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Artifice Page 84

270 Comments on Artifice Page 84

Oh, snap!

All right. Two VERY EXCITING bits of news:

First, it’s been a crazy last few days, but thanks to your amazingly generous support, the Kickstarter goal was reached—in less than 48 hours! O_O That means ARTIFICE WILL BE PRINTED! Woo hoo! Thank you all so, so much!

Now, the Kickstarter campaign has still got 25 days left and so that means it’s still running and new folks can still back it. And that’s a good thing because 1) you can still pre-order books through it and 2) it allows me to create some “bonus goals”—targets that when reached would mean I could afford to commission Winona to create special Artifice pin-ups and additional short comics in the Artifice world (including, potentially, an additional romantic flashback scene on Da Vinci Four which would answer some more questions and, of course, show the kissing and stuff y’all wanted to see more of. 😀 )

I discuss the “bonus goals” here, but let me say a couple things about pre-ordering Artifice books through Kickstarter. First off, backers in the U.S. get free shipping which is something special I’m offering to Kickstarter backers as a way to say “thank you” for taking a chance on me. Secondly, if you want a book sooner rather than later, you should pre-order through Kickstarter and if you want a book signed by both Winona and me, it looks like you’ll need to order through Kickstarter (at least for the foreseeable future).

Signing and shipping out these books for backers will be a huge push, so I won’t be offering the books for sale on my Web site until ALL backers have received their books (and then probably not until a few months after that when I’ve recovered…). Also, Winona lives across the country from me. That means I’m flying her to San Francisco so we can sign these books together—and she’s very busy and in-demand, which means there’s a limit to how many books it’s realistic to ask her to sign with me. I crunched the numbers and came up with a maximum amount of signed books that we could do together in a reasonable amount of time and figured it would still be more than enough to cover interest. Heck, I figured there would be a bunch of extras left over! Well, things have been going just a wee a bit better than I expected (we’re at 163% funding!) and right now—if all you want is a book signed by both of us—there are just 48 left of that reward and they are going fast. So, please, if it’s really, really important to you to get a book signed by both of us

Pre-Order Books Through the Artifice Graphic Novel Print Drive Kickstarter Project

Now, please, please don’t worry—if you can’t afford to do it right now, I absolutely will be making these books for sale through other means, most likely in early 2013. And if you just want my John Hancock alone in the book, no problem! I can do that anytime! But you are my faithful readers and I want to make sure you have first dibs on anything I put out. 🙂 And things are happening with the Kickstarter project A LOT faster than I expected…

(And in that vein, I want to offer android-strength hugs to everyone who has been helping me get the word out. On Monday I had four times the unique visitors and page views to this webcomic I’ve ever had. Quadruple! And I owe it all to your kind words on Facebook, reddit, Tumblr, Twitter and your favorite forums and blogs. As always, you just astound me with your generosity and support. 😀 And there are still those 25 days left to the project so if you can please keep recommending the comic and the Kickstarter project to your friends, I’d really, really appreciate it!)

O.K.! And the other news? It’s even more good news!

Today I’m launching the follow-up webcomic to ArtificeThe Young Protectors!

Now, there are still more pages of Artifice to go, of course, but I really love the community we’ve built here and I don’t ever want to see it end. So, I’m hoping that if I start this early, then maybe some of you would be willing to give the new comic a chance, and I’ll have some familiar faces and friends on this new journey. 🙂 Now, it’s a different genre—superheros—and it starts off a lot lighter (and with more yaoi) than Artifice did. But I did my best to make it into a fun time and, since this is me, I promise we get to some dark and serious stuff later on. 😉

I’ve just put up the first 3 pages to get us started and while Artifice is running, I’m going to be updating it on Mondays. (I’ll move it to Saturdays once Artifice is complete.) I really do hope you’ll give it a chance. It’s called

The Young Protectors

Please check it out!

And, last but not least…


And in addition all to your generous backing of the Kickstarter project as well as blowing well past the last donation target, we are now at $82 towards the next bonus page!

Special thanks go out to long-time supporter Nicholas H. (who makes their 4th generous donation to Artifice!) and a warm welcome and grateful bow go out to new supporters Sandra B., MASAYA K., JAMES E. & Roger R. for their generous donations over the last few days!

