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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter 5—Page 10

184 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter 5—Page 10

Well, that can’t be good.

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So! Tsunami’s able to keep the demons out… but he doesn’t know for how long. Spooky’s still off the planet. And Kyle’s starting to sport a whole new look. How will these changes affect our firebending hero? And how will his friends react?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

  • Toli Bera

    Are you thinking what I’m thinking? MAKE OVER! *Starts changing Kyle’s outfits to uptempo pop music*

  • davefragments

    Claws on his fingers… This is going to be interesting.
    Kyle can scratch my back any day of the week.

  • Michael

    I am become Hellboy, destroyer of hearts.

  • Edna is going to have a field day making him a new outfit.

    • Michael

      We already know she’s got the fireproof fabric sorted.

    • Toli Bera

      “I need something that says “Demon Prince” meets “Cosmic Defender” with a hint of Olympics, and Poolside business casual.”

      • ever thought of a cape? *g*

        • endymion

          No capes!

          • oh, come on – just a little one?

          • endymion

            Do you remember Thunderhead? Tall, storm powers? Nice man, good with kids.

  • davefragments

    I wonder if Kyle’s going to grow a tail?

    • Toli Bera

      that’ll be difficult to tuck away D:

      • Airboy Obsessed

        Curl it down and IN!

        • Toli Bera

          do they make fire-proof duct tape?

          • MacGyver has one, I’m sure.

          • davefragments

            Asbestos jock strap

          • Toli Bera

            that seems itchy.

    • camelotcrusade

      And wings! Don’t forget the wings.

  • jreed3842

    Oh my.
    There is A LOT going on on this page!
    Ah! Kyle, I’m nervous for you!

  • Fabulous Alien

    Yeah, I’m actually freaking out a little bit here.

  • Wildroses

    On the bright side, Laampros is now completely distracted from his son’s naughty pets.

    • davefragments

      And the portal is blocked with water…

  • Fabulous Alien

    On a lighter note, is Kyle going to get naked and develop demon-dad’s ability to hide the interesting bits? Because that could be fun…

    • Toli Bera

      Featuring the return of our greatest foe: SOCK! *Drama thunderclap*

  • Nooooooooo!

  • Um, Spooky, I think Kyle needs you. I mean seriously needs you.

    • Toli Bera

      wonder if he can blow those souls into more jars and get back to being a size 7 again in time to help?

      • davefragments

        I have this thought in the back of my head that those souls aren’t going to like Laampros and will (can I used the word) bedevil him into a mistake?

  • Pietro7


  • Jeff Baker

    “Firebending?” (Chuckle!) Someone’s been watching a certain TV franchise! 🙂

  • Sapfo

    Good morning good people!
    It seems Kyle is hot today ^^

    • davefragments

      Hi Sapfo…

    • Morning Ms. Berry.

      Kyle’s sizzling hot. 😀

    • Squishy

      But, but Kyle is always hot. It would be more accurate to say Kyle is horny today.

      • after years of not even touching himself, horny can’t be new, either…

    • Morning Sapfo berry!

  • Sunseahl Silverfall

    Kyle is a hotter Daredevil than the Netflix one! <3

  • *loudspeaker crackles* Paging Kyle’s Mama. Paging Kyle’s Mama. I think your boy could use a bit of help. (that is if you’re you know not another demon)

    • TwilightDreamer

      Hahaha! XD

  • turgon

    does kyle have an erection in the left side panel?

    • Squishy

      If he does… and he’s angry… would that make it a rage boner? (Sorry, not sorry)

    • Ansel

      why wouldn’t he?

      • Toli Bera

        kinda weird for your dad to give you a boner by setting you on fire. then again everyone’s got their kinks.

  • AseretZone

    Uh…apparently demons set their young on fire to give them more power? What will this do to his human side, and HOW did his mother end up with Tall, Dark, and Shadowy?

    • endymion

      Asking the REAL questions

    • Toli Bera

      a whirlwind romance that spanned time and space.

    • Pikinanou

      wouldn’t it be cute if it actually was very very romantic? 🙂

    • Jason Moon

      His was a FIERY passion. 🙂

    • Saikkusukka

      Even I’d fall for that beard.

  • Cydney Sabin

    *Insert devil horn innuendo here*

    • davefragments

      The Devil’s Triad, the Devil’s Interval, and diabolos in music — a flatted fifth.

