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Artifice Page 46

271 Comments on Artifice Page 46

Symmetrical and balanced tummy hair. Total catnip for the modern android.


We have new Fan Art by Alex House, a tentative moment between Deacon and Jeff entitled “Not Today”. Thanks, Alex!

So, it’s been less than three days since I reset the counter and we’re already back up at $170! Holy cow! Your generosity continues to amaze and humble me. I will strive do my best to try to live up to your kindness!

Special thanks to long-time supporters Anna Z., Anna P., Tanya A., Jennifer Bl. (following up her $50 donation last time with an immediate second donation!), Adriano B. (donating twice in one week), Zoellen F. & Jennifer Bi. & Amanda D. (all three donating for the third week in a row!), Ariel S. (donating for the 4th week in a row!), Sue T. (donating for the 5th time in a row!) and Micheal B. (now donating for the 9th straight week in a row! O_O! Hugs, Micheal!) and a warm welcome and grateful bow to new supporters Catarina M., David B., kathryn h., Anna D., Kelly R., kataline d., Guillaume P., Yu C., Shana X., Monica I., Jocelyn K. and Summer E. (who went to the trouble of personally mailing me a check because PayPal wasn’t playing nice—total superhero! Thanks, Summer!)

Finally, a big hug to new friend Darin M. for their generous $25 donation!

Thank you all so, so much! I don’t know if I’ll be able to do another three update week in the near future, but for now, this is a ton of fun. And I’m totally impressed and humbled how quickly you all made it happen. 🙂

And in other news, my back is finally settling down—yay!—so hopefully, I’ll be able to start chiming in more again in the comments. As before your kind words have been a HUGE support for me during this challenging experience. There have been moments I’ve felt pretty down during the last few days and reading your thoughtful comments have made all the difference. 🙂

Anyway, I hope you’re liking what you’re seeing! And I hope to see all of you back here on Saturday for Page 47! 😀

DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! Thanks to your super-generous (and super-fast) donations, we’ve yet again hit our donation target, so there will be a bonus page of Artifice—Page 48!—this Wednesday, November 9th! Whee! 😀

But what if the donation target hits again before this Sunday, 11:59 PM PST? Will you do another three page week?!

This three page week was a lot of fun for Winona and me. A lot of fun. 😀 And yet… I don’t want to put us in a position where I’d ever run a risk of having to “take a break” from updates, like sometimes needs to happen with certain webcomics. So, while I might have another 3 update week possibility in the future, for now, we’ll just be keeping it to one bonus page a week on Wednesdays. And if we hit the target again, it would just count towards the next “free” Wednesday. Better that than to make you have to wait for a “regular” Saturday update. I hope you”ll understand and I hope you’ll continue to enjoy what we’re putting up! 😀

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  • harlequinface

    Whoa, I was expecting the next panel to be a raging Maven, this a pleasant surprise!

    • Hehe. Oh, Maven will make an appearance soon. But just not today… 😉

      • Aikka

        H-how soon…? *scared*

  • grinsekatze

    so i am up early because i have to go to work and i was just checking in and ,voila, a new page^^ this is a good start for the day. the page is awesome again!! i love this week with three updates.
    I always stare at Deacons torso, daaaaaamn he’s so hot! xD

    • I’m loving the three update week too! This is a lot of fun for me. 🙂 And thank you very much for your kind words!

  • THIS IS WHAT I STAYED AWAKE FOR. Alex, my love, I await Saturday eagerly…

    • Natty, my love, I’m delighted you stayed up late for the new page. That makes me happy to hear! Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday! 🙂

  • Aikka

    Yay *-* a new page. I really beceme addicted to this *sigh*

    Next page pleaseee ;-;
    (i know, just a few more days)

    ” Anyway, I hope you’re liking what you’re seeing!  ” <- HOW WE CAN NOT LIKE? O_O

    You just make it harder to wait for a next one ;–;

    [That means yes: i love the page, not able to write comment that makes sense now so feel free to ignore me while i am just staring at it O_O""]

    • Yay! I’m glad you’re liking this, Aikka! And sense or no sense, your comment has put a big smile on my face. 😀

      • Aikka

        Haha, well glad you don’t mind stalkerish, annoying, behaving like 12-years-old me “XD your comic woke up the fangirl in me too much o..o

  • FFFFFFFFFFFFFf, ZOE MAH GOODNESS!!! The shading, the expressions, the teasing!!! I almost sqeualed. <333

    I adore how Jeff went from frustrated resistance in the last page, to shy resignation in this one. Just….absolutely perfect. I love how nervous he looks. And I love how Deacon goes back and forth from serious business to blushing while lightly teasing the boy. It's….just perfect, I say! PERFECT!!! ((I especially love the shading of Deacon's body in the first panel. And I love the way Jeff's hair just kinda falls behind his head in the second. It looks extra bouncy to me. XD ))

    As usual, brilliantly done! Great job Alex and Winona! I send you luff. <3

    And I'm glad you're feeling better Alex! ^-^

    • Thank you, Morganna! I finally am feeling a bit better—in no small part to all the kind words from awesome readers like yourself. 🙂 It makes me happy to hear you’re finding Jeff’s responses to what’s happening believable and compelling. I tried really hard to make it so. 🙂

      Luff back!

      • Well, you did an amazing job making it believable, so pat yourself(lightly) on the back for a job well done! And I’m very glad that you’re doing better. I do truely now how much of a pain back trouble can be. Litteraly, in most cases, so it’s good you’re feeling better.^^

        Yay luff! ^w^

  • Emily Hood

    This is the second time this comic has given me warm fuzzies (Darn panel two!). This is a new record and I am starting to worry (mostly kidding).
    I have so many questions but I have a feeling it will be another five to ten pages or so before they will even begin to be answered!
    P.S. I miss Maven… I have such a creepy fictional crush on her. I hope we see her again soon. 
    P.P.S Super glad you are feeling at least a bit better! I know how much back pain can suck! As I said on the last page, look after yourself.

