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Artifice Page 66

138 Comments on Artifice Page 66

Well, now, that’s a very pleasant smile, Dr. Maven. 🙂

And gosh, look at that pretty night sky!

We have new Fan Art from qui-gon-robot—”Hipster Jeff”! Thanks, qui-gon-robot!



The 17th bonus page in a row! And after Saturday’s regular update, we’ll have ANOTHER bonus page on Wednesday, January 18th! And we’re already at $182 towards the next bonus page after that!

You will not be DENIED! 😀

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Thank you all so, so much! 😀

So… Maven has now heard Deacon’s complete tale. We’re all caught up to the present. Tune in this Saturday to find out what conclusions the good doctor draws!

Hope to see you there!

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  • Erin Timberlake

    That calm face just SCREAMS the added “…now we’re going to shut you down and kill your boy, have a great day”.

    • erunuo

      I was just thinking the same ;_;

  • Wowza.  This page is quite the birthday present!  The night sky is utterly beautiful, the moon is amazing, and for some reason, Maven is faintly smiling.  This makes me nervous.  It probably should, since I don’t think the woman has looked happy since….hmmm….when has she looked happy again?  I’m not sure we’ve seen it before this page.

    After an extremely long day of dodging and questioning, along with answers that don’t suit, the day has ended.  I am really REALLY curious about what the next page will bring, now that we’re no longer in Flashback-land. 

    Also, I didn’t post somthing on the previous page, but I think I will now.  Alex, this is an AMAZING story.  Speaking as someone who proofreads for funsies (yes, this is true; ask my friends), your characters are clear, concise, and perhaps most important, REMAIN IN CHARACTER at all times.  Your storylines are fresh and interesting, and believable.  Stop doubting yourself.  You’re awesome.  If you want me to make a shirt with a gold star on it, then mail it around to all the people here who have been reading Artifice and Tough so they can sign it and give you tangible proof of how utterly fabulous we think you are, I would…but I think the gold star would be covered by the sheer number of signatures.

    ::huggles:: Thank you for my birthday present!  I shall have slightly nervous but good dreams now 🙂

  • Jeago

    W-why unbuttoning? You’re m-making me nervous…

    • michael worthy

      She is actually buttoning up her blouse/jacket/thingie. If you notice in the first few panels it is undone. Presumably she is getting ready to leave, which is why she put her coffee/tea back, etc.

  • The bitch is obviously insane. The calm face is just so eerie, you FEEL something terrible is going to happen. 

  • Ok…this Maven scares me more than any other….. >____________>

  • I am leaning more and more toward a theory somebody had a while back, with Maven pushing him and bitching him out to test how violent he really was.  Not once has he threatened her, and now that she’s finally gotten straight answers out of him she sees the full cause of his previous violence.

    That isn’t to say that her report is gonna be positive–he’s a commodity who didn’t do his job, after all–but I’m still gonna add this to Reasons I Love Dr. Maven. <3


  • *shudders* This can’t be headed anywhere good… not for Deacon and Jeff, anyway…

  • xenie

    Maven is scary in this… wow, Love it!


  • I have been looking forward to this update all day! First impression…the good doc is undressing so she can throw herself at Deacon. 
    Even she can’t resist his sexiness. 

  • ToryKasper

    I’m with others who have already posted >> This sweet, bushytailed looking Dr. Maven frighten’s me more than she has on any other page… << it's unnerving, and I can only imagine how Deacon must feel.

  • Is she doing what I think she’s doing

  • HannahDJA

    Somehow… that moon doesn’t look like a moon… it looks like a faraway Earth… o.o

    It’s probably nothing. But still… o.o;;

    And it looks like I’m not the only one who drew the conclusion that in the last panel, Maven looks like she’s about to start undressing herself. xD I’m so used to seeing her over-coat opened all the time, that when it changed, I was like… HEH??!? WHY CREEPY DOCTOR GET NAKED?!?

    I like the fact that for once, Maven isn’t angry looking, or scary, but then, that makes it all the more frightening, doesn’t it? I agree with previous theories stated about how she was testing Deacon, and now that the test is passed, she’s about as threatening as a pet-store bred bunny. xD That is, if there really was a test…. o.O;;

    Can’t wait for the next update!!

    • Yukiness

      I’m glad I’m not the only person who noticed that about the “moon”. There was another page in which the “moon” first appeared and it looked alot like earth.