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Hi. Back from role playing gaming. Hope everyone in the States had a good Thanksgiving. Now, what’s going on in the comic…

    [stares at today’s page]

    Laampros, you’re an idiot. Your son is a teenage boy who’s denied himself sexual pleasure for over six years rather than cause harm to anybody else. And you think you can corrupt him simply by bringing forth his demonic parentage? Red Hot and his awesomely high Willpower score laugh at your attempt to bring him over to the dark side. We fart in your general direction.

    • Juliette Leroux

      I bet he has tons of maluses to his willpower checks because of daddy/family issues, though. DM can be mean this way.

  • Jeldenil

    Oh. Is that all you have to say, Kyle? After everything daddy has done to give you your heritage? Just ‘oh’?

  • Um… So will we not like Kyle when he’s angry??

    • Kate G

      Unless we like red, horny, demon Kyle, I think the answer is…no.

      • Toli Bera

        well he’s clearly sprouted horns already. (three if that linework is any indication.)

  • TwilightDreamer

    NOOO!!! NOT KYLE!!! D:
    Dang it no!! Kyle get out of there! Stay strong!!

  • Stephen Hutchison

    And, Daddy is trying to make his little boy horny.

    Once again, SO VERY WRONG.

  • Stephen Hutchison

    Also Spookums seems to have Soul Constipation of some kind or other.

  • Well, it IS the power upgrade that was talked about, just maybe not exactly how it was imagined.

    I’m starting to see the family recemblance.

    Makes me wonder about Aanado. Is/was he a born, or a half human, and/or half (or full) brother of Kyle? Maybe (back then?) weaker than Kyle.

    • Juliette Leroux

      Ha well, you’re right. We were all asking for a power upgrade. Now he has it, and I’m not so happy. Careful what you wish…

  • OK, I know we have to turn kyle back in the end, but can we keep those cute horns? Pretty please?

  • PreludeToA

    oh hell

  • Just have to say it, get it out. Now Kyle can really say he’s hot and horny 😉

    Something I thought of already on previous page (but no time to comment) was a father-son talk.

    L: ‘How did you end up naked with *him*? (Refers to Duncan). And ..a virgin’
    K: ‘Uhmm.. uhh, I didn’t want to hurt and burn anyone or my surroundings when I .. ejaculated, and he made it possible not to’.
    L: ‘You *refused* yourself pleasure, to not HURT AND BURN anyone? I am dissapointed in you. What does it matter with a few burned maggots? There’s so many other pets to choose from. Have some fun, boy’.

  • Stephen Hutchison

    Anyone wanna hope Kyle does the whole “throwback” thing and turns Seraph instead of PitFiend?

  • I like how so many comments are about Kyle needing a make-over outfit now. This is how we process that his demonic side is showing.

    We really need Spooky now. If anyone, except for Amanda, can reach to Kyle and know what to do, it’s likely him. Don’t know if Amanda can do anything telepathic.

  • Shiny Gwilly

    ohhhh nooo
    as much we’re enjoying this um, father and son bonding, let’s hope Kyle can get control of himself and this new power
    in the meantime someone needs to spirit slap Spooky back onto this planet

  • What the hell is going on in Kyle’s britches?!?

    I approve!

    • Will Parkinson

      Well, he did say suckle it gently.

    • Mann Ramblings

      He’s just taking after daddy, in need of large pillars of fire to hide his junk from the public.

  • T Dibbler

    Oh shit.

  • That’s quite the focal point Adam’s drawn for us in the lower left of the page.

    In other art-related commentary, there’s a lot of lovely detail on this page – the texture of Tsunami’s water contrasted against the texture of the demons’ fire, the composition of the page leading up to that final panel.

    So did Laampros deliberately plant his son on Earth as bait for those stupid/arrogant enough to use the boy as a portal and open the way through the walls? If so, it may not have gone quite to plan…

  • bronakopdin

    those burning eyes of Kyle’s remind me on the ritual Duncan and Sircea used to move Kyle and him to hell where we first met Laampros >///////< this can't be any good… ofc it's not… I really hope Kyle can withsstand whatever Laampros is trying to "awake" in him D:

    And I'm more and more concerned about the lack of Spooky's responses ;____;

  • Pikinanou

    It’s funny because, last page, I was telling myself: hey, how about when he gets a power up, he turns red and stuff… and here I am, looking at the last panel XD

  • Raymond Saint-Pierre

    Is that a growing groin? Rocket in his pocket? #JustSaying #HELLYES

  • FrankTargon

    What was that lyric fro West Side Story?
    Boy, boy, crazy boy,
    Get cool, boy!
    Got a rocket in your pocket,
    Keep coolly cool, boy!
    Don’t get hot,
    ‘Cause man, you got
    Some high times ahead.
    Take it slow and Daddy-O,
    You can live it up and die in bed!

