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Artifice Page 49

242 Comments on Artifice Page 49

Yeah, Deacon, we all love your puppy dog eyes, but I don’t think trying to change the subject is going to fly here…

We have two new Fan Arts this update! One from ammazolie is intense, graphical and a bit scary. The other from Deanna is sweet, shirtless and sexy. You should definitely check them out. Thanks, ammazolie and Deanna!

And we hit the bonus target again this week, meaning there will be a bonus page of Artifice—Page 50!—this Wednesday, November 16th! That will be the ninth bonus page in a row! You are all AMAZING!

Special thanks to long-time supporter Annalisa C. and a warm welcome and grateful bow to new supporters Katty L., Amanda E., Sarah G. and Carly S. for their generous donations over the last few days.

A big hug to long-time friend (and Artfice supporter superhero!) Larisa V. for their super-generous $25 donation.

And finally, for putting us over the top (and then some!) for this upcoming bonus page, I’m sending out a leaping high-five and cheer to new friends Kendra W. & Kathryn W. as well as an android-strength, loving hug to long time friends Steven H. (who has now donated for the fourth time in row!) and to Monique P. (who donated $25 putting us well above the target!).

Thank you all so, so much! As always, your incredible generosity humbles and fills me with joy all at the same time. 🙂

And… I really do hope you’re enjoying this scene between these two. I love Jeff and Deacon together. Of course. 😀 But there’s just something about the interaction between Maven and Deacon that tickles me. They are so much fun to write. 😉 (And the way Winona drew Maven’s fierce face in Panel 6 just rocks my socks.)

***DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! DING!*** UPDATE 11/13/11 10:48 AM: Even with Deacon’s shirt on, there is no stopping the awesome power of our awesome readers! We have yet again hit the bonus target and that means that not only are we going to have a bonus page this Wednesday (page 50!), but we’ll NOW also have a bonus page next week, November 23rd, as well! Thank you all so much!

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  • crimsonkiss22

    Maven went from her wtf face to her black-bear-hungry-i-eat-you-now face. 

    Part of me is frightened. The other part? Aroused. Idek. She does something to me. 

    Also, Deacon killed SEVEN members of the retrieval team? Holy crap, my yaoi-fangirl heart just skipped a beat. He murdered people to protect Jeff. I am assuming. I could be wrong. Maybe he didn’t like their faces at all.

    • Maven does something to me, too, crimsonkiss22. 😉

      And I’m delighted by your reaction to the retrieval team reveal…. You’re asking good questions.

  • I hate to be that guy–or girl I guess, but WILL WE SEE SEX AGAIN???

    • Don’t blue-ball me Alex!!

      • I have nothing but love in my heart for my readers and wish for no harm to come to any of their individual components.

        But you know how I am about spoilers. I will say that we will return to Da Vinci Four at least once more. More than that, I must beg patience from both you and all your tender bits at this time.

  • She looks like Alien in last panel. God!

    • The Alien Queen would not stand a chance against Dr. Clarice Maven. 


      • Dude. No idea what that is, but I’m fairly certain I have to watch it now.  Along with the Star Trek movie that’s been avoiding me for like 2 years now.  Shit there goes my Nano word count out the window…

        • While there are those (like my best pal, Bill) who would disagree with my ranking of which movie is better, the first movie Alien directed by Ridley Scott is a fine, three-star horror film. But the second movie, Aliens directed by James Cameron, is one of the best action-adventure films of the 80s. It was a huge inspiration to me and the scene with the android in the mess hall (early on in the film) gave me the original inspiration that got me to dream up this entire story you are reading now.

          If you like Artifice, then I highly recommend you watch Cameron’s Aliens. You’ll definitely see how that movie inspired me in these pages. 🙂

  • Hyperminimalism

    I’m half expecting Dr. Maven’s head to split open and some vicious, slimy alien creature will come out hissing and spatting at poor Deacon.

    In any case, yes, listen to Dr. Maven and tell us…tell us about your -other- encounters with the boy, Deacon.

    *watches intently*

    • crimsonkiss22

      In panel 3, with all those motion lines, it actually looks like Maven is tossing shurikens at Deacon. 

      That would be pretty damn epic, not gonna lie.

