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Artifice Page 45

186 Comments on Artifice Page 45

This special Halloween edition of Artifice is dedicated to commenter Alor_Laneau and The Great Pumpkin.

And, of course, to all the fantastically awesome donators who made it possible in stunningly record time!


We have new fan art from long-time friend, ~ksiazeAikka. It’s Jeff offering Deacon a lesson in the ways of love. How do we think that’s working out? Thanks, ~ksiazeAikka!

Special thanks go out to long-time donator Annette A. who donated for the second week in a row! Big hugs go out to new friends Meagan S. for their $25 donation and to Lindsay J. for their $30 donation! Wow!

And a full-throated cheer, android strength hug, pull-my-jaw-off-the-floor stunned with gratitude bow to Christopher K. who put us over the top to make this special Monday edition page happen with a completely stunning, record-breaking $100 donation! OMG! I can barely move but seeing that got me to do a little dance of joy. I don’t know what to say, but thank you from the bottom of my heart, Christopher, for such stunningly generous support!

Thank you all so, so much! I hope really do hope you enjoy this page and the two (!) more to follow this week on Wednesday and Saturday! 😀

As for me, I’m having a small little relapse of back pain, but still hanging in there. Your kind words about the writing and well-wishing have been a big source of cheer for me. Please know that your kindness and thoughtfulness makes me very, very happy. I really do wish I could hug each and every one of you.

Hope to see you all on Wednesday for Page 46! 😀

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  • Hyperminimalism

    Awesome page again, Alex!  I love how frustrated Jeff is while also not being able to really control his responses at the same time.  Don’t you hate it when human nature gets in the way of some hot, android love making?  -sigh- In any case, I do hope your back improves. Back pain is NOT fun, AT all. Speedy recovery to you, sir!

  • m s

    I am so sorry to hear about the back mishap and am all the more humbled by this bonus page! Best wishes for a speedy recovery — I hear hordes of happy fans are better medicine than even laughter itself! 😉

  • Ok! Winona! I love the perspective shots, the way Jeffy’s hair falls as he runs his fingers through it in crazed sexy frustration, even Jeffy’s lips/teeth/nostrils look lovely! X3 I feel like a dork but here are those promised accolades! You are a goddess ma’am and you draw a might fine tent! XD Also are those faint forehead crinkles I see?! Oh no Deacon is gonna make Jeffy wrinkly before his time! Hehehe!

    Alex I am glad you are on the way to recovery. I haven’t had any big back issues since the class against class tug o’ war competition in high school! I was a little too feisty and literally climbed onto the rope like a monkey in my attempts to weigh it down more. Ah the stupid things people do! XD Point is I hope you get better soon cause there is nothing quite like back issues. Also you are a trooper and we love you guys not just they sexy comics you give unto us!

    Edited: Also FIRST! Muahahahaha! Time for sleepy time!

    • W Nelson

      Woo!  Consider your debt repaid.  But I can take anything you can dish out, so don’t be shy on Wednesday, haha!

      • Well since I see everyone else has upped there post size I guess I won’t have to edit myself as much on Weds! XD But seriously I have seen few artists who can make the underside of those nose look good and you have managed it in spades which made me an excited little artist-in-training! X3

  • SholtoMaru

    Well, since I’m still sitting here right now, (because I’m a boring night owl…) I’ll go ahead and comment. I think this is the first page that’s gotten a blush out of me, so well done all around, there. (Also, I have to say that there is a large spider on the wall across from me, and I’m praying that it stays right there until I’m done with my comment and I can go take care of it.)

    Look at Jeff having self-worth and making good points and such. Though it’s clear he hasn’t had a whole long list of boyfriends and sexual experiences, and he’s currently being touched up by what may just be the sexiest mandroid on the planet, he’s not blindly rushing into the experience. I love that about him. I think if he was just going along with it, I’d lose some respect for him here. Instead, I keep having to give Jeff points in my book. Dangit, Jeff! Quit hoggin’ all the points, ya little–You know what, after this page, I’m gonna say, NOT so little…Oop, there’s that blush of mine again.

