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Artifice Page 47

268 Comments on Artifice Page 47

First contact—there is no starship mission more dangerous

We have Fan Art by Dougathor Destroyer of Worlds, a little mash-up that suggests a hidden danger for those bold enough to experiment with android sex. Thanks, Dougathor Destroyer of Worlds!

And we yet again hit the bonus target, so there will be a bonus page—Page 48!—this Wednesday, November 9th! That will make the eight bonus page in a row! Holy cow!

Special thanks to long-time supporters Steven H. (donating for the second week in a row!), Nicholas H. (donating for the third week in a row!), Erin H. (donating for the fifth time in four weeks!) and a warm welcome and a grateful bow to new supporters Rowan M. and James E. for their generous donations over the past couple days!

Finally a high-five and big hug to Blythe G. whose donation on Thursday put us over the top to make next week’s bonus page possible!

Thank you all very much for your generous support and your kind words! Even in my weakened condition, you all make me feel so happy. 🙂

And speaking of the saga of my health, I’ve taken another little dip for the worse, so again, I might not be as present in the comments as I’d like to be, but I’ll do my best to chime in. So much of the fun of making this comic is the opportunity to connect with all of you totally awesome readers. 😀 (And maybe I just need a couple of days resting on the weekend to get back into fighting trim. :D)

Anyway, I hope to see you all this Wednesday, November 9th for Page 48! 😀

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  • Subhadra Erika

    Oh. Yes.

  • OHMYGOD!  Jeff’s expressions are /so/ great here.  I’m pretty sure I got my “ladyboner” and ‘gasm both on the second panel.  And then the third and forth I was just, like, beyond words.  Amazing art and amazing point in the story both.  I love the little details on this page, the precum on Jeff’s boxers, so wonderful <3  Decon needs to lose his pants NOW.

  • Subhadra Erika

    Oh my GODDESS, precisely arranged art. Perfect, perfect. Love the way you can barely see Deacon’s head in panel 3. 

    • Yes, I really like the way Winona did that too. 🙂

  • Hyperminimalism

    Holy moley!  This may be one colossal mistake, but it’s looking like a good one.  Very curious to see how Deacon will ‘play’ around with Jeff in order to bring him over the edge.  But let’s not forget about how Deacon experiences it as well.  So intriguing! 

    And Winona–my God…the art is beautiful.  I love the way Jeff is writhing and arching his back.  Simply gorgeous.  Alex: I do hope you get better!

    • Thank you, Hyperminimalism! I’ll do my best to take care of myself this weekend! (Totally slept though the update time last night—glad I got it together and set it up for automatic update before I put my head on the pillow!)

      And yes, I love me some panel 3. When Winona first sent me the pencils for that, hoo boy!

  • fujoshifanatic

    Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that your health has taken a dip; hopefully getting some rest this weekend will help. I will continue to send my healing thoughts.

    As for today’s page, oh my! I know exactly how Jeff feels, ’cause I felt it just like that when I saw panels 3 and 4! Hopefully he’ll just realize that if it’s wrong, he doesn’t want to be right. ;-P

    Winona, the way you made Jeff squirm when Deacon started handling his magic stick was just genius! And hot! And did Deacon’s jumpsuit finally slip all the way off? Laissez les bon temps rouler!

    • Thank you for the well-wishing, fujoshifanatic! Your healing thoughts are much appreciated. 🙂 Very glad you like the new update!

  • crimsonkiss22

    So sorry to hear about your back. 🙁 Rest and get better, okay? 

    …Hurrrrrrrr my brain just broke. That’s it. You’ve ruined me. Oh dear God. THAT IS TOO MUCH SEXY FOR ONE PAGE.

    I was wondering where the pre-come was too. Hurrrr, there it is. Thanks, Winona. ;D

    • Thank you, crimsonkiss22! I’ll do my best to take care of myself this weekend. 🙂

      And yes, the pre-cum. There you are getting a little bit of insight into Alex…  That kind of detail is important to me… For that whole realism, these are actual guys vibe I was going for in my comics.. And, um, kinda hot…

      Winona totally nailed it. 😀

  • For the sake of my sanity, the general PGish rating of this forum, and my genuine feelings concerning your health, I’m going to delay my comment to instead hope that you, Alex, feel tons better soon.  Get lots of rest, ice packs, heating pads, and whatever you do, don’t lift anything heavier than a feather!!!

    Having said that, I can’t leave this page without making at LEAST one comment regarding the comic, so here is the unvarnished truth that will hopefully be taken as a compliment; it made me orgasm.  Less than a second.  God’s honest truth.

    Now, if everyone will excuse me, I’m going to wash my hands and my mouth out with soap 🙂

    • Thank you for the well-wishing, Summer. Back is a bit achy this morning, but hopefully, I’ll feel better throughout the day. I will definitely do my best to take care of myself! 🙂

      (And I’m glad to hear that we were able to help you achieve some fulfillment with this page. It is our ultimate goal to enrich the lives of our cherished readers. :D)

      • ::LAUGHS:: That’s one way of putting it, Alex!  Thank God I don’t have one of those newfangled smartphone things, or I’d be embarrassing myself by “achieving fulfillment” in public!

  • melinda stumpf

    oh god your killing me why are you blocking just get on top of him so we all can see

  • llbutters

    Thanks for the new page! Ahhhh!

  • The attention to detail for the shading in the folds of fabric to the growing spots of wettness on the boxers that would often be foregotten by lesser artists. I mean damn woman! Then that arch to Jeffy’s back, his eyes squinched up in pleasure, even that silly happy smile of his. All totally making my night/morning! Finally! Soo loving that last panel. I would want it for my desktop if it wouldn’t get me in trouble at work its so nice! X3 Jeffy just looks like the cat who got the cream he looks so wiggly and happy! That expression is one I am glad we got to see it just shows a whole new aspect to your art that we had yet to see, and once more love how you got his hair so fluffy and yet it frames his face so well! Not to forget Deacon in all this Jeffy fangirling. His hand is so well drawn! Hands are such an evil horrible thing to try to draw for me and you make them beautifully! Also the definition through his back and how you defined the shoulder blades and then the triceps and and elbows! Makes my brain hurt from the amount of giggly joy it brings me! Thank you once again for being awesome and in fact lets quadruple the amount of awesome I think you are cause todays comic sort of shorted my brain so I can’t extoll the virtues of your art greatness as well as I should.

