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Artifice Page 43

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Does anyone want to give Deacon a hug? He looks like he might need one right about now…


We have new fan art from Tatat Roses, a color portrait of Jeff! Thank you, Tatat!

It was a big pleasure meeting some of you at YaoiCon this last weekend! I had a ton of fun there, meeting readers and chatting with other creators. Hamlet Machine of Starfighter was a total sweetheart as always and CC of Teahouse went above and beyond by taking me under her wing to explain how to create custom posters & keychains & other things that complete baffled me until I talked with her. I swear, one of the best things about making yaoi comics is how awesome and kind and generous everyone involved with them seems to be. It’s just a great community. 😀

And we have hit another new record in how awesomely generous and how awesomely awesome you all are! After hitting the donation target for this bonus page on Friday morning, you all managed to turn right around and hit the donation target yet again on Monday afternoon, meaning we’ll have a guaranteed bonus page next Wednesday, November 2nd, as well! That will be the sixth bonus page in a row! Woot! O_O

Special thanks go out to long time supporters Chris V., Esperanza V., Christina B. and also to Amanda D. & Zoellen F. & Jennifer B. & Nicholas H. (all four donating for the 2nd week in a row!), Ariel S. (donating for the 3rd week in a row!), Larisa V. (donating for the third update in a row!), Alison T, (donating for the fourth week in a row!), Erin H. (donating for the fourth time in a row!), Christina K. (donating for the 5th time in a row!), and Artifice superhero Micheal B. who has now donated for the 8th straight week in a row! I’d also like to offer very warm welcome and grateful bow to new supporters Audrey R., Steve M., Rebecca P., Tonks R., gordon g., Chandell M., Marykate B., Megan W., Heli R., and Annalisa C. for their generous donations this week.

Big hugs go out to new friends Grace W. & Jenny G. for their generous $25 donations!

And we had three $30 donations this update! O_O Two from new friends Natalia K. and Ethan R. (Thank you so, so much!)

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Again, thank you all very, very much. Your support and kind words mean the world to Winona and me. 🙂

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  • OMFG DEACON. XD  Jeff has a ‘do not know if want’ face on!  Perhaps a little more subtlety?!

    Dear god they’re both so hot though. <3  Those blushes, nnf.

  • Aikka

    Well, at least he is… honest. “XD

    *maybe will post a more proper comment later*

    *right now just stares and laugh*

  • Hyperminimalism

    Deacon sure does get straight to the point.  How does he know the male nipple can be used to stimulate in a sexual manner?  In that case, where did he learn about it if they don’t teach you in training? Hmm…  *strokes imaginary beard*

    • Hahaha, thought about the same thing here. Looks like Deacon isn’t telling somebody something right.

      • Yukiness

        All of this kinda makes me wonder if such an event transpired in the past, seeing as they don’t teach it to his kind. There is the possibility of him catching someone in the act and simply watching instead of interrupting, or taking the basic concept of sex and putting it into practice during other excursions similar to this one

    • Good point… I like reading the comments on here because everyone always has different perspectives. Maybe he’s just using conjecture based off of basic knowledge of anatomy, and the fact that nipples are generally considered erogenous zones for both sexes? But you’re right, a knowledge of ‘sexual stimulation’ doesn’t exactly seem like it’d be part of android protocol…

    • W Nelson

      Huh, good question!  Where’s Alex?!

    • Giving a lot of detail about this right now feels a bit spoilerish to me, but it is a good question, so let me say this:

      Deacon has a number of advanced abilities, including rapid learning through observation and inductive reasoning. Also, like a human child, Deacon is capable of learning things his corporate “parents” have not taught him or might even not wish him to learn about.  

      So, to answer your question, Deacon has had a curiosity about this kind of interaction for some time. Even before the events that took place on Da Vinci Four. Thus, this is not the first time he has thought about sexual stimulation.

      Where that curiosity comes from and whether he ever would have acted on that curiosity had he not met Jeff or if he ever had any kind of experiences before, well, those are other questions not to be answered at this time. 🙂

      • Adam Black

        There goes my theory of HomoMechanical Spartanism, and thats Deacon’s Deviance is hes a Humansexual….or has it? …
        Alex, I’m unsure how that jives with Deacons statements to Dr Maven on page 36 ” My interactions with other APs….unsatisfactory”…
        …but i see now youve left that open….
        Probably for a funny maven Flip-out…
        and/or pillow talk…


    Love this page, by the way. <3 I started cracking up at how overly honest Deacon was in the first panel, and Jeff's expression in the third was just….PERFECT!!! 8DDD I want it to be Saturday now for the next page!!!

    Anyway, spectacular work on this as always! ^3^ Looking forward to page 44!

    • Thank you, Morganna! Very glad you like the update! 😀 (And 44 in less than 3 days!)

  • Archidel

    Not subtle, but there is something disarming about blatant, unfiltered honesty. Hopefully Jeff feels the same way.

    Also, I’d happily volunteer to give Deacon a hug.  0:-)

    • Aikka

      There is. Still for Jeff it must be a very… weird situation. o_o

      Deacon behaves like a curious child, which is not weird in this case.

      And if all peope who want to hug him, would do it at the same time, it would be too much even for him…. o_o

      • I think problem is Jeff really wants something other than and bigger than idle curiosity. And I very much hope there actually IS more, and Deacon is saying this because he’s embarrassed to admit as much.

        • Aikka

          Well, one does not exlude the other.
          It’s probably a mix of both. o-o

  • Emily Hood

    Oh my! He is certainly forward!
    I really want to complement Winona on Jeff’s face in the last panel, I just love it so much.
    Keep doing what you are doing because it is awesome (directed at the both of you!).

  • I didn’t expect to have brainpower enough to properly review this comic, but I do, even though the remnants of my initial nosebleed are still on the floor, waiting to be cleaned up.  I’ll get to it later.  First, the comment!

    The art is beautiful, but from Winona, I’ve come to expect nothing less than epic perfection, and she DELIVERED.  Jeff has the prettiest eyelashes!  Both of their physiques are wonderful, and that subtle shading that brings the muscles to attention?  Amazing.

    I have to say, though, considering a few comments from the last page and a few of my own opinions, I am insanely happy to see that, once Jeff expressed doubt, Deacon STOPPED.  If possible, this makes me like Deacon a whole hell of a lot more than I thought possible.  Despite his killer-android first impression, he really DID listen when someone told him to stop.  I’m insanely proud of him, and once again, super happy that a comic like this is on the intarwebs 🙂

    • Good point! Looks like Deacon’s getting more human by the minute… though he’s curious as to this new interaction, he wants Jeff to want it, too. A very human feeling. 🙂

      • I like that 🙂  It makes me happy that he’s not using his superior strength, and that he’s acting so adorable!

