until forever… or Saturday to find out. (I’m telling you Alex cliff-hanger Karma is the worst kind). Amanda’s look: ‘you’re not gonna like this’ or ‘I got nothing’ or ‘we need to talk in private’. Auuuugh… I wanna know now. *chris stamps feet*

    A wee aside: Since everyone is just ‘sure as sure can be that’ that Spooky’s hoody makes him NOT-gay. Then I’m not going to worry about him. Nope, no triggering here. I’m saving all my triggering for the gay boys who NEED it. The world has a surfeit of non-gay boys and I’m sure they’ll be just fine and dandy without my angst. Now, should Alex decide Spooky’s Kinsey scale is flexible… I promise to get my angst-o-meter out again and get really worried about Spooks. Just thought I should be up front about my inconsistency. Not being heteroophobic here, not by any means. Just being judicious with my limited supply of triggers. I’m sure you’ll all understand. I mean, look, when you’re possibly straight you get a police station and the Charleyboy’s running to help you. When you’re gay you get Spooky-hugs™. I know which option I’m going with. HA. (And Kyle didn’t even cop a feel, THAT’S why he’s a hero!)

    Alex, Adam and Veronica. Thank you. Twelve pounds of fun in a six pound sack and the perfect payoff to the last two pages. Really, just great stuff and the perfect start to the Bonus Story. Thank you all for this really hard work.

    Now, seriously. Is it Saturday yet? ε(๏̯͡๏)з

    All best,


    • Sapfo

      If I were not so tired, I would write more to you. But you get instead a warm bleeding♥. It is given with love, If you where wondering.

      • That’s why I love you. You’re a giver you are. Now go home and put up your tired feet. Or, are you working a late shift?

        • Sapfo

          Thank you Chris.
          Did a lot of walking and biking at work today. So I will need no workout after that. I am home now. Feet high and taking it easy.
          I am going to enjoy this comingSaturday, No work and all camping. Just the way it should be. ^_^

          • Yippee! Enjoy!

          • Sapfo

            Now I eat something really unhealthy. Cinnamon bun.^_^

          • Perfect. The only thing better would be a DEMON Cinnamon bun.

    • Thank you very much for this, Chris. I’m super-swamped so I don’t have much time to respond today, but another great, thoughtful comment/analysis from you. Very fun. 🙂

      • Good luck keeping your head above water. We’ll hope to see you again on Friday! 🙂

      • Elrohir

        Prince Humperdink:“Tyrone, you KNOW how much I love watching you work. But, I’ve my country’s 500th anniversary to plan, my wedding to arrange, my wife to murder and Gildur to frame for it. I’m swamped.”

        Count Rugen: “Get some rest. If you haven’t got your health, then you haven’t got anything.”

        Sorry…couldn’t resist…but seriously…do get some rest.

    • Klaus

      That head does look heavy. Demons must be rather empty headed, or the colonel would not be able to hold it like that.

  • vessto

    So we’ll meet the little Spooky soon…. 🙂 Or maybe not, this comics is never predictable! It is too easy it to be Spooky. So as always I’ll expect the unexpected.;)

    • Kiri

      I’m not convinced that we’ll meet ‘little’ Spooky – that would be showing more than is currently done. Oh! You mean 14yo Spooky. 😀

      • vessto

        Of course, I knew he’d be 14 yo here if shown. For me 14 yo are little ones.

        But as I said it would be too easy this to be he. I’m sure in Saturday we’ll have one more OMG!!! page.

        • Kiri

          Sorry Vessto – I was being slightly naughty – and I think you missed it. When I said ‘little’ Spooky, I wasn’t referring to Spooky in his entirety, but the part of a man that seems to have a life of its own. 😀

          • vessto

            Pffff!XD Got it now.
            Well, if so I prefer seeing “little” Anni then. *blush*

  • Elin Gregory

    Well I wasn’t expecting that! What fun and well done Spooky

  • Maria White

    OMG! SPOOKY! That is spooky they are talking about!

  • Randy Patton

    Very good. This story line already has me interested: says a lot for Alex’ skill as a writer. Gotta love talented people.

  • If you’re wondering when the comic updates, it regularly updates every Saturday. And more recently every Wednesday.