      • Dr. Clarice Maven is able to to drop a charging rhinoceros from 200 feet with shuriken created by her mind.

        • I’m pretty sure that line means that Chuck Norris ain’t got nothing on her. 

          • Dr. Maven does not go hunting.  She goes KILLING.  Going hunting implies that she could actually fail.

  • Dr Maven, I believe he actually is answering your question quite clearly.

    • Bahaha, he is!  She’s an awesome-bitch though and wants to hear him say it >:D  I love her for that.  So fierce!

  • Aikka

    Poor Deacon… o..o

    btw. i can’t see any new fanart? O.o

    • Sorry about the delay of the fanart showing up. My bad. Long, exhausting day at work. Fell asleep before hitting the upload button. ::blush::

      Fixed now!

      • Aikka

        *hugs Alex very tightly* don’t overwork yourself! o_o

        Believe me, you don’t want me to go there where you live and keep an eye on you  and control if you are not overworking, i can be much worse than Maven if i want! xD

        • Hehe. I love how both of you are threatening me with Maven’s care should I not comply. That’s awesome. 😀

          Thank you both for your concern. I am indeed feeling better. And looking forward to Thanksgiving vacation where I’ll have even more time to heal. 🙂

          • Aikka

            🙂 Which means we will be helpful and caring as long as you will listen to us 😀 otherwise… better don’t try, you don’t want to know ^.^

            Nah, we are just worried about you because we like you *hugs*

      • You need to take care of you!  And rest!  Otherwise, Dr. Maven shall be sicked on you.  (I have no idea how said thing will happen, her being under your and Winona’s control, but it will.)

  • Emily Hood

    Creepy, stalker, fictional crush on Maven was multiplied by one billion after reading this page. Her dialogue… it’s fantastic… Alex you are awesome beyond compare.

    “I’m getting awfully sick of having to repeat myself” I think I lost it there and was reduced to a puddle of glee. I mean she’s so COOL! Took me about five minutes to become coherent enough to post something sensible.

    And her expressions! Panels three and six…. Winona you never cease to amaze with your incredible talent.

    I don’t even know what else to say… I don’t know if I can wait until Wednesday. I think my brain will explode which will leave an awful mess.

    • Yay! I love your crush on Maven! Thank you very much for the props re: the dialogue. As I mentioned above, she is a ton of fun to write.

      And yes, the expressions that Winona draws. So, so, very awesome and perfect…

      • I’m just gonna say ditto.  Crush on Dr. Maven is the greatest thing ever.  She’d be frightening to try and get intimate with though!

        And Winona expressions are beyond amazing.  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen more talent in expressions before. Good job on finding her, Alex!

        • Finding Winona was one of the luckiest, happiest things to happen to me in my life. Some years ago, I had put out an open-call on the Internet looking for an inker and colorist for my very first comic, “A Shot in the Dark”.  Because it was for-pay work, I must have gotten over 250 responses from artists from around the world applying for the job. But once I saw Winona’s work, there was no doubt in my mind that she was the right choice. And after we had worked together on ASITD, I knew I wanted—I needed!—to do a full comic with her. I sent her the script to Artifice with my heart in my throat, afraid she wouldn’t want to do it—and was so psyched when she said YES! Since then, the collaboration has been, well, stunningly awesome. 😀

          And shall I Word of God that Maven is a sweetheart, pussycat between the sheets?

          Nah….. She’s formidable in every arena. Be afraid, be very afraid. Only the strongest would survive. 😉

  • This page made the bottom drop out of my stomach.  First of all, I just realized that including the windows was for a reason.  The sun looks like it’s going down on THIS page, but in earlier pages where the window was included, the sun was shining.  That means that, for all intents and purposes, Deacon and Maven have been locked together in a small room ALL DAY.  Even if both parties are attractive and intelligent (which seems to be the case here, though I’m not wanting to see Maven in the buff), I can’t imagine that either of them are functioning at their best.  Even Deacon, who’s apparently designed that way.