Big hugs go out to Larisa V. who has just made their tenth super-generous $25 donation (and their third in a week and a half!) A big thank you with that big hug, Larisa! 😀

And finally, especially grateful and humbled, android-strength hugs go out to long-time superfriends of Artifice Wayne W., gregg H, & Jennifer M. (all making their 2nd amazingly generous donations!) for their amazingly generous $50 donations! Holy cow, y’all! You ROCK!

All righty! There’s lots more I have to say to you, but my usually pithy note has now turned into a small Russian novel. So, once again, please let me say how deeply, deeply grateful I am to you all. I’ve loved reading your comments on the last page. Winona and I couldn’t wait to share that page with you—and to have such a big reaction to it… Well, that’s dream-come-true stuff for us. Thank you so much for being the most awesome readers in the world! 🙂


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  • LostResolve

    Loving this comic more and more as days go by

  • Hyperminimalism

    I don’t like the way that guy’s head is turned in panel two.  Looks like he’s got a case of the broken neck.  As always, great chemistry here between Deacon and Jeff.  I’m terribly interested in how they intend on getting out of the facility.  Surely, that’ll be the FUN part. 😀

  •  This page is SO great.

    Yes Deacon, don’t listen to anyone except for Jeff.
    I’m so glad the two get to finally be together.
    But apparently the danger is not over yet.

     Ahhh. Can’t wait till next update.

  • RustyBurrell

    I swear these days I only know what day of the week it is by whether or not there is a new page of this up. Best thing I’ve read online in ages. Wonder what happens to that B-word Maven now…

    • Aikka

      Haha, week looks like that: Wednesday, Saturday, and “these days between them i don’t remember names of”

    • That is an awesome compliment, RustyBurrell. Thank you.

  • Sneaky plans are sneaky.  Jeff, I now have even more reason to love you.  And Deacon too, naturally 🙂

  • ChopstickChick

    Hah bitch got what was coming to her that’s for sure.
    Is there a link available for the new comic anywhere? My friend and I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

    • The link for the new comic is coming! I’m just finishing up a few things with it! But soon! 😀

  • I swear each page just gets better and better. I may feel a smidge sorry for Maven but I’m too busy cheering about Deacon and Jeff to care!

    Brilliant page guys.

  • fujoshifanatic

    Ha ha! Lovely play on the title here, Alex! Glad to see the Deacon/Jeff humor is still there, even after all they have been through. I’m assuming Maven is still alive as a hostage/bargaining chip to get out of there; that should be interesting. Well, this made my hump day; now looking forward to the weekend and another page of Artifice (and the new comic once it’s up!)

    • Hehe. I was wondering if anyone was going to comment on the title in relationship to this page. 🙂

      Glad you’re enjoying the work!

      • ErykaSoleil

        I admit: I had to go look it up to find out I didn’t have quite the right meaning in my head. Very clever, Mr. Alex, Sir.

  • 😀 So awesome-sauce-tastic. I love everything right now. 

  • Are you going to post a link for Young Protectors? You caught my interest with the words ‘super heroes’. I’m a HUGE Marvel and DC fan, and more recently became a fan of the newer, younger generation of supers (New x-men, Young Avengers, Runaways, Young Justice, Teen Titans, and Avengers Academy). The title, Young Protectors, made me think of those. Are they similar? I can’t wait to read your new comic as well as continuing Aritifice! 

    EDIT: Oops! Sorry! Should have read the earlier comments about you posting the link. Lol. Either way, I found out!

  • Erica

    :] im so happy about what’s happening. Deacon!! no more following orders from n e one else but jeff!!!! >:U hahaha
    That uhhh bruise on maven’s neck just looks terribly severe O _:U IT SHALL!!!
    *throws cup on floor* totally irrelevant action, but whatever.

    • ErykaSoleil

      Disemboweled? Are you talking about the guy Deacon shoved his arm through when they came to retrieve Jeff and Deacon?

      • Erica

        yep yep so delightful.