    Alex…. Have I told you lately that I love you? Seriously for bringing this comic into the world you are soo one of my favorite internet people! Ok my brain is officially broken so I am going to bed. If you and Winona ever come to a convention in the Northwest let me know and I will treat you two to dinner and drinks I am that giddy! XD

    • Also you! You go and you rest properly. The world needs you well so take your pills and make use of the compresses. Hope you got someone there to help you out and get you stuff so you don’t have to move to much.

      • And thank you—I promise to do my best to take care of myself! 😀

    • Thank you, Lindsay! I’m so glad you liked the new page. Yes, Winona totally hit this one out of the park, huh? 😀 (And I’m glad you liked the pre-cum; as I said in a comment below, it was something that was important for me to add. I wasn’t sure how folks would react to it, though!)

      And I appreciate the offer for dinner! If Winona and I are ever up that way, we might very well take you up on it! 😀

  • Aikka

    *tries to breathe*
    Ok… you know i try to comment under every new page since i started reading but …
    *tries to focus*
    This time there is no chance for a reasonable comment from me.
    At least, not now “XD

    And Jeff here is just too cute o…o

    *keep staring at the page and smiling*
    Now for a whole day i will smile like an idiot o..o
    I wonder how am i going to explain it to others “XD

    • Hehe. So happy to make you smile, Aikka!

      • Aikka

        Artifice pages never fail to make me smile, and every next page makes me smile more than the previous one XD

        *still smiling* but it starts to hurt a little o….o my face did not get used to so much smiling at once XD

        And you are replying to comments again, does it mean you feel better ^^ or overwork yourself just to reply to us ? >.< As far as i love talking with you remember to take care of your health first.

  • Mayghen Dow


  • well good morning to me. 
    the art is just so gorgeous! and Jeff’s hair is so ~flawless~

  • AnyOtaku

    Wow… Jeff’s excited/sexy face is amazing! I didn’t expect he could make such a great expression XD can’t wait for the next one!

    • AnyOtaku

      And I just realized that during the first and second panel, Jeff’s underwear are becoming a bit wet…O////O
      I have read a lot of yaoi but I’m kind of lost because altough I new there would be sex in this comic, it’s just that I didn’t expected it! I mean, i was, but as I have to wait until it began to happen…
      Anyway thanks for this and the whole comic!

      • I noticed that too.  My bf also will show signs of eager excitement if we mess around for a while before doing more intense things.  I will admit I don’t see this in these types of comics…

        • Yeah, I haven’t seen it a lot either. So, you are getting a little bit of insight into Alex with that pre-cum…  That kind of detail is important to me for that whole realism, these are actual guys vibe I was going for in my comics.. And like you, it’s also been part of my experience when it comes to real life. And it’s, um, kinda hot…

          Anyway, Winona totally nailed it. 😀

  • C. O.

    Jeff doesn’t seem to mind that they may be making some sort of mistake. ;]
    His expression in the last panel is just too cute! (Interesting to see that his legs aren’t hairy, hoho!)

    Rest your back, dear Alex. Your health comes before all else! <3

    • Thank you, C.O. I’m going to do my best to take care of myself today. 🙂

      Glad you like Jeff’s cutie expression! Me too!

  • BRBChurch

    Jeff has a magnificent waist, magnificent body hair, and a magnificent happy face. That is all.

  • Jeff’s faces are amazing! Such a happy look he has…. Though The reason is plain as day! XD
    I was about to go to bed, HA! Go figure, glad I stayed up 🙂 
    Also:Deacon’s strategically placed body…. Lol blocking the view from us all!That’s just cruel 😀

  • Krondor2000

    Alex, I hope you get better. Winona, why did you make Deacon block Jeff’s meaty goodness? I know this story isn’t smutty but it is not down and dirty yet. Just a little, oh what is that word I’m looking for???

    • Thank you for the well-wishing, Ken! 

      (And if you’re going to blame anyone for the blocking, that would be me and my desire to have this scene be beautiful and erotic, without being porn. That said, I think Winona totally nailed that difficult balance!)

      • Krondor2000

        Oh, but it is a good balance!!  It just that I have to use my imagination of Jeff’s excitement!  If I want to see a little smut, I would have gone to Starfighter or Spunk Comics!  Those guys are almost always in the buff!!  LOL!!

  • CK

    OOh Jeff looks so happy! And so am I ! 😀

  • krissdevalnor

    Very hot!!! great art and realistic story progress. <3

  • geneticsgirl

    first contact before first kiss? typical man… not that i’m complaining. this page was awesomeness that I expected yet am still pleasantly surprised. yummy yummy yummy

    • You know, I hadn’t actually registered that will you said it. Tsk! Kiss the poor boy Deacon, might allay some fears actually!

      Also? ROWR.

      • Sometimes kissing is more intimate than touching, even down there….

  • They have officially crossed that line…. YAY!!!

  • Erica

    omg… omg…. omg omg omg omg *fangirl spasms* > _O omg! Jeff’s face!! JEFF’S FACE!!!! lol XDDD OMG ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ahhh….. i’m so happy that THIS is the start of my day. OMG!! best saturday morning before work EVER!!!! ♥ u ♥

  • I really needed this xD there was an earthquake in mi city just this morning and i was so scare… but now this… this makes me feel sooooo much better XD THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

    • Oh, my gosh! I hope you and your loved ones are OK, Nanii! Glad this page made you feel better, though!

