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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter 5—Pages 48 and 49

185 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter 5—Pages 48 and 49


(This is a double-page spread. You can find a high-res version of the file here.)

So! Kyle did it! Laampros was thrown through the Gate!

But what’s our hero doing now?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

  • Whoosh!! Fire ohoy!

    • Kate G

      my first thought was, “BOOM!”

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Nice job, DanishWolf!

  • Pietro7

    Wow! What a spread!

    • I’m always amazed at how many details there is to be found, down to tiny things, even when colors are much the same. Luke this page.

      • Pietro7

        Adam & Vero do awesome work with Alex’s scripts.

        • Derkins

          Seriously. That explosion is amazing.

  • Pietro7

    Hope Spooky’s not scorched. Looks like Tsu guarded the rest with a water wall. Is Paul trying to use his broken arm?

  • Will destroying the bone door be enough? What if there’s a back door option? Could the ‘tattoo’ contract with Duncan do something? I’m suspicious. This was almost too ‘easy’.. for a lack of better word.

    (Again, horror movies have taught me that the horrible often isn’t gone the first time you think so xD )

    • timemonkey

      It’s gone but not dead or even weakened. And the dimensional walls are still breaking down. This victory is a temporary thing.

      • davefragments

        But the walls will not fall today.
        The gateway is destroyed and the path generated by the “Keys to the Kingdom” is sealed.

        • timemonkey

          Yes, which is why the victory is temporary and not completely pointless. Now we’ll see what they do about it.

          • davefragments

            Life is temporary.
            We live again through these stories. We live things we could never do, things we would never see, things we can only wish for. Tomorrow is a dream and today is all that is real.

          • Klaus

            And yesterday was the first day of the rest of your life.

    • Klaus
  • Ethan

    If Kyle or Spooky or anyone get seriously hurt, I’m gonna freak, stfg.

    • Rin

      Same. Spooky is precious and must be protected.

    • timemonkey

      Meh, they’ve already been seriously hurt, they have a healer.

      • That healer just needs to get out of his painful ‘blackout’ and heal himself first now. Getting through to him, and getting the souls back in their bodies will be an urgent step soon.

      • Ethan

        Even more seriously hurt than usual D:

        • timemonkey

          I’m pretty sure anymore hurt than Spooky and Mitch were in the previous fight and they’d just be dead.

  • davefragments

    That is a blast.
    And that stops Laampros.

  • Mary Klemzak

    *biting my already-short-nails till Saturday*

    *prays for Spooky and the others to be OK*

  • Taddy

    Where’s Duncan in all this? 😮

    • timemonkey

      The same place he’s been the whole time.

    • not behind the water shield

  • HermeticallySealed

    And ‘boom’ goes the dynamite.

    • Curt Clark

      Autocorrect must be messing with your post; you spelled ‘h-bomb’ wrong :p

  • Mitch is standing!!!

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Yay for Mitch!!

  • at Kyle: You just burn your pyrotechnic heart out sweetie. Let it all out.

  • Cydney Sabin

    Let it gooo! Let it goooooo!

    • Curt Clark

      You know during the height of that song’s craze, there were plenty of parodies that featured a different element as the theme in place of ice. I’m reasonably sure you can find about 54684155215410 versions that are fire-related. :p

      • Cydney Sabin

        Ah, but we must narrow it down to those demon-related, of decent quality, and with a male protagonist. That narrows it down to about 8544883291. Give or take.

  • NoiseShaper

    “Good talk, dad. But you gotta go now!”

  • Sapfo

    This is so big! And Kyle looks so small! But that was a big KA-BOOM he got in his backpocket! =D
    (Comment about this comment: just posted this comment with a very tired mind, and realized that I might have done a unintentional joke…. I think I just leave it as it is for the moment XD. Good morning sweet people!)

    • Pietro7

      Unintentional or not, it was worth a chuckle. Thanks, Sapfo!

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Good job with the water shield, Tsu, but I’d feel better if Spooky were behind it as well.