    And since it’s my favorite holiday, happy Halloween, everyone. Get lots of candy, or scare your friends, or something. Carve a pumpkin, have some punch. Not you, Alex. You just relax. Have someone bring the pumpkin carving to you. 😀

    Keeping with that Halloween theme, I gotta ask, what would Doc Maven choose for a costume?

    (And that large spider moved up to the ceiling, where I can’t get it. You win this round, Eight Legs. You win this round. -_-; )

    • With how amazing her psycho analizing skills are, despite the love we all have for her, Maven doesn’t need a costume. She’s scary enough as it is. XD

      Also, mandroid. I don’t care who has used it previously, I’m oblivious to most obvious stuff, so I’m just gonna say it. Your use of the word officially makes you made of WIN. <3

      • SholtoMaru

        Damn right she is. But I have to admit to a secret wish for Sexy Nurse Maven…Don’t tell her I said that, I have no desire to end up in her office. xD

        I don’t know where that came from, though I can’t be the first person who said it. It just seemed like an appropriate adjective for Deacon. I’m glad you liked it, though! 😀 You’re my official pal, now. We’re pals. Bros, if you will. Though I’m a girl. Still bros.

        • W Nelson

          Artifice, bringing bros together.  Ladybros included!

          • SholtoMaru

            Thanks, Artifice! 😀

          • Cool story, bro.

          • The bro talk is making me laugh so hard I CRY.  Just so you know.

          • Nice to know we be giving people shits ‘n giggles from this. XD

          • SholtoMaru

            Oh heck yes, bro. You’re obviously my long-lost bro. Welcome home, bro. 😀

        • Hmmm….I’d like to see her in a cape! If for no other reason, I want someone else to where a cape that can do the intense stare-glare that Batman has. >w<

          Huzzah for bros and ladybros alike! I'm somewhere in the middle m'self, so either one works for me for the time being. XD But yes, very much bros. *gasp* Can we bro fist? 8DDD

          • SholtoMaru

            Oh yeah, that’d be awesome. She’d be like, the Lord of the Stare-Glare. Batman himself would run away crying. Probably wet himself on the way.

            Cha, bro, we can bro fist. It’s like, rule number one of being bros. It’s bro-law. The bro fist is bro-law. Can you tell I very much like saying ‘bro’ right now? xD

          • I’d pay to see her Stare-Glare. ‘Course, we’ll probably see it in a few more pages anyway. XD

            Yeah, bro. Let’s bro the place up with the most epic online bro fist that ever bro fisted! Computer screens will shatter! Servers will go down for days! People will think they’ve just witnessed the God of the internet! >8D And yes, you can tell me how much you like saying ‘bro’, bro. Bro’s talk about stuff like that ALL THE TIME. Trust me, I know. I’ve bro’d many a bro. XP

          • SholtoMaru

            I’d pay to see it, too, if I wasn’t flat broke at the moment. xD I do so love Doc Maven.

            Wow, you just said the most epic thing in the history of epic things, I think. You’re totes my bro, and all other bros must, of course, bow before your epic broness. You’re the king of the bros, and I’m honored to be your bro, bro. 😀

          • We’re a couple ‘o broke bros. But hey, new page tomorrow. Makes me forget I’m poor. =P

          • SholtoMaru

            Oh yah. I just checked out that new page, splooshed a little, and am recovering from the awesomeness.

            See, I can mention my splooshingness, cuz we’re bros and bros share stuff like that and don’t get creeped out. All people, bros and not bros, will bow down to the awesome broness. It’s just too amazing! It’s the bromance of the ages, bro! I’m totally picking up the bro-message you’re puttin’ down, bro. -Epic brofist.- Heck yes. I feel like we’re so cool, we need to put on some shades and lean nonchalantly against the nearest brick wall, chewing defiantly on toothpicks. Join me, bro! It’ll be the height of bro-tality. xD

          • I damn near splooshed too bro. I know what ya mean.

