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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Bonus Comic One—Page 21

187 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Bonus Comic One—Page 21

Way to slip in the p-word, Spookster! You, dog, you…

We have a new Fan Comic by Pikinanou, showing Col. Charleyboy doing a little post-mission clean-up using some familiar technology. Do check it out.

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So! Amanda can not only read minds, but she can actually hurt people with her thoughts? How does that work? Meanwhile, Spooky seems to be bouncing back faster than last time, but he also still seems be putting out warnings. Could what he say be true? Could our beloved Spooklet really be bad to the bone?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! 🙂

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  • Sneaky Alex!!

    • SofiaT

      He is, isn’t he?

      • I just happened to check my notifications on facebook and saw that he updated….at first I was skeptical….and then I got there and was like…..”Alex lied! It hasn’t even been 45 minutes!”

        • Elrohir

          HAH! To paraphrase a favorite movie line:
          “@alexwoolfson:disqus is a storyteller. He gives the truth scope!”
          That’s the story I’m going with… 🙂

    • Thanks for the heads up (was having a nap) and then saw it ^___^

      • This is my 5th TYP Virgin. ^_^

        On a side note: I got the Virgin on both page 18 and 21 in this bonus comic. ^_^

  • mogoskier

    Wait what. ITONLY 9

  • jreed3842


  • Kiki


  • SofiaT

    Amanda is telling all the right things. But it will take more than that. It’s ok, we know things will turn out ok 🙂

    …and can I take a moment to be gleeful because he called her pretty?

  • Xalun K

    Oh Spooky…. Doing bad things under duress doesn’t make you a bad person. (And yes, she is very pretty! lol)

  • silibub

    I guess since Amanda was able to use her telepathy to communicate with the people inside the burning apartment building, she could accidentally project a negative thought into someone’s head if she wasn’t in control of her power. And if that thought was something really hurtful about that person, it could do some damage.

    This is a sweet page! I like how Amanda just plops down on the floor with Spooky. Like when she sat on his side of the table before — she’s aligning herself pretty clearly with him.

    • SofiaT

      I’m thinking maybe she can project illusions into people’s heads? Make them think they live any reality she chooses to broadcast to them?

      • silibub

        That would be something else! Although I’d imagine she would have to be in contact with them regularly to maintain that illusion over a period of time, depending on what it was — unless she just plants a seed in their minds and they sustain it for her.

        • SofiaT

          Like a virus or a trojan horse?
          I like that idea… I can’t see her doing something like that unless it’s absolutely necessary (and to someone really evil) but that would be a really badass power to have!

          • purplefoxglove

            The future is looking less and less bright for the Silver Fox, isn’t it?

          • SofiaT

            We don’t know that yet.
            I still want to have my cake and eat it too (i.e. see both Kyle and Duncan find happiness in the end).

            It’s not over till it’s over!

          • purplefoxglove

            I’ll bring the cream, then. (I’m torn between still wanting a happy ending for Duncan and Kyle and the urge to roast Anni for what he did – and I trust Alex to bring up VERY good and convincing reasons for that little go-to-hell stunt. Reasons that will, most likely, turn my whole view of the comic upside down, just like after what happened at the private birthday party. So…does that make me team pitchfork-cake?)

          • b3nc0

            Just saw Watchmen again tonight & was pissed as always by the Greater Good concept… If that’s what it would take to grant Duncan happiness which i ain’t keen in the first place I’m afraid I’d be pissed too ლ(ಠ_ಠლ)

        • b3nc0


      • Hmmm…..the way she describes it kind of reminds me of

        Saki Hanajima from Fruits Basket a little bit. Though she referred to it as reading people’s “electric waves” and she was able to “attack” people using those waves.

        • SofiaT

          I was thinking of Nikita Duncan in the Psy/Changeling series. She can attack people’s minds the way a computer virus does.

  • b3nc0

    Is Amanda waiting for the all precinct to burst in there or verifying all is calm?

    Spooks what does her being pretty have to do with anything?

    Edit: Is there a link between girls/woman being pretty/sexy and those bad things you did?

    • Klaus

      She may have told the colonel she is OK. Powers are handy sometimes.