    • Yay for more warm fuzzies! I’ll turn you into a Care Bear yet! 😉

      P.S. I have a bit of a crush on Maven too.

      P.P.S. And I’ll do my best to take care of myself. Tough when I have a full-time freelance gig, but so far my clients are being super-understanding so hopefully I’ll be all better soon. Thank you very much for your concern! 😀

  • crimsonkiss22

    I’ve never heard body hair talked about in that way… It’s making me… tingly. Kind of odd how Deacon can be so mechanical and so sexy all at once. I need to purchase one of these models ASAP. 

    I think it’s cute that Jeff is so flustered and nervous. He wants his first time to be at least somewhat special, I would imagine. Considering it might be his first and LAST time…


    • Hehe. Yes, body hair can be fun. It’s one of the little interesting things about being a gay boy, comparing such things. And as others have noted, because Deacon is hairless and artificial, it makes sense that he would have a special fascination with it. 🙂

      And you’re thinking about Jeff’s reaction to this situation in just the right way… 

  • fujoshifanatic

    YES!!! Deacon has found Jeff’s happy trail! It’s so apropos that you use the word ‘catnip” to describe Jeff’s tummy fuzz, because Deacon looks just like a hungry little panther in the first panel (Hooooot!!!). I love the way he goes into caring, attentive and seductive lover mode in the next few panels–so sexy!

    Poor Jeff; I hope his head–either of them–doesn’t explode before he gets to the good stuff! 😛

    Alex, I am so glad you’re feeling better; I will continue to send my good, healing thoughts out to you. And Winona, you are a master at bringing these two characters’ expressions to life! As much as I love the dialogue here (panels 1-4, unf! And panel 5, LOL!), you could take it all away, and I would still know exactly what they were thinking and feeling through their faces and actions. That is true artistry at work.

    Bravo, you guys! I’m gonna scoot out of Jeff’s tent now and go to bed–it’s getting kind of hot in there! ;-P

    • W Nelson

      Eee~~!  <3

    • Thank you for the well-wishing, fujoshifanatic! I’m glad you liked the new update!

      (And yes, Winona comes up with the perfect expressions for what the characters are feeling. In fact, I wrote a script for her [that might never see the light of day] where I had several pages with no dialogue just because I knew she could totally nail the story without words. She’s just that good. 🙂 )

  • I love how there were no comments like two seconds ago and now there’s nearly ten~

    Well, this is the first time I’ve commented on Artifice. I feel rather guilty for not doing so sooner, as each page of this comic
    deserves a standing ovation. I can understand why the donations keep
    rolling in: this is a beautiful, unique, outstanding representation of
    various aspects of life, the human psyche, sci-fi in general and an even rarer insight
    into gay romance.

    I’ve followed some of your other work Alex; I must say that I am beyond impressed with how this is going. Not only is the artwork highly engaging and clean, but the storyline progression keeps readers coming back for more. It’s an honor, sir, to have stumbled across this gem. Needless to say, this page inspired me to step out of the shadows to offer congratulations and a heart-felt “thank you!” for all your [and Winona’s!! <3] work and dedication.

    Body hair. Oh my. How fitting~ as so many artists I find seem to omit the "hairy issue" entirely. It's a lovely change. I can see why a mostly hairless android would find Jeff's au natural body fascinating. That and Jeff's freaking adorable to boot. Deacon, darling, you steal hearts like an old pro.

    Also, my sympathies for your back troubles. I've been dealing with a herniated disk and compressed nerve for several months. I can truthfully say that back injuries are among the most frustrating: it's hard to believe how difficult it is to move around/do simple things when your back doesn't want to! I wish you all the best and a speedy recovery! I hope it's not too serious!

    – Krissy

    • W Nelson

      It’s a challenge, drawing body hair that doesn’t look kind of grossly sparse or like, crazy overboard like all those 90s comics.  I can understand why a lot of artists would skip it when drawing a sexy guy.  But Alex insisted ^_^

      • Hehe. Yes, I did. Because you are awesome and I knew you’d totally nail it. Which you did. In fact, it came out even better than I expected. 🙂

      • I can only imagine! My only experience with art is “fine art”, nothing along the lines of manga/comic/ect. What’s done here is fantastic and I think Jeff’s sexier with his fuzziness! : )

    • Thank you very much for your well-wishing—and your super kind words, Cynzia! I’m glad you finally decided to comment; it’s put a big smile on my face. 

      (And I hope that your back gets better soon too. I’m sending my best healing thoughts your way.)

      • I’ll be sure to drop a comment more often! You are quite welcome; I’m so very happy to be able to see this comic grow!

        To you as well! All the best!

  • AnyOtaku

    The second panel was the ad that made me read the comic, and I’m so happy to click on it!
    So Deacon can feel more or less the same as humans… Then he will have fun too XD oh and Jeff and his hair! I never knew talking about hair in the belly could be so sexy! And don’t worry Jeff, You’ll have a nice time wth Deacon =D

  • Hmmm how to proceed…. Ok! Winona! I am falling more and more into artsy love with you! One day I shall sneakily beg you to show us your process in drawing the boys as an art tutorial which may never come about, but you need to know it has been floating in my brain to ask for about a month now! XD Furthermore your coloring and shading techniques rock my visual world almost as much as the base art with your use of subtle highlights and definitive hand with directed shadowing. Your perspective whether it is just Deacon leaning slightly in to panning up along Jeffy’s body without his head looking oddly out of proportion gives hope to me when even in professional printed published comic materials the artists sometimes just cop out. Its a constant pleasure to see you working hard not to do that. I have also noticed that in addition to the continuing greatness that is the Jeffy hair that Deacon’s super short locks have gained a bit of…. how do I put this… touchableness? XD I also find myself loving your sidelong perspectives of the boys heads and shoulders…. Mainly in the lower face region and the lines of the neck. Totally makes me squee like a little fangirl. So in conclusion you are an awesome lady and I hope you continue to rock far into the future!

