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Artifice Page 54

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Hmmm. With an upper torso like that, Deacon, I suppose I could put up with you calling my smile “goofy”. Maybe

We have new Fan Art by ~jheaa—a tense, romantic moment of Jeff and Deacon, up close and staring into each others’ eyes. Thanks, ~jheaa!


The 11th in a row! O_O!

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  • I wuz here first 😛

  • But its a cute goofy smile!

  • melinda stumpf

    it is a goofy smile Jeff but hwy Deacon loves it you should be happy about it

  • Yukiness

    This is the first time that something so warm and fuzzy has made me feel warm and fuzzy.

    I am with you guys at BENT con in spirit. Really wish I could be there. I know you two will have a successful run there.

    • Hehe. Like you, it’s rare for a warm and fuzzy moment in media to actually give me the warm fuzzies. I’m really glad to hear the warm and fuzzy is working for you here. 🙂

      (And it’s just going to be me at BENT-CON. But hopefully Winona and I will get a chance to table a con together soon!)

      • Yukiness

        Well, either way, in spirit you both have my love.
        If you spot a tired looking, shaven headed person with glasses and big boobs that looks mostly transparent, that would be me.

  • Its a special skill to make characters so adorable without them being sickly. A skill I find myself rather jealous of. Another beautiful page of a wonderful story.

    Enjoy Bent-Con by the way. I WISH I could get over there just to give you both a slightly scary fan-girl squeeze. Hell, I wish I could get to the States at all, but, alas, I’m not travelling anywhere on a plane with twin buns in the oven.

    • Thank you, Ileandra. It is definitely a tricky balance. And I will admit to a bit of nervousness about this page. Glad to hear this page worked for you. 

      And I totally understand about not wanting to travel. Very good reason (and happy) reason, obviously. Good luck with your buns! 😀

  • An actual comment will have to wait until I’m not buried up to my eyeballs in NaNo stuff, but I totally wish I could be at Bent-Con!  More notice next time please, so I can schedule in some vacation time!

    (oh, and for the future record for when I am able to show up at a con you are attending, my name actually IS Summer)

    • Yeah, BENT-CON was a last minute leap. I’ll do my best to give more notice for future cons. (APE and YaoiCon are pretty likely…)

      And when that day comes, I look forward to meeting you in person, Summer. I really appreciate all your awesome comments. 🙂

  • fujoshifanatic

    Aww, this is so sweet! I love the way these two are talking through this, especially the way Deacon just expresses his feelings as he goes along in order to work them all out (like I do!). My favorite things about this page? Panels two and three (Jeff’s face, Deacon’s body–squeeee!), the goofy smile on Deacon’s face in panel five, and of course the wonderful dialogue throughout (So honest! So earnest! So funny!). I’m on pins and needles to see how this scene plays out.

    I usually have a knack for figuring out what comes next in most of the stuff I read or watch (often to a fault), but you and Winona have done such an excellent job of keeping me off balance that I literally can’t wait until morning on update day to see what happens next. Awesome work as always guys!

    And have a great time at BENT-CON this year! As a member of the LGBT community, I am soo sad I can’t go, but now that I know I will be sure to look out for it next year and make plans to attend. 🙂

    • Aw, thank you for the props, fujoshifanatic. I really like those panels too. And I’m delighted to hear that you’re enjoying the dialogue and that we’re still surprising you. That’s awesome. 🙂

      (And thank you for the well wishing for BENT-CON. Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to meet you next year!)

  • crimsonkiss22

    Panel 2, Jeff. 

    MY UTERUS IS WEEPING. I don’t even know how that’s POSSIBLE. Winona, you owe me a new uterus. 

    • eleutherios

       See a doctor, and send the bill to her.

  • Aw, their rapport is fantastic. I’m just a gooey mess!

