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Artifice Page 53

153 Comments on Artifice Page 53

I guess no one every said dating your human target would be easy, either…

We have new Fan Art from webcomics creator Astra Crompton. It’s an emotional moment between Jeff and Deacon called “Do Androids Kiss?” that feels spot-on with what’s going on here. Thanks, Astra!

We yet again hit our donation target so there will be a bonus page—Page 54—on Wednesday, November 30th! 😀

Special thanks to long-time supporters Meghan P. and Christina H. (who donated for the 2nd time in two weeks!) for their generous donations on Wednesday towards that bonus page.

And an android-strength hug goes out to long-time commenter Clidiane A. for putting us over the top with their very generous $15 donation!

In related news, after updating my bonus plugin this week, my donation bar hasn’t been working. 🙁 I’m receiving donations just fine, but the bar itself is staying stuck at $0. I’ve sent a message to the developer but haven’t heard back yet. I am happy to say, though, that awesome readers have still be donating—we’re actually up to $67—and in a sense, because the bar has been stuck at $0, they all deserve credit for being the “first to donate”!

Special thanks to long-time supporter Annalisa C. and a warm welcome and grateful bow to new supporter Elias R. for their generous donations over the past few days.

And big hugs go out to long-time friends of Artifice Darin M. and Larisa V. for their super-generous $25 donations. This makes the fourth $25 donation in a row from Larisa! (OMG!) Thank you so much! 😀

Finally, I’d like to remind everyone that I’ll be setting up my first Con table ever at BENT-CON next Saturday and Sunday, December 3rd and 4th. I’ll be selling Artifice prints there and it would be awesome to see some friendly faces. So if you’re going to be in LA that weekend, please stop by and say hi!

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  • Yay! Page! Thank you for the early update! lol

  • Lillian White

    Yeesssss! jut because you said you’d post early i kept clicking until there was a new page, and i am now satisfied! (except now i want to see the next page even more)

    yes deacon, you’re way more then anyone could program! Alex your character, story, everything, is the better then my favorite expensive truffles. Nice and solid breaking into creamy chocolate goodness.

    • Howdy, Lillian!  I’m really glad that you’re enjoying Artifice—and that you’re comparing it to tasty treats. Thank you for your very kind words. 😀

      And now you’ve made me hungry…

  • I love this page, so….umph. Lots going on here and it’s all amazing. Especially that last panel. LOVING that one.

  • AnyOtaku

    All this pages that you’re making leave so speechless… And when Deacon says “You’re my Jeff” awww Deacon you sure are amazing!
    I love everythin, the words and their body language… Everything is awesome!

    • Lucy0in0the0Sky

      I know, right?! I got to the “MY Jeff” part and melted into a little pile of adorable goo. Soooo sweet. :3

      • AnyOtaku

        I know!!! Jeff just shut up for a moment and KISS HIM ALREDY!!

    • Thank you, AnyOtaku. I’m really glad you’re enjoying this scene. It’s more drama than smexy (though I love how Winona draws those hips!), but it was a lot of fun to write. 😀

  • Lucy0in0the0Sky

    As cute and sexy as this all is, what I’m now looking forward to most is finding out why (or what the doctors think is why) Deacon IS acting like this? Was he programed incorrectly? Was it something left out of the programming because the scientists never thought it would come up? If so, then why DID they program them to experience the full range of human emotion and physical sensation? Or is it kinda like iRobot where all of the artificials are suddenly going to realize “damnit, we want sex!… or death to all humans, either one really.”? THESE QUESTIONS. ANSWER THEM.

    Or you could just toss in another sexy-time scene. I could go for that, too. 🙂

  • Ryn

    wow, possessive.

    and wow, it’s painful to look at Deacon’s face in the second panel. it’s the kicked puppy expression of all kicked puppy expressions.

  • Oh god I so love this comic so hard right now <3<3<3<3 ;v;

  • crimsonkiss22

    OH GOD.

    “MY Jeff.”

