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Artifice Page 57

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And then they kissed…


So.. we yet again hit the donation target so there will be a BONUS PAGE this Wednesday, December 14th—Page 58!

Special thanks to long-time supporters kataline d., Tanya A. (who just made their 7th donation to Artifice—thank you, Tanya!) & Ciana C. (who got the ball rolling again after the bar was reset! Thank you, Ciana!) and a warm welcome and grateful bow to new supporters Brent B. and Christian K. for their generous donations over the last few days.

Big hugs go out to long-time friend Shan S. for their super-generous, even-number-balancing $20.31 donation (I’m the same way, Shan! Thank you!) and very special birthday wishes go out to Artifice super-star Jennifer B. for putting us over the top with their super-generous $25 donation!

Thank you all so much! You have no idea what a huge morale booster your kindness is to me and Winona.

And, in other news, I’ve noticed on Tumblr that there is more than one person who is comparing Deacon to the “reboot-Superboy” Conner Kent and Jeff to his Young Justice teammate “Impulse” Bart. I’ve read one rather excellent book with the reboot Superboy, but I’m not familiar with Bart. Do any of you see parallels as well?

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  • That’s it. My heart can no longer take it.

  • In recent news, US citizen Summer has been put into a sound-proof room to contain the ear-shattering, window-breaking squees of glee she has been producing.  When she demonstrates control over her fangirl-induced happiness, she will be released.  Thank you for your cooperation.

  • Racoda Moonshine

    My heart just exploded…dammit. This is amazing!

  • HannahDJA

    OMG YES! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOO!!!! -screen goes to color bars-

    Now that I’ve recovered from my total fan-girl mode, I love this page! New favorite! I’m sad I have to wait another several days for another page though. xDD Thank you, SO MUCH, Mr. Alex and Ms. Winona! This page is gorgeous and just makes me soooo happy you have no idea. xDD 

    Big hugs!

    • You’re very welcome, HannahDJA! It’s makes me really happy to hear the page made you happy. Big hugs right back! 😀

  • OH.



  • Colleen Boye

    So worth staying up for.


    ;__________; ;____________; guuuuhhhhh

  • Saamie

    Literally had to clamp my hand over my mouth to muffle the fan-girl squeals so my family wouldn’t freak out 😛
    I fall more and more in love with Jeff and Decon every time there is a new page.
    Aaand I think I found my new laptop background <3 😀

    • I had to muffle my shriek of glee as well!

    • Hehe. That’s an awesome story! I wonder what you would have told them had they heard…

  • Best page ever! I think you’ve made my Christmas come early 😉

    • Yay! I’ve been wanting to share this page with you for the longest time. Glad you’re liking it, Cathcer!

  • Aikka

    Ha! i thought it will be that page ^_^
    But finally with colors, context and dialogue 😉 

    Even if i was expecting it, that’s not making me love it less.
    It’s just so sweet! ;-;

    *copies what Jeff said as her new IM status*

    • I love that you do that, Aikka.

      • Aikka

        Since i started to read artifice, i think i used only… one non artifice-related status? o_o XD  that’s scares me a little o..o

        • And yet it fills my heart with joy. 😉

          • Aikka

            Hehe *hugs* ^-^

  • Mournless

    There are no words in any language that can adequately describe the sensations running through me now. O.O

    It’s so sweet, and you’re so happy that it finally happened…..until you remember that they’re captured now and badness is probably going to ensue. ; ;

    On a happier note….panel three. I adore it. SO.FREAKING.MUCH. <33333

    • Yes. True. But for this one moment, they are safe and happy. 😉

      I’m really glad you like the update, Mournless!

      • Mournless

        Baaaw, I want them to STAY safe and happy!!! I’m hoping they get a ‘They lived happily ever after’ at the end of this. >//<

        There is no way I could DISLIKE this update! It's sweet, adorable, fluffy, much like a tribble is. (Lol, Star Trek reference.) Seriously, any sweeter, and people would get caveties when they look at this! <3

        • I want the same thing for these two, Mournless. I of course do not promise a happy ending—I promise an honest ending—but when writing this, I absolutely wanted the same thing too.

          Sweet and fluffy as a tribble? I love it! (And yes, warn your dentist and grab the floride, Alex does like the sweet. Very, very much. Samwise Gamgee = total dreamboat for Alex. 😉 )

  • OMFG, they are so ridiculously cuuuuuuute~!  I love it!