  • Aikka

    They are both so cute here o..o 

    Alex, in one of the previous comments you said you’re nervous about that page.
    Why you would be nervous about such a cute page? It’s hard to not love it 🙂

    and Winonaaa..
    remember my kidnapping offer is still available! XD
    Just say a word XD
    Love your art 🙂

    and fanart from my sis, yay! ^-^ *-*

    • Why nervous? Oh, sometimes the warm and fuzzy banter in dialogue can be tough to pull off. I did my best, but you never know until it’s out there. 😉

      I am very glad that it’s working for you, though! 😀

      And yes—your Sis did a great job! I’m very glad to share it!

      • Miina Liias

        Warm and fuzzy with a side of goofy, just the way I like it 😀

        • Glad to hear it, Miina. That’s usually how I serve it. 😉

      • Aikka

        o..o you edided the reply!
        before there was’t anything about art from my sis… right? xD

        • Yep. I thought I had given your Sis a shout out in my reply, but noticed I hadn’t. 😀

          • Aikka

            Now i don’t know which version she saw.  o..o

  • KBatty

    Oh for Pete’s sake, will you two just kiss already? Honestly.

  • eleutherios

    Deacon, take Jeff to the prom.  Then threaten to rip the voting committee limb from limb.  Then have sex with everyone.

    Problem solved.

    • Erica

      or have mind-numbing sex with JEFF in front of everyone, still ripping the committee limb from limb n e way. 😀  then maybe Jeff can think “wow… the way you prevented blood splatter to make a single droplet on me…. YOU DO LOVE ME!!” and the more sex. . __.

  • Erica

    Jeff’s hair-falling-in-front-of-his-face look gave me a femmyboner. No lie.
    so in conclusion… KISS DAMMIT KISS!!! lol I was so expecting this to be like… at least a small peck! A SMALL PECK AT SOME POINT. lol…
    I think Jeff should always look at Deacon that way…
    I’m abosolutely in LOVE with that look. OMG….
    Everytime i see it my heart pounds… ARGHOMGBLURG…
    I officially love you Winona. Major Huge Love. Like… omg super love… not that i didn’t love you before… but omg. lol It’s at max right now XD

  • Erica

    I need me some free tickets to LA so i can go to this Bent-Con you speak of, Alex. oh and free tickets in B-C XDD ahhh being broke :]

    • I hear you. The CON is just $10 to attend. But the plane tickets might be a bit more than that…….

      • Erica

        might be. lol nah im pretty sure they’re at least 15 times more lol

      • Erica

        …. or 60 times more…

        • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

          And this is why me and my buddies do road trips instead of flying. Who wants to pay that much for a ticket to get molested by Homeland Security? Not me, that’s for sure. Sure, we pay more in gas than we would on a plane ticket, but our luggage doesn’t cost much extra, and we can stop and start when we choose, instead of at someone else’s pace.

          It takes longer, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. That long time on the road with each other is a good primer for what it’s going to be like sharing a hotel room. Pittsburgh to Philly was fun this year, and we even planned a detour to Gettysburg on the way back, which was well worth it. We didn’t even have to leave our road trip vehicle to tour the battlefield. You can’t do that on a plane 😉

          The catch to a road trip is you have to plan further ahead, since it’ll take you longer to get there. There’s less spontaneity to going to a big convention, but that’s what the more local conventions are for 😉

  • Lance Gilroy

    For those of us unable to attend, how might we remotely procure a “too spicy” Artifice print.  W.A.N.T!

    • I’m going to try my best to make them available for sale online here. There’s still some things I’ll need to set up in order to ship posters from my home safely and happily to readers, but I’m looking into that right now. 🙂

      • Lance Gilroy

        Huzzah!  You come to any of the Toronto cons?

        • I think I might be able to come to TCAF in May. 🙂

  • Pages like these make me forget that Deacon isn’t a human. <3

  • ServantShinigami

    they are so perfect for each other ^w^ <3 but just kiss already! the fangirls/boys are waiting!!

    i love panel 4….so kawaii TTwTT

  • thisboybroken

    Again what can I say other than Deacon is just too sweet. I love the way you make this conversation so real. (and yes it is goofy Jeff lol) I agree with you though Alex… I would put up with Deacon calling my smile  goofy!! I would probably have him make it up to me though!! And the looks on his face are priceless!! You guys do such a great job, kudos to both of you again and again!!! See u in a few days, I am excited about seeing the prints!