  • HannahDJA

    Her over-coat was open previous to what looks to be her undressing in the last panel. xDD She was buttoning is up. xDD I thought the same thing. Hahaha.

  • JM

    Aaaand she calls him by his number again. She’s not talking to a person anymore, clearly. He’s given her all the info she wanted and now its time to shut him down and record all of his “malfunctions” so that they don’t make mistakes with the next model. This makes me mad, but I know that as soon as he asks about Jeff he won’t get an answer.
    I can sense that this comic is coming to an end soon….what will I read every Wednesday and Saturday after this? Do you know that you have one of the only intelligently written BL comics that isn’t all about gratuitous body shots and sex? I’d be very happy if this went on for much, much longer and that when it finally comes to an end, you write something even more brilliant. Because clearly you were put on this earth for no other reason than to serve your fans 😉

    • JM

      Also the sky is SO pretty. Damn.

  • Erica

    le gasp. The lady.. lol she has a split personality. Deacon should be her therapist XPP That is one awfully… sweet smile too. Ahhhh Saturday. you’re so far away. i love itt :]

  • Adnoxaei

    Oh suspense! What happens now?! I can’t wait. Her personality has bounced all over the place. It makes her kind of unpredictable in my mind. 

  • Uh~ Why is she fumbling with her clothes on the last panel…? 0_o Oh Gods, she wouldn’t do “that” to Deacon would she?!? That is just going to scar me… Please, say it ain’t so!!! 

    • No, she’s just doing up her jacket 😀

  • Yukiness

    Deacon’s face in panel 3…it makes me want to take him home.

    Somehow, I am not surprised by Maven’s actions now. Although this is supposed to be therapy, she basically handled him like a cop in law and order. This was less of a therapy session and more like an advanced interrogation. Like any interrogator, she had to make her clearly reluctant target comfortable; in order to do that, she sympathized with him. When that effect wore off and Deacon was trying to take control over the situation, he balls dropped and she became his drill sargent. Once her dominance had been firmly established, she used his own terms against him. Now that all is said an done, she reverts back to her good cop persona while simultaniously reestablishing the rift between them, hence adressing him by serial number and not Deacon. Looking at her from that stand point makes me respect her, because that is not an easy thing to do.

    And that night time setting at the NoNeCo head quarters looks amazing. It has a vitality to it when you take away the light, like all medical/scientific establishments.

    Can’t wait for the next update.

  • I get the chills from looking at Maven’s face. So… cold… ;.; Don’t kill Deacon!!! Or Jeff! (Or yourself! xD )

  • Alyssa Victoria


  • Aikka

    *suspiciously looks at Maven* I’m not sure what to think about it… o..o

    Can’t wait for the next page o..o

  • C K

    I admit to at first thinking she was unbuttoning her jacket, which made me choke on my coffee, thinking this was going to turn into “Mrs. Robinson, you’re trying to seduce me!” scenario.

    As one of the other commenters below pointed out, the fact that she’s calling Deacon by his number instead of his name seems significant.  (I think I remember my high school writing class teacher telling us: “Lots of times, if someone refuses to call people by the name they ask to be called, they’re a villain.  It’s one of the most basically rude things you can do.”)

    I’m hoping Deacon will start asking some questions about what she’s planning and what she’s going to do, because I do get the sense that her smile is a satisfied one — she’s gotten all the information she needs and, to her mind, has a clear course of action to follow.  Which I imagine would involve wiping Deacon’s memory/personality or some other way to deal with him.

    Once again, excellent comic, and I am on the edge of my seat waiting for the next one!! (Also, Winona: the view outside the window is *gorgeous*.)

    • Starr R

      She’s also buttoning it up, not unbuttoning.

      • C K

        I did eventually catch it, but I was thrown when I first glanced at it. xD

  • Travis

    Maven’s reflection in the first panel is lovely. And her saccharine smile in the last panel is utterly terrifying. Plus the actions of pouring th coffee back and buttoning of her jacket strike me as quite forboding.

    On a lighter note: damn gurrl… lighten up. Fer serious. XD

  • Aerendyll

    I’m in love with panel 3. If that became a wallpaper, It would be mine for a long, long time.

  • Wow, that moon really DOES look like earth!  Anyway, I’m so anxious to see what happens next. I know this can’t be the end of the story, not by a long shot, but still anxious.