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Possibly the most epic “You’re not the boss of me, Dad!” ever.

    • davefragments

      Kyle reminded me of the quote from the Bhagavad-Gita:
      “I am become all powerful {time}, destroyer of all the worlds.”
      (And Oppenheimer misquoted it.) Take it in this spirit: “If the splendor of thousands of suns were to blaze forth all at once in the sky, even that would not resemble the splendor of {Vishnu} that exalted being.”

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Hmm, it just occurred to me that the prison cube still looks to be in one piece. I don’t know how they’re going to get it open to let Spooky put everybody’s souls back, especially since everybody’s just about fully tapped out by now. So…that’s a fun thing to worry about constantly until Saturday and probably further.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I apologize for bringing it up, if anyone was not already worrying about that.

      • davefragments

        I wondered about that too.

      • No apologies needed 🙂

        • stickfigurefairytales

          We are all pretty expert worriers. ^_^

          • Pietro7

            Ain’t no amateur worriers here! We’s all pro! 🙂

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Wait, that means we’re getting PAID to worry?! Why was I not informed??

          • Pietro7

            You would only have worried.
            (Grins, ducks, runs away fast).

      • NoiseShaper

        I think we’re getting there in a (story) minute!

    • Advocate

      Not worried.

      Kyle leveled up. That’s not just fire anymore.

      He’s probably got the power and the precision to open the cube without harming the bodies.

      • DonnaC

        The lighter, golden glow of this page from Kyle’s power does leave me with a more hopeful feeling too.

      • Stephen Hutchison

        He had the power and precision before. Diamond spreads heat too well and too quickly. Duncan and Witchy-Poo chose it for that reason, to provide a nasty puzzle and prevent their sacrifices from being simply freed.

        • Daveo

          And look NOW!!?? 😉

          • Stephen Hutchison

            Yes. He learned how to break physics to a greater degree.

      • Daveo

        In DEED!!

    • Samurai Jack

      Yeah, I thought we went through this when the cage first showed up. Diamond will burn. Now it looks like Kyle can generate enough heat to make that happen.

      • timemonkey

        There was a secondary problem as well. Kyle wasn’t sure he could burn that hot but also if he did it would burn the people inside too. Yeah, they’re dead already but burning their bodies isn’t going to help Spooky in fixing that.

      • Stephen Hutchison

        Recap: Carbon in the form of diamond has interesting thermal traits. Heat spreads through it extremely quickly. So heat enough to burn a single spot would dissipate through the entire crystal structure. It would take enough heat to vaporize the people inside to burn the diamond.

      • Samurai Jack

        It’s a good thing he has someone there who can manipulate water then, and allow him to dissipate excess heat away from the areas he doesn’t intend to burn. It’s comic book physics, not physics lab. They’ll need a solution that probably doesn’t involve Spooky. But we’ll see. Now that she’s failed perhaps Sircea will just undo the cage herself. From a distance, since Spooky can’t currently undo his lockout spell.

    • Daveo

      I think Kyle is just getting started and will have (at least) enough grit to accomplish that as well 😉

  • Fabulous Alien


    • DonnaC

      my thoughts exactly 🙂

  • Skudplastr

    Somebody catch Spooky before he flies away, please!

  • motordog

    I can see the Platinum Priestess now; watching this on her big crystal ball, reclining on a fainting couch and drinking a big glass of gin in one gulp before pouring herself another then muttering something about ‘meddling kids’.

    • David Welbourn

      If that’s what PP wants to do, I have no objection. I’m also curious who else might be watching. This level of pyrotechnics will probably be noticeable by quite a few others.

      • Daveo

        I concur – another of us following the thread (comic) responded with “why so quick” when I commented for Kyle to get rid of this guy and let’s get on with it a week or so ago. There is an ENDLESS story line to develop here (fingers crossed Alex Wolfson!!!) with all the great characters!!!

  • Stephen Hutchison

    Well. Will you look at that. He’s spot-welding the Universe.

  • Klaus


  • I hope someone brought a lasso to rope in Spooky.

