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Artifice Page 48

257 Comments on Artifice Page 48

And thus we have the long-awaited return of Dr. Clarice Maven! (That sound you hear is all the straight-boy readers breathing a gentle sigh of relief…) I have to say that this next scene between these two characters is one of my favorites because throughout the whole thing Maven is just so Maven and Deacon is just so Deacon and they both crack me up because of that. 🙂

Anyway… ***THIS IS A BONUS PAGE!***

We have new Fan Art by ~dauwdrupje called “Temptation”. Thanks, ~dauwdrupje!

And this is now the eighth bonus page in a row! Holy cow! Special thanks to long-time supporters Heather M., Rebecca P., Brian d., Ariel S. (who donated for the 5th week in a row!) and Micheal B. (who has now donated for the 10th straight week in a row! Hitting double-digits! High-five, Artifice Superhero Micheal!). Please let me also extend a warm welcome and grateful bow to new supporters Mark L., Sarah T., Rachelle D., Tiffany W., Marcella H., Allicia b. and Linsey V. for their generous donations over the last few days.

I’m also sending out a big hug to new friend Simon B. for their super-generous $25 donation!

And finally I offer a full, deep, stunned & amazed, forehead-touching-the-floor bow to new friend Christopher L. for their jaw-dropping $100 donation today! OMG—thank you, Christopher! I was working with a client when I saw the donation pop up on my phone and actually let out a little gasp. My clients know that I’ve been struggling with this back thing so he immediately leapt to my aid, assuming I was about to expire on the spot. Luckily the big grin on my face let him know I would live to edit video another day and he then patiently listened to me babble on for ten minutes about how truly awesome and amazing my readers are.

Thank you all so much. Your generosity floors me. It really does. The donations of course help me make this comic in a very real way. But above and beyond that, I feel incredibly lucky to have the chance to connect with such wonderful and big-hearted people like yourselves through this. You make all the hard work in creating a comic like this so very fulfilling for both Winona and me.

(Oh, and in terms of my health, while I’m stil not at 100%, I am feeling much, much better. Thank you for all your concern. This week, I’m working long hours on my regular, freelance gig—and to be honest, that can be a bit rough ergonomically—but I’m doing my best to take lots of breaks and frankly, reading your kind words in the comments throughout the day lifts my spirits so much, that has to be contributing to my speedy recovery. 🙂 )

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this bonus update and I certainly hope to see you all for the regular update of Artifice—Page 49 this Saturday!

***DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! DING!*** Update 11/9/11 at 6:00 P.M.: Thanks to your super-generous donations, we’ve yet again hit the donation target so there will be a bonus page of Artifice—Page 50!—this Wednesday, November 16th! You are UNSTOPPABLE and WONDERFUL! Thank you!

(And I just also want to say how delighted I am by the reactions I’ve been seeing to Maven’s reaction in Panel 2. The way Winona drew her expression is spot on perfect and it so cracks me up every time I see it. I’m glad a lot of you are having the same experience. And yes, I also agree that Winona totally outdid herself with the Deacon and Jeff art in Panel One. This is a page that I myself keep coming back too. De Art is boo-ti-ful! 😉 )

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  • LOVE IT!!!

  • Hyperminimalism

    What a horrid moment to cut back to the present!  My brain is so tired and way beyond the capacity for rational thought that all I can think about is Deacon’s butt (and also how polite he is).  *sigh*  At least I can go to bed and wake up this morning for work with the lovely image in my head.

    • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

      Deacon does have a delicious butt, doesn’t he?

      • That is some prime rump right there.  Pity that Maven’s about to roast it beyond repair.

        • LOL, Summer.

          • ::bows:  Thank you.  I’m here all week 🙂

        • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

          Sadly, yes. Maven needs to find the love that is yaoi, and soon!

    • Yes, his butt is nice, but I think I like Jeff’s legs more. <3

      What can I say? I'm a back and leg/thigh person. BD

      • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

        Normally, I’m a chest person… but for that rear end, I’ll make an exception 😉

        • You take the backside, I’ll take Jeff’s legs, and Jeff can take home whatever Maven leaves alive of Deacon. Everyone is happy! 8)

          • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

            I like this plan. I like it a lot. I wish I could like your comment as many times as I like your plan!

          • Heee. I find the same true for liking your like of my plan. XD

  • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

    Poor Deacon! As if he’s not feeling bad enough, Maven has to blurt that out like that. Bad Maven! No cookies for you!

  • C. O.

    Gah! Way to cock-block, Maven! xD
    I still love her though. <3

    Take each day in stride, Alex!!

  • Aikka

    . . . I knew you were too much scaring us with Maven’s return and her unexpected appearing *mumbles*

    And an error in judgement Deacon ?! … >…<

    *sigh* Ok need to calm down o..o

    I like how shocked/suprised Maven looks xD

    And still hoping for some nice further scene with Jeff and Deacon later, remembering the sketches i saw in an article o..o

    • Deacon’s doing damage control.  I doubt he actually means it unless Maven doesn’t let him temporize.

      • Aikka

        I hope so xD i know he’s trying to make… evasive answers.

  • harlequinface

    Obligatory “DAT ASS” comment goes here.

  • A big sigh for all my unindulged fantasies. Ah well…..
    AND, Doctor, it took you this long to figure out what was going to happen? Good god! Or were you secretly fan-girling listening to Deacon’s tale, waiting until the last to interrupr him, mm? X-p

  • AUGH!! It figures. The one page where I’m not expecting Maven to appear, the one page where I’m not on the look-out for her, and BLAM!!! She’s ind my freaking face!!! I should have knoooown!!!! >3<

    Anyway, I love Deacon's expression in the third panel. He kinda reminds me of a puppy that's wondering if he's gonna get kicked or not, and is hoping he won't…….I now find myself wanting to draw Deacon as a puppy. CURSE YOU PUPPY EYES!! CUUUUURSE YOOOOUUUU!!!!