  • thisboybroken

    WTH???? Now she is all nice? Cannot wait to find out what that is about

  • HoneyThistle

    Whooboy…  Something tells me her suddenly civil manner does NOT bode well for Deacon…

  • and she put the tea back in the pot??? wtf is that??? is she a pig ??

  • fujoshifanatic

    Yukiness and JM took the words right out of my mouth, or rather, keyboard (for once!); I just want to add that the art is GORGEOUS on this page (the treatment on the window with the night sky and Maven’s reflection, Deacon’s poor, despondent face in panel three, Maven’s measured expressions throughout — artgasms all around!). Winona, you’re a genius!

    That being said, this page is terrifying me more than anything that has happened before (the last thing Maven says! *bites fingernails to the quick*). Waiting for Saturday will be torture!

    But I will wait, Master *waiting patiently on knees, trembling*. More please! 😛

  • AnyOtaku

    Now I’m actually pretty scared…. I wonder what is going to happen next! What is going to happen with Jeff? Will Deacon try to visit him?  Ahhhh I can’t wait!

  • timeaesnyx

    D+#s not deacon. Not promising 

  • Ryn


    i don’t trust that smile…not at all.

    i wonder if Deacon can hack the security cameras by remote to see what’s going on at Jeff’s end.

  • I have a feeling the next page will be when Maven tells Deacon he’s going to be scrapped.

    • Momo Javrotsky

      I feel the same, sadly D:

      • Miyu_chan

        I’m not sure. I mean she’ll probably want him to be scrapped knowing that Jeff, the human he broke his programming for and fell in love with, is either being tortured for the information he claimed to have or dead because of him. He did say that he knew why Deacon did what he did. I’m sure they’ll want to get that information from him. By the way, it seems that Maven is getting ready to go out (buttoning her blazer and the trench coat on the chair (or is that a straight jacket?)). Hopefully we’ll get to see Jeff soon.

  • Darby Roorda

    I do not trust that sweet face of yours Maven. I believe that she’s going to lie or something and say that Jeff is already dead, just to see how deep Deacon’s grief would be. I wouldn’t put it past that heartless b-….woman.

    I read that you don’t always believe our praise. You so silly. This is all so amazing and you should know that by now, you silly goose. The pacing of this comic is so perfect that I eagerly await the next page, but I don’t get super frustrated at the pace. Absolutely perfect. You and the others do fabulous work. Always know that!

  • leorising

    Oh, so Maven’s finally heard the end of the tale, and now she’s going to — take off her jacket?! Wait, *WHAT*??? D:

    • She’s buttoning up her jacket not taking it off. Look at panels 2 and 4. 

      • leorising

        Yes, I really should have some coffee before I post. Bit of a panic over nothing, eh? Thanks for the heads up.

    • No, I think she’s buttoning it UP – it’s open in the previous panels. Ominous all the same, tho.

      • leorising

        Oh! Oh thank heavens. I thought things were going REALLY strange there for a second.

        Thanks for the heads up! Next time I’ll have coffee before I post.

  • Krondor2000

    I know I said it before, so I’ll say it again. THIS. IS. SO. NOT. ENDING. WELL. 🙁

  • Mercedez Clewis

    Is she undoing her blouse? I feel like she’s going to take off her clothes and be Jeff. 😀

  • Mercedez Clewis

    Actually, scratch that. She’s definitely Jeff’s mom.

    •  how? Jeff saw her dead and buried… Deacon spent a lot of time in that room with a photographic memory he woulda recognized her.

  • Syanana

    Is Maven actually Jeff’s mama? or something… or is she gonna kill of Dea? or..omg… send him off to the torture room?! D:

  • Elizabeth

    Kinda scared I feel like she’s going to back hand him or something and then send him away to the junk pile.

  • Somehow it crossed my mind before when I first saw Maven, that she might be Jeff’s mother.

    Then I remember a picture frame at Jeff’s room with someone who looks like Maven.


    Deacon let me hug you.

  • ithilloke

    Ew! Why did she pour the coffee back in the pot?

    • Adnoxaei

      Sadly, I’ve seen it done in real life 🙁

  • yeah…. this isn’t gonna end well for either Jeff or Deacon.

