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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter 5—Page 18

157 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter 5—Page 18


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So! Looks like Laampros has discovered something extra special about Spooky. Unfortunately, it also seems to make the Demon King want to kill our warm-hearted mage even more. Is this the end for Spooky and the souls he is currently protecting?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there!

And MERRY CHRISTMAS/HAPPY HANUKKAH, y’all! I hope each of you has a great holiday! 😀



  • Squishy


    • Squishy

      *forms protective circle around Spooky*

      • stickfigurefairytales

        *joins your protective circle* Also, congratulations!

        • Squishy

          Thanks! My first first 🙂 (double virgin? Or maybe extra virgin… like olive oil)

          • Congratz in taking a virginity, and losing your virgin-hunting virginity 😉

          • Only one V per page. ^_^ However the state of the V is up to the one who claims it.

  • davefragments

    I think Spooky’s secret is about to be revealed.
    Having feelings towards a teammate is one thing but Spooky has a deeper, darker secret. What has Spooky done that is “Abomination” in Lammpros’ eyes?

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I think it sounds like it’s more along the lines of what Spooky is rather than what he’s done. My best guess is that it has something to do with Spooky’s ability to use both demonic and Enochian magics, not to mention his sojurn in hell and the fact that he’s the only magic user who hasn’t gone insane.

      • davefragments

        It might be the souls that he sucked up to protect.
        Or it might be as well suspected for a while now – there’s a friendly demon inside him.

        • Pietro7

          I think your second theory is spot-on. I guess we know where Anando has been hiding! 🙂

  • Ethan

    Don’t do it! You better stop!

  • Mariona

    This danger to Spooky might actually snap Kyle out of it.
    Also kinda curious about the whole abomination thing.

  • Zephyr10101

    You leave him the fugg alone

  • stickfigurefairytales


  • Ack! I’m late again. I’ve been so busy with last minute Christmas crochet time slips away.

    Noooo! Spoooooky! Kyle get it together.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I was late too, AJ. Christmas is a busy time!

    • Kate G

      What is this? Admiral Jane crochets? *gasps* An equestrian and a crocheter? Why do you not live near me?! I need you in my real people life!

      I was busy today wrapping. I feel like I have a million paper cuts. Thine evil thin wrapping paper!

      Perhaps if we tricked Lampy by wrapping up Spooky in festive wrapping paper?

      • Juliette Leroux

        OK, now I want to see Spooky in the nude with just a little bit of wrapping paper strategically placed.

        • Madock345

          Just a little bit!?

          [offended spooky]

          • Juliette Leroux

            Hahaha! Well, maybe a lot of wrapping paper and a big bow.

          • Spooky I’m certain would wear just the big bow. 😀

      • I’ve been crocheting for about two and a half years now. 🙂 Yarn is such an addiction. I keep crocheting hats when I really kinda dislike doing the hats. I never know if I’ve made it too big or too small. So many size heads.

        Wrapping paper is evil.

        • Kate G

          Yarn is an addiction. All of sudden you go into a store and say, “Oooooo, pretty yarn.”

          I never understood why they make hats a “beginner” crochet project. I only made my cousin one for graduation and I about pitched the yarn across my room and I’ve been crocheting for about ten years.

          See, I don’t mind wrapping paper. I actually like wrapping. It’s CHEAP wrapping paper. That really thin, won’t cut for shit, won’t cooperate you when you try to wrap it, rips for no reason paper. Yes, I have paid $10 for wrapping paper. It was glorious paper; it has dogs all over it. I, in fact, didn’t have any paper cuts until I had to use the paper my mom bought. Cheap ass paper. Beware the cheap ass paper.

          • Oooh, cheap-ass paper is the worst of the worst. I will agree with that whole heartedly.

            Hats are just, arg! I always end up frogging them several times because the count gets screwed up or I made it too big or too small. Then to decide which yarn and which hook. And there are so many patterns. Start with 8/9/12 stitches, do half-double…no do double and… But they works as gifts for my brothers and my dad so well. And then there are the novelty hats and the regular hats and do I make this longer so I can fold it up, but then I have to make it bigger because it’ll squeeze their head. ARG!!!