  • aww!!! just so cute!! love it!

  • Darkhollowx

    *grab my chest* Oh my heart cant take the love that you just created here . . . ;0; 

  • AnyOtaku

    This is the best page of all the comic! That “I love you too”? And those blushes and that passionate kiss! So Beautiful that I could cry of hapiness =D

    • Yay! I’m really glad you liked the new page, AnyOtaku! I’ve wanted to share this sweet moment with you for the longest time…

  • 8///D <3<3<3<3

  • grinsekatze

    they kiss… aww my heart just melted. everytime i think: that’s the best page so far. but this time i believe i found my favorite. nothing is better than such a sweet kiss.
    kind of bittersweet though when you think of the hard times they have in front of them. i hope so much there will be an happy end for them.

    • Yes, it is bittersweet, but for now, they can have a moment of perfect happiness. I’m glad you are liking each page more than the last. And I’m really glad you like the kiss. 🙂

  • llbutters

    Duuuuuude totally take back what I said before (about the previous page being my favourite (as great as that page was)) because this. THIS. Thank you so much, this made my night. Seriously.

    • LOL. Well, you’re allowed to change your mind. 😀 I’m so happy that this made your night, llbutters!

  • Pronombre

    Mother of  holly pancakes!!!
    This is like… oh gosh! I want to cry this is gorgeous and sad but… uuugh! I just wanted this to happen but this anyway is giving me a sad feeling. its like… Oh mom I don’t know!To know that they love each other but Deacon and Jeff are separated and may not end “happy together”  makes my heart saaaaad, but uuuugh this is so gorgeous that I literally   yelled like a fangirl ; A ; Oh gosh! Alex your and Winona make a super awesome team!*wipe tears away*

    • What an awesome reaction, Pronombre. Yep, this scene is bittersweet, but I’m glad to have gotten that fangirl yell from you. 😀 

      I’m really glad you like our work. I feel so lucky to be able to work with someone as awesome and talented as Winona. (And I will admit to giving my own little fanboy yell when I saw the pencils for this page the first time… 😉 )

  • Oh I wonder what is going to happen. Part of me thinks that the corporation will let them back together in order to observe Deacon’s unique behavior. On that same note, they could also take Deacon apart to see what is going on inside. Worst of all I think they will command Deacon to kill Jeff in order to insure that he will still obey a direct command. As the good doctor has said, Deacon’s situation is unique and certainly unexpected. So many possibilities! I keep thinking that it was the corporation that planted the bomb on Deacon’s ship so that no one would survive to tell what happened on Da Vinci 4. Also, I wonder how far along the comic. If there is still chapters to go, than who knows what will happen. However, if it ends fairly soon (like 50-100 pages) than I don’t see how either could come out alive and free. Ok I will shut up now. 

    • I love the thought you’re putting into this, Kristin. Very interesting possibilities you’re coming up with. 🙂 

      • What a non-committal answer, lol. 

        I keep coming back to stare at this page. It is just so sweet. Winona really did a fantastic job with this page. 

  • shinashiasusual

    Teahouse and Artifice are pulling all sorts of heartstrings right now. I’m going to bathe in lovey-dovey goodness until they (both!) update on Wednesday.

    • You just got me to check out the Teahouse update. You’re right—that is a sweet one! Yay!

  • geneticsgirl

    I red this page 5 times in a row before scrolling down. This page is so PERFECTLY DELICIOUS, from the way they hold each others’ heads, to the way Jeff pushes Deacon onto the bed, to Deacon’s booty dimples.
    I don’t even know how to wait 4 days for the next update. Why do I think will see Maven with her red-outlined dialog bubbles instead of delectable lovings?

    • Booty dimples! LOL Yay!

      I’m really glad you like the update, geneticsgirl!

    • Yeah, it’s totally going to be SHOUTY MAVEN next episode 🙂

  • Soooo sexy! I just hope they will be together in the real time world too :O

  • Kayla

    Oh my gooooooooood. This is absolutely amazing.

    What will Maven have to say about this?! I’m a little afraid that the next page is going to switch away from this lovely scene and back to the present. I’d love more.

    • Thank you, pepsikayla! I’m very happy you like the update!

