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  • Go Kyle!

  • stickfigurefairytales

    WHUH-HOO!!!!! WAY TO GO, KYLE!!!

  • Airboy Obsessed


    Though…I do wish he kept some of those demonic…additions. 😀

  • Kyle is the king of good monologues.

    • jreed3842

      I still have a very soft spot in my heart for Spooky’s monologue to Kyle several pages ago…

      • Me too! It’s amazing and touching. This one is strong and confident. It’s awesome and another ‘punch’ in Laampros’ face. Kyle has found himself.

        Still, it likely wouldn’t happen if it hadn’t been for Spooky’s prior talk, along with the support Kyle’s REAL family shows him.

        • jreed3842

          I mean now that I think about it, almost every monologue in this has been amazing.

          It’s so well written!
          Even asshole’s… er… I mean Duncan’s monologue after betraying Kyle is pretty powerful!

      • Kate G

        I loved Mitch’s monologue to Kyle about him not being alone. That was sweet. Mitch doesn’t have much screen time, so every word he says often means a lot.

        • Mitch is the precious preciousness.

          • Kate G

            It is utter preciousness.

  • davefragments

    Kyle looks a little toasty but the horns and bony protrusions are gone. The artwork is excellent. I love the closeup effect as the POV moves closer to Kyle.

    • Pietro7

      Agreed. Awesome work, Alex, Adam and Vero!

  • jreed3842

    GET. IT. KYLE!!

  • I am going to miss the ears.

    • timemonkey

      The ears will always be in our hearts.

  • J. Kevin Carrier

    Look at our Kyle, all grown up and self-actualized! I feel a great swell of pity for anyone who tries to mess with him now…!

  • Rodrigo Campanaro

    You may have created me, but you were never my father. Fathers are kind, fathers protect you, fathers raise you. I was protected and raised by my friends. They are my family, this is my home and you are not welcome here AZARATH METRION ZINTHOS!

    • jreed3842

      I’ve been thinking about that these past few pages!! But I couldn’t remember her exact words. Haha. I’m glad you posted that!

    • Emily Red

      I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thought of raven! XD

      • timemonkey

        Who hasn’t been thinking of Raven?

  • Saxon_Brenton

    So, DaveF and myself for thinking that Laampros would fall through the gate this page: wrong
    Ms. V for noticing that Red Hot’s horns were shrinking: right
    Everyone who wanted to Red Hot to keep the pointy ears: disappointed.

    • davefragments

      I always seem to guess wrong. I try.

      • Saxon_Brenton

        I know the feeling. Generally I fudge by speculating on a range of possible outcomes and what they would imply, without committing to a specific one.

        • davefragments

          To my mind the next from is a view from behind Kyle and over Kyle’s shoulder to Laampros falling backward from an even large blast of fire and into the portal. But with my track record, even I wouldn’t bet on it.

    • timemonkey

      I’m kinda of hoping Kyle pushes him right to the edge then when daddy demon starts regaining his footing then Fluke just waves and hit trips. One last little bit of luck. Just because everyone else kinda had a moment during this fight.

  • stickfigurefairytales

    He had too many pointy edges for me.

    • But stick! Those ears!!

      • stickfigurefairytales

        That’s a fair point.

  • Nate

    “I am Fire! And Life Incarnate! Now and forever – I AM RED HOT!”

  • Morgan

    HELL YES KYLE! Thats our boy!!!

  • means are the ends

    I never post here, but just HAVE to say that this is beyond awesome! Best moment of this entire amazing comic so far! Thanks so much.

    • Mary Klemzak

      Thanks for posting and being a part of the discussion community!

    • We have a great bunch of people here so don’t be afraid to comment more often. ^_^

    • Here’s to breaking the silence, and your first comment here, and I agree.

      This is one of my fave moment, along with Kyle’s and Spooky’s private talk earlier on.

  • Librarican

    I LOVE the fire effects behind Kyle’s head in the bottom panels! That is impressive beyond belief and a great example of the quality of art supporting the story. *Applause*

    • Samurai Jack

      It’s almost halo-like…

  • Librarican

    FYI: The next button on page 43 (I think it was 43) doesn’t seem to be working.