    • xD She’s not /unbuttoning/, she’s /buttoning/. Her jacket thingy is open in all the other panels.

      Edit: …Stupid thing, this was meant to be a reply to ithilloke. Sorry about that. xD

  • SteveMcSheffrey

    Is it telling that she stopped using his name?  If she reasserts for herself that Deacon is a created thing, then she can cut down on any guilt she feels about having him put down like a dog…

    • SigmundReimann

      My thoughts precisely…

  • Lithekitty

    I don’t trust that smile Maven. I love you… but I really don’t trust that smile.

  • Winterlove

    O_o Is it just me or is she beginning to undress…
    Omg please say shes not about to do something I dont want to see…

    • She’s buttoning up her jacket. See how it’s not buttoned in the first few panels? 

      • yellowrock

        Good catch, I thought we were going to see that lap dance after all!

      • Winterlove

        Oh thank god you pointed that out, I was not paying attention and just had a minnie OMFG moment!

  • AJTheShifter

    How can she be Jeff’s mom?  She was not on the side that this “corporation” is on, remember, they just went to kill everyone there.  Anyway.  I think she is getting naked time.  The gods send us mercy!

  • Matthew Keevil

    Who wants to bet that Deacon’s killbot computer has been calculating the ideal way to take her out before she has a chance to speak a killswitch command all this time?

  • yellowrock

    She’s looking kinda creepy on this page.  She’s planning something, I know it!

  • It looks…like she’s reaching to take off her clothes…hmmm~

    • RustyBurrell


    • She’s buttoning her jacket closed.

  • RustyBurrell

    I’m scared. All of a sudden she’s all nice and sweet.

  • Well now I’m nervous. Eep.

  • Brittany Brain

    I like how she’s just all calm now. What’re you planning, Maven…

  • Ryn

     It amuses me greatly that so many think She’s strippin’ down. XD

  • Etycis

    Guys, she’s buttoning her jacket up. I have a feeling she’s gonna perma-turn Deacon off.. :< D, get out of there babe! Go save you're hairy cat nip thing.

  • Arukado

    Aside from Homestuck, updates for this comic are definitely one of the most anticipated parts of my week! It’s nice to finally have a comic that centers around a homosexual relationship while, at the same time, not falling into the tired “seme and uke” tropes. No respect to comics that do, however, but they just really aren’t my thing.

    In any case, I am very excited to see what happens this Saturday. You both never fail to disappoint!

  • Dex X.


  • Holy shit I don’t like the sound of that Maven! I don’t trust that woman!!!

  • LOL. I’m buried under work here, but y’all are cracking me up with the “stripping Maven/she’s going to seduce Deacon like Mrs. Robinson from The Graduate! ” comments. 😀

    She is not trying to seduce him.

    Would you like Maven to seduce Deacon? Is that what you’re trying to tell me?


    • michael worthy

      No wai! Deacon x Jeff 4 evah!!!! :3

    • Ryn

      Oh god no! Maven getting her happy off has to be a sign of the apocalypse.  *hides*

      and her face might crack from expressing to many good emotions.

    • leorising

      Nonono! When I thought Maven was taking her jacket off, it was a brain-bleach moment. I was ever so happy to be straightened out on the matter. Eeeep!

      • wasEnkidu

        Or gayed out as the case happens to be.

    • C K

      Well, it’d certainly be a twist on what was promised.  “Yaoi 911: Artifice, the Gay Sci-Fi Webcomic Presents: …Some Sudden Heterosexual Sex! “

    •  *waves hands franticly* no no no no no thank you we’re good I think…  *naked maven is the very last thing on abbi’s christmas list*

  • The way shes smiling so sweetly freaks me the hell out.

    I’m distinctly reminded of  an Isaac Asimov story called Robot Dreams, a scientist  actually developes a program that gives a robot something similar to a dream, and in the dream the robot sees other robots doing work, in harsh conditions. He then sees a man go to the top of a hill nearby and shout ‘Let my People go!’

    Upon further questioning the robot then identified himself as the man. Not a robot, a man.

    The lead scientist took out a gun and shot him immedietly.

    So, I’ve liked Maven alot throughout this story, and I praaaaay she doesnt attempt the same thing. (I know there wouldnt be a story anymore, but still!!)

    • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

      I do so love Asimov’s approach to ethics and morality as concerns humans and artificial life forms.