      And Maven misses you too… 😉

  • fujoshifanatic

    Ooooh, yeeesssss! *splooosh*…

    Whew! Now that I’ve recovered from my, er, short circuit a little, I just want to say thank you Alex and Winona, for such a beautifully awesome page. I totally see why you waited for them to kiss, and the payoff works fantastically here. I love these two! So much so that I now fear mightily for these two.

    But for now, I will just enjoy loving these two, and their amazing story. 🙂

    • That’s awesome to hear, fujoshifanatic. I was really hoping that you’d find the payoff worth the wait. It’s a little risky to hold off on something the readers really want, but when it works… Well, this is such an important moment for Deacon and Jeff—I just wanted it to be really special for the readers too.

      And I’m glad you love this couple. I know in the beginning folks were skeptical about whether they’d ever be right for each other. It makes me happy that you are rooting for them. 😀

  • Fangirling so hard right now… Fangirling so hard it hurts so good. You guys really know how to nosebleed a girl into submission lol Awesome page! 

    I keep being more, and more amazed by this comic. I am always shocked. In a good way.

    • “Nosebleed into submission” LOL I love it! I’m glad we keep surprising you in a good way. And it makes me happy to hear you are “fangirling”. Just the reaction I was hoping this page would evoke. 😉

  • KBatty

    Well it’s about darn time.

  • Erica
    • LOL!! Those are AWESOME! Thank you for sharing how this page made you feel, Erica!

  • aldi_c_89

    Came after an awful bad mood night and stuff to see this… this little piece of heaven ♥ BEAUTIFUL artwork and oh how much I’ve been waiting for this!! Thank you so much guys for providing us with such a gorgeous story ♥ and for making this humble fan so so happy, really 🙂

    • It always makes me so happy to hear that one of our pages cheered a reader up. For me, a main reason I write these stories is to, in even a small way, enhance the lives of our readers. And making you happy after a rough night totally counts for that. 

      For any way that this made your night a little better, you’re very welcome. Thank you very much for letting me know. 😀

  • Erica

    oh and also, i had the 😀 face the whole time… no lie

    like… well ok maybe 8D is more like it. lol omg

    i .. i…

    pictures, just look… pictures. XD

  • ladyaoi

    awww naked love and kisses what more could u ask for…. well u can ask for more but this is nice too!!!!

  • fabulous hair as alway. Jeff, tell me your secrets to fab hair. and also BLUSHING IS ADORABLE!!!!  a great end to my semester

    • Glad to give you a nice end to your semester, Araceli! I hope everything went well with finals and stuff. Have a great holiday!

  • Yukiness


  • Yukiness

    Congrats Alex, Winona! You are the first web comic creators to make me cry tears of joy. I’m crying so much right now my family thinks theres something seriously wrong with me.

    Thank you so much.

    • Real tears of joy? Really? That’s SO awesome. What a great compliment to give to the creators of a work you like. God, I’d love to see video of you and your family at that moment. Hehe. 😀

      You’re very, very welcome.

      • Yukiness

        Well, I may not have a video but i can break it down for you. It went something like this:

        Me:”Horray, new update of Artiface today” *opens up tab* OH MY GOD!!!!
        Me:*mouth agape and staring at page*
        family:*ignors and goes back to watching T.V*
        Me:*makes first comment about hearts exploding, then scrolls back up to stare at image again; brain finally digests that what has happened is indeed not a prank* -sniff- *starts crying*
        family:Oh my god -insert yuki’s real name here-what’s wrong?!
        Me:They kissed *cries*
        Family:-__- nevermind, it’s nothing important.

        • LOL! That’s a really great story, Yukiness. Thank you for sharing it! 😀

  • This is all so sweet… But I’m kind of waiting for problems to caught up with them. It’s easy to forget that they’re in trouble looking at this last pages…

  • Archidel

    Since the end of year figures for the company I work for were looking less than great, I had to work today so we could deliver one more high value product before the year’s end and boost those figures a little. Needless to say, I wasn’t too thrilled about having to work on what would normally be my precious day off.

    Then I came home, saw this page and all was good. 🙂

    • It makes me really happy to hear that this page lifted your spirits after a rough day, Archidel. As I said below, making my readers lives a little better is one of the main (if not the main) reason I’m putting these comics out into the world. Thank you for letting me know that the new page picked you up. 🙂

  • Darby Roorda

    YES. Ohhhh this is the best page so far. The giddy joy that comes to Deacon’s face when Jeff says that he loves him too is just enough to make my heart melt. And then the way that Jeff clings to Decon as they kiss in the last panel? This entire page is just everything that love should be. They admit their feelings, and then it seems like, at the moment, they can’t stand to NOT be touching each other.

