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Artifice Page 5

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Uh, oh… 🙂

Deacon’s line in Panel 6? That was the beginning inspiration for this whole comic. This whole scene played out in my head after wondering if androids, much like other groups who have experienced prejudice, might wind up choosing a more… empowering term for themselves than the socially acceptable “artificial people”. And from that seed, Deacon’s story took root.

  • I think he’s (the Inhuman) is going to escape from whatever complex he’s in. Looking forward to next Saturday, when we get to read the next page!

    • Ooo. I like that you’re guessing. I look forward to sharing that next page with you! 😀

  • PansyMage

    I can’t wait to read more it looks great

    • Thank you very much. I’m glad you’re enjoying it!

  • PansyMage

    Woot can’t wait to see where the story goes

  • Really goooood! love the drawings ! 🙂

    • Thank you! I feel so lucky to be able to have Winona on this comic. And not only is her artwork awesome, but she a total professional and really easy to work with.

  • chirachira

    Holy crap! I’m hooked. This is amazing Alex! I can’t wait to see more from you both!

    • Well, that’s very, very flattering. You know I love your work on your webcomic sfeertheory. It makes me really happy that you’re liking my first efforts here. 😀

  • Oooh, very interesting…I cant wait to see what is going to happen next. The inhuman looks pretty hot, do I sense a possibility of robo/human relationship in this comic? or is it robo/robo ? but I say the Roy deserves it and wouldnt be surprised if Inhuman snaps his neck….hehe. Its a pretty good idea uploading every saturday but one page is a totall kill, it should be atleast 2 pages or people might die of withdrawl symptoms…like me. amazing, great and looking forward to your next installment.

    • Thank you, Matthew. I think there might be at least one… romantic… possibility in this story involving good ol’ Deacon. And trust me, Roy will definitely get what he deserves. 😉

      And I’d love to be able to post at least 2 pages a week. The truth is, I really can’t wait to share this entire comic with everyone! But based on my experiences reading some other webcomics, I promised myself that if I ever did one myself, there wouldn’t be any random delays or broken promises. I know for certain that I can put out one page a week until this comic is complete. So, out of respect for you and my other readers, one page a week it will be. (At least for the foreseeable future.)

      But I’m totally thrilled you’re wanting to

  • Molly4024

    it is interesting, intriguing, provoking …
    it is rare …
    please continue …

    • Thank you very much for your kind words. I hope you continue to like what comes next!

  • Candycactus

    Great!! 😀 I like it!

  • Inhuman…. very interesting!

    Please continue ? 😀

    • Will do! (And believe it or not, that “inhuman” line was the start of the whole idea for this comic…)

  • ChrisOzzie

    I am beyond a fan! I like the concept, I like that even the fat asshole guard has a reason for acting the way he does, and I’m very interested to see where this goes! I’ll definitely keep a lookout for this!

    • Thank you! Yep, it’s very important to me that even the villains (perhaps especially the villains) have good reasons for doing what they do. After all, no one thinks of themselves as evil and we all have our reasons… 😉

  • africanpride1991

    OH!!! HAHAHA I like, I like!! I love the interplay between Roy and Bob. And Roy’s emotions towards the “Inhuman” are intriguing to watch. What I love best and believe is essential for any well-written story, is that ALL of the characters be believable and HUMAN. You don’t need to LIKE all the characters, but the author should allow you to understand and/or sympathize with all of them, and I’m able to do so with yours. I don’t like Rob–he’s fat and a jerk lol, but I can understand exactly what he’s feeling and can see myself possibly acting the same way in the same situation. Same with Bob, whose trying to stop his friend from doing the wrong thing and his realization that there’s more to his hate. And the android…I CANNOT wait to see more of him, but that little glimpse, makes me NEED to see more.

    Great Work, Alex and the artwork is indeed awesome.

    Eagerly waiting for more,

    • Wow! Boy, reading your comment put a big smile on my face. Yep, like I said to Chris below, having all my characters be understandable and relatable is super important to me. And I’m delighted you’ll want to see more of Deacon. He’s our hero, so I promise you will. 😉

      Thank you for sharing such detailed thoughts!

  • DLWarner

    I hope you’ve let the lovely folks at DoorQ know about this! They would love it. That said, it is very difficult for me to form an opinion after only five pages. You’ve taken on the very difficult task of introducing a whole new civilization while laying in the exposition for this particular story and doing character development. Not an easy feat at all. You have an intriguing beginning. I am definitely interested in reading more.

