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Artifice Page 64

127 Comments on Artifice Page 64


We have new Fan Art from Artifice superfriend, Aikka. This time Jeff and Deacon go where none of my characters have ever gone before—onto human nails! Take a look. 🙂


The 16th bonus page in a row! SWEET!

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I hope to see y’all this Saturday for Page 65! What do you think happens next?

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  • Robert Endicott

    what meanies  hitting my beautiful jeffs face

  • Aw, this has made me quite sad. Propably more so than it should.

  • Saberri

    D: This breaks my heart. The fact that Deacon can hear, but can’t do anything.

  • Gares H.

    Awww poor Deacon he probably felt so impotent :S, Awesome page Alex, Winona! :3

  • It must have been like sleep paralysis for Deacon: you want to move, but you can’t and it’s so frustrating. Especially if you’re having a nightmare and you’re trying to get away from someone or something, or help someone you love. It probably broke Deacon’s electronic heart not to be able to help his Jeff… 

    • Aikka

      These are always…. horrible experience ;-;
      and something like that for real…? *hides*.

      *sigh* better not even try to imagine what he felt…

      • yeah, sleep paralysis is real. I experienced it a few times, but I didn’t know what it was the first time it happened, so I was scared as heck 🙂

        • Aikka

          oh that’s not what i meant XD

          I know it exist.

          What i mean here by real is that here, it is not a dream that he has to help someone, someone really needs his help.

          *sigh* Sometimes i may be misunderstood, no matter how much i will try, english is not my native language XD

          • oh. sorry for misunderstanding *hides*

          • Aikka

            Don’t hide! *finds and drags Maeglin back*

  • eleutherios

     And the moral of this story is that if you interfere with true love, AN ANDROID WILL FUCKING PUNCH YOUR HEART OUT.

  • Aikka

    Poor Deacon ;-;

    Now we’ll go to the most.. unsure part right?
    not teling what happend in the past but what will happen next…
    *scared* o….o ;–;

  • Yukiness

    Although this page is filled with artistic goodness, it definately bothers me to see Deacon’s hand coated in blood in panel one and suddenly spotless in panel three. I highly doubt he would have taken time to clean his arm so throughly in the matter of seconds it took for all this to happen.

    And after many numerous moments of squinting with my terrible (and sleepy) eyes, I was able to read the text boxes on the wall. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems to be a personell alarm, relaying instructions incase of android badassetry, proceed with/to such and such. My tired eyes saw the word “cannon” in there. I like the “blue screen of death” here. It’s an asthetic touch of realism that is so simple, and so obvious that people tend to overlook it.

    If you mind me asking, what does the entire “blue screen of death” message say?

    • I don’t mind you asking at all. 🙂 The screen behind Jeff says:


      Core systems lock-down complete. Auto self-destruct initiated. Detonation in 4m 37s. Alpha 1 Clearance required to cancel. All non-security personnel are instructed to please clear the halls and remain at their stations during this disturbance.

      (smaller text) Auto Destruct powered by NoNeCo SecureSolution Technology—manufacturing a brighter and safer tomorrow.

      • Hah, it’s so cool that you KNOW that…although, I suppose Winona gave you the size bit she was working on, so I guess it makes sense.  ANYWAY.  Still cool.

        • W Nelson

          He wrote it, I just stuck it in on the screen 🙂

      • I almost peed laughing when I read  “manufacturing a brighter and safer tomorrow.” that’s just funny to me.

        • I always have a lot of fun writing the NoNeCo copy… 😉

          • Yukiness

            LMAO! Seeing the words auto self destruct disturbs me already. You would think that they would go through a lock down first before suddenly initiating the “rage quit” option. And after rereading the page, it makes me wonder if Deacon’s perticular model type has a standard verbal off button that was somehow left at default., or that each model has a distinct one so that way people can’t stand there and shut off armies of NoNeCo droids all at once.

            Or is there some hidden, just in case everything goes to shit say this kinda code that the (I’m assuming captian) guy said.