    Oh how I love this page. And the other pages. Just this whole comic. <333 If this comic were a restaurant, it would have five stars EASY.

    Well done again, Alex and Winona!! This comic has been approved by the president of Brodania!!! XD ((I worry about myself sometimes. But then I read stuff like this comic and I forget to worry. 8P ))

    • Oh mighty president of Brodania, PLEASE, one of your subjects would dearly love to see Deacon as a puppy.  

      …fist bump?

      • ….Oh, how can the president of Brodania deny a fellow bro such a request?! IT SHALL BE DONE!!!…..Once the president has had several hours of sleep first. This bro just helped to babysit a 10 week old for the last couple ‘o days and is backing a few Z’s at the ‘mo. DX But I had to stay up for this page. <3

    • W Nelson

      (Actually in the script, Alex asked for “puppy about to be swatted with a newspaper” — glad I at least got it close, hehe!)

  • Ooh, and I so love Deacon’s guilty-puppy expression in panel 4!!

  • I know contrary to what a lot of the comments are gonna be like that I love this transfer! I could be wrong but I believe Maven was previously holding a clipboard in previous scenes so seeing the way she is sitting with that expression and her hand sort of stalled gives me the impression she just dropped it to the floor out of shock! XD Also the expressions throughout and the body positioning just makes me giddy! Deacon looking so bashful and awkward after that first panel sexy confidence sorta give the feel that he is at that annoying stage of adolescence where you try to strike out into the world attempting to be sexy and still having to answer to a parental figure when it eventually goes wrong! XD

    Winona its all so pretty. I shall extoll your virtues on Saturday if I have recovered from this head cold from hell! Just needed to let you know even sleep deprived and hopped up on medicine that your art stills carries through! X3

    Alex super glad you are starting to feel better! I hope to one day be able to surprise you in such an amusing way with one of my future donations! XD Also glad to hear you are taking breaks to recover! Nothing is more important in this day an age than your health! Remember to beware the cold and flu strains that are floating around!

  • Gosh gosh gosh, I so hope she goes all like ;-3 ooooh, tell me more, Deacon! In bloody DETAIL!!

    • KBatty

      I expect more red speech bubbles from Maven soon. =P

    • timeaesnyx

      As a psychologist, she should be asking for both physical and emotional detail in order to create an accurate profile of her patient.

  • My brain’s about to explode (hit 10239 on NaNo not five minutes before this page went live), so until I get a bit more in the way of brainpower, I will just point out the things that were most memorable upon seeing this page:

    Maven’s FACE; it made me LAUGH LIKE A HYENA.  
    Deacon’s adorable little-boy squirming.
    Deacon demonstrating that he is not, in fact, a little boy (me-yow!)
    Jeff’s cute expectant face and posture.  Hell, just JEFF.

    Yes.  This is epic.  Maven, welcome back in all your snappy-dressing sarcastically snarky glory.  I look forward to the next page!

    (and to give you an idea of how zonked I now am, it took me about five minutes to realize that Alex said this was a bonus page, and for me to figure out that it was not, in fact, Saturday)

    • KBatty

      Summer, I keep watching your NaNo numbers and trying to compete. XD Unofficial word war, I guess. I managed to put myself at about 9000 words total yesterday. My new goal is to write 2000 words a day from here on out. I really need to update the word count on the NaNo site, as currently it says I have done nuffin.

      I managed to turn out 2017 words is 39 minutes yesterday (I use Write or Die because I definitely need some prod in my productivity), and I hoping I can match that again today. With the long weekend ahead, I’d like to produce something more to the tune of 12,000 words, but I’m not holding my breath. My weekends usually become dedicated to The Sketchbook Project.

      The point that I’m very slowly getting around to is that I hope you keep posting your progress. It seems to be motivating me.

      • Well shit.  Consider me in on this unofficial word war, because if I don’t write a hell of a lot you’ll both overpower my newly reached (as of last night) 10k today!

        • Unofficial war is declared.  Can the prize be key lime pie?  Yum.

          • KBatty

            Welcome to the fun, Deanna, and Summer, don’t be silly. The prize is clearly a brand new ASO, courtesy of NoNeCo. =P

            Maybe we should all find each other over on the NaNo site? That might help.

          • Alas, I’m doing this unofficially!  In previous years, I’d be about to register and then SOMETHING ALWAYS HAPPENS during this month.  This is the first time in a while that it hasn’t, which is why I’m posting numbers here and on FB.  

            I’d love the new ASO as well…but I wrote that request when I was hungry.  I guess the ASO can be the real dessert 😛

          • KBatty

            Yeah, I registered for NaNo last year and never used it. Felt super-lame to go log in this year and see my barren and unaccomplished record of last year’s attempt. lmao

            But anyway. Yesterday evening went well and I’ve bumped my current total up to 11,141. Show me your numbers, sexay bitches. XD

          • 11,307.  I’m Ayako on the Nano site.  You? 

            Shit always happens in November for me.  My first year I busted out 98k regardless.  My second  year I made the 50k goal.  My thirded year I failed at life and nano both.  This  year, passing Nano is a real trial, BUT WILL BE DONE!  Also, I’m pretty sure it has to be if an ASO is the prize XD  It better not be one made after Decon’s little tell all to the good doctor though, as it should be all sex-having possible!

            I’ve started to wonder if they programmed all the ASO’s just to not fall for the opposite gender, with homosexuality almost entirely wiped out by abortion and all, they may not have thought of it.  And then BAM!  Decon goes and falls for Jeff.

          • KBatty

            I’m Batty over there. lmao. As you can see I diversify highly with usernames. =P

            And that’s entirely possible. I never considered the notion before. You know someone on the design team is kicking themselves for it. Haha.

          • Haha, or is possibly getting kicked by an irate doctor for it XD

          • I’d think they were THANKING each other for it.