        • ErykaSoleil

          Oh, o.k. That isn’t quite how I picture a disembowelment, that’s why I was confused. :p

  • Last panel Deacon= badass to the tenth power.
    If you weren’t already swamped with stuff, I’d suggest a figurine of Deacon dual wielding handguns.
    So now that Jeff is “rescued”, I’m wondering how they’re going to escape. They’re in a sealed room in the center of LetsPlayGodCorp. Jeff is injured (I’m still ticked at them for that) and it has been established that there are many armed guards. Maybe they can use herr Doktor as a bargaining chip?

    And a spin off? With superheroes?! *can die happy*.

    • Petra Lipar

      Isn’t Deacon just perfect there? 😀

    • A figurine of Deacon like that would be fun, wouldn’t it? I love that pose too. 🙂 And glad you like the idea behind the new comic!

      • ErykaSoleil

        Artifice figurines would make an awesome Kickstarter campaign, I think. 🙂

  • AnyOtaku

    It’s so great to see them talking together again! I though that this day eould never come hehe I found interesting the fect that although Deacon is on Jeff’s side, he makes Jeff tell the code because he nows that if someone ordered to kill Jeff he wouln’t be able to resist.
    Btw, new comic sure it’ll be amazing! Can’t wait to read ir!

    P.S: last Deacon sentence is really cool but when I see Maven’s face in the same panel i feel kind of sorry… But it only lasts some seconds

    • I definitely have sympathy for Maven. And that’s one of the things I like about how Winona drew that last panel. We get Deacon having his win, total bad-ass. But Maven is a character (some of us) have grown to care about and we should feel for her too. Nothing is totally black-and-white in this world. Nor should it be.

  • Now he can make him that grilled cheese sandwich, right?! 😀

  • I am super excited about the new comic. Of course I’ll keep reading, regardless of genre. Science fiction isn’t even my first choice in genre (I rather like 20th century fictional pieces, myself), but I’m happy to get into anything with nice characters and writing.

  • Flashback comic… with… all the sexy parts?

    • I’d love to be able to do it. I know exactly what scene I’d write… 🙂

  • This is such an epic page! ♥ I love how they are all happy and loving and together again. Aww. And I’m looking forward so much to read this new comic, too! It’s sounds awesome! I usually don’t like sci-fi, but you even got me adoring this webcomic, so no matter what else you create, I’m sure I’ll love it 😀

    • Thank you, Dauwdrupje! It’s very flatterig to hear that you got into Artifice even though you’re not a sci-fi fan. I look forward to having you with us for the next one! 😀

  • I love you so much this manga is awsome!!

    • ErykaSoleil

      I’m just curious: what makes this manga, as opposed to just a webcomic with really nice art?

  • ErykaSoleil

    It really makes my heart sink to see that the door is shunking and the observation window panel is whirring; this does not bode well.

    I’m glad Maven isn’t dead, but -ouch-. That neck looks horribly painful right now, in that I-wouldn’t-wish-it-on-anybody way. Considering that he only needed to silence her, though, it could have been much, much worse.

    And finally: Oh, noes! Cheryl is dead! How will Maven go on after this? 😉

    • She’s just unconscious, isn’t she? ISN’T SHE?!

    • aquadrago

       Maven has never looked better. She, and you, will survive, because without conflict, there is no plot.

      Hopefully the maven monster will have huge permanent scars

      • ErykaSoleil

        Ah, I see you’ve read my earlier comments where I argued how boring the story would be with no conflict.

  • OK! There are some bugs still to work out. *sigh* But I finally got the first pages of The Young Protectors up. Please check it out!

    • Aikka

      Bookmarked a link and will be checking for the updates 🙂
      Right now it’s a little to soon to say if i  will like it or not, but for sure will give it a chance, as i have good experience with your comics Alex xP

  • grinsekatze

    uh I just LOVE it!!!!

  • This page gave me the biggest smile ever. =] 

  • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

    It looks to me like Deacon and Jeff better hurry up if they want to escape Noneco HQ. They’re going to steal a ship, if they can, I just know it!

  • Aikka

    I noticed i still didn’t post a comment so..
    what can i say…

    i love the page <3

    reading it made me smile and happy ^-^

    Really good to see them together again ^_^
     (and not when one is told to kill the other)

  • Yukiness

    That last panel is just too awesome. Also love the bruising and discoloration of the skin. I’ve seen other yaoi where they make it look like mad dashes without giving it some tone (this includes the more S&M yaoi too). Subtle details are refreshing.