    • It doesn’t work for me either. When ever this happens, it seems to be a cache issue that drags.
      Usually it would have fixed itself by now though. Hmm.

      • davefragments

        I tried reloading the page several times and nothing activates that button.

        • Mary Klemzak

          When in doubt, close the tab or browser, and then start it back up.

        • Same here. It’s been like that before, but usually it catches up.. eventually.

      • Librarican

        I agree, it’s usually fixed itself by now.
        I notice these things because I don’t update my bookmark every time it updates, only after about every ten. So I forward, forward, forward until I get to the most recent post. This time didn’t work.

  • DonnaC

    Demon Kyle did have a certain kind of sex appeal, but his confidence in himself now is more appealing to me. “Man”, “hero”, “strongest”, love Kyle using these words about himself. Did Kyle’s chest just seem to broaden along with his self assurance? Love it.

    • Pietro7

      He seems to have lost some/or/much of his body fat – not too surprising with all the physiological changes he’s just been through. His facial expression in the final panel is awesome.

  • Sapfo

    Kyle is all grown up!(๑°꒵°๑)・*♡

  • Brenia

    Those knee and elbow spikes had to have been uncomfortable. I’m glad he’s looking (and feeling) more like himself.

  • Shiny Gwilly

    *sniff* i’m so proud

  • Mary Klemzak

    Holy crap! You tell him! Team Kyle! Team Human! Team Hero! RAAAGH!!

  • Fabulous Alien

    I’m gonna need someone to pick up my jaw from the floor…

  • Jeldenil

    Is it me or does Kyle look less damaged then in previous pages? Is he healing himself?

    • davefragments

      no horns, no claws, no spikes, but somewhat burnt

      • Mary Klemzak

        I think he has to have quick healing, with a destructive power like fire.

      • Jeldenil

        Yeah. I kindof feel a bit stupid now XD. But still. I think his outfit looks less singed now, too, so I guess I kindof took the overall look as ‘healing himself’?

  • Caraway Carter

    YES! This totes brought tears to my eyes! The boy’s got power now!

  • timemonkey

    You know you’ve won a debate when your argument is so effective you undemon yourself..

  • motordog

    See Duncan? You could have had THAT! He was in the palm of your hand…but now you got NOTHING! Talk about a miscalculation…smh…

  • You tell’em Kyle!!

  • Food_Fight

    Yaaay Kyle is going back to normal. And wow a lot happened while I was giving my own fight with the entrance exams.

    • Klaus

      Did it go well?

      • Food_Fight

        Actually not bad but I want to study medicine so I need to study harder for second exam. (In my country we are having two big exam to entry to the university and they gather our scores somehow, can’t explain it with my level of english)

  • Halrandir

    So…am I allowed to say that I’m glad he is looking back to normal? I mean, those knee and elbow spikes alone just seem unwieldy.

    • Yeah, you can say it. But I do miss this horns a little. Just a little. But I’ll get over it. He looks so much older now. Nothing like an earth ending event and facing your past to make you grow up.

      • Kate G

        I don’t miss the horns; I miss the fangs. Just a tiny bit. IT would have made kissing difficult anyway. ;D

        • Oh yeah, the fangs. Those were cute too. 🙂 Kissing? Not really. Teeth are dangerous too. 🙂 so two more are a little bit more pointy then they currently are? 🙂

          • Kate G

            And, you know…the pointy ears. Everything else was a little much, but imagine the pointy ears (less dramatic, but pointy) and fangs. But…fire-powered Kyle is awesome too. (Still going to daydream about this slightly pointy ear and be-fanged kyle though….)

  • Wyrmidon

    Mic drop indeed.

    Kyle has just turned from a boy into a man. A very, very, very powerful man.

    Hot damn, but he’s breathtaking like that.

    • NoiseShaper

      Dad drop hopefully imminent any moment now!

  • Kate G

    Hell-o Kyle. It’s nice to see you again, as yourself. Those pages with the spikes, horns, fangs and pointy ears with the identity crisis really threw us for a loop! We knew that strong will with sharp wit guy was still in there! Time to send Mr. Laampy back where he came from!