  • Froya

    And it looks like the others are back on their feet again! Now to deal with Spooky the balloon…

  • Jeldenil

    Bye bye dad
    Bye bye helliness
    Hello grown-up ness
    I see a Spooky fly

  • Sarah Michaels

    I wonder if his dick also grew with his balls.

  • bronakopdin

    holy crap these details again!!!!!
    debris storm >/////< hopefully the gate will last until Laampros is gone D:

    • Curt Clark

      Pretty sure this is mostly post-Laampros backdraft. I don’t even see his shape in there anymore,

      • bronakopdin

        you never know though with all the fire/light/flash… ofc I hope you’re right but all I aee is a gate getting destroyed so I hope it will last until he is completely gone for good

  • Saxon_Brenton

    I think I need some help interpeting the debris field in the upper half of the panel.

    My first impression was that: even as Red Hot was exerting force to push Laampros through the gate, that the gate was ‘burping’ out the stereotypical backblast that you get when evil things(tm) are cast down. This would be causing the omnidirectional shockwave that Tsunami was shielding against. Note, for example, the lines of flame and force close in to Red Hot to indicate the power he is projecting are only facing towards the gate.

    But then I realised: the line of the debris in the air aren’t projectting from the gate. Was Red Hot’s power up putting his friends in danger? And then I realised: but the lines of the debris aren’t coming from Red Hot either. They seem to be emanating from behind Red Hot, about a third of the way to the other Young Protectors. (Although they do hint at a nice Golden Mean Spiral.)

    Now I’m wondering if there are some funky hot air currents spiraling about, causing the discrepancy.

    • I would say it’s the blast wave from Kyle we’re seeing. Maybe mixed with some of what ever was that released in the air when Laampros stepped through the gate. Blast wave for sure.

      The debris in the air to the right fit with the debri coming off the gate to the left.

      • NoiseShaper

        Any surviving minions of PP/Duncan don’t have much of a chance, though.

        • Klaus

          But what

        • Klaus

          And Spooky?

          • NoiseShaper

            Let’s hope he still gets a bit of protection from Tsunami’s shield; And he had apparently created some protection for himself before ingesting the souls of the sacrificial victims…

  • Starfighter comic updated.

  • Nate

    Big boom. BIG bada-boom.

    (Kyle Conlen Multi-Pass?)

  • T Dibbler

    Woo! Well done Kyle! And I see the others seem to be back on their feet (well, some of them), which is also encouraging.

  • Librarican

    I’m sure we’re all really impressed by Kyle’s powers, and rightfully so considering the big boom and the the force required to send back the King of Hell (who just happens to be his father and the source of his own powers?). But can I give mad props to Tsunami. He’s suffered blow after blow, literally being set ON FIRE by Kyle’s big baddy daddy and he STILL somehow can pull enough water from who knows where to instantaneously create a shield big enough to cover not only himself but also the rest of the team. Seriously!? Standing ovation for him. No one is giving him enough credit.

    And also, thank you Alex and company for not forgetting the little things. You could easily have just featured the explosion, and we would have been blown away by that, but you also included the rest of the gang, struggling to stand and shield, and that makes the image in my opinion more dynamic and narrative. *Throws confetti and roses at everyone, creators and characters*

    • Daveo

      Totally in agreement!! 😉

    • Stephen Hutchison

      Hm. You make an interesting point.

      The reason they didn’t have Kyle blast that diamond box with fire is that the people inside it would be cooked by the near-instantaneous heat transfer that’s one of the characteristics of diamond. The whole reason Spooky ate the entire box was to make it undesirable to sacrifice them.

      So … that barrier is protecting the rest of the team except for Balloon!Spooky. And any heat backwash that hits that big cube is hitting the unconscious bodies inside.

  • TwilightDreamer

    This page, looks….INCREDIBLE!!! 😀

  • DarkJokerOfAmuro

    probably the most easiest page ever to be done XDDD

  • Rashel Izro

    holy moley!!!