  • Oh my god I love these boys.  Knew they had something up their sleeves! <3

    Sorry, Clarice. *grin*  Better luck next time.

    And congratulations, Alex and Winona, on making that Kickstarter goal!  I can't wait for October! 😀

    • Thank you, Meghan! I’m really excited too! I can’t wait to get the books, hold them in my little paws and ship them all out to you! 😀

  • I have a feeling the end is near. I really love Artifice, I want it to last forever and ever and ever…  but all good things come to an end. It makes them all the more precious. On a side note, I’d like to see Jeff’s hair again.

  • *flail*  What–is this–I don’t even–I AM UNABLE TO CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!  I did NOT realize Deacon was such an excellent actor!  I wondered where the poking the dragon personality of his went once he hit Maven, but I’d assumed that Maven freaked him out.  I have to redo my theories on EVERYTHING!  Also, why do I feel like there was significant conversation about just this type of event and all of this crap was planned, in detail, by Jeff and Deacon?

    Also, Maven is going to be utterly INCAPABLE of being a therapist ever again, because she’s never going to have faith in her patients again, which is bad for a therapist.

    Lastly, I wanted to be one of the backers, I really, REALLY did, but I don’t know where I’m going to be living when you send out the physical copies and I don’t actually want a digital copy, because shite happens to those.  ;-;  I’m sorry~!  But at least you have good things happening from other people who CAN contribute!

    • Aikka

      <- Alex's reply to someone who asked similar thing.
       Maybe it would help you 🙂

    • Hi DivaLady! Hehe. You’ll have to let me know what you think after you revise your theories. 😉

      And yes, if a concern about not knowing where you’ll be is holding you back, don’t worry! Amazon actually doesn’t send me your physical address when your credit card is charged. Instead, they send me your email address so I can ask you directly (through a “Kickstarter Survey”) and I’m not going to send those out until just before I print, just for that reason. So, no worries, so long as you keep your email address current with Kickstarter, those books will find their way to you! 🙂

  • yellowrock

    I knew he could do it.  :3

  • I did not realize Deacon did that much damage to Maven’s throat I thought he just punched her voice box really hard so she couldn’t speak for a bit…I feel bad.  I also feel that Maven at one point did have some genuine sympathy for Deacon, for just a brief second, but in the end we all have our own will and our orders.  🙁  I was hoping that she would change and join them.  These boys will be on the run for a long time.  *_* 

  • Happy place achieved ^_^ But honestly, I must say that I am on the verge of tears at the thought of this ending. I know you said there are a few more pages to go, and I’ve already skimmed ahead and read all the available pages of The Young Protectors (which is interesting so far!) but it just doesn’t feel like it’s enough. I’m sure you’ll keep us all equally happy with your new work though. But allow me to mope a little when this officially ends. I can’t even remember what else I was going to say, so I’ll leave it at thank you for sharing your stories and art with us guys, you’ve made this little corner of the world a happier place. 

    • Paige Kuplinski

      I have to say I feel the exact way. I will probably follow and read everything they make but I can’t say for sure if it will have the same magic and chemistry of these characters, that said, I would most certainly love to be proven wrong

      • I totally hear you. But you want to know what’s funny? When Jeff was introduced, lots of people hated him. And I was warned again and again: “I’ll never believe a love story between these two!” Even with these characters, the magic took a little while to, well, work its magic! 😉 

        So I’m very glad to hear you’ll be willing to give The Young Protectors a chance! I don’t know if I’ll prove you wrong, but I’ll try my best! 🙂

        • Hate Jeff!? I was not aware that these mythical creatures existed. 

          But seriously, love is funny that way; you never know who you will fall for. It could be a stranger, a best friend or a supposed rival. It all depends on perspective, and how your wants/needs change over time. That and being stuck with one person for fifteen weeks can be an incentive to get along with that person for fear of going absolutely bonkers…not that an “inhuman” individual could go insane. Is that possible? He has emotions, and….hmmmm. 

          I have to rethink my theory now.

          • ErykaSoleil

            I admit that when I found the comic 29 pages in, I wasn’t totally sold on it. I read it from the beginning and thought it had great potential, so I gave it a few more updates to win me over, and ended up hooked. Honestly, I was mostly afraid that this would be some lame yaoi where the dominant guy subdues the prisoner, etc., etc. I’m so happy that’s not what it turned out to be, and I’m glad I decided to give it a chance.