      Clever scientist. Cruel. But clever. There is no way humanity could compete with robots on equal footing, and the scientist had to put an end to it while he still could do so easily, or possibly see humanity destroyed by very adaptive robots run amuck.

      Funny I should read lots of Asimov as a child, and ended up living in Pittsburgh, just walking distance from Carnegie Mellon University’s Field Robotics center, where they’re developing robots, and (hopefully) remembering to make them all three laws safe.

      Nice to see another Asimov fan here 😀

      • XD Yay! Another sci-fi nerd! Lol, I’m not a giant fan unfortunately, I just know what I know cuz of the books my dad has shoved in my face. I’ve only read half of Robot Dreams (the short story book I got rhe above reference from) and I’ve read Prelude to Foundation at least twice and I heart it so. XD aand thats all I’ve read. lol
        And I’ve seen ‘I,Robot’ if that counts for anything lol.

  • Wow, it’s amazing to see so many people so oblivious to the details…lol.

  • Jen

    D: I love to hate her!

  • CommodoreZelda

    She’s scaring me, she’s too nice… she’s gonna say they have to shut him down and reprogram him or something. Whatever she decides, it’s not gonna be good. And then Deacon’s gonna have to break through all the walls of the building to get out and find Jeff and rescue him and run away and have hot, steamy sex… Nevermind, I actually like this scenario. 🙂

  • aquadrago

    Controlling, arrogant doctors like Maven are overwhelmingly male. It would be comforting to get to watch her die.

    • wasEnkidu

      There’s very little chance of that, Aquadrago. She’s got a fanclub and I’m in it.

  • Miyu_chan

    I could not wait any longer to comment, found this comic a few days ago, and breezed through it. I’m on edge! Maven is one of those characters I hate, hate her with a passion, however… she is actually somewhat pretty against that beautifully gorgeous night sky. Maybe it’s her neutral and smiling face. 
    For some reason, I find it very strange that she`s pouring her unfinished tea back into the teapot instead of just leaving it on the serving tray…The sky and the city in the first panel, oh my god, beautiful work!

  • Maven’s smiling?!  HOSHIT!  *starts running*

  • Superjenny

    Creepy, smiley Maven… I don’t like her when she’s happy… Go back to being a sour old bat, at least I knew what to expect – arrogance and cynicism. But smiling? That’s just… Weird. o.O

  • She’s a robot!!!Well that’s my guess. 🙂

  • omg, I’m so scared ;; what will u do, Maven…

  • Cold Maven, just so cold. Yeah, I noticed how she dropped his name at the end there. Calculating shrew. I’m more scared for Jeff than Deacon though. I have a feeling he is not going to be in a pretty state when we see him next. In other news, the night back drop is just so pretty :3 Fantastic as always guys! ♥ Mandy

  • Jacqueline Ferrigno

    >_> Anyone else feel like she’s about to take her cloths off in that last panel. *timid* @_@ Never mind, I’m a tard. I didn’t realize she was closing it.

  • BayouKun

    Why do I get the feeling that she’s going to write a fanfic instead of a report? She’s got enough material to do that. Sorry, can’t help it, since I’d do that if I was her. XDD

  • Well, she DOES like she’s going to strip right there! Which is an amusing thought. But no, I noticed that she’s closing, but stripping would be a lot more interesting!

    And I think Maven is plotting on that pretty head of hers. And whatever she’s plotting, it’s gonna be real cool.

    • wasEnkidu

      Yeah but she’s not giving ANYONE any hints! Not YOU, not ME, especially not DEACON… >.<

      • Ryn

        I still can’t decide if she’s the enemy. corporate tool, yes. she must be a wizz at poker…

        • I’ve been jerked around by people like her long enough to say
          that she’d probably shoot Jeff in the head and sleep soundly.  yeah no doubt in my mind she’s the enemy.

  • Maven doesn’t sound like she’s about to really help out…she just sounds sadisfied…

  • OMG!  In that last panel I though she was UNbuttoning her jacket…. Naughty Maven!

    Damn… then I looked back and realized she was buttoning it UP *dreams crushed*

  • eleutherios

    Go boil your head, you tyrannical hell-hag.  And you’ll tell us where Jeff is or we’ll see how a nice big bottle of black ink agrees with that pastel monstrosity you’re wearing.

