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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter 5—Page 62

164 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter 5—Page 62

Now they get here! Sheesh!

I’m going to be in Toronto this month! I’m a guest at Yaoi North, May 26-28th, in fact! Yaoi North is part of Anime North and registration is still open. I’ll be selling and signing Artifice and The Young Protectors books and other cool merch (like our Trading Cards). And I’ll be giving a panel or two.

I hear great things about Yaoi North, so if you think you can make it to Toronto, please stop by and say hi! 🙂

And, over on the Patreon page, it seems y’all like naked Spooky and kissing Spooky! Even more new Patrons joined up over the last few days, and we’re now closing in on $5800/month, a number we haven’t been close to for several months. That really helps me, a lot—so I’m again sending my warmest thanks out to all our Patrons, old and new—and, of course, to Spooky!

What’s all the excitement about? For those of you who maybe feel like Kyle deserved a better 18th birthday than the one he got, penciler Karly E. and colorist Alex Sollazzo have a special new Patreon pin-up for you.

Reactions so far have included: “Nicest thing I’ve seen all day !”, “Yummm. Oh and the cakes are nice too! 😉”, “This is amazing!  ❤ “, “I totally ship Karllazzo because they make an awesome art team! :P” and “I think it’s awesome.  It totally captures that sweet innocence of young love.  Thanks, Alex!”

Here’s the sneak preview of it:

The full image is even cooler—and it’s also sized to be an awesome wallpaper for your desktop!

Want to get a little Kyle/Spooky love every time you open your computer? $5+ Patrons can download the full wallpaper immediately. And $10+ Patrons will be sent a high-res version with over double the resolution on the 10th of June!

There are lots of great benefits to being a Patron (you can see them all here along with an explanation of what the heck Patreon is), and you’d really be helping me out if you became one too. If you’re enjoying our work here and would like to see it continue (and would like to get access to all kinds of special benefits),

please take a moment to watch the video on my Patreon page and consider becoming a Patron.

So! Flyboy hears helicopters! Spooky is getting busy healing the team! Flyboy gets some appreciation! And now Commander wants to find The Annihilator!

Do you think he’ll want to be found?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀


  • D’awww

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Congratulations, Admiral!

  • stickfigurefairytales

    I hope every single soldier shows up carrying a Starbucks cup.

    • Amen!!

      • stickfigurefairytales

        It took longer because they had to wait for everybody’s order to be finished.

        • Exactly. All that whipped cream and frapaccinos and caramel machiatos and… Um… Well, actually, I wonder what the gang’s fav. Starbuck drinks are

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Now you’re got me wondering, too.

          • It’s serious business what one orders at SB!

          • stickfigurefairytales

            I could see Spooky ordering a unicorn frappuccino.

          • davefragments

            Does a unicorn frappuccino even contain coffee?

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Not to my knowledge, but I could be mistaken.

          • davefragments


          • Auntie Mumpsimus

            Honey, it contains neither coffee, nor unicorn, nor even rhinoceros. I was crushed.

          • davefragments

            It seems to be a mass of sugar in various forms, whipped into a frenzy, and decorated in colorful ways before it is shoved into a large cup.

            with a straw

          • Auntie Mumpsimus

            Oh, good, I thought I was projecting my personal issues onto a frappé.

    • Pietro7

      And lots of Goo remover for the duct-tape residue stuck to the hostages faces. I am assuming Spooky can heal the chafe-marks on their wrists, but Goo remover will be essential for their poor faces. 🙂

      • davefragments

        It’s just the top layer of skin. It won’t be as painful as electrocution.

        • stickfigurefairytales

          That doesn’t mean it isn’t super annoying, though.

      • Auntie Mumpsimus

        I’ve found moisturize, sweat, and a bit of time to work the magic helps get rid of gaffer’s tape goo. The key is PATIENCE, especially with tape bras. Um.

    • camelotcrusade

      I hope at least one soldier is hot.

  • davefragments

    Help is just a few minutes away — comforting and reassuring thought.
    Meanwhile, the Annihilator is still out there doing something. I can only wonder what. Possibly making mudpies or lamenting the loss of his powers.
    And why the captives last — I keep thinking they weren’t hostages but true believers.

    I could be wrong but I’m a firm believer in Murphy’s Law and Finagle’s Perverse Corollary. (or was that cardiac?)

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I’m still thinking that he’s been lying there unconscious, but who knows? It’ll be interesting to see whether or not his powers have come back.