    HURRRRRRRRRRR -puddle-

  • He said “My Jeff.”

    MY JEFF.


    ….sorry for that sudden outburst. I just cant contain myself any LONGER. The cuteness of these two is off the charts. <3

  • fujoshifanatic

    Wow, the emotions are getting really intense now, especially for Deacon! Both the artwork and dialogue in the last panel just kill me, and it would be the perfect place to follow with a kiss (:-D)…or a scene change (D-:). *crosses fingers for the former*

    Fantastic page as always guys–hope your holiday was turkeytastic! 🙂

    • Glad you’re liking the interplay between art and dialogue, fujoshifanatic. And will Maven pop up on the next page? Or will we get more? I wonder…

      I had a great Thanksgiving, thank you. I hope yours was turkeytastic as well!

  • Aikka

    I won’t be very original saying…

    ” MY Jeff ” *—-*

    and i remember the last panel from your banner in links section.
    I was scared when and why this will happen as it didn’t really look like a happy scene 😛

    • It’s awesome how everyone loves Deacon saying that. 😀

      And yes. That last panel…

      • Aikka

        *stares at the time of your reply*
        i am almost sure i checked during that time and there was no reply >< hm…

        anyway o_o"

        You shouldn't be suprised everyone loves it. *-*

        And actually, i'm really worried how this will end, i just try to not think about it as i really love to read what is there now and in the past


        well, if they were MY characters, my mind would probably be making up the most weirdest ideas just to give them some happy ending "XD

        • It’s interesting that you say that…

          You see, in my first draft of Artifice, I also really wanted a happy ending. But in my attempts to do that, I wound up making Maven and the Corporation a little… well… stupid. I was making things easy so that I could be sure Deacon and Jeff would live happily ever after. But then when I re-read that first script, it felt false. It felt like cheating. It wasn’t good.

          So… during my second draft, I made Maven as tough and smart as I could. I made her ask all the questions I would ask and push through anything that felt like BS. And I strongly limited what Deacon could and couldn’t do vs. the Corporation. I had to accept that by doing so—by writing as “honestly” as I could—that might mean there would be no happy ending for Jeff and Deacon. And I myself actually didn’t know if there would be a “sad” or “happy” ending until the last few pages.  

          That’s the story you have before you now. 🙂

          • Aikka

            In general, i don’t write. I’m just too lazy to do it, usualy i just imagine stories for some time and that’s all *sigh* BUT my problem is that when i do it, i feel too… attached to my characters, and feel a little like if they were alive – if i am going to hurt them i just feel bad and don’t want it _-_

            and about now knowing until the end.. well, one of the rare ocassions whan i actually was writing something down was a fanfiction [that was a few years ago], in the end i dropped it, but while writing it, i made such a situation for 2 of my OCs that… even i didn’t know how to fix it o_o even my mind thinking about the wierdest ideas didn’t  tell me any good solutions *sigh*

            Anyway back to your comic, well, in general when someone… is making something in the story, just to achieve the happy ending or sth, readers can feel it very well -..-

  • Mournless

    ‘You’re MY Jeff.’

    B’AAAAWWWWWW!!!!! Deacon, why you be so cute?!

    You know….you just KNOW that Maven has a smug expression right now. XD

    • I bet you’re right…

      • Mournless

        THat alone makes me like her even more. 8D

  • Jesus, Jeff. If I were you I wouldn’t be pondering the reasons behind it; I’d be too busy melting into a puddle after that amazing line in panel 2: “MY Jeff.” 
    (I know everyone and their cousin already commented on it but damn, that was adorable.)

  • CK

    I’m so sorry I havent been able to comment on the recent ones! but this is so cute! <3

  • Alor_Laneau


  • grinsekatze

    i didn’t think i could love this webcomic more than i already did. but yeah, with the last pages you secured the maximum of my love!!!!!!