    This is all so fabulous that it was a little hard to get in to words, but I did my best. Not only have you made my heart swell with joy for two fictional characters, but you have also made me jealous of two fictional characters. I say that you’ve done your job pretty darn well!

    • ::blush:: Thank you. Thank you for your very kind words. 🙂

  • thisboybroken

    So cute!

  • Rachelle Davison

    This is wonderful. YOU are wonderful. 🙂

  • danigirl921

    This is so beautiful and sweet and they should just never stop kissing. *dies*

  • Winterlove

    Oh whee…-^.^-
    This is just the cutest comic ever!

  • yellowrock

    Ladies and Gentleman, the “sprawl”.  Commonly seen between lovers, it can often lead to other interesting entanglements of arms and legs, and a large variety of poses and positions.

    Intense homolust, etc.

    I’ll donate more when I can, pages like this make it sooooo worth it.  😀

    • Thank you, yellowrock! I’m really glad you like the new page! 😀 

      (And thank you for the definition! hehe I myself prefer the Koala and Tree position. 😉

    • Oops. Sorry about that. After wanting to share this page for so long, I’m a bit giddy to finally be able to do so. Giddiness can = TMI for Alexes… 😀 )

  • Decon made a goofey smile too!  And they kissed!  -squee!-  That middle panel, going up and down, that’s my favorite on this page, so perfect!

    (also, sorry for disappearing.  life got hectic for a while.  I managed to faithfully read every update but not so much on the commenting.  But I hope both you and Winona have been doing all right, Alex!  Take care~!)

    • Thank you, Deanna. We’ve been doing well. I’m glad to hear from you again. I’m glad you like the new page! (And yes, that middle panel—so sweet, so much fun.)

    • Welcome back 🙂

  • GERBALAGERGAHERG!  *short circuits*  

    Whew!  That was…. WOW!

    Also, I think it’s adorable that Jeff started out on the top when they started kissing and ended…. well… NOT THAT I WOULD COMPLAIN EITHER!

    • Yep, the “love roll”. One of my personal favorites. 😀

  • Nullnuit

    This is a OH-SOOOO-SEXY page!!!
    Awesome panels!!
    And YAY!!! first kiss of these two we see! It’s so cute, so adorable… sooo deliiiciousssss!!! HOORAY for loverolls!! 😀

    And the best thing os all…. there will be an extra page on my birthday as well!!!

    • Hehe. I’m glad you like the page—and the love roll, Nullnuit!

      I hope you have some really fun things planned for your birthday and that you are surrounded by the people you love. 😀

      • Nullnuit

        in fact I have nothing planned for my birthday. TT__TT
        we (me and my boyfriend) have already celebrated our birthdays (mine on the 14th, his on the 19th) and our anniversary (3 years on the 25th last month) in a single date ’cause we don’t know if we’ll be able to see each other before christmas eve.
        So I’ll stay at home, with my mother and grandpa, and if I’m not utterly sick like today I’ll have cake… if they want to give me a slice as I’m on a diet TT__TT
        So the page of Artifice will be an awesome birthday present.

        P.S: I should not be lazy and a BIG (in sparkly neon letters) procrastinator and do once and for all a damn fanart of them….!!! >___<

        • Ah, well, I’m sorry to hear you don’t have big plans, but I do hope it’s a happy birthday regardless. Feel better—and yes, I’d love to see your fanart! 😀

  • Right. So I’ve been away, come back, had a driving lesson, come back and only just now managed to get to a point where its possible to say anything that resembles a coherent sentence.
    At first I wasn’t going to, since it would be half-crazed, fan-girl, psycho-babble (I’m REALLY good at that), but I’ve since decided that I can just about get my tongue around what I want to say. Which is this:

    I’m in love too; with Alex and Winona and all you folk who comment and give me almost as much pleasure as the comic itself does. This page was worth waiting for and, bizarrely, feels like an extra special Christmas present.
    A kiss. A beautiful, heartfelt, genuine kiss that (I want printed on a t-shirt!!!) makes me know all the more frantic to know what happened to these souls. Particularly when I remember the mix of pleasure/relief in Deacon’s face when Maven casually dropped that Jeff was being questioned. …though in not quite the same manner.