    Second…some people mentioned it in the page before, but the idea that Jeff is getting questioned in a potentially more brutal manner finally made itself real to me, since, in the verbal sense, the good doctor is not going easy on our friendly neighborhood android.  I don’t think she’s being abusive verbally (that we see), but she is definitely not playing with gloves on right now.  Deacon’s reminding me of a young child trying to to get out of being grounded for breaking a window by explaining that he was trying something else with the rock to help out a friend.  Maven isn’t buying it, and is now stuck on the sticking point….and now everyone, please excuse that horrible pun.

    Deacon’s really feeling….feelings right now.  I hope they’re not shorting him out, because the doc’s not really giving him the time to think things through.  Who is the real Deacon?  The confident sounding inhuman who told Jeff exactly what he thought about sex and intimacy, or this scared little boy who happens to be capable of knocking out a small army by himself?  I know I’m staying around to find out.

    The art is, as it was and shall ever be, gorgeous, glorious, and perfect in all facial expressions.  This isn’t the first time Maven has intimidated me, and it won’t be the last.  Seriously.  On another point, I wish my teeth were as good looking as hers.  Now, it is time for bed!  I hit 14535 while I waited for this page 🙂

    • Yes, yes, yes! I’m so glad you noticed what’s been happening with that painting through the window and what it means.

      And all the other questions and points you brought up. Yes. You’re thinking about this in just the right way. Puts big smile on Alex’s face. 

      Congrats on your 14,535 words! You rock!

      • ::huggles:: Yay!  I like making you smile!  ::blushes:: I’ll keep on trucking on the  NaNo as long as YOU promise to heal well!

    • Dang your amazing!  And in more way than one.  First, I’m going back and looking at those windows.  Then, I’m pounding out some words.  at least 3,000 of them!

      • Pound out as many words as you’d like; I’ll be right along with you 🙂

  • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

    Poor Deacon. Maven ought to know full well it’s awkward talking to authority figures about things you believe should be private. A quieter, more friendly tone where she behaves as after-the-fact conspirator and trusted confidant probably would have worked better.

    I suspect she’s right on the money, though, that probably is the key to solving the “mystery” of why Deacon killed seven members of the retrieval team.

  • Damn, Dr. Maven, YOU SCARY!!!

    I truely admire her ability to resist them puppy eyes. But I pray that I never have her, or anyone like her, as my therapist. I’d have more problems than I had in the first place if I did. XD

    I absolutely ADORE every single expression on this page. Deacon’s pleading ones make me want to pet his head, and Maven’s make me want to hide under my blanket for a while. And I love how relentless Maven is. She has earned my everlasting fear and respect. w<

    • Thank you very much for the props, Morganna—I’m delighted you’re enjoying how this scene is playing out.

      And yes. Dr. Clarice Maven. She will have her answers.

  • That is one terrifying woman. And eek, Deacon…I’m scared for you! D:

  • I;m sorry to say, that her angry/yelling face, isnt all that convincing.

    • Ayella

      Well, it conviced me easily enough.

  • KBatty

    I knew there were red speech bubbles in the near future. I keep waiting for Maven to peel off her face, reveal that she’s really an alien, and start devouring people. She be scary.

    • I’m pretty sure she doesn’t need to peel off her face in order to devour people.  If looks could kill, I’m pretty sure Decon would be dead right now XD  She’s just gonna bite throats out, I swear it, just start ripping them out with her teeth!

  • geneticsgirl

    yay! this page rocks, as usual. I am glad that I woke up at 6am on a saturday just to check this out 😀

  • Ah, I should feel bad for Deacon, but I can only smile from ear to ear when I see Maven rage against him. She is absolutely dominating kick-ass material. Wonderful work, Alex and Winona.

    • Thank you, Orantmihi. It makes me really happy that you’re enjoying this scene. Like I said, Maven is so much fun to write. 😀

  • Krondor2000

    I knew this is the reaction Maven would have when it comes to Deacon’s story.  But now there is a new question, is Maven mad because Deacon killed 7 members of the retrieval team or because he has a relationship with Jeff despite being an android?  What if it wasn’t Deacon? What if it was Jeff who killed them? After all, we still don’t know how Deacon’s ship was destroyed when he was ready to leave with his team.