    As always we are constantly surprised and pleased with the continuing progress of the NoNeCo products as they evolve. The functionality and sense of purpose shown by the latest  model of androids have gone above and beyond what we as the consumers had hoped for. We shall continue to monitor your companies progression in building a greater tomorrow with great anticipation. 

    Alex glad you are feelin better and that all our wild and silly comments are able to help you out a bit! Your comic is a bright spot in my week no matter what is going on and I am too pleased by this week being jam-packed with comics. You really outdo yourself for us and we appreciate that in spades! Also just to let you know if my giving Jeffy a nicname early on wasn’t enough of a tell that I am more of a heavy supporter of Jeff! Deacon while being of an ideal shape and with his dry wit, dirty robit mind, and slight obsession with Jeffy’s hair patterns(who can blame him though!) is still second to the more naturally fit Jeffy! X3 Then again if I was reading this as a novel with no images who is to say I wouldn’t feel differently and that I haven’t been biased by Winona’s art style and your clever choice of text for the lads! Point is that you two are ridiculously awesome people and I look forward to enjoying the resulting comic and mass of crazy/silly/well thought out comments my fellow fans put forth!

    • W Nelson

      <3  You know that tingly-scalp feeling when people praise you for something you worked hard at?  Yeah, totally happening.  

      I hate it when comic artists cop out, man, I know I'm pretty slow compared to them, but the characters deserve proper attention.I have a friend who related a story to me that had a big impact: She was doing some comic stuff and copied an earlier panel with different word balloons, and a fellow artist chewed her out for it, saying it was cheating the reader.  Even when you want to use the same shot, don't be lazy.  I think about that all the time, it's one thing you have to do in every field of art, illustration, concept art, whatever–it's sooo easy to take shortcuts and be lazy, but you have to hold yourself to a higher standard than your client does, or you just won't be learning or growing and your career will stagnate.  Not that Alex doesn't have to whip me into shape sometimes.  I still have deadline pressure with the other art jobs and sometimes I just have too much on my plate and have to remember to slow down and do it right.  I'm glad that people are responding so well to it 🙂

    • Thank you, Lindsay! Your comments absolutely help me feel better! 🙂 I’m really glad you’re enjoying the comic and the work we’re doing here at NoNeCo. 

      And taking your advice into consideration, we at NoNeCo Artificial Life HQ should probably be considering an ASO model that’s a little more boy-next-door to appeal to those who are looking for a more approachable artificial companion. I, like you, find that more appealing myself!

      Feedback from consumers like yourself is invaluable. It’s yet another way that together we truly can manufacture a brighter tomorrow. 🙂

  • Nnnnnnf Jeff looks so desperately, confusedly horny. <3

    Daaaaang, you two.  I am pretty well speechless right here.  Most of my thought process can be summed up in two words: Yes please.

  • CK

    Jeff, just lie down and enjoy! 😀

  • …Jeff…good luck son ;~;…take it for the team. 

    Er. Hmm. Well to be honest, I really didn’t expect Deacon to be so fascinated with hair…but it looks like he’s teasing Jeff lol. He’s all like, “oooh look at THIS pattern and THAT pattern” while poor Jeff is like, “…eep…” lol. 
    If I was jeff, I’d be backed into a corner saying, “um…this may not be good, considering you’re STRONGER then a normal man and you don’t know all the details to sex…um you might HURT me…not that you’re not nice to look at or that your touches feel extremely nice, I just fear for my-uh, ‘virginic’ area per say. Not only that, but don’t you think we should at least kiss first?!!” xD ooooh I was very pathetic indeed when I was a virgin lol.

    PS… every time I look at this, I feel like a bloody catholic school girl….

    • Hehe. I’m told those schoolgirl outfits are very popular among the straight-boy crowd….

      • lol I think schoolgirl outfits are popular with a large number or gay men too. XD cause on halloween last year, my cousin (male) dressed as a school girl for laughs and he got tons of guys hitting on him XD one of ’em even followed us to the stoplight XD it was awesome.

  • Before I start gushing, has anyone else noticed that, in the mere near-hour it’s been since today’s bonus page, the donation bar has jumped nearly 30 dollars?  

    This page makes my heart beat SO HARD.  It wants to come out of my chest!  In short, I’m probably feeling somewhat similar to how our young, inexperienced, and suddenly very aroused Jeff must be feeling in that last panel.  Holy hell, Deacon can be smooth when he wants.

    The art is stunning.  STUNNING.  Having said that, while it is on the geyser-nosebleed scale, I very much wish Deacon’s forearm was not blocking the two potential views in panel 2.  That was the shot I saw on Menage a 3 that day!  A beautiful, beautiful scene.  I think it needs to be a poster.

    Pardon me now while I stumble off to bed and wish I had a man. 🙂

    • Glad to hear we got your blood pumping, Summer. You’ll have to let me know what happens when you see Saturday’s page.

      (Which of course could still be the triumphant return of our friend Maven. 😉 )

      • If Maven comes back, that’s fine.  While the continuation of this delicious scene is a very deep want with me right now, I also look forward to Maven’s awkward silence, then the inevitable question from a blossoming yaoi fangirl, “and what else did you two do together?”

        Seriously, though.  Every time I come back to this page, my heart starts galloping.  SO.  FREAKING.  EROTIC.