      • davefragments

        Like the song — “Regrets, I have a few” and unlike the song, “more than a few require mentioning” (or indictment)

        • Pietro7

          Indictment – yeah, that sounds about right.

      • Saxon_Brenton

        My gut feeling is also that he’s lying unconscious, or semi-conscious but too wasted to do anything but watch. If this were an ongoing shared-universe franchise like Marvel or DC comics I would expect that he’d have escaped as set up for his next scheme. But I think Young Protectors is as much about the feelz as the action, so a final heartfelt discussion seems more appropriate. But I could be wrong about that.

    • Klaus

      They were certainly not hostages.

    • timemonkey

      If they were true believers they wouldn’t have been bound and gagged. Especially since they were in an already inescapable box.

  • Look at all the adorable lovely Mitch on this page! ^_^

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Lots and lots of Mitch for Doki!

      • *hugs* Hi stick

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Hi Doki love! How are you doing?

          • Allergies. Depression. Fun times. -_-

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Poor Doki. *hugs*

          • You?

          • stickfigurefairytales

            I’m doing pretty well, actually. Going to try selling some dollhouse miniatures I made this Sunday at a miniature show, so fingers crossed for that to go well.

          • Pietro7

            Extra thin mints for Doki. They have healing properties. 🙂

          • ^_^

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          • Marybgladden

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  • Nofsky8


  • Mary Klemzak

    Ugh we gotta see Anni again? I guess its a heroes duty to see to the safety of everyone. Bad guys and good guys.

  • That guy behind Spooky looks like he had been enjoying Spooky kiss Kyle along with the rest of us. How about an encore?

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Either that or he’s just going “Yeah, that’s great and all, but how about untying me here?”

  • Zephyr10101

    I’m tired of that old man.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Fortunately, so is Kyle.

  • Jeff Baker

    Oh yeah…The Annihilator…who either has aged about 1600 years or is curled up in a little ball…

  • Toli Bera

    he’d better not be layin around, like a lazy while there’s a mess to clean up. :/ the next page better show him mopping up the sacrificial altar mister or someone’s gonna have to sit in the time out corner.

  • Morgan

    …Must we check on Duncan? *Sigh*

  • Fabulous Alien

    Maybe-kinda-sortof sad that Spooky healing Tsu doesn’t seem to require kissing. That would have been fun to see!

  • Wyrmidon

    Gosh it’s so sad to see all that hate for my fave character in the comments. Well, I, for one, will be very happy to see Anni again.

    Yes, still hoping for that beautiful redemption arc to make my OTP happen…

  • Sapfo

    I have to say that this is the most patient hostage, or maybe they are just hoping for an encore of the Spooky and Kyle show 😉

    • Out of body experiences like that must be scary. No disturbing of the Spookster before they are free and safe. Who know what could happen next.

  • Nirgal

    As someone who admired Kyle’s ass when it was due, and even if you don’t belong to my preferred gender, I have to sincerely say:

    Nice booty, Commander.

  • Such a great page to wake up to. Time to get back to business, but I’m sure we’ll get back to more this later. Now to other personal stuff/questions. And I also really want to know how Duncan is doing, and what will happen next.

    Whoops, I missed camp. In the minute between shutting my alarmclock off, and getting out of bed to get my tablet, I fell asleep again. Must have happened like turning off a switch. Can’t remember anything after turning around when I put the phone down xD
    (Luckily I woke by myself now, so didn’t over-sleep. My inner clock knew something was wrong)

  • Tsu-Tsu is probably (silently) releived that Spooky is changing his healing methods for the rest of them 😉

    As much as I loved the smooching, time is not right for it. A team in pain to heal (Amanda temporarily forgot herself in there, ouch!) and the military on their metaphorical doorstep.
    Lot’s of things to handle/fix coming up. There’s Duncan, who’s either in a really bad state or gone. There’s questions about PP and her actions, and whether or not there needs to be a renewed focus on those collapsing dimension walls – is Laampros really gone (fornow)?

    … Oh, and Spooky should probably find a way to round up what ever ‘pets’ there’s still alive. Can’t have Fluffy runing around forever *lol*
    (May have a convo waiting with Amanda about this little issue)

    • Juliette Leroux

      Yeah, indeed, Amanada is again forgetting herself. Yet she needs healing too if she wants to be efficient.