          • Kate G

            Scarves. Scarves is where it’s at. I’ve done multiple scarves.

            I crocheted a baby blanket for my nephew and I’ve done three huge blankets. One for my dad, one of two godmothers and my mom. I find blankets to be the most painful and maddening.

            *has been working for three hours* “Is it done yet? Is it done yet?” *hold it up* *is only the size of handkerchief* “Grrrrr.”
            *three months later*
            “Is it done yet? Is it done yet?” *size of a small rug* *insert extremely colorful language* *jump on project in frustration*

            Those blankets take me like seven-nine months to make.

          • Yeah scarves are pretty simple and quick…depending.

            I don’t mind afghans too much, I like the repetitiveness of it but they do take a bit of time and if you’ve changed colors or have been cursed with small skeins… Weaving in the ends is pure evil!! I had to take a break after making a throw for my aunt, that one… The rounds got so big and if I messed up on the previous round I had to frog it back because the previous round set up for the next round and ARRRRRGGGG!!!!!!

          • Curt Clark

            My boyfriend made me a scarf two christmases ago. It’s blue and gold (my favorite colors) with white and black edges. I still wear it out and get tons of compliments. 🙂

  • Something different. So my (our?) suspicions are confirmed. There’s something special about Spooky, but what?

    I’m focusing on this detail to prevent from focusing on the danger Spooky is in.

    An abomination? His power base is magic, and we have seen that he controls both Enochian and demonic magic. Is he a descendant of both something angelic and demonic in origin powers? Spooky is young, but I have wondered if he’s in the same almost ‘godly’ group as Sircea. Someone who will live for a looong time, also since he can self-heal.

    Was he never supposed to have been born, to still live, or is it something else inside of him? Hope we’re about to find out.

    (I wonder a little about his connection with Aanado. Without giving spoilers, it’s something I’ve wondered about since reading one of Alex’ prose short stories on Patreon)

  • …..well, Laampros, you crossed a line. No one calls Spooky an abomination!

    Though, what in Laampros’s world would qualify as an abomination?

    • Skudplastr

      Love. Happiness. Respect for boundaries. Not burninating all the everything….

      • I think those might qualify more as curiosities.

        • Skudplastr

          Okay, fair enough. I guess I’m just looking for ways to further… DEMONIZE him!!! *badum-tsssss*

  • SchalaRenee

    Wow. Laampros almost seems scared, which means Spooky really must be the badass demon hunter people think he is. Or he himself has demon blood somewhere along the lines. Maybe he’s half demon and Laampros thinks that’s awful. Which would mean Kyle is a true demon. It seems like it would be a demon’s nature to hate half demons. Or maybe…Spooky is something from the OTHER place…a half-angel or something, which would make Laampros hate him even more.

    • Curt Clark

      Spooky might just be a normal human (nifty spells notiwthstanding), but we’ve seen him mix demonic and angelic (Enochian) magic before, trying to break open Sircea’s diamond cube.

      My theory is that THAT’S why Laampros thinks he’s an abomination; most people can only draw on one or the other side of their innate natures, but Spooky’s been through Hell so he learned demon magic, and he’s still a good enough person that he can call on the “higher” powers, and he’s skilled enough to do both at the same time,

      In short: Spooky is a balance point between good and evil magic, while still coming down hard on the good side morality-wise. Laampros is scared of him.

  • jreed3842

    These past few pages have had me a nervous wreck!!!
    I need a new page right now!!

    I am interested, though, that Laampros thinks Spooky is dangerous…. Like… Is Laampy afraid of what Spooky can do to him and his army?

  • Skudplastr

    Hmm. It seems Laampros is a shotgun daddy.

  • davefragments

    The mythology around “demons coming to earth” books and movies is that there are three powers that are considered reserved to the Gods.
    From least to greatest:
    The third power is to take over another’s body.
    The second power is to telepathy and telekinesis.
    The first power is that of life and death.

    Perhaps Spooky has somehow achieved the First Power?

  • David Welbourn

    Oh dear. Laampros is actually scared of Spooky for some reason, and I have no idea why. And although I expect Spooky to be saved somehow from being killed by Laampros, I don’t even have a reasonable guess how that’s going to happen. But I have to try to guess anyway.