  • KBatty

    Is it wrong that panel one totally reminds me of the final fight scene in Story of Ricky? Hehehehe.

    Also, when did NoNeCo develop stain-resistant exteriors for this line of ASOs? Although this model isn’t currently being distributed to the public, I can’t begin to list the huge number of problems this solves as compared the previously distributed civilian-class model. The old ones just used to be so hard to keep clean. This is a wonderful innovation! 😉

    • I hadn’t heard of Story of Ricky before, but I definitely enjoyed reading the Wikipedia page. 🙂

      • KBatty

         Reading? Pffft. You need to see it to believe it:

        • Good God. That is so not OK. I’m curled up in a little ball, quietly rocking now, trying to find my happy place.

          (And yet still finding myself thinking: That Ricky guy. Kinda hot.)

          • KBatty

             Oh dear.

            *Brings over a blanket and drapes it over Alex’ shoulders; strokes his hair.*

            There, there. Now, now. Just google for pictures of Siu-Wong Fan and you’ll feel better.

  • C K

    Eeeep.  You know, I kind of feel bad for the guard in panel 1.  The other six were aiming to kill someone, so their deaths were pure defense-of-Jeff.  This poor bastard was just guarding the door.  Which isn’t to say he might have taken a shot at Jeff if he’d been commanded to, but still.

    I also feel really bad for Jeff, who, no matter how this visit turned out, was going to be so, so, *so* shit out of luck.  I can’t even imagine the emotional whiplash of a group of men aiming to kill me, followed by my robot boyfriend’s murderous rampage, followed by said boyfriend being disarmed so easily.  Poor guy’s so in over his head, and he didn’t do anything to deserve any of it.

    Someone mentioned in the comments of the last strip that it’s interesting that we haven’t seen Jeff yet in the present-day storyline.  Their theory was that Jeff might not be real, but my personal guess is that when we *do* see Jeff, he is gonna be bashed in like a train hit him 🙁

    I swear, one of these days I will write a comment where I’m not trying to guess the endgame.  Anyhow, excellent comic once again!

    • I feel sorry for that guard too. And I’ll Word of God this and say that yes, Jeff is real. Or as real as anything in my little webcomic. 😉

      Thank you very much for your kind words. And please, feel free to keep speculating about the end—it’s fun for me to read your thoughts!

  • Epic page!!! 😀 aww Jeff is so cute!^^ (and so is Deacon’s ‘speaker voice’)

    Jeff’s expressions are perfect!

    Hope you get over the cold, Alex :S
    I think the story switches back to the psychiatrist room. And that Maven (for once) is speechless.

    (I’m krissdevalnor btw – just changed to my real name)

    • Thank you, Christina—for the props on the page and the well-wishing. (Today I am finally feeling a lot better. 🙂 (Thank you also for giving me the heads up about your name—good to see you here!)

  • AnyOtaku

    OMG the first panel left me speechless… Is gore, but i like this panels with action scenes because it’s how you can see that it’s not a normal yaoi, but a science fiction one! I like the normal yaoi, but this is amazing too! Because not everything is full of flowers an hearts.
    Oh and when they like “disconect” Deacon!! I didn’t expect that! I know he is an android but that caught me by suprise… Really

    So, Awesome page lika always! Can’t wait for the next one =D

    • Thank you, AnyOtaku! You actually created a funny image in my mind of the first panel with lots of shoujo flowers bursting out behind the guard. LOL

      Man, I’m going to have to write a scene like that someday… 😉

      • AnyOtaku

        Now this imag is in my head too! And you know what is more scary? That it’s actually pretty good! I wish I knew how to draw… And please you should writte it! It would be so cool hahaha
        Btw, I think you’re very kind and patient to reply most of the comments, really! That’s actually really sweet of you

        • It really is my pleasure to reply to awesome readers like yourself. I wish I had even more time for it. Connecting with cool readers is one of the best, if not the best, parts of doing this. 🙂

  • kara Uke

    i can’t close my mouth
     I mean WOW
    this is what i look forward to seeing

  • Darby Roorda

    If I was one of the soldiers, I wouldn’t hit him because who knows what Deacon would do when he woke up?
    The tension in these pages is palpable. Everyone wants to know what happens to Jeff! I can’t wait to find out!