            Bros never get creeped out over what other bros do. At leas, not SUPER-SPECIAL-SHAKEN’-IN-A-BOTTLE-OF-EPIC-AWESOMESAUCE bros like us. And you know the best way to get everyone to bow down to the epic broness, including those too blind to see it without help? Freaking T-shirts, bro. T-BRO-TALITY-SHIRTS. Then maybe more people will come to respect us bros and our bromancing way of bro-dom. -Holy music worthy Bro Fist- A’ight bro, I dunno ’bout ‘chu, but I gots me mah shades already. Just need to find a wall awesome enough for us, and a couple of toothpicks worthy to come into contact with such bro-tastic lips. And we must find a new land! Then bro haterz  who think we need lives after this conversation won’t be able to touch us! For we will be in the new country of…BRODANIA!!! >BD

          • SholtoMaru

            Bro. Bro. T-shirts would be friggin’ epic. We need them. And Pro Bro badges to sew onto awesome leather jackets. Ya know, to match our shades and toothpicks and badass ‘tudes. Lives after this conversation? Bro, this conversation IS life. Everyone needs to stop drinkin’ that Haterade. They’re just jealous because they’ll never be bros as epic as we are. I got my suitcase packed, bro. On to Brodania. The land of bro-fists and bromance and high fives and epic, awesome Pro Bros. xD

          • I think there is only one thing that even the most epic bro in the world can say to that. ‘BRO…HELL.FREAKING.YES.DUDE. Now, let us make our epic journey to Brodania, with all fellow bros and ladybros alike following us, with some badass music playing in the background as we go, and the light from the sun reflecting off of our amazing BROMAZING shades, blinding all who are not bros. And that badass music….will be our country’s national song. B)

          • All this bro discussion makes me think of this T-Shirt  by @jephjacques:disqus  of Questionable Content.

          • SholtoMaru

            BROmygawd. Dude, you’re the coolest bro on the planet. I nominate you for President of Bros. I’m gonna be the Grand Secretary of Bros. Which is a title I just made up for myself, but it comes with a clipboard on which I can doodle hot man sex. Acceptable, bro?

  • Emily Hood

    Panel three and four… those expressions… my god. Winona you are forever my art hero. You need a cape.
    I love Jeff’s reactions not only because I find them personally amusing but because they feel so very real. Thank you Alex for creating such fantastic characters. You make even the most unbelievable situations believable. And you take care of yourself. Get well soon! Have someone bring you like a gallon of tea!
    I totally should have been asleep like two hours ago so excuse me while I go pass out.

    • W Nelson

      Heehee, I do wear a sweatband when I draw, to keep my hair out of my face, a cape would really complete the look XD

  • I’m sorry to hear that your back is still bothering you, Alex. I do hope you get better soon! Also, happy Halloween to both you and Winona! 8D (Best holiday EVAR!)

    Anyway, this page is just……… words can describe what I’m feeling right now. I love how Jeff’s expression goes from ‘omg, wtf is happening?’ to ‘OMFG WTF CHEEZE NIPS IS GOING ON HERE?!’ The poses, angels, the blush….I just have so much love for this page. SO. MUCH. LOVE. <3

    • W Nelson


  • Jeff demands if it’s even possible for Deacon to be turned on by intercourse with him.
    For extra story twist, Deacon could reveal that android sexuality is deliberatley limited by the company, based on the notion of tickling.  As in, you can’t tickle yourself, but you can be tickled by others.  So Deacon’s creators only want him to be used sexually by humans; he can’t explore his sexuality with other androids, and he can’t beat off by himself in private. 
    See?  There’s all sorts of nasty things you can extropolate from the existence of an android soldier who’s fully functional.

    • Yukiness

      Wait, you can’t tickle yourself? I thought that was a normal thing to do. I do that all the time

      • That’s what I’ve heard, but on reflection that could be just an urban legend. [googles]. Huh, some basis in fact, but not completely accurate.  Oh well, from the point of view of programming androids the concept itself – regardless of its level of veracity in humans – would be a useful tool.