    • *

      • Jennie Yates

        ….. saiyan.  He he he

        • Aikka

          Talking about saiyans…
          now when i look at the last panel, it really reminds me about it O_O
          just waiting to see the energy around her “xD

          • Ryn

            her hair is about to woosh up and go platinum blond.

          • Aikka

            ;-; *hides*

      • Interesting.  Of course, the company wouldn’t know that there would be a survivor (actually, they’d assume Decon would kill any survivors, I guess).  So that could work… hmm…

    • Ooooh!  I’m not sure Jeff could kill them via training, but if the guys sent on retrieval weren’t trained or soldier-like, and if Jeff had a gun…  I could see murder possibly upsetting Jeff though, like blood on his hands of possibly innocent people…  I’ve assumed Decon’s ship was destroyed (way back at the beginning) when the whole place the group of them were at blew up.

      • Ryn

        Desperate times calls for Desperate measures. Jeff is expecting to die, but that doesn’t mean he’s just gunna lie down in his grave for them. hell, he went all wild cat on Deacon until he bashed his head in a few walls.

  • Ninniku

    In the last panel, Maven makes me think of Judge Judy for some reason.  She’s got the mind powers and knows when you’re lying.

  • Mary Kelleher

    Worst.  Therapist.  Ever.

    • timeaesnyx

      Not really, given that she is dealing w/a multiple murderer.

    • Eh.  I kinda agreed right off the bat, but then thought about it.  Unless she gets tough with Decon, she’s not gonna get anywhere with him.  He’s not gonna go spilling his guts to her just because she’s nice.  He’s going to answer to orders.  He’s a soldier, he works like that.  And it’s the only way he’s telling anyone (sort of Jeff) about his relationship.  In my perception of things, anyways.  And I guess timeaesnyx as a point too, with the murder thing (but then again, he was sent to kill a whole colony so….)

      • Mary Kelleher

        There’s giving orders, and there’s screaming.  She’s trying to get him to open up, she’s just bossing, and contradicting him at every turn isn’t gonna help much.

      • She’s be the worst therapist ever if Deacon was her client and his well-being was her goal.

        But he’s not her client, he’s not the one paying her, the Corporation is her client and Deacon is an assignment. Her job is to pry apart his psyche and figure out what went “wrong.” The end goal of her “therapy” isn’t a happy well-adjusted Deacon. It’s her telling the Corporation if she thinks Deacon can be reprogrammed, or if he should be destroyed.

        It’s not therapy, it’s an interrogation. If Maven has her way, there’s no way it can end well for Deacon.

  • is it just me who think Maven only wanted to hear more about deacon sexual experience with jeff? 😀

    • Syreen

      I’m still saying that she’s a yaoi fan XD

  • Myrtu

    He’s begging, with his hands clasped together like that. It’s adorable. But I don’t think it’s going to make a difference later; it’s obviously not right now! As I read this, I can hear Maven screaming. It’s awesome. Good job you two, love this page, as always.

    • Thank you for the props, Myrtu! (And yes, I don’t think Deacon’s adorable-ness is going to give him much protection here…)

  • Maven is piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissed! Run, Deacon! Run!

  • carlathezombie


  • Tristan MacAvery

    I promise one and all that, although I’m gay, I don’t hate women in any way… but that last panel… does anyone else look at Maven and flash on “Alien” at all??? That mouth is more scary than anything that could have happened on DaVinci 4.

    I continue to be thoroughly impressed by this comic. Brilliant work!

    • I don’t get alien.  More than anything, I get blood thirsty.  I’m just waiting for her to rip out someone’s throat with her teeth.  And unlike vampires, she don’t need no fangs for that! 

    • Ayella

      I’m bi, so I definitely don’t hate women, but as far as I’m concerned Maven makes Alien vs. Predator look like Sesame Street. She’s a frigging monsta!

      Get off Deacon’s back, you beast! I vote for cyborg (or android or any other kind of sentient robot) rights!

    • Hehe. Thank you for the props, Tristan. (And if you check out my response to Deanna below, you’ll see that it’s not so strange to find connections between the world of Artifice and what you’ve seen in the Aliens movies…. :D)

      • Ryn

        ah crap…. waiiiit… ><

        I may have a -possible- inkling to what secrets are trying to be kept.

  • ithilloke

    Evil woman!