  • JM

    A couple things – I have come to notice that Deacon has two modes: android all-business, and playful/emotional. I absolutely love that he switches between these two almost seamlessly, and this page is a perfect example of what I’ve noticed several times. In the first panel he’s simply making a statement about his functionality, and you can see it in his face, that there’s no emotion in his words and that he’s repeating something that’s internally integrated into his programming. Then in the next panel he’s saying something nearly identical, but demonstrating that he can see things from an emotional perspective. Either that, or he says it in a more humane way so that Jeff wil be able to relate, and think of him as more than a machine. Deacon does this same thing in Dr. Maven’s office, when he monotonously states a fact (once again Winona, you do a great job with his non-expressions), and then immediately becomes nervous and rings his hands about, and looks down like a scolded child. Deacon is, in many ways, a child when it comes to channeling his emotions. It’s so great to see him wrestle with that and slip in and out of these two modes because he most likely hasn’t used the second one all that much with anyone, and its like he’s trying it out, to see if he can really feels things that are beyond his basic programming.
    Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but whatever I love this comic. Also, is this the first time that Jeff calls Deacon by his name? Firsts are the best!

    • AnyOtaku

      OMG! That’s true! This is the first time Jeff have called Deacon by his name… Now I look again at the last panel and I get more excited! Can’t stop of making squees XD

    • No, you aren’t reading into this too much. You’re thinking about it in just the right way. 🙂

  • Yukiness

    Oh my mommas! winona, you know how to make a fan girl sweat. Deacon’s face in every panel he’s present goes from smoldering to Rico Suave on a tangent and I’m liking it. I also give you tremendous art points for consistancy (every budding artist’s greatest hurtle) with Jeff’s face. Even the slight nuance in his eyebrows on the same face made all the difference for me here in a moment where consistancy was key to selling the tension. To me, it solidifies Jeff as a character, complete with his own unique voice and reactions to certain stimuli. In tense moments, he tends to get either defensive or rambling nervous, both of which are rather justified on his part given the situation. And though I know this page will be laced with, “OMG Jeff, just let him take you!”, Jeff wouldn’t be Jeff if he didn’t try to stall in some way.

    This page is also a demonstration of a beautiful collaboration between artist and writer. I cannot wait for saturday.

    • Aikka

      I just love Winona’s art more and more with every page.

      I would consider kidnapping her and making her draw for me all the time *-* XD

      Wait, i just said it loud right..?
      So that won’t work…

      • W Nelson

        No sudden moves now…  *backs away*

        Hehe you guys are too sweet to me XD

        • Aikka

          B-but,  i wouldn’t do anything like that!
          *hides the rope behind*

          • Yukiness

            There is so much free internet to pass out, I don’t who to give it to first

    • Thank you, Yukiness. These pages were a total dream to work on with Winona. Every time she sent me a new page, I’d get this big, goofy grin on my face. She totally nailed everything I hoped for and then took it to the next level, every time. 🙂

  • Just wanted to say, Artifice is my favorite webcomic, which is pretty strange coming from someone who usually has a phobia of sci-fi. (My older brother is a hard-core sci-fi fanboy, and it kind of scarred me for life as a child.) Anyway, Winona’s art is simply divine; especially in panel two, which keeps drawing me back to stare at it! Both of their expressions are so exquisitely rendered! Alex, you do an amazing job of keeping the characters believable.  Jeff’s reaction to Deacon making a pass at him is great, especially since he continues to have and express misgivings about the situation.  I also love that Jeff and Deacon have such distinct styles of speech that a reader could figure out who’s speaking even without the text bubbles. Thanks for posting because I can’t get enough of this comic!
    Also, I’m glad you’re feeling better Alex and I hope your back continues to improve. Take care!

    • Hyperminimalism

      I was thinking about the fact that Jeff and Deacon speak so differently as well.  While Deacon is cool and calm, seductive even (when the situation calls for it), even when Jeff is quite obviously turned on he tends to raise his tone or speak in a manner akin to a nervous hesitance or downright mad.  It’s interesting to see their starkly different personalities entwine.

      • Aikka

        Hah, i simply love that fact.

        Also quotes from Artifice are lately my status (is it the same word in english? o..o) messages on my IMs. Some poeple are probably confused what is it about but i don’t care what they think i just love them too much xD

        • Hehe. That’s awesome. Can you give us an example?

          • Aikka

            As i said, just direct quotes from the comic “xD

            Some of them:

            First one i used was:

             –  “Would you want to kiss me? If i were human? Would you consider me attractive?”

            Next one:

             –  “What are you doing?” “Touching you.”

            Another one i used was:

             –  “I want to see what happens when i stimulate you sexually.”

            but with some additional comment from me, but in polish so won’t copy it here.
            [more or less with : ‘who would refuse’ xD]


             –  “I want us to have a deeper connection. I want to know you better” “So you want to have sex?” “Yes.”

            And one from the new page:

             –  “Symmetrical, balanced… ”

    • Wow, thank you, Dawn! Trying to come up with believable characters with distinctive voices (and believable reactions) is something I work very hard on. I’m delighted to hear that you’re finding my efforts successful! 🙂 And yes, my back is still feeling better, so thank you there too! (And Artifice is your favorite webcomic? That’s a huge compliment! Thank you so much!)

      So, now the big question—are you going to share Artifice with your hard-core sci-f fanboy older brother? 😀

  • WandNCritic

    Sorry for long absence, never left. I’ve just been sorta lurking for the last “few” pages in order to observe the events without comment, also because I felt I had expressed my speculations and didn’t have much to add.

    Anyways, this has probably ought to be my favorite page so far. The art is stunning, especially the first panel. It is certainly the best drawn page.
    I think the developement is quite nice and fitting, though I did have a hunch that they’re both still “fresh”.
    I anticipate Maven either in the very next page or the one after that.

    • Aikka

      I always have a problem that no matter how much i love the page, i just can’t express what i want and in the end i give up and just leave some meaningless comment just to show i’m still here ;-; I’m just glad others do it better “XD

      And nuuu, as far as i would love to see Maven’s reaction, they can’t stop now! ;–;

      • I think you express yourself quite well, Aikka.

        And there is no stopping Dr. Maven. She is a force of nature. 🙂

        • Aikka

          *cries in the corner*

    • Hehe. Yes, Maven will make an appearance soon. But will it be the next page? The page after that? Hmmmm… I wonder… 😉

      Glad you like the update and the way things are progressing. I hope to hear from you again soon!