    • Yay! I’m really glad you’re liking this scene, grinsekatze! 😀

  • Well Jeff, better to love endlessly with a possibility of death then to keep breaking the poor guys heart and wondering what’s wrong. Life is already fleeting. Either way you were going to die by his hands, might as well be his loving hands.

  • KBatty

    Finally! Jeff asks what we’ve all been asking for weeks on end.

    If there was going to be a companion “nirvana” panel to Jeff’s on page 51, it’s definitely Deacon’s panel four here.

    Oh, and something else I keep meaning to ask, but keep forgetting: The font you use is Dave Gibbons, yes?

    • Hey KBatty!

      It’s interesting you like Panel 4 here. I like that CU too, but it’s cool that it’s a favorite of yours. What makes you dig it so much?

      And right comic book font company—I love Comicraft—but it’s actually Comicrazy that I’m using for Artifice. 🙂 Are you doing any lettering right now?

      • KBatty

        What I like about it, is that it’s the first time we see a really natural and human expression on Deacon’s face.

        I don’t mean that as a slight to Winona’s artistic ability at all, but no matter how natural or expressive Deacon was, I never forgot that he was a machine. Today when I saw that panel, it just seemed so human. There was a mixture of very confusing emotions present in the expression, where previous expressions have seemed very linear in their singularity.

        It also seems to be some kind of realization that he’s actively thinking about himself beyond the scope of his intended design. It’s a moment of self-awareness that was previously lacking in his thought process, and perhaps the turning point where we see his capacity for human selfishness develop (selfishness in the sense that he would find it reasonable to eliminate seven men to protect the one he cares for).

        I’m not currently doing any lettering, but I’m always keeping my eye open for fonts I’m fond of, and this one I do rather enjoy.

        • KBatty

          And for the record, I edited the above post a billion times and still didn’t get it quite right. Oh well. lol

        • Ah, very interesting. Now I understand why you like that panel so much. 🙂

          And yay for a fellow font-nerd! 😉

          • KBatty

            Font nerd!? Of course! Bringhurst is like a god to me.

  • C K

    D’awww these two.  I can’t say I really blame Jeff for his questions; in this scenario, I’d probably be just as paranoid that one day the other shoe would drop and that the android killing machine would finish me off like he was supposed to.  (Not that I wouldn’t still say yes to said android’s seductions…)

    (Or melt into a puddle of goo at “MY Jeff”…)

    So great job at creating realistic conflicts and concerns with these two instead of going the “easy” route and having them be smiley-perfect-happy until the recovery team arrives.  I am absolutely loving this comic and stalking it every single time it updates.

    • Thank you, C K! I’m glad you’re liking the realism of this scene. That element was very important to me and something that I wanted to see in other comics, but wasn’t seeing as much of. It makes me very happy to hear that for you I created that sense of realism successfully. 😀

  • Ayella

    “But you’re Jeff, MY Jeff.”I didn’t know it was possible but… my heart just jizzed

    Thanks Alex and Winona, you’ve just outdone yourselves in awesomeness yet again.

    • You’re very welcome, Ayella! Very glad to make your heart happy. 😀

  • psiquest

    For some reason, I have this image in my head of a little heart on Jeff’s ass that says “Property of Deacon. Trespassers will be prosecuted.”

    • Eisheth

      “Property of Deacon. Trespassers will be executed”  ftfy ;D

  • oscar4life

    (O ^ O)

    They’re just too awesome!!!

  • This is just so… Human that I’mm all silly and happy here! <3

  • Erica


    JEFF! y u no have super blushy face?!

    and then Deacon’s face in the last panel! The face of betrayal I’d say! “My Jeff doesn’t understand stand me, despite all of our intimate adventures?!” <33

    ahhhhhh! I love this page! SO much going on ^ .^

    on a side note, Jeff looks evil in the first panel. . __. 😀


  • Oh my gosh. They are so cute together ♥ I-I can’t say more than “Awwwwwww” and want to give them both a tight hug, I just can grin stupid. 