  • C. O.

    Poor guy! 🙁
    Unfortunately for Deacon, Maven’s a bloodhound!

  • She’s not a shrink. She’s actually an undercover cop. Jethro Gibbs in disguise.

  • Lusidicious Milk

    It looks like she’s gaining some sort of superpower, her hair is just flying, and she looks ready to kill

    • Laymanterms303

      OMG I thought the SAME EXACT THING! Internet high-five!

  • I’m not sure if Dr. Maven looks better in panel 4 or 6.  Her expressions are killer in both!  Like week made.  (And red bubbles!)  And OMG, that bitch!  She just killed us seeing the rest of Decon and Jeff sexes!  D’:  Given, what she brought up is pretty awesome, and I really can’t wait for that answer, but augh!  I want to see the rest of their first sex! 

    Also, how is your back doing?  Are you still doing okay?  Better, by chance?  Take care!

    • Thank you for asking, Deanna. Yes, I am feeling better. I’ve been easing off of the meds I was prescribed and so far am doing OK. We’ll see how I feel throughout the weekend.

      I will say, finally having days that are pain-free, has improved my mood immensely. I’m back to smiling all the time. Even when pain isn’t overwhelming, it’s amazing how much it can color everything….

  • Aikka

    Haha, i start to like Maven more and more just because of all the comments i read here XD

    btw. My other friend finished reading today aaaand i forced… i mean i ASKED her to do an artifice fanart for me :>

    • Yay! Can’t wait to see it!

      (And we will make you love Maven. Resistance is futile!)

      • Aikka

        Me too ^..^ And now i will tell her that there is no turning back because you wait for that fanart too “XD

  • Jennie Yates

    Yeah did you Decon?  Inquiring minds wanna know, but I promise we’ll be less angry.

  • danigirl921

    LOL, scary!Maven is out. And she is very terrifying.

    But, poor Deacon. The way he’s hugging himself in panel 4 and he’s begging her with his body language in panel 5. *smothers him with cuddles*

  • Dex X.

    Maven just wants to know the dirty details 😉 oh doctor, I see right through you. 

  • I wanna know  if  penis  is  a  part  of  his design XD

  • Eva Niles

    Precisely the question I was about to ask. 😀

  • Yukiness

    I can’t help but think of Bill Clinton with Maven’s last statement. i also can’t help but to feel bad for both of them. Maven is trying her hardest to do her job without Hulking out on people while Deacon is trying to be as honest as possible without saying something that would ultimately place Jeff in danger.
    I think Maven should listen to this guy for once. Androids don’t plead for no good reason (or any reason at all, for that matter), so if the “man” is begging you to look at something, you really should. I have a feeling that Deacon is being very sincere and is not trying to meerly change the subject.

    Also love that we have a sense of time in panel 5. Boy, we have all been here for quite a while.

  • Galopa WXY

    Ammazolie drew fanart of this? As in, *shy drawfag* ammazolie? AWESOME.

  • Kiwilite

    Damm Maven….you scary

  • Spirited_Dreamer

    Maven…you’re terrifying and so intense but that’s why we love you! Poor Deacon doesn’t want to spill his guts…er…so to speak lol Love the art! I agree that Winona did a superb job on Maven in panel six! She’s all “rawr” with the hair flying a bit and all that. I love the interactions between Deacon and Maven 😀

    • Thank you, Lady_Scrybe. I’m really glad you’re enjoying the scene and yes, love what Winona did in Panel 6! 😀

  • Oh god.

    I hate seeing Maven mad, well i hate seeing any one mad but damn she is scary.

  • Maven reminds me a lot of my mother when she’s mad.

    I know how frightened Deacon must be right now.

    • Wow, that’s… scary. I’m sorry to hear it. 🙁 

  • Oh no you didn’t!  Back off Maven!  GRRRRRRR!

  • It kinda looks like she threw something at him…  The anger rises…. Run Deacon.  Go rescue JEFF!!!!!

  • yay bonus page on my birthday~ =3

    • I’m delighted to hear there will be a bonus page on your birthday, MillyFeltipPen! (It has one of my favorite Maven moments, actually…)  I hope you have fun plans in store!