    Hm. Spooky seems to want to say something to Kyle. Let’s assume Spooky says just a bit more and Kyle hears what he says. Whatever is said will suggest (somehow) some course of action for Kyle to act on. Except what is Kyle’s action set? What actions does he have at this moment besides spew fire, absorb fire, plead verbally, stab with with his new talons, or run away?

    Spewing fire seems pointless against Laampros himself, and I don’t see a better target. Pleading seems to have already gone as tar as it can. Stabbing might buy a little time for someone else to act, perhaps. Running away will not help.

    So, I think absorbing fire is somehow the way to go. Except Laampros warned Kyle that would be deadly to Kyle. Hmmm. Maybe, *maybe*, if Kyle tried to absorb Laampros’s fire, Laampros might seen that as a suicide attempt and try to prevent that by retreating? Hmm, that seems like an awful longshot.

    Or maybe Spooky can say some sort of spell to turn Kyle into a vessel that can hold Laampros’s essence safely? Kyle could become a living genie bottle, absorbing Laampros in the same way that Spooky is currently holding those other souls. Again, a bit of a longshot, but it seems this is the most plausible solution I can think of. Well, short term solution, anyway. It would mostly exchange one problem for another. But I can’t think of anything better.

    Sorry, Spooky. If, instead, Laampros kills you, maybe you can use the magic of comic books to return to us some other way. Maybe you’re not the real Spooky but a Skrull impostor and the real Spooky has been trapped in Hell all this time, eh?

  • bronakopdin

    being hard into the Dragon Age series… to call Spooky an “abomination”!!!!!
    I'll never allow this!!!
    And don't you dare try and hurt Spooky in any way DDDD:

    • Curt Clark

      That…only just now occured to me. By Dragon Age standards, it’s technically Kyle who’s going ‘abomination’.

      • bronakopdin

        so true sadly ;______;
        in a way he is a little like Anders… willingly taking sth in with actually having only honest and good thoughts about it… let’s hope it won’t ruin him in the end >/////////////////<

  • Jeldenil

    Laampros seriously needs some parenting lessons. Doesn’t he know aything about teenagers? Kyle will hate you for this, Laampy.

    • Madock345

      Pretty sure Laampros is pro-hate.

  • camelotcrusade

    If you can’t date an abomination when your dad is a prince of hell, when can you date one? Parents are impossible everywhere, it seems.

    • Toli Bera

      As long as you’re living under his roof you live by his rules.

      • Jason Moon

        Until now, Kyle has been living ABOVE his roof.

        • Toli Bera

          above and to the left.

  • Sapfo

    Happy holidays everyone!

    • davefragments

      Happy Holidays

    • Happy Holidays!

    • Songbird

      Woo! Assorted merriment!

    • Juliette Leroux

      Happy Holiday dear people of the comment section! Have a good one!

    • purplefoxglove

      Happy Holidays ^_^

  • Songbird

    You know…I actually think Laampros is being genuine. I think he really means everything he’s said and is legitimately looking out for his child. I don’t think he’s even trying to manipulate Kyle here. Everything he’s said has been distasteful but… Accurate. Furthermore I doubt he needs Kyle for anything, and he’s even willing to spare his friends, like, I’m a little concerned that I think so highly of who should be an obvious Big Bad here.

    I wish Sircea was here ;_; (maybe the YP do too.)

  • Sunseahl Silverfall

    How will our heroes escape this one? Enter Fluke’s right on time reversal of fortune.

  • fujoshifanatic

    Happy Holidays everyone! I don’t find it really surprising that a demon would find a human who can summon, control and kill demons and survived a year in Hell to be an abomination. And like another poster said, since Kyle is half-demon, he is accurately stating that Spooky would be a danger to Kyle should they ever end up on opposite sides of the hero/villain divide. Ah, Fluke, we could use your help right about now here; Spooky can tend to your arm later–just do your luck mojo, please?

    • davefragments

      I hope you holidays are wonderful

    • Happy Holidays!