  • Reign

    When Deacon said “you’re Jeff….my Jeff” My heart started beating so fast!!! Omg that is so sweet.  This whole page is wonderful!!! Deacon and Jeff are meant to be together 🙂 Awesome Job Alex and Winona!!

    • Thank you, Reign! Glad you liked the page—and the thought of our heroes together. 😀

  • danigirl921

    “You’re Jeff. MY Jeff.”

    D’awwwwwwwwwwwwww. *dies from the cuteness* This is just so adorable. *smishes Jeff and Deacon*

  • So unutterably sweet, everthing… just everything. The last panel, when the art opens a bridge between them just as Jeff closes one.

  • Daaaaw, Deacon is SO CUTE!!

  • The webcomic won’t load on my computer. I feel so sad, I can’t see the page ;____; is anyone willing to copy paste the .jpg url to me so I can view it ;______;

  • “You’re Jeff. MY JEFF.”

    Oh god adorable 😐 I want to hug the both ;_____; This page is pure of love /gets cut to an angry/manipulative Maven scene

  • Winterlove

    UBER AWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • krissdevalnor

    cute! damn…Deacon doesn’t deserve this…or rather…he does for threatening in the beginning and Jeff’s questions are obvious. still…*feeling sad for Deacon* 🙁

    To Winona: How do you make Deacon’s hair?
    I have tried to study it a bit and it seems like you’ve spent hours making the ‘pattern’ by hand. Or do you have a clever trick for it? *curious*

    • W Nelson

      I draw it by hand.  It doesn’t take hours, but it does take a while…

      • krissdevalnor

        impressive 🙂 Have never seen such realistic hair in a yaoi before.

  • thisboybroken

    I feel for both Jeff and Deacon. You guys are doing a fantastic job of making the emotions actually ring true here. When Deacon calls him “my Jeff” my heart just jumped out of my chest. I heart him!! So I will definitely see you at BENT-CON Saturday. I cannot wait!

    • You’re coming to BENT-CON, thisboybroken? That’s awesome! I’m looking forward to getting a chance to say hi. Be sure to let me know your handle here when you stop by… I don’t actually know your real name. 😉

      And glad you’re liking this scene!

      • thisboybroken

        Yes, I will be there. My real name is Mark but I will make sure to let you know anyway. Hint: if I were a cartoon I would look like my avatar pic… Cannot wait until Sat. Deacon love!

        • Looking forward to it, Mark. (And two of the three prints feature Deacon. Hopefully you’ll enjoy taking a look at them. 🙂 )

  • Yukiness

    Deacon used cute sentamental line.
    It was super effective.
    Artiface reader has fainted.
    Trainer Alex wins!

  • Pervertida Pensante

    It’s official I love this guy. Deacon is so lovely

  • ithilloke

    Is it weird that I actually find myself thinking about this comic a lot and not just because it’s so amaaaazingly drawn, but because it’s so thought-provoking?

     Not since David Gerrold’s book, Space Skimmer, have I found so many ” What? How can that be?!” moments in a story. This is the sort of stuff I used to discuss when I was in college and to have my brain nudged back into deep contemplation I’m finding VERY enjoyable so please…DO keep stimulating my brain! 😉

    • Sequinn

      I second the motion.  And thanks for the tip, I’m going to go find Space Skimmer now. 🙂

    • That’s an awesome compliment, ithilloke. While I certainly wrote Artifice to be (hopefully!) entertaining, I also was hoping it would be at least a little thought-provoking as well. So I’m glad you’re finding it that way. (And I loved those kind of discussions in college—usually at their best at 2:00 A.M…. 🙂 )

      I guess I’ll have to check out Space Skimmer as well. 😀

      • ithilloke

        It may well be out of print now.  Check with Amazon. Oh, and you may know the writer from the original Star Trek series, as he wrote The Trouble With Tribbles, one of my favourites!