    • Thanks, Deb. I will definitely give the folks at DoorQ a heads up about this comic. I hope you like how the story develops. 🙂

  • I LOVE IT!!!!

  • Wow I’m so excited to finally get to see this! I saw the sketches and I was psyched! Thanks for letting us start reading it finally! BTW, I’m still waiting on the next bit from Tough!

    • Yay! Yep, I’m really happy to finally be able to put this out. It’s been something I’ve wanted to share for a long time.

      (And don’t worry—we’re still hard at work on the third chapter of Tough . It’s just taking a little longer than planned…)

  • Oh hey! Considering this is sci-fi, it’s not a bad start! I’m glad you started out with a scene like this wherein you let the dialogue explain bits and pieces of the world at the same time drawing the readers in rather the slapping on what the readers need to know in the form of an opening narration.

    Not only do we get to see the world through what they’re saying but we also get a glimpse of the characters too! Even if the fat dude’s pretty archetypal, it’s kinda refreshing to see and his motives behind his actions are really interesting to find out.

    Cliffhanger’s a big bonus too, just sayin’ 😀 I’d love to see where this is going! Great job so far 🙂

    • Thank you! Yep, I try to keep the exposition to a minimum, but like you said, for sci-fi, some of it will be inevitable if I don’t want my readers to be too confused. Hopefully, I’ll strike the right balance.

      Glad you’re liking Roy (who, I’ll admit, is definitely archetypal) and that I have a little cliffhanger here. I hope you like what comes next!

  • I like how so far the story is slow but then at page 5. BAM the ” inhuman” wakes up an acts. Heh. As was stated before , I enjoyed how you learn of the world an the people though the dialog an not just a paragraph intro. Those can get boring. The art is nice an I loved all the yaoi comics on this site. ^^ Yaoi = Yummy. Woot! Keep up the great work. Can not wait for the next pages.

    • You know, it’s funny—it never even occurred to me to start with a paragraph intro explaining the world. But I’m getting the impression from other comics that maybe that’s a common way to start these things. I guess in my case, ignorance was bliss! 😀

      Thank you very much for the props. Please keep letting me know what you think!

  • So psyched to see more of this! It’s fantastic so far – and I can’t wait to see more about what sort of androids the “inhumans” are going to end up being (I can’t be the only one whose favorite Star Trek character was Data …). Please keep up the good work … and if you do decide to make the full PDF available for a fee, I’m standing by to place my order!

    Thanks again.


    • Offering to pay for my comic is just about the sweetest thing you could say to a creator, y’know. 😉 And while I was always a Picard man myself, Data certainly came a close second, so I totally know where you’re coming from.

      Thank you for such nice props, Joanna. I really hope you like what comes next!

  • I am super excited. The artistic quality is great and I like the story line. I follow both Starfighter and Teahouse, as well as Paradox on Smack Jeeves. I would be far more willing to buy a comic of yours if I end up enjoying this one.

    • Ooh, I’m already following Starfighter and Teahouse, but I haven’t discovered Paradox yet. Sounds like I’m going to have to check it out! 🙂

      And thank you for the props about the story and art. The response I’ve been getting today to just these first few pages posted up has made me very happy. I can’t stop smiling. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

  • This is really cool so far. Has a bit of a blade runner vibe. The main artifice guy reminds me a little of Starkiller from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, haha. The art is great and the story has piqued my interest.

    • Interesting. Like Blade Runner, there’s definitely that corporate-ruled dystopian vibe I’m going for with Artifice. Although there’s actually another movie that I had in mind when first thinking up this comic. And there’s a hint in the dialogue on page 3 for which movie that might be…

      Thank you for the props! 🙂


    “actually, i prefer the term, inhuman…” ooh im liking this guy. i cant wait to see the relationship between “cyborg romeo x human juliet” thanx and great work! im looking forward 2 the rest. ;3

    • Hehe. “Cyborg romeo x human juliet”, I like that! 😀

  • hahahaha, win. I do like how you introduced the main character so far in an indirect stance. The facial expressions are probably my favorite so far. Can’t wait for more 😀

    • Thank you. One thing I really like myself about Winona’s work is how well she nails the “acting” of the characters. And so much of that’s about the facial expressions. Glad you’re liking what you’re seeing!