  • means are the ends

    I usually lurk, but had to say, “Bravo!” What emotional impact! Also someone said that this looked like an easy page to do, but my reaction was, ‘look at all that detail!” Long way to say, I really admire the artistry of this spread, as well as the excellent writing that gets us to this point. Thanks!

    • Jeff Baker

      I agree! “Bravo!”

    • camelotcrusade

      Agreed. I loved the ice shield protecting the others, for example.

  • KiannaLeigh

    omg i need this as a poster like i need fucking AIR!!!!!!

    • yo.

      • KiannaLeigh

        Sup bro.

        • how u been¿

          • KiannaLeigh

            i feel like i’ve been busy working, which is some bullshit (except for the getting paid part). New job with longer hours and higher pay is good thou. How you?

          • words can’t even begin to describe It, miss leigh

            (sort of.)

          • KiannaLeigh

            i know the feeling. we need to sit down and have a chat.

          • That, we do, M’Lady.

          • KiannaLeigh

            have a forum in mind?

          • hm.

            a forum for you and i.

            i dunno…i’m probably open to suggestion on that

          • Hmm. Well there’s Tumblr Messaging which is my Social Media of chouce. Facebook, of course. Skype, um … what else? Oh Google has one too. Take your pick, lovely.

          • I’ll figure something out

            ´p’raps Google. Sis

          • let me know if you need my email, bro.

          • i’m on Tumblr! (i think!)

            rex-ganymede ?

  • Jason Moon

    Well, there goes the neighborhood(Like, ALL of it)…

    Why is it dimensional doorways can’t just CLOSE? Honestly. They just drop the property values.

  • Delfunia


  • Wyrmidon

    This is magnificent!

    But I am SO ready to move on from this scene; I need to know what’s up with Anni. I need to know if he’s just a broken old man now, or still a villain extraordinaire with a soft spot for a certain fiery young man. I need to know if he’s only an abusive monster for Kyle now, or perhaps there’s something of that first infatuation still clinging to life in the boy’s innocent heart. I need to know if my ship has burned down to cold, indifferent ashes, or maybe – just maybe – there’s still a spark of hope somewhere in the darkness of my fears. I need to know…

    • Froya

      I can’t decide what I want to happen re: Kyle/Anni, though. Should they make up and then go their separate ways? Should “love conquer all” even though they’ve known each other, what, a week or two at most? Does Anni deserve to have anything to do with Kyle after what he did to him? Should they do the sensible thing or the romantic thing? Does Kyle becoming more powerful and Anni becoming less powerful make them more equal and therefore more compatible? So many questiooooonsssss

      • Wyrmidon

        I firmly believe in “love conquers all”, naive and idealistic though it may be. In real life, this relationship would most likely have no chance of survival, but this is a comic about superheroes and good conquering all evil, this is a story that brings hope where there is none. So yes, I want Kyle and Anni to be a couple more than I want anything else, and I will gladly go down with this ship.

        • Froya

          I agree, my common sense is telling me that it would never REALLY work, but I kinda secretly think it would be adorable if they ended up together 🙂 And I do think that the power dynamic between them would be more even now, after everything that has happened.

          • timemonkey

            So….are you guys imagining them carrying on a relationship from prison? Cause if Duncan survives that’s where he’s probably going. Dude was the top super criminal even before he tried to sell the world to demons.

          • Froya

            Yeah, probably not, but it’s interesting to imagine what a relationship between them would be like, if they could have one at all.

    • Mark1115

      If Anni had treated a young woman the way he treated Kyle – would you hope for them to get back together?

      Or would you hope for the young woman to have a healthy relationship with someone who actually respects and loves her, instead?

      • Wyrmidon

        What does Kyle’s gender has to do with anything here?

        Look, I’m reading a fancy comic about superheroes, it’s not a real-life psychodrama. And yes, I absolutely do want them to be together, because that’s what hooked me to this comic.

        This is how this whole adventure has started for me and I would like to see a happy end conclusion to it, with forgiveness, redemption and equality in the relationship.

