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  • O.o

  • stickfigurefairytales


    • Klaus

      Yes, unfortunately.

  • Cydney Sabin

    Random thought: with teeth like that, wouldn’t it hurt if Laampros bit his tongue?

    • Sapfo

      Dont matter how sharp they are: IT REALLY HURTS TO BIT ONCE TONGUE! ;_;

  • Saxon_Brenton

    So are we going to see Red Hot miss the spikes (because the viewing angle is deceptive, or somesuch), or is he going to discover he can convert his body into flame? Any other handwaves?

    • timemonkey

      His body might be tougher or have a healing factor now. He’s had a significant power boost and undergone some serious mutation since we last checked his powers.

      • Saxon_Brenton

        That’s a good point. Are we sure that his internal organs are even in the same place anymore?

        • Klaus

          Let’s hope they stay on the inside.

    • Samurai Jack

      Yes. The “Goku vs. Frieza” gambit…

    • Klaus

      The spike melt at his touch.

  • davefragments

    Like some mutant phoenix, will he rise from the ashes of hellfire?

  • HermeticallySealed

    I’d imagine all this bad luck must have charged Fluke up to some degree?

    • stickfigurefairytales

      We can only hope.

  • Zephyr10101

    (๑و•̀ω•́)و gimme his address I just wanna talk

    • syllibub

      *furiously @’s Laampros* TURN ON YOUR LOCATION

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Huh. Significant dialog differences for Laampros between the published page and the script. The gist of his gloating monolog remains the same, but the script for panel 1 particularly goes for personal threat to the Young Protectors: “So, as I crush you for your failure, I want you to picture the screams of each one of your friends — I promise they shall be tortured for DAYS before I end them — and know that, ultimately, you have pleased me.”

    Ends with the same “worthy only of hate” jibe, however.

  • Hans Niemand

    Round and round. So it goes. Head I win, tales you were born to lose.

    The truly powerful have no such need for sophistry. They decide and they do.

  • Mir

    no no no noooo

  • Jeldenil

    Ah. So Kyle is a ‘use once’ son. Laampros, exactly how many sons do you have roaming around?

  • Emily Red

    I think our Duncan will catch hi before lover boy gets to the spikes, anyone agree he will show up soon???

    • Caraway Carter

      I hope so. Redemption?

    • Klaus


    • He’s at least temporarily lost his superpowers, so there’s a limit to what he can do. However, I do wonder if Laampros knows that Duncan’s decided that Laampros is in fact the greater of two evils and the best way to protect Earth is to help the Young Protectors.

  • Jeff Baker


  • Sunseahl Silverfall

    Next page: “Oh hey look! the government finally arrived… WITH ALL THOSE OTHER SUPERHEROES FROM THEIR SUPER SECRET WORLD MEETING THING!”

    • Klaus

      That is not how those things work. The cavalry does not do the heroes’ work for them. First the heroes stop whatever dastardly deed needs stopping. Then, whn the town is saved or whatever, but the heroes themselves seem certain to perish, the cavalry comes and saves them.

      • timemonkey

        Alternately, they show up while the heroes are overwhelmed, thus allowing the heroes to focus on the big bad. But it’s a bit too late for that one.

      • Sunseahl Silverfall

        As this comic has made rather predominant… Most of the typical comic tropes don’t /always/ apply to it.

        • Klaus

          That is certainly true. But this particular one is, I think, a safe bet. It would be very anticlimatic if all the efforts and the suffering of the heroes proved to have been unneccesary.

          • Sunseahl Silverfall

            Remember what Amanda said way back at the start of this? They, TYP, are not equipped to handle something like this… They’re just the only ones available at the moment. The whole plan was to try and hold off/Delay Sircea /till/ the government arrived, not end the thing itself, themselves.

            Then we found out about the civis and things changed to “save them.” well… for the moment they are somewhat safe with the government still on its way like originally planned.

  • Juliette Leroux

    Okay, this is bad. Even if the cavalry finaly comes (any form of it really – army, Duncan, Sircea, the adult super heroes…) I can’t see how he’ll escape these awful spikes. Gnnn…

  • Chris Night

    Looks like Kyle is done for…
    Oh well, hakuna matata.

  • TwilightDreamer

    NOOO!! D:

  • Hamish C

    I do recall that Spooky is still floating around and not supine like the rest of the Young Protectors, as Laampros let him go a page or three back. If he can find a way out of his bloated-soul-catcher transformation, maybe he can do something? There is also the small possibility Duncan may choose this moment to re-enter the picture in some kind of dramatic fashion, though that seems like a long shot at best. Sooooooooo … I’d hardly write off Kyle’s chances *just* yet.

  • Klaus

    Answer to Alex: clearly you have not missed anything. You are the author. You know what is going to happen. If you say so, that is how it is going to be.

  • Klaus

    Laampros is driven only by hate. So much for PP’s assurance that his tastes are hardly bestial and a few years of his rule would leave most of the people of the earth alive.