  • SteveMcSheffrey

    If the cholesterol doesn’t give me a heart attack Artifice will!

  • CommodoreZelda

    Wow. Just… wow. I can’t come up with the words to describe what I want to say about this page.

  • Quiet80Viewer

    Ahhhh, that’s the stuff! The fact that Deacon is blocking the view totally gives Jeff all the focus (although the anatomy of Deacon’s back can’t be left unmentioned!) Jeff is such a lovable character – I so love his reactions and wit. It’s not hard to see how Deacon fell for his allure. I mean look at that slightly arched back <3 Even his speech bubble is bendy! So sexy, I don't mind if you don't serve us the main course right away, this is delicious teasing, please do continue with this fabulous starter!

    Winona & Alex -your work is only getting better and better 🙂

    • Yay! I’m glad you’re liking what we’re trying to do here, Quiet80Viewer! And yes, while Deacon might be blocking some of the “goodies”, that’s exactly what he’s doing—keeping the focus on Jeff who is the emotional heart of this page. 

      (And I’m glad you’re liking Jeff—I know it took folks a little while to grow to like him, but I too think he has his charms. 😉 )

  • Yukiness

    My word….

    My WORD…..

    Alright, now that cognitive thought has returned to me I must say that this page was better than I expected it to be. I knew that such acts were coming along (no pun intended) and tried to picture it in my head, but this is so much better than that. Both of you have managed to 1UP my imagination.
    Jeff looks like a very satisfied cat right now and the last panel is most definately my favorite. I know for a fact that some people are going to cry about Deacon’s body being in the way, but I like him there. Him being there opens up a few doors of fun things he could do from that position, that, and sometimes less is more.

    When Jeff and Deacon kiss I believe that’s when the internet will implode on itself.

    Bravo *applause*

    • Yay for the 1UP, Yukiness! Glad that we could surprise you a bit! Thank you very much for your very kind words! 😀

      • Yukiness

        Anytime man, get well soon Alex

  • Dmitri Solomon

    Jeff looks beautiful at the end panel there ^_^

  • Nothing like a new Artifice page to calm down the gotta-dance-in-fronta-everyone-i-know-and-love-and-a-couple-thousand-strangers jitters.

    Alex, dont die on us man. Get better so we can organize this big “hug Alex” event.

    • A ‘Hug Alex’ event? Sign me up! I will give this guy so many hugs!

      • Alex will most certainly be hugged by me as well, yes 🙂 Good for Oliva for suggesting it!

        • Some hugs from my beloved readers sounds nice. You’d just have to promise to be gentle… 😉

          • Aikka

            Am i the only one who thought about last panel of previous page when you said about being gentle…? “XD *hides*

            ‘Hug Alex’ event o..o Will gladly join *-*
            can’t promise to be gentle but will try! XD

          • I will be very very gentle unless you ask me to crack your back.  That might be really funny, especially considering I’m in all likelihood much shorter than Alex…

    • Hehe. Thank you. Good luck with your dance! Let us know how it goes!

      • Thank you.

        It went great.

        Well, kinda. I got to the theater and realized i left these mandatory shoes you have to wear if you are performing, in my locker. Because this is a school performance and the theater is right across the street from the school I go to I got my friend Kaitlyn and we kinda snook into the school. Through the front door. It was open, Its all good. XD

        Noticing we made a good story, we walked balk to the theater and just waited to go on.

        Now I’m going to get some sap from this maple tree and i hate getting like this with sorta strangers but bear with me for a minute, When I was standing backstage, twiddling a rubber and fabric fake flower, watching the dancers before me preform. I felt like I was a part of something beautiful and when the crowd cheered. God, I felt amazing. like me and my little dance class can take on the world.

        TL:DR: It went fine, i didn’t fuck up.  

        Anyway, I would totally go to a hug Alex event.

  • Myrtu

    This page is so lovely. I like that you put Deacon in the way; it emphasizes Jeff and his emotions rather than the other part of him that is sure to draw out his attention. And also, I prefer not seeing complete and total nudity.
    Thank you, both of you! You guys are so wonderful. Now I can saunter off to take my French SAT without a worry.

    • Yay! That’s exactly right, Myrtu—the focus should be on Jeff’s emotions and choices here, not any particular body parts. At least, IMHO. I’m glad you liked that choice. 

      Bonne chance on that SAT!

  • Fangirly

    Deacon’s back…hnnng.  His designers do not get enough credit, I mean, there should be a hot android physique award or something…

    Jeff is so sexy he’s got to be illegal in at least five or six southern US states! Wow…

    • Hehe. Thank you for the props, And you’ll be happy to know that the designers at NoNeCo Artificial Life has receieved several awards for both our C and D model ASOs, including this year’s coveted Cupertino Aesthetic Achievement Award, given to only one team every ten years! 😀

  • My ovaries just exploded. Dear lord… ♥
    Lovely page as always. And the little detail on the shorts… ♥
    I have no words this time but a big grin on my face.
    You both rock!
    And get healthy soon, you have my best wishes! Feel hugged!

    • Finzz

      That sounds painful :S

    • Thank you for the well wishing, Navi! And glad you like all the little details. Winona totally hit this one out of the park, huh? 😀

  • oscar4life


    I love these guys!!

  • mutisija

    oh gosh

  • Mmmmph. <3

  • Oh my.

  • thisboybroken

    I want to make that mistake with Deacon too! I am so jealous of Jeff right now, is that wrong???

    • Is it wronger that I’m more jealous of Deacon?

  • ohohohohoho this is hot!!! 😀 

  • oh my god, that face. Oh boy here it comes.

  • luciana

    I’m loving this comic.
    Deacon is so perfect!!!

    • Thank you, luciana! Glad you’re liking the comic!

  • Vanessa Trepanier

    I love the way Jeff’s arched in this page. His body’s beautiful!!

