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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Bonus Comic One—Page 11

267 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Bonus Comic One—Page 11

I don’t think that’s going to work, Amanda. I’m sure Hell was just filled with tasty candy bars…

(But heck, the way Vero colored that, even I am tempted by that candy bar…)

We have new Fan Art — “Red Hot” by Mariah Wall. Do check it out.

Also, I want to give you another Kickstarter heads up: webcomic creator and all-around swell guy David Willis is printing the third book of his excellent college-based Dumbing of Age story and there are still 4 spaces left to get all three books signed with custom art. His wife is actually a reader of The Young Protectors and both were very cool when I met them during the Webcomic Rampage 2013. Do yourself a favor and get your pledge in — I did. 🙂

Oh and…


Our fortieth bonus page in a row! Woo hoo! And you yet again tipped over the donation bar! That means that, in addition to our regular Saturday updates, and bonus pages on Wednesday, April 23rd (page 13!), Wednesday, April 30th (page 15!), Wednesday, May 7th (page 18!), Wednesday, May 14th (page 20!), Wednesday, May 21st (page 22), and Wednesday, May 28th (page 25!), there will now be an additional bonus page (page 27!), on Wednesday, June 4th! You’ve now got the entire Bonus Comic covered for Bonus Pages! You all ROCK SO MUCH! 😀

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Thank you all so much for your generous support!

So! Spooky’s clammed up again, and so Amanda is revealing her secret weapon. Will it work? Or will she have to eat that entire candy bar all by herself?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there!

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  • This page *wibbles* Oh Spooky.

    • davefragments

      I think you beat me. Ratso Rizzo! to borrow a name!

      • I just refreshed twice, to make sure this time, and yes I think I can say 29 now 😉 Last page I thought I was first for several minutes because Jakk’s comment didn’t show up for me.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Good work, Danish!

    • Dr. DanishWho and her Tardis. 🙂

  • davefragments

    ooooh the new page!

  • What no WoG on BCPD? Oh nooooeees what will we do? (I’m in with Len and the Bonus Comic Police Department theory. LOL.

    Alex, Adam and Veronica. You are all working really hard for this and the quality of the ‘bonus’ comic is better than most comic-comics. Now myself, not being nearly as dedicated as you three, I’m going to sleep on this lovely page and yack too much about it tomorrow. Thank you again for picking up the middle of our weeks and making it much much betta!

  • Loneliestoflulabies

    That is one thing about going to the demon world, no chocolate

  • Take the candy bar Spooky (who is not yet spooky)

    • Adam Black

      Do we know his real name?

      • Nope. But I’m putting my money on Bernard or maybe Sean or maybe Harold.

      • b3nc0

        Does he know his real name? TTATT

        • Adam Black

          do I know, If he knows his real name?

          Do you know, if I know, if he knows his real name?

  • Heh

    Amanda knows she is awesome. Spooky will learn it soon.

    Everythings gonna be fine with my babies now, so im gonna get a great night’s sleep.

    • Night. I’m right behind you. And yes, Amanda is caps-lock AWESOME!

  • Let’s face it — I am pretty awesome, but you don’t know me.

    ….So Spooky gets it from Amanda?

    • mogoskier

      That would explain a lot about there relationship.

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Man, now I really want a candy bar.

  • Good night all fine campers and have a great e/o your weeks.

    • Night, Chris, sleep well 🙂

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Good night!

    • Night Mr Dangerfield

    • Sapfo

      8 hours later

      Good morning Mr. Dangerfield ^_^

  • This page touch a huge part of the emotions scale for me. I don’t even know exactly how to feel xD

    Spooky makes me want to hug a plushie (yes, Alex, I’m still hinting here) and never let go, as he sit there obviously in (emotionally) pain .. but Amanda is freaking AWESOME and she makes me want to smile.

    Alex, how am I supposed to REACT to this paaage.. what are you doing to me?!

    Edit: And that candy bar. That’s just evil. Temptation every time I look at the last panel of the page.

    • TwilightDreamer

      I may not have a Spooky one, but I’ve got an abundance of plushies if you want to borrow one… ;D lol, and you’re right…now I want to hug one to!

      • Shhh.. don’t mention already having an abundance of plushies. I’ve been hinting at Alex that we need a Spooky plushie, because that totally needs to exist 😉
        This reply was once again a VERY subtle hint … *cough*

        • I’m listening… 🙂

          (Still not convinced enough people would want to buy one… But I’m definitely listening.)

          • YangYueLan

            A little ghost plushy with a brown coat and a ball cap!!! ^.^ He can hang out with my Spock-bear!

          • Nah, if we actually get a Spooky plushie it should BE a Spooky plushie *lol* No ghost.

          • Ha! There’s the rub. I think some folks would want the Spooky Ghost and others might want the actual boy…

          • fujoshifanatic

            Can we have both?

          • SofiaT

            Damn economies of scale… I suspect not enough potential buyers for something like that to be viable… Yet.

            Otherwise i’d sure love the whole team and an Anni plushie 😀

          • Feverfew_M

            Oh yes, Anni-plushie!!! *nods*

          • b3nc0

            We could burn it‼ *grabs Zippo and Zippo oil can*

          • Guest

            Hey! Were’s the good ol’ fork?

          • joakfield

            Hey! Where’s the good ol’ fork?

          • fujoshifanatic

            That would be my dream as well–the whole cuddly cast–but if it *had* to be just one, I would want the canon natural hugger, so Spooky (and/or his avatar) it is. 🙂

          • That’s good to know. 🙂

            And… if I were to create such a thing — let’s say a pillowcase. Would you want a sweet or a sexy image on it? Spooky in full-on trenchcoat, etc. or in bedroom-wear (with the cap, of course… ) 🙂

          • fujoshifanatic

            LOL, how about both, arranged for maximum effect? 😛 No one said there had to be much under the trenchcoat. 😉

          • I’ve actually thought of that, and (maybe to the surprise of some *lol) I’d love a sweet image. It’s a snuggle pillow, not a love pillow xD

            It could be a new created umage, or it could be example panel 2 from this page:
            That would be like being a part of their comfort hug.. or maybe that’s just me feeling that 🙂

          • Hmm *points up to pillow case suggestion* .. maybe that one would solve it then 🙂

          • Kate G

            *chants* Plushie, plushie, plushie, plushie!

            As long as I can have a Kyle one @alexwoolfson:disqus!!!! MUST HAVE KYLE!!! Must be squishy as I love all things squishie (don’t listen to @SofiaT. I know plenty of adults who still love their squishy, fluffy plushies.)

          • Kate G

            ^Of course, you are talking to someone who loves fuzzy and fluffy textures. Have fuzzy, will love obnoxiously. Don’t ever put me around the Gund plush animals at a store. You will not get me out of there without buying me one. I LOVE GUND.

