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Artifice Page 6

43 Comments on Artifice Page 6

And thus our hero Deacon is introduced to the readers…

I’ll put page 7 up next Saturday. Let me know what you think!

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  • Amazing how much more attractive a raised eyebrow can make someone.

  • I predict a long-running and exquisite webcomic.

  • Alex, you’re a bitch!
    making us wait so so long for another peek

  • MonicaProwl


  • MonicaProwl

    Yum! Cant wait for next Saturday! I can see this becoming very interesting! Thanks again Alex! 😀

    • You’re very welcome—thanks for letting me know you liked it!

  • Loved your comic!!! Wonderful work!! I’ll be waiting for more 😀

  • AWESOME! i am waiting for this every saturday! the highlight of my week… (unfortunately)

    • Thank you! I’m really glad to hear you’re looking forward to it. I’ll do my best to keep it interesting! 😀

  • Wow! Great opening! I was really pulled in and i love the level of suspense. I can’t wait for the story to really develop and the Yaoi part is introduced…. one page a week seems a bit cruel 😉

    • Thank you! I wanted to create a first scene that would draw the reader in, while giving them a bit of insight into who Deacon is and, hopefully, what’s cool about him. Glad you liked it.

      And I was actually hoping that one page a week might feel fairly zippy because I know some other yaoi webcomics that update on a slower scale. But I’m of course glad you’re impatient for more. I think I will take the recommendation of the commenter who suggested I put up a 2nd bonus page for the week whenever I get to a certain donation level. That would be fun to do. I just need to find a donation plugin that actually works….

      Thank you very much for commenting!

  • Ohhhh this sounds promising! Great start. I was completely in the story, the way they introduce a lot of concepts without giving too much away just makes you ask for more. I can’t wait for the next pages, and the yaoi goodness =) But yeah one page a week is fairly depressing given the amount of suspense, but I understand that it involves a lot of work.
    I do love scifi, especially of the “artificial human” genre. Best wishes for the rest!

    • Thank you! I’m really glad you’re liking it. And yes, you’ve hit the nail on the head—it takes a ton of work to create pages with this level of artistic rendering, so even though I’d love to post them up 5 days a week, it’s better for me to post them at a level that I can guarantee I can deliver to my readers, than to over-promise and then have delays, etc. I really appreciate your understanding. 🙂

      But again, I do like that idea of having a bonus page posted every now and then as a special treat. Once I can find the right donation plugin, I’ll try to put that idea into action. Maybe I’ll look harder for that tonight…

      Thank you again!

  • ChristineInCanada

    This is indeed a very promising start. The premise looks interesting. I’ll definitely be eager to see what kinds of adventures Deacon will find!

  • ChristineInCanada

    This looks like the beginning of a great webcomic! I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what kinds of adventures Deacon finds for himself.

  • thatgeekyblonde

    I think I’m in love. <3
    The artwork is fantastic. Just beautiful. I'm excited to see where the story is going to go.

  • This is looking good! you definetly got me with this intro, with both the art and story.
    The lines, the textures, the colors… the shadows! I can’t stop staring at the shadows! so pretty, so good!
    As for the story, just by saying ‘gay’ and ‘sci-fi’ you got me, and now I see smexy droids and political/moral issues. And Bob. I like Bob. I suspect he is as minor as a character can get and I see ‘UNIMPORTANT’ written all over him, but I still like him.

    • Yes, I love Winona’s shadow-work. It does a great job of sculpting our characters and setting the mood. (It’s even more fun once we get to the smexy bits… 😉 )

      And I like Bob too! He doesn’t get a lot of screen time in this arc, but I hava a real soft spot for him. Perhaps he can have a greater life in slash fiction. Bob/Deacon anyone?

  • This sounds like a comic that will actually live up to the “i’m a smart comic for mature viewers”

    A lot of love for the first scene and will eagerly await the next page every week!

  • just a page per week man this will be torture

  • i love his facial expression when he says ‘boss’..very well drawn!!! 😀

  • snakesNladders

    I love this guy already! Great artwork, I can’t wait for more!

  • OshieteOkureYo

    Okay! I’m on board. 

  • Your comic should be a movie…no matter what…<w<

    • I had actually originally thought of Artifice as a movie, actually, so I’m glad you’re feeling it would work that way. 🙂

      • If this intriguing story came to the silver screen with the same fine art of drawing I’d surely head for the cinema right away!
        My compliments to Winona – I found so many really really great face expressions and stuff on the first 37 pages, I absolutely like it.

        Btw, just fyi: Came here by an ad on

        • Again, thanks for the props! 

          (And for letting me know what ad brought you in. That’s good to know. 🙂 )

  • I likes what I see

  • i am now i fan of deacon 😀

  • sexy!

  • Daaaaaamn. Way to go, Deacon! Teach that pig some respect!

  • anonymouslizzy

    Badass! XDD

  • ╰☆╮ ℬℓℴssℴm ╰☆╮

    i like how in the last pic “it” is sitting like nothing happened…

  • Already I’m in love with this. From the start, it was interesting and had me reading on, but this just slams the door shut on ever leaving this comic unread. 

  • I love The Young Protectors so much, I decided to come over and read Artifice. It’s amazing so far! Alex you are so damn talented. I am evergreen with envy.

  • Ree

    I love this page so much XD Deacon’s FACE. Wonderful.

  • Daniel Notsoinnocent Lane

    I like him already. :3

  • OnyxLight

    Me throat punching you is “code” for I’m only sitting here like a good little boy because I want to. lol had to re-read this once again… so much love!

  • Kristin Wilcox

    Heh. Karmas a bitch you bloated bastard.