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Artifice Page 42

476 Comments on Artifice Page 42

Huh. Seems Deacon likes Jeff’s hair too…

We have new Fan Art from ~ksiazeAikka and she’s made two lovely pieces. The first is a drawing called “Jeff and Deacon cuteness” and the second is an adorable “paperchild” of Jeff. And… I love them (especially the “paperchild”!) Please be sure to check them out!

In other news, I’m going to be roaming around YaoiCon today and possibly tomorrow. If you’re a reader and you see me, please say hello! (I might even have an Artifice art card to give you. 😀 )

And… yet again you all surprise me with your amazing generosity! We hit the bonus donation target in record time (Friday morning!) and so that means I’ll be posting up our fifth bonus page in a row this Wednesday! Woo hoo!

Special thanks to longtime Artifice supporters Michele M., Zoellen F., Annette A., Amanda D., Meghan P., Jennifer R., Marina T., Karina G. (donating for the 2nd week in a row), Daniel M. (donating for the 2nd time in a week!), Alexandra R. & Erin H. & Brittany H. & Elyse B. (all four donating for the third time in two weeks!), Christina K. (donating for the 4th time in 3 weeks!) and Laura Beth W. (who has now donated for the eighth time in a row! Artifice superhero!) and let me also extend a warm, grateful welcome to new supporters Shaniqua W., Mark H., Jodi Z., Angelika H., Marcelle N., Matthew R., Nicholas H., Aubrey M. and Kieran L.!

Big, BIG hugs to new friends Verity L. and Starr R. for their super-generous $25 donations! And love-filled, android-strength hugs (and a wide-eyed grateful bow!) to Cotina S., Erika T. and Larisa V. who all donated a second $25 donation in the same week! (O_O! OMG! Total ROCK STARS!)

And finally a leaping embrace, high-five and WOOT to lewis j. who put us well over the top with their $25 donation Friday morning! 😀

Thank you all so, so much! I don’t have enough words to tell you how much joy you all have brought into my life with your amazing generosity. Just… THANK YOU!

(Oh, and because some very sweet and very optimistic readers have actually asked me what happens if we raise another $250 before the next bonus page, I’ve come up with an answer to that. For lots of reasons, including maintaining my sanity and ability to respond to comments, I want to space out bonus pages. If ever I was going to post two bonus pages in a week, I’d want to put one on Monday and then the other in the “usual” Wednesday slot.

So, if we ever hit the donation target on a Monday or Tuesday before a “regularly scheduled” Wednesday bonus page, the answer is easy—I’d just announce a bonus page for the following Wednesday, just like I always do. But I do want to respect and honor your enthusiastic support. [Oh, my God, do I want to honor it—you have no idea what kind of a morale booster the past few weeks have been for me and Winona!] So, while I don’t know if I could do this forever, if the donation target is met before the Monday or Tuesday before a “regularly scheduled” Wednesday bonus page (i.e, by Sunday 11:59 PM PST), then I would [after recovering from my heart attack] post up a 2nd bonus page the following Monday, making three pages of Artifice for that week.

Clear as mud? Awesome!

Then let me make one other thing clear: I’m not asking anyone to donate to make this happen. Winona and I are super delighted with just having the occasional bonus page on Wednesday. [Really delighted, actually!] But the whole point of these bonus pages is to show our gratitude and to add to the sense of fun for this comic. So right now, having things set up this way seems to make sense to my tiny little brain. But if it bums any of you out, then we’ll just keep it to one bonus page on Wednesdays no matter what. Kay? 😀 )

October 24th, 3:30PM: DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! OMG! We just hit the bonus target so that means that not only will we have a bonus page this Wednesday, October 26th, but we will also have one on Wednesday, November 2nd! (And as I committed to above, if we hit the target yet again by 11:59 PM PST, Sunday, October 30th, I will post up an additional bonus page on Monday, October 31st. But not asking for that to happen! Just happy to respond to your amazingly cool enthusiasm! :D) You all are so amazingly awesome—thank you!

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  • Jeff’s “OMG molestation!” face is adorable XD all the expressions in this are adorable XD

    and is Deacon really hairless apart from the stuff on his head? that’s uh…interesting?

    • mikakitten

      Heheh Deacon’s just too perfect! <3 No hair really needed if your a robot tho, I suppose…eermm…not sure. We might find out soon :3 I love Jeff's faces too!!! WTF mate!! XD

      • WTF, indeed. 🙂

      • Robots also shouldn’t need reproductive systems either. 😛

        • mikakitten

          Hmmn…you are right…but I think if they were to make these androids in mans image…perhaps they’d make them atomically correct…who knows…I mean, they’d probably get in the way of running…right? :s dunno…mystery…we shall have to wait and see XD

    • “OMG molestation face”—I love it! 😀

  • Hyperminimalism

    Oh, wow  You know, that confused, shocked, oddly turned on expression on Jeff’s face is totally warranted.  Did I mention that I’m terribly excited for the next page? 🙂

    • Ryn

      oh yeah, Jeff’s going to have to bend a knee soon. 😀

    • Glad to hear it, Hyperminimalism!