  • I use Dragon speech recognition software. Every so often I have a little Dragon-provided weirdness in my life, usually because of some hilariously inappropriate mishearing on the part of the software. Today, however, it popped up its little “please say that again” bubble right where it looked as if it was Kyle’s speech bubble in the last panel.

    Go on. Go back up and look at that last panel, and imagine a speech bubble saying “please say that again”. Now try to forget you saw that…

  • Chezza

    Wow I didn’t expect that! Really Great!

  • SchalaRenee

    Oh, dear lord. Demon Kyle is so hot. Literally and figuratively. I love the claws and horns. He’s looking more like dear old dad every second. Will he get the fire-groin too? Something’s happening in those pants!

    Will we see red-skinned naked fire-groin Kyle in the next panel? I just KNEW he was going to start turning demonic when his eyes started glowing in the last page. All he needed was a little of daddy’s Hellfire to get started. He just hit demonic puberty. XD

  • Aitsuki

    Ow!! Kyle’s new ‘growths’ look a bit painful to experience!!! C’mon Spooky, just LET THEM GO!! Your friends need help, and there’s gonna be a LOT more souls eaten up if you don’t let these few go!

  • Zephyr10101

    Demon Kyle has me feeling things

  • Nate

    Kyle, sweetheart, I know how important father-son bonding is for a fine young man such as yourself, but that’s no cause to ruin your manicure…

  • camelotcrusade

    Sometimes you have to do extreme things to get the clothes off. Busting out, hulk-style? There better not be little purple trunks, that’s all I’m saying.

  • davefragments

    A proper roux is the hard part of turkey gravy.
    If you make it wrong, you’ll roux the day.

    • I made a gravy for the first time ever on Thanksgiving. It actually came out pretty good.

      • davefragments

        It took me a three or four times to get it right.
        I’ll give you a hint — start with melted butter (between a 1/3 stick and a half stick) and then sift the flour into it as you whisk. Butter makes everything better. The tough part is browning the roux. The butter browns as it cooks the flour. IF you want white gravy like southern fried steak keep the heat low. If you want brown meat gravy, turn up the heat. When it’s the desired color, add the stock or the degreased pan drippings and bring to a boil while whisking. The Boil is what sets the flour and makes it thicken.

        • I was following the recipe from the turkey company. They wanted the fat off the top of the drippings to mix with the flour and then remove the rest of the fat. I wasn’t able to get all of it. I then filled added stock to the drippings to get a certain amount and added that to the roux. I then added a bunch of pepper and garlic powder and some salt. I did cut the quantity of flour the recipe called for cause it seemed ridiculous and against what I know of making roux.

          • davefragments

            You can put the pan drippings into a shallow bowl and set it in the freezer for five or ten minutes. Cold usually pulls the fat away from the liquid.

          • Oooh, good idea. If I ever make gravy again, I’ll have to remember to do that.

  • What concerns me the most about a potentialy permanent mutation is that Kyle’s fingers are red where the suit is torn around the claws‼

    • Sapfo

      Maybe they will be good for something. Peel an orange.

  • Steven Klimecky

    Horny Kyle!

  • Jason Moon

    Of all the people I thought Kyle would need in this fight, I never thought Illyana Rasputin(Magik of the New Mutants if you’re nasty) would be one of them. I suppose raven of the Titans would also work.

    Something about Laampros’ speech sounds familiar:

  • Martin John Manco

    Well, I’m holding out hope that Kyle can still save the day. That said, while claws and horns and burning hair and growing endowment are all well and good, I’m really hoping he grows (and retains the ability to use) wings. Flyboy and Spooky shouldn’t have all the fun when it comes to flying.

  • David Welbourn

    Well. So wasn’t expecting the horns and claw look from Kyle. I wonder if how much further the transformation will go. And is the transformation reversible? Will this become a new form that Kyle will be able to change into at will?

    Part of me wants a new long chat with Laampros. Fireside armchairs to sit in and everything. He obviously has quite a unique perspective on things, and I’d love to learn what he has to say.

    Part of me also wants to take a quick scan around the site. Where’s Fluke? Where’s the Annihilator? Where’s the robed flunkies? Which pieces in this game are still in play?