    • Thank you for the props, Mark. I’m glad the dialogue is feeling real to you. 🙂

      I really appreciate your awesome comments. I’m looking forward to shaking your hand at the Con!

  • Ryn

    Deacon is confuzzled. Jeff doesn’t seem to be taking Deacon’s statements as seriously as i thought he might, though deacon’s face after frame three isn’t super serious either.  Either way, Deacon still seems to be having a better day than Robot in Gunnerkrigg Court., lol. 😛

  • Darby Roorda

    I love the page, same as always, and could praise it to the ends of the earth.
    But I much rather say that I wish I could meet you at Bent-con! I live a few hours north of where it will be, but I just can’t head down. It would be wonderful to tell you all in person that this is the best online comic I have ever seen, but I’ll just have to leave that comment here.
    Keep up the great work!

    • “Best online comic you’ve ever seen”? ::blush::: Wow. Thank you! 😀

      I too wish I could meet you in person just so you could see the big smile you’ve put on my face with your kind words. Hopefully, we’ll be at the same Con at a future date!

      • Darby Roorda

        I hope so too. Maybe someday soon!

  • My goodness, they’re just too adorable together!!! And with all this cuteness, I can handle not getting a first-hand look at all the raunchy stuff.. But what about a kiss??

    • I’m glad the cuteness is enough to compensate for not showing all the goodies. I always like hearing that.

      As for a kiss…. A kiss can be more intimate than raunchy stuff. Especially with these two. We’ll just have to see….. 😉

  • Unff, I keep staring at Deacon’s ‘v’ lines that lead down to his…more private areas (panel 3, guys!).  And, uh, is it weird that I’ve developed an odd fondness for their nipples?  My nose is bleeding here, guys. T____T

  • Lorescien

    Is it weird that I want to see a shot of Deacon standing up, looking over his shoulder at Jeff while he’s doing something, still completely nekked? ‘Cause honestly, I’d bet he’s got a FABULOUS ass. 😛 And I wanna see that fabulosity.

  • Jeff in panel 2 looks so cute and vulnerable and *squee!*

    • Ryn

      mm-mmm, maybe it’ll be a new icon? : )

      • If readers would like me to do that, I can certainly make that happen. 🙂

  • yaoikitty

    Spent the last 3 hours trying to make a trip to BENT-CON work on my limited budget so I could fangirl on the awesome creator of this fantastic comic, but I’m just too broke.  🙁

    I guess I’ll have to settle for sending a virtual hug and best wishes for a successful con. *starts dropping pennies in my kitty bank for next year*

    • Aikka

      I would love to meet Alex but it’s like… a different continent? ;-;
      I don’t even try… -____-

      Why i always want to meet with people who are somewhere away :[

      Maybe we should ask someone who is going there to hug Alex from us?
      *evil smile*

    • I totally understand, yaoikitty. But thank you for your best wishes—and hopefully there will be a Con in the future that will work better for you. It’d be cool to get that hug in person. 🙂

  • Finzz

    Nothing wrong with a goofy smile 😀  The relationship builds and Winona gets to draw these two half naked over and over….and over ^^  Alex I would for sure stop by and say hi and whatnot if I lived in LA, but for now I’ll stick to partying it up in the Midwest 🙂

    • It is kinda fun seeing them half-naked over and over and over again, huh?

      And who knows? Maybe I’ll do a Con in the Midwest sometime. 

      Party on. 🙂

  • CommodoreZelda

    They’re so sweet. <3

  • Adam Black

    Deacon has Never appeared/seemed more Human…
    Good job Alex and Winona

  • Dex X.

    I Keep forgetting he’s not human…..D:

  • shinashiasusual

    So cute… You’re human enough for me Deacon :/ And the way Jeff hides behind his hair! Aw~

  • Liv

    This is so beautifully written.. :’)

  • How adoraable, and sweet. Lol, especially calling his smile goofy. I love it!
    But Reed from Teahouse.. Deacon! Go beat him up! Go, do it! He’s not listening..