        There have already been hints for some of that happening in Anni’s case, so please, let me enjoy my ship without trying to shame or bully me into your point of view.

        • Mark1115

          “What does Kyle’s gender has to do with anything here?”

          Simple. We live in a society that treats same-sex relationships differently from mixed-sex relationships.

          As a gay man, the question is important: would you want a woman to remain in an abusive relationship that was predicated on deception and manipulation, one that endangered her life and that of her friends for the material gain of her abuser?

          I would not, so I wonder why people would want that sort of ending for a same-sex relationship. Aren’t GLBTQ people as entitled to relationships based on trust, love, mutuality, as heterosexuals?

          “let me enjoy my ship without trying to shame or bully me into your point of view.”

          Funny how that accusation is really an attempt to bully me. It is kind of homophobic actually, given the way shame and bullying is constantly imposed on GLBTQ people when we subordinate our lives to the will of heterosexuals. Why should your pleasure come by delighting in a destructive fantasy about our relationships? Wouldn’t it be better for you, and us, to want Kyle to have healthy relationship, to delight in him finding a healthy relationship, instead of one that not only invokes ugly homophobic stereotypes of gay men as sexual predators?

          GLBTQ people are not an exploitable resource.

          • You both have made some good points (and this is a discussion that folks have been having in the comments for a while), but I’m going to ask y’all to review our Comment Policy and avoid the you-statements when making your points. By keeping with the I-statements and avoiding telling other commenters what they should do or trying to tell them what they should feel, I imagine the views expressed would be a lot less likely to feel “bullying,” but regardless, it’s our policy here for a variety of reasons.

            This is fiction. Readers can root for the villains to win or for crazy (and not so crazy ships) to come to pass, and it’s doesn’t have to be any reflection on what they’d approve of in real life or the content of their character or real-life values. As the author of this comic and a gay man, I’ve made my thoughts clear on that here more than once.

            By the same token, so long as we are clear that we aren’t casting judgment about the other readers here (either specifically or in general–which is where a clear tone of respect and the I-statements are really handy), it’s also cool to express discomfort with certain potential (or actual) outcomes for the story or express opinions about whether a fictional relationship would be healthy in real life. And it’s also certainly cool (and often useful) to share how our own experiences inform that view. Now, it’s usually a lot less provocative to do that in a standalone comment, instead of as a direct reply, but with a very clear tone of respect, a direct reply can sometimes be OK.

            Like I said, you both are making good points. But the you-statements are sending things off the rails.

            I’m now closing this thread. Let’s move on.

          • Wyrmidon

            Thank you for this, Alex. Much appreciated.

          • Wyrmidon

            *sigh* Thanks for assuming so many things about me. Most of them negative, too. But whatever you say, I guess. Wave your flags, I’ll just back out of the discussion before you demand I apologize for trying to simply enjoy an online comic.

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    Wow! Massive explosion……lots of Hell fire and Kyle right in the middle of it all …….like he’s conducting an orchestra……Hmmmm Hopefully he won’t forget in the heat of the moment (can’t beleive I just wrote that) the real reason he is there!

  • Froya

    I can’t decide what I want to happen re: Kyle/Anni, though. Should they make up and then go their separate ways? Should “love conquer all” even though they’ve known each other, what, a week or two at most? Does Anni deserve to have anything to do with Kyle after what he did to him? Should they do the sensible thing or the romantic thing? Does Kyle becoming more powerful and Anni becoming less powerful make them more equal? So many questiooooonsssss

  • Derkins

    Oh, good! Everyone’s up! They get to see what a badass Kyle is. ^.^

  • Pikinanou

    If there was any minions left from the previous fight… well, let’s just say they won’t need their last paychek.

  • Toli Bera

    Y’know someone’s gonna have to clean that place up, both physically and Astrally, I can’t tell if Kyle’s making it easier or worse.

  • and there’s Spooky, up in the air: just a-floatin’, still. . . . .

    • Klaus

      And not shielded by the water.

  • Jeff Baker

    “Woah, guys! Cool! Lampros is gone!” “Hey, let’s go back home and watch City On The Edge of Forever again.” “Uh, guys, I’m still up here.”