    • I totally agree. I love what Winona did with Panel 3!

  • Aug Walker

    Anyone else notice the wet spot on his boxers the first two panels?

    • I was hoping people would notice that. As I mentioned in response to the comments below, it as an important detail from my own real life experience that I felt I rarely see in yaoi comics. And Winona totally nailed it. 🙂

      • Aikka

        I think everyone noticed XD When i sent a link to my friend, that was one of the first things she mentioned when she was finally able to speak [as at the begining she was just speechless – just like me XD] I really like that caring for details here ^^

  • Am I crazy for being fascinated by the waistband of his boxers?  Like, really lovely illustration of the elastic there.  Those elements make a page so real to me.

    Also, A+ for little erotic details like that wet spot!  There is just so much that is fantastic about this page, most importantly obscuring the “action-” it’s really classy! Keeps it in the realm of “erotic” instead of outright “pornographic” (which I am not adverse to, I assue you, but there is a delicate art to this that I appreciate!)

    I’m adoring everything about this comic, and I’m looking forward to more!

    • Thank you, Kori! That’s exactly what we’re hoping to accomplish here—creating an erotic scene, but not a pornographic scene. This story (hopefully!) is about engaging all part of you, not just the nether regions. Some of my friends said that it was a mistake not to “show everything”. I’m really glad to hear it’s something that you’re appreciating here. 🙂

    • W Nelson

      I’m glad it’s the right level for you, and also glad you like the waistband of the boxers ^_^  Fabric is so fun to draw and try to make it look touchable and inviting!

  • Elizabeth

    Going to be honest when I first opened this page I didn’t even read the speach bubbles at first because I was to busy staring at how beautiful this page is.

  • Oh my god this is absolutely beautiful.  Absolutely gorgeous and very sexy too! I know there probably won’t be any, but I hope we get to see some of it. 🙂

  • Dex X.

    lol his expression last panel contradicts what he’s saying so much. I loled and was like “well you’re loving this mistake”

  • Ari

    wowie wowie wowie


  • danigirl921

    oh good god, that’s gorgeous. *_* i’m just gonna leave this tab open all day, so i can continue to stare at it. i’m. i’m in love. <3

    and alex, i hope you start to feel better soon! *sends good wishes your way*

    • Hehe. I do the same thing with pages I really like. It’s very flattering that you’re doing that with Artifice!

      And thank you very much for the well-wishing! 😀

  • LOOK AT DEACON’S BACK. LOOK AT IT. I want to lick things off of that.

  • sincostax

    Awwww, as I went down the page I was just like “Jeff is so cute ”
    N’yaww he really is! <3

  • Now we’re awake, a little more coherent (or about as coherent as I usually get) and now I can leave a proper review!

    The art is….well, I’ve used the words amazing, stunning, and beautiful, but this page surpassed them all and went straight for STUPENDOUS.  The hair, the positions, the FACES…holy crap, Jeff has great “I’m being pleasured by a hot android” faces.  Again, I’m impressed all over again by his body as well!  He is not too slender, not too big, and while he HAS muscles, the amount and positioning look real for every position he’s in!  It’s awesomely stupendous (there’s that word again)!

    And Deacon’s body is…well, if anyone has some melted chocolate handy, I wouldn’t mind “accidentally” spilling it on him just for an excuse for Jeff (or me, who are we fooling, lol) to clean him up.  I cannot get over how freaking sexy the man looks with just his BACK to the camera.  Those muscles, and the smooth line of his spine….::purrs::

    Alex, Winona, you win the happy prize for this Saturday.  Happy prize and cranberry bread.  Wow.  I’m going to be visiting this page a LOT in the intervening time until Wednesday.  Alex, feel better!

    • Yay for the happy prize! I’m really glad you liked the update, Summer! I agree with you about all the lovely details that Winona added. And thank you very much for the well-wishing! I’ll do my best to take care of myself this weekend! 😀

      • Yaaayy! Alex is back! We missed your snide-I mean loving and enlightening remarks! >w<

  • shinashiasusual

    Nope! I see no mistake here! Carry on!

  • singerblooming

    God damn [/bloodynose]

  • I just started reading this today and immediately got hooked ! So when dose this normally update ?

    • Normally on Saturday’s.  It also updates on Wednesdays when the donation meter fills up as a bonus page. ^^

  • Mary Kelleher

    OH! looks like that poor jumpsuit gave up the ghost and fell off.  Oh noes…  😀

  • The third panel.


    This is going to very good places, let me tell you. lol

    Also, yes..the detail in the first two panels with the spots on jeffs shorts was genius. The smallest of details can really send you there! Good job!

  • Oh starting to heat up…wow, Now who is so lucky for being sent on a errond. Now he has a hott sexy android to himself…*nose bleed*

  • *melts*

  • I agree with everyone getting all gooey about the muscles and the expressions and all, but what got me going was that little wet spot in Jeff’s shorts.

    My god. If that’s not dedication to detail, I don’t know what is. Delicious.

    • kiteoni

      Hah, this is exactly what I was thinking. I love the little attention to details.

      • I’m loving that the spots are a big hit. Like the hair, I was concerned that it might not go over well. It makes me happy that it’s actually adding to the page for so many people. It certainly does for me. 🙂

  • Silentwisher

    o hell yes! This is what I have been waiting for! More more more 😀

  • OH HO HO. So THIS is what he meant by ‘things they don’t teach in military training.’


  • elijah elquest

    EExactly how I would expect a page from you and winnona. Censored, not crossing over into smutty right off the damn bat, smart, and totally over-the-top to die for.

    • Thank you, Eli. It can be a tough balance to strike and I’m really glad to hear what we did here is working for you. 🙂

  • iamlingy





    • ErrorTime

      I know I’m waiting for that too XD

    • I know right! I’ve been waiting as well!