    • timemonkey

      Not really. If you hate something you tend to want it to suffer. It’s indifference you want to be worried about.

  • Mary Klemzak

    Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope.

    Nope times infinity. I don’t believe this is the end, for a second!

    Very funny. Ha ha.

    No, really.

    You wouldn’t do this to us, right, Alex? Right?!

    • Klaus

      Of course he wouldn’t. Kyle is a hero. Heroes don’t let the monsters win.

  • Klaus

    The readers must be really, really shocked. Four hoursm and still no comments on that shadow on Laampros’ right thigh.

  • purplefoxglove

    No, no, NO!!! Alex! You’ve got it all wrong! I’ve already had two wonderful news today – to make it a perfect proverbial three, Kyle should have kicked Laampros’ naked butt!

    I foresee a surprise jackknife on the next page, saving Kyle from the spikes. My money would be on Spooky, who finally let go of the souls to save his best friend; or Duncan, who has recovered from his previous hardships just in time to step in – Mitch looks like he is too much out of it, although speed-wise, he might just be able to pull it off. Heck, I would even go for a Cory ex machina at this point! O.o

    • Klaus

      Maybe one of Laampros’ blasts accidentially opened the glass box (glass walls does a prison make) and Spooky is even know “putting them back”.

      • purplefoxglove

        Yessssss…I like the way you think.

  • T Dibbler

    ….there is going to be a happy ending to this comic, right? Right?

    • Klaus

      I doubt it ends well for Laampros.

  • Klaus

    It is always darkest just before it gets pitch black.

  • Rob Roy

    If this ends badly for Kyle, I swear I will un-read this entire story.

    • D. G.


  • maya chan

    so I wonder, why Laampros is such a mean father? I mean, I”m sure he want to spend some time with his son and get to know him in a way, very bad way haha. how did he even do “that” with his mother anyway? he’s huge 0__0 it mast be painful has hell. then again, his father always naked so….XDDD okay, stop thinking about it.
    damn Kyle, talking about a rough father to deal with. but his transformation is so cool! when it all over, can he keep the horns? he look so awesome with them! no? damn it =.=

  • Pikinanou

    …It’s a Harry Potter Deadly hallows style of death, right? O_O

  • Danul Patterson

    Hate is merely a more focused form of asinince; it may pervail on deep dark depths of night, but, when all is said and done, come the blinding light of the dawn, it will find its resources have been depleted and will, at the penult, collapse from the weight of its own high ideas.

  • Daveo

    Still waiting for Kyle to get ridda this guy. 😉

  • Miwa

    Someone will save him? Anni? Anyone?
    And if Kyle dies, you’ll be so sooo sorry because I’m gonna… I’m… I’m gonna cry.
    Tough but fair.

  • Adam Black

    Has anyone heard from Chris lately ?

    • Pietro7

      No, and that’s been worrying me. I hope he’s okay.

    • AJ has been able to get a hold of him off and on, work seems to really be kicking his butt.

      • Saxon_Brenton

        Ah, comparatively good news. That had been niggling at me as well.

  • Skudplastr

    Planet Namek is going to explode in just 5 minutes you guys.

  • Vaira

    You know there is this whole military thing arriving soon, right? The Gay Protectors will be the only thing protecting Laampy form the assault strike from military. If the youngsters are dead, then it’s all-out against him. Heavy machine guns, grenades, fighter jets, you name it. And he got a bit more vunerable than before.

  • Some of Kyle’s bones grew too fast for the rest of his body?

  • Kit the Coyote

    And so they all died, tune in next week for our new series The Hunter and Killer Show!

    • Klaus

      Alternatively The Ghostly Protectors.

  • Gaz Hawkins

    erm… isn’t spooky still floating around with all those pissed off souls inside him. (hey, would you not be pissed off if that had happened to you?)
    I’m sure they can/will do something to help Kyle…or fight Laampros. after all, they just need to drive him back into the ring.

  • TheManBehindTheCurtain

    Considering the debris is mainly wood and maybe some metal scaffolding, Kyle should be able to melt/incinerate it easily before he hits it.

  • Jason Moon

    NO! You do NOT get to kill Wash/Kyle! Don’t you DARE! If Kyle starts saying “I am a leaf on the wind…” I WILL BE REALLY PISSED OFF!

  • Why isn’t Flyboy in the page cast? Is he dead already?
    Flyboy and Red Hot, that’s gonna be a bit much, ne?

    And don’t forget Spooky, who’s on the verge of bursting‼

    • Klaus

      Most be an oversight.

  • Earl Patterson

    Bet something unexpect saved by… someone that Kyle love or Ben (flyboy’s new boyfriend) just show up save the day or that gizzybear claw daddy for burn their fur

    • Klaus

      Somehow I don’t think it will be Hunter and Killer. But then again, with Alex you never know.

  • KatKaleen

    Spooky. Come on, snap out of it!

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    Kyle is the one who has to “snap out of it”……getting close to “Daddy” is no good….it’s just going to get him “burned”!