  • Shadizar Silvermask

    Hmmm, with his father’s defeat I suppose the only questions left are did Platinum Princess and Annihilator get their power-ups since everything in their bargain was technically met and will Spooky get to save the sacrifices after all or was the delay too much and he’ll lose the souls just before he can revive them.

  • Angel Rosemond

    I am truly blown away by the colors and details of this page (pun completely intended). Amazing!

    • I really like what Adam and Vero did with this too. 🙂

      • Daveo

        Everything is going nicely. Excited to see what they get up to NEXT! 😉

  • Journey Saintel

    Oh, Kyle. I have never been more proud of you. Now, all you have to do is go and make the healthy, correct, romantic decision. *cough* Spooky. *cough*

  • Klaus

    This is a contract Laampros can not break. And it was negotiated over a long period of time. PP intended to kick him out after a few years. She would have made sure that she stayed immortal.

    All this is according to PP. I don’t see that he had a reason to lie to Duncan about the first two points. And I don’t think she would want Laampros to stay on earth. He is just too powerful and too headstrong to have around.

    • Adam Black

      I have a feeling this contract has an asterisk named Kyle.

      Kyle’s on Earth and he can now manage his father’s power. They both might be uniquely vulnerable to Kyle now.

      • NoiseShaper

        Interesting idea…!

  • Dekira

    B o o m .

    I was staring at the page when i noticed little baby just floating around in the corner and idk why that made me laugh so much omg (hope he ok tho)

  • davefragments

    Hi Campers! How was your week?

    I feel obliged to tell y’all that Ginger escaped Mrs Tweedy’s Pot Pies

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Pretty good. Some friends and myself tried a new restaurant for our Thurs evening get together.
      Just finished writing the next hellsnake fanfic, and realised that the big speech I’ve been planning for Louie will need to be put off for another week, again.

      • davefragments

        I had tickets to the Public Theater and they did “Daddy Long Legs” which was a musical for 2 actors. It was good.

      • Squishy

        What kind of restaurant was it?

        • Saxon_Brenton

          It billed itself as a New York style Korean tapas. We stuck to the Korean items, but the was also stuff like fish-and-chips and several variations on fried chicken.

          • Squishy

            Sounds interesting!

          • Saxon_Brenton

            It was. That self-description was what attracted my attention and made me suggest we try it. But the food items we selected were very tasty, so we made a note to ourselves to visit it again in the future.

    • jreed3842

      I’m doing well!
      I finally got my hands on a Nintendo Switch and I’ve been playing A LOT of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild… It’s a really fun game.
      But now I’m taking a break from that and camping here for awhile! 🙂

      How was your week?!

      • davefragments

        Musical — Daddy Long Legs and a dinner with my niece.
        This Sunday Gustavo Dudamel conducts the Pittsburgh Symphony. Don Juan, the Tannhauser overture and Beethoven’s 5th.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Pretty good – I just started using this ap called Zombies, Run! to help motivate me to do some running. I like it a lot so far, but my muscles are very, very tired.

      • davefragments

        I know that feeling. First week or two is always achy

      • Squishy

        I’ve head of that app before. Maybe I should try combining it with my Pokémon hunting.

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Haha, yeah, Pokemon Go is my other main workout motivator.

      • Saxon_Brenton

        Is that one of the games where you go jogging, and when you hear zombies shuffling up from behind you have to speed up or they’ll get you?

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Kind of – it’s a little more involved than that, though. For the one I’m doing, you have a person on the radio giving you instructions, and they tell you when you need to run. But there are also some zombie sound effects at times.

      • *cuddles*

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Aw, thanks, Doki. *snuggles up to Doki*

      • purplefoxglove

        Yikes! I am just catching up on the comments and HOLEY MOLEY! Another Runner 5! ^_^ Welcome to Abel!

    • I felt compelled to put Bob Ross on the tv as background while I read. I feel it is safe to say I have ended up watching more of Mr. Ross than reading.