          • fujoshifanatic

            *clears throat, whispers* Plushie please? *scampers away*

          • Hmm.. something to try out as a part of a kickstarter then.. perhaps?

            Or… I could also settle with something else, like a regular pillow sheet and then people could buy their own soft pillow to put into it. That would also be easier/cheaper to ship if that’s a factor (which it probably is for some buyers).
            Then there could be more than one version, because a Kyle plushie would also be nice .. but I was waiting with that one until I possibly got ‘my’ Spooky 😉

          • Are you thinking like a Dakimakura?

          • That could be fun, but no, in this case I was thinking more a regular bed pillow size. That would make it easier to buy/already have a pillow for it.
            I don’t know if this is a ‘girl thing’ but sometimes hugging a pillow (when you watch tv or need a little snuggle comfort) is nice.
            It’s kinda the closest alternative I could come up with instead of an actual plushie (which I’d still LOVE to own)

          • I definitely like the idea of it. And I’ll definitely think about it for the next Kickstarter.

            For the most part, when it comes to merch, outside of Kickstarter, our readers seem to mostly want books and prints. I’m sure that has to do with the relative appeal of the other things I’ve created—there’s still a lot I have to learn about creating compelling merch—but it does make me a little cautious. (It’s one of the reasons I’ve been hesitant about creating T-shirts.)

            But I like the idea of having a Spooky plushie (and/or pillow case). With the right fabric, that would be something I might like to own too. 🙂

          • SofiaT

            Grown-ups like collectibles more -posters, buttons, dolls (like these: etc, you’d expect an adult to buy.
            I know i’m interested in that type of merch and i’m waiting for the first book to become available for sale so i can order everything together.

            Tote bags (or backpacks), hats, pillows etc would probably have a more limited appeal to an adult audience. While kids go crazy for that stuff.

            Also, prsonally, i’d like canon and sweet rather than sexy too, but you’d have to run a survey for that 🙂

          • A pillowcase is certainly a lot more practical from my postage-to-Europe perspective. Might be interesting explaining it to the Spousal Unit, mind. 🙂

            One option for teeshirts (although as a shop item rather than a Kickstarter reward) might be to try the POD outfits like CafePress or Zazzle for a pilot run. They’re not particularly cheap, but it would allow you to test whether there’s a market for clothing, and you wouldn’t have to handle the shipping.

          • I’ve actually experimented with POD T-shirts (from Zazzle and RedBubble) and I’ve found that readers for the most part don’t like to buy from POD sources. I think they’re aware that there’s an inevitable hit on quality and I also get the impression that the clear lack of effort on the creator’s part in making the merch also makes it less special. Speaking for myself when buying other creators stuff, part of the experience is buying it from the creator and I think part of the experience is also knowing the creator “made it with their own two hands” (even if that really doesn’t make much sense.) I found this was also true with POD comics printing—people want to buy a book that you had printed special, a “real” book, and POD feels not like that.

            Maybe there are webcomic creators who are killing it with Cafe Press and Zazzle, but after trying it for a number of years, I’ve decided it’s not the right path for me. No, if I’m going to do something like this, I’m going to supervise the production from start to finish and make sure it’s everything I (and my readers) would want it to be.

            But thank you for the suggestion! 🙂 Like I said, on the surface it makes sense and it is something I tried—it’s just ultimately not the best fit for me.

          • I’m with you on the quality — I put up some CafePress stuff with cover art from my novels, mostly to have an easy way to get a handful of things for *me* to wear at cons, and some of the stuff is good and some of it… isn’t. The one real attraction it has is that if you pick a firm with international coverage, it makes the shipping costs slightly less insane for the Europeans. The Antipodeans are usually still out of luck, alas.

          • Elrohir

            Alex, I completely understand that you have to do a reasonable risk assessment and SOMEtimes that means you have to be the adult supervision in the conversation. However, a:
            “Heroes don’t let the monsters win”
            T-shirt is going to become a necessity.

          • It is a thought… 🙂

            Have a favorite panel image of Spooky to go with that?

          • A T-shirt with the text Elrohir mentioned would be really cool. I don’t even think it necessarily needs an image to go with the text at all. The message in itself is strong enough to stand alone.

            However for an image I’d say panel 4 on this page: or Just Spooky from panel 4 on this page:
            .. or an alternative would be to make a ‘group shot’ image, like the one they have on their headquarter wall, to show that the hero-part covers them all.

          • Eris

            I would definitely be interested in a shirt like this. Particularly one with the team image below it. I’d also be tempted by plushies if they weren’t too expensive.

          • Thank you. That’s helpful. 🙂

          • Elrohir

            Well, to Danish’s point, I think it could work with nothing more than either a TYP logo just underneath it (though I would be okay with a discrete version of a 2D barcode that took people back to the TYP site) or the team. If it’s a single Spooky shot I like her choice of the crossed arms in panel 4 of page 20.
            I read your post about the quality of the shirts below and I know it’s a difficult one. And the sizing discussions and so on. I think it would also work as a magnet.
            Though if I had my first choice it would be that Spooky quote on a Spooky hoodie (because I’m still really fond of hoodies as my downtime/off work wear) and it would be kind of apropos. But I realize that the pricing on that would have an impact on the volume and it might have to wait until after the movie is successful and the TYP franchise attains unstoppable momentum. 🙂

          • Miri

            I’d be rather tempted by a “Let’s face it – I’m actually pretty awesome, but you don’t know me” T-shirt too…

          • evelynn

            I would buy more than one, if that makes any difference.

          • Noriam Gutierrez

            So I really need a Spooky plushie, too. And I definitely wouldn’t mind the pillow case either, in case I wake up after another episode of my chronic sleep paralysis.

            And to be honest, the first thing I did after I caught up with this comic was search for shirts… just saying. I AM SUCH A FAN, PLEASE GIVEMESOMETHINGTOTREASUREFOREVER!

          • This is good to know… Maybe I’ll should try one T-shirt…

          • Noriam Gutierrez

            YAY! :3 You’re so awesome!

        • TwilightDreamer

          rofl! XD You’re totally right, a Spooky plushie is undeniably necessary ;D

  • TwilightDreamer

    aaawww!! so sweet 🙂 still seriously want to hug Spooky. She’s doing so well at talking to him, even just sitting next to him rather than across from him, she’s showing she’s not a threat…
    Lol, you know what? she’s right…she is awesome! XD

  • Jeabro21

    I have been so swamped with school that i have completely forgotten about updates, I have not commented in weeks.
    1) He will probably take the candy bar
    2)I guess that she is good at reading people but even i can tell that he was tired and that he has been through something
    3) That is most likely an imitation snickers bar since its like “the only candy bar” that can satisfy hunger
    4)I’m sorry if i am being a bitch right now but this kid looks like shit

    P.S.- notice that they have the same hair color, coincidence? JK!!