    • Thank you, Mandy. I’ll miss putting out Artifice too. The only thing that makes me OK with it ending is the thought that at least some of you will stick with me on the next one. 🙂

  • Flo_over

    Good story telling is not just in one idea.  It’s in the presentation and the desire of the author to make the best they can make.  You seem to honestly desire to create quality stories, so I’ll be along for the ride in the new comic.

    • Thank you, Flo_over. That is absolutely my intention. I’m delighted to hear you’re planning on coming along for the ride for the next one. 😀

  • The worst thing about checking updates first thing in the morning; you have to wait that much longer for the next one. Really well done. Clarice is a sympathetic villain, but a villain none the less, so while I’m glad she’s not dead, I’m also glad she’s been put in her place. I do understand that she is simply following orders and is doing her job to the best of her ability, but she seems a bit too maliciously manipulative in some panels that make it really
    easy to cheer. I’ve been following since page 70-something-ish was posted and have been glued to my computer since. This is everything I could have dreamed of and more. Thanks so much for putting a scifi twist in gay literature (yes it still counts as a comic).   

    • You’re very, very welcome. Thank you so much for your very kind words! 🙂

  • First time poster..And I can’t help myself.
    I love this style, I love this story, and in the words of fellow friends of mine..


    That was the best twist ever. I look forward to future pages. <3

  • Everything’s turning for the better~ XD  Disabling Maven’s ability to speak’s enough, Deacon.  I hope he doesn’t kill her or anything.. She may have been an antagonist for the most part, but she’s just doing her job, and her evilness is quite delectable~ 😀

    Time for the great escape then~

  • Silentwisher

    Awesome! 😀 I love this! Im going to donate as soon as I can! I want a hard book copy so bad!

    • Thank you, Silentwisher! I look forward to sending you a copy! 🙂

  • Last panel = epic. Love the look of shock on Maven’s face and her fucked up neck LMAO! (hated her so much).

  • Ryn

    in the future: hospital gowns have pants.

    okay, i doubted Deacon a little too quickly. I must say the pair of them are quite the actors. Since Jeff’s the ‘resist till you’re dead’ type i found it weird that he was so subdued. The two of them must have found some way to get in contact with one another.

    •  I think that’s just the sheet, sorry to say.  This future may be more advanced, but i doubt it’s civilized enough to give its patients the dignity of pants.  xD

      • *examines panel* no, those are definitely pants.

        • W Nelson

          Yup.  Pants.

      • SteveMcSheffrey

         Look closely,  That’s definitely pants.  Ugly pants so it was probably not being more dignified but them hoping the fashion offense would make sure a gay android would get extra murderous…

    • ErykaSoleil

      Some hospitals will let you wear pants if you’re staying overnight or longer, as long as it doesn’t interfere with treatment. Or maybe the pants were part of his prison garb?

  • SteveMcSheffrey

    Honestly?  I had to stay away for three updates.  I was reasonably sure where it was going but the thought that Deacon would kill Jeff was bothering me so much I couldn’t bear even the slight possibility he’d do it.  The art and writing was too well done for me to take for granted I was right.  However, the throat punch to that malicious bitch made my wait worthwhile.  Thank you!

    • You’re very welcome, Steve. Glad to have you back. 🙂

  • Awesomeawesomeawesome comic! <3 

  • May I just say Deacon is looking incredibly sexy in that last panel.

  • Fulgin

    Alex, Winona – great work here.  Pulliing off “the big reveal” is expected, but making the page after the big reveal count – really count – well, that separates the master from the journeyman.   Deacon’s dialogue, for example, reveals three distinct layers of meaning, all of which reverberate nicely.  And despite the drastic changes in Jeff’s physical appearance, his body language is spot on.  Wonderful, wonderful work.

    • Thank you, Fulgin. Those are really wonderful, gratifying compliments. You’ve put a big smile on my face. 🙂

  • Hrilmitzh

    oh wow oh wow! love it! This comic is so fantastic 😀

  • Yeeessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!

  • i love how Deacon’s shadow in the second panel seems to be terrorizing Maven in to the corner while he’s busy being awesome.