  • Tom

    Thanks Alex and Winona for serving up a hot android with a cool attitude. The characters really come through well in the writing and Winona’s art is (as always) high caliber. The pacing is really good in these pages and you’ve definitely left me itching to see more! … I’d be happy to pay $ for the full comic “[^_^]!

    • Thanks, Tom! Good to see you here. 🙂 I’m glad you’re liking it so far!

  • The story is definitely unique & different. Sci-Fi in a whole new level. Organic & inorganic beings clashing. I totally love it. The facial depictions are what really caught my eye. The colouring is very elegantly done as well. What I really like the most is the humour. Total respect, keep it up!

    • You like the humor the most? Well, that’s something a writer likes to hear! (Although Winona deserves the props as well for totally nailing the “acting” of these characters. I remember thinking when I first got these penciled pages “Man, it’s like she can read my mind.”)

      And I really like the coloring too. Winona’s was trying out a different style for herself with Artifice and I think it just works for this story.

      Thank you for the respect and the props!

  • I love where this is going so far and the art is absolutely lovely. I love being able to see the characters’ personalities through their facial expressions. This might be a little odd, but I’m loving how the characters’ profiles are drawn, especially Deacon’s. At first he seems so blank and lifeless, but when he starts talking you can see that cool, smug attitude of his. I’m so excited to see what will happen next. As always, you guys are doing a great job C:

    • Yep, that’s definitely what I was going for in this scene—Deacon as a lifeless doll until… and Winona’s work totally delivered it. Cool and smug, yep, that’s Deacon.

      Thank you for the props!

  • Man oh man am I ever happy to have more gay scifi comics on my internet! I think part of what made Starfighter so immediately popular was it being a niche that simply wasn’t being filled– but the playing field for scifi is still wiiiiiide open and I. Love. Scifi. This looks really good, I’m so excited to see what happens next!

    • IMHO, I think most of what makes Starfighter popular is HM’s beautiful art and the interesting world she’s creating. And the hot sex—that certainly doesn’t hurt. 😉 But I totally agree that the world needs more cool gay sci-fi. It’s been something I’ve been jonesing for for quite some time. Hopefully, there will be more!

      And thank you very much for your kind words. I hope our work lives up to your expectations!

  • Loving this so much. The dialogue, the art, just… Argh! So good. I can’t wait for more!

  • Following the link here from my subscription e-mail, I have to say I am amazed by the amount of detail that goes into each and every page. Not just the artwork, but the writing is real and it sucks you in from the first page. Also, I think having Artifice as a webcomic will draw a lot more viewers, as not everyone can afford to buy books or e-book chapters, as much as I’m sure they liked to. But webcomics are free and safe. People who are uneasy having this kind of material in their home where others can see it (ie. their parents, guardians, etc ..) might feel safer reading it online. I also follow Starfighter, Teahouse and Sfeer Theory (I squealed when those were mentioned, literally!), and they are all very popular and well followed. I think you’ve got the right idea bringing the comic to the web. If people like it, they’ll no doubt want to buy it. =)

    • Thank you. I think you’ve given some good reasons why this might be the right way to go. It’s an experiment, so we’ll see, but fingers crossed! 😀

  • dyeitblue

    I am so incredibly interested by this, and have been since I first joined (so long ago!) and got an update telling me about these two interesting looking characters for this future webcomic called ‘artifice’.

    I’m absolutely certain that this is completely worth the wait.

  • This was really cool, I’m excited to see what sort of character Deacon is!

  • So far I like it. Jerk got what he deserved. Will wait patiently for next Saturday.

  • awsome 😀

  • PugPugsley

    I really like this so far: the story, the characters, the art work and everything, and I look forward to more. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful beginning with us.

  • Consider my interest piqued. I highly look forward to the continuation. 🙂


    • Glad you like it! Next page will be up on Saturday. 🙂

  • mudbunny

    Tease. I like it a lot

  • i love it!

  • Good. The most unrealistic aspect was the cop smoking indoors. Doesn’t happen anymore … but I suppose I can suspend believe since it is sci-fi

    • Thank you. 🙂 And yep, this isn’t our world, so the conventions about smoking are a bit different. (In the world that inspired me for Artifice, everyone seemed to be smoking—and in some rather inappropriate situations, so I decided to keep that.)