    • Aikka

      Within this current situation, Deacon could easily force Jeff to do anything he wants him to do.

      BUT that’s not what Deacon wants 🙂

      Very much they remind just 2 teenagers trying to figure out how it works “XD

      • May they figure it out beautifully 🙂

  • Aww, poor Deacon! I just wanna hug him! >_<  Jeff, you better just be messing with him, playing hard to get and all that…

  • totally loving the last panel. i’m so glad i stopped reading for a while, so i could just come back and see this weeks later <3 great job and thanks! 😀

    • You’re welcome, denny! Thank you for your kind words!

  • Haha, poor socially awkward Deacon <3 I lurve.

  • Ryn

    this is me squealing and bouncing in my chair. Deacon looks so disappointed in that last pane, but you can see in his eyes he’s already thinking about trying something else. Jeff you don’t stand a chance.

  • Aw Deacon’s face!

    I may or may not have let out a squeal when I saw this update, now I’m staring at my screen 😉

  • Andrea Baker

    …now i just want a key-chain with that last image of deacon on it. >.>

  • Good god, I don’t even know who’s more naive here. Jeff with his what are you doing? – touching you – why? I mean, serioussly, “why”? Jeez. Or Deacon with I want to see what happens. Honestly, about anything else would’ve made a better reply (except, perhaps, ‘I’m bored’ lol). No wonder Jeff, despite obviously liking him and IT is so put off by that.
    Which makes me wonder – how old is Deacon, actually? Kind of hard to tell with him, but doesn’t come across as very mature

    • Aikka

      Deacon’t age would probably be hard to specify.

      How long ago he was made? Activated?
      What age he was designed as?

      We don’t even know if they gave him some pre-programmed knowledge and behaviours or had to teach him everything from very beggining
      [which wouldn’t be good for mass-producted soldier androids yet makes sence with intelligent ones…. o.o]

      • W Nelson

        Ahhhh I love the scifi ponderings of our audience!  Deacon may techincally be 4 but who knows what his knowledge base would put him closer to–and as far as human interaction, he’s probably even younger than his technical age.

    • W Nelson

      Alex has posted before that Deacon is 4 years old.

      (Edit: Alex corrected me above)

    • I actually said he was 3 here, but I think I did it in an opaque way . 🙂

      • W Nelson

        Oh oops!  I stand corrected 🙂

  • fujoshifanatic

    KYAAA! So much half-naked goodness going on here! Aww poor Deacon! It looks like Jeff is going to make you work on your game if you want to continue to “interact” with him in this manner, no matter how charming your frankness and curiosity can be.

    Alex and Winona, excellent work as always! We feel both blessed and appreciative that you both share your talents with us through such an engaging and beautifully drawin web comic as Artifice.

    • W Nelson

      Drawing the male body in all its beauty is very important to me.  Not just because they’re lovely.

      Ohhh what better reason is there than that?!  THEY ARE LOVELY.

    • You’re a sweetheart, fujoshifanatic. Thank you very much for your very kind words. I’m really glad you’ve been enjoying it. 🙂

  • *snrk* Deacon, your game, it is terrible. But it’s okay, it just makes you even more endearing…

    As much as I’m looking forward to eventual makeouts, though, I must say that the stalling is realistic. Jeff just jumping into bed with a robot would seem very odd for both parties involved, and right now Deacon probably just wants to experiment (in the most literal sense of the word) rather than actually -wanting- sex. He may be developing feelings for Jeff, which may or may not be returned, but both of them are naive in this, and Jeff has to reconcile just who and what Deacon is…

    All that said, though, Deacon’s sad-puppy-face in the last panel is effing adorable.

    • I just posted about how much his game sucks! Glad I’m not the only one who thought that. XD

  • Oooh, and I love that hazy, dazed expression of Deacon’s in the last panel. It may be up to discussion what happens to Jeff, but I reckon it’s pretty clear what happens to Deacon when he ‘stimulates Jeff sexually’ LOL. Poor thing, he looks so… ENDEARING

    • W Nelson

      I wonder what it must be like inside his head right now, poor little robot <3

  • SigmundReimann

    I just noticed that that last phrase isn’t a question… do I detect a sliver of disappointment, or self conciousness or regret? I can’t quite tell yet.

    On the other hand, I do think Jeff has a reason to be dubious given his past experiences, current situation and choice of partner. We all know he’ll come to his senses by the end though.

    • W Nelson

      I *love* when you guys talk about their inner, unspoken emotions, really makes me feel like we’re communicating 😀

  • melinda stumpf

    Damn it Jeff you don’t just stop him you let him keep on going

  • The world cannot possibly fathom how glad I am to have found this comic. I am saved! All those plotless stories, the badly written ones, the badly drawn ones… it almost killed me. lol xD 

    • Dani J.M. Hewak

      Yes ^

      A million times yes!

  • Dani J.M. Hewak

    November 2nd, my birthday! It’s like a present haha sort of. Either way it’ll make my birthday all the more better. 

    Anyways, this page is the perfect thing to read before going to bed.
    Thanks as always <3

    P.S. Last panel. Adorable Deacon! And Jeff is just fantastic!!

  • I think that I would like to give Deacon more than just a hug right about now.

  • KBatty

    Deacon’s expression in panel one is great. I do feel bad for Jeff, though. Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place…

    • W Nelson

      More like a bed and a ha…  OH YOU ALMOST MADE ME SAY SOMETHING DIRTYYYY

  • thisboybroken

    I can see where Jeff may not want to fool around with someone who is supposed to kill him…. actually NO I can’t, It’s Deacon!!! Besides he’s just curious, purely a research thing, and I for one would not even think twice about helping him obtain that knowledge. What can I say, I’m a giver. LOL Amazing job as usual you guys!!

  • Kayla

    Wow, Deacon, straight to the point. Jeff’ll cave.

  • AnyOtaku

    Tuesday is the day that I dislike the most, but the only reason I kind of like it it’s because it means that there’s just one day left for the bonus page!

    What can I say about this amazing page? That is so cute and adorable and I love Jeff’s nipples and all those blushes make me die of nosebleeds!!

    Thankyou so much for making this comic!!! I love you!

    • Aww, you’re very welcome! Thank you for your very kind words!

  • This is so great I almost nyan-cat-ed from my seat :O

    • Also – Deacon´s clothing is falling lower and lower… or is it just me? 😀

      • I noticed that as well. I wonder if Deacon is somehow intentionally making it go lower inch by inch as a way of subtly trying to seduce Jeff while he’s making his other attempts very blatent, trying to confuse and overwhelm his mind so that he may continue with his experiment without having to worry about more objections from Jeff.