    • timemonkey

      Fluke is still too negatively charged to participate and Duncan is still unconscious.

    • Klaus

      Any chat with Laampros is a fireside chat.

  • Brenia

    I just discovered this comic and read all of it in one sitting last Wednesday. I read it all day and into the early morning hours. I just couldn’t put it down! The art, the writing, the story! I think I’m officially in love with this comic. <3

    • Thank you, Brenia! Glad to hear you’re enjoying our work! Do you remember how you found us? 🙂

      • Brenia

        It was in an ad under the Questionable Content webcomic. I’m glad I clicked!

        • That’s how I found Alex’s comics a few years ago. I now have a Project Wonderful ad account of my own, along with a Kickstarter account and a Patreon account, and it’s All Alex’s Fault. I wouldn’t have any of those if I hadn’t liked the comics enough to make the effort to buy stuff. 🙂

        • Juliette Leroux

          And that’s where I came from too! Welcome Brenia! I highly recommand that you check also Artifice, the other comic by Alex on this website.

        • Rapiret

          That’s exactly where I came from. I saw it a few times over months not clicking on it because I thought it would just be some kind of erotic thing (which I’m ok with but it’s been played out a lot) and finally checked it out a few days ago and I ran through the whole thing and now I’m watching 5 different webcomics for updates…

        • I am too! Thank you for letting me know! 🙂 (And please tell your friends about us!)

    • Welcome to the comic and comments 🙂

    • Klaus

      You would not be the only one.

  • Kit the Coyote

    Embrace your anger and your journey to the dark side will be complete! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • Stephen Hutchison

    Ass pin? You mean to stab him in the butt-cheek in the hope he’ll deflate? He might pop instead, which would be a very unfortunate thing.

  • Kit the Coyote

    ON the upside, if he becomes an evil demon child, that whole rape thing becomes so minor and so the whole Kyle/Duncan thing can be back on!

    • Curt Clark

      It’d only rob Kyle of everything that drew DUncan to him in the first place. NBD. :

      • Kit the Coyote


      • Adam Black

        Dont be so sure.

  • Squishy

    I wonder if Kyle will get wings. Laampros and all of his minions fly. Even the eyeball levitated.

  • Mary Klemzak

    In the immortal words of Scooby Doo.

    Ruh roh.

    Um, Spooks. Anytime you want to come around would be fine, buddy.

  • timemonkey

    I am both horrified and intrigued by this development. I’ve been expecting a power up of some kind, we got a hint that Kyle was more powerful than he thought back during his trip to Hell, and I did expect a so called Prince of Hell to be a bit more impressive, powerwise.

  • Quetzalcoatlihokipoki

    Maybe demons are more like cuckoos or cowbirds. They have young, and then put them with humans to raise as their own. Or implant them. In Rosemary.

  • Is Kyle going to now grow to be18 feet tall?

    • Foye

      This thought has been occurring to me for a while… Laampros is so big, yet his son is at least part human, given his physical appearance, and like all humans, Kyle is an ant compared to his dad’s size. This means Kyle’s mom is certainly human or at least part human too, right? Then, how did it happen? I mean, that moment when Laampros and Kyle’s mother slept together…

      So many questions, yet no answers eh?

      • This has been a question we’ve all been scratching our heads over. Cause I mean… How?? o.O

      • Klaus

        Laampros seems to be able to change his size. He is much larger now than the first time we saw him.

      • Pietro7

        It is not a given that Kyle’s mother is human. I don’t recall Alex ever explicitly saying (tricky rascal that he is). She could be angelic, frex – which gets interesting, as her probable motive for conceiving and infant with Lampros is unlikely to include any good motivation for Lampy’s future. Hmmmm…..

  • LauraMoyer

    All I keep thinking is that I have never wished so much for a bunch of people to be sacrificed O____O Seriously Spooky, let those spirits go and remember the other millions of souls about to be damned please?

    • Juliette Leroux

      Aw no, there has to be another solution…

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Hmm. Downpage I expressed the belief that Red Hot’s willpower would be more than enough to resist Laampros’ attempts at corruption. In order to get Red to do something bad you’d have to trick him (which is what Annihilator did, after all).

    But now I’m wondering: How good is Red at resisting mind control? I ask because I just had a sudden mental image of Red Hot beating up the Anti-Life Equation…

    • Keneu

      I think what Laampros’s power is doing to Kyle – in a way – is releasing Kyle’s deepest emotions. Demonic powers seem to be based on emotions to an extent, and since Kyle’s been deceived and used, it’s only natural he feels angry. I could be wrong, though.