    • CK

      *tickles* Yup I can definitely tickle myself:D but you have a very interesting point:D

  • CK

    Whoop whoop! This is interesting!
    But I like the fact that he brought up that question as I’ve been wondering the same. I find it a little strange that a robot solider can get turned on. So maybe we will get an explanation of his system?
    Anyhow I’m liking the direction this is taking very..very much!

    On another note, I hope that you’re getting better!

    Are you sure this wont be porn? I wouldnt mind. *wink wink*

    • W Nelson

      Well, you’ll have to stick around and see where we take it 😀  I promise you won’t be bored!

  • The comment that was here was in the wrong place, so I’m replacing the comment with love for this page.


    • W Nelson

      Oh, Disqus…  It’s an adventure!

  • Alex House

    This totally made my after-midnight morning. XD Jeff is adorable. I love him so much.
    Let’s get the blood pumping! 

  • Hell yeah!

    Oh man this is so glorious in so many ways.
    1. The sensuality… I don’t mean only the hotness. It’s more than that. I can really feel what they feel in this page, the anticipation, the arousal, the trepidation, the frustration, the fear, the hope. So many things show through without being spelled out.
    2. The artistic decision, meaning among other things the angle of view. It’s like you are there, with them. Seeing it with Deacon’s eyes is amazing. I wonder if we’re getting a page from Jeff’s view soon :)))))) Would be nice, even if technically this is Deacon’s narrative and it’s supposed to be from his POV.
    3.Ah, first panel. Deacon’s face. And then JEFF’s face. He looks so open, so willing, so helpless, so beautiful. Just squeeeeeeeee!
    4. Second panel. Ok, I won’t even go there XD Just saying it’s a super nice touch to show it from the angle Deacon would see, looking back and down.
    5. And of course the psychological development. This project is a perfect example that a truly outstanding comic requires two components. The power of Winona’s art would not be fully realised with a story of less depth – nor can I imagine Alex’s story with anyone else’s art. They fit so perfectly! All I can say is, guys, I’m so HAPPY you found each other.
    My! So true to character! I must say you really do justice to the whole human/android theme. It would be so easy to just use it as an excuse to insert a perfectly made tireless stallion into the story, but time and over again I see very interesting questions being addressed here. Questions about human nature, what actually constitutes human nature, and where these things come from, whether they are inherent to us alone or it is more complicated, what it is that we need in another person. We see a very interesting situation where a person has a once-in-a-lifetime kind of opportuity to realise their prohibited desires, and with a porn-movie-star kind of hottie – but he is not in a rush to jump at it. Obviously, something else is mroe important… Oh man, I so hope all works out well for Jeff in the end. He’s too good a boy!
    6. And naturally, the dedication and love that stand behind this page. So many pages lately must not be an easy feat, and of course the back incident… I’m in awe of you people! You just ROCK ROCK ROCK!

    • Despite the fact that I should have been in bed literally yesterday (now), I HAD to respond to your comment about being happy that Winona and Alex found each other.  That song by the Turtles just started running through my head…

      “Me and you/and you and me/No matter how they toss the dice, it’s meant to be/The only one for me is you/and you for me/So happy together….”

      Yeah.  I’m going to bed now.

      • W Nelson

        Haha you guys are so amazingly sweet <3  Alex is amazing to work with, I think the thing that I love most about his writing is that he pushes so hard to make everything realistic and have deep, solid structure and push every character's motivation.  He never lets anyone just act to propel the plot like so much poor writing out there.  And I *love* seeing people react to his work the way I've been insisting they would all along XD

  • …..::stares:: Wow.  Artifice and NoNeCo: they don’t make your mama’s 19 year old boy.  Jeff sure has a great…physique. 