    • ScreamingFurby

      And I like how the shadow of Jeff’s head is on Deacon’s crotch in panel 3. Yay, for subliminal Shadows <3

      • LOL

      • W Nelson

        Heeeeeeehehehe!  I knew someone would notice XD

  • Sam

    Yay for being blown away 🙂

    It’s so nice to see them together and smiling again, though it looks like they’ve got a tough time ahead of them getting out.  

    Also, I’d be willing to bet Jeff will “order” some sexy time once they’re safe, heh.  Though since Alex is offering a special “Happy Ending” print as one of the bonus rewards, part of me is worried they won’t get their happy ending in the comic…  The cover art for the book worries me as well, since it makes me wonder if it’s supposed to be abstract and symbolic or if it’s something still to come…  I really hope those thought processes make no sense and are wrong 🙁

    • I thought that also, but I’m gritting my teeth and repressing the image. Far too many stories with a gay lead turn out to be bittersweet or tragic. I’m hoping this is NOT what Alex has in mind. 

      The cover art seems to be symbolic, maybe even surreal, showing the struggle they endure to be together as the corporate soldiers symbolize society in general. But this is only a hypothesis. 

      • Sam

        I’m inclined to go with that hypothesis as well, though the harshness and urgency of the image is what makes me wonder otherwise :

        I’m sorry to say I’m not familiar with many stories featuring main characters who are gay, but I also REALLY don’t want a tragic or bittersweet ending to be the case for this story.  Yes, perhaps it could be argued that tragic/bittersweet endings might more accurately reflect “reality”…  But reality is changing.  It’s been in the works for a long time, and there’s still a long way to go, but reality is changing, at last.  I hope this comic will (continue to) affirm that change and, in giving Deacon and Jeff the happy ending they deserve, help to advocate it 🙂

  • imageist

    As happy as I am to see Deacon and Jeff pull through (so far), I can’t help but worry over the fact that the door and observation panel window have been security locked, but the looks of it (took a while to figure that out: the whirring is something going down, closing the window, and the “shunk” is the door shutting on itself).


    • Ambler

      Deacon doesn’t seem too concerned about it. He’s shooting out the lights, so maybe he’s expecting a team to come in, and then he’ll ambush them in the dark…

      :O Some Rambo shit going on up in here.

      • ErykaSoleil

        Actually, I think that’s the security camera he just terminated.

        • Ambler

          Oops. My bad.

          Okay, more like ‘Bank Job’ shit then…

  • Although I’m incredibly happy for how things turned out… I can’t order the printed comic book 🙁 I live in Perú, not the U.S.

    • Hey Ana! International orders are just fine, actually. You just need to pledge a little bit more to cover my additional shipping expenses. 🙂 It describes what you need to do on my Kickstarter page.

  • Last panel — Deacon takes a level in badass.

    • wasEnkidu

       Bringing him up to… what? LVL 20 Epic Badass?

  • Jenny Blue

    yay!!!!!!!! happy surprise! I didn’t think there’d be a page up but there it is! and it’s freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! and Alex launched another comic!!!!!!!! BEST DAY EVER!!!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!! my reaction as I looked at this page: omg a new page! aww how sweet…. goooo Jeff! his long spiel=you’re mine forever!!! aww jeff looks so cute. ‘good doctor’ heh. *wince* ouch poor jeff 🙁 O.O omg is he gonna kill maven!?! …then I read Alex’s post and I was like …A NEW COMIC!!!!!!!! OMG!!! gimme! …anyways yeah, and congrats on getting all your funding/donations Alex!! ^_^ yay!!! (and yeah I know I use too many ‘!’s, 😛 ) XD

    • Thank you, Jenny! Glad you’re enjoying what we’re putting out here! 😀

      • Jenny Blue

        oh I don’t enjoy it Alex, I Adore it! 🙂

  • I am SO happy for you Alex 😀 And for Jeff and Deacon too. That he is the only one who can give Deacon commands is super romantic somehow! <3

    I'll go read The Young Protectors as soon as I'm done being cuted out by this page.^^ I'm really relieved that I can keep on reading yaoi from you. Yours are the best!