    Though the Wed. updates are bonus pages that happen when the donation bar reaches $400. We’ve just managed to rack up enough bonus pages to get us into the beginning of May. 🙂

  • Alex Albright

    So is this story going on Commanders and Spooky’s first time cards? That when they were younger they shared a little head? :p

    • Marcus Dionte Scott

      You, Dear Being, have just won the internet with that comment~~*Slow handclaps*

    • Cman65

      Thats not a “Little Head” thats a Whole lot of HEAD

  • You know I do understand what you’re saying about primary story withdrawal… except I’m getting sorta equal curiosity satisfying juju from the Spooky/Commander Bonus-story, and since that’s clearly going to feed into the Kyle main-story, my spasms are kinda cancelled out. So, I guess it’s like Bonus-story methadone… you know?

    • Haven Lee Angelus

      Yeah, this arc is great and I’m looking forward to seeing what comes of it. It was just a momentary feeling, it seemed like so much was happening at once. Then we cut to this I can’t help but think Filler Chapter, which in Manga terms is torture because of what’s occurring in the present. The difference here is that this is actually interesting, and it’s bringing more into the fold. So I’m looking forward to every page, and trying to figure out the story before it’s shown. It’s a hobby of mine.

  • A2MOM

    What is the Commander’s power? Her mother asks ‘anything?’ like she would be ‘sensing/seeing’ something?

    • So far what we know is that she has some form of telepathy.

      • A2MOM

        Okay thank you!

      • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

        I bet she has no powers at all. She probably just told people that she knows astrology or something, and got hired that way.

    • Klaus

      This is as far as I remember all we know of her powers:

      Telepathic broadcast? Or mind control?

  • Ellen Harman

    So Spooky was found wandering around with a head. Maybe he was just trying to get a”head” in life?

    • Jac

      Eye see where you are going with this, but let’s not get a-head of ourselves with the puns, okay?

      • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

        But that one was capital!

      • LimpBiskit

        Well, this is starting to head off in a new direction, but I think we all need to keep our eyes open and face the real question here.. Spooky’s tale is about to be laid bare.

        P.S. – I WON THAT GAME 😛

        • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

          Roger that.

        • Jac

          I am slain! Truly, your skill cuts to the real matter.

  • Frater Gymnos

    I can’t believe we’ve worked in the naked-boy angle already! This is not a complaint!

    • Kiri

      naked-boy angles are mandatory. 😀

      • kestrelsama

        angles, curves, it’s all good here :3

  • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

    Next page: “Sure Mom. I sense thoughts of love and compassion for all sentient beings. Oh my God, they killed the bodhisattva Dorje Phakmo!”

    • Well of course, that makes total sense, the death of the Tibetan བསམ་སྡིང་རྡོ་རྗེ་ཕག་མོ་སྤྲུལ་སྐུ། (the bodhisattva Dorje Phakmo ) is the only thing that can open the door between the walls of Blood and Pain EVER.

      Well, besides a Kyle-lava-gasm on a birthday… erm… with total trust and desire… etc…

      I thought everyone knew that? I mean she is the third highest reincarnation in Tibet, after the Dalai Llama…….?

      • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

        What you wrote (or more likely, pasted from Wikipedia) was “Samding Dorje Phakmo Tulku,” i.e. the tulku (recognized reincarnation or emanation) lineage of Dorje Phakmo who is associated with Samding Monastery. She looks just like a normal Tibetan woman.
        Also, liquor can help you break open the door between the walls of blood and pain. Don’t ask how I know this. Liquor and sweet talk.

        • You are exactly wiki-right… well it looked fun in a language I can’t begin to unscramble. And liquor… true that. Sweet talk I’ve had 50/50 success with, but liquor… indeed.

          • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

            It is a fun language! Wonderful weird spelling–from the Wikipedia article you probably saw “bsam-sding rdo-rje-phag-mo sprul-sku,” which is Wylie transliteration (in which every Tibetan letter is directly represented by a roman one). Speaking of which,
            “A one-l lama, he’s a priest.
            “A two-l llama, he’s a beast….”
            One more trivia note: There is no real agreement on who the “third highest reincarnation” is, although these days one usually hears the Karmapa mentioned in this connection. (The Bogdo Gegen in Mongolia is another contender.) In the 19th century there was international debate over whether the Dalai Lama (supported by the British) had precedence over the Panchen Lama (supported by Russia and China).

          • Thanks. I agree. At first I thought it was a non sequitur post, but the name you posted was too fun and then it was just interesting to see the letters, which were also cool and realize there was more than the Dalai Llama out there. Us westerners not thinking about current incarnations all that much.