      • davefragments

        It’s those happy little trees and happy little clouds


      • stickfigurefairytales

        Such a soothing man.

    • Squishy

      After finishing a fair amount of sewing projects for other people I’m finally working on some projects for me again.

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Yay! What are you working on?

        • Squishy

          At the moment Pokémon pajamas.

    • Morning y’all.

      And despite a couple days with various pains, my week has been really nice. I just slept like a rock until alarm clock sounded. Unless I get a good nap, I don’t last that long on friday evenings, before the Sandman finds my eyes 🙂

      • davefragments

        About all (or maybe just half) the roads in Pittsburgh are under construction — the plague or orange cones is early this year — and my drive home yesterday just beat the crap out of me. I put my head down on a table and woke 30 minutes later feeling like warmed over poo-poo. Today, I rested. I hate that damn highway.

        • William Clapie

          normal weather in Pittsburgh. Season of cones. Should be a television series.

          • davefragments

            That’s the last time I’ll ever used a “State of Pennsylvania” approved detour.
            Who detours anyone to a road with 200 curves on it and 16 railroad crossings?
            Pennsylvania does…

            grump, grump, grump, grump

          • William Clapie

            Well, if you have to detour, why not take in the sites? LMBO! Yeah. I used to drive five states for a company. Hated every detour!

      • Morning Danish sweetie!

  • Saxon_Brenton

    For your camping entertainment: hellsnake fanfic

    Shane And The Hellsnakes – 20th Bite
    (A Young Protectors occult sitcom fanfic. Inspired by the stories of AMW comics.)

    Previous episodes in this arc: (rest of urls at end)
    16th // || 17th //
    18th // || 19th //

    PAGE 1 – Yes, This Is A Metaphor
    (1.1) Medium shot in centre of gymnasium with Louie and the angel (who is still holding the flaming sword in a threatening manner), standing in the same places as last episode.
    Angel: “I believe it is a forced breach. It can be sealed, but it will be dangerous.”
    Louie: “Well, yes. Otherwise you wouldn’t have emptied the place of all the humans. Obviously you didn’t want any distractions at a crucial moment…”
    Louie: “Oh, hold on…”
    (1.2) Closeup of Louie, looking thoughtful.
    Louie: “This will be dangerous even if you don’t have distractions.”
    Louie: “You don’t expect to survive this, do you?”
    (1.3) Medium shot in centre of gymnasium with Louie and the angel.
    Louie: “If I can help, will that make the job easier, and less lethal?”
    (1.4) Medium shot, slightly closer focus on Louie and the angel.
    Angel (pointing the sword at Louie): “I do not want or trust the assistance of the forces of evil and chaos.”
    Louie (exasperated): “I’m going to keep telling you people until you LISTEN to me! I’m spiritually non-binary!”

    PAGE 2 – Angry Hellsnake Is Angry
    (2.1) Medium shot in the gymnasium. Louie and the angel are standing in the middle ground, while in the extreme foreground of the panel is a pile of balls of varying sizes (handballs, softballs, basketballs, and a medicine ball). Louie glances to towards the balls.
    Louie (irritated): “I am not a creature of chaos.”
    (2.2) Medium shot. Louie uses his tail to forcefully sweep the balls out and across the floor of the gymnasium.
    SFX: Punt!
    (2.3) Wide shot of the gymnasium. While the angel and Louie continue to stand in the centre, the balls ricochet off the walls.
    SFX: bnt bnt bnt bnt bnt
    (2.4) Medium shot of gymnasium. The balls have all bounced back to the middle of the room, coming to rest as a perfect circle about 2 metres across, graded by size, and centred about the angel. Louie looks pointedly at the angel. The angel is still holding of the flaming sword, but is looking down at the pattern that balls have formed.
    Angel: “!?”
    Louie: “And I won’t be categorised with the stupid boxes that you people keep trying to put me in.”

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    7th // || 8th // || 9th //
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    13th // || 14th // || 15th //
    16th // || 17th // || 18th //
    19th // ||

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