      That said, the sign on the wall will tell you the official policy.

    • caricaturist

      Much of the world still smokes non stop daily indoors, outdoors, in malls, meeting rooms, locker rooms, etc.

      60% of Chinese men are smokers and Russian men the rate is more like 70%…

      But you are correct, most developed countries have been trying to curb smoking, however, despite all their efforts, smoking hasn’t been reduced very much in the last 10 years and it has been GROWING as far as women are concerned in most countries, developed and undeveloped alike…

  • I was riveted! The hints to the back story really got my attention–I wanted to know more! The art is lush and expressive.
    The only clunk to my reading experience: I started reading it right-to-left automatically. (I read mostly manga). This negative is actually a positive: the story and art is so smooth and coherent that by the second page, I immediate knew I needed to use the Western layout reading style.

    • Hehe. That’s funny. Now, I’m going to have to try reading this right-to-left just to see what that’s like. 😉

      Thanks for the props!

  • Wow, this comic is wonderful! I second all the previous comments about how awesome this is and how great it is to see more gay scifi webcomics! The art and writing come together beautifully.

    In addition, I think hosting a webcomic instead of selling an ebook is a good idea. I would still purchase PDFs and ebooks from you because of your awesomeness, but you will get a much larger readership this way. I am sure you also have lots of readers who, as one commenter said, don’t want files of this sort lying around. (Luckily, I’m not in that boat!)

    If you’re wanting to make more money, one thing I’ve noticed a few webcomic people trying is a donation bar. Once donations hit a certain level, you post an extra update page–for example, you’d post on Saturday and Wednesday that week instead of just Saturday. I don’t think there is much risk in trying something like that, in case you feel like a free Webcomic isn’t feasible.

    • Thank you! I’m really glad you’re liking what you’re reading!

      And a donation bar to put up an extra page during the week. Huh. I never thought of that. That’s a very interesting idea… You wouldn’t happen to have a link to another webcomic that does that, would you?

      Thanks for the tip!

      • I think Red String ( –it’s a shoujo-style mostly het high school romance that recently featured a significant girl/girl subplot involving the main protagonist’s lesbian friend) has done this in the past. But due to real-life complications, the most recent occasion the artist was able to post extra pages in response to donations was at least six months ago.

        • Thank you—I’ll definitely check that out. (And I’m already looking into a plugin for donation. It’s a good idea and it’d definitely be fun to be able to have some special bonus posting days every now and then.)

  • I just stumbled on a link to this and let me tell you I’m hooked. This might be just my kind of story. The art looks amazing; the first 2 panels on the 1st page are awesomely engaging. And the story looks to me like it’s gonna be good. I’m definitely keeping an eye on this one:)

    • Yeah, I love what Winona did with those first panels; totally nailed what I was going for and it’s actually quite striking what she did, IMHO.

      Glad to have you stumble in! 🙂

  • I like this already 😀 Great plotline established and the art is wonderful!
    Somehow, I expected Deacon to do that sometime soon. If it were me, the smoke in the face would have been the last straw xD
    Can’t wait for an update, keep it up!

  • Nice work so far! I like the clean style and the nice wide pages you’re using.

    • Thank you! The actually printed book will be 8.5″ x 11″ so I wanted to represent that here by having wider than usual webcomic pages. (And I just love showing off Winona’s work; I really want people to be able to enjoy it.)

  • the storyline is interesting and captivating. and the art is great! can’t wait for the rest 🙂

  • lextheblack

    I was intrigued by the second page, I definitely want to see more of this.

  • Very evocative art. I can hear their voices! I’m pretty picky about my webcomics, but this one drew me in quickly.


    • Cool, I’m glad this drew you in. And why only five pages? This is actually just the beginning that I posted up a few days ago (don’t let the dates on the posts fool you…) Glad you’d like to see more, though!

      • Hmph. And now I have another comic to make me drum my fingers on my desk, waiting impatiently for an update. Great. (J/k. In my experience the ones that make you hungry for an update are the ones worth waiting for. In the meantime I’m exploring the rest of your comics!)

        • Very cool. Please let me know what you think of them!

  • OK, I’m hooked!!! I’m in love with an inhuman and I know this webcomic is going to be a big hit. Just make sure a hunk falls for Deacon…hard!

  • Ooo! Can’t wait!