  • b3nc0

    I really don’t remember what was the last pics post I made, so here are the links to my albums, please, take note of the Enzo stash pics of a person dear to me who wanted to know others pow on his pics:

  • Definitely Sneaky Alex! I was at the store! I thought I had time. 😐

    That said. Amanda is getting Awesomer and Awesomer. So calm, cool, collected, and strong. How cool would it have been to have a character like her when I was a teenager?

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I really love Amanda. She’s so cool.

  • b3nc0

    Put the biscuits back in their can, downed the chocolate, pics are for the world to see, Imma call it a night… Tschüß

  • I second (or third, fourth) sneaky Alex. I’ve had my phone off most of the day too. Doki, thanks for the heads up! At least I got here before an hour went by.

    Amanda is super awesome and really mature for her age. Her realizations about her gift and choices about how she wants to use it are amazing. I’m wondering if she came to those conclusions on her own or if someone else (like her Mom) might have helped her in that direction. Could it be in a world of superheroes that people are looking for special gifts in children and there’s some kind of educational system or training that goes along with finding a child who has special powers? Kind of like Hogwarts, maybe?

    Or would it be only for a select few “enlightened” people who know how and what to look for in these children? What if the child isn’t part of this “enlightened” group? What if whether you have access to this kind of eduction depends on your social class, ethnicity, etc.? Seems to me there have to be some people on the lookout for these kids otherwise they might not learn how to manage their gifts in a safe and useful manner.

    • All very good questions to be asking, Gryphongirl! 🙂

    • EyeDontNo

      Just remember… the “Enlightened People” searching for children with gifts are not necessarily on the side of goodness and light. Some Fagin-character is also looking for these children to enhance his own selfish existence.
      Alternatively, not all who are on the side of Good are training students to be ‘all that they can be’. Some are training them to ‘fit in’, to ‘preserve society’ instead of improve it for all.
      It comes down to the old saying “Control the children, control the future.”

      • Klaus

        We all know which road is paved with good intentions.

        • b3nc0


        • It’s not, actually. It’s paved with frozen insurance salesmen.


  • Thank you Alex (and Adam & Veronica). This is a lovely compliment to the previous page. I need to read it a few times and soak it up. There are favorite books with sections I re-read often because they make me feel good. This page has that kind of heart. I’m going to enjoy sitting with it and feeling what it’s saying more than once, that’s for sure.

    Thanks so much. This Bonus comic continues to be very special. I’m already preparing myself to miss it…

    • Thank you, Chris. I’m glad this page is making you feel good. Finding the “heart” in a scene and with my characters is important to me. I’m glad you’re feeling that here. 🙂

      (And, if it makes you feel better, this probably won’t be the only time we ever hang with young Commander and Spooky. They had more than one adventure together before she formed The Young Protectors.)

  • Sapfo

    Sneaky Alex aka our very own “Loki” 😀

    Scary Spooky needs a hug again. And He is so daring, calling her pretty.
    I wish I could say something deeper, but my brain has not woken up yet.

    Thank you for this new page of cuteness.

  • Summer

    Alex, I’m beginning to think it’s a very good thing I didn’t have the money to get myself put into a comic. I’d be hugging both these people to my bosom in the pic and weeping hysterically. No one wants to see that 😛

  • Sapfo

    If you break a see through mirror, does that mean 7 years of bad luck? o.O

    • Well maybe the years are divided in half.

    • zunden

      A one-way mirror is actually just a really shiny window, so I don’t think so.

      • b3nc0

        I agree, in French there’s even a saying stating that c’est du verre blanc, ça porte bonheur = it’s white (as opposed to teinted) glass, it brings luck!

    • Adam Black

      Seven years later you will be 7 years closer to death, but you can write off all the record debt today, you take on to make up for it

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Hee hee, Spooky thinks she’s pretty!

  • Lindsey Amethyst Hampton

    I knew Amanda would do or say amazing.

  • davefragments

    I seem to be late and the page seems to have been early..

  • I believe we have a DING DING DING

    • Klaus

      That will be one full year of YP twice a week.

  • TwilightDreamer

    ooo, good speech… Amanda was definitely the right person for this, she’s connecting to Spooky so well 🙂 it’s definitely going to take awhile for him to recover….but Amanda is right, he needs to give himself a chance.