    • Derkins

      That’s true! I guess this saga isn’t really resolved until the collapsing barrier between is fixed. Anni is going to *have* to explain everything now that he knows Kyle is a total badass. 🙂

      • timemonkey

        He kind of already did, I believe. After the kids lost Duncan had a chat with them and told them what was up but since they didn’t have a ready alternative he stuck with PPs plan.

  • Jeldenil

    Poor Spooks. No time to come back from death calmly.

  • bronakopdin

    no kiss-healing for the others? shame ^^
    (not at all, this should be special x3)
    I like the sarcasm in Amanda’s voice about Duncan x’D Though as calm as they are it seems he did not opt to escape or anything, must be sitting somewhere in the area, maybe finally letting it sink in what an idiot he was to work with Sircea?
    Well I wonder how much of a beaten dog we’ll see soon…
    (I do feel sorry for him in certain regards though >/////<)

  • Larkle

    Good job team!

  • Klaus

    Duncan did deliver hos side of the bargain. Did he get his payment? I can’t wait to find out.

    • Shadizar Silvermask

      At least at a minimum he shouldn’t have to worry about the Death clause being activated.

  • Juliette Leroux

    Way to go Amanda! You are all far from being safe. Let’s get moving till everybody is home with all his/her limbs and souls!

  • Juliette Leroux

    And I am curious to see how Duncan is. I don’t wish for his death or suffering, but he should go to jail for his crimes. Abduction, attempted murders, act of torture and high treason .
    And of course, I want to see the talk with Kyle.

    • timemonkey

      Successful murders. Just because Spooky fixed it doesn’t mean they didn’t still die.

      • Juliette Leroux

        Oh wow, that’ll be an interresting court case!

      • EyeDontNo

        My head just exploded!
        I never considered the legal ramifications of a medic reviving a person who had been recorded (EEG/EKG) as being legally dead. That would indeed be an interesting court case (AKA Juliette’s comment). To be tried for murder with the victim sitting right there staring you down.

  • Looks like it will take more than magic to heal Kyle’s costume :’D elbow-spike holes don’t come out in the wash.

    • EyeDontNo

      Maybe a hole new costume?
      *whole 😀

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Silly mini-essay: Spooky Jones may be an archmage, but he needs more skill in the Metamagic Feat

    This has nothing to do with what’s happening in today’s page, but harkens back to chapter 4 when the sacrifices were electrocuted and Spooky absorbed their souls as a stop-gap towards saving them (starts p.70-71). At the time I remarked that I could only hope that the bright necromancer character I play in Dungeons and Dragons could be as self-sacrificing and generally awesome as Spooky was.

    Now, over the past few years I’ve been slowly reading through various D&D spells looking for any interesting necromancy effects that my character could re-create with personal spell research – both current and past editions of D&D, 3rd party material published under the Open Gaming License, and random homebrew spells posted to message boards. And I found an interesting 9th level spell called Consume Souls published in a 3rd ed. sourcebook that almost matches what Spooky pulled off. Without going into too much game mechanics minuetia: immediately after people die the spell caster can suck in their souls and hold them for a while (and gain power benefits) or consume them utterly (and get permanent ability upgrades).

    First and most obvious thing: In D&D terms casting a 9th level spell needs at least a 17th level character, putting Spooky so close to the 18th level rank of Archmage as makes little difference. But you probably already guessed this.

    Second thing is that the spell effectively allows about half a dozen souls to be sucked in, slowly, over the course of a minute or so. Spooky consumed considerably more than that all at once. What I think happened was that in this case, and immediately beforehand, Spooky used the Metamagic feat to adjust an existing spell to do more exactly what he wanted. His attempt to combine Enochian and demonic magics didn’t work at all. His attempt to suck in and hold the souls kinda worked, but nearly ended up killing him.

    So my facetious nerd-guy conclusion is that Spooky has enough skill in metamagic to try hasty on-the-fly adjustments to existing spells, but not quite enough skill to reliably pull it off. In short, in this area of magic he has just enough knowledge to be dangerous 😛

    • Pietro7

      “Dangerous Spooky” – now there’s a cool nickname. 🙂

    • An intriguing (and pleasingly geeky) analysis, Saxon. 🙂

  • endymion

    @Alex for a moment I read “I’m going to be Totoro this month!”
    That would’ve​ also been​ a good option.