            (these responses are getting skinny)

          • Current count is 11132.  I’m only a few words less than you at the moment, but I haven’t written yet tonight, so more current count (and comment on  this delicious page of Artifice) may go up later.

            Why thank you as well.  I feel like a “sexay bitch.” 😀

          • KBatty

            13236 as of yesterday evening. Muahaha. =P

          • I’ll catch up yet 😀

      • I’ll do my best, but please keep in mind that I (1) don’t actually have a strategy and (2) this particular idea has been in my mind for LITERALLY a decade, so I already know where it’s going.  I’m glad I’m motivating you, however unintentionally!  I just write a bit every day and make sure to describe everything.  Descriptions take up a LOT of words 🙂

        • KBatty

          My idea’s been bouncing around in there for … seven-ish?, so I totally hear you. It’s so much easier to write it when you’ve already got it planned. I’ve tried all sorts of other methods to get things organized before and I’ve got mountains of notebooks and old word files and things, but NaNo seems to really be making me sit down and put those thoughts in coherent order from scratch instead of trying to build on and rework the old material. I work so much better with a deadline in sight. =)

          • Pretty much what I’m doing.  All the prep in the world doesn’t work if you sit down and the words aren’t there.

  • Damn it! I knew she’d turn up soon but I had hoped she wouldn’t interrupt.  Ah well at least I can stare at Deacon’s body, most of it 😉

  • AnyOtaku

    Know she had to appear, but after the first panel and deacon’s line… You killed me! I just hope that in the next page deacon gets the change to “touch” jeff more XD
    Btw, is there like any hour when you upload the page? I’m from spain so i have to wait until morning to see the upload and ans I’m always asking myself when they come up…

    • AnyOtaku

      Oh and looks like Deacon didn’t wear any underwear…

      • W Nelson

        It goes up at midnight Pacific Standard Time.

        • Which would be right after I failed and fell asleep last night.  Is a human flaw, clearly androids are designed not to fall asleep on the job.

        • I knew there was a reason to live on the west coast! This shall keep me sane despite the rainforest ecosystem I live in! XD

  • crimsonkiss22

    YES. I have been waiting to see Maven’s WTF face. The wait was well worth it. I want to make that panel my wallpaper all of a sudden. SO INSPIRING.

    Feeling run down? No energy, no drive? Well, you’re in luck! Introducing Dr. Maven’s Deal-With-It Stare Down. Guaranteed to cure you of those pesky blues and offer you some deeper, more mature neuroses. BUY IT TODAY! *Warranty subject to change whenever the fuck Dr. Maven WANTS it to.*

    • Your last line made me laugh so hard.  I’m pretty sure if I didn’t die on sight of this page that I would’ve died laughing just now.  I’m pretty sure we need a wallpaper of this.

  • Syreen

    Panel2 Maven’s face says: ‘Why wasn’t there a hidden camera to record it?! Okay, now be professional.’

    Oh, how i LOVE this comic 😀

  • mikakitten

    AWWWWWW!!! I love Deacon’s face!! He’s like a scolded puppy! Especially in panel 3!SO cute!! Oh! I hope we don’t skip love making scene cos the Dr. tells him off…secretly she like us! She wants to know allllll the details! It’s not an error Deacon it’s love! X) <3 x x x

  • T Tran

    lul… nice butt 🙂
    Not gonna lie the moment the page loaded I focused on the butt.
    I have no regrets.

  • For some reason, I thought it was Tuesday. Then three minutes ago at the coffee machine, I realized it’s Wednesday. I swear, I spilled a bit of my coffee when it hit me! I got back to my desk right away, like some lunatic. Yes, I’m at work. Reading a yaoi web comic. And loving it. At work.

    • W Nelson

      Hahaha!  That’s an awesome visual 😀  Glad we could brighten your work day ^_^

  • KBatty

    “Move over, please. I want to touch more of you.” Aawwww. Deacon, you’re adorable and you have a nice bum.

    Better find Maven’s heart medication, or possibly prescribe her some. If she didn’t have a condition before, she just might have one now.

    And Alex, you mind that back. You should go to the pharmacy and get yourself a bottle of ACC, some Icy Hot patches, and if your regular work is going to force you to be using a tender back while it’s still trying to heal, a lightweight back brace might go a long way.

    In regards to the art on this page, I just love it. I have to chuckle at the excellent way the genitalia is being obstructed in their poses, and I’m impressed at how they look natural and not like “LET’S DRAW ‘EM DIS WAY TO HIDE THE PENIS”. It does have a slightly comedic air to it, but in a playful sense.

    Another good page, as usual.

  • Emperor_Meiji

    The biggest “error in judgment” is Deacon’s failure to seduce Dr. Maven as well.

    His failure so far, that is.

    • I’m expecting to see some fan art of this from you, Emperor_Meiji. Don’t make me have Maven call you in for a “special session.” You haven’t even begun to see her true power…

  • lol I was SOOO waiting for this. Maven’s reaction. Hahaha.

    P.S. What a cute little but Deacon has.

  • eleutherios

    Error of judgement?

    Well, at least you didn’t get him pregnant.

    You didn’t, did you?


    • Oh lord the fanfiction possibilities! XD

    • Good lord, if he did, that’d be one of the prettiest, hunkiest kids EVER.

  • I don’t think I’ve ever been so in love with a webcomic in my life! If I had any money I’d be quite literally throwing it at Alex and Winona.