  • Chibi
  • Chibi

    aww poor spooky ::hugs::

  • Well I can see where Spooky developed a thing for the slightly older ladies. 😀

  • Adam Black

    “Ive done things.Bad things.
    —-Things you would not believe”

    “Ive ripped off permanent mattress tags,
    Ive thrown away Recycling,
    I wrote the bad Review that got Firefly cancelled”


    • Sapfo

      ADAM! Was it you (or Spooky) who got Firefly of the air? But I thought you where my hero in kilt.

      Take my love, take my land
      Take me where I can not stand
      I don’t care, I’m still free
      You can’t take the sky from me!

      I shall be strong, even after this.
      I promise you Adam, I am a brown coat still

      • Adam Black

        oh no im innocent.
        My father begged me to watch that space-cowboy show when it was on the air.

        Of course I laughed and went out. It was Saturday night

        • Sapfo

          Not you my Adam? I am sure you sat down like the…. dutiful son you are?
          Ah who am I kidding. ;P

      • Adam Black

        Blame Spooklet,

        “hes bad to the Boner” as someone said

        • Sapfo

          But he is so cute, how could I blame him for anything?
          But then again, how could I blame you? You are Mr Adam Black.
          This is a hard one.

    • Laampros? Is that YOU?

  • Morbidkittygirl

    I love that, no matter what he’s gone through, he still has enough of the Spooky we know in him to sneak in the “P” word. That’s our boy!

  • Love the way Amanda’s managing to draw Spooky out. That just by still being there after seeing some of the stuff in his mind, she’s made it possible for him to say a little about why he wouldn’t talk at all earlier.

  • Finooola

    Amanda is so cool. I never expected this comic to have such a well developed backstory.

    • purplefoxglove

      I know what you mean. Alex fooled me by labeling his comics yaoi. I expected much smut and basically no story, and boy, am I glad I was wrong!

  • kamishiro

    Amanda is amazing and gives me a warm felling the way they are opening to each other.

  • Nate

    I’m just in awe of your body language skills. Once again, you could almost understand the action without the word balloons.

  • Klaus

    How on earth are you going to finish this in just six pages?

    • *chris wipes tear*

      I KNOW! I’m so confused. I want Kyle, but I also want Mandy and Spooks (*yells off-screen* OKAY I WON’T CALL YOU MANDY)… I meant Amanda and Spooky. I miss them already.

      And I have to remember that Duncan’s butt is NOT stabbity stabbed stabbed yet!

      • I really want to see what’s up with Duncan. I can picture him trying to swagger around like the arrogant douche, fighting with Sircea over his feelings for Kyle, which he can’t hide anymore, and then he’s off in the corner curled up on himself when he thinks no one is there, staring down at his burned arm/hand which will permanently scar no matter what Llampy promises about eternal youth and health. OH and his other arm with that blood oath scar Llampy gave him…Duncan has to pre-plan his wardrobe to cover up both forearms from now until the rest of eternity. Literally.

        And the loneliness! He was this close to being with a beautiful, good person. Someone who would see and bring out the best in him…but he threw it all away and is not only bringing about the end of the world but has given up his own soul.

        A soulless Duncan is a lonely Duncan. There’s nothing in his heart if someone tries to reach out to him. I think the crushing loneliness will be the thing that brings him down, not violence.

        • SofiaT

          Amen. *sigh*

        • Adam Black

          Dont worry, You actually need a soul to feel lonely,

          The duncan-shell will merely sense a vague emptiness, like he that last muffin he ate was secretly diet, or there was laundry load of Annihilator-undies he forgot about somewhere.

          In the Big Scheme of things Duncans soul wont matter one bit. It was hardly a big soul or a clean soul to begin with.

          All in all, Immortality in exchange for such a worthless rag of soul is a fantastic price.

          Besides souls arent things you can fully lose as long as you experience life. They build up in bewtween bake sales, and chinese restarant shootings like sand on the beach of living.

          But as a Sociopath the quality of the new soul he will grow, will be as motheaten and worthless as the last one. With any Luck he will trade it for some cool new power, like multiple orgasms or breathing in space

          • b3nc0

            Technically he didn’t sell his soul, he sold the Key to Paradise, which confirms he didn’t have a worthy soul to begin with!