  • ClavisE

    If Kyle were an anime character, he would have realized what daddy just told him about his power of no limits and embrace it. He would have realized that he own the flame, he can make it hurt and he can make it soothing like a breeze. Take me back to those men in the Bible who can stand inside intensive fire and walk out as if it was nothing. But we’ll see if Kyle simply just give up or own his flame in the following pages.

    • Wayne Lunkwitz

      Didn’t Kyle already do that once? He did burn the man who “befriended” him …..and that guy was supposed to be “untouchable”.

      • ClavisE

        Sure, but his power supposed to be “without limit” and the only barrier of him being the Flamegod is his own mind and fear. He let daddy push him here.

        He did not own it, he simply use his daddy fire against him. In comparison to his real power potential, that was a joke.

        • timemonkey

          Kyle’s power has limits, that’s why he couldn’t just suck all the power out of his father, it would have killed him because it’s too much and his body can’t handle it.

          • ClavisE

            I’m just quoting daddy lol
            From what I think though, there is some barrier that prevent him from achieving his limitless potential. By crossing that barrier, I guess it would either cost him his human form (the transformation we’re seeing) or his humanity (implying from what Amanda’s description of what Laampros did to Kyle)

  • Kate G


    And somehow….I can’t find it in my heart to care at the moment because I’m entirely obsessed with April the Giraffe. *blinks* I’m sorry, Kyle, but, you see, my heart has been stolen my an expecting giraffe and, well, your plight is just gonna have to wait until the calf is born. Somehow, she has become way more interesting than your shindig with your daddy. XD

    So, sorry, but not sorry? *looks back at Youtube to see what April is doing* I’m sorry, what did you need, Kyle? A fire extinguisher? Uh, um……yea, the fire extinguisher is too far from my post at the computer.

  • come on annihilator, be fully healed up and go save kyle’s butt already!!!
    *bites fingernails*

  • D. G.

    If fluke is charged up, maybe Kyle will fall among the spikes and only suffer minor scrapes.

  • Froya

    It just occurred to me that Duncan fulfilled his part of the bargain with Laampros: he gave Laampros access to Earth, meaning he should have gotten what he wanted, namely perfect heath and eternal youth by now. So maybe he can come running in and save the day after all??? Assuming “perfect health” means he gets his powers back as part of getting healed.

    • timemonkey

      If Kyle can burn Duncan then his father sure as hell can.

      • Froya

        True. I was just thinking maybe he could cause some sort of distraction that might help Kyle gain the upper hand, seeing how everyone else is (seemingly) incapacitated.

      • Klaus

        But can Kyle burn Duncan here on earth? Being in Hell weakens Duncan (according to Laampros), and given that Kyle’s powers are powers from Hell, he may also be stronger there.

        • Froya

          I think you’re right, unless Kyle (and Duncan, for that matter) has been changed so much by now that it doesn’t make a difference anymore.

    • Shadizar Silvermask

      I imagine it depends on WHEN he gets his part of the bargain, it could be that he and his partner can’t get part fulfilled until Kyle’s father can officially give them their boons.

    • maya chan

      god I hope so! XD that would be perfect

      • Froya

        I know, right?? Or one of the other YP could come to the rescue, or the military, OR, hell, the Platinum Priestess could break through Spooky’s barrier and do SOMETHING or other haha. There are so many crazy, plot-twisty possible outcomes that I can’t decide which one is more believeable xD

  • mmmk Laampros… whatcha’ think you’re doin’? It would be nice… if you could.. y’know.. not… do that…


    • Guess we are having cake at the camping tonight?

      • BTW, is birthday ok for a comic? Shouldn’t I have said/written anniversary?

      • Is that an assignment?

    • Thank you, b3nc0! Thank you, and to all of you, for your awesome support and enthusiasm for the work. It means the world to me, Adam, and Vero!

      (And “birthday” is a fine term for our anniversary, my friend!)

      • William Clapie

        too cool. Congratulations Alex W.

    • 5 years already? Wow, they flew by fast.

      • Does that mean that we are 5 years older too?

        Don’t feel like we are ~_0

  • davefragments

    I made it to camping…
    Where I live (south of Pittsburgh PA, there was no snow because the storm moved closer to the Atlantic coast. “Northeasters” as this storm is called, only dump snow inland when they are offshore because they can suck the moisture out of the ocean. I didn’t get 3 to 5 inches of snow. (7..5cm to 13cm)…

    And to day is PI day — happy 3.1415926
    Tomorrow is The Ides, so Caesar beware

    • Doki is going to miss camping because she is going to pass out soon. She does have some carrot cake to share, so she is just going to put it on a table for people. ^_^

      • davefragments

        Thanks Carrot Cake is always fun.
        And have a good rest.

  • davefragments

    BTW — I have a new coffee pot that takes photos of Weddings and Bar Mitzvahs

  • davefragments

    Patreon is rumbling…

  • davefragments
  • Declan

    Rin okumura?, where?