    • aha I /just/ came over to this site from Teahouse. And I agree!

      • Yes, I too am not impressed with Reed’s attitude. CC definitely got an emotional reaction out of me for the new page. 🙂

        • If Deacon could go teach Reed who’s the alpha male of this area of the yaoi-filled intarweb, that would indeed be awesome.  

  • The bonding between these two is so damn endearing! Woo him, Deacon. WOO him!! 

  • Michele M.

    Deacon’s face in Panel 4 & 5 =<3<3<3<3<3

    Great job as always. You ROCK, Alex & Winona!

    Any chance you can make Facebook banners? I would totally have that on my profile.

    • Thank you, Michele!

      And I’ve never thought about creating FB banners. Do you know of a link with instructions for that?

  • I FINISHED NANO WITH TWENTY MINUTES TO SPARE!  I may not be done with the actual story but the word count is MORE than sufficient!  I am HAPPY!

    And now, comments about something actually important, like this beautiful, character developing page!  I think that, if I could get an ASO with the glitch that Deacon has without actually getting Deacon himself (since he’s, you know, Jeff’s), I would be a happy happy woman once we got to be friends.  I think I’m falling more and more into platonic love for Deacon (though there’s a very big crush there too) with every page he expresses his emotional vulnerability.  Kudos to him for accepting Jeff’s semi-apology, even though I still think Jeff needs to be spanked for his earlier insensitivity.  

    Jeff….wow.  Jeff looks incredibly attractive on this page.  I can’t even single out any particular shot of him I like the MOST because they’re all strikingly perfect in every detail.  

    And back to Deacon…geez.  He’s feeling his way through the tangled forest of emotion so poignantly that, different species or no, I empathize with him.  This empathy and the ABILITY to empathize with the characters is why this is one of the best webcomics on the Web; not just the art, not just the storytelling, but because when you combine two such powerful forces, the resulting work transcends all boundaries.

    /wall of text.  Excuse me while I keep my wrists from wanting to fall off.

    • Yay! Congratulations, Summer! Go you!

      And “one of the best webcomics on the Web”? ::blush:: Thank you! I’m really glad you’re feeling such a connection with the characters—that was really important to me. You’ve given Winona and me such great compliments, I just can’t stop grinning. 😀

      • I try to only speak the truth.  I’m glad the truth can make you happy!

  • sorry Jeff but the jury is in. Your smile is indeed goofy. *giggle*

    • Michael Bowman

      But in a totally awesome way. Just ask Deacon. xD

  • While I was reading my eyes kept going back to Deacon’s torso. Damn hormones.

  • Mmmm hot AI torso Mmmmmm

  • Hello, I am a first timer here.  Artifice IS REALLY GOOD!  Keep up the super work.

    • Thank you, Vas! I’m really glad you liked what you saw. I hope you’ll stick with us! 😀

  • This fits so well in with that short story ‘The HORARs of War’ in which a news reporter investigates the clone soldier army during the war…

  • You need to come to MetroCon. Pls. Pretty please. >_> XD

    • Florida, huh? That’s a bit of a hike for me from CA. But if you think it would be fun, I’ll definitely look into it. 🙂

      • MetroCon is pretty fun. 😀 The human chess match is usually very entertaining!

  • Virginia Hull

    Love this comic, any recs for equally awesome -lesbian themed- comics like this?

    • Eriennexton

      Make one! 😀

      • Virginia Hull

        I’m just not that kind of artist (and probably not a great story teller). My job as a teacher keeps me pretty busy as well… there’s always this summer though! heh

        • Eriennexton

          I have every confidence in your abilities! I’d read it!

    • Hmm. Good question. I don’t know any off the top of my head. I reached out to Erica Friedman on Twitter and she recommended this article to me:

      Perhaps start there and give it a look?

  • Camping!!!!  Munching on fruit and wondering what do to with newfound leisure time.

  • Jennie Yates

    Camping and reading the third book in the Nightrunner series.

  • After long day of travel and booth set-up, Alex is very sleepy. Think this might be another early update night… 🙂

  • anonymouslizzy

    Second panel! 😀