  • The muscles in Deacon’s abs, no wait, over his entire body, are so so fine to look at (panel two). Gosh… Wonderful job, Winona. 

    • W Nelson


  • KBatty

    Today, I have no words. Only an adoring sigh and mixed emotions. <3 This is going to be a good Wednesday.

    • Yay! Glad to hear it! 🙂

      • KBatty

        Well you and Winona had to render me (mostly) speechless sooner or later. Haha.

        Glad you’re feeling better, by the way. As someone who’s very good at mangling her body at least bi-annually, you have my fullest sympathies.

  • Diego Rens

    Being male and not particularly a fan of yaoi; the art seemed too unbelievably great to not check out. Oh, and I’ve found the story quite engaging as well, no worries. You both are delivering an excellent product.

    • W Nelson

      Glad we could lure you in to check out the comic!

    • Very glad you’re liking what you’re seeing, Diego. I hope you’ll stick around to find out what comes next! 🙂

  • Deacon is getting closer and closer!!!!

  • haha I wonder what he’s gonna say about the hair down there

  • SholtoMaru

    -Gasp.- Did Deacon just become a real person to you, Jeff dear? Look at that, you used his name and everything! Hard to remain grumpy when he’s thoroughly examining your body hair, huh?

    I like this page. It’s gorgeously done, Winona, seriously. The facial expressions are perfect here. Dang. You’re so awesome it kinda freaks me the heck out.

    Alex, I’m gonna send you a Cure Materia, Final Fantasy style. But seriously, keep healing and getting better, and don’t strain yourself or anything. We miss you! Keep being fantastic. From the safety of a lying down position. 🙂

    • W Nelson

      Btw, +10 for F7 reference.  That game made me go for an art career ^_^

      • SholtoMaru

        Ahh, then F7 is even more awesome for inspiring such a super amazing fantastic artist!

    • Thank you, SholtoMaru! I think your spell must be working. I’m feeling better already. 🙂

      • SholtoMaru

        I’m glad to hear that, Alex! I put my all into that spell. 🙂

  • Erica

    ahh nothing like waking up at 7:15, turn on the computer, do other things less important than the internet, and then get back on to read a more important new chapter at 7:30 lol I just fell in LOVE with Deacon the first panel. XDD i can think of so many different things he coulda said in that speech bubble than that being programmed business. That face just yells a totally different message…. > w >
    I love it! I love you Alex and Winona. So amazing. *epilepsy*

    • W Nelson

      That may be the first time I’ve seen “epilepsy” used in quite that way, haha!

    • Thank you, Erica! I’m really glad you liked the update! Love right back!

  • Reign

    I really think Jeff is going to melt into the bed!! Deacon seems to be saying and doing all the right things and it so close!!! I am dying to see them kiss. I’m thankful for all the people who donated once again you guys rock!! Alex I am glad your back is getting better. Now I hope Saturday gets here faster 🙂

  • D

    The Yaoi comment prompts me to ask…what’s the basic underlying difference between Yaoi and Gay Male lit? I’ve tried finding sources of the stuff written for boys by boys, but the majority of what I’m finding is just pron, mostly with a heavy dom/sub theme. How is Artifice different from what’s been available in the past, besides the fact that there’s 46 pages and no sex (yet)…?

    Thanks for an excellent, excellent read. I’ve always enjoyed the kind of Sci Fi where you drop a human (‘normal’ or not) into a bizarre situation and examine their coping/survival efforts.

    • Mary Kelleher

      I like to think of it as Man romance.  There is sex, but it’s not the dominant theme. 

      Also, about the dom/sub thing, in this and the other comic I read of Alex’s, there are two men.  Not a man and a woman who happens to have a penis, ’cause face it, in a lot of Gay romance, that’s what you get.

      • D

        What I meant about the dom/sub thing was referring to lit I’d found that was specifically for guys…I seemed to be finding a preponderance of it as opposed to any other way of expressing a Man x Man relationship, especially if neither of the men in the relationship were themselves effeminate (woman w/penis). Coming into menopause and realizing just how MUCH hormones affect thoughts and actions, the question of how alternative relationships work has caught my interest.

    • W Nelson

      Yep, yaoi tends to be a lot more about the emotional relationship and context, and less porn-without-plot.

      • Aikka

        Sadly, many yaoi titles are just porn without plot. ;-;
        Or more just with a failed attempt to create a plot.
        And emotions are just put to be there, not to make any sense.

        The easier to see difference is that yaoi characters mostly look more like flat-chested girls with a suprise between their legs ;p

        • “flat-chested girls with a surprise between their legs” – LOL. That’s hysterical. 🙂

    • Glad you’re enjoying the read, D. I’ll leave it to other commenters to explore the differences between traditional yaoi and traditional gay male comics (if there is such a thing). I will say that in my case, I’m trying to create stories with compelling gay romance that have strong plot and characterization and that appeal to both women and men.

      • Aikka

        As one of the female readers i think you did it great ;>

        • Thank you, Aikka. That makes me happy to hear. 🙂

  • geneticsgirl


    Panel 2. OMG… Deacons pants keep creeping lower and lower. and the way he leans in but is still touching Jeff. and the abs. and Jeffs hair. I could stare at this panel all day, but I have to work (dammit!).

    I almost thought Deacon was on the bed next to Jeff in panel 3 but then I caught my breath and realized he was not. And though Deacon’s abs are super hot, Jeff’s softness and lack of abs makes him so real!

    As each page pops up, these guys become more and more real. and that is a testament to you guys.

    • W Nelson

      Awesome that they’re feeling so real to you!!  That’s the best compliment 😀

    • Subhadra Erika

      I am staring at the panel all day….at work. Hooray for private offices!

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    • W Nelson

      Thank YOU, I’m glad you like what we’re doing so much!

    • Hehe. Thank you for the props. (And I’m glad you liked my little quip.)