    Also, I wasn’t expecting Deacon to be going commando, woah ;D

    • Krondor2000

      He is an android. He doesn’t do #1 or #2. So boxers or briefs are not necessary. But that does not mean he can’t experience having sex if he is fully equip to do so! 😉

  • David Boccabella

    Great Page.  But I am sorry.. I suddenly had this vision of Deacon being Brad, and Jeff being Frankenfurter in the famous seduction scene

    Deacon.. “But I would’nt.. I don’t, I’d Never Never NEVER”
    Jeff “Hmm.. But it was nice was’nt it”
    Deacon “Ohh.. But what would happen if Maven found out!”
    Jeff “Let this just be our little secret. Well your would’nt want her to find you like THIS!!”
    Maven – watching on video link “Oh Deacon.. How could you”

    • Chris Woodworth

      Just having come out of a production of Rocky at the college here, I automatically inserted the call lines we use. XD

      Deacon: “I’d never!”
      Readers: “Sure you would!  What about the football team, the basketball team, the cheerleading squad, the theatre club, the cast of Rocky, me…”

    • timeaesnyx

       as an unrepentant Rocky Horror fan, I love that visual!  thank you. 🙂

    • Emily Hood

      Am picturing this, knuckle biting and all. Thank you for that visual xD

  • Yes Maven, he had sexual relations. now shut up and let him get back to the story!

  • Spirited_Dreamer

    omg Deacon has got a very nice bum lol! And Maven’s expression is pure hilarity!!! Deacon in the last panel…he’s fiddling with his fingers…It’s okay, Deacon, I get that way too when I used to talk to therapists. It’s not easy talking to those people, especially ones as intense as Maven (whom I secretly have a girl crush on!)

  • Krondor2000

    I knew she would be back. I just suprise she is still listening to Deacon explain the whole controversial details. If I were in her place, I would have shut him down mid-sentence and find out who was his coder! But Maven is still listening to him. Hmmmm…..wonder why?

  • Rissicat

    Oh god… I love the delicious contrast between Strong, Confident Deacon when he’s with Jeff; and Meek, Obedient Deacon when he’s with Maven. They cannot both be real… I know which one I think is the “real” Deacon. (And yes, I think AIs as complex as they designed these to be are certainly complex enough to engage in subterfuge. Especially when their own survival is at stake.)

    Winona… I was blown away again by your art. This time by the wonderful attention you put into shading detail. You rock!

  • Elizabeth

    The only reason I got out of bed this morning was because the thought of ” Artifice has an updated page, I must get up. ” As always it’s amazing.

    • Erica

      im like that every wednesday/saturday/[hopefully]mondays. I knew there was one and it was like 30 minutes till my alarm that i had to go to school and i was like… ur….urghhgh…. CAN’T WAIT! *jump outta bed, turn on computer, daily morning crap, ARTIFICE*

  • Myrtu

    …and CUT!
    Maven’s expression is the funniest thing I’ve seen yesterday and today (it’s still 5 AM, I haven’t seen much today). How awkward must the retelling have been (good thing we didn’t see it). I wonder how he told it too. QUESTIONS QUESTIONS.
    And Deacon’s just so cute while being awkward. Let’s give him a hug.
    I’m glad that you’re feeling better as well! Don’t over-exert yourself! I hope you fully recover soon.

    And I also should say: brilliant ‘censoring’. It doesn’t look awkward or anything.

    • Erica

      lol i just imagine the stupid hentai commentary i watched thru oniichantheatre and like… one of the hentais have a black shadow as censoring, but the way that it’s shadowing it makes the guys look as though they have no penis. XD it’s hilarious listening to the guy commentary-ing complain about it.

  • Jackson Dean

    Maven’s face is totally priceless, I fell to the floor with laughter!

  • Chris Woodworth

    I like how this realization only hit me now:
    Deacon is an android, created by a company.  From an engineer’s standpoint, it’s clear they thought giving him a more complex human personality was good for a sense of judgement in some way for military scenarios, but it’s also clear that there were certain design options that they deemed unnecessary, such as synthetic body hair.  I can see merits for an outward muscular design that go beyond aesthetics, but there’s nothing beyond looks for synthetic body hair, since he’s designed as a war machine. (Ignoring the fact that he’s also a prototype for a line of androids that will serve many other functions as well.)
    So my question is this:  Has Deacon even got a dick?  Because I can’t see the engineering team deciding that it’s an absolute necessary thing for an android created solely as a soldier to be able to fuck. XD

    • Erica

      i know right! I was thinking they’d be created as eunuchs since they should have no time for other thoughts, but I’m also thinking that the person creating these androids having the desire to create the most perfect human as possible… which means attaching a well endowed penis? [a fangirl has her hopes. XP]

      • W Nelson

        Don’t worry, Deacon has his sausage and meatballs.

        • Erica

          YES! Well i mean i’m pretty sure he should, otherwise that’d be a major… snag in the story. lol

    • Lynn Keller

      I’d think that for reasons of espionage that he’d have to function fully as a human in order to infiltrate certain military holds or other spy-like functions. The body-hair thing seems to cut that short, though. Maybe he’s an early model and their creators hadn’t put that much thought into it or believed that they’d be used for such functions at that point?

  • Erica

    my tears…. they’re flowing.


    sooooooo….. much…… i am now drowning. goodbye world.

    on a side note, DAMMIT. XD i KNEW this was going to happen. right when the gettin’s good. jkigneiovwmrpoqwriow Must we wait another 3 pages before something else happens?! ; ^ ; lol oh well either way I love it. lol Nice to know Mr. Android is going commando. Stick to the realism >:] ANDROIDS NEED NO UNDERPANTS!

    Oh how i desire to just give a straight $500 donation. XD

  • Yukiness

    I am sick as a dog, my pet hamster just died, and I haven’t slept a wink because of both those factors.

    But you two never fail to make me smile, or laugh (Maven needs an Oscar for that face she’s pulling in panel two), and it is worth the gut wretching pain.