  • SteveMcSheffrey

    Are the reasons Maven goes so psycho repeatedly going to be explored?

    • There are some folks who are exploring that question in the comments below…. 🙂

      • SteveMcSheffrey

        Is she angry because she helped design the model’s emotional capabilities?  Is she Jeff’s mother, having faked her death to escape his whininess?  Does she have a past as an abusive therapist which led to her working for corporate interests rather than humanitarian purposes?

  • Lithekitty

    Maven is so badass. XD

  • yellowrock

    “Yes, and I’d do it again too!…and again and again and again and again and again…”

    However much I like to see nekkid guys, I’m really more interested in the general storyline of this comic.  I want to learn mooooore!

  • Jesus Maven!  Someone is on her period. 0_0

  • shinashiasusual

    I have a theory. Maven wants to keep Deacon as the weapon he is. However, if he is intrigued with Jeff to that nebulous point of A(I) love, and perhaps Jeff needs to be done away with, Deacon would no longer be of use. He couldn’t be trusted. I hope this is not the case.

    • On page 10 she does say she wants to see if he can be salvaged.  I think she’ll find if she wants to do so Jeff will be a way to control Decon (we’ll kill him if you don’t do such-and-such in such-and-such ways).  And then as a reward for a mission well done maybe she’ll let him have sex time with Jeff or something.  I could totally see Dr. Maven doing that.

      • shinashiasusual

        Ooo~ I like that better, though Jeff will lead a hard life because of that.

      • Ryn

        I had a thought like that the second i saw her narrow her eyes back on page 19. had a baaaaad feeling.

  • Bien Batol

    Yes, we all want to know if you guys did it again.  Please, do tell.

  • Holy crap, Maven in the last panel looks like she’s snarling. With that expression, you don’t even NEED to emphasize the word balloons!

    unrelated note, I check this on my smartphone! 😀
    But I can’t comment with my yahoo account that way. D:
    I would bite the bullet and sign up for Disqus, but then I’d lose my high score! I’m third in line for most comments. I take perverse pride in that! Right up until I try to go back and see if Alex answered one of my questions and I can’t remember what page I posted it on. D:<

    • Laymanterms303

      I got a chuckle put of that comment. Its like “At first I was like :D, then I was like D:, and at he end I was all D:<." Quite the rollercoaster, Enkidu.

  • Laymanterms303

    … I think Maven is confusing Deacon with Bill Clinton.

  • Laymanterms303

    And before I forget, panels three and six are pretty much the best Mavens yet (IMHO). Panel six makes me think she’s about to go Dark Phoenix. And that would be awesome.

  • the_duck

    I love Dr. Maven.. 😀 <3 Seriously! I like her attitude and that she doesn't give up. If she wants answers, she will get them. C:

  • eleutherios



  • cjfrankie

    Maven is mean!!! *hides under pillow* Make her leave Deacon alone!!!!!

    On another note, amazing artwork, I’m especially impressed with your skill with expressions and body language and I am completely gripped by this storyline… please keep the pages coming!
    Oh… and please tell us where Jeff is while Deacon is with Maven, I’m really worried about that boy.

    • W Nelson

      Well, our cushion is still stable so the pages aren’t gonna stop anytime soon…  Though these donations are really pushing me, haha!  It’s what you call a positive stressor ^_^

  • I don’t know which way to squee.  On the one hand, Maven’s rageface is awesomely epic, and on the other, Deacon is so pathetic and cute.  I guess it means there is an AWESOME team working on this webcomic.  I can’t wait to see what happens next!

    • W Nelson

      You are sweet XD

  • hmm. lol maven is a tad too…ragetastic. lol if i was deacon, i’d tell her to calm down before i snap her in half like a twig lol. 😛 but excellent storyline so far. CAN’T WAIT TO READ MORE.

  • samae

    psh, shes just jelous.

  • Michele M.

    Daaaaaaaaamn….Duck and cover, Deacon!

  • SimoneRai

    Scary woman is scary. O.O

  • im frightened but i must have more 😀 cant wait till wednsday <3 and please let the answer be yes

  • Elira Winter

    Ah did nawt have seckshual relations with thaht womahn.