    • Thank you for such a sweet and thoughtful comment, Ileandra. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the page—and the community here! (Chatting back and forth in the comments has been a lot of fun for me too!)

      And you do a great job of summing up the impact of this kiss: it is beautiful and genuine and heartfelt — and definitely part of a larger, darker context. I’m really glad to hear you’re eager to find out what happened next. 😀

  • Jacqi Smith

    Jeff has the most luscious and beautiful hair.

  • Bailey Carswell

    -insert annoyingly long and loud squealing here-

    I love this and I love Alex and Winona and -squealing-
    So much warm and fuzzy my heart cannot take it, these noises I’m making are not human -so much squealing-

    • Thank you, Bailey! I’m really glad you liked it! Squeal away!

  • krissdevalnor

    yum! Just got home from Alicante, back to the cold and just lost my job. This made my day much better^^ So damn cute!!!!!
    It’s like a big climax. What we have been waiting for.

    Not so fond of Jeff’s expression in pic 2. Somehow it seems not up to Winona’s standard. Maybe it’s a bit rude to say so, but it’s only because I have gotten used to her great quality 🙂

    I LOVE the two last,huge pics tho!

    • Sorry to hear you lost your job, krissdevalnor  (that sucks!), but I’m very glad to hear this page brightened your day. I hope things get better for you soon! 🙂

  • <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • ithilloke

    Mercy…O_O  Love it!  Am now inwardly cringing at the thought of Maven’s reappearance.

  • wasEnkidu

    Alright Alex, you cracked me. I finally had to get a disqus account. I am the poster formerly known as Enkidu. 😛
    THI~S PA~AGE!! <–Angels singing

    This page! This page!! I've been waiting since I saw the inks in "guys in their underwear" on your site! The sweetness of it! It killed my phone just STARING, and then going through the comments on how it made EVERYONE'S day was … YAY! Everyone else bothers to be coherent? I pop a maple sugar candy into my mouth and comment!! I am nine miles high! Flying on wings of equal parts sugary goodness and boy-love!!
    I cannot THINK! 8D Hoooooooooray!
    *snerk* Yes, Deacon's goofy smile. Yes, oh yes. XD
    I think I'll make Sims of them. If I do, I'll keep you up to date on the silly things they do.

    • Yay! Glad you got a Disqus account Enkidu—hopefully that will make commenting easier for you. And what a comment! You’ve certainly brightened my day with it. Thank you! 😀

      • wasEnkidu

        You know, it actually DOES! I wish I’d done this months ago! I can see comments and replies and then reply to THEM from the dashboard just the same way I would on DA.

  • Oh, I thought they were talking about the Reboot-Superboy, the one who’s only been around for four issues and does a lot of “Hulk angry! Hulk SMASH!” stuff when he’s ticked. As for Bart, Jeff looks a lot like him (floofy brown hair!), but he’s not immature, naive, or jittery, so I think the similarities stop there.

    • Ah, I see. And I’m now reading the latest Superboy TPB and I too can begin to see what they are saying about Bart (and also why they might want to slash him with Conner). I’ll keep looking into it. 🙂

  • Oh my, I wonder what Maven will have to say about this. I imagine her outraged face quite clearly.

    *Evil grin*

    Also, this page. TOO MANY EMOTIONS.

    • Blackbird Bluejay

      For some reason, I think of her facepalming and saying something like
      ‘why can’t you just fall in love with a toaster like your brother?!’

      • XD I believe that would then give her a technical ‘MILF’ award.  Just sayin’.

  • I think Deacon looks like Data lol

  • leorising


    *dies of schmoop*

  • vannie001

    I love this page so much! Those kissing panels are so tender and passionate, and of course the last panel is just ultra sexy.

  • karake456

    “I love you too, Deacon” SDSDSFDSFASD!! <3 <3
    -Melting all over the place-

  • Reign

    This page put me in meltdown!!! So sexy 🙂 When Jeff and Deacon kiss it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! Awesome page Alex and Winona you guys rock!!!

  • Bluuuuuush!

  • Ryn

    *fans self* hot tamales!

    heh, more Deacon butt for people to squeal over. I think you and Winona may cause people to pass out from nosebleeds if you ever gave them the full power of his arse.

  • HermeticallySealed

    Is it wrong for me to want to closely examine Deacon to see just how meticulously created he was?

    • If it is, then we’re both wrong!