    • I find it romantic too, actually…

      And thank you! I hope you’ll stick with me for the next one! 😀

  • wasEnkidu

    Would the bonus comic stuff be available outside of the pre-order push? I start my new job at the end of the month so until then, money is tight. But I really want to be able to see the bonus comics.

    • Hmm. I haven’t thought that far again. It will definitely be just for Kickstarter backers at first, but maybe in 2013 or 2014 I can create something that would make them available to a wider audience. 🙂

  • Oh man, the victory I feel on this page is so intense, especially with the first panel, with them kinda smiling at each other, and a little Deacon humor to go with it.

    I’m kinda half and half on the last panel, feeling very happy for Deacon and Jeff and actually almost a little bad for Maven; she seems like a hard lady to dupe, and when she gives a guy a break he goes and karate-chop-stabs her in the hyoid.

    I’m gonna have to stay happy for our boys, though.

    Congrats on Kickstarter! I may have to go and see if I can’t pre-order. Follow up comic, what :V That’s incredibly exciting. As a long time reader here, I’m positive that I’ll be enchanted with this next production. Thank you, Alex and Winona, for all your hard work.

    • Thank you, Kristen, for the congrats and the vote of confidence. You’re very welcome to all the hard work—wonderful readers like yourself make it all worth it. 🙂

      (And I too feel a bit mixed with that last panel, but ultimately also choose to be happy for our guys. 🙂 )

  • C K

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    Secondly: SO HAPPY with this comic.  I take back my two weeks of cursing out Deacon.  While I am always scared that seemingly-happy endings will go badly, I’m so happy that there’s this good moment here and that this was all planned to begin with.  And I continue to adore Jeff so so much.

    While I was, for a while, on Team Maven Is Just Doing Her Job, I’m honestly looking forward to seeing some karmic payback here.  Not really for her treatment of Deacon so much as nearly pulling the plug on someone she knew was harmless — and all for some good old-fashioned mindfuckery.

    Also: that last panel, with Deacon’s arms braced with a gun in each hand, and the shadow along his abdominals?  That’s a gorgeous shot, especially contrasted with Maven’s oh-shit face.  The art for this series is amazing.

    • I agree. I love the pose Winona created for Deacon in that last panel. Much fun. 🙂

      Thank you for the vote of confidence for The Young Protectors! As I’ve said, it’s different from Artifice but even more fun in some places and pretty much just as much Alex, for better or worse. 😉

      And thank you also for such a thoughtful comments. I really enjoyed hearing what emotions this page evoked for you… and your take its implications.

      I look forward to getting that copy of Artifice out to you! 😀

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    OH – and don’t get me started on how Maven’s nails are the same color as her earrings and dress suit.
    Those kinds of details make me feel like these characters are real people. Too bad Deacon is spoken for. and gay. and in-human. and a figment of Alex’s imagination…

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    Great great writing tho 🙂

    • Thanks for the props, Jeff. And I definitely have sympathy for Maven too.

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    • You’re very welcome, Sarah. Thank you very much for all the kind words—and for helping to spread the word (that’s always helpful!). 

      I agree, the world could use more well-written gay fiction—particularly great genre fiction. 😀

      I hope your brother enjoys it. And I look forward to seeing you on the next page!

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    Also, I have to comment on Ms. Nelson’s artwork–it’s absolutely beautiful.  The emotions come across realistically and believably, and her character designs are fantastic.  I once again find myself crushing on sexy comic book dudes, which I thought I’d grown out of.  Thank you for proving me wrong, I guess?

    I can’t wait to see what happens next!

    • ErykaSoleil

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    • Hey, thank you, Josh, for sharing your experience of reading Artifice for the first time—and with such lovely specific details. Very much fun for me to read! And thank you also for your very kind words.

      Welcome to the site! 😀

      (And yes, crushing on 2D guys. Something I did as a kid. And still do quite a lot of, actually… 😉 )

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    Anyway, I’m also happy to see that this ending is starting to look a little brighter =)  They’re still deep within the corporation, so escaping will be tricksy, but I’ve obviously learned to not underestimate Deacon XD  And with Jeff being his apparently permanent “master” for lack of a better term, I’m quite looking forward to seeing the destruction he leaves in his wake.  Let it be a lesson to all at NoNeCo… do NOT screw with people’s emotions and loved ones!  Even if those people are artificial!

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