        • Yes, I thought that was the same one. 🙂  And as a teenager I’ve read a few books from another sci-fi series of his: The War Against the Chtorr.  While I ultimately didn’t continue with that series, it had a bunch of compelling things about it, including a unique terraforming method of alien invasion, an exploration of the psychology of surviving a post-apocalyptic world and a fair amount of gay sex.

          • ithilloke

            The only other works of his that I’ve read are; When HARLEY Was One and With a Finger in my I. Both very interesting reads!

          • You might want to check out the first book of The War Against the Chtorr. It was a very interesting read. And there is the BL aspect. 🙂

            When HARLEY Was One definitely sounds interesting. Maybe that should be my next stab at Gerrold…

  • Another page, equally as Winona as the last 🙂  I didn’t comment right away, but now that I’m fully awake and not suffering from the lack-of-sleep monster, I shall post my thoughts.

    God sakes, Jeff…I know you’re a teenager, but STOP ACTING LIKE A TEENAGER!  Even if Deacon eventually realizes that you’re not saying these things to be rude, you’re still being rude!  How would you like it if someone continually questioned the validity of your feelings because YOU were a different species?!  I expect a bigger apology than THAT, young man….and suddenly I’ve become Jeff’s mother.  No!  Then I can’t think he’s pretty AND I’m too young!

    Deacon needs a few android-strength hugs right now.  I could die happy while giving them as long as he is as gloriously nude as he is now.  Seriously, I’m seeing the puppy ears on him in every scene.  Boy needs hugs.  And apologies and reassurances from Jeff.  

    Take my frustrations with the characters and the situation at hand as a compliment as to how REAL they seem.  My other reason for not posting a comment as soon as this update was uploaded is because many of my words and phrases were not appropriate for the community’s eyes 🙂

    • Hehe. Understood, Summer. I’m really glad that you’re liking the art and that the update is provoking some strong feelings.  I’ll definitely pass on your words to Jeff. 😀

      • Thank you, kind sir:)  And while you’re at it, please remind Jeff that, despite his age, he is NOT too old to be spanked!

        (the feelings, yes, they are very very strong.  This page is the heart of the debate about whether cross-SPECIES relationships could actually work)

  • Dex X.

    YEA DONT LISTEN. HE’S BEING MEAN. *covers ears* lalalalalala

  • Aw! I just melted when Deacon called him “my Jeff.” Humanity at its finest!

  • Excuse me while I wooble…


  • Fabiana Nonato

    Deacon was… asdgyufddv *I have no words*
    I’m fallen in love with this webcomic. *u*
    “You’re Jeff. My Jeff”
    OMG, I just die!

    • Thank you, Fabiana! Glad to have you with us! 😀

  • Sequinn

    OK, let me start by saying that this question is completely unrelated to the current page (which I LOVE by the way).  However I suppose I started wondering about it because the retrieval team can’t be far away now.  So here we go. 

    Deacon is the last of his kind right, and if these advanced APs are so expensive and important why did the Corporation send ALL of them to Da Vinci Four?  Was it arrogance/stupidity on the part of the Corporation or was there an elaborate plot to wipe out the colonists on DV4 AND all the APs in order to make way for the new AP model?  Egads…conspiracy theories abound.

    PS. Apologies if this has already been answered somewhere else.

    • It has been asked before but not answered—and might not get answered in this arc. But those are good questions. 🙂

      • SteveMcSheffrey

        In this arc?  I can haz more Deacon?

  • Malin Skutnabba

    “You’re Jeff. My Jeff” Oh that was one of the sweetest things I’ve read in a long time~

  • Emperor_Meiji

    I adore this page, and I adore the previous one. Probably more than any other in all of Artifice. Thank you.

    • I’m delighted you think so, Emperor_Meiji. I’m curious. What is it about these pages that you especially connect with?

      (And BTW, I hope you’ve checked out the comments on the Fan Art page. Your work was a big hit. With my friends also. 😀 )

      • Emperor_Meiji

        I like these pages because we’re truly getting to the heart of what Artifice is about — at least, what I think it’s about!