    • Michele M.

      Hell to the No… rawr

  • Anybody else wanna make bookmarks out of those last two panels?  Yowza. <3 <3 .>

    • SoloIX

      Oh goodness, I’d totally buy the second from last panel as a bookmark. 

      • Absolutely!  Best image to open a book to ever, y/y?

    • I think you have a very good idea there with the bookmarks, Meghan. Let me look into that. Thank you. 🙂

      • I will totally buy them if you do. :3 (Have I mentioned that I love how many comments you take the time to reply to?)

        • All right. You’ve sold me. I’m going to do it! 😀

          And it’s really my pleasure to have the chance to interact with awesome readers like yourself. 🙂

          • Aikka

            Do i have to feel like a stalker that i just read the  comments under that page again, just to see where you replied this now Alex…? [after looking at recent comments] “XD

            I love the bookmarks idea *-* but don’t distract yourself too much now, you need to take care of that prints first! ;-; we want to at least be able to SEE them ;—;

            and i probably i don’t need to tell you i completly agree with that replying part with Meghan ^-^”

  • Great art and romance! There was an ad on this site for a boyfriend sim game, I can’t find it though. What was it called?

  • ScreamingFurby


  • Michele M.

    I want Deacon to kiss me like that. I wonder if I can switch bodies with Jeff for a moment??

    • wasEnkidu

      No need! Just order your own AP and hack his software. >:3

  • Danielle Loren

    re: Impulse
    It’s the hair.  I’m a DC fan and I see it, too.

    • Yep, I think you’re right. (Or that’s at least part of it.)

  • crimsonkiss22

    Best. kiss. ever.

    And then I died. O///////////O


  • Dex X.


  • I am possibly really thick, but I can’t seem to find a link on this site which always goes to the NEWEST page of Artifice? I want something I can bookmark. As it is, I’m having to click through each time:
    1) Front page of
    2) Artifice banner/title picture.
    3) 1st page of Artifice comic.
    4) “Last” link at the bottom.

    I can’t bookmark that “Last” link because it’s static. What I want is a dynamic link that’ll always take me to the latest page.

    I’m sure there must be an option *somewhere*…?

    • I asked Alex this at some point. I don’t remember the reason why not, but apparently they can’t do that? But at least you can bookmark one of the pages and then just click through that and “last” – unless, that is, you don’t want to have a bookmark to it. But you could just name it something else if you don’t want your husband/boyfriend finding yaoi911 in your bookmarks 😀

      • Heh – I’m very amused at the thought that I could possibly live with someone and have them *not* know of my fondness for hot boy-on-boy action 😀

        Obviously, you don’t know me, but it’s SO NOT A SECRET 🙂

    • Janet Qian

      Or you could bookmark and just change the number. Chrome auto-completes the url for me when I type in artifice so all I have to do is try and remember the number. xD

    • Miina Liias

      Go from front page to “Archive” link, scroll down and then click last page number there is. It still takes some clicking, but there few clicks less.

    • W Nelson

      I learned from Alex that from any page you can press shift+right arrow and it goes to the last page.  No scrolling/clicking needed 🙂

    • I use the RSS feed so then I always get the option to go to the newest page.

    • Alas, technically there isn’t an easy way for me to do that with the way things are set up. But getting to the last page can be a bit easier than the 4 steps you’ve listed. You’ve gotten a lot of good suggestions already, so here’s what I woud do:

      1) As Kari pointed out, the easiest way to get to the latest page is toSubscribe. I like to have the links emailed to me, but you can also use standard RSS, Facebook or Twitter. This also has the advantage of making sure you don’t miss any updates.

      2) If you want to do it in two clicks (with a scroll in between), you could just bookmark the Archives page.

      This has the advantage of letting you easily start a few pages behind so you can get the context of the latest page when I update (something I like when reading other webcomics.)

      3) Or you could do what I usually do. I’ve created a shortcut link to the first page at (try it, it works for everyone). Then, as Winona pointed out, I just hit Shift-Right Arrow on my keyboard and it zips me over to the last page. For whatever reason, that often feels the fastest to me.

      Hope that helps! 🙂

  • Lorescien

    Just made me miss my ex-bf with that gushy loviness, lol. Oh, and… instant invisi-boner when Jeff kissed Deacon in that first really long panel. Never thought I’d get so turned on by a kiss, lol. Great work, guys!

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