    And now for something completely different

    I love Deacon’s strip position in the first panel; not primarily for his nude form, but for the simple fact that he’s using his arm to pull his left leg out of his…unisuit (i dunno, I’m sick). It grounds him as a setient being because he’s trying to keep a sense of balence as he disrobes, instead of doing the “clothes are obsilete” and just tearing them off his own body (that does create an epic image in my head though). It’s actually endearing and scary all the more how his human fuctionality programming is. I’m sure toppling over wouldn’t phase him in the slightest (though the floor would have something else to say in that matter).
    Also love how Deacon is subconsciously(?) sheltering his body from the embarassment and awkwardness of the situation. He appears rather vulnerable in this state.

    I am silently cheering in your honor, as raising my voice enduces dry heaving.

    happy to hear that you are taking it easy Alex. Hope you get better soon.

    • I’m sorry you’re not feeling well and am also saddened at the death of your pet.  I wish the pet peace and I hope you feel better.

      • Yukiness

        Thank you so much. I’d hug you, but I don’t want to to get it too.

        Thank you

        • I’ll send you my good health vibes.  The thought is the deed, so I shall consider myself hugged.

  • Jennie Yates

    He he he he… best face ever, there on Maven.

    And I’ve met  quite a few guys at Anime conventions that LIKE yaoi… that are straight~!

  • Haha, Dr. Mavens face is Hilarious! Although they way her left hand is positioned makes me think she dropped her pad thingy with Deacon’s codes on it. He should grab it and destroy it ^_^ 

    Best comic ever!

    Edit: Then i realize in the next panel somewhere during the story telling she placed it on her coffee table….*sad face*

  • Mayghen Dow

    AHHHH .
    So eviiil <//3

  • timeaesnyx

    If Maven doesn’t ask why Deacon’s actions could be considered an error in judgement, then I  won’t consider her to be doing her job correctly.

  • You’ll never hear those gentle fanboy sighs of relief because all of the fangirls have simultaneously shrieked, “NOOOOO!!!!”
    That said, I love that Deacon is so damn polite: “Move over, please.”  Oh, sweet, crazy android, err, “inhuman.” 
    I’m curious about Dr. Maven’s reaction (though it’s great to see her shocked/not in control), or more like curious about what Deacon’s designers were *thinking* would happen when you design him to “experience the full range of human emotions and sensations.”  Unless Deacon’s design is just rogue, isn’t sex with humans (or other androids…?) going to happen when designed with human emotions/sensations like curiosity and attraction?  Or is Dr. Maven just shocked it was with the boy he was supposed to kill?
    Also (and then I’ll shut up), I’m just thinking, I’d LOVE to read/see Jeff’s account of all this!  I’m so excited about this comic!  Excellent work, Alex and Winona!  THANK YOU!

  • Fangirly

    Betcha Maven is secretly a fangirl…I can always spot another sista. 

    Maven:  You had sex with your prisoner?

    Deacon:  Umm..yeah.

    Maven: …well I hope you’ve got video, I need to see this!

    Deacon: O_O

    Maven:  *flush* For research purposes, of course!!

    • She’ll totally watch it in private too!  For private reasons, of course. 

      • And perhaps invite some of her best gal pals over and charge them a minor cover fee to see it.  Also for private reasons, naturally 🙂

  • Jacqi Smith

    I was totally about to comment on the last page all like “And he’s telling all this to maven…?” xD

  • Oh my gosh! Deacon’s little pout is adorable! That’s so cute. I love how embarrassed he is by this and his futile attempts to appear as the soldier he’s supposed to be but is just not. Ugh, I am in love with this story!

    My God, that’s hilarious 🙂

  • danigirl921

    LOL, oh Dr. Maven, I love your shocked face. And Deacon’s pout is adorable. This was awesome!

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    Decon muscles and stripping /drool/

    And those expressions!  I can’t decide whose I like more, Decon’s or Jeff’s.  Decon looks soooo appreciative and happy (and I’m pretty sure that’s a direct line of vision to Jeff’s crotch that I see~ c:  )  Jeff’s expression has changed since last time.  He looks less like happy kitty and a lot more pensive, but checking out all of Decon naked probably takes up a lot of concentration though.

    [On a slight critique note, Jeff’s left upper leg looks a little 2D in comparison to the rest.  I’m thinking a little bit of lighter value where his skin meets the covers, or the covers being not a flat line right there would probably fix that, but Winona would know better about that, she’s amazing~]

    I love Dr. Maven’s reaction to this!  I expected her to have known what was going on and be pressing for details, lol, not be unaware.  Her face is soooo priceless.  (And lookit her suit!  It’s got texture!  I can’t believe I didn’t notice this before!)  Poor Decon looks so uncomfortable telling her all this.  He needs a teddy or something to hold.  (two old therapists of mine actually had their offices full of stuff like that that you could hug or puzzles you could work with your hands). 

    Decon needs a hug.  A really big hug.  I can’t wait till Saturday!  Are we ever going to get to see what’s going on with Jeff?  Also, I was totally reading Toilet Genie on SmackJeeves and noticed this nice banner ad thing up top for you with a scene we haven’t seen yet!  (And I was like, oooh, spoilers!) 

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    -clears throat and composes self-  Now.  This was so amazing!  Deacon your body… No I think the credit is misplaced.  Winona you are an amazing artist and his body is sooo amazing.  Mr Woolfson you are a true visonary writer to think of this man.  I LOVE YOU BOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I do have a question.  Will this be available in paperback?  Also how graphic are you intending to get with this comic?  Are you going all out like Starfighter or are you going to go the way of Teahouse?  Or will it just be glimpes of them together.  I guess you could answer with the motion picture associations rating system.  I’m just wondering.  Thanks for your time.

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    Love this. I was getting so into it that the shift back to the doctor was surprising and a little funny.

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    Winona's art is so expressive it makes me jealous. She's such a talented artist!

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    Jeff is gunna be soooo embarrassed if he finds out Deacon told her this. Which he probably will since his interrogators and Maven seem to be sharing information. I’ve been wondering if Jeff’s gotten smacked around by the guys questioning him and when they learn this -ooooh boy- things might get nasty!