  • fujoshifanatic

    Aaaand my Kinsey rating just went right back up again! Oh Amanda, I would totally share Spooky with you, if you’d just say the word. This would be the one way I would try polyamory. And ugh, that chocolate! I think I will start that diet tomorrow. *grabs car keys to go to 24-hour Walgreens for chocolate run* Awesome page! So worth the camp!

    • Adam Black

      How do i get a Kinsey rating?

      is there an aplication? Purity test? Physical challenges?

      • fujoshifanatic

        Hm. The “practical exam” usually determines your rating, but you sometimes have to take it many times, over many years and with many, er, “administrators,” before you can get a really accurate rating. At least that’s how it was for me. 😛

        • Adam Black

          So its like the olympics?

  • Adam Black

    No, not “Snickers” !
    This was going so well, too.
    Unfortunately Amandas powers were also unable discern Spookys Peanut Allergy.
    ( How do think he was sent to hell the first time? )

    • Sapfo

      I know!
      Snickers is the way to hell o_o

      But that is not a snickers. It´s any other kind of candybare that is not a snickers. (naive)

      • Adam Black

        I could totally go for a snickers ice cream bar right now—in a totally metaphorically sense that doesnt involve me physically waking in the middle of the cold night ,a mile or to the nearest open gateway to hell, 7-11.

        Its already started

        • Sapfo

          I think you can go and get some now. It should be daytime for you.

          • Adam Black

            i have to sleep sometime

      • It looks in this page to be a Charleston Chew. Mmmmm chewy.

        • Sapfo

          Are you telling me this is a candybare without nuts in it? You are a world saver AJ!

          • I’m pretty sure there are no nuts, but there are other things in there that I now wish I didn’t know was in there. O_O

  • Randi

    I have been avoiding this comic because when you uploaded the comic that revealed The Annihlator being a really really bad guy I felt betrayed by the character, and I couldn’t bring myself to have that anxiety. I’m glad I waited, (though sorry that I waited at the same time…) because now that that whole chapter is done I feel better about it all! Can’t wait until the next page comes out!

    • Glad to have you back, Randi! 🙂

    • Adam Black

      and ‘Team Pitchfork’ is honored to have you back.

  • fujoshifanatic

    Good nighty all; must get some shut eye or I will be wrecked for later today, especially since I have to get up early for a dental appointment. Had fun with the discussion below, and loved the page as usual. Looking forward to the next page, which will mark the weekend (and payday!) for me. 😀

  • It’s… American chocolate. And I have a European’s opinion of American chocolate. But I concur with the views on giving that boy more hugs. And I’m sure *he’ll* like the chocolate. Certainly looks as if he could use some comfort food.

    • Elrohir

      Well of course it’s American chocolate. It’s not as if b3nc0 was able to sneak in and put awesome Belgian chocolates into the silly vending machine in the middle of the police station! 🙂
      Though that would have been an EXTREMELY interesting plot twist!

      • Superjenny

        “I don’t want any of that gross American chocolate… But I am awfully hungry… Screw it. I’ll bite the bullet and eat this AMAZING CHOCOLATE OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL!?”

      • b3nc0

        I shall return to my lab and fix that damn spatiotemporal vending machine portal.
        *puts white labcoat and glasses back on*

    • Niggle

      I’m kind of confused about this revulsion of “American chocolate”. Granted, I don’t eat Hershey’s or Nestle or any big brand bars, but from the chocolate I’ve eaten from Europe (and I yearly receive chocolate from Sweden, England and Poland) I haven’t noticed any noticeable or remarkable difference between it and quality domestic chocolates.

      Of course, the cheap stuff here is waxy and blah. I think Hershey’s replaced cocoa butter with vegetable oil, so they can’t even call their milk chocolate milk chocolate anymore. Guess that’s the stuff people mean when they say American Chocolate. Which I don’t consider to be chocolate, just like American Cheese sure as hell isn’t cheese.

      • b3nc0

        Rest assured that, alas, some European & Belgian chocolate factories use and abuse of vegetal oils (even the worst: palm oil (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ ) too… But many still resist‼ The main feature of Belgian chocolate is the size of the cocoa powder grain: the bean is ground the finest in the world! allowing the chocolate to smoothly melt at the exact temperature of the mouth…

      • “Quality American chocolates” is the key here. Pay the price for “quality” chocolates, and get something that’s about the quality level of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk (the real thing, not Hershey’s using the brand name under licence). That’s *British* Dairy Milk which uses vegetable fat, not Australian Dairy Milk, which uses cocoa butter as God intended.

        I mention the re-badged Hershey’s because believe me, we noticed when our local purveyor of food for homesick ex-pats quietly swapped from the real thing to re-badged Hershey’s. “Why does this taste so awful? It tastes like Hershey’s, not chocolate.” [Reads fine print on label]. “That would be because it *is* Hershey’s, pretending to be Cadbury’s. Euuw. Not buying from there again.”

      • PFG9000

        Actually American cheese is real cheese in the way that chocolate made
        with cocoa solids is real chocolate. Kraft singles is to cheese as
        Hershey’s fake stuff is to real milk chocolate. Both are made with oil. American cheese goes back to colonial days and is a type of cheddar.

        • PFG9000

          Oh and I might add that real American cheese is hard to find and American cheese these days cannot be called cheese but is “Cheese product”.

        • Zachary Lucido

          You have enlightened me.
          Reced up like a duece, another runner in the night.
          And the world stands explained.

    • Heh

      The boy must be anxious as hell. Nothing helps more anxious people than chocolate.

      Sugar just cures it all. *Raibows and magical effects on background*

  • Toli Bera

    ah, the ultimate bribe. a Snackers bar, and a Cola. Amanda you tactical genius. XD

  • Maria White

    Spooky:…. CHOCOLATE MY ONE TRUE WEAKNESS! *faints on kyles lap*
    Kyle: I’m not giving up my snickers bar.

    Spooky: *looks up with puppy dog eyes*

    Kyle: FINE! Take it! *spooky takes the candy and runs*

    • Soubi

      LOL – this needs to be a mini-comic

      • b3nc0

        A bonus bonus-comic?

    • Soubi

      Can he like, come back for a quick kiss at the end?

      • Zachary Lucido

        Chocolate kisses. But he’d have nuts in his teeth…
        Eh, we’ll make it work.

        • Miri

          “But he’d have nuts in his teeth…”

          No comment.

  • Nate

    Oh, she’s good. Very good.

    And Alex? The body language you use on this page is _excellent_. You almost don’t need the words.

    • Thank you! I’m glad you like the body language. Adam worked very hard getting it just right on this page and I agree, he did a great job—it totally paid off. 🙂

  • is that. . . . .is that Artifice 3-brand snickers candy bar??

    • b3nc0

      Thanks to you, I’m re-reading Artifice!