    • Pietro7

      Alex would make a fabulous Totoro. 🙂

      • In terms of the Ghibli universe, I always thought of myself as more of a Tanuki, actually… 😉

  • Shiny Gwilly

    time for team healing! plus amanda needs healing at some point, don’t think for a minute he wouldn’t want to!
    i am curious on Anni myself….is he still here? is he awake or knocked out? and will he look any different cuz of the whole deal? that part i’m curious on most, since demon daddy DID use the portal and all, was that enough to count for the deal to go through? or is there more to it since he got pushed back now
    so many questions, i’m sorry lol

  • BertinDoutnik

    I miss Anni

    • Klaus

      So did Kyle, back in the prologue, He dodged too fast for Kyle to hit him.

  • Bianca King

    So, I stopped reading somewhere in Chapter 2 in 2013…

    I waited.



    • Klaus

      Welcome back.

      • Bianca King

        Thanks 🙂

    • Welcome back, Bianca! Very glad you found it worth the wait! 🙂

      What brought you back?

      • Bianca King

        Sorry for the delay, but if you can believe it, four years ago was getting a bit frustrated with the one week update a week thing. I’m impatient. I’ve been binging TV since LOOOONG before Netflix. I’d just finished reading Artifice after a friend recommended it. I set a calendar alert in my phone with a weblink to the last page I read saying, “Continue.” And I forgot about it altogether. AND THEN I GOT THE BEST SURPRISE IN THE WORLD!
        Seriously, I’m really sorry. I know you rely on weekly contributions. You’re brilliant. Like, truly. I’m bi and a comic book nerd. Even though I’m a girl, there’s never been heaps of positive queer representation in western comics. You’ve written a great story.

        • That’s cool — what an awesome reminder. Thank you so much for letting me know and for all the kind words, Bianca. I’m really glad you’re back. 🙂

  • Pikinanou

    Fluke: Now they get here!
    A good bunch of us readers for the past weeks: IKR?!

  • Jad

    I don’t mean to derail anything here, and I know that I’m not the target audience (I still love the story and artwork, LOVE IT). Are there any NSFW posts of Amanda on the Patreon? I know that it’s not likely, but if there are I’d like to know!

    • I can’t remember if the art is posted on Patreon, but there’s one of her in the NSFW trading card pack (available in the shop).

    • Oki, I just looked. If you are a $5 or more Patreon, you can find the trading card art on Patreon as well.

      Click the ‘Amanda’ tag on Patreon Posts and scroll down to March + February 2016 and August 2015 for some sexy Amanda art. Also the Short Story tag has a sexy little prose story between Amanda and Spooky. Short story #2 about kissing Spooky.

      • Juliette Leroux

        Yeah, the prose IS extremely sexy.

      • Jad

        Thank you!

  • Jason Moon

    While I’m sure that they want to bask in the moment(some more than others 😉 ), the YP all look a little wiped about now.

  • fujoshifanatic

    Considering how injured he was when we last saw him, I don’t know if it’s his choice whether to be found or not. Still, we haven’t seen Anni in quite some time, so I guess his powers of concealment are quite considerable.

    But maybe Amanda is smart enough to know that Anni will at least want to try to talk to Kyle before he tries to get away if he can? Anyway, hopefully the next comic should tell us more.

  • Here is a terrible morbid thought. What if the hostages were volunteers, and the tears they were shedding were tears of joy at meeting their dark lord, aiding in bring bout their dark lord?

  • Sapfo

    Have to admit that these young heros makes me proud! ^^

  • karmakat

    big question, maybe bet, here. HOW MANY PEOPLE are ready to bet that Mister grey hair LEFT THE “BUILDING”.
    and okay I KNOW they need healing. but between burns and bruises…shouldn’t a BROKEN WRIST take priority? even if sincerely he moves like he his under a FREAKING cocktail of painkillers.

    • timemonkey

      Given he was powerless, beat up and unconscious for at least most of the fight I doubt he could get far enough away that they couldn’t find him, they are in a big clearing after all.

      Also I’m guessing Gordon is burned way worse than any of the others given he was a direct target far more than the others and isn’t wearing as much protection.

      • Klaus

        How long will Duncan’s loss of power last? Did he get rejuvenated as per the deal with a devil? Does “perfect health” include healing his in juries? Did he get hit by any of Laampros’ blasts? There are just so many possibilities.

        • karmakat

          as far as i remember, his healing was part of his power, not as strong as Wolverine though. but they had surcharged with the explosion.
          as you said he could have been blasted too, or roasted. OR he is paying the price for breaking of contract.

      • karmakat

        i will go “OK” as i remember last time i was just answering you with my points of view.

        • timemonkey

          Dude, we had one disagreement, it wasn’t even serious.