  • Stephen Hutchison

    Some years ago, a story about the varieties of magic included demon magic which was specifically a matter of willpower. Whoever submitted, lost. The hero won out against a demon using powerful psychic pressure on him simply by blocking his senses and focusing on the demon doing what he commanded.

    It appears that Kyle has found his willpower, and it’s as strong as a Ruler of Hell. Now all he has to do is remember that Dad Demon _is_ fire, and will him to go back to hell, because Kyle can control all fire.

  • Maus Merryjest

    I’ll say it.


    (seriously, it was begging to be said)

  • Okay, reading the comments I am reassured that I am not imagining that Kyle looks physically as well as emotionally older.

    And go, Kyle. We knew you were a hero; it’s good to see that you know that too.

  • David Welbourn

    Hello, blue eyes. That was definitely worth the wait.

  • Karol Chmielewski

    Now that’s a heroic Crowning moment of awesome if I ever seen one pardon my TvTroopes 🙂 in other words great speech a truly epic one.

  • Lyleen

    “overstuffed fire monster” <3

    those pointed ears btw suited him very nice 😉

    • Kate G

      I loved the pointy ears.

  • Yeahhhhh this is what we’ve been waiting for! Go Kyle!

  • Chrissy Pirols

    Wow lovely done with his transformation back to the real hero he is. Love it!

  • Shadizar Silvermask

    Neat, that dialogue’s a lot like my comment earlier.

  • Daveo

    Oh gauwd I think I’m in LOVE!!! ❤❤

  • Pikinanou

    My guts telling me it might be too early, but I really want to applaud this speech 🙂

  • Rob Roy

    Not sure, but I think I’m in love with that guy…

  • Dennis Grace

    Drop the mic.

  • Terry

    No! he’s soliloquzing! That is always a sign that things are going to go badly. Just ask any villain ever.It’s why heroes don’t do it. They just smash the bad guys then drop a witty one-liner. Just drop him through the portal and say something like: “I’m over my daddy issues.” And then you go find someone your own age (who is probably going to be Duncan again, strangely enough) *Sigh* You still have so much to learn about being a hero…

    • Shjade

      It’s okay, it’s only a problem if you speak INSTEAD of acting.

      Speaking WHILE acting is totally fine. Just ask Spider-Man.

      • Trun Warren

        He isn’t Soliloquzing, he is doing the kicking ass speech. If he was just posing, or talking while doing nothing he would be leaving himself open. No, this is the ass kicking speech as the hero shows the difference between himself and the villian. The villian stands around and talks, the hero gets things done and talks. He writes a check he CAN cash.

    • Ruben

      Yes, smash fist, then do the speech on tv.

  • Jason Moon

    Well, he might at least die well.

  • I’m gonna miss his horns… His elbow- and kneeshards? Not so much!

    I’m pretty sure his flaming/whitehot eyes will come back♥

    • Wayne Lunkwitz

      Here’s a thought to mess with you…..What if……all these traits resurface when he is in “Flame On” mode?

      • Like accidental “Flame On” mode? Ouch‼

  • Vaira

    Whoa, his clothes are finally rugged a bit! Still white as a washing powder commercial, but at least the material gave in a bit.

  • maya chan

    so who want to vote on who Kyle will end up with in the end?
    since Kyle finally found his will power and will kick that demon back to hell, I just wonder what you guys in the comments think XD
    I be happy and like it if he come back to Duncan, since I”m sure he learn his leasson and his want to protect the world was in the end pure. has much he use a horrible ways, I can forgive him since he did try to help in the end when he was dying.
    but I have a feeling that Kyle also like Spooky, which I get why since he’s a very supportive and funny and fun to be around with guy!. but helf the story was more focused on Spooky and Amanda much more. well I guess that can change, and spooky will show much more romantic Interest in Kyle after this fight but Idk. not that I mind, since Spooky is an awesome guy! but the thing is that most of the story show much more development on DuncanXKyle. but then the king of demons said Kyle “love” spooky the most or something when he try to hurt him so….it very hard for me to decide this, since I love both Duncan and Spooky so much! but if I have to decide, I would want it to be Duncan, just to close all the corners with how we start with – Kyle and Duncan relationship. I know they just can say he just forget about him and move on to Spooky or that he’s dead and stuff but well, I be sad if they do that. but I won’t hate it or anything XD

    • Cipher

      I myself would prefer Spooky/Kyle, but I’m also rooting for Duncan/Kyle. *Shrugs*

  • TwoWayStar



  • D. G.