  • Sai

    Then it turns out he has a peanut allergy and it all goes horribly wrong. j/k

  • Johndar

    “So! Spooky’s clammed up again, and so Amanda is revealing her secret weapon. Will it work? Or will she have to eat that entire candy bar all by herself?”

    DUN DUN DUN!!! Find out next episode, same Young Protectors time, same Young Protectors website!

  • Simba

    My silly brain keeps adding a sentence in the end of Amanda’s last speech bubble, like: “All you have to do is tell me the launch codes for the nuclear weapons” or “But only if you let me give you a hug” or something equally goofy like that. Might need more sleep…

  • bronakopdin

    What @DanishWolf:disqus wrote down there is so true…
    I can’t decide whether I should smile brightly about how Amanda sees it home or if I should get my tissues ready in case my tears will burst out any second… the whole situation, a boy found naked with “that” in his hand, questioned for hours and noone offered him anything to eat or drink yet?
    Especially drinking is so important, how can they do this?
    So now I can even mix in some anger here
    Emotional Overblast!

    • They may have offered him something and he’s refused to take it, in case he’s not really out of hell. Six pomegranate seeds, and all that.

      • bronakopdin

        but if he’s really that hungry, wouldn’t he just have taken it? Starving is not really an alternative, and as I said drinking is more important than food, so a glass of water wouldn be too much to ask 🙁

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    I like Amanda, she’s smart,and she knows how to get through the toughest wall…..but as for the launch codes, her Mom probably already has those.

  • b3nc0

    She can actually sounds more frightening than intended…
    she’s like the others: she wants me to talk, to live that all over again
    she knows things – how does she get in my head
    half of it? what kind of tease is she… gosh, I could eat it all and her hand too

  • b3nc0

    What’s wrong with me? I can’t help but take sunset pics E-VE-RY-DAY but I don’t have the time to? I don’t even have time to sort them out, or to comment them‼ Here goes nothing:

    • It’s probably all my fault…..I started it….

      But…GORGEOUS!!!! They are so very lovely!

      • b3nc0

        I’ll forgive you…
        …as soon as I’ve eaten all of yours. MAKE MORE‼

  • Abbi Orenstein

    yes Amanda, you are pretty awesome. I like how he turns and eyes that candy bar as she offers it. despite all that grown up crap he’s been through he is still a kid at heart. great capture of that moment.

    • Eve

      I’m betting they don’t have chocolate in hell.

      • KryX

        It would melt. Although, it would make a great torment if you could only look and not taste. And don’t forget Devil’s Food Cake.

        • Jac

          It’s called that because the demons make you watch them eat it as a part of your torture!

        • zunden

          Would you like to hear something ironic? Based on Biblical descriptions, Heaven is actually hotter than Hell.

          • KryX

            What does that say then for Angle Food Cake? I checked and it does look like Devil’s Food Cake can be baked a little lower.
            ummmmmm Cake.

  • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

    She’s being sorta blase about it all, but that is probably for the best, I doubt he wants pity.

  • Nina Sanchez

    Darn it! I was already shipping it earlier, I didn’t need extra help!

    • Heh

      All on board on the Spooky Commander ship!

      (And let’s just hope he doesn’t have a past with fluke/kyle either. )

  • mimalement

    The art on the past few pages has been really great! It can be really hard to make an established character look younger while still having them be recognizable. It has been good this whole story, but Spooky has just struck me with how perfect his design is. Really appreciative of the good work on these pages!!

  • Sapfo

    Amanda you can talk, but are you really willing to give up half that candybare to this kid?
    Really! Wow, I am extremely impressed with your will to help this kid.

    It feels like Spooky-to-be is on the verge of breaking. Both the emotion to hold it together and the emotions to give in. He been alone for a very long time.

    • It looks in this page to be a Charleston Chew. Mmmmm chewy.

    • Adam Black

      Its not bare until you unwrap it.

      • Sapfo

        Just for that I leave that typo there. Just for you Adam 😉

  • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

    I don’t like Amanda–I find her manipulative. Here she is treating Spooky like a dog, offering him half her chocolate in hopes of making him open up. (If she truly cared for his welfare, she would have let him eat / drink without these expectations.) I wonder is she is really on the side of the angels, as readers tend to assume, or whether she is merely a more subtle interrogator than Detective Asshole from a few pages ago. In fact, I wonder whether her role as team leader is not more sinister than we have been led to believe.

    • Dawnius

      I don’t think she’s treating him like a dog. Regardless of the fact that the cops do need to know what happened he needs to open up to someone so he can start to deal with it. She doesn’t actually say that he has to tell her anything to get that half of a candy bar.

    • Heh

      Hi Acinty, i don’t think like that. 🙂

      Im sure she would let him eat it all, if he said he wanted to. That’s the problem here: Spooky does not like contact very much, since the demons messed his head up. The detective ‘ asshole’ came to a frustating point just because of that. Im sure somebody already offered some food to spooky. But he must have refused. (He is on a silent treatment with everyone around him due to trauma )

      Also, she isn’t asking anything of him. She said previously ‘ do you wanna talk?’ and spooky’s body language made it clear that no, he did not. I think she is just trying to make his sense of reality come back, making things seem normal.

      In reality, normal people almost never offer me free food, but offer me half if they must. 🙂

      He said the demons played with his head. That thay made he think that he liked it. So now he distrust anyone – and the way of gaining that trust back is a long, hard road.

      And yes, amanda IS, in fact, a more subtle interrogator that the detective. That is kinda the thing going with her powers.

      (Just my opnion, tho )

  • Falconfly

    I find this ridiculously manipulative.

    • Donatien

      If you have learned anything, anything at all about psychology or studied human behaviour in any capacity, you will realize that everything we do in how we approach, react and appeal to other people is (when you get down to the basic definition) manipulative. It’s all to do with body language, phrasing, even pheromones.

      She may be manipulating him to open up in a positive way, but I see nothing of the word with a negative connotation that could even remotely be applied to her tactics here. She is being frank, but she is being friendly enough that it’s allowing him to size her up and judge for himself if she is or is not a good enough person to trust.

  • WarGoddess

    Awww, she’s offering him half of her candy, that’s so sweet!!! Can you imagine how long it’s been since he’s had chocolate? I would die without chocolate. If I were him I wouldn’t even mind a little manipulation as long as I got part of that candy bar. 😀

  • I am feeling a bit shaky and nauseated at the moment. But the good news is that my kitty came back last night! Bad news….ha came back skinnier (like starved bones showing) than he did last time, despite being gone about the same amount of time.

    If you guys wouldn’t mind keeping my poor kitty in your thoughts? I blogged about it on tumbler and my livejournal. If you have a sensitive stomach, I wouldn’t read it. 🙁 But the pictures are okay.

    • Doki, I’m glad to see that Oli is back but I’m sorry he’s been injured. Poor little guy. I’m sure he’s glad to be home with you now and I hope he will heal up soon.