    * le cough *

    (Deacon in panel 3 looks like he needs a huge hug.  ;__;)

  • Rocket

    Aw, she’s acting like a homophobic :_>

    • Exile 755 is a Higglytown hero

      Considering the whole gay gene thing, I’d think that’d be very common in this story. And Deacon wasn’t supposed to say two words to Jeff — having sex with the guy just blows her anger to higher places. She’d probably still be enraged had Jeff been a woman.

      I agree, though, she’s terrifyingly mad o_o;;

  • Scary, doctor lady! T_T

  • Ryn

    scary lady…

  • ScreamingFurby

    Holy crap, they must have been talking for a long time. The sun is starting to set. xD
    I can’t blame Maven, though. I, too, like long conversations about boys and robot/androids and snoo-snoo <3

    • Ryn

      Deacon’s a very dedicated storyteller. 😀

      btw, love your name. i can still remember when i dropped my furby on the ground for the first time and it went  “Aaaaaaaaaaaah” until we reset it. lol

      • Erica

        mine screamed to, but it might be because i was stupid and threw it off my second story porch…O .o lol n e way

        nice attention to detail. things like that happen shortly, but explaining can take awhile. especially if it’s every detail that we ALL KNOW DEACON REMEMBERS. lol

        • W Nelson

          Mine was tapped gently against a bedpost.  Crybaby I guess 😛

  • Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!

  • Saberri

    Maven looks like a beast. Someone leash her!

  • ShelbyMcGregor

    She’s so scary. ;_;

  • elijah elquest

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    ::normal voice::  I wanted to say again that I’m really enjoying the undercurrents below Deacon and Maven’s exchanges.  They’re making me think and count down the minutes until this Wednesday’s bonus page, so I can get some answers to some questions!  I hope I can stand the wait!(at 15484 now; hoping to reach 20K by tomorrow, when more awake)

    • KBatty

      You’re in my head. I was just sitting here thinking: I didn’t post my NaNo count for Summer and Deanna. Then came here to do so and I saw your comment. As of yesterday evening I was at 16548. I’d like to crack the 20,000 count myself today, but once I hit that I expect an immediate drop-off. The 20,000 accounts for the skeletal summary of the story, and then I’m going to go back and start really fleshing out the individual chapters. That means my word count will probably crash and burn in fiery death.

      • I doubt your word count will fail you!  I think this means that we do have widely different strategies.  I’m writing out the story as I go.  I didn’t know you were making all the plot points then fleshing them out! I’m sure there’s going to be plenty of words to make your 50K, so don’t worry 🙂

        • KBatty

          Well that wasn’t really the original plan. It just kind of happened that way. I wrote out the story as a story, but it’s lacking in detail and the like. Now that I’ve got what I would call a skeletal first draft out, I’m going to go back to the beginning and write again with more details. Right now it’s about 37 pages. I’m expecting about 8-10 additional pages of expansion information per page. I just don’t expect to keep up with the NaNo rate I had before.

          • Do your best!

          • W Nelson

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          • God knows I’m going to try.  Today I had no motivation for it (work nailed me with a silly situation), but I shall make up for it tomorrow!

          • Baaaah!   I’m only at 13k and have papers to write tonight!  Just you wait, I’m going to overtake both of you soon!  (Or at least catch up to…)

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    • Ah, thank you, HannahDJA—for the props and the girl girly-bear-hug! My back is in fact feeling much better, (I’m sure in no small part from all the warmth and well-wishing awesome readers like yourself have sent my way. 🙂 )

      I’m really glad that you’ve been enjoying reading Artifice. It’s always awesome to get props from another creator. I hope you’re having good luck and good fun with your own (closeted 🙂 ) yaoi writing. It’s been so inspiring to hear from all the NaNo commenters—so cool to think that we have so many writers among our readers!

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    • Howdy Potens! Thank you very much for your thoughtful comment and kind words. Pacing is very important to me so it’s very flattering to hear that you think I’ve done that well. I’m delighted to hear you feel Artifice is one of the better webcomics out there and I hope to keep hearing what you think. 🙂

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    • LOL. Thank you. Your “rant” was definitely fun for me to read. Glad to hear you’re enjoying the re-read. 🙂