  • xenie

    OMG – the obvious hard on in the boxers and then the wet spot, that is what makes this page for me.  Gah!  So sexy.  I would like to see a bit more flesh – but I enjoy a bit of smut. 😉

  • Can I just say Deacon’s back is soo sexy? Is that weird? Out of all the things going on on this page, that’s what I found the most sexy. Yup, I guess I have a back fetish, lol. Well, more particularly a muscled back 😉 YUM!!! 

    • No, you are NOT weird!  Honestly, if I had Deacon in front of me and all he did was shrug off his jacket with that beautiful back to me, I’d probably fall on the ground bleeding profusely from the nose 😀

      • I know what you mean. I don’t know how Winona does it, but somehow I’m drooling over a drawing! I mean, Deacon and Jeff already look so real…I just need my magic wand…and *poof* yay! my fantasy becomes reality 😉

        • Your fantasy and all of ours, my friend 🙂

  • Exile 755 is a Higglytown hero

    Mmm, I keep coming back to this page. ♥

  • Kuraen

    Love the details on this page…

  • I can’t breathe. I actually can’t breathe.
    I called my boyfriend in to show him this page and he just smiled at me like I’m some kind of loony.
    Perhaps I am. I’ve NEVER managed to post a comment before – couldn’t figure out Disqus, I’m doopey – but today I’ve struggled through it because I NEED to tell you what this comic is doing to me.

    I’m counting down days, I’m camping at my computer and I’m occasionally drooling when each update comes up.

    Winona, Alex… you have created a pair of characters I care about deeply, with beautiful art and skilled, thoughtful story telling. You appeal to the romantic in me, as well burying her to call out her dirty little sister who luuurves the smut. But its not about the smut… this comic EROTIC and I have never been so pleased to see it update. What’s better than that, is that I trust you both enough to understand that there’s more to come (squeeeee!).

    I’ve come back to this page three times today just to stare. And drool. And stare. And cross my legs. And stare a bit more.

    While I (thoroughly) enjoy reading erotica, a comic has never, ever done that to be before, so you guys are an incredible first.

    I’m running the risk of babbling now, so I’m going to force myself to stop. Though not before I add this; as a long time reader and first time commenter, I just want to express the sheer breathless, giddy thrill your magical piece of art has inspired in me.

    Thank you, basically.  Thank you so, SO much!

    • BTW… been back five times now. -_- Might just leave the damn tab open.

    • What a fantastic compliment, Ileandra. Saying what you said……. it’s put a big smile on my face. I’m delighted you showed this to your BF—I have a friend of mine who shows my work to her husband and, even though he’s 100% straight, it’s actually something fun for them to share which I find rather gratifying. 

      Anyway, I’m just delighted you took the time to brave the wilds of Disqus to let me know how you felt. You’ve made me a happy creator. 🙂

    • W Nelson

      Ahhh I’m so glad you commented!  Your reaction is really, really sweet, I’m so happy it had such an impact for you!  It’s why we do it 😀

  • *incoherent happy noises*

  • Emperor_Meiji


  • Lorescien


  • Jeff’s face in the last panel is the most handsome he’s ever been, to me.

  • Ryn

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    make all the protesty noises you want Jeff, we see that smile on you face. this page is so yummy.

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    • elijah elquest

      Starfighter update?


      • ErrorTime

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        • I’m actually kind of pleased.  Anything that pisses off Cain makes me happy.

          • timeaesnyx

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          • Krondor2000

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        • elijah elquest

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    I love that last line so so much, oh man. Jeff is also the cutest human being ever ever everrr. I love that he ends up smiling just a little by the end, because really, you didn’t really need to twist his arm to convince him that sex with a anatomically perfect (not to mention gorgeous) android was a good idea.

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    lol i am not joking, i actually got a nosebleed this morning. from preemptiveness of this scene. it…was…outrageously awesome. and I NEED MORE. O_O

    • Hehe. Well, more in less than four days…

    • ::hands over some soft tissue::

  • Enk Satsuma

    the detail of precome staining Jeff’s boxers is amazing 🙂

    hope you feel better!

    • Glad you liked that little detail, Enk! Winona and I spent some time working to get that right. 🙂

      And thank you! I am feeling a little better this evening. 😉

  • Liger Baby

    anyone else notice the stain on his underwear?

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    3rd panel Jeff is making a rather derpy face, but 4th panel makes up for that! :3

  • I just sent this page as a link to a friend and fellow yaoi-fan that I have been trying to get as obsessed with Artifice as I am. Here is an exact transcript, copy-paste of what I said to her:
       “I cannot decide on an emoticon which properly expresses myself upon seeing this page. I KNEW it would be AWESOME no matter what. But I honestly cannot decide between all my myriad ‘freaking out because OMG this is so great’ smilies.”

    • Hehe. That’s awesome, Enkidu. You’ll have to let us know if you get her on-board. 🙂

  • …in my ongoing weekend saga of continually coming back to this page and blushing like a fiend, I’ve just noticed something.  Deacon, in the previous page, was touching down Jeff’s delightfully happy trail with his left hand.  In this page, we see his left hand slip under the dampened boxers (homina homina)…

    …but in a twist, suddenly in the LAST panel, Deacon is driving stick with his RIGHT hand as the left hand removes the boxers.  Conclusion?

    In the current vernacular, “android be SMOOTH, yo!”

    • Deacon does indeed have superior hand-eye coordination. 🙂

    • LOL “Driving stick” Snickersnort XD

      • Thank you.  I try 🙂

    • W Nelson

      Androids above anything else excel at calculation and logistics.  And what better example of an intricate organizational task than swiftly removing impeding garments?  A switcheroo is well within Deacon’s means 🙂

      • I truly love the way you think 🙂

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    • Glad you’re liking the update, SholtoMaru!

    • W Nelson

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      Anyway, since Disquis isn't epic enough for out entire conversation on the other page(lol), I'll finish here.