      Keeping kitty in my thoughts.

      P.S. Your sunset pics are just grand.

      • Thank you! I hope he heals up and gets his weight back soon. It feels like I am hurting more than he is at the moment…..which doesn’t quite make sense. I think I would have been at least a little relieved if he had made some type of noise when I was cleaning his wound. Is it bad that I am even more worried since he kept quiet?

        • Miri

          It sounds like an abscess maybe ( – no pics!)? If he’s been fighting infection, he’ll have had a raised temperature and been burning fat stores faster than otherwise, also possibly off his food and hunting/scavenging less than he did last walkabout, explaining why he’s skinnier than you’d otherwise expect?

          If it is an abscess, it’s probably a good thing it’s burst, although antibiotics might be useful (and getting him checked over will probably be good for your peace of mind)!

          Many animals try to hide when they’re ill/in pain (both hiding the pain, and physically taking themselves away somewhere quiet and safe). It also sounds like – now he’s back where he belongs – he remembers that you love him and look after him and will make him better again. It’s probable that now it’s burst, he’s in less pain than he would have been before.

          I hope your little wanderer is OK. <3 Also, your pets have fantastic names!

          • I once had a betta I named Albus Percival Wolfric Brian Dumbledore. ^_^ Though I usually only called him Albus. ^_^ And although Harry never liked Olivander much, I always thought he was such a great character. ^_^

            Yeah I was thinking it was one as well when it burst. This isn’t his first one. Last time he came back No fur missing, not so skinny, and an abscess in the bass of his tail. It was very sensitive before it burst. Luckily I still had a job at the time was was able to take him to the vet myself. Now I have to see if mother will foot the bill. 🙁

            Though he does seem to be eating better today which makes me happy.

          • Miri

            Eating better is definitely a good sign 🙂

            There is the chance that cleaning it with peroxide will have done the trick; I guess the fun part will be to keep on cleaning it, checking how it’s healing, making sure it’s not leaking more, etc. while seeing. Or convincing your mother that not taking him to the vet isn’t fair, that you have a duty of care towards him, and that as she has a duty of care towards YOU, that means she can’t say no…

            My parents’ cat got a series on his belly (possibly by picking fights with foxes) and turned near feral with the pain before we caught him, realised half his stomach was swollen and touching him made him scream in pain, and took him to the vets. They can be pretty miserable :-/

            I’m currently pondering the pros and cons of HP names for my baby bump (due in October, really struggling to think of good boys’ names, don’t know what we’re having yet so can’t judge how much of a problem this is)… An added problem is I lisp a bit sometimes… I can’t call it Brian if it’s a boy or it would be a Monty Python-esque Bwian at least some of the time…

          • Neville, Seamus, Colin

          • Miri

            I have an uncle Colin… Tonnes of Neville love from this quarter, but I think it might be a difficult sort of name to pull off – not as bad as Severus, but it’d take some growing into… Not sure if I can get away with an Irish name, with no Irish heritage on either side, without setting the kiddy up for endless “Oh, you’re Irish? But your family’s from Ireland? Oh. Your parents just liked the name…” comments?

          • Vincent, Dennis, Antonin, Dudley, Justin, Nicolas, Anthony, Lee, Teddy, Cadmus, Antioch, Ignotus, Thomas, Augustus, Kingsley, Dean?

          • Miri

            I do rather like Teddy, but even if he was really a Theodore, and could be a Ted, Ed or Theo when he grew up, I worry it’s the sort of name which wouldn’t be great on the playground… If renaming them every few years wasn’t weird, then Teddy would be a great baby’s name, though!

            If I didn’t know so many Nicholases (Nicholi?) it’d be worth some serious consideration.

            I can’t name the baby after a baddy! Lol! No Antonins or Vincents!!

            The husband has also insisted on the right to veto names I propose, and I suspect he’ll want something unlikely to raise too many eyebrows. The first Dudley I ever met was a cat, I went to primary school with a Dean (and a friend’s long-term partner has a son called Dean, plus an estranged brother Tom by adoption) so those are out, and I have a third cousin Lee (and a second cousin whose name is pronounced Leehee and which I’m not quite sure how to transliterate)… And if I call it Justin, people will assume I was an N Sync fan…

        • Nope, it’s not bad that you’re worried. You might be afraid that he doesn’t have much fight in him but I’ll bet once he’s eating regularly and puts on more weight, he’ll be more a little more feisty.

          • He is eating again, which makes me happy. He follows me around the house and is back to “talking” all the time again. ^_^

          • That’s good. Very good signs!

    • zunden

      I’m so sorry about your kitty… Mine ran off once, and I lived in coyote and mountain lion territory at the time, so if your indoor cat was gone for more than a few days, you might as well just count the poor thing as dead. Luckily, she didn’t stray far and we found her a few days later hiding under a bush, but she was definitely freaked out of her wits and way thinner than she should have been. I still haven’t forgiven the neighbor’s kid for leaving the back door open after coming over to feed the dog while we were gone. He nearly killed my cat.

      I will definitely think about your kitty (even though you don’t know me at all and I only know you because I recognize your icon and therefore know to connect your current comment with previous ones…), and I hope everything turns out okay for him.

      • I am glad you were able to get her back so soon. My other cat is properly afraid of the outdoors.

        Well he is “talking” again. I think he likes the sound of his own voice. And apparently my left arm, chest, and right shoulder/neck make a good bed. he has spent a couple of hours making himself comfortable. I think at one point he genuinely fell asleep, which means I of course could not move. He finally gets up and lets me move my arms only to be like “hey never mind, I want my bed back, tilt back in your chair for me. I think he is a little miffed at me because I couldn’t acquiesce his request soon enough. It is a bit hard to type when you have to look around a kitty to type (he was doing that at the earlier part of this comment.

        While I am pretty sure there aren’t any mountain lions around here, we might have a few coyotes…..though it has been awhile….and every so often there are rumors of a bear. But there are also a lot of wild cats around here, Lucy (I forget her breed, she is a mix but looks like her dad which I think I remember now is an English Setter maybe?) and Big Dog/Sissy (Saint Bernard) run free…..the wild animals I am most use to seeing are rabbits and deer….the occasional frog or snake… And is has been awhile, and they aren’t exactly wild, but we have been known to sometimes wake up to cows in our yard…..

        Last time he was gone he was away for about a month, and he was gone for about that long this time as well. Though his first time out, he didn’t come back nearly as skinny or so “roughed” up……must be a new alpha cat in the area. I also hope he gave as good as he got. He is a sweetie though….hmmmm maybe he was being bullied by the other cats this time?

        Seriously, Oli is one of the friendliest cats I have ever known. He is really good with people (even the vets) and when Clara had her puppies ages ago (Lucy was one) he would play with them without bringing out his claws. He is even really good during bath time. Oh he will try to escape, but he has yet to claw me and will let me shampoo him (it is the rinsing and drying off that are the hard parts).