    • Thank you, Darby. It makes me really happy to hear that you and others are eager to find out what happens next. 

      There will be answers…. 🙂

  • CommodoreZelda

    NO, JEFF!!! When do we get to know what’s happening to him?!?! Poor Deacon, just being shut down like that, but still being able to hear what’s happening… not fair.

  • Reign

    OMG!!! Poor Deacon and Jeff. Now I really wish Saturday would get here faster. I really hope Jeff is ok since we have not seen him yet. This is driving me insane!!!!

  • awww. stupid immobilization codes! cheat! 

    oh, and i like the hand through the chest bit 😛 

    • “Codes cheat”. Heh. That’s funny. I hadn’t thought of it like that. 😉 

      • lol – i think it’s the obviation of free-will that seems like a cheat to me – i fully understand that a corporation would do something like that to provide a safe guard, i just think it’s unfair to a self aware life form (albeit artificial).  however, i’d probably take the same course of action as the captain in terms of deactivating Deacon.  

  • Krondor2000

    At least this guy did not shoot Jeff outright. But now I’m afraid that he will be tortured during the same time as Deacon’s interrogation. Jeff might be accused of hacking Deacon’s programming against the retrieval team! This is so not ending well.

    • Robert Endicott

      not like that they think he hacked deacon as thats why he is being “counseled”  she said he cant simplly be reprogramed being that his brean must be a chemical/nero basedbrain synthetically acting same way as our brains so can jus program it as is it probly took them years of educaring them after being built like a child needs

      • Krondor2000

        I kinda see your point.  But just not to be rude, my spell checker is doing way better than your spell checker! 🙂
        Not being rude, mind you!!

        • Robert Endicott

          thats cause i am not using one    and i do have a bit bad ghrammar sorry

  • I am taking up bets that the doctor fan/geeked-gasimed over this part of the story. The fact that Deacon evolved to the point to feel emotions that strong and act upon them till shut down, from a program/tech point of view- is orgasmicaly amazing.

  • Every time I check the comic for an update, I’m always wary of it being a Maven page. The woman reminds me too much of my hateful middle school Algebra teacher, and I’d rather throttle her than anything else. xD

  • Ayella

    Nooo. Jeff en Deacon separated. I can’t stand it!!!

    As to what should happen next: Maven turns out to be Jeffs mom and she helps Deacon escape.

    It should, it should, it should!

    (Okay, I’m having a bit of a tantrum, but I think I’m entitled to it after what you showed us in panels 3 and 5. T.T)

    Hope you feel better soon, Alex!

    • Thank you, Ayella. I am feeling much better today.

      (And y’all crack me up with wanting Maven to be Jeff’s Mom. 😀 )

  • qu_gon_robot

    That first panel feeds my paranoia like something crazy:

    I read somewhere that the Japanese have long since released a super realistic kind of android that they are secretly testing on us. Those androids. They should make love not war lol.

    I also dig the panels where Deacon gets paralyzed, because it gives us meat bags a chance in hell. >>

    • That video is AWESOME! You may be concerned about our robot overlords finally taking their rightful place above us, but looking at that guy having the ultimate cross-dressing experience through his computer, I see the advent of cool surrogates  finally being something possible in my lifetime. 🙂

      • Ayella

        Awesome but scary. Guess she’s an inhabitant of the uncanny valley.

        • qu_gon_robot

          She upped the uncanny valley up to 11!

          • Believe it or not, this is the first time there have been moments where one of these things does NOT look like it falls in the Uncanny Valley for me. There are moments in that video where I BELIEVE. 🙂

          • qu_gon_robot

            Oh yeah she is so lifelike that at times I wonder along with amhchic…

      • qu_gon_robot

        You sir, have just introduced me to a WHOLE NEW WORLD! I take my hat off for thee *v*

        • The first graphic novel is great. The ending is a little pat, but one of the most believable future-tech sci-fi stories I ever read. The prequel is even better. Haven’t seen the movie (and I’ve heard bad things), but you *must* read the trade paperbacks if you haven’t. Highly recommended. 🙂

          • qu_gon_robot

            Thank you for the awesome suggestions!