  • TwilightDreamer

    Yes, curious now…but still!!
    And Gah!! Return of the demon booty! DX
    Merry Christmas for tomorrow everyone! 😀

    • Merry Christmas!

      • TwilightDreamer

        sorry it’s a bit late, but Merry Christmas!! 😀

  • Shiny Gwilly

    ok demon daddy, NOW you’re crossing a line
    i hope Kyle or one of the others will be able to do something!!
    though it is interesting….is it about something he is? something he can do? a bit of both?
    also happy holidays everyone!

    • karmakat

      a lil bit of A, some sprinkles of B, add some zest of G to M and see what it mixes up to i would say lol.

    • Happy Holidays!

  • Hours Left

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

  • Cman65

    Just how bad is Spooky is Big Red thinks this?????

  • karmakat

    so he wants to burst spooky open like a pinata?

  • Still actively explaining the facts of demon life to his son, rather than just doing whatever he wants regardless of Kyle’s feelings. Kyle is definitely important enough to him to be persuaded rather than forced to do whatever it is Laampros wants from him.

  • Juliette Leroux

    OK, so first: NO Lamproos, don’t even think about it. No dead Spooky for Christmas; that’ a loosy gift. Plus you will make your son VERY angry and I’m not sure you want to see that. Also, Spooky my friend, now is the time to do something.

    • Squishy

      Kyle: you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.

  • Michael

    I only see one abomination, and he ain’t wearing no trenchcoat and backwards cap.

    Merry Christmas everyone, Santa takes flight one hour from now!

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Another dramatic plot twist: What is it about Spooky that freaks out a demon lord? Uhm. Well, even if we stick to things that we already know about Spooky (either from his backhistory, or from the absorbing souls stunt he’s pulled within the last ten minutes) there are simply too many for me to guess from. We’ll have to wait and see.

    What I find interesting is the implication that Laampros hasn’t been using ‘parasite’ as a general insult. Possibly ‘abomination’, either. From context these seem to be descriptions/labels with precise (and apparently mutually exclusive) meanings. Which we, of course, have no idea about. Again, we’ll have to wait and see what this portends.

    One bit of psychoanalysis of Laampros: Even when he’s apparently on the back foot for the first time after discovering that Spooky is an abomination (whatever that means) he’s still expositing. I mean, a more impulsive villain would have vaporised Spooky straight off, and then if he needed to justify himself started doing the talking afterwards. Up until now I thought he was giving portentious speechification because he was trying to win Red Hot over with a “Join me in the Dark Side” presentation. Now it seems that he just talks like that all the time. I find myself wondering if he’s the type of big bad who talks to himself simply because he feels the need to monolog.

    The art is lovely. The first thing that caught my attention was the colour balance between the red and green glows of Laampros and Spooky, but then I started grooving to other little details, such as the way there are shadows on the front of Laampros’ horns cast by his burning ‘hairdo’.

  • Madock345

    Oh no.

    Kyle’s going to absorb that concentrated, abomination-destroying fireball and it’s going to be too much for him and something terrible is going to happen D:

    Or spooky will have to let the souls out and we will have a very sad Spooky, which I cannot handle

    Or something else will happen that will not kill me. plz.

  • Nate

    Question… what would qualify as “abomination” to a King of Hell? Something worse? Or something BETTER?

    And does it have anything to do with the fact that Spooky is one of only two magic-users not to go insane?

    (I do like the possessed-by-Anando theory, but I don’t think that would piss Laampy off)

    • Stephen Hutchison

      Who’s the other? If you’re thinking Platinum Psychopath, I think her crazy cruise started many thousands of years ago. Meanwhile, Spooky was out of town (in Hell) wasn’t he? I mean when PP allegedly tried to fix things?

      • Nate

        I don’t actually know. If memory serves it was mentioned in an early comic. Gimme a few to dig it up.

      • Nate

        I guess it is these strips, but the details are a bit vague:

        I don’t think PP was behind the Grey Working, though.

        • Stephen Hutchison

          Hm, it suggests that she wasn’t — OR that she wanted Duncan to believe that she wasn’t. I still suspect that Spooky was in hell when it happened, but other than that, she’s too many thousands of years old, I think she’s been crazy since around the first epoch.