        …Or, y’know, it might just be fanservice, and Deacon doesn’t even realize it. XD I like the first idea better, though. lol

  • Aikka

    Sorry, i just HAD TO.

    Just a doodle:

    Guess who is he teaching…

    • That’s awesome. Thank you, Aikka! 🙂

      • Aikka

        You’re welcome Alex xD

        … even if it’s just a quick doodle ^_^”

    • W Nelson

      Haha awesome 😀

      • Aikka

        Thanks 🙂

  • Yukiness

    This is the best wednesday ever. This is better than having been born on a wednesday. Even as i type this, I can’t help but toggle back and forth between the page and the comment box; rational thought and complete fangirl spaz-out. Not only is it freakishly early over here (6:30 am and the sun’s not up), I had the worst sleep possible, but this more than makes up for it.

    -stares at page again-

    I, for one, love the constant stalling on Jeffs part. Given his background and the socialogical stigma of being gay in his (now exterminated) community, and the not so fun experience he’s had with others, it’s entirely understandable on his part to be awkward. That, coupled with the cute snarkyness he displayed much earlier in the comic, makes him a wholesome, honest character. He is someone who you could think about having a conversation with.

    Though the last panel oozes with fabulousness, the background threw me off a little. Mostly the angle of the door in relation to the angle of the desk and wall. Toggling a few pages back made me realize that the bookshelf was being blocked by Deacon’s beautifully crafted flesh. Even so, it almost makes the room appear smaller.  

    • Erica

      ♫It’s the best day everrrr!!!♫ lol

      • Yukiness

        LMAO! Yes, it really was. I was late for a project and was short handed by the student council and failed a test but reading this in the morning more than made up for that.

    • W Nelson

      😀 I’m glad this page has such an impact on you!  Good point about the last panel, it can be tricky using so many angles of the same room and trying to keep it in scale, I even built the settings in a 3d program and still, it’s a challenge!  I’m better at pecs in perspective, haha!

    • I’m really happy that readers are appreciating the “stalling”. I tried to write this scene in a way that felt believable to me because what you and other have pointed out about Jeff’s experience is true.  It makes me happy to hear that it’s working for you. 🙂

  • Pervertida Pensante

    I love all those blushes, it make them look so cute.

    I really love them so much and I love you for make this comic.

  • I woke up bright (actually, dark) and early and the one thing that got me out of bed was this.

    So worth it. Love the first panel, and poor Deacon, just trying something he never had a chance to do before and being rejected… :C

    • W Nelson

      Yeah, he’s so deflated in the last panel, huh?  Glad you look forward to our updates so much 😀

  • Spirited_Dreamer

    Awww Jeff, you’re gonna disappoint a lot of people, aren’t you? lol I think it’s adorable how Deacon is bluntly curious and Jeff is just so uncertain about if this crosses some sort of line or something 😀 As always, Alex, Winona, AMAZING job! I wait patiently for Saturday.

  • Alex House

    XD Please don’t go back to the therapy session… I’ll still be ecstatic to see the next page regardless, but it’d be pretty awesome if we got to keep to this adventure >.> Just saying.

  • ScreamingFurby

    Oh man.. Maven is never going to let him live this down XD

    • Subhadra Erika

      Psh. Maven is totally a lesbian. Totally obvious. (Go read it teaches you how to SEE these things O.O)

  • Erica

    I think I officially will cry if Maven interrupts in the next panels shouting at Deacon. ; ^ ; I will cry. I assure you. You know, just to be safe I think I’m going to avoid this for three updates and then see how it is > – > ….[yeah right. i could barely even wait to see if the new chapter was up already. XD it’s literally 8:10 a.m. right now. Im up for great ole’ college, otherwise i’d never be up this early lmao]

  • Reign

    Ran over to my computer this morning to read the new update. Thank you to all the awesome people who donated once again you guys totally rock!!! Alex you and Winona are so awesome and I am so glad you guys are getting all the support 🙂 I wish I could have come to Y con this year but sadly my schedule just wouldn’t permit it. Hopefully next year because I am dying to meet you. The update was adorable Alex…all the blushing is just too cute!! I swear I could just eat Jeff and Deacon up!!

  • Lance Gilroy

    *brainsplode* Am I the only one whose face felt all aflame seeing all the blushing going on here?

    • Alex House

      No. I was right there with you.

    • Erica

      everyone reading this story are right there with you. XD either aflame for blushing, or crying/tantruming for no more chapters. XD.. aka me XP XP jk… kinda.

  • Things would move along much faster in manga and other comics if everyone was as straightforward as Deacon. Also the last panel is my favourite. Jeff looks so handsome and Deacon looks like a child being scolded. <3

    Also, I can still see that paddle! haha just kidding!!! 😀

    • I suppose it isn’t a problem in Starfighter though since Abel’s like “I want this now” and Cain’s like, “Heck yes.” xD

      And Teahouse is a brothel, so no waiting there. >_>


      • W Nelson

        Yeah by comparison, we’re slow as hell!  But I do love the delicious tension it creates 😀

        • *gasp* I didn’t mean YOU were slow. I meant that this comic moves much faster than a typical shoujo manga where it takes 100 chapters before anyone even kisses. I think things here are moving at a perfect pace. It keeps me on the edge of my seat. Super excited for Saturday and next Wednesday. 😀

          • W Nelson

            Hehe I know!  I was teasing 🙂  I hate that though, in shouju, where the only reason everyone isn’t making out all the time is because they’re all so hopelessly repressed and self-hating that they can’t even squeak a word out.  It seems so fake.  Manufactured conflict is so boring and frustrating.

          • Although Jeff and Deacon haven’t kissed yet EITHER. >.>

          • W Nelson

            True but they have believable reasons! Nothing outlandish at all, it’s not like one of them is a robot.  Oh wait…

          • KBatty

            My father hates me and I ran out of hair dye and Billy won’t look at me and I’m sooo unworthyyyy. Allow me to soliloquize my angst for the next 400 pages before I’m put in a compromising situation where I throw caution to the wind! Oh? What? What was that? Billy was in the same room as Andrew for five minutes when I was in the can? They must be in love! But what about meeeee?!?! Oh. Back to self-loathing. No one could ever love me.


          • W Nelson

            That made me snarf especially hard when I misread the beginning as “My father hates it when I run out of hair dye”

          • KBatty

            Pretty sure I should write a short story with that as the first line. Obscure writing prompts ftw.

  • Mary Kelleher

    My inner Fruit Fly is having a field day, but Inner Critic is wondering ‘how does an android blush?’