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    I am exploding in a gooey puddle of joy right now. Things are going to get soooo INTERESTING!
    Gonna bite the bullet and draw me some fanarts to celebrate! Though it will probably take me forever because I am the slowest artist in the world.
    I think this was the perfect place to jump back to the office, if only for the expressions on both their faces!
    ‘scuse me while I go do a little dance of happiness.

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    Oh god, his body… Deacon’s I mean. I’m curious as to how He knows how to touch Jeff although he has no prior experience? Not even porn or masturbation. Instinct, maybe?

    • Exile 755 is a Higglytown hero

      He has said previously that he’s had some experience, just very unsatisfactory. So he knows what NOT to do, I’m assuming… XD

    • Well, he *was* programmed with enough knowledge of human anatomy to be able to torture people. I’m thinking that somewhere along the line, either accidentally or intentionally, he figured out that areas sensitive to pain are also sensitive to pleasure.

      • Ryn

        yup, just logical.

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    And, Deacon! Mistakes and errors?! Of course not!

  • Exile 755 is a Higglytown hero

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    “So, then, I was all seductive and grabbed his penis, and then I took my clothes off and we had super hot mansex.”

    • He better be quoting word for word and action for action!  The good doctor would like the full play by play.  I say this on the greatest possible understanding of her character, as reflected by what the readers wish her to feel.

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    I just had to comment…I’m not new to this wonderful amazing comic but…I’ve been too scared to post a comment ever :/ but on to the comment:

    this is so….devilishly brilliant that I don’t know whether to cheer or scream! this made my day, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud randomly at lunch with my friends…one of them had dropped a pad of paper and my mind just put Maven’s face on them. (best face ever!!)

    I hope that your back continues to get better Alex, I hope that you return to 100% very soon and stay that way 😀

    on another note I figure I should post some of the fan art that I have done for this wonderful comic sometime soon XD while I’m in the process of getting money so that I can actually donate to show my support for you wonderful people that work so hard 😀

    so on an end note since I never meant for this comment to be as long, keep doing what you’re doing, because you guys are definitely loved for it 😀

  • I could seriously just stare at that top panel forever. I love the look on Jeff’s face, it’s nervous, excited, happy, turned on, all in one. I also LOVE and how his attention is at Deacon face (because it would be completely understandable for his attention to be…elsewhere). I also love how honestly Deacon tells Jeff what he wants to do. The whole panel needs to be a huge poster on my wall.

  • Artemesia Greylace

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    First I want to say I love this comic and your artwork is amazing!!!!
    Dr Maven seems to be really judgemental for a therapist or is that normal for the era this story is set in?… and is the reason that Deacon is being so honest because he has been programmed to be?

  • Finzz

    First I must say, Winona, you draw cute butts and beautiful feet, hope to see more of both 😀  Fantastic anatomy and details. 
    Sad, ashamed Deacon, don’t feel bad, delve deeper >:D

    Looking forward to some Maven/Deacon action back & forth.  But was it ever stated what kind of power Maven has over him?  I can’t recall.

  • Yaminox

    and that sound you hear is me squeeing over 3rd panel deacon.

    I guess I’m the only one who’s favorite panel was the third one ._. (comes with being asexual, I guess) but OMG THOSE PUPPY EYES DX THEY’RE KILLIKNG ME!it wouldn’t reall surprise me if Maven /was/ judgamental.They already have isolated the “gay gene” and (if I remember correctly) babies with that gene are usually aborted. it’s ceirtanly something “abnormal”…some kind of mutation (I’m guessing). and in common knowledge.

    and Winona: as a fellow artist, I congratulate you on your anatomy. look at deacon! for gods sake…and those pretty, pretty eyes…

    • cjfrankie

      Yeah… I thought Maven was being really judgemental for a therapist too, but I think it’s probably normal for the era this comic is set in… especially when dealling with a non-human like Deacon.

  • Deaconnnnnnn why you do puppy eyes SO WELL. <3 <3 <3

    XD I love Maven's face in panel 2.  She seriously does not know what to say.  Well done, Deacon!

    So much love for this page.  Especially with Deacon being all stumbly.

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    I have to say, Winona, Jeff’s face in the first panel is just beautiful. With all the gorgeous nudity going on there, I’m enchanted by that sweet look on his face. Thank you for that.

    Alex, I’m glad to hear you’re recovering well! Keep up the wonderful story work, because you’re making my weeks worthwhile, here.

  • thewolfy_7

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  • The doctor is always the buzz kill when things get good DX

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    But what I love the most: DEACON'S ASS! (well, his whole body really…)

    Sorry, i know it has been said several times already. But it's very lovely.  -blushes-

    • cjfrankie

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    And Deacon’s so cute when he stutters and is nervous!^^

  • ErrorTime

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    • Ryn

      lol, i know.

      my first thought was, “you asked for it!” knew she was gunna have an expression like that. i was wondering if she would be blushing a little, but i guess manlove isn’t her thing.

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    But that’s okay, I loooooooove her.

  • Rachelle Davison

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    had more to donate… Hope you are feeling better sooner rather than

    The boys’ abashed expressions are the most endearing things, I just want to eat them up when they do that, hehe.

  • timeaesnyx

    A thought: if Deacon is doing this because of curiosity, rather than a clearly defined orientation, then he should make an attempt @ versatility.  Granted, I am prejudiced in this because I’m bored of the cliche that the more muscular man is automatically the top. 

    • Ryn

      *nods* most definitely. Methinks the two of them shall be switching often and most eagerly.

  • Tee-hee. 😛 This is amusing. Maven’s face was completely…expected lol. I’m surprised she didn’t blow up more actually. 😛 Excellent as usual. When I saw Deacon’s nice bottom I went O_O lol. I wasn’t expecting his butt to be so enlarged LOL.