            It does bend one’s western brain when traveling in that part of the world. The entire universal POV is just completely different and all our assumptions were just usually wrong. It was a great journey for brain breaking

            Thanks for the note about transliteration. It’s always so interesting. Especially for those of us stuck with heads that do only one language (damn lazy head).

            I did some work once on a project related to the Ramayana, so I know that NO ONE agrees on most everything about everything. The numbers of gods, avatars, buddhas, gurus, and on and on was beyond enormous, and no one agrees about who is more important than whom on any of it.

            Thanks, it was a fun look-up… and to realize it’s out there.

  • Jac

    Happy Birthday, Spooky! For your very special 14th birthday, you get nudity! And a trip to Earth! Also a complimentary demon head! It’s purple. You like purple, right?

    • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

      Unfortunately it has too many eyes to be a Flying Purple People-Eater.

      • That’s just one grouping of the Flying Purple People-Eaters. There are also two horned two eyed FPPE and then there are the six-eyed big teeth two horn FPPE. You just don’t see them as much and since the song came out the One eye One horned stole all the other FPPE’s thunder. He was such a show off.

        • Jac

          Considering those teeth, I’m inclined to believe you…

      • Klaus

        What do they eat when they can not get purple people?

        • Librarican

          I thought the People-eater was purple and flying, not eating flying purple people…

          • Klaus

            I never heard of them before, but a quick look at Wikipedia turns up a song

            “I said Mr Purple People Eater, what’s your line?He said eating purple people, and it sure is fine

          • Jac

            Perhaps it is a pun of sorts, and FPPEs are also purple, and they hunt purple people. Or perhaps they enjoy eating purple things/people, and this causes them to turn purple, not unlike flamingos.

            They should have stuck with grape juice.

  • Summer


  • Klaus

    My suggestion of what Amanda feels from the demon head: “She is a bit miffed.”

  • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

    Does it mean anything that we get this page at the same time Fred Phelps died?

  • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

    I think the same thing happened to one of the drummers from Spinal Tap!

  • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

    I know what this looks like! 1970’s Wonder Woman.

  • LimpBiskit

    Oh, and can we all take a second to admire just how completely unbothered the M.E. is. Like “Ah, I was totes gonna wash and set that lovely hair, but they told me hands off until the Feds got through…”

  • december

    Go Spooky!
    I love how sweet and modest Amanda looks. Like a good schoolgirl visiting a uni campus. It’s really meaningful given the complete abnormality of the circumstances – it implies she’s seen it all and is not taken aback in the slightest.

    • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

      She looks like a young Deborah Winger!

    • Klaus

      She got that clearance for a reason. The reason is not this head. There is no way she got it in only three hours. So it is not unexpected that her powers would be needed in a situation like this.

  • Valja

    Maybe in Hell demons have this national sport, or better dimensional plane sport, similar to rugby but instead of a ball they carry around the head of a volunteer. And Spooky (if he’s the boy they’re speaking of) was only getting taught the rules of the game, when suddenly a magic gate was opened and he was forced away from hell against his will, and he was stumbling because he couldn’t see the goalposts anymore. And naked cause of – well damn can you imagine playing rugby in a freaking place full of flames???
    No? No? *forced smile*
    … Yeah, I know. I’m too optimistic.

    • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

      And just think of what the drinking would be like afterwards.

  • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

    On a serious note, you know what was missing from all of the dialogue of the last chapterlet? Let me put it this way: If I was just whisked off to hell and learned that my real father is the devil, and the world is about to be invaded by demons, I would ask a bunch of questions along the lines of “So there is a hell then?” and “Which religion are we talking about?” (Chinese culture has garish hells and demons, as we know from John Carpenter, but the demons here seem more Western-inspired, possibly from D&D.)
    And for this page, okay–suppose you discover the head of a creature previously unknown to science, with huge implications for almost everything and maybe supernatural properties. Do you really just plunk it in a refrigerated morgue? And in a sliding drawer which is not even the right size for it…! It’s like those guys who a few years ago claimed to have shot a Bigfoot, then stuffed his head in their beer cooler.

    • You’re not wrong… if it’s our universe, but who knows?

      We debated the heck (hell is overused lately) out of this a while ago and here’s a couple of thoughts that bounced.