          • karmakat

            for you it “wasn’t serious” for me…you were rabid or to close the THE Harley Queen…so NOPE!

          • Hey you two. Seems you’ve had a disagreement earlier on. You each have your own interpretation of a previous discussion, and it looks like common ground wasn’t found. Normally I’d just ask you to not make it personal, agree to disagree in this thread and leave it at that, but maybe you should take it one step further this time.
            Since Karmakat (indirectly) has expressed a wish not to engage further in conversation between the two of you, I ask that this is accepted.

          • timemonkey

            Honestly, I keep forgetting we even had a disagreement until he responds with attitude.

          • But Karmakat hasn’t forgotten, so please respect their opinion in this even if you disagree. While this community is trying to be friendly for all, we can’t all agree on everything. In these cases it’s best to step back, in this case end your conversation, and focus elsewhere.
            I’m closing your convo here.

          • timemonkey

            Oh yeah, I didn’t mean to start anything.

          • karmakat

            you have my FULL agreement on that as i REALLY don’t want to poison a good chat for a great comicl.

          • JJCalem

            Perhaps you should block timemonkey then? That way they cannot forget you don’t want to talk to them again.

          • timemonkey

            Is that a thing that can be done? That’d be great.

          • JJCalem

            Yep! At least on mobile from the downward arown on the top right of the post there is the option “Block user”

  • Kolby

    I had no idea that Anime North had a Yaoi section…. (though the last time I went was about 10 years ago…) Have fun in Toronto! Man I miss all the best stuff when I’m out of the country…. First Once Upon a Time had a convention in Toronto last weekend, now this… haha

    • Thank you! Hopefully we’ll get to cross paths some other time. I hope to go to TCAF next year. 🙂

  • Just a bit!

  • Klaus

    Now the military is going to shoot everyone. Just to be on the safe side.

    • Juliette Leroux

      Yeah, that’s my fear too.

  • Lisa Victoria Gilbert

    I’ll definately go to anime north just to see you 🙂 been a longtime reader (since you started artiface)

    • Awesome, Lisa! I look forward to seeing you there! (Please be sure to let me know you’re one of our awesome commenters here!)

  • Jet Allen

    I imagine the hostages are hearing Amanda instructing Spooky to leave them tied up until after everyone else is healed and thinking, “Well, fuck you, too.”

    But seriously, they’ll have a perfectly good Gordon ready to go with the untying after he’s healed, right? Yeesh, by the time those poor bastards get freed, Kyle’s gonna be 30.

  • Obsidian

    This made me all dreamy again!! And I was building castles in the air for Kyle and Duncan the whole time… Cause still I’m yearning for a union.. Duncan is such a heartthrob.. Good heavens! And I still wish he would turn out to be Kyle’s guardian angel and of course at the end his lover.. I’m enjoying this so much.. Thank you for this unique piece.. You surely vivify me with these ravishing stories.. LOVE YOU Alex Woolfson..Alwayss 🙂

    • Wayne Lunkwitz

      I don’t trust Duncan…..never really have…..he is too shady!

    • Thank you, Obsidian! Glad you’re enjoying The Young Protectors!

  • I’m with Fluke! NOW the military shows up. :p Then again, maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe if they’d shown up in the middle of the fight they would’ve just gotten in the way. Too many cooks in the kitchen, and nobody wanting to listen to the people who were there first and actually know what’s going on because they’re so sure they got this.

    • Jac

      “Just my luck!” – Fluke, probably

    • timemonkey

      Once the demons started coming through they were useless anyway.

  • MOAauthor

    Hmmmmmm. What about that massive, absolute worst luck charge to counteract the massive absolute best luck charge.

  • Cydney Sabin

    If people like naked Spooky and kissing Spooky, imagine how they’d like naked AND kissing Spooky!

  • Kate G

    So, funny thing happened. Mozilla tells me I haven’t refreshed my browser in a while and I should do that. DON’T DO THAT!!! I lost all of my bookmarks. TT.TT Yep, I couldn’t even get them back with a good ol’ restore.

    Oh well, silver lining is I still remember the Young Protectors (thankfully) but almost none of my passwords (who the hell has enough brain storage to remember that crap? This equestrian does not. That stuff gets overridden easily by horse stuff) so I get to change all of my passwords while reading Young Protectors. Silver lining, right?