     ::stares more::  

    I have no idea how I’m not on the floor right now gushing a geyser of blood from my nose or sporting a ladyboner to rival Jeff’s not-so-ladylike boner.  I cannot be desensitized to this sheer beauty or eroticism…oh, wait.  There’s the blood puddle.  I remember now!  When I first saw the page, I passed out for about five minutes, and then woke up on the ground wondering how I had gotten there 🙂

    Props.  MAJOR props.  This is….::flails, grabs for words::  Okay, inhale, exhale, attempt a sane reply…  

    I am stunned at how appropriate Jeff’s dialogue is for the situation.  I’m also very happy about it.  I can’t imagine how else a reasonable person would respond to being felt up by an android.  Granted, the android is sexier than three of the sexiest men I’ve ever seen put together, but even so, Jeff has not only responded in the only way that makes sense (ie, arousal), but is also questioning the act itself.  We haven’t really seen Deacon react to Jeff’s lovely partial nudity in a physical way, aside from the blushing.  

    It raises a pointed question for me; how would an android become aroused in the sexual sense?  Deacon does seem to be enjoying the tactile and visual input Jeff’s body is providing, but is so far not showing anything that we, the human audience, would identify as a sign of excitement.  In panel 1, he’s even frowning as he blushes.  I’m not sure about Jeff, but if a guy was frowning while I was getting felt up, I’d wonder just exactly was going on myself.

    Alex, you’re always making me reconsider what I know about artificial lifeforms 🙂  Winona, your art has been taking my breath away in the nicest sense ever since I discovered this webcomic, and I’m super happy to have these three updates this week. Now, since I really should be in bed (Happy Halloween!) so I can go to work tomorrow, I’ll sign off by saying that I hope Alex’ recovery continues speedily, and to Winona, the friend I told about Artifice said that your art was not only high-end, but the best comic art she had ever seen in her life. 🙂

    • W Nelson

      Wow, that is an amazing compliment!  A whole string of them!  Maybe this is why my ear was hurting tonight, my head’s getting too big for it ^_^  I’m glad you shared my work with your friend and that she enjoyed it too <3

      • You DESERVE this praise!  The only thing I don’t like about your art is that it isn’t everywhere!  PEOPLE OF THE WORLD!  INVITE WINONA INTO YOUR HOMES!  You will not be sorry!

  • Aikka

    I want to see Deacon’s reaction now. *sigh* It is a little his fault though… ^_^”

    Yesterday i was again talking with my friend what will be next, we knew it shouldn’t go too smooth now, but again, we failed at guessing what exactly will be said, too many possibilities. But if everything just went well and with no problems at all now, i would be both dissapointed (for obvious reasons) yet a little happy (fangirling side of me to be exact, just wants them together no matter what *-*) “XD

    Also Deacon again stating obvious things.
    Will he comment like that every single thing they make? XD

    and not sure why i can just sit and stare at Jeff’s face here o..o
    [but ok, i can do it with every other page too…]

    btw. I did not really expect you to put that doodle here, now i’m worried i should have put more work on it ^_^” but thank you ! XD and now i’m a long-time friend, yay xD

    • W Nelson

      You have definitely established yourself as a superfan! <3  We love that enthusiasm! Your comments and fanart really enrich the experience for everyone, so thank you XD

      • Aikka

        o….o Thank you! *blush*

      • Aikka

        Your comment was shorter before! o…o

        I was a little afraid of being… annoying with all of it,
        so i’m glad you like what i do ^_^”

        • W Nelson

          Hehe I edited it to include more praise, I really do appreciate that you enjoy our little comic so much!  You are awesome XD

          • Aikka

            I think now i blush more than Jeff and Deacon together “”xD

            Thank you! ^-^”

  • melinda stumpf

    god damn it jeff just shut up and go with it

  • Oh dear lord ♥ I love Jeffs reaction. He doesnt “let Deacon have his way” with him and simply lets him do what he wants, he’s still thinking about what they are doing there.

    He doesnt’t simply let it happen, I like that ♥

    And Deacon, I hope it’s possible for you. You would miss something.