    Wow. Kyle has thoroughly exceeded my expectations. But he still needs help. Maybe Amanda or Tsu?

  • Jeff Baker

    Okay! Kick-ass Kyle!

  • davefragments

    Old Blue Eyes is Back
    (as some of us used to say, long, long ago)

    • Pietro7

      LOL! Thanks for the nostalgic reference, Dave.

  • Madock345

    Was hoping the ears at least would stick around… But that’s really just selfish personal interest. It’s a really powerful positive image to see Kyle fighting for his humanity back. I like where this is headed right now, which makes me not trust it.

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    Finally…..Kyle has his say…..I do think he can do more damage by controlling his temper…..anger might make a person seem more dangerous but in the end it just makes the whole thing more sloppy.

  • Stubbylegs

    Alright, alright son, I’ll put some damn pants on! No need to get your knickers in a twist….

  • John

    I guess… he’s not horny anymore?

    Sorry! I’m sorry! So sorry! I couldn’t NOT say it!

    • Pietro7

      Tysk, tysk, John, you shouldn’t tell lies. We all know you aren’t really sorry. 🙂 And neither are we, only jealous that you thought of it first. 😛

    • Daveo

      Oh THAT’ll come back !! 😉

  • Froya

    Something that only just occurred to me: Kyle is 18 now, he isn’t required to have the mask anymore. Why does he have it? O.o Habit?

    • It is currently part of his costume, it is all one piece, at least from what I have gathered it is all one piece.

      • NoiseShaper

        Doesn’t look like he’ll wear that same costume again, though…

    • He’s been 18 for about a day. A VERY busy day. I don’t think he’s had time to think about whether he’d still be wearing a mask or not 🙂

      • Froya

        Good point, haha 🙂

  • Derkins

    D’aww. This weirdly reminds me of the end of Little Nicky, which I strangely watched the other day….

    “Release the good!”

  • Laampros in the pages: You are my son, my pawn. You are hatred, rage and you are evil. You are a monster, made to destroy and rule the earth. You hurt people. It’s all your fault, now do my bidding.

    Kyle, last couple of pages: I call BULLSHIT! I’m not your evil pawn, I’m no monster, I’m not the reason to the destruction of the world!

    This, I’m reading while listening to the song Human by Rag’n’Bone Man.

    ~ But I’m only human after all, I’m only human after all.
    ~ Don’t put your blame on me.
    ~ Don’t put your blame on me.

    • Daveo

      Cool!!! 😉

    • Pietro7

      Turns out that there ain’t nothing ‘only’ about being Human.
      Yeah Kyle! Go go go!

    • HoneyThistle

      That song is my jam, and it fits so well here holy cheezeballs YAS.

  • Daveo

    Notice TOO how the barbs in his elbows and legs are receding? Awesome!! 🙂 The Phoenix 😉 ….

  • Curt Clark

    How To Grow Out Of A Rebellious Phase: Superhero Edition.

    I know people liked the demonic features on Kyle, but I respectfully submit that they weren’t really him. THIS is who he is, how he truly sees himself. And I just keep getting prouder and more overjoyed about it. 🙂

    • Klaus

      Or grow into.

  • Saxon_Brenton

    A small scene that occurred to me was that, if Red Hot didn’t return to human form, then when the military arrived to secure the area and help with the clean up, that there might be a brief moment of tense confusion as the soldiers weren’t sure whether Red was one of the heroes or one of the invading demons needing to be captured.
    “No Sarge. I’ve seen pictures of Red Hot, and he didn’t have pointy ears.”

