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Artifice Page 8

41 Comments on Artifice Page 8

Love that expression in Panel 4. (And Winona’s painting of the corporate campus through the window…)

We’re getting to know Maven a little better. What do you all think about her now?

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  • At least she’s honest.

  • I like her she reminds me of my mother lol.

    • LOL! That’s hysterical. Now I totally want to meet your mother…

  • Rocket

    I flipping love his excuse~
    I’ll have to use it…
    Keep up the good work, Alex, this is turning out to be fun <3

    • Thank you! And yep, Deacon is nothing if not… creative. 🙂

  • Alex, isn’t this supposed to be set in the future? A future distant enough to include space colonies and artificially intelligent humaniform androids? What the crap is a keyboard doing in the BG of panel 5? Has UI design really progressed no further? 🙂

    I kid. Keep up the great work.

    • Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce one of my best friends, Bill Simmon, one of the hosts of Poli-Sci-Fi Radio. Howdy, Bill. 😉

      And if we’re going to quibble, I would think that the stylus Maven is using with her touchpad would be the much less likely outcome of current tech trends than the venerable keyboard. I mean, styluses are outmoded tech right now in 2011, right?

      But of course, as you well know, this “future” was, in part, inspired by my favorite sci-fi film of the 80s. So, you shouldn’t be surprised to see all kinds of wacky tech. Maybe even machine guns attached to Steadycams… 😉

    • Stig Hemmer

      Actually, I think it will be a long long time before we see the last of the keyboard. The keyboard is an amazingly efficient way of communicating with a computer.

      Humans are tool-users, our hands are very strongly linked to our minds.

  • ehhh we’re getting into the feelin things again, why i wil never agree to fembots or any artificial intelligence for that matter, they always gotta, ‘feel’

    • The funny thing is, I think you’ll find Deacon shares your sentiments… 🙂

  • lovin it deacon is so cute in his manner and the doc is great a hardass but sweet at the same time

  • Character development is very importent…good job

  • I like Maven; she’s serious about her work, but is not without a sense of humor. 🙂 Oh, Deacon, you and your witty remarks! I get a sort of “childish defiance” vibe from Deacon towards Maven, as if to say “I know you’re in charge, but at least let me have my fun,” kind of feeling. Very cute! 😉

  • Love these, when the next one!!!?

    • Glad to hear it! The next one is up next Saturday. (Unless that donation bar hits $250 before Wednesday. If that happens, then I’ll post the next one up on Wednesday. 🙂 )

  • awesome! it’s become a saturday night ritual for me to come home and read this! also loving the wallpapers being sent out via email 😀 absolutely awesome!

    • Aw, that makes me very happy to hear, Thomas! One of the main motivations I have in creating these comics is the hope that they might add a little fun to people’s day. Maybe even brighten one of the harder days. It’s great to hear that Artifice is becoming a regular destination for you.

      And I’m glad you like the wallpapers I’m sending out to subscribers of my mailing list! Those are a bit of an experiment. Thank you for letting me know what you thought of them!

  • I finally got a chance to read some of your comics.. And I’m completely hooked! Can’t wait for the next page!

  • It seems that you have a new fan here, mister W. 🙂

    I really, really like the art. The story telling in the panels too and the characters.

    Basically, my kind of comic- not too rushed story telling but on a good pace. ;))))

    (ahaha this is me blabbering really)

    • Thank you! (And you don’t come off as blabbering at all, really.)

      I’m glad you like that the story telling isn’t rushed. Because I’m releasing this a page a week, there’s a temptation to cram a lot of story into every page. But I think it’s better to have a story with a good pace that draws you in and builds than to try to do too much all at once. It’s nice to hear that that works for you. 🙂

  • I love this comic so far! Keep up the good work!

  • At first I picked up on the art, but the writing is definitely starting to draw me in. At only 8 pages, even. Good job.

    • Thank you very much! That very flattering,

      I’m really enjoying reading my way through your webcomic, Toilet Genie , myself!

      • >< I always feel incredibly shy about other creators reading TG. IT ISN'T FINISHED. It will look like a badly written mess until it's finished. ;__; a;jkdf;ajlksdljk;asd;ljkasd

        But thank you for your kind words.

  • Modelled after Dr. Susan Calvin, or coincidence? 😮

    • As I don’t know who Dr. Susan Calvin is, I’d say coincidence! 🙂

    • I just read up on her on Wikipedia. And after reading that, I must have read something about here before, because I remember getting the term “robopsychologist” (which I’ve used in some Artifice promo materials) from reading Asimov.

      And both characters are women and could be called “driven”. But after that, I do believe the similarities would end. But I’ll be curious what people who know that character better will say…

  • I really like this comic so far. It’s really interesting 🙂

    • Noriam Gutierrez

      I love you. Maybe it’s just your profile picture, but I want to marry you.

  • Love this! <3

  • love this comic!!! continue on!!!

  • This comic was my gateway to Yaoi 911. 🙂 Can’t wait to see more of it!

  • I really want to see where Deacon takes the “well, would YOU like it?” accusation. Moreover, what Maven makes of it.
    I just realized, too, that I feel a little guilty for not complimenting the art. Just too busy cramming as much of the plot into my mouth as I can. I think what I like best about the art is how it’s easy on the eyes, but it’s the fun sort where as you keep looking, you get more and more out of the expressions and gestures the characters are making.

  • niko_kao

    yeah the doc’s face was really graet, is a excellent composition n’ with the accusation really shocking, no one will like it or not??

  •  She’s a bit of a bitch, no?

  • samae

    Second to last panel, her face is KILLING ME. Shes sooo soo coy?

  • he is sexy… 😛

  • DarkFeanix21

    Ah, what a clever little inhuman he is. Protecting the man’s lungs, indeed.

  • Kabbalist

    Alex, I’m very late to the party on Artifice (I just wandered over from The Young Protectors, where I’m on Ch 1, pg 11), but after seeing so much praise for it from readers on your other webcomic, I had to check it out. So far, I’m favorably impressed and intrigued. Somehow I think this is going to be a good Sunday for me. 😉 I’m still neutral on Dr. Maven and our handsome protagonist, as I’ve hardly gotten to them yet.