          • Marvelous, Mr. Black. *bows to you*

  • fujoshifanatic

    Amanda is doing such a good job of breaking down Spooky’s PTSD walls, using just the right pace with her calm and nonjudgmental demeanor to allow Spooky his process of acclimating to not having them in place. She’s showing a maturity that is well beyond her years right here. Mama Charleyboy must be proud. And darling Spooky! Even under duress, you still know how to be your charming, flirtatious self. Seeing them both like this makes me admire all the more how awesome they are as heroes, and people, they are in the present day, and how it seems they helped each other get there along the way.

    Now if someone could at least give poor Spooky a face wipe or something to get that schmutz off his face, I’m sure he as well as I would feel much better. I don’t think anyone would be in the right frame of mind to get calm and open up if they were covered in crusted-on demon yuk from a nasty fight of some kind. And please, Amanda, can you hug him soon? He called you pretty and everything…

    • I think ADAM is just waiting for Alex to hand him that Spooky-face-wipe… that’s a lot of work! LOL.

  • Lady_Hiroko

    Aww…it’s nice to see Spooky smile again. Sometimes all someone needs is a sympathetic ear. I’ve been there. Deep in a pit of self pity and despair. I usually talk to my mom and often she doesn’t understand. I didn’t need her to understand. Just to LISTEN and then I’d feel much better.

    • So agree… show someone (you think) your worst, and they don’t even bat an eye… It’s hard to fight that kind strength. Amanda continues to rock on a pretty amazing level. IDK much, but I think her personal power has definitely helped to make her wise beyond her years… Well, how could it not?

  • bronakopdin

    such a great resolve Amanda has! and she doesn’t judge Spooky at all, on the contrary she admires him 😀

    Spooky on the other hand, smooth way to slip a compliment xD
    Just forget the things you’ve done and look forward 😀

    on a sidenote I love all the expressions of this page 🙂

  • Pikinanou

    Yes, spooky! You just showed her crazy stuffs you can do and she called it Five kind of Awesome! She’s made for you! They’re so cute together, If they don’t end up in a Relationship, they better be the ultimate BFF!

  • Mary Kelleher

    Bad to the boner hyukhyukhyuk.

    It’s funny ’cause I’m twelve.

    • Well, as I remember, at fourteen? It’s just a simple truth. When don’t you have a boner? Life at fourteen is rough.

      • Mary Kelleher

        Ladyboners are a bit more discreet.

        • That’s funny, because I’m twelve too. Discreet indeed. See how we men suffer for our biology? (heh heh heh)…

  • Shinashi

    And pretty, hahahaha, awwwww

    Well, I already forgive you dude!

  • Sarah

    Question: is this going to be available in book form once it’s finished?

    • I’m pretty sure this is the comic that WILL be printed as an extra for Vol.1 when it should be out later this year.

      There’s a couple of things that will be for kickstarter backers only, but yes this one is for the book 🙂

  • I have to agree with Amanda. What Spooky did was pretty awesome, in a kinda scary way 🙂

    So this is the moment Spooky started practicing that charm of his… at least he learned more along the way, but that was a good compliment from a fourteen year old 😉

    I can see why these two became friends. As different as their powers are, they are both aware of the fact that they are dangerous if used wrong. They can understand each other better than many.

  • John

    Interesting. Does he see it as wrong to bad things to demons?

    That would suggest he sees, and respects, them as sentient creatures; something I suspect no demon did for him.

    Keeping your humanity in hell… now THAT is TRULY awesome!

    • b3nc0

      What if the demons made him do bad things? Really bad things… Transdimensional bad things…

      • John

        Then he gets even more Kudos for still respecting them.

        He is, ultimately, a very kind child.

  • Heh


    • HEY! He just said she’s pretty. Well she is. You don’t have to be straight to admit the truth and… Awwwww… who am I kidding?

      Have fun Spooky…

      *chris, pitifully heartbroken, waves goodbye as the good ship Spookmander, finally pulls away from the dock leaving him behind… all alone (looks around, but sees no sympathy).