    • Subhadra Erika

      Haha. He is not a regular android, or haven’t you noticed? He is advanced enough to have complex emotions and existential thoughts, desires, etc, but you don’t think his skin and nervous system are advanced enough to do something akin to blushing? Though…blushing is the same thing as a flight-or-fight response, so maybe that says something about his military training…

    • psiquest

      oooh! oooh! I’ve got it!

      Blushing is legacy debug code. In order to create a better human-like interactive experience, the programmers added visual clues – such as blushing – to help them isolate programming conflicts. It was inefficient, though, so they developed a more robust, verbal system. This system, however, proved to be incredibly complex so mental health professionals – such as Maven – were added to the development staff in order to provide better quality assurance and testing. The legacy code was scheduled to be removed, but was ultimately retained as an aid to interrogations… I mean… quality assurance investigations.

      (the above is a result of too many reeces cups)

      • W Nelson

        Where do you get your Reese’s?!  Must get.

        • psiquest

          u no kan haz my reese’s!

          ::: runs :::

      • Mary Kelleher

        I deem this response good enough 😀 Now I just imagine tiny LEDs in his cheeks, so he actually glows.

        HAH Afterglow.

  • iamlingy

    Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! THE NOISE I JUST MADE! 8D I can’t handle this much perfecute awkwardness and blushy faces and lfjslsjdllflskbslffldk SO MANY FEELINGS. Great page and I can’t wait for te next one!!!! <3<3<3

  • crimsonkiss22


  • D’awww with the last face.

  • I LOVE THIS. I don’t know what else to say.

  • deacon you tease

    • come to me, you can stimulate my nipples anytime


        • W Nelson

          Beautiful job, TatatRoses!  Your Jeff has such a sweet look on his face 😀

  • CommodoreZelda

    Wow. Deacon’s really not shy. <3 But Jeff is!!! Poor Deacon, being rejected. Hope it doesn't last long!!!

  • Finzz

    I love the underlying implications shown on their faces so much (forget the technical (theatrical?) term for that).  I was surprised Deacon started getting so close.  I suppose it was a bit obviously foreshadowed in the therapy session, but their hidden motives are really coming out now, I like the progression.  Fabulous job here Winona, especially that last panel.

    • W Nelson

      Hee hee thanks!! <3

  • Syanana

    Oh Mai. Deacon

  • Jeff’s face in the last panel is sooo sexy! And boy oh boy is Deacon ever forward! 

    • Yes, he has all the subtlety one would EXPECT from a military weapon. >.< *thinks battering rams, enormous guns and hand grenades…*

      • Archidel

        Battering rams and hand grenades? Hell, given the amount of destruction Deacon can wreak he compares more closely to something like a tactical nuke, albeit a rather more precise one. Subtlety would definitely not be the first character trait to spring to mind when thinking about the guy.

  • Marbutt Face

    Oh, Deacon, why must you be so cute? <3

    I think the bonus pages are just gonna keep coming. I see no end to them in the foreseeable future.

  • Yes. I do want to give Deacon a hug. 😀 Jeff looks so torn and Deacon looks for vulnerable… I WANT THEM BOTH. O_O 

    Oh, and my reaction? 
    Me: O_O……. *blush* Awww…

    😀 YAY!!!

  • CK

    Deacon you naughty you 😀 
    Loving the page Alex! Cant wait for Saturday! 😀

  • ErrorTime

    I laughed at their expressions. And I met Hamlet at MoCA last year, she is the sweetest heart ever!

    • She totally is. This time I also got to meet her partner Thisbe—also a total sweetheart. 🙂

      • ErrorTime

        Awesome~ I hope to make the trek to Yaoi-Con one day. Every yaoi fan should go at least once XD

  • Guest

    Almost only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades…

    And this is not at all where this comment was supposed to go. Disqus thinks it’s being funny again.

  • Maaaaaaaan, I was so looking forward to this page, and Deacon has to go and ruin it with the worst pick-up line ever. “Hey, baby, can I *stimulate you sexually*” -wink wink-

    That is the exact moment in which I would pull out my mace.

    I like that Jeff isn’t just giving in right away, though. Is he going to struggle with the knowledge that his companion isn’t human? Is he going to be overcome with lust? Tune in next week to find out!

  • KBatty

    Almost only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades…

    And disqus is just throwing comments wherever it wants. That was directed at you, Winona.

    • W Nelson

      Haha, Disqus is a temperamental beast sometimes 😛

      Edit: I finally figured out what you must have been replying to! XD

  • danigirl921

    Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeacon <3 *gives him all the hugs in the world*


  • :O does this mean we get a update halloween now too?

    • miniace7

      We’ll have to hit $250 again by then first, I think. But I’m not absolutely positive. You should donate $233 right now, just in case.

      • Archidel

        I think, though I’m not absolutely positive either, but I think that the $17 currently on the counter already goes towards the bonus page for the week after next.

        All the same, if somebody is willing to donate $233 right now, I am absolutely positive that would be widely appreciated. 

        • If we hit the bonus target by Sunday, 11:59 PM PST, there shall be two bonus updates next week—one on Monday and one on Wednesday. This might be the only time I’m able to do this, but like I said, I want to honor your totally awesome support and encouragement. 😀

          • Expect a helping financial push on Friday then! Weeeee!

          • You are a sweetheart and a rock star, Lindsay! 😀

          • W Nelson

            Man, our fans are really incredible XD

  • Kale_Jasper

    I must say that I love your comic-its a wonder why its taken my so long to comment. 
    I enjoy tremendously the plot and the characters. Deacon particularly during his sessions seems to constantly change ’emotions’ which is endlessly amusing. One minute tough the next unsure and downright embarrassed. The last panel here I think may be my second favorite Deacon moment. He seems a bit unsure or unaware of what he’s doing exactly. He’s downright adorable. 

    • Thank you, Kale_Jasper! Very glad you’re enjoying the plot and characterization. Deacon is a ton of fun to write! (And I think he’s kinda adorable myself—y’know, for a relentless killing machine. 😉 )

  • C. O.

    Deacon …blushing?!
    He’s becoming more human by the page! 😀

    (Also, whatchu mean “I guess”, Jeff?! Nipple play is hot! 8D)

  • I love the last panel

  • SteveMcSheffrey

    As soon as I get paid tomorrow I have to add  a few bucks to get three pages next week!  The thought of the evil doctor slowing down Deacon having his way with his new  toy is overwhelming!!!!!