  • Lance Gilroy

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  • Maven’s face in panel 2 was like my face when I was looking at panel 1, except in my case my panties were also blasted off.

  • Okay, awake, NOT thinking it’s Saturday, and before I actually start tonight’s work on NaNo.  We’re good to leave a comment!

    First of all, I have to say that, while I’m very glad to see Maven back again (and her face was HILARIOUS), I do NOT approve of being box-blocked so!  It pained me even as it amused me!  The combination was WEIRD!  At least we can all be thankful that Jeff and Deacon were not cock-blocked so unexpectedly…though the reasons for that would probably be due to Deacon and his former inhuman brothers.  It also JUST occurred to me that I’m hoping that they didn’t get cock-blocked by the retrieval group! Crap!  Someone reassure me that doesn’t happen!

    My comments are all for the beautiful art and the beautiful writing 🙂  Winona, flawless and stunning and wondrous as always!  I am bowled over by your wonderful artistic talents!  Alex, the words here make such an intriguing contrast between DaVinci4-Deacon and facing Maven-Deacon that it’s almost hard to believe he’s the same guy.  I also HOPE he’s not insinuating that he didn’t want what he and Jeff had.  Hot android or no, I’ll smack him one if so!

    I eagerly await Saturday with baited breath!

  • Lorescien

    NO. THAT WAS NOT BAD JUDGEMENT. >>; She’s making him feel bad when he has no need to feel bad. THey were being perfectly normal. Argh. Now I can’t wait for the next update. As per usual, lol.

  • Firekitty

    Phhttt. Dr. Maven, your face, it is priceless. This might just be my favorite page.

  • Anyone else get the feeling that the Good Doctor is more shocked and intrigued by the fact that Deacon was the initiator than anything else? By the same token, I’m sure it’s a pretty new experience for Deacon to have a human do something that *he* wants *them* to do.

  • Error in Judgement or not, I still find it hot!

    And aww, Deacon is a curious little (big?) thing.
    Can’t wait for the next page! ♥

  • Let’s see.

    Maven’s stunned!face versus Deacon’s toned!superbuns…

    Comes out about equal, except one brought on a serious case of the giggles and the other made me laugh for about two minutes straight. Can you guess which was which? ;3 I THINK WE ALL KNOW HOW AMAZING THIS PAGE IS.

    Oh, Jeff. We haven’t forgotten your adorable self, but please wait while we receive the awe-inspiring phenomenon that is Maven… and her psycho-babble. LOL!

    edit;; OH MAN. I could ramble for days about the beautiful muscularity going on here. Winona! YOU are a fabulous artist. Those thighs – those feet – the mouths and eyebrows! EEE, my artistic soul is satisfied, very satisfied.

  • Saberri

    Deacon’s butt. Thank you, Jeezus.

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  • HOLY MOTHER CRAP UNFFFF XDDDD THIS IS SO CUTE. And again, as I’ve mentioned in my previous comments, Deacon’s puppy dog face is just too adorable 😐 

    and let us not forget his plump ass.

    • elijah elquest

      I LOVE how many teahouse fans there are following this comic!

      • CampingInCanada

        AND Starfighter!!!!!!!!! <3

      • Ryn

        it’s like this little circle of people all following Artifice,Teahouse, and Starfighter. 😀

      • I follow Artifice, Teahouse, Sharkteeth and Starfighter 😀 Sometimes I check Peter and the Wolf XD My life revolves around BL webcomics lol /rolls

        • Aww, I follow all of those as well! That’s so awesome. c:

        • timeaesnyx

          never heard of Peter and the wolf, will have to check it out/

        • elijah elquest

          me too. except for sharkteeth.
          this means that i have to go it check out! 
          because obviously your taste is impeccable 

  • I guess no one told Dr. Maven with was YAOI, lol. That surprise face is fantastic. I’m sure she is trying to reign in her shock and appear in control, again. Deacon looks so adorable in the last panel. I can sympathize with him. We have all done something that made sense at the time. Gosh, I can’t believe the comic is almost at 50 pages! I remember the first page.

  • elijah elquest

    Yes mom, sorry mom.

    This is a lot like a memory I made when I was 15

  • …it’s a deliciously beautiful error in judgement.

    You know, I’ve noticed that Deacon’s becoming progressively more expressive. I love his five-year-old-knocked-over-a-priceless-vase face. It’s adorable. Also, Maven’s reaction is. Funny because of her actually expression and because of the whole I-am-confused-as-hell body language.

    Please please please be careful going back to work! It’d be a shame for you to have to go down again for x amount of time. (Also, I will make sure to donate next week, and try to make it a bi-weekly thing. It’s so exciting to see people loving this project and donating for it so much!)

  • He is so damn adoreble! All blushy <3

  • Winterlove

    Why do i have this horrible feeling that something bad is going to happen to poor Jeff! 🙁

    • Ryn

      same here. I’ve had that feeling since i found out his interrogators and Maven were sharing information.

      • Winterlove

        Exactly! I am so worried now T_T

        • Aikka

          That’s something i’m worried about since the very beggining of the comic.

          • Ryn

            When i first started i was leery about getting too attached to Jeff at first because I was thinking he might already be dead. We know he’s alive now, and i think it’s obvious to the company(i hope) that Jeff doesn’t know anything about what they don’t want him to know.  But as for coming out of this in one piece…i wouldn’t be too surprised if he has some broken bones the next time we see him.

          • poor Jeffy, why’d they even send killer androids after his colony in the first place? I gotta know more.

          • Aikka

            I wonder if we’ll ever know o..o
            after all, secrets died with the rest of colony XD Probably just something illegal they didn’t want people to know? o..o

          • Aikka

            Another possibility : they didn’t care much what they found, they just needed another test for their creation xD

          • Aikka

            *sigh* he might not know what they wanted to hide, yet, he knows they wanted to hide something. <- still a threat.