    OH and I hope you get better soon! > ____ < Rest and relax, we want a healthy Alex! *hug*

  • AnyOtaku

    I want to know the answet of that question too, Jeff. But if he can blush then I’m sure he is really turned on by you XD
    This week will be one of the best weeks until next year! So thankyou so much
    And I hope you’re better from the back, just some more dayd of ret and you’ll be fina again ^^

    • I agree. I’m pretty sure if blood can rush to Deacon’s face in order for him to blush, then it goes without saying that blood can rush to other parts on Deacon as well 😉 I’m looking forward to Wednesday, lol.

  • Ryn


    yeah, i have nothing constructive to say. ^^

    poor Jeff, must be so confusing for you first time to be used as an experiment by a robot. kinda gets into that creepy moving,thinking sex toy area. not to say deacon is a sex toy, but it’s gotta be a little disconcerting for Jeff.

  • timeaesnyx

    I believe the “tentage” inpanels 1 & 2 were in response to reader commentary, and i would like to say, well done.   

    • W Nelson

      I assure you, Alex wrote all this out long ago and was very specific about all of it…  He’s just that good, that the story explores all the questions the reader asks.  He’s awesome 😀

      • timeaesnyx

        I stand pleasantly corrected 🙂


    • Alor_Laneau

      Who was that reader?
      IT WAS MEEEEEE!!!!!!!

  • Aproegmena

    Ignoring the utter hotness of panels one and two (it’s not easy, I know), the third panel is perhaps one of the best I’ve seen so far. So much emotion, all that desperation and Jeff trying like hell to cling on to the last shreds of sanity. It’s gorgeous.

  • KBatty

    I totally called it. Not the boxer tent, but Jeff having some manner of fit. Seeing the frustration and confusion manifest itself with anger excites me. To me, it seems like the most realistic response in a situation like this.

    Honestly a little surprised Jeff blurted out: “Jesus!”, though. I’m not making any commentary as to anyone’s religious beliefs, but it’s rare to see Christianity in current/more recent scifi. Or perhaps it’s not as rare as I think, but instead a censorship matter, given the North American fear of ruffling anyone’s feathers. Then again, it’s a gay comic book. Pretty sure if Alex wasn’t willing to risk a little feather-ruffling, this would be a comic book about puppies sleeping or … grass growing.

    And again with those teeth! If I could draw teeth like that I’d be so pleased with myself. I think another thing that keeps me coming back is that I scour Winona’s artwork to learn. I have always tried to attain this look in my own work, and while there are some mild similarities, Winona’s work in the inking (Yeah, hush. I don’t care how digital it is, I’ll always call it inking. Same way I’ll always say there’s grain in a photo and not noise.) and shading are obviously much better-honed. Examining the pages in particular for where light and shadow fill the details instead of lines has been an ongoing and dominating interest on my part.

    That was oddly wordy for 6:40 on a Monday morning. Yaaay, bonus page!

    • W Nelson

      Actually, the inks are the only part I do traditionally, aside from some fixes 🙂  I love my technical pens!

      I’m really glad you like my work so much!  If you ever have any specific questions or want to know more, just ask 😀

  • Eriennexton

    I just recently decided to get an account with DISQUS, solely for the purpose of commenting on this. XD 

    Alex, I’m a big fan of your work! I think you’re incredible! I actually have Tough and No kissing downloaded to my desktop as regular reading material. Obviously, I’m also enjoying Artifice…if I didn’t I probably wouldn’t be here? 

    I look forward to more from you, not just on Artifice but on, hopefully, any future projects! 

    This entire comment is basically just to spread some love your way and tell you how much you’re appreciated! 

    I hope you feel much better soon! 

  • Alor_Laneau


    I can’t believe I got a page dedicated to me. Wow!
    And the pumpkin has revealed itself!

    This has seriously made my whole week. Thank you so much!!!!