    Now…what else did I have in my bookmarks? Ehhhh. O.o This shall prove to show where I actually spend my day. XD

    • Aww, that sucks! I’ve tried losing all my bookmarks twice, because computer broke, and while I could remember some right away, and some was re-found after a while, I still lost some I may never get back.
      I read more comics then than I do now, because I lost the links and couldn’t remember names, and I had a good list of comics I wanted to check out that I also lost.
      Know it’s not only comics, but all other bookmarks you have to try and find again, and it’s just as hard. I hope you can manage to find/remember most along the way again.

      • Kate G

        I have a feeling I’ll never get some of them back, most being things I “wanted” but apparently I didn’t or I’d have remembered them. (Funny thing, I tend to remember what I really want or need; forget everything else.) Comics have been the easiest in many ways, because many I read just are saved into my favorites on SmackJeeves (thank ye gods for SmackJeeves now, right?) Young Protectors also has Artifice. Starfighter I had to put “comic” after as there is also the popular Star Wars game with that name; Teahouse was the same (because, dammit, I go back to read it for the art alone.) It was remembering Wish & Will; I couldn’t remember the title for the life of me, but could remember Reeshan, so I found it by Reeshan. YForce, I get updates for so I got a big “YAY! Another one not to hunt for!” when I got the e-mail. LOL.

        The hardest part about all of this is I am incredibly anal about organization. Now, you wouldn’t know this about me with my comments that tend to slide everywhere (and that’s purely autistic. We just say anything that comes to mind.) I really am anal retentive. I suspect I’ll be organizing the bookmarks I remember soon enough.

        It’s worse when you forget the url for the pad you are using to co-write fanfiction (because, who remembers those in this day and age, right?) You go to your friend and say, “Uh, I did an oopsie and do you have the url for this?” and you PRAY TO GOD they have it because that person is absolutely scatterbrained and relies on you for the organization.

        Thankfully he had it. Phew.

    • Wayne Lunkwitz

      Might be a good idea to invest in a small notebook……pen and paper don’t “crash” like the net…..I know…’s old-fashioned but it works!

      • Kate G

        I do have a journal. I was just uh…not thinking? I have this thing about not sharing my deepest, personal feelings with the internet. That shit stays in code forever, dude. PAPER DOESN’T.

    • NoiseShaper

      That sounds dire indeed. But maybe not all is lost yet.

      On a Mac you could just fetch the old data from your previous TimeMachine backup.

      On a Windows PC I don’t know what to do, but maybe this could help:

      • Kate G

        I have a PC and I did all that. It’s just gone. *shrugs* Oh well. Live and learn.

        I have thought about going straight over to all Apple as it has become more user friendly but a few things stand in my way. 1. Customization. I have tech junkies in my family. My computer was ultimately free. (I got all of their spare or old parts. My computer is the Millennium Falcon kind of.) 2. I have a seizure disorder (epilepsy) and a bad migraine disorder. All Apple products have monitors with “high density” (aka high definition) LED displays. LEDs have a long history of being public enemy number one with people with epilepsy and migraines. (My long rant of Apple. Come on, I love my iPod, iPad and iPhone. Why isn’t there an LCD screen option for them?!)

        • NoiseShaper

          Sorry that I hadn’t noticed your response earlier.

          Of course in-family support can be useful. But customization options as such are pretty wide-ranging on a Mac, too – in some respects even more extensive than on PCs.

          And the bit about the displays I don’t really understand.

          Practically all computer displays today are LCD+LED, meaning an LED backlight shining through an LCD layer which modulates the light to see (only a tiny number of computer displays are OLED and the only other flat screen option on computers had been fluorescent bulbs behind the LCDs in years past).

          It’s the same for Macs and for PCs; Modern Mac displays are just by default high resolution (“Retina”) displays, but the only difference to see there is that text and images are less pixelated because of the higher resolution. If anything, they are steadier and smoother when scrolling, with much smaller jumps.

          I wouldn’t understand how that would be triggering anything.

          Mac displays can usually be turned up to very high brightness, but also down very low, so it should only be a matter of personal setup and preference.

          • Kate G

            It’s a bit weird to explain. A part of the issue is flickering. LED displays – even Apple – still have a tendency to flick over plain old CCFL LCD monitor. Flickering is major cause for seizures if you have something called photosensitivity – seizures caused by flashing/flickering lights (I don’t have this. Flickering gives me a major migraine though.) Monitors with only LEDs have blue backlighting which is harsh and painful, which for those with very sensitive eyes (like mine) creates killer migraines.