    And would Deacon be doing this if the last survivor had been female?  I haven’t seen anything that suggests he wouldn’t…

    • SteveMcSheffrey

      Oh and someone tell Deacon nipples aren’t dials.  I wish someone had told the majority of my past lovers that too…

      • But they sure look like dials when you’re a horny android! D:

        • W Nelson

          Haha!  Makes me picture Deacon fantasizing about control panels and switches and input devices 😛

          • KBatty

            *BOOP BOOP BEEP BOOP*
            “Mmn. Oh yeah. That’s the stuff.”

          • W Nelson

            “Toggle it.  TOGGLE IT, BABY!!”

          • KBatty

            “You need more RAM? I’ll give you more RAM…”

      • Yes. There are some things an artificial person will need to learn from experience. 😀

    • That’s a very good question, Steve…

  • Deacon is so freaking CUTE in the last panel! And going back and forth between this and the last page, I notice how Deacon starts blushing once he starts touching Jeff. Either he’s bashful about what he’s doing but he’s still doing it ANYWAY, or feeling up Jeff is turning him on. X3
    I choose to believe in the latter!

    • Yukiness

      I think turn on translates to system overheat in his case

  • mikakitten

    Awww I’d give Deacon a hug!! 🙁 I wonder if he’ll get hurt from the rejection…I like his curiosity! :3 makes me smile! _< hope all these bonus pages haven't put too much pressure on you guys!

    • Glad you’re looking forward to the next page! And we’re doing OK so far keeping up with the bonus pages. To be honest, I certainly never expected we’d be doing them every week—and at some point, I might need to think about changing the donation target or something to keep things sane and healthy for us—but for now, it’s giving us a tremendous morale boost so it’s really helpful! Experiencing your enthusiasm is a lot of fun for us too!

      • W Nelson

        I thrive under pressure.  That’s why I live under a rock.

        • lol

          I was going to ask about that rock…

          • KBatty

            An over-fed pet rock is a dangerous pet rock.

      • mikakitten

        Hahah!! I’m glad you enjoy our enthusiasm! 🙂 it is well deserved for all you do! Aaaah! I love pressure too!! 😀 but I think mine’s more a pressure as a result of procrastination…I seem to love having dead lines and then pushing them to the limit…pulling all nighters for the sake of creativity ^_^= …I can never seem to write in the morning. I blame it on the dyslexia. >_> … but it makes me happy to see your fans support you!! You guys are living the dream right now!! The dream!!! One day, I will get there! If I can find an editor insane enough to put up with my dyslexia and an agent who has faith in me, one day… <3 :3 but until then…I wallow in your beautiful creations of robots and boy love! <3

        Winona, you live under a rock? O_O …I live in a garden…'The garden of England' a.k.a Kent…in a town with a wonkey broken castle and a river running through it… 😀

  • I was too tired to comment last night, but I camped successfully ;;w;;

    This page is so so so cute. The dialogue and art go so well together, I can almost hear their voices~~ <3 <3 <3 hooray bonus page! ;v;

    • W Nelson

      Yeah I pretty much went to bed right after it went up and then I had lovely dreams ^_^  Thanks for camping 😀

    • Thank you! I’m glad you like how the words and art are playing together. When I’m working on the lettering, that moment when I marry the word balloons to Winona’s stunning art is a lot of fun for me.  I’m glad it working for you too! 🙂

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  • Well…that’s about as subtle as a trainwreck……

    • hunny I dun think killer androids are known for subtlety.

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    I wonder how Maven is taking this all in >.>

    • karmelion

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      • KBatty

        Picture it: Sicily 1912…

        • karmelion

          So obscure I had to ask my grandparents. And when they didn’t know, I asked google.

          Then google (re)educated me.


  • I lol’d so hard. Deacon is sooo awkward! It’s so cute and embarrassing!

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    I really have nothing else to say.

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    OMG! Who knew he could ever be so cute?

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    Continue, though, continue…

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    Am I right Alex or am I right?  😉

    • karmelion

      In every love scene ever, there is a saxophonist lurking in the corner, just out of the frame…

      • W Nelson

        Those dudes are creepers.  Mine looks like the guy in Lost Boys.  Always have to shoo him away before he hypnotizes anyone.

        • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

          So much love! Lost Boys reference FTW! I gotta watch that again.

          • W Nelson

            Knew someone would know what I was talking about.  If I had known what slash was back then, oh boy…

          • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

            lol, I already knew what slash was the first time I watched Lost Boys, but oddly, never had a slashy thought about it. I was on a major Gundam Wing and Star Wars kick then.

        • karmelion

          WTF?! Ahahahaha

          This… pretty much made my day.

          Now I have this image of the creeper soxophonist skulking in corners where’ere I go.

    • Hehe. When I hear Blade Runner, I always think “film noir” in which all the hardboiled hearts are secretly fragile but all the lovers are very experienced. And in my mind, our heroes here are quite a bit more innocent than the characters in those films. But if it works for you, rock on! 😀

  • psiquest

    Oh for the love of Ethel Merman in a tutu… DEACON! Nipples are NOT tuner knobs. When you need to adjust them, you must be delicate. Use your lips. Oh, and Jeff… don’t even try it, sweety… we all know you want to use Deacon’s ears as handlebars.

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    Not that I’m complaining.

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    • Glad we could add a little something to your day, Jennie!

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    • And when you do, you must return here to tell us what happened next. 😀

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    That being said: This page had me squealing like a giddy fan girl -because i am- and I woke up my baby niece XD Oh but how worth it it was.  I can honestly say I LOVE this webcomic, I’m glad I found it 🙂 I’m glad you made it! I’m just glad!

    • LOL Woke the baby, huh? That’s awesome, Ayisha! I’m really glad you found us too! 😀

      (And now I have “Stay Up Late” from Talking Heads bouncing around my brain…)

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    also, as an artist I have a true appreciation for jeff’s face’s profile in the last panel. Look at those pouty lips!

    • W Nelson

      I’d be begging for assimilation, myself ^_^  And thanks for the kind words!

  • Never gotten the nipples thing myself. I can’t feel my left one at all because of the big scar on that side of my chest, but my right one doesn’t do anything for me either. Is it something that some guys actually like?

    • It’s not for every guy. But indeed yes. 😉

    • One of my ex’s never got into it at all.  Another guy I’ve been with loved it.  It’s one of those things where some guys like it and are very sensitive, and others aren’t.  (The one I was with that loved it didn’t get anything out of just a touch, he needed a soft bite.)  Decon and Jeff should make experimenting seem with this well worth any man’s time. ^//////^

    • W Nelson

      Some no, some very much yes.

    • Archidel

      Like Alex, Winona and Deanna said, it really depends on the guy. Like you, the ‘nipples thing’ does nothing for me. I had a boyfriend a while back though who… Uhm, well, let’s just say that even though he did also like other things, he didn’t need anything else, if you get my drift.