        We’re seeing an artificial being who has become more than the sum of his parts; who is falling in love with someone he was programmed to kill. We’re seeing Jeff creating his first human connection, with someone who isn’t even human. This is the moral center of the story, and it’s what has kept me riveted despite being a straight middle-aged guy with no interest in yaoi. If work like Artifice can reach me, it can reach a much bigger audience.

        And of course, it’s fantastically original stuff. “Boy meets girl” is the oldest story in the world, and “robot wants to be human” is the oldest story in sci-fi. Artifice reimagines both of those old tropes in a completely new way.

        And of course, Winona’s artwork is, as always, excellent.

        • Well, thank you. ::blush:: I’m glad you’re feeling that I’m treating these tropes in a new way. And yes, this developing connection is absolutely the heart of Artifice and getting a chance to show that was one of the great pleasures in writing this story. 

          And it makes me happy that you appreciate both sides of it. It’s easy to see how all this is new for Deacon, but this is really all new for Jeff too—and you’re right about how important a step this is for him, and how especially risky it is.

          And of course, Winona’s artwork is, as always, excellent. 🙂

          Thank you very much for answering my question!

  • Nikolicious

    “MY JEFF”




  • lightflyer9

    Man….the smell of all those hundreds of rotting, dead bodies would ruin this moment for me. I wouldnt trust that guy, no matter good at sex he was…..I love this comic but I think its silly for Jeff to trust him so fast and Deacon to be upset he doesnt blindly believe him.

    • Idk, that’s kind of the genre this is in.

      They’re also surrounded by the dismembered bodies of all the other androids, Deacon’s only peers and probably the only people he’s ever really known. Deacon was part of an invading army but he’s just a young (god, how old? Pinocchio here may have been sentient for three months for all we know) cannon-fodder foot soldier, and Jeff’s a random civilian.

      In real life they’d both be irreparably fucked up by all this, but this is War Romance and as two Sole Survives stuck alone together for months they have to Overcome Differences and learn to love each other. It’s like like “Enemy Mine,” but the sexytimes are canon and nobody looks like a lizard.

      Also I’m assuming most of the bodies were disposed of by the androids before they were blown up, or Deacon and Jeff relocated to an abandoned area after making contact.

  • John Todd

    That is what I’ve been thinking the whole time. Why would you build a killer robot that can feel a full range of human emotions?

    • Mary Kelleher

      If the robot couldn’t feel connection to the side of the army it’s on, there might be skynet problems on the way.

      That and scientists going “DUDE!  LOOK! MY ROBOT HAS MORE EMOTIONS THAN YOURS DOES NEERRR NEERR NEEER!”  Then the other scientist gets mad and starts adding an even wider range of emotions and it all goes downhill from there.

  • SteveMcSheffrey

    So we have Jeff, who’s never had a relationship because (and I’ll be generous) most colonists would choose only to have heterosexual children so that the colony would grow.  Then we have Deacon, who has spent his sentience thus far around fellow androids who didn’t get the glitch that allows him to feel and yearn for a connection to someone, anyone.  Deacon’s probably as truly bi as possible, with the sexual relationship naturally evolving from the enforced closeness with Jeff but real nonetheless.  I know how I want this to end, I know how I fear it should end, and I am dreading both because it would mean no more Artifice!

    • “I know how I want this to end, I know how I fear it should end, and I am dreading both because it would mean no more Artifice!” — What an awesome and sweet thing to say. You’ve put a big grin on my face, Steve. Thank you. 😀

  • SoloIX

    Goodness these two are so cute, it makes my toes curl.

  • Jackson Dean

    My Jeff.

    • Lance Gilroy

      Ownership conflict detected, initiate termination protocol 3.

  • WandNCritic

    This is trully progressing beyond the just sex part, into a real relationship, both with insecurities, some more alike than they know, both with problems, yet they are working through it.
    Love it.
    Too bad one of ’em ends up with Maven, the other probably to a torture dungeon.
    Just gonna leave this hanging.