          • Happy to offer them. 🙂

            (And if you can stomach super powers, Sleeper Seasons 1 & 2 by Ed Brubaker is one of the best written and most satisfying genre comics of all time…. Just saying…)

          • qu_gon_robot

            I will be sure to chek them out, thank you. 🙂

      • dkkauwe

        I thought the movie was well done, but I actually haven’t seen the comics so i’ve learned something new today!

    • meh – i think it can go all sorts of directions.  i estimate that most likely we will be somewhat surprised to discover that synthetic replicates of us are…shockingly similar to us! but seriously, if self-aware machinery is employed  around the same time that humanoid robots are rolled out, i really think we’ll find that self-aware robots will be relatively indistinguishable from us in many respects.

    • Am I the only one that thinks that that’s just a good actor in the video?  Call me a skeptic, but I need more evidence than jerky movements, facial tics, and bad clothes to convince me. 

      Speaking of convincing detail, although it’s totally devastating to see, I artistically love the lack of warmth in Deacon’s skin tone and his dull eyes in panel 3 to convey that he’s been immobilized (not to mention falling on his shoulder! ouch!) – way to go, Winona. 

      I also think it’s really interesting that Jeff yells out that he knows why Deacon did what he did in order to stay the soldiers’ gunfire.  I’m not sure I’d be that quick-witted under fire (literally!), but it’s likely the only thing that *would* stop them from just killing him – especially with all the adrenaline pumping through them that has to come with a (love) crazed android attacking you.  It’s a sad statement that they’re more interested in their investment, in their expensive, special property – Deacon – than in the value of Jeff’s life as another human being. 

      I can’t WAIT until the next page!  *Please* tell me we finally find out (or at least get a hint) of how Jeff’s doing and what’s happening to him. 

      • KBatty

        If you think she’s unsettling buy herself, check out the Geminoids all together in one room:

        • qu_gon_robot

          Thank god they’re still moving like they’re missing a chromosome or two xD 

        • Yep, That is frightening. 🙂

  • Robert Endicott

    why is it jeff  always getting decked  he so passive they didnt need to do that  just simpley cuff him

    • qu_gon_robot

      I think anyone would be passive in Jeffs place. He is unarmed, and outnumbered while Deacon has no need to fear bullets(for the most part anyway)  and possess super human strength.
       I used to scoff at how easily people surrendered in movies but after reading up on war and revolution  I gained a whole new level of respect for every last deserter.

      • Robert Endicott

        yea  so why hit a guy that is unarmed outnumbers and a foot shorter tham most everyone there   geesh   not fair play

        • qu_gon_robot

          He must be a red shirt in spirit 🙂

    • yeah, poor jeff – he’s a punching bag

  • Ferris_Ahiru

    lol he Alucard-ed that guys ass in panel one! though it nearly impossible to do that seeing how strong connective tissue is in the body…i would know. 🙂
    In panels 3 + 4 Deacons hands are suddenly clean. o.O
    Also, YAY! BLOODSHED!! 😀

  • Araceli Rodriguez

    0_0 noooo!! don’t hit my baby Jeff!!!!

  • fujoshifanatic

    Oh my gosh, this was such an exciting page! The look on that poor solder’s face when he got Deacon’s karate chop of destruction was something else! Thanks for the heads up, Alex, I was prepared and it wasn’t as bad as I expected; in fact, it was really well done ( kudos Winona)! Too bad immobilization codes don’t exist for humans — I could think of a few people I’d like to have them for! 😛

    Since my monitor died ( boo!) and I’m typing this from my smartphone, I’ll just finish by saying another fantastic page Alex and Winona, and I’ll be waiting on pins and needles to see what happens next! O-O

    P.S. I hope you get better soon Alex!