            When my old monitor died – my dear old monitor which was 9 years old which it went belly up – my brother gave me his gaming monitor which was very expensive. He got the rundown of every question possible. My monitor is a CCFL LCD HD monitor, so it doesn’t give me crushing migraines.

            The brightness for my apple devices are set as low as I can have them without content disappearing. My parents actually say, “HOW CAN YOU SEE ANYTHING?!” I can’t see a wink when I go outside (I have to turn it up), but I still get crushing migraines if I’m on longer than a few hours. It’s just a thing about Apples. Love they are easy to use; hate the LED screens.

  • Saxon_Brenton

    For your camping entertainment: hellsnake fanfic

    Shane And The Hellsnakes – 26th Bite
    (A Young Protectors occult sitcom fanfic. Inspired by the stories of AMW comics.)

    Final story arc: (rest of urls at end)
    22nd // || 23rd // || 24th //
    25th // ||

    PAGE 1 – Meanwhile… Huey
    (1.1) Establishing shot of Shane’s living room. Louie is at the computer, sitting back as they finish writing an article and sending it off to their editor.
    Louie: “Done.”
    (1.2) Medium shot of the kitchen, where Huey is making cheesecake mixture. Louie sticks their head through the doorway.
    Louie: “I’ve finished my work and I’m going for a walk to unwind. Do you need anything?”
    Huey (shaking head): “Hisss.”
    (1.3) Medium shot of kitchen. Silent panel. Huey uses his tail to stir a spoon in the mixing bowl.
    (1.4) Medium shot of kitchen. Also a silent panel. Huey glances at the recipe while absent mindedly holding up spoon. Cheesecake mixture drips from the spoon back into the mixing bowl.
    (1.5) Medium shot of kitchen. Same layout as previously, except that Alice and the Silver Gnu have burst in through the window as part of a fight scene. Huey’s head shoots up with an expression of shock and bemusement and ‘now what?’.
    SFX: Crash!
    Silver Gnu: “Rawwrr!”

    PAGE 2 – Fight Scene
    (2.1) Medium shot of kitchen. The Silver Gnu pitches an energy bolt at Alice, which Alice jumps over. There is another caption box shaped like a pointing hand to introduce the Silver Gnu.
    Alice: “Sorry about the mess…”
    Silver Gnu: “Rawwrr!”
    SFX: Crakkle!
    Pointy finger caption box: “The Silver Gnu. Energy manipulator. Mid-level physical combatant. Not currently in her right mind.”
    (2.2) Medium shot of the kitchen, with a totally different angle to reflect the fast pace movements of a fight scene. Alice leaps over a bench and swipes at the Silver Gnu, who uses an energy forcefield to deflect the sword blow.
    Alice: “…But the Silver Gnu here seems to have been mind controlled. Or turned evil, or been replaced by a clone from an antimatter universe, or something.”
    (2.3) Medium shot focusing of Huey, still at the table where he’d been mixing food stuffs. His body language is static, unlike the dynamic positions of the two combatants in the previous panels. Huey also has an extremely unimpressed look on his face.
    SFX (from off panel): Crakkle!
    SFX (from off panel): WHAM!
    SFX (from off panel): Ka-spoing ka-spoing ka-spoing
    (2.4) Another medium shot focusing on Huey. Same camera position and unimpressed expression on Huey as before, except that Huey uses his tail to scoop up some of the cheesecake mix.
    SFX: -scoop-
    (2.5) Final medium shot focusing on Huey. With the same economy of movement, Huey throws the glob of cheesecake mix at the Silver Gnu (who’s off panel). Note that in these three panels Huey’s tail is the only thing that’s moved.

    PAGE 3 – Oh, That Type Of Cheesecake
    (3.1) Medium shot of kitchen. The Silver Gnu wipes cheesecake off her face. Alice moves forward to take advantage of the opening that Huey has provided. Huey tells Alice to stand down.
    Alice: “Thanks for the distraction.”
    Huey: “Hisss!”
    Silver Gnu: “Ah, it’s okay. I can think for myself again.”
    (3.2) Medium shot of kitchen. All three people have calmer body language.
    Alice: “That’s a neat trick. What is it?”
    Huey: “Hisss.”
    Alice: “Sorry? ‘Mind control ending’ flavoured cheescake! How is that even a flavour?”
    (3.3) Medium shot of kitchen. All three in roughly the same position.
    Huey (exasperated expression): “Hisss!”
    Alice (equally exasperated expression): “I’m not worried about that. Ever since I got this blasted sword I’ve seen so much weird crap that I’m hardly surprised by anything anymore. But ‘mind control ending’ is no more a flavour than ‘riding a bicycle’ is.”
    Huey: “Hisss!”
    Silver Gnu: “I think our friend is complaining about what you’re deciding to nitpick about.”
    (3.4) Medium shot of kitchen focusing on Alice and Huey. Silent panel. Alice and Huey stare at each other with frowny expressions.
    (3.5) Medium shot of kitchen. All three people in same positions as before.
    Alice: “So, do we have to start a food fight to use this stuff to end the rioting downtown?”
    Huey (shakes head, uses his tail to hold up a hand-pumped spray pack): “Hisss.”
    Silver Gnu: “Oh, great, aerosol format. Hey, maybe we can mix it in to use it in the police water cannons.”