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        It was the first birthday I celebrated away from home though, so I was a little saddened by that.
        Other than that, it was a pretty sweet day. 🙂 Looking forward to Jeff and Deacon closing out my week just as sweetly!
        Glad your back is doing better as well!

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    • That’s awesome! Let me add my best birthday wishes as well: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Ramona! 😀

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      • Lithekitty

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    • Thank you, Lorescien! I’m really glad to hear you’re enjoying the writing. This scene was a lot of fun to script… 😉

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    • Hehe. Glad you’re loving the tease! Sometimes teasing is the best part… (And thank you very much for your donation—that’s very much appreciated!)

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    • Thank you, Myrtu—for your kind words and the healing incantation! (Which I think is working; I am feeling better today. 🙂 )

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    i remember showing it to her before but wasn’t sure if she will like it…
    now i know she likes it very much  :>

    I just wanted to say that i already have a few friends here that love your comic too ^^

    they just do not comment – even if i really tried to get my best friend here, really i tried but she always answer that  i say in my comments what we both want to say anyway *sigh* but she’s obsessed around the same as me ^^”

    As for that one from today i won’t even try, she will bite me and hide but won’t comment “XD – that’s just the way she is, but i love her anyway ^^-

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        Just showing it to whoever talks to me that i think may like it… o..o

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    • Thank you—I am feeling better. 😀  And I’m really glad you liked the update!

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    Three of my friends have an apartment together and today one said that she heard, “HNNNNNGH!” from the kitchen and said, “Nana, what are you reading?” and Nana said, “ARTIFICEEEE!” I’ve finally made my friends start reading. Success.

    Also, Oh crap. I noticed someone commented “Happy Traaaails toooo yooou” and now I will never think of it the same when my grandparents start singing that. xD

    • LOL! That’s awesome! Thank you so much for recc’ing Artifice to your friends—that totally helps me out. You rock! 🙂

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    • Hehe. Glad to hear we’re getting a fun reaction out of you, super_meaghan! Thank you so much for your kind words!

  • Shinashi

    I’m just wondering why anyone would build an android that can feel human sensations… I mean, wouldn’t that mean they would feel pain? And why would the builder want them to feel pleasure when they are essentially tools?

    On another note- Jeff, I do believe Deacon would like that about you~ I do… *-*

    • BlackXXBird

      Pain helps you function. It let’s you know when your body’s damaged. The designer probably wanted the androids to function as if evolution designed them.

      • Shinashi

        Oh, I get that- But wouldn’t it be more efficient if it wasn’t pain exactly but like sensors that ‘feel’ what is wrong? Like how a car flashes certain lights when something is wrong in it? It’s not like it feels pain, or anything really, but it has certain sensors to help identify malfunctioning parts.

        • Maybe that’s exactly what Deacon has. He says he doesn’t experience them in the same way that Jeff does, but to him they’re real.
          Since pain is such a subjective thing, it basically amounts to the same thing. To us, having a light go off in our head when we’re hurt would be a welcome change from the physical sensation we get when damaged. But to Deacon that alarm means that he’s been damaged and needs to pay attention to it NOW. And that could be something just as aversive to him as physical pain is to us. In that way, it’s the same thing: a sensation that he wants to avoid at any reasonable cost. That’s pain.

          • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

            Exactly. Damage avoidance and aversion is damage avoidance and aversion, it doesn’t matter what signal it is that tells you you are damaged. It’s all the same psychologically.

      • Aikka

        Haha, i did not notice your answetr because i was writing mine and everyone here wanted something from me so i couldn’t focus ;-;

        So i see you basicaly say what i wanted without making it so long hah xD

    • Aikka

      I was thinking about it too, but first i just wait what will be next here before i will come to any conclusions about it.

      Maybe just someone there in the designers team,  just want to create an artifical human. a real one not just a tool but using the funds they gave them to build a tool for them. both get what they want that way.

      Or using them for this purpose is just one of things they want them to do.
      Like they just want to create an artifical person for many uses. Using them for military is just the first step, if making them feel pain and plasure will be something thatwill interfere with their purpose [example in this comic..?XD] They will simply take away the ability but when they make an AP for other purpose – they have a fully functional base for it, with no need to design things from the beggining as it may cause more problems later.

      Also things like pain – are needed.

      If a someone won’t feel pain, he can easly die just becasue he won’t know something is wrong with him xD The same why they even made it really AI not just something that blindly listen to orders – it was needed since it needs to alter it’s behaviour according to what’s happening around him, without waiting for a human – slow, many times stupid esp. with a pressure- decision.

      And in general what’s the easier way to make someone / or something/ do or not do something?

      You can order it yes.

      But they can’t simply make something unconsuiously done like “IF (is_damaged == 1) THEN  { } ”  (don’t kill me for the simplicity used here x_x) or sth xD because of the real-life non-laboratory circumstances. When you create something that is intelligent and complicated, like a human being, it simply does not work that way. And the best thing to make it NOT like being damaged, is to make it feel the pain/something unpleasant to feel. Also it need to have it’s own priorites -withing the orders of course-, know if he can do his mission further being damaged like that or not and it’s better to take care of it first and then continue because othervise there are no chances for fulfilling the mission.

      Giving it feelings in general may cause some.. problems but on the other way, may be also a good way to manipulate them while being able to do what we do just better, without diadvantage of being no able to feel anything robot.

      In the end we may really go to a conclusion that human is not so bad and weak creature in general, also very easy to manipulate the way it is, and creating a creature based mostly on us, just ‘better’ may give many advantages o.o

      [Until it will understand it is better and stronger than us and we are not needed… XD]

      Also, in general. If we do create something that really  is so intelligent and complicated as the AP we see here… i do not think we actually can control it in any way. It will change in the way we did not plan.