    • Thank you, fujoshifanatic, I’m feeling a lot better today. And thank you very much for the props for this page. 🙂 (Happy to give you the heads-up; as I said, I’m not a huge fan of gore myself.) 

      And yes, immobilization code for other people. I like the idea of it. Until I start thinking about what if they were used against me…Good luck in getting a new monitor!

  • Erica

    DAMNNNNNNNNNNNN HE DISEMBOWELED HIMMM SHIETTT lol holy shiet. it was only a matter of time!!!! lol yessss, poor jeff. i hope everything works out D: D: D: omg! so scary lol <3

  • Okay, a long time reader, first time commenter and since it’s my birthday I decided to be bold and comment (plus donate since I really want to know what happens next!). I have to say that I really am hoping for a happy ending as well although I really don’t want this awesomeness to end!

    • Yay! Thank you very much for your generous donation and for taking the time to comment! (Always awesome to hear from a fellow Vermonter. 😉 )

      I hope you’re having a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  • Adnoxaei

    I just discovered this story. OMG it is amazing! I can’t wait for the next update, and for once I might actually donate to something…well, once I have some spare money…anyways, I have the urge to draw now 😀 I will be sending links to this story to a bunch of my friends!

    • Thank you so much, Adnoxaei! Glad to give you some drawing inspiration—and thank you so much for telling your friends about us. Getting the word out is the hardest part! 😀

  • mikakitten

    Oh my gosh!! ;_; Nooooooo!! This is too sad!! Poor Jeff’s face, when he see’s Deacon on the floor!! Poor Deacon when he can hear them beat him up too!! Oh gosh!! Oh gosh!! I hope Jeff is okay!! Please don’t torture him!! Please can they escape and run away and be happy… T_T Ohh ooohh!!

    P.S: Thank you Alex and Winona for being one of the few web comics not on haitaus!! You guys are seriously the best. MAOH, Teahouse AND Starfighter, all on break atm…I seriously would die without you!!! You keep me going!! 🙂

    • You’re very welcome, mikakitten! Glad to have such awesome readers like yourself who are here to follow us through the holidays. 😀

  • Robert Endicott

    makes me wanna show up with the space battleship yamato and use it to force them to release both jeff and deacon into my custody  i figure the yamatogun be excellent scare tactic  not that id dare risk actually using it on them  risk of them being hurt      sorry   finished watching the live action movie of space battleship yamato    

  • This is uber-icky, but I read the bloodless hand as it (in its synthetic skin way) got wiped clean of blood as Deacon pulled it out of the guy’s chest.  The blood on the uniform – not so much. 

  • Ditto!!  🙂

  • Winterlove

    Ah haha no 🙁
    Go get your Jeff back!!!

  • Guest

    Looks like the Captain used the force. 

    • “You are in fact the droid I was looking for.”

      • wasEnkidu

        MADE MY DAY. XD

  • I’ve been thinking out how this comic could end and I have this fear that Jeff was lying to Deacon. Like, he never really loved Deacon but said that in hopes that he wouldn’t kill him. Really, you can’t blame Jeff if that was the case. Or even worse I worry that Jeff knew the BIG secret about the corporation and it is some how related to the Deacon series of androids. Maybe, everything Deacon is feeling because Jeff managed to implant a virus in him or something. And these are just the most likely outcomes. The hardest part is that everything we have seen has been from Deacon’s point of view. Who knows what Jeff is really thinking/feeling.

    • qu_gon_robot

      Oh Sweet motherboard! Say it isn’t so!

    • Very interesting speculation, Kristin. 🙂

  • Kuraen

    So when is this comic going to be published? And a novelization would be fantastic as well. I can not get enough! 

    • Hi, Kuraen! Glad you’re enjoying Artifice! I will start working on a print version of this comic as soon as the art is complete. 