    For what it’s worth, mind control ending flavoured cheesecake was something I introduced years ago for the Legion of Net.Heroes writing group. But since they are mainly a comedy universe, when Cheesecake-Eater Lad created the recipe he actually did intend for it to be deployed by starting food fights.

    1st // || 2nd // || 3rd //
    4th // || 5th // || 6th //
    7th // || 8th // || 9th //
    10th // || 11th // || 12th //
    13th // || 14th // || 15th //
    16th // || 17th // || 18th //
    19th // || 20th // || 21st //
    22nd // || 23rd // || 24th //
    25th // ||

  • Nofsky8

    Hi everybody! How was your day?

    (I invited my little brother to camp with me because he’d probably be up anyways, but he fell asleep on the couch even with his phone blaring YouTube videos, and I can’t carry him upstairs to his room without waking him up so I threw a blanket over him and he snuggled down into it in his sleep, it’s really cute,)

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Weather has cleared up here. After a cold wet yesterday, overnight and this morning, it’s now sunny and warm.

      • Nofsky8

        That’s good, it’s been really hot here for the past two days, summer has come early, but I’m glad your weather is pleasant.

    • Would be better if I wasn’t suffering from night time insomnia and only catching a few hours in the middle of the day. -_-

      • Nofsky8

        Ugh, yeah, I feel you, I have mild (probably genetic) insomnia but it’s normally ok as long as I keep to a schedule and ware myself out, before bed, it was a lot worse when I was little. I wish I had some solutions to offer. 🙁

        • I am going to blame it on allergies. There has been much mowing of the lawn lately. -_-

          • Nofsky8

            Ah, yes, that always makes them worse, even when it’s your neighbor mowing their lawn. 🙁

          • It doesn’t help that grass is one of my major allergies. Seriously, as soon as the grass starts growing my allergies are affected. And I am allergic to ALL grass types, which actually led me to having a smallish reaction to chamomile…

          • Nofsky8

            Yikes, I’m just allergic to dust, pollen and apparently grass clippings.

          • House dust, a type of mold, grass, plastic, some metals… I love jewelry, but most being either plastic or metal prevents me from being able to wear them, and the gold plated is fine until the plating wears off… I am also starting to think I need to be tested for food allergies, because I am not 100%, but I think I have developed a reaction to something…

          • Nofsky8

            Please get tested before you have a bad reaction to something,

  • *listens to a pin drop* Sure is quiet in here tonight…

    • Nofsky8

      Yep, I figure everyone else is taking a break after all the anticipation riddled updates.

      • wondering where dave has wondered off to…he has been pretty consistent…

        • Nofsky8

          Yeah, me too,

        • Dave isn’t able to be here tonight.

          And good morning. I’ve been here for about 10mins but had things to do before commenting 🙂

    • jreed3842

      *waves* Hi, Doki!
      I’m kinda here… but I’m a little distracted at the moment. I won’t really be around to comment. But I am waiting for the page!

      • I have done that more than once, usually reading a good fic I just cannot put down, or my ADD acts up and I have to divide my attention between at least three different windows/tabs.

  • I got slightly sunburned yesterday/friday afternoon. Spent hour outside and by Danish standards it was pretty hot, almost summer, outside along with being very sunny. The year’s first sunburn – I really need to remember to take more notive of my shoulders, neck and scalp.

    • heh. with my allergies I try to avoid being outside, but this year I did pick up some masks…now I just have to remember to wear one when opening the door when someone rings the bell…

      • I was at work. Spent hours looking after kids, so had no choice of being outside. The play area is huge in that kindergarden, and build with a hill-area, trees and play houses in the middle so you have to walk around to see all of it.