  • Yukiness

    I can find nothing wrong with this page. And I know for a fact that the moment their lips embrace will be the moment the internet explodes. The best thing for me is Jeff’s reaction to all of this.  Unlike other yaoi, he actually is very conscious of the predicament he’s being put in and not lost in so-and-so’s touch. Yes, physically he feels something and having a lack of contact with another human will produce such obvious boners, however he feels frustrated. Not simply laying down and taking it has caused Jeff to level up in my head

    ~Dun dun, da dun~
    Jeff has reached level 5

    Thou art I, and I am thou. The Fool relationship has now reached level 5.

    • I completely agree with everything you’ve said. ^3^

      And please, please tell me that last bit was a Persona/megami tensei reference. If not, forgive my momentary bit of nerdiness. >///<

      • Yukiness

        Yes, that is a persona reference. And another tidbit, there is a reason why I chose the fool arcana for the comment. However, it was (and still is now, at 4:30am) too early for me to recall specific detail about what the screen says when you do level up, I was gonna put a persona there and everything, but it’s been a while since I played.

        Tahnsk for being a fellow nerd.


        • Haha, it’s been a bit since I last played the game, so I know what you mean. XD

          And you’re very welcome for being a nerd. <3

    • AH! A PERSONA PLAYER! <3 <3 <3

  • Reign

    Jeff now is not the time to have a fit!!! Just go with the flow and let Deacon have his fun..ask questions later *giggles* I am so excited for the rest of the updates this week. Now I really want to know what Deacon is going to say to Jeff! As always thanks to all the donators…you guys are so awesome. Alex and Winona you guys must be so excited. Just think when you print this how many of us fans are going to order so you better have plenty on hand. I know I would love to have a t-shirt with Jeff and Deacon on it ^__^ Get better soon Alex and make sure you take care of yourself!!

  • geneticsgirl

    I LOVE THIS PAGE. Jeff’s hair in panel 3. I’ve commented on it before, but I love his hair. OMG and his chest hair. I would do some damage to him. you know, if he were real. and straight. damn c23 pair.

    Winona you rock. so much. squee My girl-crush grows. there are no words for me to describe the way I feel about how your and Alex’s artistic gifts interact. you guys are so friggin talented.

    Am I the only one ready to pre-order this comic in print? I live paycheck to paycheck so I cannot donate to the bonus pages, but I will totally budget this comic as a gift to myself. 

    I am so happy that the fans are showing you the love. LOVE LOVE LOVE. <3

    • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

      I’ve been trying to start up a quick business just so I can buy this comic in print when it becomes available. Who knew that hot android sex could lead to self-betterment?

  • I reeeeeeeeally want to know Deacon’s answer to that. *can’t wait for Wednesday!*

    Do you get sick of people saying how beautiful Jeff’s hair is? WELL IT’S SUPER GORGEOUS! <3

  • Wow… I know it’s been said about a million times before, but Winona’s work on facial expressions is INCREDIBLE. It’s so easy to read so much from them in nearly every single panel on every page. You can tell in the fourth panel that, under the frustration, Jeff really looks hurt, like he’s still wondering (understandably) if this is just an experiment to Deacon.

  • Fangirly

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    Alex, I am so sorry about your back still being a pain.  Vicodin is, however, amazing, and I do hope it’s helping you.  (And without sending your head too far, like Mars, because Vicodin’s been known to make people high like that.)  Also, I love the plot of this so far, especially this scene and how it’s going all rocky.  So realistic and good, I like it more for that than I do scenes that are sexy, hot, steamy and smooth.  This has all the sexy and amazing and realism of real sex in it, and I love it.  You’re an amazing writer.

    Also, to both of you:

    *.♥. ~.♥.♥.~~.::*♥.H.A.P.P.Y.H.A.L.L.O.W.E.E.N.♥*::.~~.♥.♥.~ .♥.*

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    Decided to comment because I’m wondering whether Jeff is getting upset because he’s angry he actually has the hots for a non-human or because he’s actually worried Deacon is just somehow messing with him or being insincere.