            The 'chance' is that they might find the other info he has – you know, that he was with Deacon, after all probably he is the first human so close to one of their 'precious' artifical people – useful.

            Broken bones is what i am the less afraid of.

            They ordered to kill a whole bunch of people. He was supposed to be one of them. If he will be no use to them and a threat – then they won't really hesistate to kill him.

          • Ryn

            Mm, true.

            but don’t all large corporations have secrets? especially ones that have military connections. We all know they’re hiding -something-. And you know the 3 letter agencies do some pretty deep shit and “disappear” people that get too close.
            Someone in the colony dug up something they shouldn’t(about the company-military connections no doubt) and they Ghosted them. Whose to say the Colony didn’t belong to a rival Government/faction/company? in any case, for all we know Jeff might be considered a POW of sorts. Chances of survival? slim. Chances of freedom? Nill.
            Jeff could possibly be transfered to a high security detention center for the rest of his life. or he be put under a house arrest of sorts in a living quarters with constant surveillance and limited freedom have a job, grocery shopping, ect. ect. all with the company’s approval.
            Gilded cage and all that; basically a “Truman Show” like situation except he knows it’s fake and being watched all. the. time. Minus the public media aspect. pretty lonely existence i’d imagine.

          • Taliel

            Maybe they will keep Jeff around as Deacon’s debugger 😉

  • Great! Great! Great! I literally have no words, how good this story has developed. Can’t wait for next page!

  • Oh deacon, you adorable and horribly stupid android… >.<; Though, I guess since he has no experience with these sorts of situations it's understandable… 

  • Aikka

    Introducing the comic to another friend: Done.

    Result: – that’s a direct quote- “Gimme more pageeees D:!”

    Next victim… i mean friend will read it soon :>

    I start to run out of friends that i think may like it… “XD

    • Thank you again for spreading the word, Aikka. It’s very much appreciated. 🙂

      • Aikka

        You’re welcome “XD

        Let’s just say i do it for a selfish reason of having my friends like what i like so i can talk with them about it 😉

  • kantgirl

    i’ve clearly passed over… take me to the summer lands now! I’m in  heaven. cheers me dears.

  • XD hahahaha I love this so much. oh god. “please move over, I would like to increase sexual activity. 8D” Jeff: “…okay.”

    Deacon: So we comenced in anal activity…
    Mavin: *pokerface* ( 

  • Hrilmitzh

    You are so very mean! But I love the doc’s shockface so its not so bad, heehee..

  • oh god the Doc’s face…priceless! Also I love Deacon in panel four, he looks very much like a young child getting scolded for doing something he shouldn’t have lol

  • SteveMcSheffrey

    That first panel and Deacon’s bare ass is  the single best thing I’ve seen online in days and that includes any porn!

  • So, this might just be me, but if I were watching Deacon strip, I know I probably would not be looking at his face… if only because I’d be curious to see what the “ideal”, ahem, package looks like.

  • Saberri

    Doesn’t Deacon need to recharge? What happens if his power goes out when he and Jeff are getting it on?

    • ROFL he’d surely have a back up battery…just for a little while xD RIGHT?!

    • Worst mood-killer ever. XD

    • Pretty sure he’s aware of when he needs to recharge well before he just shuts down, kind of like how we get hungry well before we starve 🙂

  • I had a question directed at Alex and Winona.  Please forgive my impertinence, but…dammit, just bite the bullet…will there be any sort of Turkey Day page?  Not like an actual advancing-plot-page, but a greeting-card type salutation?  

    • No problem with the question, Summer. Alas, there are currently no plans for any special holiday pages. Just keeping up with the regular pages has our plates full. 🙂

      I’m curious, though, why the interest? 

      • I just remembered that said day is not much more than a week away.  Also, the idea of Deacon and Jeff wearing theme underwear for the occasion popped into my mind and wouldn’t go away.  Pity that my talent is purely in snarkiness, or I’d attempt to draw it myself…

        • Well, perhaps your idea will inspire someone else… 😉

        • That and I was afraid that, once I put the question out there, you and Winona would get buried under the tidal wave of fangirly/fanboy-ish squealing and requests.

  • if it was a judgement error, it was a very sexy judgement error now back to the sexy tiem please!

  • WandNCritic

    Huh, knew Maven would come along shortly.
    I stay true to my theory that she has her own plans, but we all know the future is closeminded in this comic and even Maven must have “standards”.
    I do think it also changes many things to come for Deacon and Jeff in their current positions, especially Jeff.

  • This is worth it in every which way to see Doctor sinister finally losing her cool! I see that androids appear to go commando too 😀

  • You’d think humans would learn that off-duty soldiers need to be respected. The benefit of making cloned-human substitutes for soldiers, whether powered by food or some sort of electrochemical accumulators, is that they can use the stockpiles of weapons, equipment, and clothing already made for the humans. The disadvantage is that they need to be treated as fellow humans when they go full independent intelligence mode and the war ends… Whether it’s the StarWars Clone Troopers, HORARs (Homolog Replacement Army Recruits), or any other attempt to distance the ‘human’ citizens from war, you will end up with heavily armed combat troops ‘coming home’ or needing to be ‘disposed of’. Best option? Change the war instead of the troops. The Olympiad back in the first millennium BC was successful because it gave the Greek soldiers something to do between wars as well as allowing competition and entertainment among the city states. Attempts to ‘restrict’ returning soldiers have met with far less success in following ages.

  • gah i wish i could donate :'( ….. know id donate if i had the money lol

    • Cydalima

      Yeah, so do I.

  • Mary Kelleher

    Would have been better with a little ‘Canadian lip-massage’ foreplay.

    I’ll just imagine it happened after Deacon got in bed.  😀

  • hellanor

    Is it just me or does Dr. Maven look vaguely aroused in the second panel?

    • Michele M.

      Not aroused….shocked as hell?

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