  • David Welbourn

    Okay, new theory. This is Laampros’s idea of a “dad joke” and he’s going to double over laughing soon.

  • Tristan Black Wolf

    To quote a famous rabbit: “Of course you realize this means war.”

  • Toli Bera

    Looks like Lampy’s a little…. Spooked.

    • Geneva150


  • lollerilol

    aand here it is, something dangerous to the god of hell or whatever, deus ex machina in its prime, next were gonna see spooky pull off some hail mary and everything goes back to beeing all spiffy and sparkly, typical western comics.

    • Juliette Leroux

      Well Spooky is a demon hunter who got powers while fighting for his life in Hell so this could be just that and hardly a surprise. I would say, maybe wait for the actual revelation to occur before criticizing? Plus, I think deus ex machina is not really confined to western culture. It’s a common tool for lazy writers all over the world 🙂

    • HermeticallySealed

      Because deus ex machina are NEVER used in eastern comics. No, never . . . .

      • Abyssdoor

        eastern, western, northern, southern and even the bottom of the sea 🙂

  • Dennis Grace

    Dad just fucked up. Dissing Spooky is not the way to get control of Kyle—quite the contrary.

  • Mann Ramblings


  • SleepingDragon

    Well, pretty sure this is going to make Kyle snap out of it. And probably give everyone the idea that Spooky is the key to dealing with Laampy. Also makes me somewhat curious if this is just about the things we already know about Spooks or if there’s another reveal coming up.

  • davefragments

    As I type, the world turns and Sydney Australia and Tokyo Japan have just wrung in Christmas Day. The march of time follows the path of the sun each day.
    Have a Happy Holiday. Greet Friends with a smile and good cheer. Say nice things of love to family and friends. Be happy. This is the day made by practice and lore to be one of peace and joy. Make it so.

  • HermeticallySealed

    I think “abomination” in this instance is meaning something that shouldn’t exist, an aberrancy . Perhaps something tied into Spooky’s nature that caused him to slip into the otherworld is also tied into why we didn’t go mad. What ever the aberrant nature is, maybe is also anathema to Laampros?

  • Foelhe

    So, I guess I’m the only one that went straight to, “Guess Laampros senses Spooky’s connection to the demon boy”? Though it could also be some special quality Spooky has that sent him to Hell in the first place. We don’t know much, so a lot of possibilities in the table.

    Weird plus though, now we can be pretty sure Laampros was genuinely trying to make nice with his son, not just manipulating him. Or, alternatively, Laampros is astonishingly terrible at manipulation.

  • I… I’m sort of rooting for Laampros. He’s a caring father. It’s terrible, but I’m honestly sort of hoping the team loses and we get to see Kyle ruling the world alongside his dad. Like I’d be happy if the good guys win too! But I REALLY like Laampros. lol

    • Curt Clark

      I kind of come down hard against anything that wants my favorite characters dead. >.> It’s a thing.

  • Squishy

    I looked up some of Ren Tu’s other work and aside from being a wonderful artist in general I also friggn’ love the way she draws female characters. She is one of the few artists that can straddle the line between a really sexy character and expessing personality and attitude. They look like badass characters just being their badass selves and not like they are posing for the cover of playboy. It’s not gratuitous T&A it’s a sexy that comes off as empowering rather then objectifying.

  • Abyssdoor

    and the big bad unstoppable demon lord is afraid of something.

    • Samurai Jack

      Afraid? Or offended?

      I speculated there was something odd about Spooky last week. It almost sounds like Spooky is the demon equivalent of the Nephilim or something. But yeah, he’s likely going to push Kyle a bit too far with this one. Good.

  • Curt Clark

    Yeah, no. And not just ’cause Spooky’s my favorite and I love him and HE MUST LIVE, FRAK IT.

    You just learned Kyle loves this guy, Magic-Lamp, why the hell (no pun intended) would you kill him and risk your son’s fiery vengeance?

    I mean, I get that the rest of the team don’t amount to much in Lamp Daddy’s eyes, but Kyle’s his kid, which means he HAS to have the potential to at least tap into SOME of his power. We’ve seen it. So why piss him off?

