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Artifice Page 9

25 Comments on Artifice Page 9

I like Maven’s reaction in the first panel—both Winona’s art and what she says. It’s a small moment, but it comes to mind a lot when I think about the first part of this comic. Maven is not one to be flattered into complacency.

Special thanks to Anna P., Alicia S. and Sasha K. for their generous donations this week! 😀

(Oh, and I created some Artifice T-shirts and stickers.)

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  • His name is Deacon?

  • i like his body language in the 4th panel .. it says i dont wanna be here at all

    that middle shirt is full of win
    why must i be jobless T.T

    • Yep, that’s what that pose is saying, alright. 😉

      Glad you like the middle T-shirt out of the ones I made. I’m very curious to find out which of the options folks like…

  • all these big words @.@ please don’ make me define all of them whyyy big words whyyy. damn you amaerican system for fuxxin my education

    she sounds pretty 😛

    • Mwa ha ha. Maven does like the big words. As does Alex… 😉

  • Kat

    I approve of this comic so far. c: The art’s good and Deacon’s amusing. /adds to faves

  • niko_kao

    we are getting to the point jejeje I almost cant wait to see next page, after sought the preview I just want to check Deacon in action mode jejeje

  • Oh my god. This is what I want to do. This art… It’s detailed and realistic, but it’s SIMPLIFIED. You’ve got the shiny textures, but they’re downplayed and subtle. And my god, the WRITING.

    thank you, kind sirs. You have given me inspiration.

    • Yay! That makes me happy to hear. It’s fun to think that someone else would find my work inspirational.

      And yes, I love the balance between realism and style that Winona struck. Personally, I’d like to think it falls in that happy Scott McCloud zone where the art is striking but the characters are generic enough that they are still easy to identify with.

      Thank you also for the props about the writing. These first few pages—before the action kicks in—are the ones I’m most nervous about.

  • Diagnostics? Reprograms? Tools?

    Now this really piqued my interest into what this character really is…

    *thumbs up*

  • I loooove their expressions so much. The body language is so great and it goes perfectly with the dialogue. I like that she’s sarcastic right back at Deacon. And even in places like the last panel, where she isn’t being directly sarcastic, her expression still makes me think her tone is. You guys work so awesome together. 😀

    …how many certifications and awards does she have on the wall there? Is it a museum or something? XDD

    • Thank you. Yes, I couldn’t ask for a better collaboration. Winona totally gets what I’m trying to show and she has the mad skills to make it happen. I feel really lucky to be able to work with her.

      You were able to pick up on her tone here, which is awesome. Honestly, when it comes to making (and reading!) comics, it’s the “acting” of the characters that matter most to me. Much of the fun of visual storytelling is the ability to play with subtext, IMHO.

      And yes, Maven is quite proud of her achievements. 🙂

  • This is intriguing. I’m loving the direction in which it seems to be headed.

    • Thank you! I can’t wait until we’re able to get into the meat of the story.

      Not long now…

  • Rocket

    As much as I simply fricken love this comic, I gotta know when you’re gonna update TOUGH…?

    • Here’s the situation. The pencils for Chapter 3 took a lot longer than I expected. But they did get finished, just a couple weeks ago. Right now they are being “flatted”, which means prepped for coloring. And it’s my hope that once that’s done, Winona will have time in her super busy schedule to color them.

      But right now, I’m thinking best case scenario is that Chapter 3 gets done this Fall. I wish it could be sooner—I really, really wish it could be sooner. But you know me, I’d rather have to wait for great art than rush things and have it not right.

      But I will say that finishing Tough is a very high priority for me…

  • Oh. My. God.

    I fell in love at page one. This is brilliant in every single sense of the word. The art drew me in, the storyline pulled me down, and then the writing had its way with me.
    That was probably a terrible metaphor, and I apologize. But, still, this is amazing. I am definitely looking forward to more of Artifice.
    Also, Deacon is amazing.

    • I’m really glad you liked it! And all I can say about your metaphor is that it made my night. 🙂

  • The expressions are really amazing, and I’m really loving how you can tell Maven’s tone just from her face. Great work so far

  • ErrorTime

    I clicked on your sitcker and t-shirt links, and I love them. I love the company logo, and everything.

  • i’m just a few pages in but i love this, and i just stumbled on to this comic from collen’s distant soil, which funnily enough, i was on the site reading an article about time management…lol.  clearly that is not happening for me…