  • This is good! I got hooked from an ad/banner… webcomics & regular ones. Don’t have the time to read them all, just caught up on StudioFoglio’s stuff…

    • Thank you! (And glad to know those ad banners are bringing in cool folk.) Hope to see you here again!

  • I love it already! Very rarely do I get to read a webcomic that gives you the traditional comic book feel. I can tell this is going to be a top notch story given the background hints. 😀

  • Ooh, love this. Can’t wait for the next!!

  • This is looking great so far. I am a little surprised. I was expecting a full-fledged comic-in progress (based on the fact that you spent money to advertise) rather then a brand new fledgling comic, but so far it looks awesome. I can’t wait to see the next page. I’m amused that I found this comic at the same time as I am re-reading Heinlein’s “Friday”, a novel where the main character is an Artificial Person.

    • Thank you for the props. And yes, in the grand scheme of things, it is a bit early to advertise, but I am planning on hosting banner ads on my site here (something I’ve never done before), so I wanted to know what the experience was like from an advertiser’s perspective. And I like how well integrated Project Wonderful (the ad network I’m using) is with the webcomics world, so I figured it would be a good idea to explore it to help to get to know that community better. 🙂

      And thank you for the tip about “Friday”. Let me know what you think of it on your second read. It sounds like it might be just up my alley.

  • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

    I love this. I already commented over at yaoi911, but I have more to say now 🙂 I love Winona Nelson’s artwork, and I love the building tension in the first pages. Seeing Deacon snap into action was something I’d been anticipating for the last four pages, yet despite that, it was still startling to finally see it.

    I’m already putting money aside in anticipation of buying the printed comic, it definitely deserves a spot on my very crowded bookshelves. It’ll look nice between my Asimov, Heinlein and Clarke, and my Star Wars collection. I think I might need to build myself another bookcase first though.

    • Glad you enjoyed the set-up, even though you knew what was (inevitably) coming. And wow, it’d be an honor to have one of my books placed among such esteemed company. Not to mention owned by someone who builds their own bookcases! 😉 (IKEA is as much carpentry as I can handle…)

  • I have no idea what to expect other than Roy getting his ass beat. I knew he was waiting for the right time to grip dude up, hahaha! Very pleased so far and my interest is stirred. NEXT ONE PLEASE! 🙂

    • Thanks, Dar-rell! Next page is less than 24 hours away… 🙂

  • I do believe a, “Ho shit bitch” is in order here

  •  Goodness gracious, ‘Fondly Fahrenheit’. Fat White Bum can give up on his other job training pitbulls to fight too…

  • y-pinktree

    wooaaah nicely done!!! so smexy *o*

  • It might just be  my imagination, but I do detect a hint of a smile on our little ‘inhuman’. Although I can’t blame him. Choking that guy must be extremely satisfying.

  • CottonCory

    well, it looks like dudley here is getting what’s coming to him.
    i’m already in love with this comic! (i came here from a comment on best friends forever 🙂 )

  • elijah elquest

    TThrough rereading this scene again, I cant all but think they are going to seem like EXTRA assholes when more story unfolds. We don’t know what all has happened to deacon.

  • i like Deacon’s slight smile 🙂

  • anonymouslizzy

    Bout time he snapped. XD

  • In this panel, the fat guy kinda looks like Bill O’Reilly, and makes its even better when he’s choked. 😀

  • I’m re-reading this Alex, and every bloody time, the bottom left hand panel makes me smile and I can’t help but think “man I love this inhuman person.” Brilliant piece of writing there.

  • Aryn Reid

    Michael Fassbender would be an amazing deacon.

  • DarkFeanix21

    Wow… just randomly found the ad for this comic on another site, thought I’d check it out. Best random link I’ve ever followed; Deacon’s first line was brilliant and the idea as a whole is very intriguing.

  • Noriam Gutierrez

    Now, we’re talking!

  • Daniel Notsoinnocent Lane

    Can’t believe it took me so long to finally start reading this comic! I nearly jumped when he grabbed his throat! xD Loving this already~

  • Tim

    Ugh…. guys like him bug me (the officer being choked out)…. It’s the attitude that does it. I’m kinda surprise it took the android as long as it did to snap back. Completely worth it when he did though >:)

  • D. Garrett

    deacon reminds me of riddick in panels 5 & 6. and he iz hot!

  • Snorlaxation

    Still great, all these years later