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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter 5—Page 15

109 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter 5—Page 15

Oh, dear…

So! It looks like Kyle doesn’t know his own demon-enhanced strength! (And might need to start taking some anger-management classes.) Has he gone completely over to the dark side? Will he need to get bigger gloves? And will Paul ever be able to play the piano again?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

  • davefragments

    He’s growing in strength and he is just realizing it.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      i think you got this one, Dave.

      • davefragments

        I dozed and when I woke with a startle. i loaded the page and there it was.

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Nice job!

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Your friend breaking your arm is totally bad luck!

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Ergo, it should help move Fluke back towards the plus column in luck power.

      • davefragments

        I thought this was going to be a page of Amanda battling Laampros or having some sort of argument with him to keep him distracted.

    • davefragments

      Totally bad luck

  • Zephyr10101

    ok kyle became like 10% hotter. help

    • stickfigurefairytales

      We could get Tsunami to hit him with a jet of water, but that might just make it worse.

      • davefragments

        I think Tsunami’s busy with the water seal on the portal.

      • Zephyr10101

        “water” *wink* ok lemme stop xD

  • Talk about a growth spurt.

    He’s like the demon grown version of a bird of phoenix, born in hell fire.

    • Curt Clark

      You can’t mention Phoenixes and superhero comic books and expect this to end well.

      • It has to happen eventually, and Alex is already ‘known’ amongst his readers for doing things different.

        I hope I didn’t phoenix-jinx this 😉

  • O.O

  • And this is why Mitch should have been the one…or Spooky if he wasn’t busy…

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Calling it now: This will be the point where Red Hot goes, “Oh noes! I’m hurting other people again! Gotta get myself under control!”

    • Pietro7

      I Hope you are right. I Fear you are not. 🙁

    • Klaus

      That is the optimistic view. He may go: “Oh noes! I’m hurting other people again! I really am a monster!”

  • camelotcrusade

    Geez Fluke, there’s grabbing a flaming, horny guy, and then there’s grabbing a literally flaming, horny guy. Yes to the first one, no to the second one.

    • davefragments

      Especially with flames bursting from his body

      • camelotcrusade

        And horns bursting from his head! Danger, Fluke, Danger! ⚠️

  • jreed3842


  • Stephen Hutchison

    Kyle, that’s NOT the way to say no to a grabby friend. You don’t fling him around. You just say “no.” And then set your arm on fire if he doesn’t take his hand away.

    • Juliette Leroux

      Oh, I have to remember that. I’m so bad at étiquette…

  • Toli Bera

    well, that’s a whoopsy. Kyle owes Fluke a big ol muffin basket on that one. (and a good one, none of that bran-raisin crap. the good stuff.)

    • Ember

      On the other hand it might just be enough bad luck to get the good flowing again…

  • Mariona

    Just woke up and saw this page. Fluke looks so shocked that Kyle would hurt him. And Kyle looks even more horrified about hurting his friend. I can see this going several ways.
    Either this incident gets Kyle to realise
    what’s happening and he pulls himself together.Or he’s so horrified that he loses himself further. He might even do something stupid or run away.

  • Sabishiioni

    Just wondering, could Paul play the piano in the first place?

  • Cman65

    That counts as bad luck

  • fujoshifanatic

    Yay! If that doesn’t power up Fluke’s luck mojo, I don’t know what will! Watch it, Kyle! Your demon traits are falling out of the cute zone and into “I want to be scary like Dad” territory. Dial it back! Hang on to your humanity!

  • Ember

    Why do I want to hug the little Demonling cinnamon roll tightly and tell him everything with be okay? It would most likely be a death wish…

  • Ian Corral

    Give yourself over to darkness.

    • Angel Rosemond

      Don’t tempt me, Frodo!

  • Madock345

    Anybody else here hoping that Kyle completes his transformation into Tobias?

  • Sapfo

    Oh that is really bad…. luck Paul. Would you kindly turn this around >:)

  • Jeldenil

    Apparently, this is armbreak week.

  • Shadizar Silvermask

    Not the preferable way to use up bad luck but not like there are a bunch of roads with puddles for people splash him with handy, and that is pretty bad luck. Hmmm, I wonder if his bad luck can actually reach a point it would kill him or if it has a kind of safeguard to prevent fatal or near fatal injuries (so like now he breaks his arm but it’s not a compound fracture poking through the muscle and skin or shredding an artery so far as we know).

  • Adam Black


    When does he grow wings?