      • Saxon_Brenton

        Oh, I agree absolutely that Laampros isn’t using mind control of Red Hot. That was simply a bit of random silliness that popped into my head.

        But I do think that Laampros is in for a disappointing surprise about how Red reacts to the opportunity to reveal in being a demon prince, to feel the anger and lash out. I mean, yes, Red Hot has had a crappy 24 hours, and probably the actualisation of his demonic heritage is acting as an enhancer for negative emotions.

        But I really doubt that Red’s ‘real self’ is what Laampros is expecting. I’m thinking the key scene was where the Young Protectors finally got the drop on Annihilator, and Red starts punching him to keep Annihilator occupied until he realises that Annihilator doesn’t have his powers anymore and stops. Fluke was all “For the record, I think you should hit him some more”, but Red was all “Just wait here and as soon as we’ve stopped the demon invasion we’ll get you to a doctor.” (Also, Spooky’s comments on the cliff outside the warehouse saying that Red was one of the kindest, gentlest people he knew are probably foreshadowing.)

        • Pietro7

          I like foreshadowing. Let’s have some _good_ foreshadowing, please. Not the ‘and then things Really got to hell’ kind, no no no.

  • Madock345

    I should be ashamed at how totally not upset about this I am, but I’m not.

    (Boner alert in panel 4?)

  • Curt Clark

    He’s got a lot to be angry about, in fairness. I choose to believe Laamp is hoisting himself by his own petard here.

    I ALSO choose to hope that Kyle won’t take it out on Duncan. Though I get the feeling that’s going to be a major dilemma for him.

  • Platos_Redhaired_Stepchild

    Kyle’s baby horns are adorable. He’s going to need some serious, hardcore emory boards for those nails, tho.

  • Platos_Redhaired_Stepchild

    Kyle’s baby horns are adorable. He’s going to need some serious, hardcore emory boards for those nails, tho.

  • Platos_Redhaired_Stepchild

    Kyle’s baby horns are adorable. He’s going to need some serious, hardcore emory boards for those nails, tho.

    • Ember

      Diamond, probably.

  • Saikkusukka

    Oh no Kyle, keep it in your pants!

  • davefragments

    Does the phrase “red-headed stepchild” refer to Kyle?

  • oh spooky…

  • Juliette Leroux

    Aw man, I leave 3 days without Internet and Kyle mutates into a demon. You can’t let these kids alone 1 minute!

  • Klaus

    Where is Edna mode when you need her?

  • Shadizar Silvermask

    There we go, the last temptation. Time to introduce his son to his harbinger/anti-christ status, filling him with the power he’s never truly known that will bring forth the demonic side of him he never knew he had. All leading up to the climatic moment when he must decide to obey his father and embrace his demonic heritage or reject it and use the power given to him to drive his father back to Hell.

  • Pinkfeiry

    *chanting* demon kyle, demon kyle

    • This opens up a whole new set of possibilities for him and Duncan if he changes. Maybe… Depending… Possibly…

  • Just realized. His dad is “burning” him. Birth of a new hellboy?

  • Dekira


  • stickfigurefairytales

    Well this isn’t good…

  • Klaus

    Is it just me, or is “suckle it gently” a rather curious choice of words? Laampros gives the impression of choosing his words with great care, I wonder what exactly he means by this.

    • David Welbourn

      I just noticed that. My guess is that he regards Kyle as very young, almost like a baby. Laampros is probably centuries old. He might even be older than Sircea.

    • Saxon_Brenton

      From the first reading I took the ‘suckle’ to be a metaphorical reference to feeding young animals, as in “Feed on the hellfire, and you’ll transform into a powerful demon prince” .
      The ‘gently’ I didn’t pay much attention to until you mentioned it, and I can’t decide whether it’s supposed to be sarcastic, or a warning to be taken literally: “Don’t absorb too much hellfire too fast or you’ll overload and explode”.

    • purplefoxglove

      I stumbled over that one too. Well, actually I read it and thought “how on earth am I going to translate THAT???”

      Really have to get back to doing the translations. Been terribly busy with my master’s degree, though 🙁

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Hello campers. Okay. I’ve been rather emphatic about Red Hot ultimately being able to resist his father’s attempts to corrupt him. And to be fair, it isn’t hard to figure out – apart form all the in-story character details that I’ve listed, we have meta details like the description on the tradepaperback of Red Hot as becoming a great champion, and Alex’s assurances at the end of the warehouse date that things get better.