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      Also, in response to you, Alex.

      I.WANT.THAT.SHIRT. Especially since I found this comic off of Q.C. in the first place. <3

      • SholtoMaru

        Bro! Bro! Hey, bro! You and me, bro. We’re bros.

        I’m pretty sure we should be hanging out. Outside this conversation, and into other conversations, bro. You got AIM? Because, I got AIM. And I could totally be cool with you and me doing some serious hanging out and planning for our awesome bro-centric country on AIM. Or somethin’ to that effect, anyway.

        Also, the more mansex doodles, the better, bro. Always.

        • ‘Cha bro! We should seriously hang! No AIM though….or any messanger of any kind, really….’cept I DO have an IMVU account. What about you? If not, you should. it’s free and AWESOME. Like this comic. <3

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          • SholtoMaru

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          • Bro, it’s freaking awesome. IMVU – Instant Messaging Virtual Universe. It’s an instant messager where you get your own almost life like person than you can dress up, change faces, eye color, hair color, skin color, EVERYTHING. And what is awesome about it, bro, is that you can INTERACT with whoever you’re chatting with. You can hug them, slap them, kiss them, kick them, make out with them EVEN IF BOTH AVATARS ARE MALE MAKING IT SUPER SMEXY. It’s great. You can even make them act how you’re feeling. Like if you’re tired, or feeling flirtatious, or feel like groovin’. Even if you don’t get one, you should at least take a peek at it an <3 The only 'bad' things I can think of are that it sometimes will run a little slow if you have an older computer, and to get certian items, you have to have an acess pass stating that yes you are over 18 and yes you do what a specific item even though it might be a little explicit or something. I give the place a 9 out of 10. =)

          • SholtoMaru

            I got one. It’s whatever to me, bro, but I’ll give it a go for you. How do I find you on there, bro?

          • There are a few ways, bro. The easiest for me is actually by using google. XD Just type Morganna443 imvu into the google search bar. I should be the second option. Then just send me a friend request, letting me know it’s you, or if I’m online(which a little green square at the bottom right hand of my picture will be there if I am), at the top of my page there should be an option to ‘Chat in 3D’. Just click, and we’re off!

  • The term “purring like a kitten” comes to mind after thoroughly staring at panel four…

    Another wonderful update. Thank you so much. I agree, chest hair is not gross chest hair! LOL Jeff is just a natural guy with a certain DNA strand that makes him special. Plus he’s adorable, plain and simple. Deacon, my friend, you have a SPLENDID muscularity from any side.

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  • took a break from NaNo to find this beautiful page of loveliness!! XD Now back to NaNo. Hopefully I’ll hit 10k today! 😀

    • Just waned to wish you good luck; also participating in NaNo. : )

      • Good luck to everyone participating in NaNo! You all rock! 😀

    • Luck with NaNo! Just hit 10K myself. 😀

  • I’ve been an avid reader for months now, but I never even thought of dropping a comment. I am making it known that I love this comic! (And its contributors, creators, etc etc. Everyone.)

    I’ve been hoping for a page like this, and even if some alarm goes off in the next page, I am /satisfied/ with where this has gone and where this is going. I love how you expand on the android-human relationship (beyond the fact that it’s kinda dead hot, y’know) and as much as I’m sitting in front of the computer rooting for the “adult fun times”, I’m also itching for more character development. Which is why I love this, by the way; real guys, you said it.

    I do hope your health goes for the best in the next couple days; much rest and water (and orange juice!) are needed. Well wishes!

    • Thank you very much for the well-wishing, Jackals. Today, after a weekend of rest, I am feeling a lot better. We’ll see what another week of pounding out video edits on a computer does to me. 😉 But hopefully, I’ve turned a corner!

      And it makes me very happy to hear that you’re enjoying the deeper characterization/relationship stuff we’re trying to do here, even above and beyond the “adult fun times”. I’m trying to make the kind of comic I’ve always wanted to read and I’ve known that’s meant it wouldn’t be for everyone. It does tickle me to hear from a reader who is actually enjoying the ride. 🙂

      Anyway, I hope you’re having a great week. Thank you very much for commenting! (And for letting your friends know about Artifice—getting the word out is the hardest part for me and it’s greatly appreciated!)

      • Hopefully you have! It would be a shame for your health to spike again. Fingers crossed.

        The type of comic you’re making is, I think, the type everyone strives to read and make themselves. It’s probably why you have so many active readers (by active, I mean readers who bother commenting) and so many lurking readers. (Such as myself.) Most of what you’d find online is just fast-burning PWP. This? Has actual characters with growing personalities and intrigue. So, well, y’know, points for actually doing the right thing?

        I am having a rather terrible week (my health has actually stumbled a bit, too, but I’m feeling better after a day and a half’s rest) but it should be getting better soon, as I hope yours will. Word of mouth; powerful little bugger. : )

  • Normally I kind of hesitate to leave comment for various reasons (one of them being anxiety so I’d like to apologize for any typos I make in advance…), but I just want you guys to know that the art here is simply gorgeous, and I adore the plot: It’s intriguing and delicious all at the same time!

    • Thank you so much, A. Wiebe! I’m really glad to hear you’re enjoying both the plot and the art! I hope you won’t hesitate to keep letting us know what you think! 😀

  • Taliel

    I can’t wait till Alex makes some merch for this comic available, a massive poster of Deacon and Jeff is going to look *great* on my wall 😀

    • Well, I’ve been thinking very hard about “merch” for this comic, based on what CC from Teahouse taught me. I might even have something to show you all in a few weeks. Fingers crossed… 🙂

      • Taliel

        Awesome! I need a big poster for the wall in my lounge room so I’m hoping some non-erotic stuff will be available too, something like the banner art perhaps.