    Oh my, Deacon! Quite forward aren’t you? *chuckles*

    Good work as always!

    • Thank you, ENDGAM3! Glad you like the update! 😀

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  • This page gets better every time I look at it.  Also, congrats on your new(?) advertisement over on Menage a 3!

    • Thank you! (And no new ad at Menage a 3, but my bid there might just have been accepted. Glad you like!)

      • Think so!  When I was there earlier, I saw a delectable scene…and it wasn’t on any of the pages you’ve published here as of yet 🙂

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    • You put us in heady company. Thank you!

      • Aikka

        Artifice is definitely my fav among them 🙂

        • KBatty

          Agreed. Artifice’s art style and plot win out over the others any day. I mean no disrespect to the creators of the other comics, but Artifice does it differently.

          Instead of writing sex scenes and trying to flesh it out with a story, Artifice is a story that happens to have a sex scene. The difference between this one and the others is that if this didn’t have sex, I’d still read it. The others I honestly don’t think I would be bothered with.

          Alex and Winona have developed the perfect balance, insofar as I’m concerned.

          • Aikka

            You described it perfectly KBatty:
            ‘Artifice is a story that happens to have a sex scene.’

            And that’s why i love it so much.

          • KBatty and Aikka: I think those other two comics are fantastic. And the writer in me is delighted to hear that plot and story are major reasons that you’re enjoying this comic. And I’m absolutely delighted that you’re finding Winona and I have struck a compelling balance between art and writing—as far as I’m concerned, that’s what creating good comics is all about. You have made my day. Thank you. ::blush:: 😀

          • Aikka

            You are very welcome Alex.
            You deserve it, we are just honest 🙂

          • W Nelson

            <3 <3 <3 <3  You guys are awesome.  I think we're filling a gap in the genre (har har) — Starfighter and Teahouse are great too, and fill out different corners of the room wonderfully 😀

          • Aikka

            The day i found Artifice [but before i did] i was complaining with my friend, what we would want to read and why there is nothing like that.

            Then i decided to google to find something for us, without expectations of finding anything good, and i found Artifice…

            When i started to read i send her a link too.

            When i finished reading i knew i found what we wanted.

          • lordofthegays

            That’s what I came here to say. The internet abounds with mere fap material, therefore I’d rather read sexy stories about gays… not just porn with a plot!

    • Same here! Those are my Big Three to check…plus oglaf on Sundays.

  • OMG.  So I looked at this page earlier (and then quickly hid it as the freaked-out-by-teh-gheys girl friends walked in) and then I looked at it again now.  The art on this page is just so beautiful.  Especially the last panel, Jeff’s blush, the posing, the overall lighting, the light play on skin, just beautiful <3  My inner artist is crying is going to cry now.

    • Hehe. Sorry to hear you have to hide things from your girlfriends, but I’m delighted you’re liking the page! Yes, Winona did an awesome job with it, huh?

      • She totally kicked ass on this page.  You two always make me so happy with this~ <3

    • W Nelson

      <3 You are way too sweet 😀  Too bad your friends are freaked, their loss though…  The only thing better than a naked man is two naked mans!!

    • Mary Kelleher

      I guess I’m a bad person.  I’d let them see it just so they’d freak.  Eventually my friends stopped freaking and just accept the gayness.

      • W Nelson

        Preach it!  XD

      • Haha!  I’m openly bisexual, so it’s baby steps.  They know that and are getting used to it.  Once they get used to knowing it, then they can get used to seeing it 😀

  • I made the mistake of reading this before starting on my homework and now I can’t possibly start on that irritating paper because my mind is full of erotic thoughts and nipples.

    • LOL

      My work here is done.

    • KBatty

      Write a paper about nipples and why men have them. It may not be the assignment, but I’m sure your teacher will be fascinated.

  • No Jeffy don’t say no to the naughty robit! Give in to the dirty loveliness! Also Winona I love the profile of Jeffy right there! Very strong and commanding even from the bedsheets! XD Alex another great bit of story! Can’t wait till Saturday! X3

    • Thank you, Lindsay! I’m really glad you like the new page! 😀 

    • W Nelson

      Aw thanks, I’m so glad you like it 😀

  • SongOfChaos

    That’s right, Jeff! ‘No’ means ‘NO’, Deacon!

    • I completely agree with you.  It’s what is making me like this comic even more; the fact that neither Alex nor Winona use Deacon’s obvious strength against the other protagonist 🙂

  • SongOfChaos

    To elaborate on my own comment, while the artwork is beautiful and the story started off well, I got very leary when Deacon started going overtly after Jeff, and Jeff’s reaction wasn’t as weirded out as I’d’ve been as an inexperienced teen being trolled by a robot. Suspense of reality twinged there. I grew up as a gay Mormon kid, so I have a weird prude side to me. I like seeing gay boys who don’t just dive straight into sex without a second thought, and there definitely is that ‘Rape is Love’ trope that is a big offender in the yaoi verse. The story really is good though, and I am hooked reading it.

    Seems we have a pretty philanthropic following going. Wish I could support more, myself. Huzzah for bonus updates!

    • Sarah314159

       I think Jeff is pretty realistically caught between weirded-out and turned on.  The “being trolled by a robot” weirdness is counterbalanced not only by Deacon’s stunning good looks but also by the fact that Jeff has already said Deacon is pretty much the nicest person he’s hung out with since his mom died. 

  • JLJones

    Ah, Jeff.  How did I know you were going to be difficult? XD  Can’t really blame him though – not three pages ago we were reminded that he’s ultimately facing death in the next few weeks, and most likely from Deacon’s hands since no pact or agreement has been made between them as of yet.  I wouldn’t want to bang my murdering captor either, no matter how beautiful his cheek bones are.


    Anyway, one of my favorite things about Artifice is your way of making the characters realistic, Alex.  I’ve seen so many comics out there where we get nothing of the human (or in your case, Android) experience.  People don’t just fall in bed with each other in these situations, unless copious amounts of alcohol and various other stimulants are involved.  And honestly, I’d be disappointed in the whole thing if they were already humping like rabbits.

    Not that I’m not holding out for Deacon to talk our little Jeff into it.  Go-go-gadget-thruster-module! But yeah, you get me.

    Eagerly awaiting Saturday, as always 😀  And you never know.. once rent and bills are paid, and I’ve managed to feed my fatty-fat cats, I might be able to throw some monetary love your way.

    Keep it classy!

    • Thank you, JLJones! This is, of course, a fantasy world of sort, but a primary rule as a writer I believe in can be summed up like this: fantastic situations, realistic reactions. In genre fiction, you can create as wild a world as you want as long as the people in it react like we would in that situation. Do that and readers will go along for the ride happily. Break that and it all falls apart, IMHO.