      – Is this an AU? It’s very RW, but Alex isn’t saying it is or it’s not.

      – Is this just ‘a’ hell dimension and Kyle’s personal transporter beam took them there?

      – Is demon dad REALLY Kyle’s demon dad? Or is he lying? It seems like Spooky is confirming this as a hell and demon dad as a King of Hell demon dad, but it’s been a little vague.

      – Lots of discussion about TYP time and Kyle trauma… The whole thing that took months for us was super short in TYP time and very intense for Kyle who thought he was getting some Duncan birthday nookie-love… but all in one night went to meet dad in some hell dimension, then called friends for clothes and a pep-talk (oh and come out of the closet) … so some of us argued that Kyle was a little overwhelmed and your questions might still be coming up as he gets his feet under him, but he just hasn’t had time YET…? Don’t know though. That’s just a guess.

      – Let’s be real. Coming out of the closet? or Talking about demon invasions. What comes first? GAY! (sorry, couldn’t help that)

      – And we just got told that Spooky was hanging in hell at a young age… so he’s only ‘just’ become the demon answer-man, like barely minutes ago.

      Okay, how’s that for an unhelpful answer to a reasonable question? Just sharing the past, since you are not the first person to look at that aspect of the story. You’re not wrong… it just doesn’t seem to be the way Alex is doling out info in his AU just now.

      (Alex may now answer disproving all that I’ve just said… you get lucky like that way sometimes… by being spectacularly wrong.)

      • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

        Thanks for your detailed reply, I didn’t realize this had already been gone over so much.
        How familiar the authorities, superheroes, and general population are with demons and magic and such is an open question. Spooky’s fame suggests that at least some people are aware of such things.Too much familiarity, though, and we’d have to assume massive social changes that would make this fictional world less recognizeable. (Think of the implications for religion, or science, or heavy metal.)
        Even if Kyle is too distracted to focus on such key points as how spells work, how portals are opened or closed, etc., you’d think he’d find the thing with his parents–trying to figure out how Demon Dad even met Human Mom, and what that must have been like–at least as compelling as his own gayness. Of course there must be storytelling considerations which kept the conversation from veering in this logical direction.

    • Well it’s possible that they’ve seen things similar (I don’t think powers just started manifesting themselves, they’ve been about for a little while), but they don’t know the exact place of origin (hell, space, or yonder) and exact type o’ being (alien, demon, or whatsit).

      But then again, they might not have ever seen a demon before, which would beg the question why is the place swarming with MIB

  • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

    So….I am guessing Amanda’s powers are not limited ‘merely’ to telepathy. Does she have an object reading sense? A Psychometry sense? That would be very cool.

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    It’s totally Spooks. Gotta be. Right when he got back from Hell

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    Well that thar looks a wee bit like a gorgon head, yessir.

  • So, did spooky kill that thing or did he just find it lying around in hell. My mom used to keep telling me not to pick up weird things off the ground. I definitely think that qualifies.

    And on an unrelated note. Hi everyone, I’m back. I’m so sad I’ve missed the last like ten updates, but there’s been a lot of craziness. I missed you all so much. Seems like there’s been a lot of new developments, how does Alex keep surprising us like this. That’s why this has got to be my favorite active webcomic out there, hands-down!

    • Takehai

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        “Life is what happens while you’re making other plans.”

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      We have missed you!!!

    • Welcome back. We’ve gone back in time while you were away…

  • Okay gay geeks… this is a repost (sorta) with a review added.

    Alex (I think) previously posted YouTube’s GayComicGeek’s video review of ARTIFICE, which was excellent, BTW, as it should have been.

    Anyway, the review was such good balls-out fun that I started subscribing to this guys YouTube channel. He’s just great fun. Unabashedly gay, but way more geeky than gay on screen (some reviews more than others) but a total comic book geek. He’s really good.

    Now everyone is sending him everything. So he gives you a super quick snapshot fun review with lots of visuals of the books and all the latest comic and graphic novels gay or non-gay. He seems to make no preference in his geekery.

    He’s also not afraid to say if Marvel is doing something dumb in killing off a character or if something new is awesome

    The link below is his ARTIFICE review again, but you can follow and find tons of really smart reviews on really good geeky stuff. I’m enjoying it. You might too. He’s not too gay. I don’t think he’d freak Tsunami out or anything… 😀

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    /plungesin Oi. I lost my password to this account (along with having tried the wrong username also…), but I am glad to be able to like and reply to thinks as someone other than “anonymous”.