    • when you have sex with a guy who insincere then its not going to be all that satisfying. I remember some study where  it shows people tend to bond with their mates. if one is insincere and the other bonds, it grounds for serious mind control and this is kind of a stockholm syndrome situation if I eve saw it… (though with Deacon falling for Jeff its more like Lima syndrome..) Jeff doesn’t want his heart broke. The one guy who actually wants to have sex with him might not really love him. not from his perspective anyway.

      • And Jeff’s likely never been in a situation where the other guy sincerely wanted to have sex with HIM. So he might still be hesitant to trust Deacon, I know I would be. Sex requires a certain amount of trust in your partner. And all Jeff has experienced  would lead him to think it’s WAY more likely that the super-hot macho guy who SAYS he likes Jeff’s body and wants to have sex with him, probably just wants to mess around a bit and have some fun at the expense of the queer. >_<

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    I’m being a bit fangirl over him. His sincerity when answering Jeff’s questions makes me feel so warm I think I could totally turn into an unicorn puking rainbows. I love how he goes straight to the point every single moment, without even noticing he can completely disarm Jeff. <3
    So because of that I -really- can't wait to see how Deacon will answer Jeff's current question! It's incredible how Deacon does the dirty-talk without noticing.
    This comic is sexy, cute and totally inspiring. 
    I really REALLY admire your work, Alex. Thank you so very much. (and a HUGE bear hug for Winona, you beautiful thing. Thanks for delighting our eyes.)

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    you have lasso’ed my balls with this story, if you will.

    • Mary Kelleher

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      • elijah elquest

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    I hope you feel better soon Mr Woolfson.  Glad you had fun at Yaoi-con. 

    • Deacon meets Data…. >_____>

    • I think we’re contractually GUARANTEED that Deacon will say something stupid. He can’t go one page without it so far. Although I’m certain it’s simply because he was NOT programmed for subtle innuendo, I’d like to believe it also has to do with the more human response of being flustered. It’s that “Durr hurr sexy :B ” that nearly everyone has been through at some point.
      Y’know, see a hot guy, try to talk to him and the first thing you do? Shove your foot RIGHT into your mouth! DX

    • Thank you. I am beginning to feel better. And I had a blast at Yaoi Con. 🙂

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    • I’m glad you’re liking that. It’s important to me too. 🙂

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    I hope it doesn't switch back into the other scene…  Anyway, can't wait for Wednesday! Keep up the good work guys, I'm so glad you're getting the support you deserve.

    •  Since he’s not feeling well lately, I feel a need to insert an evil laugh on behalf of Alex. *Ahem*
      >:D Buwahaha! Will it switch back to the present? You’ll just have to wait and see!

      • Myrtu

        This is the perfect moment to switch back to the present. It really is. But it also is a perfect moment to explore the characters’ personalities, among other things. Your comment just makes me think that it’s going to switch back!

        • Hmm. The lady or the tiger. Choices, choices… 😉

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      • My responses are getting put in bizarre places/poses. I think Disqus is messing with me.

        • It took me a while to realize that you were responding to my comment 😛

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    Techno-virgin maybe, but not necessarily the regular kind!

    • on p.38 Deacon asks if he’s ever been with another person; Jeff says just fooling around as a little kid, and a few less than successful attempts with girls. So either a virgin, or nearly a virgin.

      • JM

        It’s possible he’s never gone all the way with a guy, but he said he had tried it with a couple of girls….I’m not sure if that means he actually did do it but didn’t enjoy it, or if it didnt work at all

        • JM

          Now that the next page is up, I retract my statement. 🙂

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    Love, love love love LOVE!! This comic continues to get better and better: the characters are so real and easy to connect with, and I am always wowed by both the art and writing. Fantastic! Go team Alex+Winona!!

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    On an unrelated (to anything. srysly) note: I am doing fanart as I type! But I’m also a moron who doesn’t realize his limitations! I have page 40 bookmarked. The page I want  for reference is page 48. I thought I could just go through 8 pages without a problem and get to the page with the art I need for reference.

    Like a fly going “Pshh! >3> It’s just a spiderweb! Big deal. I’ll be over and back again by dinner ti-OH GOD HELP I’M STUCK! D8”

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