      I tried my best to have each character react in a way that I truly believe they would in that situation. Of course, some of it gets a little compressed in terms of speed because of the comics format (each page is expensive both in terms of time, effort and cost so I have to keep an eye on that), but for me anyway, “keeping it real” was a primary goal. It delights me that so far it feels like it’s been working for you.

      Give those fatty-fat cats a hug for me! 😀

      • JLJones

        lol well, one would be receptive to the hugs.  She loves hugs.  The other turns into the Tasmanian Devil if I hold him for more than two seconds 😛  But I will endure, for the sake of long distance hugs!

  • Koenki

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  • elle_ayelle

    I don’t know about y’all, but I wonder if that paddleball in the last panel will enter into any of this madness.

    • KBatty

      I’m convinced it was put in Jeff’s room specifically to become a subject of speculation. Hahaha.

  • milo

    i can’t believe we already are on page 43. as the other commenters, have said, winona you are a master. its just so good. and Alex, you always keep me coming back for more. 

    • W Nelson

      Aw thanks 😀

    • Glad to hear I’m holding your interest, jca488! Thank you!

  • oh my, little Deacon is experimenting, so lovely !

  • Randi Brough Snowdon

    How can you expect us to not want a bonus page with the steamy content you’re putting out? If I had it I would donate all kinds of money! 😀

  • Jeff’s even cuter when he’s turned on. His mouth looks like it would taste like strawberries. Deacon looks kind of lost and puppy-ish here. Definitely brings out his dialogue… and makes me want to cuddle him.

  • “blush” oh my! I really can’t wait to see how this progresses. 😀

  • Fangirly

    For god’s sake Deacon, give him a kiss!  You can’t just start in with grabbing the nips and expecting that cutie to be comfortable with it!

  • Oh Deacon…  He’s not a radio.  Nips are not dials.  You have to be subtle and gentle to make the little uke purr.  I wonder if things are about to get hostile… 

    • I’m hoping that Jeff turns out to be seme. Or that Alex transcends silly yaoi cliches and maybe explores sexy times *other* then the buttsexxor. 

      • Ryn

        does nobody ever consider that they may both be versatile? the stereotypes for the seme/uke relationships are just crap. Neither fit Jeff or Deacon; they actually have personalities and act like people. which is the reason i’ve completely abondoned the terms yaoi/seme/uke.

         and yeah there is way more than just anal sex for them to explore. i think Deacon is gunna want to spend a lot time trying as many sex acts as possible. *hands Deacon ‘kama sutra’*

        • An argument can be made that both Jeff and Deacon are uke, being on the bottom of their respective human/android pecking orders. Or we could just decide the whole exercise is ridiculous.

          To be honest I’m sort of ‘meh’ when it comes to anal sex. I think it was the endless self-lubing butts I came across in Yaoi that did it. -.- Now if there’s some heavy frott with kissing…? Oh myyyyyyy. 

          • Ryn

            oh yeah, Deacon sitting Indian style on the bed with Jeff in his lap. Jeff’s got both of them in hand and Deacon’s searching out all his sweet spots making it hard for Jeff to concentrate on keeping the rhythm. and kisses. sweet kisses, heavy kisses ;kisses that make it hard to breathe. yum P:

          • fujoshifanatic

            Oh yes, this pretty please!!! X-D

          • W Nelson

            Mmm I like the way you think 😀

          • You’ve all just hit the nail on the head about what I dislike about “traditional” yaoi the most.  Why is it that when two men are in a relationship, one MUST ALWAYS “bottom?”   If there’s an honest preference, that’s one thing, but even if there is, I’ve NEVER YET come across a reference where the “bottom” states flatly that he prefers it such!

            For that matter, Winona and Alex, in all their wisdom, have made it so that another thing I dislike about “traditional” yaoi has been effectively eliminated; the use of appearance to tell which man is going to “receive.”  Sure, Jeff’s pretty (blasted stunning, point of fact), but he’s not exactly letting Deacon do anything he wants, which is typically what the yaoi I’ve read has the “prettier” partner doing!

            My rant is done.  Let us all sit back and CAMP!

          • Archidel

            Then let me state flatly that I prefer it such. Let me also state that I find the whole seme/uke dynamic just as aggravating as the rest of you  

            So some people strongly prefer to top, while others may prefer to bottom. Many have no pronounced preference one way or another though and forcing everyone into seme or uke roles gets tiresome pretty fast.

            Not to mention of course that seme and uke is about more than just who prefers to be in what position in the sack. Seme are pretty much always portrayed as the aggressive, dominant personality, while uke indeed tend to just look pretty and be preposterously compliant.

            In real life of course, sometimes the bottoms are the dominant or aggressive ones. Sometimes tops are shy and timid. Most times there is no clearly dominant or clearly submissive partner, regardless of preference. 

            In short, the old yaoi clichés are as ridiculous as they are annoying and this story is all the better for avoiding them.

          • Agreed, agreed, a million times agreed!  Granted, I’m not a man, but I’m also not going to just “lie back and take it” because I’m built for it!

          • Sarah314159

             Yes!  In the real world, a gent’s liking it up the butt often has nothing to do with submissiveness and everything to do with liking how it feels to take it up the the butt.  There’s no need for penetration to be an act of domination if the people having sex don’t choose to see it that way.

            In spite of his being a killer android and all, I don’t see Deacon wanting to sexually dominate Jeff or force anything on him.  If he’s being pushy, I think it comes more from awkwardness–he’s completely sexually inexperienced and doesn’t know any of the rules of subtlety and delicacy.  That sad look on his face as he says “you don’t like it,” and the way he’s completely drawn his hands back from Jeff’s raised arm (no way Jeff could have pushed him off by force given Deacon’s brawn and Jeff’s being in a really bad pose for pushing), say it all.

          • Haha. So true about self-lubing butts. And so ew. xD
            I don’t know though, the thing that Jeff said about it feeling stupid with girls and him not being made for it, somehow that makes me feel he’d more likely to end up in a bottom if to comes to a top-bottom position. But this story has a way of going against expectations, and so far it’s kind of leading one to expect this division of roles between them, SO WHO KNOWS? xD

          • Also, yes. Heavy frot with kissing. Ahhhhhhhhh

        • fujoshifanatic

          Yes, this please!

        • lordofthegays

          I’m hoping for this… particularly since this comic is actually written by an actual gay guy, rather than a woman who has yaoi fantasies (no offense to women). This is part of the reason why I can’t get into Japanese yaoi- it’s just horribly cliched… and the men often aren’t even hot! These dudes actually look like young men… and I appreciate it! 