        I am still hoping that mother will take him to the vet if she gets time.

        • zunden

          It’d probably be good to get him looked at, especially if he’s been gone for a month…

    • b3nc0

      Sorry I’m reading all this a day late… Glad to know he’s eating better.
      I had a cat (well not really, she was more a garden cat) that I brought twice to the vet, once to be neutered & once coz she wasn’t running away but purring on herself without special food nor being pet. The vet told me it was her comforting herself! Did Oli make self purring noises?

  • Shinashi

    Everything about this page is helpful and cute!

  • Christmas smugness (not Smaugness) came early to the Dangerfield household this year. Heh heh heh.

    Yes, you too, for a very few shekels, can visit the Yaoi911 Store and start your holiday shopping early. Orrrr you can pretend it’s for someone else and feel virtuous for a few days and then decide to keep it for yourself. It’s all good.

    My precccccccious… on my dining room table:

    *I’m kind a noob at picture sharing, so if it it doesn’t show up right just tell me and I’ll try again. 🙂

    I just want to say that for a few meager dollars they came artfully wrapped in a wonderful little clear bag and nicely wrapped in bubbles. All of our good AND bad guys have had their photo’s carefully selected, so that everyone is looking super HOT. NO DMV HEAD SHOTS. It is a really good set of facial shots AND the team logo. (I hardly fondled them at all.)

    My nephew may be too young for a full-on geek-gasm, but I think this present will do nicely for the wee lad… a preliminary geek stocking-stuffer as it were. Now, I just have to hold out and not keep them for myself. Arrrrrrg.

    Store link:

    Happy holidays,
    Chris (smug) Dangerfield

    • But you are keeping out the Flyboy one for me right? ^_^ *wink wink*

      And the pic link worked fine for me. ^_^

    • Sapfo

      Spring jealousy came to Sapfo today.
      Looks at Chris with big sparkeling eyes ~_~
      And you got bubbles wrap also.

    • And this is where your awesome sales/temptation speech should influence you to buy a set of your own, so this one will go to your nephew for sure 😉
      I’m looking forward to get mine later on.

  • I see just below that some find Amanda very manipulative, so I want to give my personal view on this. I disagree about Amanda being manipulative, but I agree that what she does is manipulation. For me there’s a difference.

    It’s manipulation in the same way a psychologist ask leading questions to make a client open up about traumas, or the same way the police officers also question a witness/suspect in a case. Actually, it can just be a friend asking another friend specific questions etc.
    It’s about finding out what the person in question has experienced and how. Getting asked specific things can help someone, especially after suffering a traumu, to open up and put words on things they might not be able to on their own.
    So what Amanda do IS manipulation, but she’s doing it in what I think a great way.

    She starts out by letting Spooky know that she gets how he feels about being ‘cornered’ by the physical presence of the police, and how she knows the feeling of finding out that the world isn’t safe. She creates a familiar connection, also helped on the way by her not being that much older than Spooky.
    When she ask him directly if he wants to talk about it, she take a step back again in every way by physical when he shuts off and turns away from her.

    She respects his ‘line’ by accepting it and taking another approach where it once again is she who does the situation talking, once again building a familiarity that doesn’t cross the boundaries where he’s not ready to go yet.
    During this her bodylanguage is open, leaned back and relaxed. At no point is she facing him in a way that has the slightest threat in it. She lets him come towards her again, not the other way around.

    That she also offers to share the chocolate is again something that creates a familarity, a friendship zone, and it probably doesn’t make it worse that it’s in a backway shows Spooky that it’s safe to eat. If there’s anything Spooky needs right now it’s to feel safe in every way.

    In my opinion Amanda is doing everything the right way so far.

    • I totally agree D-Wolf. I worked for an executive years ago and we were having one of those conversations you can only have with your boss when you two are alone. Anyway, I told her she needed more executives on the next level (where I was) who managed her better. She started to get upset and said, “manage me?” and I said yes. You need to delegate and know that we are bringing you all the information and sharing our honest POV about what we think should be happening — and then you can decide what you think is the right choice. You’re paid to decide.

      Then we got into a discussion about how this was different than trying to manipulate her by giving her only partial information and us having a secret goal and trying “manipulate” her into making the decision we wanted her to make without being upfront about our own desires in whatever the situation was.

      So, yes I’m using the wording differently, but I agree. I don’t think Amanda is ‘manipulating’ Spooky. She’s not lying to him. She’s not trying to get him to do something that may or may not be wrong for him for her own benefit. She is saying… “this is me” and “I’m here to help” and letting him decide.

      Considering that at this moment I imagine that everything that moves is a potential enemy in Spooky’s eyes. So, for him to get past that point, he’s going to have to pick someone to trust. The police, not knowing what Amanda knows, hammered him for information. She, contrastingly, has offered him information about her and is allowing him to decide what to do.

      The heart breaking thing for us is that nothing is easy for Spooky right now… so it’s hard to watch. I’m just thankful that Amanda is in the room with Spooky and not someone like… the Annihilator. Then we’d really see “manipulation.” I agree that she’s doing just fine.

  • b3nc0

    GRRR ಠ益ಠ I was on VCR duty at my parents’ request, and the show was late so missed the sunset orz Here’s what was left of it and pics at not-broached-yet cardinal points:

    Edit: Oh yeah, good camping to everyone, I won’t be attending the party oTL

    • I don’t think I am going to get any tonight. Too cloudy.

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Sapfo, Chris D., I feel the need to apologize to you now that you’ve followed me on tumblr for the fact that you will be continually inundated with Ace Attorney posts. You too, Doki, but you know the score by now. Still, it is a fantastically fun game series and you should all start playing it. I’m just sayin’.

    P. S. (Why can’t I get the little “@” things to work right?)

    • Buy it for me and I will play it. ^_^

      • stickfigurefairytales


        • stickfigurefairytales

          Well, only if you already have a Nintendo DS or DS lite. I can’t afford the actual system. 🙁

          • I do indeed have a DS…which may or may not be lite.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Either one works! Lemme go check out GameStop now..

          • stickfigurefairytales

            All right, send me a message on tumblr or something to tell me where to ship this bad boy.

    • How did the @ thing behave?

    • Sapfo

      I think you have to have a comment by that person up for the @ thing to work (I think? o.O)

      And Sticky, don´t worry.

      • She wants to get us all enslaved to Ace Attorney.

        • stickfigurefairytales

          This is true. 🙂

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Hmm, interesting. Maybe I’ll eventually get it to work. And thanks! ^_^;;

  • Kendall

    nom nom nom. that chocolate bar makes me so hungry for chocolate….

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Me too!!