      There’s nothing worse than the moment when ‘denial’ finally fails you for good. 🙂

      • JozefAL

        I’ve had 100% gay male friends who’ve said “I’d do her” (“her” being some hot woman).

        “Deny” all you want to. Until we see the scene where Spooky spurns the sexual advances of some super-hot guy (or maybe just a “sweet” guy–maybe a gay fan who confesses his “love” for Spooky and asking him for a date), you can at least think Spooky swings both ways.

        • Ahahahahahahah… Oh, I of all people know this is true. I’m quite sure that Spooky makes up his own mind… over and over again. LOL. However, if Amanda makes him happy (sigh) I’m willing to make sacrifices.

          Speaking from personal experience… men I’ve known have responded positively to the line… “I’d do him.” But, not so much for some women. It doesn’t seem to ring right for some of them. Hard to predict.

          Maybe adult Spooky and Amanda will be into three-ways… THUMP… sorry that was just the sound of Alex and a few readers falling off their chairs.

          Hey? What do I know? They’re all getting eaten by demons anyway unless Kyle gets it together. I suppose I should just wait and see.

          I just want my Spooky to be happy poor little demon infested dude. (,◕︷◕,)

      • Heh

        Hey, be still right there. There are many other ships to sail, who knows? Maybe the next one is the one you’ll get on.

        [ And i think we can all agree that if spooky swings both ways that would be hot as hell.]

        • Don’t teassssssse me! LOL. But I agree with you. It’s always dangerous to try to predict a Woolfson comic. Anything is possible. But even the river Denial eventually has to run into the sea… (sniff)… doesn’t it?

      • petros0359

        Aww Chris…
        Here you go buddy…
        :: passes Chris the Kleenex ::

        • Excellent. And Spooky is shorter… we saw that in his Kyle hug, so that clip works well. Thanks for that. I just hope Spooky knows, that inspite of this, I’d stand between him and a Balrog anyday! Thank you for that insightful clip. LOL.

        • No one must know about my Samwse Gamgee obsession.

          • Oh, you sneaky author, don’t make me give you a link to a whole bunch of really well written Frodo/Samwise (well all the cute characters) LOTR fan-fic… so you can suffer too. It’s a bit kinky in a sweet way, but Frodo and Sam discover they’re madly in love with each other and Samwise is so adorably himself and very Toppy in protecting his Frodo… (sorta as you already know him) you can’t really read the books anymore or watch the films anymore and not see the love affair (that’s there anyway).

            It’s only Sam’s love and Sam being so strongly and simply himself, that defeats the power of the ring in warping Frodo’s personality… a bit like life when your partner helps you through ugly times.

            I’m not normally a fan-ficcer, but this fanfic warps that AU in a good sense, by taking what I already see in the Book and Films and putting it on the page (mostly). Out of all the characters she focuses on… Sam is ultra adorbs and so perfectly himself as you already know him…

            Once you read it’s hard to UN-SEE or UN-LOVE him as Frodo-loving Samwise. LOL. I mean let’s face it, even I didn’t buy those two as a “bromance”. HA! I think there is even a later boat out of the Grey Havens in her series… ’cause Sam was a ring bearer too.’ So he gets to join his Frodo in the Far West… *chris wipes tear*.

            So HA… *chris punishes sneaky author* LOL.

          • Hmm. It would be tempting to give that a read because I agree, in the films it’s not so much subtext, but text. Sir Ian gave Sean Astin specific direction to play “love” when he was acting with Frodo (and with some subversive intent, IIRC). For this shipper, it pays off nicely. 🙂

          • So true the book is so pure… one doesn’t much to swim in those waters. It’s pretty lovely. Unconditional love always feels so swell. I’m with you all the way on those two.

          • ummm… link to this fic?

          • Sarah314159

            This is why I stopped watching movies of my favorite books…. In the books, Sam *does* eventually go to the Far West, and it makes me pretty sad to think that the films don’t allow that.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            I thought the films sort of implied that he would (lightly), but I could be misremembering.

          • petros0359

            My lips are sealed.

          • petros0359

            Oh and I wont tell Sheldon’s Meemaa either…
            Just thought you might want to know.

      • Saxon_Brenton

        [throws Chris a lifeline] Maybe he’s just fishing for a return compliment in an attempt to bolster his sense of worth and thereby desperately deny the feelings of self-loathing?

