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Artifice is a sci-fi comic written and published by me, Alex Woolfson. All the art is by the awesome and brilliant Winona Nelson.

I hope you enjoy it!

Some navigation tips:

At the bottom of each comic, there is a navigation menu giving you the choice to go to the First, Previous, Next and Last pages. (Or if you’re feeling non-linear, there’s even a “Random” page option.) You can also click on the comic page itself to go directly to the next page (that’s what I like to do). And you can use the following keyboard commands:

  • Left Arrow: Previous Page
  • Right Arrow: Next Page
  • Shift + Left Arrow: First Page
  • Shift + Right Arrow: Last Page
  • Shift + Down Arrow: Random Page
  • this cover page is quite nice, i love the simplicity of it all

    • Thank you. For the printed book, I’ll have something special created, but sometimes simple is best. 🙂

  • Luis De La Fuente

    This comic was amazing. I give it a GREAT BIG 10!!! The story line is great and the ending was amazing. I am SO going to contribute to get a printed copy myself

    • Thank you, Luis!  A 10? That’s awesome! I’m so happy to hear you’ve been enjoying it! 😀

  • Mt_Ida

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE omgawd the story is perfect seriouslyXD not only are the characters complex but they’re actually very interesting thank you god for alex and winona!

    • You’re very welcome, Mt_Ida! Thank you very much for the props! 😀

  • Revenant Underby

    Wouldn’t it make sense to link the banner at the top of the page to the actual Kickstarter page?

    And I second that I LOVE this story.  I am completely straight and it doesn’t matter, this is just a great story.

    • That would make sense. At first I thought it wasn’t something I could do, but I was able to figure it out. Thank you very much for the suggestion!

      And I’m delighted to hear you’re enjoying the story! I hope you’ll stick with me for The Young Protectors!

  • Donovan Drodskie

    unbelievably amazing is all that I can say, love this so much, the characters
    are astounding the plot blew my mind, well done I’m hoping the story could
    continue. Oh yes and just out of curiosity is Deacon’s face based on anyone
    very, very handsome and the facial expressions was done so remarkably. 

  • This was an amazing and deeply creative story. The story telling was insightful and complex and the characters each had a deep personality. The twists in the end were honestly very good – I’ve read many, many stories and being able to predict what will happen next is an acquired skill and a curse. But your writing is incredibly intelligent and each frame is a detailed and well done. I can truly see the culture and sophisticated society you have created without you once needing to go into detail about it just from dialogue and the backgrounds. Thank you so much for creating this piece for everyone’s enjoyment. I look forward to reading much more.

  • turf000

    Hell yeah! One awesome story! I definitely wasn’t expecting anything as deep and touching as this (too much yaoi doujinshis I guess). The story is so beautiful, and then art… I think I spent about equal amount of time reading and looking at the drawings.
    Thank you for making something this good and putting it online! 🙂

  • Good job, man! I’m a little french so it was a little bit difficult to read but, wow! What a unbelievable so good story! The personality, the reactions of the characters, all of the story sound like realistic. 🙂
    A really big thanks to you and your imagination! and Winona for her beautiful drawings.
    (i think i’m gonna read “The young protectors” 😉 
    So please, continue to do some other really good story!

  • Andrea Agis

    Have you ever thought to translate any of your works into another language? Or just allow to a Scanlation Group do that? There’re a lot of fangirls “fujoshis” spanish, french, italian, chinese, korean, etc. And even the fanboys “fundashis” are growing up.

    • Howdy Andrea,

      If you look right under each comic page, you’ll see an “Available Transcripts” drop-down menu which has user submitted translations into other languages for that page. To read more about that, please check out the FAQ. 

      I hope that helps!

  • Hello, I found this link on a facebook page, and I only can say “I LOVE IT”, everything where awesome, I enjoyed it, congrats! ^^ (sorry if some words doesn’t have sense but my english is not very good; I’m from Guatemala :P)

  • shima shimada

    deacon is apparently no.37 according to comicsalliance 50 sexiest male characters in comic and manga. dunno if you dont know yet. :p

    here’s the link:

    deacon is indeed hot n sexy! XD

  • rmthunter

    Congratulations! This is one of the best comics I’ve read in quite a while. I love putting what has been a throw-away in SF — android soldier — front and center, and making him not only very human, but very clever. I’m sitting down right now to write a review for, which will go up as soon as the powers that be add it to the database.

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  • Enrique

    “Artifice” needs to be a MOVIE! It’s got some good cinematographic material and it could be expanded and improved. It could be a box-office success in Summer or Fall season. I hope you get to do it, Mr. Woolfson. Greetings from Colombia!

    • Thank you, Enrique! 🙂

      • Enrique

        OMG The author replied me. :O

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  • Jonathan Melusky

    Greetings Alex, Thank you for writing this story. Very refreshing, tense, and emotional. I love the gradual changes that took place and the see-saw facial expressions with the main characters. Best book I have read in a few years. I was slightly taken out of reality twice though…The first time was when the therapist seemed to “loose her cool”. I guess, I felt that someone that high up in the echelons of the company would have more nerves of steel for their age. But perhaps that society had become so anti-gay that it would be understandable. The second time was when it came time for Deacon to kill his target. I felt that the company or military would have at least one or two artificial soldiers standing guard in the room just in case. I suppose the therapist was over-confident or perhaps all the other artificial soldiers were on deployment far away. Thank you so much for chatting with me at Emerald City Comicon and signing my copy. I hope you go to it again to get more of your excellent work.

    • Howdy Jonathan!

      Very glad that you enjoyed Artifice! Thank you for letting me know!

      As for the breaks in engagement, you’re not the only one who has questioned Maven “losing her cool.” I’m of course not a perfect writer and some of the things I do will be more successful with some readers than others. Ultimately, it’s my responsibility to make my intentions as a writer clear—and it’s something I do work to improve. But in terms of Maven’s composure, you might try reading that scene as a tactic on Maven’s part, instead of a loss of control.

      For the artificial soldiers standing guard, well, one explanation is that there just aren’t that many available (Deacon is the currently the last of his kind) and their reputation for reliability, at that point in the story at least, is currently in question. 😉

      Hope that helps! Thank you for sharing your experience reading the story. Great meeting you at ECCC too!

  • xXNanashiXx

    GAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY………………………….. i love it.

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  • La Toya Dayton

    Will there be a continuation????
    *crosses fingers**
    I bought a copy from you at Emerald city con a few years and have since read my cooy atleast a dozen times.
    Love love love this story.