      And egh i could talk some weird things more [no, i have no experience with inteligent artifical things xD these are just my thoughts in the evening while being tired and sleepy x_x] but i think i start to go offtopic from the comment anyway XD

      • fujoshifanatic

        Very well thought out and explained. *geek applause in the most sincere way*

        • Aikka

          Thank you! o..o

    • lifeinprism

      Lots of great detailed explanations to your question (bravo on the ideas)….personally I’m going with “without those human sensations there ain’t no sexy android storyline”. I’m willing to suspend disbelief for that. 🙂

      • Aikka

        XD that’s the possibility. One of the creators is a fan of robot romances that wanted to create something that makes them possible “XDD

    • It’s discussions like this that thrill me as a creator. We have the smartest, coolest readers on the planet. 🙂 

      • Aikka

        Yup, we are. Remember to take good care of us so we won’t run away! 😉

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    Tips: if it’s convex, suck on it.  If it’s concave, lick it.  If in doubt, kiss it.  There, you’re a sexpert.

    • This is something I would very much like to see! Also: Sexpert is a ligitimate word as far as I’m concerned.

  • Well that’s it. I had an idea for a picture a few weeks ago. It was supposed to be two of my OCs, but I realized that given their proportions to each other and their hairstyles and everything else, it could just as easily be Jeff and Deacon. 😛
    So I’ve got some fanarting to do!

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    I think it’s my very first time posting here, and well, I want to say thanks for writing such wonderful and real stories for Winona to write. I love how your characters act real, not like parodies of roles. They are complex people and it shows and it’s amazing and I have to confess I got addicted at the very first pages.
    I hope you soon get completely well!!

    • Thank you, Nullnuit! I’m delighted to hear that you’re enjoying the writing and the characterization here. I really appreciate you letting me know. 🙂

      And yes, finally feeling better, so thank you!

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    • Yay! Glad you found us, ZombiePocky! I hope you continue to enjoy what we’re putting out. 😀

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      But yes, yes he does : )

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      • Aikka

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        [unless i will give up and do it first *sigh*]

      • Aikka

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        Doodle from me:

        • Aikka

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          Maybe i should delete it… or try to fix it a little x_x

          when i look at it now it’s so terrible, why i didn’ stay with chibi?! ;-; and i even forgot about something important. ehhh.

          Anyway, hope noone will look too serious at it…… _-_

        • Ryn


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        • W Nelson


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        i wanted to finish doodling today but it was stronger than me,
        so i quickly doodled a chibi but but… that’s scary.

        I wanted to make Jeff in Belle’s dress -to fulfill your threat-  but i got something that just looks like Belle x_x”

    • Aikka

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    Jeff’s hair in panel two, has anyone stopped to admire it? I did~
    Keep up the awesome and keep on feeling better : )

    • Thank you, HonneyLeigh! I’ll do my best! 🙂

    • I LOVE Jeff’s hair in panel two (and every other panel for that matter). It is long but not overly girly. 

  • Ryn

    i’ve noticed Deacon tends to go all flat faced whenever he talks about the specifics of how he’s built/programmed/whatever. guess it’s more reciting information in his head than genuine conversation. makes him uncomfortable? Is it the andriod equivalent of those personal questions you doctor asks you?

    catnip comment made me giggle.^^

    • Yep, I think you’re onto something with Deacon’s reactions. 

      (And I’m glad you liked my catnip quip. For some reason, coming up with my little note was harder this time than usual. Could’ve been the drugs… 😉 )

      • W Nelson

        Yeah like when you click the About button in Photoshop, hehe 🙂

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    • Hello Lady_Scrybe!

      Alas as the D-Class ASO Model isn’t yet shipping, so I can’t speak to any promotions we might be offering during the Holiday season at this time. I will, say, however, that our credit terms here at NoNeCo Artificial Life are very flexible, with easy payment plans and the option of exchanging terms of servitude from those within your immediate family to make up for late payments, etc. thus placing one of these advanced, premium models within the reach of nearly any full citizen!  I am certain that no matter what the final retail price turns out to be for your “Deacon”, with a few swipes of your Contractual IdentiCard, we could arrange to have one placed under your Christmas tree in short order and with minimum hassle on your part.

      Because together, we truly can manufacture a brighter tomorrow. 🙂

    • Howdy Tiffany!

      I’m not sure if this will ever get to you, but I’d like to use part of one of your comments in the upcoming printed version of Artifice. Could you please contact me using the Email Alex link at the top of this page?



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    So… I read all of these tonight and I was really rather sad when I was all caught up. Now I have to wait for more! The art is beautiful and this is getting so…. grawr! haha. Can’t wait for more!

    • Glad to hear it, Travis! Hope to see you on Saturday!

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    • Muwahahahaha!  DING DING DING!  You’re now a contestant on The Price Is Right!  Your prize for winning is a bonus page of Artifice!

  • Sequinn

    Hey there Alex & Winona,

    long time reading, first time commenting.  I absolutely love this comic.  The story line is fantastic, and Winona my dear, your art is quite simply breath-taking!

    Alex, I laughed so hard when I read the catnip comment.  Can you please make a card with panels 3 & 4 of this page, and use the catnip comment.  You HAVE to use this line somewhere!

    Love your work!

    • I find the catnip comment HILARIOUS too!

    • Thank you, Sequinn! Glad you liked my little catnip quip! I’ll think about making a card or something with that quote. (I’ll admit coming up with merchandise is a bit of a challenge for me, but some other sweetheart creators like CC of Teahouse are doing their best to help me figure it out!)

      • psiquest

        Merchandise?!?!? Did I hear the word MERCHANDISE?!?!?

        1) Maven Letterhead Excuse Notepad (i.e. “Please excuse [name] from [whatever] on [date] due to Artifice camping”).

        2) Greeting Cards with Artifice messages (i.e. “Do you want me to hold it for you?” and “What sort of things [do] you want to want to try with this boy?!” etc.)

        3) WWMD t-shirt (what would maven do?)

        4) Jeff plushie with hairbrush accessory.

        5) Deacon-shaped body pillow.