      • You always have me and Mr Pointy.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Yay, I love this ship!

  • Pikinanou… genius fan-art! Thanks.

  • Toli Bera

    RIP Cola D: This is the greatest tragedy of our times! TTnTT

  • SPOOKLET I just died of cuteness. Yeah okay, the page is serious. But Alex’s comments kill me every time.

    • Heh. I wish I could claim credit for that, but another commenter came up with it and I just couldn’t resist adopting it. 😀

      Very glad you like my little comments, though!

      • Superjenny

        I always take the time to read the little blurbs beneath each page. They make my day each time.

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    I like the idea that she seems to be very painfully honest… helps.

    • Derkins

      Seems like if she can read other people’s minds it’s only fair.

  • Glad to hear you love the story, Ivy!

    And thank you for letting me know about the RSS feed. Some months back, there was a problem with the feed and folks had to unsubscribe and resubscribe to fix it. Could you try doing that and let me know if that fixes the problem?


    • Ivy

      Followed your instructions, and it looks like it’s working now. No way to tell for sure until the next update, though. Thanks for the help!

      • Ah, good. Please keep me posted! 🙂

        • Ivy

          Whoops, forgot to reply earlier. It’s working now 🙂

  • Nepi

    Hello everybody! I know advertisement is a bit rude but since I enjoy good comics a lot and i’ve been following The Young Protectors almost from the very beginning, i just figured out that this might be the right place when looking for other peoples who value good comic finds like I do. So if you’re in any way interested for anything which includes some zombies, check out No End: . Comic is sexually very open-minded too and the art is just stunning, you can check their tumblr for more. Sorry if I disturbed somebody in any way! I really post this as a fair reading-recommend.

    • …..I am not sure if I can handle the zombie love thing after seeing Otto: or Up With the Dead

      …still confused on whether or not the main guy was actually a zombie or just mentally disturbed…

      …there are some relatively disturbing scenes that I cannot un-see…

      I will put it on my “to read when I can handle Zombies again” list. ^_^

  • Sorry if this has already been posted, but BUYING TIME IS UP:

    • YAY!

    • Calvin Wilkinson

      I totally binged through it the night I followed Alex’s link a couple days ago, such a cliffhanger tonight. The comic is so amazingly adorable!! Thanks Alex for sharing the gold 😀

    • I so need more comics to read. Buying Time is a real treat!

  • vessto

    This page reminds me of the very wise quote from Harry Potter 2 when Professor Dumbledore said (translation mine so no the exact quote in English) “Our choices are what make us what we are, not our abilities”.

  • Maus Merryjest

    She’s pretty awesome herself!

  • petros0359

    I have been keeping an eye out in the last couple of pages to catch a glimpse of the Spooklet’s tummy again to see if there has been any chubbichange in the last year.
    Strictly for comparative purposes only. (just saying)
    But alas even on the previous exciting page the sweat top did not oblige.

    • This is the thinnest Spooky has been in all the comic pages published so far.

  • alphax

    Long time lurker, first time poster. This ‘origin’ story is quite something, and after rereading pg 9 – 10 of this Chapter I realized just how much they are the definition of irony. (possibly of course)

    Put simply, if you take Spooky’s chat with Kyle last Chapter, combine it with the physical evidence and all the ‘that boy ain’t right!’ speech from the police and realize Amanda is being Invader Zim level oblivious in ignoring the actual truth of what Spooky has been saying (and DEMONSTRATING!) then the whole Chapter inverts…

    Spooky wasn’t sent to Hell on his 13th Birthday… he was lured, hooked and dragged through the Walls of Pain and Blood out of it to a place that holds everything about what he is with such cruelly tyrannical Contempt that it has crushed his name and self to nothingness and refilled the now empty space with itself.

    Or, for the bluntly horrific, non poetic conspiracy theory… Some cultists summoned a demon a year ago and, after binding it, they had it do ‘demon-y’ things for them… because it was a demon… and when it didn’t fade or leave, they kept having it do ‘demon-y’ things until a year passed and it exploded, killing the cultists and leaving a stark naked 14 year old ‘human’ boy wandering around with a demon head in his hands…

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