      As for a novelization, well, anything is possible. 😉

  • Well, thank God that they didn’t kill Jeff out of hand after Deacon went all badass on them…but now I’m afraid of what the future will hold, now that the doctor has what she wants out of him.  What’s going to happen next?  I’m on the edge of my seat.  This is probably one of the most frustrating fade-to-blacks I’ve ever read!!!!  Yet, it is also the most beautiful.  Ah, irony.

    • Yay! Glad to hear you are on the edge of your seat, Summer! Music to this writer’s ears… 😀

  • timeaesnyx

    So, that’s why they kept Jeff alive, they thought he was a master hacker…

    • He is a master hacker, his interface of choice is just a bit… unorthodox. 

  • yellowrock

    SUSPENSE!  DRAMA!  PEOPLE FALLING OVER!  Only time will tell what will happen ne-

    Oh…We’ve already seen what happens next, because the story is catching up with itself.  Well, ONLY TIME WILL TELL WHAT HAPPENS AFTER THAT!

    • I’m very excited to get caught up to the present. The future is wide-open… 🙂

  • AJTheShifter

    Ugh, heartburn in panel one.  Mexican food always blows right through me.

  • qu_gon_robot

    Hipster Jeff fan art! I threatened to make one, so here he is:

    ….Really spamming this page today >:D

    • Hehe. Very nice! Can you shoot me the download link?

      And I love me some Daft Punk. As does Kanye West, it seems… 😉

  • Lunnette Mabinogi

    I just discovered this comic a few days ago and I’m already obsessed! I was worried about how often you updated, but now I can see you guys are fairly regular 😀 Thank god this won’t be one of those amazing, beautiful pieces of work that will be lost between updates. Keep up the amazing work– both the story and the art. This web-comic is already in my top-ten list and bookmarked at the top <3

    • Kittery Brazelton

      Same here!  When I found it, I tore through it until I hit the crushing fact that: I had to wait for the next page!!!  That was months ago and in Dr. Maven’s lair,… **ahem** office.


      • Thank you so much, you two. You’ve got me grinning from ear to ear here. 😀

        • wasEnkidu

          She now has a sign on her office door that reads “Dr. Maven’s Lair” XD

  • What a way to start the new year.  Congrats Mr. Woolfson! 
    I’m getting worried though.  With each new page I’m starting to worry that this story is not going to have a happy ending.  It just does not look likely.  Poor Jeff/Deacon! 

    • Thank you, Sariel! Glad you like the update! 😀

      As for the ending… well, we’ll just have to see… I sure hope you’ll stick around to find out!

  • yellowrock

    It’s funny how fast the donate meter fills up on this comic.  But really, you’re providing a very high quality product at no charge to us.  You and the artists you work with are truly deserving of every penny.

    • i know, right! 

      • Thank you, guys. That’s very much appreciated. You have me blushing and smiling here. 🙂

  • Adnoxaei

    Yay, I was a little part of the second ding! I wonder if we can do three before you post. Time to hit up friends!

  • YangYueLan

    OH NO! JEFF! *worryworryworry*

  • Exile 755 is a Higglytown hero

    A few more pages and you can buy a real-life Barbie dreamhouse, Alex! XD

  • Silentwisher

    omg im worried

  • Brittany Brain

    I don’t remember if I commented on this or not… Oh well.
    omg deacon sticking his hand right through that guy that is awesome
    Nooo don’t hurt Jeff D: I’m so worried about these two!

  • Camping!!!!  Does android skin just shed biological/organic fluids?

    • W Nelson

      Yep.  Superhydrophobic.

    • kilpikonnat

      Why did this make me think of not blood but another “bodily fluid” 😀

  • wasEnkidu

    😛 Ok, NOW I can imagine what Jeff’s voice sounds like. Unfortunately, right now is not exactly a great time to gauge the depth and timber of his tone since he’s scared sh**less. It’s kind of a raspy squeek right now since he’s sorta out of breath from being pulled along at high speeds + teh phear.

  • Superjenny

    Okay, I saw Deacon put his arm through the guys chest, and the only thing that went through my head was “Reminds me of Yamcha…”  =O