    *singsong* Someone hasn’t been reading their Evil Overlord Liiiiiist~!

    Anyway, plot-related ZOMGNOPES aside, I hope each and every one of you has a happy holiday, whatever you do or don’t celebrate. 🙂

  • Jason Moon

    I can see Laampros showing up drunk with a potbelly and a comb-over years from now, holding a six-pack of beer and wearing a T-shirt that says “No Fat Chinks”(A take on “No Fat Chicks”)

    (As an aside, I was originally going to write ‘…a T-Shirt that says “No Fat Chicks” with the Chicks crossed out and “Guys” written in it’s place.’ but my finger hit the ‘N’ key by mistake when I was writing “Chicks” and I realized that the new sentiment was even MORE VILE. Your Mileage May Vary on that viewpoint: .Funny how happenstance can improve things, eh? Anyway, I’m done being needlessly self-congratulatory)

    • Squishy

      *golf claps* Most vile indeed. Now I’m trying to imagine a fire hair comb-over.

  • I wanna wish everyone happy holidays.

    I just returned home from x-mas eve with my near family. Full of food, some nice presents and had a lovely time. Tomorrow is the anual tradition of more family to meet for a long lunch. Love this as much as x-mas eve.

    • Happy Holidays Danish!

    • Saxon_Brenton

      And glad tidings be upon your season as well.

    • davefragments

      Merry Christmas

    • Juliette Leroux

      Merry Christmas Danishwolf!

  • Pinkfeiry

    demon dad does not approve i see

  • Angel Rosemond

    Soooooooooooooo, NOTP?

  • Airboy Obsessed

    Nah brah. You done did it now, Pops. Kyle is going to FLIP HIS SHIT.

  • Ach !!
    “I’ve just come to realize I am fifty-shades darker than this pot I am taking the piss on!
    “:: wrings wrists wruefully ::”

  • Squishy

    So this has been playing in my head today:
    You’re a mean on, Mr Demon
    You really are a heel
    You’re a cuddly as a cactus
    You’re as charming an eel
    Mr Laaamp-ros
    You’re a bad banana with a geesy black peel

  • Derek Fallows

    Ach! Spooky, run! It’s the Laampros!

  • Madock345

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  • Out of context:
    “No, no Kyle, you can’t keep this pet! It’s dangerous!”
    “But daddy, I love him!” XD

  • D. G.

    I’m sending good juju to Spooky. He is a very interesting character. I hope Alex reveals something new about him. I wonder wat he ate while he was in Hell. Did he kill demons then eat them? Is that why Laampros calls him an abomination? I’m so curious and intrigued.

  • purplefoxglove

    Happy Holidays to Alex, Adam, Vero and the Woolfpack! 🙂

    • Thank you, purplefoxglove! I hope you had a very happy holiday too! 🙂

  • Happy Holidays to the amazing Alex, wonderful Adam, and fantastic Vero!

    Happy Holidays to everyone!

    • Pietro7


    • Thank you, Doki! I hope you had a wonderful holiday as well! 🙂

  • John

    I can see Kyle inherited his fathers ass…

  • SchalaRenee

    I read this again (the entire comic) and I’m leaning toward Spooky being a Nephilim or some other type of angelic or heavenly being. Perhaps even a combination of demon and angel blood, somewhere, which would make Laampros disgusted indeed. After all, Spooky can SPEAK ENOCHIAN, the angelic language. That’s a pretty big hint. His being able to speak demonic…well, he spent ages in Hell. Where did he learn Enochian? I think from his angelic parent. He just forget him/her when he lost his memories in Hell. Another reason why he was the “shiniest toy” those monsters had seen. None of them had seen an angelic being in Hell, ever! It makes so much sense!

    • Where I lean towards too, as I mentioned somewhere below. The fact that Spooky, when he was really pushed/stressed, was able to adjust the power scale between his Enochian and demonic magic… that takes powers. Also that fact he’s using/have both sides of the magic.

    • Nate

      There are actually websites for Enochian….

  • Ruben

    Dat tushi

  • davefragments

    Hi Campers,
    How was your Christmas?
    Mine was exactly what I asked for – a dinner with family and friends.