    I predict Kyles increased strength with Spooky , is now enough to seal the breach

  • Kate G

    Er, Kyle, I think you need a manicure. A man-i-cure. *ba-dum-tiss*

    Never mind.

    • davefragments

      Those claws make it tough to do the guy things of life — pick your nose and scratch your butt or balls…

      {wink, wink}

    • Squishy

      It’s ok, I think you nailed that joke.

  • I’ll join everyone else in wondering what this has done to Paul’s luck balance.

    So is Kyle going to recognise that Paul at least still cares about him and didn’t see him as a threat, or is Kyle so shaken by the last 24 hours that he’ll believe hurting Paul is proof that he really has turned into a demon?

  • Shiny Gwilly

    “oh dear” is a good reaction to this page
    that was not a good idea to just grab him Fluke, then again i’m not sure what else you could’ve done to try to move him either…
    also that looked like it hurt
    Kyle snap out of it!!

  • Juliette Leroux

    Oh no no no no. A friend doesn’t break a friend’s arm, Kyle. I’m sure you’ve been taught that when you were a kid.

  • Will Parkinson

    Oh, Kyle. Poor, tortured soul. Well, about to be more tortured, but you get the point.

  • bronakopdin

    I hope Kyle will get a grip of himself again!
    Though with all that happens and those stimuli I can't even blame him for being confused and panicked and disappointed and angry and whatever else emotions flow inside of him right now ;____;

  • Nate

    Nonono.. it’s break a LEG.

    Sheesh, I hate working with amateur actors. Where’s my peppermint eggnog macchiato?

    • bronakopdin

      in German it is even neck and leg… so these Englih folks already forgot half of it, those amateurs :p

      • Squishy

        Well we also have “shake a leg” and getting a “leg up” on the competition. Maybe we just have some pre-occupation with legs.

        • bronakopdin

          Just curious but do those in fact also mean “good luck”? Or did you pull random idioms which just happen to be including “leg”? X’D

          • Squishy

            They are just idioms that refer to legs. “Shake a leg” means hurry up and having a “leg up” means you have an advantage.

          • Squishy

            Also if someone is “pulling my leg” they are telling me a fib for the purpose of a joke. So I could have said, “yes, all of those relate to luck” and I would have been pulling your leg. (Sort of wish I had thought of that before my first reply… I’m a stinker)

    • Curt Clark

      Could have been worse, at least you didn’t say “pumpkin spice”.

      • Nate

        That is SO last month….

  • xLizardx

    On the plus side, that’s some really bad luck…

  • Mary Klemzak

    That’s alright, Fluke,you tired. Its not you.. Keep trying. You’re being a good boy!

    • timemonkey

      Although given how negatively charged he was continueing trying could be quite damaging.

  • Jason Moon
  • D. G.

    I still think Kyle’s best choice is to run away from this situation. He needs time to think and regroup. Esp after accidentally breaking Fluke’s arm.

  • Curt Clark

    Fluke doesn’t seem as perturbed as one would assume from having one’s arm broken…this could be part of the plan?

    Wait…how do we even know he’s talking about his arm?

  • JohnInCA

    Why does everyone assume that was *bad* luck? Dude just got tossed like a rag doll. It’s quite possible that *only* breaking his arm was *good* luck.

  • Jeff Baker

    Yeah, I was going to mention something about luck!

  • Pikinanou

    Hah… you know when you want to wish someone good luck, you say break a leg, not break an arm 😀
    Yeah, I’m stupid XD

  • Since it had to happen, please tell me this is Fluke’s wish-bone.

  • Saikkusukka

    “Tune” in…. kek

  • Squishy

    Kyle, this is not what they mean when they say to get a grip on the situation!

    • Pietro7

      Oh don’t leave, Squishy – we have a special room for people with your sense of humor. It’s got amphitheater seating for the audience! 🙂

  • Juliette Leroux

    Welcome to the comment section Leanne! We are a weird but pretty nice bunch 🙂

  • Hi Leanne. Welcome to the comic and community. Look forward to see you join the Woolfpack for the next camp tomorrow evening (US time).

  • Welcome Leanne

  • Squishy

    “Hoping that it would have been finished”… I know that feel. But it’s been lots of fun chatting with peeps as the new pages go up. And very exciting to watch the story unfold. (Tempted to make Rocky Horror reference about antici…pation, welp, did it, no going back)

  • Welcome, Leanne! Very glad to hear you’re enjoying our work! Look forward to seeing you here in the Comments. 🙂

    I’m curious, how did you find us?