  • Lorescien

    Urgh. They’re both so bloody beautiful in that last panel. 😀

  • somegirlandstuff

    Ahhah, this makes me giggle. I try the same thing with my boyfriend’s nipples and get the same reaction.

    This is such a great comic 🙂

    • Thank you, gurliebits! Glad this scene is feeling true-to-life for you. 😉

  • mikakitten

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH Can’t wait for tommorow!! Can’t wait for tommorow!!! C’mon!! One more sleeps!

  • oh my goodness, I know CC, E, and Hamlet Machine. They are truly wonderfully kind people. When CC and E found out I had cancer, they sent me a wonderful gift package that made my difficult journey much brighter and I discovered that there still truly are good people in the word. I’ll never be so foolish as to stray away from their fanbase. I even been taking time to Translate their comic to a large Spanish fanbase who wished to read their comic as well. ^^ <3 So i'm so super happy that they helped you so much. <3 They're angels.

    Also, whyyyyy is my husband looking for a gray jump suit? <___< 

    • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

      I hope your cancer is already in remission, or will go into remission. I’m sure cancer’s a tough thing to be diagnosed with, and I really do wish you well. CC and E are very nice people, aren’t they? I e-mail them every once in a while about Teahouse, and they’re wonderfully polite and friendly every time. 🙂

      • Yea, I was surprised that they contacted me out of the blue one day and asked for my address. lol Thank you very much.

        • I hope your fight is victorious.  You, madam, are a true warrior, and others see this and wish to give you gifts.  Go with it 🙂

    • W Nelson

      That is awesome of them to send you a gift package, I’m not surprised in the least.  I’ve met Hamlet Machine, not the others yet, but she’s sweet enough for a whole troop and then some.  I hope all goes well with your cancer battle!  

      …And the gray jump suit XD

      • yea, it’s nice to meet kind people all around. Hamlet Machine is a trip xD, then again, a lot of artist tend to be, it’s like we all have a connection ^^

    • They are indeed angels. I felt so grateful for the time they took with me. 🙂

      And let me share Sharon’s hope that your cancer is in remission. Friends of mine have beat cancer, but it definitely is a tough diagnosis. You have my most sincere best wishes.

      And why is your husband looking for a gray jump suit? So you’ll have an awesome picture to share with us all, of course! 😀

      • Thank you very much, I’m close to overcoming it or coping, I feel flattered that many care about some stranger. lol Still so many good in the world. <3

        XD OH my gosh!! That's so-aaaaaaahhh MADNESS I SAY!! -w- but as you wish. When he returns next friday, I shall display him. lol 

    • KBatty

      I hope you find your way to wellness soon.

      As for that jumpsuit… perhaps you should check your Disqus dashboard for the answers. Muahaha.

      • lol yea I saw, but I’m in denial lol but alas, I shall have him wear the suit X3

        • KBatty

          Don’t be in denial. Embrace it. lmao

    • crimsonkiss22

      I’m so sorry to hear about your illness, but happy to see that you have such an upbeat attitude. Keep your lovely soul and stay strong, will you? *hugs*

      • lol *blush* I didn’t really expect so many people to comment on this hahaha I feel embarrassed now. But thank you so very much and heck yea I will fight, for the right to read yaoi! (oh god that was lame xD)

  • Alor_Laneau

    I’m surprised I can’t detect any pumpkins under the sheets (if you get what I mean)….

    • In point of fact, we only see Jeff from the right side in this page. Maybe, you know, it’s to the left O:-)

  • lordofthegays

    Why does Deacon look so innocent when he says I WANT TO STIMULATE YOU SEXUALLY? Haha, awww.

    • Haha, yeah.
      He actually looks more like an eager kid trying a new game than a man doing the seducing thing. Aw, Deacon. How could anyone NOT love you?

  • sincostax

    I wanna give Deacon a hug D:
    Lemme gief hug! D’:
    And lawl at the look on his face when he’s like “Dontcha liiiiike it?” XD
    Aw, Deacon x Jeff – FOREVER! C:<

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  • CK

    It’s officially Saturday here in Norway! Excited!

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    who’s got the cupcakes?

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    *___* now i really cant wait for the next page.
    *starts camping* i brought chocolate frosted cupcakes :3

    • Oooh!  Can I have one?  I’ll trade you a cranberry muffin.

  • Annnnnnd we’re CAMPING!  Home from work, dressed comfortably, and munching on stuff!  I may bake later.  We’re good until midnight 🙂

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    Its only 9:30…to much time to wait! inpatient!

    • New page up in less than 1 hour… 🙂

      • OMG, you wrote that 6 minutes ago, so that means, it’s up in less than 54 minutes! 54! I’m gonna die till then. Aaaaaa! O cruel world

  • Emily Hood

    Once again; have my tea, have my sketchbook. Let’s rock this.
    :Edit: Is it weird that I am drawing space!lesbians while waiting for a webcomic about space!gays to update?

    • m s

      I believe the word you’re groping for is “awesome”, not weird. 😛 Excited for the update as well!

      • Emily Hood

        Haha, I will keep this mysterious word in mind for the future.

        • Awesome is absolutely the right word for space!lesbians.

    • Like… Lesbian Pirates from Outer Space?
      Megan Rose Gedris, is that YOU? O3o

  • Jeff is utterly gorgeous in the last panel. I love this.

  • Deacon, think think think!
    If he didn’t like it, he wouldn’t have actually let you try to touch him like this, he would’ve pushed you off right after your hellishly honest explanation. The fact that he waited long enough for you to do something says he actually likes it strongly enough to doubt whether to express doubt.

    Ahhhh, man, dying for update. Gaaahhhhhh

  • Just introduced a friend to this comic (after assuring her that violence was not exactly shown “on camera” thus far).  Check.  Ate the remaining half of a pint of Ben and Jerry’s (brownie batter).  Check.  Laptop and cell charging.  Check.  Heavy eyes.  Check.

    Oh yeah.  Now we’re camping.

    • Thank you for showing it to your friend, Summer. That’s very much appreciated! 😀

      New page up in less than 30 minutes….

      • If something this wonderful exists, it is up to us, the readers, to spread the love!  🙂  And there’s definitely plenty here to love.

        Totally excited about the new page to come in T-minus 4 minutes (give or take)!


  • yellowrock

    I like where this is going!  Also, yay, I got mentioned!  I feel special :3

  • anonymouslizzy

    Oh trust me Deacon, he likes it! ;D

  • Ree

    I love that Deacon can blush, even though he’s not human! What an amusing (and adorable) touch of whoever designed these bots 🙂

  • RIKO

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  • Well diddily darn damn