    Also, I am glad the Commander is getting her own little blip. For a leader of supersuits, she’s otherwise been sort of mysterious as a character. I hope she ends up having her own curious past. :2

  • Starfighter updated!!!

    *sigh* I am going to see if my brother will let me play Diablo III for a bit. I am extremely angry and need an outlet. So I may or may not be back in time for camping…

    • Simba

      *flail* Starfighter is confusing me!! What is happeniiiing??

      • Odds are extremely high that what is happening is “Cain’s Dream”. In one of the comments Hamlet has made she said that the opening of Chapter 4 would parallel the opening of Chapter 2. Chapter 2 opened with Abel’s Dream. So it is logical to assume that this is Cain’s dream.

        • Simba

          Oh… Dream makes much more sense… Poor Cain. ;.;

          • Yeah…Hamlet said I made some good observations on page 4. ^_^ Whether or not that means anything…..*shrugs*

        • Elrohir

          So when he got grabbed in the corridor (hand over mouth) in the last episode they drugged him and maybe this is his drug induced dream? That would work. Because I was lost…

          • Abel is the one that got snatched. We have no idea where Cain was/is when Able got surprised from behind. It is entirely likely that Cain was/is sleeping elsewhere.

          • Elrohir

            Name dyslexia…sigh…yeah…I was thinking that they went to sleep together (after the hot sex where Abel finally topped Cain) and then Abel woke up alone. Since Hamlet specifically hid the face of the captor I was thinking it was Abel unconscious after being snatched that was dreaming and since he had been half looking for Cain on his way to report that the dream was a storyline extension of his trying to find Cain. But maybe I’m just completely lost…

          • On the previous page I post a speculation about that. We never see Cain wake up with Abel.

            1) Cain is either an extremely early riser, or he doesn’t mind
            falling asleep in someone’s arms/with someone in his arms but has
            trouble waking up in said situation. All the times we have seen Abel
            waking up, he has been alone. So I think Cain wakes up long before Abel
            and goes and grabs more sleep elsewhere before going to work. That
            might be why we are seeing this scene after Abel is awake and as far as
            we know kidnapped.
            1a) Cain is having this dream after Abel is possibly kidnapped because he has been rendered unconscious.

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            I had to apologize profusely to my friend over the mater, WHICH I SHOULDN’T HAVE TO DO. IT ISN’T MY UNCLE’S HOUSE AND HE SHOULD NOT HAVE A SAY IN WHO I HAVE OVER!!! But for the safety of my friend it was better for him to leave.


            I was really looking forward to this too…we only hook up about twice a month… ;_;

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            aww that sucks. I mean not only having your jerk of an uncle chase your friend away, but having to sacrifice your “personal fun.” The guy sounds both HORRID and SCARY. Like the kind of person who needs someone to get in their face, but if that did happen it would probably end very horribly.


          • *hugs*

            The only thought that makes me happy is that at least I am not related to him by blood. He and my mother (separate parents) were adopted.

            For these small things I am grateful.

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          • Yeah, as much as I was looking forward to not being able to walk without week knees for a couple of hours, his safety comes first.

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          I just read a little further down and saw that you played Diablo III. Sounds like a great way to vent your frustration.

          So glad you’re feeling better!

          • I used to have Diablo II on my computer, but I think I lent out the Play DIsk…….

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    • I haven’t been around lately but I love this observation. I like how even the hand is pushing out of the frame.

    • Librarican

      Old news I know, but I just assumed that panel 5 was the work in progress portion of this page since there is no background and the detectives are missing legs…

  • I can’t wait to see what Amanda’s going to say. I may not have been camping lately but I’ve been able to check on the updates when Alex posts them on Twitter and I’ve been kinda on the edge of my seat with this one.

  • So far of the people working at the PD, I would have to say that Doctor Baker is my favorite. Granted we haven’t seen that much of her and she hasn’t really said a whole lot……but I like her.

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      Yea. She gives off the feeling of “yea I’ve seen some shit, a demon head is nothing”

      • ……and all of a sudden have this strange urge to braid that demon’s hair…..not one big braid, but lots of little ones….

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          He would look awesome with a set of dreads

        • Kinda like how Claret put those little braids in Axis’ hair?

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      I thought the same! somehow from all those she’s emitting authority the most, also competence 🙂

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