    • Leanne Crabtree

      Hi Alex, loving TYP by the way! I’ve recently got back into my comics/graphic novels and went on Goodreads for recommendations and started reading Tripping Over You and your other webcomic Artifice as they were on a list of Best M/M Webcomics and then saw your comments on Artifice mentioning TYP and decided to give it a go. And I’m so glad I did.

      • That’s really interesting. You might be our first Goodreads referral. 🙂 Very glad you decided to give us a try too!

  • davefragments

    Disqus is behaving badly and doing everything wrong it can possibly do.
    I hope it gets fixed for tonight.

  • jreed3842

    Welcome to the comment section!
    We’re glad to have ya! 😀

  • Keneu

    His arm doesn’t look like it’s broken… And I think a broken arm would hurt Fluke more.

    • Squishy

      That’s because he was talking about his pride. (jk)

  • T Dibbler

    He’s lucky that’s all that got broken, landing on his neck like that…

    Kyle is not going to react well to this. 🙁

  • davefragments

    Hello Campers,
    How’s it going?

    • Squishy

      I have to sew an apron tonight but I’m not sure that will happen at this point.

      • davefragments

        One of those red Christmas aprons with the cute snowmen and prancing reindeer?

        • Squishy

          Olaf print actually (from frozen).

          • davefragments

            Aw, that’s going to be cute and fun…

            A friend sent me pictures today that were of ugly Christmas sweaters with naughty (and I do mean naughty) designs. Silly things worthy of too much spiked eggnog and mulled wine…

          • Squishy


          • Squishy

            Hey, there is something that has been nagging me. Dave, have you ever been to Yaoi Con? Like the one this year? (You’re from the Bay Area right? Or was that someone else?))

          • davefragments

            I haven’t been to Yaoi Con and I’m from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. You must have met someone else. That is me in the picture and if we met, you would definitely remember me.

          • Squishy

            Well this was a memorable sort of person but I only met them briefly.

          • davefragments

            I’m flattered but not the person you met.

          • I was at YaoiCon this year. Came from Denmark for second year in row. Talked to/recommended to several about the comic, mentioned to a few that I was the mod, but probably not me you met. Not sure I’m particularly memorable 😉

            Had great times meeting Alex, some friends, and people there. Recognized some from year before, and had much fun at main events.

          • Squishy

            The person I was thinking of I met in front of Alex’s booth on Sunday. It wasn’t a long conversation, they had gone to the panel on Yaoi vs. Bara and I had wanted to go but missed it. So I asked them what had been discussed in the panel. I also met two girls while waiting in line for the auction who had the Artifice and YP books and they are the ones that told me about the series. I had somehow completely missed Alex’s booth in the dealers hall up to that point and had to go back the next day to check it out.

          • VIP line, or regular line for the auction? I was at both the panel and auction, but as VIP ticket. Can’t fully remember who I talked to about what things/events. Stood next to someone who had the book or books in a queue for event, but also talked to some in front of Alex’s booth.
            Went by there a few times to talk briefly/say hi, but luckily Alex was often busy talking to customers. I’m female though, so if it was a guy you met a Alex’ booth, it certainly wasn’t me 😉

          • Squishy

            It was a guy I spoke with at Alex’s booth. And it was the regular line for the auction.

          • Squishy

            But wow, you came to Y-Con all the way from Denmark! That’s quite a trip.

    • I should be crocheting, but I’m playing hooky. And it’s cold outside so I’m huddling in front of one of those disk heaters

      • davefragments

        I stayed in today because it was cold. Tomorrow I’ll have to food shop and it will be rainy and then I have to meet my nephew later. But it will be warmer than today.

        • I think it was supposed to be warmer than it was. It started out slightly not really cold and then bam, cold. Had to shopping in it too. Blah.

  • Doki will be in and out of camping depending on how things are going with the thing she is doing. Stupid female problems making Doki get far far behind on things.

    • davefragments

      I have cookies — white chocolate chip macadamia nut goodies

  • Hiya campers.

    • davefragments

      Hi Danishwolf.

    • Squishy


    • morning Danish!

    • Morning Ms. Wolf!

    • Saxon_Brenton


  • I finished buying x-mas presents today. 8 days before the holiday. Think that’s a record for me, except maybe from ladt year. I’m horrible at ending up hunting one or two presents a couple days before x-mas, but I’m getting better *lol*

    I may buy one more, but not one I *have* to buy, only if I find a little extra present.