  • Now do we find out what happened to our boy Jeffy?
    Either way I’d like action outside of therapy.

  • llbutters

    Wow, that sky really does look awesome!

  • Completely suspicious of her. I dont think she’s out to do Deacon any favors… :/

  • Sky looks AWESOME, and wow, using his number instead of his name, it’s like she’s trying to push that he’s a robot and nothing more…..nice.

  • mikakitten

    I agree with everyone, sky looks fantastic! I can’t wait to see Jeff, I wonder if she is on her way to talk to him next. Soooo exciting that we are moving into new, present stuff, even though I did love seeing the relationship being established. :3 cuteness!

    I don’t know if it’s just me…and I am sorry if this is unhelpful or a stupid comment…but the last panel really made me giggle because of the way that Maven is buttoning (or unbuttoning) her jacket….for some reason it looks really sexy and I got a mental image of her taking her clothes off and trying to see if Deacon is truely capiable of ‘sexual relationships’. XD haha! Probably thinking WAY too into this…but she is a rather attractive dominatrix figure!! And an interesting one to boot!! Sorry for the silliness!! She’s just HOT!

  • sincostax

    That was so cute ;u; I still think it was uber sad when Deacon was lying on the floor kinda crying. Not sure if that was cause his eyes were open so long or if it was cause of Jeff, but I like to think it was Jeff ;u;
    I look forward to seeing them together present day and what happens next! ;D

  • Why does Dr. Maven look like Jeff?? Am I the only one who just noticed this? @_@ It’s sorta creepy actually. *shudders* Why is she going to remove her jacket? Is she just going to come out and say “It’s me Jeff and I love you so much Deacon” @_@ Guess I’ll just have to wait.

  • Maven makes me very nervous in the last panel…why does she appear to be unbuttoning her jacket?

    • Because no one’s bothering to notice it’s unbuttoned in the beginning 😉

  • Wait. Wait, what?

    I’m not sure if this is good or not – and why is she -smiling-!? That’s just creepy!

    (And the night sky is beautiful; I love the added details like the warning lights at the top and the various office lights left on.)

  • Camping for now, camping for later!

  • Now, see, if this were my other favorite comic, this next upload would be a jarring comic of a screaming bird, this making us wait another few days! >__________> 😀

    • Rissicat

      Oh, yelling-bird…

  • qu_gon_robot

    Does anyone other then myself actually wish that it really did end badly? Like a beautiful tragedy? Anyone..? *dives in for a high five and is left hanging till the second coming*

    • Superjenny

      ~gives you high five~  Nope, you’re not alone.  Depression powers, activate!

  • im pretty sure shes the dude he like….or just perverted old lady haha :’D

  • Wow, I feel like I’m the only one who isn’t suspicious of Maven’s sudden niceness. I think she’s fully established that Deacon has transcended his artificial creation and become human, thus meaning he’ll need to be kept functional to study. And Jeff, as the catalyst of this important transformation, also would need to be kept around.
    I suspect her unpredictable and borderline-violent behavior before was an interrogation technique, to keep Deacon off-balance enough to get direct and honest answers out of him. He obviously showed earlier how sly he could be in finding legitimate reasons to do illegitimate things, so it was important to keep him from being able to accurately analyze and think through the situation. Though she’s playing the role of villain here, I think there’s a lot more to her than that.

    Haha, but maybe I’m just being overly optimistic. Perhaps we’ll find out in a few hours. 😛

  • Very sleepy… Again, thinking about posting up early….

  • strangeangel24601

    My thoughts exactly!

    • strangeangel24601

      Gah, meant for this to be a reply to Toki’s comment just below, don’t know how I managed to screw that up…

  • I’m scared! Why is she beginning to strip. She’s being way to pleasant. This is the Dr. Maven we love to hate!

    • Saberri

       …She’s buttoning her jacket.

  • SolrSurfr3

    I’m not sure I like where this is going. I think I liked her better when she was yelling and bitching. 0_0

  • DarkFeanix21

    Now I’m nervous. Very nervous. Who would have thought Maven could be even scarier when she was acting calmly than when she was shouting at poor, confused Deacon?

  • Oh boy…she’s calling him D3763 now instead of Deacon. Oh man. That’s terrifying…

  • Snorlaxation

    Looking back at how calm and cool Maven sounds (and looks), it’s literally kinda terrifying.