  • Sapfo

    Oh no! Not more chocolate *_*
    For thouse how don´t know how easter work in Sweden. Think Halloween, but with more chicks and bunnies and über cute things, instead of frightening.

    Candy, candy, candy everywhere I go. I can not eat anymore of it.

    • Send it to me Sapfo sweetie. ^_^ Good morning! *hugs*

      • Sapfo

        Take it! Take it all!
        I want a carrot. *_*

        • *takes Sapfo’s candy and makes a candy castle with a candy throne and sits on it* ^_^

    • That’s basically how Easter works here. CANDY EVERYWHERE!!

      • Sapfo

        But you don´t have the kids dressing up as little chicks, bunnies and witches, right?

        • People dress their children up, but I don’t know if they do that. It’s mostly CANDY EVERYWHERE.

          • Sapfo

            Well anyway, Amandas candybar don´t look so tempting anymore after all that candy. Spooky can have it all, if it where me.

          • Uh oh that’s a lot of candy consumed to no longer what a chocolate bar.

          • Sapfo

            I think I might be getting old. It use to take a lot more candy then that.

          • Yeah. The whole easter basket was never enough as a kid and now thinking back, I’m not sure where it went. (Other than my ass, but we won’t talk about that)

        • stickfigurefairytales

          That sounds adorable.

          • Sapfo

            It is! All the little witches are so cute.

    • Adam Black

      But the easter Candy here is awful.

      The chocolate bunnys are usually sickeningly sweet with a sour after taste, and the Jellybeans are oversized flavorless mutations .

  • davefragments

    The official Easter candy is Peeps (marshmallow goodness wrapped in sugar with artificial coloring) and after that chocolate eggs. In case you are wondering painted or dyed eggs are for decoration and gifts in my house. Peeps. That’s my weakness, Peeps.

    • Cadbury Eggs and Bach’s Jellybeans.

      • ….and chocolate bunnies, not the hollow ones…..mmmmm

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Cadbury Mini Eggs or Creme Eggs? Or both? I like both. 🙂

      • davefragments

        Cadbury Eggs make me swoon.

    • Steven K.

      I love peeps (the actual chicks rather than the rabbits), though I have to admit to being especially fond of putting them in the microwave and watching them split open and puff up. But if you leave them in just until they start to smoke/burn/get slightly brown, and then take them out, you can get them to taste just like marshmallows roasted over a fire.

      • stickfigurefairytales

        I’m with you on the chicks rather than the rabbits. And ooh, I didn’t realize you could get them to taste like that with the microwave thing!

        • Steven K.

          If you take them out just as they have gotten really soft inside and start to burn, they can indeed taste like that, although you can further play with them by pulling them apart afterwards into long gooey strands if they have softened inside sufficiently, and then the strands almost immediately harden again and become crispy. Peeps are one food I have to say I still like to play with, even at my advanced age.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Mmm…good description.

      • davefragments

        I never microwaved a peeps.
        I actually like them even if they are hard and slightly stale.
        such is my addiction to sugar.

        • Steven K.

          I’ve eaten them like that too. 😉 I think part of the appeal of the peep is the coating of very fine granulated sugar – it gives a pleasant texture along with the contrast of the marshmallow inside. But you must microwave at least one or a couple sometime and watch them through the process. Take them out when they start to smoke.

      • Adam Black

        But the smell of Burning feathers, just must be awful

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Here is Australia there’s a movement for chocolate Easter Bilbies – small furry marsupial natives that are on the ednagered species list – rather than chocolate Easter Bunnies. A few companies (Haighes chocolates and Pink Lady chocolates, IIRC) make Easter Bilbies with proceeds going to bilby conservation. I bought a dark chocy bilby for work on Thursday, and we drew out of a hat (yes, the same green hat I’m wearing in my avatar picture) for who got the privelege of using a mallet to inflict blunt trauma on the nummy little critter. Then we all ate the bilby bits 🙂

      • davefragments

        There’s a large local chocolate factory about 10 miles west of my house in Canonsburg. It makes great ice cream and loads and loads of chocolates. Any creatures you can make a silicone mold they will make in chocolate. I like the dark stuff.

        You can tell when you are near the place by sniffing the air.

    • I like Easter time, even though I’m not particularly christian. For a lot of people in Denmark it’s more about some traditions, especially when it comes to meeting up for an Easter lunch, and then having a good time with family – and giving/getting easter eggs.

      In Denmark we also have something many do, sending a ‘gækkebrev’. It basically translate to a ‘tricksy’- or ‘riddle’ letter.
      You take a piece of paper and fold it to quarter size. Then cut patterns into it with a scissor and unfold it again. After that we have some verses you hand-write into it, signing the letter with as many dots as there’s letters in the senders name, where it ask the recipient if he/she can guess the name of the sender. If it’s guessed within a week the recipient will get a chocolate egg. If not, then the recipient has to give the sender one instead.

      • davefragments

        That’s a nice custom.

      • Sanbai

        Hmmm, Being a-religious, I always thought that all the “baby chicks, eggs and bunnies” were a Roman spring-time thing and the Christians adopted the Roman holiday with the rebirth of Mr. Christ and such. I think they are both nice and lovely, but the American holiday as such seems to appreciate both of them. That’s kind of neat in my book. So, chocolate, bunnies, grass and peeps and Mr, Christ all = religion? I am still slightly confused, but I still really like all of it. 😉

        • I don’t know a lot about the religious backgrounds, but I know that in christianity the egg represent the presence on new life where it’s not first obvious, and of course then the chicks represent the actual life.
          Can’t remember what the bunnies/hares represent but the easter lamb is all the way back from the Jews who had their first born son saved during the plagues by rubbing blood from a lamb/sheep on their door, so death walked past their house.

          That some traditions are pretty mixed with other old beliefs is pretty common, but varies depending on where you are, so it won’t surprise me if it also has something to do with some Roman things, just like the countries that have ‘elfs’ has mixed it with old nordic heathen stuff.

    • A generel Easter message to give here, just because it’s the topic.
      If you get Easter eggs decorations, stay clear of anything with actual feathers. Sadly you often can’t be sure if the feathers come from a place where the chicks were still alive when the feathers were plucked (unless it’s garanteed on the product) which makes the feathers a product of animal cruelty. Even ‘fake feathers’ actually often still comes from real feathers.

      • davefragments

        Years ago the stores sold live chick dyed in colors and baby bunnies. IT was cruel because the kids never could take care of the tiny beasts. But that’s too serious for me right now.

        I ate a piece of amazingly good birthday cake last night. IT was made in a real bakery and not a supermarket and the icing was not an inch thick and over-sugared but a lovely taste. IT was a great desert to a birthday party. (not mine), that’s next week).

        So that’s my sugar for Easter.

  • Sapfo

    I do not know how I made this conection in the brain. But I started thinking of Spooky as a vampire. He seems to have the same reaction to the chocolat as a vampire have to blood.
    “No, I will not! But it’s so good ….”