  • Bailey Carswell

    You just made me go DAWWWWW at my computer more than all the videos of baby animals I’ve watched today combined.

    Kudos to you, Mister Woolfson

  • So many feelings. 🙂 

    There are no words…

  • CommodoreZelda

    The only think I think when looking at this is THEY’RE SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • DoktorNauk

    I really wish the sex hadn’t happened, but I love this.

    • I’m glad you love this, Nova. 🙂 I’m curious, why do you wish the sex hadn’t happened?

      • randomjhovall

        I can understand it. A virgin, and his first time with someone they have sex? To be fair, I’ve never been a teenage boy, but I do remember being a nervous, inexperienced virgin, and sex was sort of vague and terrifying and unknown. Especially anal, you don’t want to just rush into that, haha!

        • Sure. That makes sense.

          (But for the record, I’ll Word of God this and state that Jeff certainly did not have “anal” his first time with Deacon. That would indeed have been more than he was ready for at that time.)

          • randomjhovall

            Of course, I have a somewhat strict definition of “sex” — I know plenty of people who wouldn’t come to the same conclusions as me! Also, I’m really glad you are so interactive with your audience, thanks for that!

          • It’s my pleasure. 🙂

  • This… is just so sad and so beautiful.

  • yellowrock

    I wanna be the guy that designs the cyborg’s naughty bits.  That would be the best job ever.

    Either design or…quality control…  ;D

  • Aw that’s too sweet <3 Last panel is my favorite. And Deacon's face in the second last panel made me break out in "Aw"s

  • ViSovari

    I’ll often read and then re-read an Artifice page multiple times before I’ll comment simply for the sake of taking it all in. What strikes me the hardest about this page is Jeff’s doubt primarily because, were I in his semi-enviable position, I’d have the same questions and doubts.

    As ever, I can not wait for the next page and the next glimpse of Deacon’s scrumptious lips.

  • F1ct1on

    AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! ;__; This is so cute and beautiful. I love Deacon’s puppy dog hurt.

  • deacon is just plain delicious.

  • “You’re Jeff. *My* Jeff.”

    I haven’t AWWW-ed out loud over a webcomic for quite some time, but that line was stupendously sweet. <3

    • Hehe. Thank you, Tommy. I love that so many folks are getting a kick out of that line of dialogue. 🙂

  • elijah elquest

    jeff is hung up on a thought.

    clever or cunning devices or expedients, esp. as used to trick or decieve others:
    “artifice and outright fakery”.

    this is used a lot in this story. 
    deacon was artificial to the guards in the beginning, then threw off his shut-down facade. 
    he is behind another facade that he has stuck to the mission and that his actions arent questionable in front of the good doctor.

    clever, everything fits together.

  • this is actually well written, i was expecting some cookie cutter, the plot is unimportant porn comic, i am pleasantly surprised.

    • Mary Kelleher

      You should read Tough.  It’s amazing as well.  😀

      • fujoshifanatic

        Speaking of Tough, when are we going to see the next chapter of that? I am loving Artifice for sure, but I’m greedy as well! I remember there were some preview pages of the next chapter posted, but I’ve seen nothing since. Will we have to wait for the end of Artifice? If so, I can wait a veeery long time. 😉

        • Right now, unfortunately, the art has stalled on Chapter 3 of Tough. :/ I’m still working on getting that finished, but it might very well not be until the end of Artifice

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    J: Looks, let’s face it, a lot less manly/strong/buff etc, but he’s the sarcastic/more pessimistic one.
    But I suppose it makes more sense that Jeff, the one who has been bullied all his life and the only person he was close to was his dead mum, and Deacon, the one who was artificially created, because this would mean that he’s more innocent like a child due to his lack of communication etc with others. But then if you think of it like that it’s a bit grotesque if you’re considering four people with childlike innocence slaughtered all those people. 
    And I hadn’t considered any of that until I started writing this comment. huh.

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