        6) ChibiMaven action figure with Stare-O-Doom and PenPointer accessory. Optional Office Playset that transforms into a strip club complete with pole. DancerDeacon action figure sold separately. SugarDaddyJeff action figure with Fistful-O-Dollars accessory also sold separately. NOTE: FanBoi & FanGrl Camper action figures will naturally gravitate towards the playset in a zombie like manner… please do not be alarmed, but make no sudden movements… just in case.

        7) Boxers that say “Artifice Access Terminal” on the front… or back… or both.

        • Sequinn

          Some fantastic ideas here.  I’m leaning towards the Deacon-shaped body pillow…mmm.

        • I for sure and certain want the Maven excuse pad, the Maven shirt, and the Artifice greeting cards 😀

  • Saturday, Saturday, Saturday!

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    Neither has he Jeff! Go with it. I heart Deacon! Great job guys! Deacons face in the third panel is gorgeous and Jeffs is priceless!

  • He’s a nice looking android. I’d hit that myself. >w<

  • Mandy Aspen

    Oh now you guys are just teasing us! You bet your bottom dollar I’ll be right back online Saturday to see the next installment! Great work guys, titillating even 😛 ♥

    • Glad to hear you’ll be back this Saturday! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed… 🙂

  • Oh, looks like we have another bonus page to look forward to! This will be for next Wed., right?

    • Yes! Next bonus page on Wednesday, November 9th! 🙂

  • Sara O’Connor

    Deacon has the cutest little mouth!   That might sound strange with his marvelously cut torso on display, but I just love panel one and the way his lips are formed!

  • Woah shit, when did Jeff’s last set of lines appear?  Have they been there the whole time?  Because I definitely didn’t notice them before.  (Given, I was worrying about a broken phone and washing machine spewing water then, and was possibly slightly more than just slightly drunk but…)  But OMG, those lines are great.  Poor kid, but at the same time, that’s gonna make amazing Decond sex all that more amazing.  Like those lines totally need to be there, and I am so glad they are <3

    • Yay! I’m glad you like those last lines of dialogue! (And yes, they’ve been there all along—good luck with your phone and washing machine! 🙂 )

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    Personally, I like this system – three updates a week were awesome, but I’m kind of enjoying the anticipation. xD

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    WOW you guys are awesome Ive never comment before and im following you since A Shot in the dark come out XD I love the work you do and how you somehow are changing the world of gay webcomic (who by the way are Very HARD to find) I love Artifice!!!!!! PS. Im a huge fan of Winona s  art shes my idol Im an ilsutrador myself and i hope to make beautiful art like her someday Congratulations guys!!! and Alex Best wishes for you (appologies if i have bad Spelling XD)

    • Thank you! Always awesome to hear from a long-time reader! 😀 (And “A Shot in the Dark” was my very first comic, so you’ve been following my work for quite some time!) 

      Oh! And if you’re liking Winona’s work, you should check out here new Facebook page:

      She just set that up this week. Be sure to say hi! 🙂

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    oh his virgin-ness is so cute. :3

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    *fans self* I can hardly wait until Saturday. I have a feeling it’s going to be epic- not that anything written by Alex and drawn by Winona could be anything less :3

    • ::blush:: Thank you! 

      (And I do think you’ll kinda like the new Saturday page…)

  • GAH!  I love waiting a few updates so I have something to feast on but then its all the more agonizing when you get to the last page and want more!!  *Whimper*

    • Hehe. Glad to hear you’re still wanting more, Amber! Next page in less than 2 days! 😀

  • fujoshifanatic

    I’m glad you made that decision, Alex! Much as I have enjoyed this orgasmic (literally!) abundance of Artifice this week, I would never want you guys to burn out from the rigors of trying to meet our tireless demands. I’ll live with one bonus page a week, as long as I can get my regular fix.

    Keep getting better, just like the comic! 🙂

    • Thank you, fujoshifanatic! I’m glad to hear you understand. 🙂 (And thank you for the well-wishing!)

  • Kiwilite

    I’m so glad ARTIFICE is doing so well…i’m so proud to be a part of this fanbase.  On that note:  SOMEONE DRAW A KITTY ANDROID DEACON!  THE FATE OF THE WORLD DEPENDS ON IT!

    • Kiwi Kujikawa

      Dearest Mister and/or Miss Kiwilite,
      From a fellow Kiwi to another,
      I’M ON THE CASE.
      With Much Sincerity,
      PS) It may take a while, though.

      • Kiwilite

        Though i am a lady just Kiwilite will do.  YAY another Kiwi *HUGS*…and by all means…take your time on the drawing…as will I for it must GLORIOUS!!! and supa kawaii!

        • Kiwi Kujikawa

          …Well. I did draw it, but it didn’t turn out so well.
          It looked fine, but it didn’t really look like Deacon.

          I bring shame to my ancestors.

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  • I know this is kind of a weird thing to focus on at a time like this, but does Deacon’s full range of sensations include a sense of smell? It probably would make sense for an android to have at least a rudimentary ability to detect combustible or toxic substances in the area that could harm themselves or any humans working with them.

    Another thing I haven’t seen anyone else bring up yet (feel free to correct me if they have) is that, despite his awkwardness, Deacon must have extensive knowledge of human anatomy. After all, he is, shall we say, very well-programmed in methods of torture, and it doesn’t take a genius to realize that the parts of the body that are most sensitive to pain also respond very nicely indeed when treated a little more gently. This has me convinced that he knows *exactly* what he’s doing in panels 3 and 4 (as if the look on his face didn’t give it away 😉 ), and that he was probably designed to be able to use this knowledge to get information and/or compliance from a human in a situation where torture isn’t a viable strategy. Hell, armies have been using seduction as a tool in espionage for as long as we’ve had both sex and war…

    • You have some amazing thoughts going on here.  I never even thought.

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    • Thank you, Eli. It’s awesome you’re noticing the little details we put in like that. Thank you very much for the props!

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