  • Mandy Aspen

    *Sets surroundings on fire from blushing so brightly* …ahem…Brilliant as always! *Sends healing vibes your way Alex* ♥ Mandy Aspen

    • Hehe. Glad we could heat things up for you, Mandy! Thank you very much for the healing vibes!

  • The Dapper Ginger

    *gnaws lip* I completely, totally, 100% approve of where this is heading. Great job, as usual!

    Get better soon, Alex!

    • Yay! Glad you like where this is going, CrazyFranky! Thank you for the well wishing! 

  • Kayla


  • All I have to say: 

    ME GUSTA. <3 

  • Holy christmas Fisher! Umm… so that’s… that’s very hot. Not that I need to tell you, I suppose. I mean, you must know. He’s all, you know, glowy and pink and his mouth just looks more and more like fruit.

    • KBatty

      Splinter Cell reference? Niiice.

  • I must say…this weekend was a blast. I went to a con and mentioned you two’s comic at a Panel and they were hooked, so don’t be surprised if you suddenly have a butt load of people just randomly join XD

    The only awkward thing was them asking me to draw commissions of this for them o.O; I haven’t even completed the fan art I made for this… But at least ya getting more supporters. (don’t worry, I declined them.)

    Also, I love Deacon’s words, “if it is, we’re both making it” very wise yet some how reassuring, if not sincere. ^^

    • When I went to Anime club, I advertised to all the yaoi fans bout this too XD
      Couple of my friends got hella blushy faced about the saying “here. It’s not to smutt yet, but, I’m sure you’ll enjoy anyway!”

      And at the Con went to~ Had fun advertising~

      So, Good job~ We shall get this to be well known yet! Every Yaoi fan in the world will know about Artifice yet!

      • Thank you so much, Viper. Getting the word out is the hardest part for me. I really appreciate you saying kind things about Artifice to fans at the Con. You all make me feel so happy. 🙂 (And I wish I could have been there to shake your hands!)

        •  Just glad I could help my good sir~! Gotta support the things we love right? Tis Jade from Yaoi 911 XD

    • Hey Sawyer! Thank you very much for helping to put the word out. What panel were you on? I’d be curious to hear what topics you speak on (your Web site link takes me to a 404 page.)

      I’m glad you like Deacon’s words there in that last panel—it’s one of my favorite Deacon-isms actually. 😉

      And I’m eagerly looking forward to seeing your fan art!  I’m sure it will be awesome! 😀

      • It was merely a “yaoi-panel” lol. Believe it or not I didn’t want to go cause people tend to …act overly vulgar in them, but my best friend insisted (later to regret it but still). 

        Ah yes, my website is down right now, so I can upgrade it and change out some art. etc

        lol Thank you, I’ll try to get it done. XD

  • Jeff’s bliss face. XD

  • A’nana El

    YAY. Now I have three comics to enjoy! Teahouse, Sharkteeth, and this! BUT GUYS. What day does a new page come out? I’m new to this one and I just wanted to know what day to be camping! 😀 I’m on Eastern Time.

    • Ferris_Ahiru

      Saturdays but lately the authors have also managed to do Wendesdays as well because of tons of donations. No idea how they get 2 pages out in 1 week.

      • elijah elquest

        even mondays too! we had 2 bonus pages plus the normal saturday page last week! 
        the donation bar up there tells us how close we are to getting another bonus page.

    • miarae

      More teahouse fans!! I love teahouse *-*

      I do not know this sharkteeth, must google!

      • A’nana El

        Sharkteeth is really not as good as Teahouse and Artifice, but it’s pretty cute at times! :3

    • YangYueLan

      Yay! I also read those! Th and sharkteeth are awesome, this one is my favorite ‘weekend’ comic.

  • Lucy0in0the0Sky

    So, I usually don’t post comments on the webcomics I read (I’ve always been more of a lurker), but two things.

    A, this is hot. Just need to put that out there.

    B, does anyone else think that, like, mid-coitus the comic is suddenly going to switch back to the crazy doctor lady’s office, and she’s just going to be sta-a-a-aring at Deacon? Anyone? For some reason, my mind just keeps seeing that happening.

    • Hey Lucy!

      Glad you like the hot. 😀

      And no one should ever underestimate Dr. Maven. She is like the Spanish Inquisition. Just when you least expect her, you should expect her. 😉

  • Lucy0in0the0Sky

    So, I usually don’t post comments on the webcomics I read (I’ve always been more of a lurker), but two things.

    A, this is hot. Just need to put that out there.

    B, does anyone else think that, like, mid-coitus the comic is suddenly going to switch back to the crazy doctor lady’s office, and she’s just going to be sta-a-a-aring at Deacon? Anyone? For some reason, my mind just keeps seeing that happening.

    • to be honest…..I think that’s going to be in the next two pages….her just staring…intently….

  • I am unashamedly saying this right now; while I may not be able to check this tomorrow while I am at work, I would like to be considered as officially camping…now.

    Also, I am at 8422 words on NaNo, including chapter title stuff.  Tomorrow I shall attempt to crack the double digits.

    • KBatty

      I’ve been working on NaNo too! The weekend handed my ass to me though and I’m about 5000 words behind because I didn’t get any writing done. I’m also doing the Art House Co-Op’s The Sketchbook Project, but that’s kind of kicking my butt too. Haha.

      And I’ve just been quietly lurking this week, but I brought us the makings for smores. You get the campfire going.

      • Glad to hear folks are prepping for the camping. I’m beginning to assemble the ingredients to bake the page for tomorrow.

        Good luck with your NaNo too, KBatty! 😀

        • Mmmmm, camping and campfires.  Also baking.  I hope you included chocolate in those page ingredients 🙂

          • KBatty

            Of course. It’s not smores without chocolate.

            And also chocolate syrup… because you never know when you might need to lick chocolate off someone’s body.

          • 😀  I love how everyone thinks here!

          • KBatty

            Alex bakes the bestestest treats.