  • Saxon_Brenton

    For your camping entertainment: hellsnake fanfic

    Shane And The Hellsnakes – 19th Bite
    (A Young Protectors occult sitcom fanfic. Inspired by the stories of AMW comics.)

    Previous episodes in this arc: (rest of urls at end)
    16th // || 17th // || 18th //

    PAGE 1 – Flaming Swords
    (1.1) Establishing shot of inside of gymnasium. Louie is looking about for who may have created the force field, but is somewhat distracted by the conversation last episode.
    Louie (thought bubble): “I wish people wouldn’t get so hung up about putting things into categories.”
    Louie (word balloon): “Hello, what’s this?
    (1.2) Medium shot of centre of gymnasium. The back of Louie’s head is in extreme foreground on left side of panel, as they look at an angel in the middle of panel.
    The angel is a winged humanoid figure, both beautiful and terrifying. It appears as a sexless human shape of light, and looks like a 2-D silhouette with occasional flashes of colour moving across it to confirm that it has a solid shape. The only things that don’t look like silhouettes of light are the wings, which are highly detailed with many feathers and many eyes. The angel is kneeling down and examining the floor of the gym, where there is a glowing crack.
    (1.3) Medium shot of the angel. A small number of the eyes on its wings see Louie, the rest are still focused on the floor. Distracted by its task, the angel forgets that it is supposed to be alone in the gym, and gives the traditional if stereotypical greeting.
    Angel: “?”
    Angel: “Be thou not afraid…”
    (1.4) Medium shot of the angel and Louie. The angel remembers that it is supposed to be alone in the gym, stands up and pulls a flaming sword on Louie.
    Angel: “Who are you and how did you get into here?”
    Louie (scared, with a sweat bead on head): “I’m a friend who wants to help! And I got in because I’m spiritually non-binary!”

    PAGE 2 – What’s the problem this time?
    (2.1) Medium shot in gymnasium with Louie and the angel. The angel lowers its flaming sword slightly in bafflement.
    Angel: “!?”
    Louie: “Look, the phrasing of your magical ward left a loophole, okay. But that’s not important…”
    (2.2) Medium shot of Louie and the angel. Louie is looking pointedly at the crack in the floor.
    Louie: “That’s an inter-dimensional rift, isn’t it?
    Angle: “What do you know of such things?”
    (2.3) Medium shot of Louie, who has moved closer to examine the crack.
    Louie: “Enough to know they’re dangerous. Several months ago I checked around the city for any that might be sitting around, like time bombs. I know there wasn’t any rift here then, even an inactive one.”
    (2.4) Medium shot of Louie and the angel. Louie looks over their ‘shoulder’ at the angel.
    Louie: “So this is new. Is this normal wear and tear on the fabric of the universe? Or has it been pushed through from the other side as another invasion attempt?”

    1st // || 2nd // || 3rd //
    4th // || 5th // || 6th //
    7th // || 8th // || 9th //
    10th // || 11th // || 12th //
    13th // || 14th // || 15th //
    16th // || 17th // || 18th //

  • It’s so nice to see those pretty blues, Kyle!!

    • I was so afraid those gorgeous eyes were never coming back.

  • *batteries not included makes me cry every time.

  • Pietro7

    I brought macadamia-nut-oatmeal-raisin cookies tonight to eat while reading hellsnake fanfic. Double Yummy!

    • davefragments

      I just realized that I haven’t had macadamia nuts in anything in two decades. I’ll take two.

  • davefragments

    I have this friend whose girlfriend was talking to her hairdresser and she has this cousin, Sophie, who I knew form long ago, first girl I fondled, brings back memories, and her bother who now works as a gardner, well he wasn’t always a gardner but that’s the wrong detail. It seems he went to trim a tree one day and wanted to take a shirtless selfie. So he stuck his cellphone out, snapped his sweaty bod and snapped the branch too. When he woke up, he was in a garden where low and behold, there was this big drawing table in the yard, it had Page 47 — And he says today is Boom day… big explosions day… red, white and blue explosions day…

  • davefragments

    Patreon Rumbles

  • Morning from here 🙂

  • davefragments
  • Justin White

    GO, KYLE!