    • Squishy

      Sounds nice! That was pretty much my Christmas too. And Pokémon hunting.

      • Squishy

        Oh! And we lost hot water because a pipe broke… that was a bit exciting.

        • davefragments

          Pipe breaks are no fun

    • Anti-climatic

      • davefragments

        Well that was my Thanksgiving but Christmas Day was at my Niece’s place and she invited one of her friends over. So that had an entirely different vibe to it.

        • My little brother and SIL came yesterday which was nice. But xmas itself, meh.

          Of course today I remembered I was going to start formatting the next volume of book for kindle and smashwords and eventually for print after xmas. Sigh. I hate this part.

          • davefragments

            On the book …
            My first “audit” as lead auditor left me with 300 questionnaires (11 pages) in two piles in my office. I started with #1 and ended a day later. What can I say but start at the beginning and it will end before you know it?

          • Well the formatting for kindle and smashwords is nearly identical so save as works pretty good for that. But yeah just start at the beginning is the best way. Though I did save my previous formatting as a template so that helps. Just need to change the font and a way I go. Still with there being 37 chapters and 100k+ words. -__-

          • davefragments

            When I finished editing my first anthology, I had seven draft copies from Amazon. All with tiny yellow sticky things inside to indicate corrections. It’s a siege.
            Remember, I’m an engineer by profession and I’ve dealt with thousands of numbers to correlate on paper without computers.

          • The KDP now has a set up for doing print along with kindle. For several of my books I already have the print set up for that I just used what I already had. So nothing that extra except fixing the size of the cover.

          • davefragments

            I used CreateSpace. I haven’t used Lulu.
            My problem is that I never stop editing. At some point, I have to forcibly stop myself and declare it finished.

          • It is hard to stop editing. It’s too easy to change this sentence or that bit of punctuation or anything.

            I started with Lulu since Create Space wasn’t around at the time. I was going to start putting some of my books up with Create Space but I lagged and then not too long ago I noticed that KDP was setting up for print, so I just did that since I was already doing the kindle. Smashwords is set up so that it will put my book up in the apple store and at barnes and noble and all the other including Amazon, but I was already doing kindle at that point so I just opt out of amazon.

          • davefragments

            I have to get back to writing short stories. I’ve been “off” for too long because, just because. There isn’t a good reason why I haven’t. I had to work through some things.

          • I understand that. It’s been a bit of a struggle for me this year writing. I managed to finish this latest, but still was a struggle, especially trying to write what come next. I’ve been doing everything but writing, so many things seem more interesting. I have to make myself do something even if it’s just a couple of words here or there.

    • jreed3842

      Mine was amazing!
      I was off from the 23rd until today!
      The 22nd after work I went and saw my boyfriend. We went to an arboretum near his house that was all decorated with lights. It was amazing.
      The 23rd I left his place and drove to my family’s. The 24th I spent with my dad’s side. We did a bunch of Christmasy activities. We were out and about all day. It was so much fun!
      Christmas I spent with my mom’s side. I tried to help my grandma cook the ham, but we ended up overcooking it :-/ (but it was still edible for the most part, lol)
      But Christmas was so much fun. I got to spend a lot of time with my family.
      (I also got a new laptop! I’ve been laptopless for about 2 years now.)
      The comics pages look so much better on a computer. I’ve been viewing them from my phone for far too long.

      • davefragments

        You need a bigger screen to see these pages.
        Glad to hear you had a good holidays.

        • jreed3842

          Yeah… I kinda forgot how beautiful they were. When I came to this page tonight on my computer I was like… “Whoa…. this looks amazing.” Haha

          • davefragments

            Page 1 of this chapter took my breath away when I saw it.

          • jreed3842

            I had to go back and look.
            It looks beautiful. The detail in Laampros’ wings was something I wasn’t able to see on my phone. I’m gonna have to go back and just reread the comic and take time to admire the detail I had missed before.

  • davefragments

    Patreon is all eyes ears

  • davefragments
  • Karol Chmielewski

    So we will learn more about poor Spoock’s powers ? 🙂

  • Phyre Storm

    “Abomination?” Dude, you’re a fucking DEMON. Shut up.

  • Justin White

    NO, stop him