    • 8422 words! You rock, Summer! Go! Go! Go! 😀

      • Thank you, Alex!  I shall attempt to “go go go!” 

        …this also strikes me as the perfect point to make a horrible joke about my dancing like a go-go girl, but well…yeah, I’m lacking the brainpower.

    • You can do it!  Just type and type and type away.  Doesn’t matter if the plot is the best ever or not, it’s just the bones for something that can have flesh, and veins, and blood, and maybe even skin later!  Right now, it just needs form, basic shapes.  Good luck!

      • I’m just trying to type away 🙂  Of course, the whole pesky life thing has a way of interfering 😛

  • Nikolicious

    No puedo… respirar. I mean.

  • azurefiction

    … this is going to sound odd, but … Jeff is totally making the same face ( in the last panel ) I do when I stretch out on purpose to lure in my unsuspecting fiance for pouncing, >_>;.

    Otherwise known as awesome job on facial expressions! 

  • Lord, I’m back here again. Slightly terrified my NaNo is going to turn into bonking gay men just so I can work off some of the tension. o.O
    Though I’m told it shouldn’t be hard to fit that in since the piece is all about faeries.
    Personally I disagree… but apparently my friends have cruel senses of humour.

    Incidentally I DID keep the tab open and I’ve lost counts of my visits back to stare and drool. Meh… maybe I’ll need to go back to writing my own Yaoi once NaNo is over. This comic just reminds me how much I miss it.

    • OMG.  Read your thing, and was just like, I have this book called So Fey, Queer Fairy Fiction, and the whole intro is about fairy history and how fairy is used for gay and thus they have gay faeries XD 

      I’m trying to get my main characters to quit trying to bonk each other (one’s a girl, one’s a guy.  The girl is supposed to be going after another girl, not a guy!  What’s this world coming to when I start writing straight couples???)

      This comic is like huge inspiration for me.  Like year round, consistent updates.  If Alex and Winona can do this, I can do a month of writing! >:D

      • Inspiration… that’s certainly the right word.
        Compelling story telling, beautiful art, all on a schedule almost completely decided by near-rabid, eager fans. Lol.
        For sure; if they can do that and still deliver the goods; the least I can do is a NaNo.
        Hey; feel free to find me there by the way. Same name, though it will have a space. 🙂

      • It always makes me very happy to hear when one of my comics inspires another creator to create. Good luck, Deanna! You can do it! 😀

  • Sarah W

    How do I always find myself here on Tuesday night? XD

  • Time to comic camp.
    My nano’s going well, but for the past few days I’ve been way too busy and stressed out to work on it. Finally did some catching up today. So far I have about 7,500 words. Hopefully I’ll have plenty time to write tomorrow (and will power from the update!).

    • I hit 10 k today.  I’m like “time to pitch the Artifice tent and write my Nano while staying up!” 

    • 7,500 words is awesome. Good luck tomorrow!

  • Hey Alex, I am here to camp and I was just wondering if you have every read Wendy Pini’s web comic Masque of the Red Death? It is a sci-fi YAOI retelling of Edgar Allen Poe’s work by the same name. Link ->

    • I actually haven’t read it yet, Kristin. But my friend Jen, the editor of Sublime over at Viz, has recommended it strongly to me, so it’s definitely on my list. I’m totally going to have to check it out! 😀

    • Aikka

      Thanks for recommendation, even if it was to Alex not me “XD

      My friend noticed your comment and send me this link so i decided to see what is it…

      And i’ve just read the whole thing in one sitting x_x 
      *feels a little brain-washed*

      • The same thing happened to me. I was just surprised that I had not heard of it sooner. 

        • Aikka

          Same here, makes me wonder how many good things are still hidden from me? *sigh*

  • Saberri

    His boxers are getting wet. I’m digging this.

  • Writing on NaNo, refreshing the page, checking out the comments, and wondering why so many people chose to call me tonight.  Camping at its finest.  New page in T-minus seven(ish) minutes!

  • The cookies are almost ready…. Might need just a couple more minutes to add the sprinkles, but won’t be long now!

    • Sprinkles are awesome.  It is worth the wait if there are sprinkles 🙂  I hope you’re feeling okay!

      • Glad you think so. 🙂

        And yes, I am feeling a bit better.  (If totally sleepy, thanks to the time change!)

    • KBatty


  • crimsonkiss22

    CAMPING o/ Jeff isn’t the only one pitching a tent now. Hurr.

    Also, we seem to be showing our NaNo progress here, so I’ll jump in! 11,410 words. I keep alternating between writing and checking Artifice. Pfff, I’ll never get anything done.

    • 11,410 words sounds like getting a lot done to me, crimsonkiss22! You go! 😀

  • I actually should be studying French right now.

    Why, French can wait! 😀 Artifice is way more important -and hot.

  • inkstainedpaws

    You’ve done a great job with this! Love the first two panels and the last! As for nano? 12,443 Can’t wait to see the next page, and am hoping it’s not back to the doctor! :d 

  • I’ve been reading webcomics for years, and I have to say, this is in my top three favorites!

    I’ve been trying to start my own, but I keep running into this problem of making it appropriate for my professors, employers, and family to read. Unfortunately, everything I write turns to smut (or fortunately depending on how you look at it).

    Anyways, keep up the great work!!

  • Zana Black

    o-o This page was released on my birthday, fabulous <3

  • Sam King

    -nosebleed- That is a fangirls way of saying she approves. 

  • anonymouslizzy

    Truer words have never been spoken. XDD

  • AllyssaC

    I can’t help but notice JUST HOW HAPPY Jeff looks to get his wiggly diggly touched.
    It’s adorable and like..
    a turn on.

  • nar zin

    I always find myself coming back to this page in particular of Artifice. I love the little details like the damp spot growing in size, and Jeff’s position in the last panel is so adorably sexy, that it’s to die for! x3

  • ohohohohoHOHOHO
    (weird as laugh)