    So what I’m wondering about now is how Red resists. This, I am far less sure about. The only thing I’m prepared to guess at is that knowing Alex, there will be nail biting plot twists. Will Red briefly be overwhelmed into being Evil(tm) until he figures out what going on and goes, “Nope! Not having any of that!”? Will he figure it out but pretend to turn Evil(tm) in order to trick Laampros? Will we have a scene where a horrified Annihilator sees Red corrupted and does a Call To Heroism Speech to remind Red Hot of his true self? Any other options?

    • jreed3842

      I’d like to believe that the goodness inside of Kyle is impossible to overcome.
      Like he feels anger and power and it makes him want to do terrible things… But he looks at his friends, the people who truly care about him, and he just can’t bring himself to do them any harm.

      But… I feel like that may be the easy way out and Alex is too clever for that.

      As much as I hate Duncan… Him being the one to talk sense back into Kyle is an interesting idea that I don’t hate completely.
      You’ve got some pretty good ideas!

    • Adam Black

      Maybe Kyle doesnt resist.
      Maybe Laampros is telling the truth.

      Remember what Spooky told him.

    • davefragments

      I used to think there was going to be a tender and tear-jerking love scene between a dying Duncan and Kyle. At least that’s what I convinced myself was going to be a big emotional ending after a battle between TYP’s, SIrcea, Duncan and Laampros. Now, I’m not sure that will be the emotional end. Vague thoughts are trying to assemble themselves in my noggin. I’ve been in a stuffing coma this week. I might even make another batch of stuffing tomorrow. Sorry, food is on my mind once again.

    • syllibub

      Kyle says he feels angry, like the more he’s infused with Laampros’ flame the darker his emotions run. Overcoming Laamrpos’ influence may involve coming to accept his anger — at Duncan, at himself, at those who made him feel like he had to hide who he was because of his sexuality — and then moving past it.

  • davefragments

    Hi campers,

    • Saxon_Brenton


      • Pietro7

        Evening Dave, Saxon, and all. I brought some pumpkin-chocolate-chip cookies. Mmmmmmm. Distracts me from contemplating what Kyle seems about to be baked into – ugh. I think the kid needs a serious talk with his mother right about now.

        • davefragments

          oooh, pumpkin and chocolate, yum…

          Kyle’s mother is subject to lots of speculation…
          I don’t think she was innocent or like Rosemary’s Baby loved her child even though it had funky eyes.
          I think Kyle was a foundling left on some church steps or a hospital door…

        • *pokes head in* Someone say pumpkin cookies?

          • Pietro7

            Enjoy, Doki! There’s plenty more on the plate. Have some milk? Or tea?

          • What kind of tea? I have to be careful about which ones I drink…

          • Pietro7

            Plain black tea from the store, I’m afraid – nothing fancy – or even particularly good. Sorry.

          • Ah, black tea I think is one of my “no-no” teas. Too much caffeine. My heart no longer likes caffeine as much as it used too.

  • davefragments

    Chapter 2 page 36 is telling — Laampros fondles the helpless Kyle and says some very interesting things. One – that its been a long time since he had sex and two, to paraphrase: “that small piece of flesh gets so many humans in trouble” …
    I just assumed that Laampros was mocking sex because he was non-functional.

  • Howdy folks!!

    • davefragments

      HI AJ…

      • How goes it? It’s cold out. We had lots of frost this morning. The water in the hose froze

        • davefragments

          It was 64 F today and now it’s 43. Same high tomorrow and rain.
          Warm weather

          • We were in the 50’s today as the high. I’m envious of the warmth.

          • davefragments

            It’s headed back to the 30s/40s and below freezing at night.

    • Pietro7

      Hi AJ! Would you like some pumpkin chocolate-chip cookies? I’ve got milk or tea to wash them down with.

      • I’ll take the tea. I’m still full from dinner and the peanutbutter chip brownie I had afterwards.

    • Adam Black


  • davefragments

    Patreon is burning hot

    • Pietro7

      Yikes! Badder and badder . . .

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Looks like Flyboy was listening to the fans.

  • davefragments
  • Justin White

    this a terrible thing

  • Niggle

    Catching up after a long while of not reading. And woo boy… O_O

    • Derkins

      Same!! Hooollyyy-shamoolly. what in the what! poor kyle! ;O;

  • Tahir Raines

    Did absorbing Laampros’ power make Kyle’s smaller Kyle become larger?