  • Sapfo

    I have to go now. But I will try to sneak in later on.
    Have a great camping

  • And now I can sign in for camp here 🙂
    This morning the first I did was open a tab to check if there was a SF page, which turned out to be a good idea, and then I opened the tab for TYP to check for a page and regularly checking back in while making my comment on Starfighter. Camping multitasking *lol*

  • stickfigurefairytales

    So I was getting takeout from a restaurant this evening and I had about twenty minutes to wait, so I was strolling around in the cemetery that was next to the building complex. Some of the grave markers were flat granite plaques in the ground and a lot of them had gotten covered up with leaves, so I worked on cleaning some off. I got a bit dirty and that made me think about how sometimes in stories you see dirt from a grave mentioned as an ingredient in spells (usually malicious ones, if I recall correctly). But I was thinking that if I were a ghost/spirit and somebody cleaned off my grave, I would put good, protective powers into any dirt that got onto them. I like that idea quite a bit.

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Okay, I’m gonna chance it and go take a shower. Be back soon!

  • Ravyn DeLevain

    I don’t know why people are getting upset about the manipulative nature of the Commander’s attitude here. Yes, she wants him to open up and give her information. On the other hand, if he doesn’t learn to open up and trust SOMEONE, he’ll be trapped in that Hell for the rest of his life, emotionally. Which is worse? Being manipulated into opening up a bit, or bottling up all your pain and fear forever?

    • stickfigurefairytales

      It does strike me as odd that some people are feeling that way.

  • davefragments

    The supermarket today was “from Hell” (speaking of creatures from the netherworld) . . . People who never shop, rushing in a hurry, crashing into other carts, other people, not looking. Now I”m on 4 wheels and the cart has 4 wheels and they were bashing into me, pretending I didn’t exist. I’m a bit claustrophobic and did the snarl and growl act at several people. It’s funny now. Those people were crazy buying stuff from lists and pretending they knew what they needed.

    And the supermarket just did a grand reshuffled and nothing was in the aisle it was in before so lots of crazed bewildered loons were dashing everywhere, all the shelf stockers were in the aisle. It was a zoo and a circus and a mess.

    But I bought my lamb for Easter. Got my food for next week.

    And the roads were empty – did I mention the roads – no traffic but the supermarket parking lot was filled with daredevil drivers who needed just that space and were zipping madly around any car in front of them.

    Why didn’t I shop yesterday? Because I had a house closing to go to. (no, not me. I sold my Mom’s house.) . . . Then my had a birthday party for her kid and I went with them to celebrate. Long day.

    Tonight I “over-medicated” with peeps and wine.

    • Sanbai

      Hahaha, though lacking your number of wheels I can still sympathize with the onslaught of ridiculous easter shoppers – why does a “holi-day” inspire such lack of respect for our fellow humans…?

      • davefragments

        Snow, even a light snow, makes those shoppers even crazier.

        • Sanbai

          Seriously? So stupid. I live in Iowa and there is NO WAY you will escape the snow, but still, people try. And it is just as ugly! You were right to grab a tasty burger and watch, it really is an entertaining jaunt!

          I also drive city transit, and that part is NOT pretty. But still, the few who fall praise upon you after 4 inches of snow and a sleet mix on top and you’re still driving on a Sunday can give a soul a bit of peace.

  • Oh.. I almost forgot to check for new page in between reading new science studies. Science can be fascinating.
    It’s finally happened. Scientists have found an animal (a bug) where it’s the female which have the penis and the male that has something that pretty much equals a vigina, except that it’s still the male that cary the sperm. Interesting stuff.. just thought I’d share the wonderous mysteries of nature 😉

    Edit: I need to stop reading science articles right now. They distract me from camping xD

    • stickfigurefairytales

      The more you know…

    • davefragments

      Mother Nature just likes to confuse us every so often. . .

      • Yup. It’s fascinating 🙂

        • davefragments

          My passion was engineering. I’m still the little boy with the building set. I love pumps, pipes, valves, tanks and all that experimental stuff. I”d still be working if they paid me to do research into heterogeneous catalysis.

    • Sanbai

      So, the female has an “ovidepositor” and the male fertilizes the egg once it’s in him? Like a seahorse?

      • Oh no this is even more special 🙂

        The male has what recembles a vagina, but it’s full of a fluid that contains the semen and nurishment. The female mounts the male for breeding, which is also unusual, insert the penis (that function in the opposite way) and sucks out the semen/nurishment fluids, meaning she doesn’t have to search for food before finishing the breeding and lying the egss.
        Another thing. Such a breeding can last from 40-70 hours where she’s has mounted him the whole time o_o

        • Sanbai

          Hmmmm. So what IS this animal anyway…?

          • Uhm.. the name escapes me now. It’s a flying bug of some sort from (I think) South America. Silly me was SO clever as to forget to bookmark and/or link to the article I was reading. In the speed of seeing a new page up I closed the tab and didn’t get back to it.

  • YangYueLan

    Damn it, Toy Story 3 keeps making me cry.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      If there is a person who can withstand Toy Story 3 without crying, that is a stony heart indeed.

      • YangYueLan

        Very true. My friend and I were not expecting the ending and were crying in the theater when we first saw it.

    • Omar Cantu

      Funny thing, there is this tv special of toy story that is set after Andy gives his toys to Bonnie. It was ok on a critical level but on a emotional level? Awwwwwww, they are happy T.T

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Ooh, I need to see that!

        • Omar Cantu

          It’s called Toy Story The Terror I think. There is another special (a christmas one) set for this year too!

          • stickfigurefairytales


          • Sanbai

            I think there are a series of Toy Story “mini” animated stories available, that are set after Andy goes to college – they are kinda expensive though, so I have not yet bent to pay for them! (…but I still want to!)

          • stickfigurefairytales

            I’ll have to see if I can get them from the library!

  • Sapfo

    Back for moment. At work now, will start in a few minuts, but guess what. Here is more candy xD

    • And in a couple of days what is left is being sold 30-80% off normal price, so if you weren’t already on a sugar rush (unless you resists temptation) then you sure can get it in the days after Easter xD

      • YangYueLan

        Ha! That is for when you go through your existing stash and need to get more on Monday!

        • Easter, just in the right time after you’ve run out of your x-mas candy.. or is that jus me? *lol*

          .. no actually not true this year. I still have half a pack of small candy mint sticks left. I don’t eat them often.

          • YangYueLan

            Heh, I ran out of xmas candy in January.

            Mint sticks sound awesome…..I have marshmallow eggs burning a hole in my hall closet (where I ‘hid’ my candy from my self).

          • Sanbai

            Whoa! Need to “save” them before your apartment burns down!

  • Curt Clark

    Chocolate. The first, last, and best resort. 🙂 Except with pets. NEVER WITH PETS.