  • *SQUEE*
    It’s a little obvious what he’s doing, Jeff!!  
    Although, whether he purposefully hid the fact that he’s touching him by pretending to analyse him or whether he is genuinely studying his body, I’m not sure…
    In fact, I like how he just randomly started touching him to be honest.. 😎
    Andandand LOOK!! Look at the blush on Deacon’s face! :’3
    I’m guessing he knows exactly what he’s doing then 😛
    Mrrrrrr ^////^ <3

    • I too would bet my money on that he knows EXACTLY what he’s doing – even though, supposedly, they did not teach him this in military school, lol
      Just like he knew what he was doing when he took off the top part of his suit, supposedly for the sake of the argument, teehee. Oooh, Deacon, so naughty.
      And Jeff… I dunno, is acting dumb and clueless perhaps his form of defense reaction? Good God, Jeff, at this point one just lies back and closes their eyes. Like, come ON, man!

  • Oh my goodness, I’m glad I checked this so early~ Right before I go to bed! <3

  • Ryn

    Jeff leaves himself open; Deacon totally take the chance. and that’s the first real smile his given jeff in the earlier timeline. jeff’s at a loss how to deal with this,lol. D’s face in panel 2 is all “yeah, i can sooo seduce this guy.” loving it^^

    and i have to say, the way the upper half of the jump suit is hanging around his waist? tooootally sexy. rawr!

  • I, for one, want to know how Deacon’s suit is apparently defying gravity and not simply falling to the ground. I call shenanigans! Not possible! I demand you reinstate gravity immediately!

    • Hello J!

      Thank you for your interest in NoNeCo’s system-renowned sportswear line with HipHugger™ technology. Yes, it really is true! If, after a long workout. you find yourself overheated and in need of a cool down, you can simply pull the zipper of our FullFlex Jumpsuit down to the 75% position without fear of any unwanted “wardrobe malfunctions”. In fact, you can completely expose your upper torso and adonis belt without even the slightest risk of further slippage—even if you choose to continue to engage in vigorous activity! I myself own three of these suits and I’m delighted to tell you, it works like a charm.

      As you know, these jumpsuits are limited edition items so please be sure to get your order in soon because they won’t last long! I’m sure you’ll find they will support you in your personal workouts in ways you’ve never experienced before.

      Because together, we really can manufacture a brighter tomorrow!

      • Hee hee, I have a friend who totally needs one of these! He’s only ever had one wardrobe malfuntion that I’m aware of (that I was the only one who was around to witness, maker please bleach our brains), but he’s so shy about that kinda stuff that this jumpsuit would be ideal for him! 8D *sigh* If only I weren’t poor, I’d get him seven. One for each day. >3<

  • …  

    Dear Alex and Winona.  That sound you’re probably hearing, faint, echoing, a bit shrill? Yeah, that’s me screaming like a teeny-bopper front-stage at a Justin Beiber concert.  From several state lines away.  Just thought you should know.

    And now, I need to hop into the ice bath I’m glad I had the foresight to prepare earlier tonight.  Along with the bread I baked.  And this page.  I want to see if my body can release enough joules to melt ten pounds of ice just by looking at this page.

    • And as a form of P.S., Alex, Word of God is needed.  Did you alter the script to have Deacon like Jeff’s body hair as much as I/several others do?

      • That’s a good question, Summer! And the answer is no. It’s exactly as it was before I started this webcomic.

        When I wrote this page some years ago, I was well aware that hairy guys were quite uncommon in yaoi stories, but for a lot of reasons, it’s important for me to have romantic leads in my stories with realistic, regular bodies. So, when I realized that it would be in line with Deacon’s character for him to be a bit fascinated with Jeff’s hair, I thought it would be fun to hang a lampshade on it. 

        And so it’s been with a special delight that I’ve been reading all the recent comments on Jeff’s hair, knowing this page was coming up. 😀

        • That makes perfect sense to me now that I know what you meant by “lampshading.”  Pity that a lot of yaoi doesn’t feature men with a reasonable amount of body hair.  The completely hairless look gets old after a while.

          I’m glad you like realistic looking men for leads!  They are indeed quite awesome 🙂  I also look forward to Deacon’s discovery of other areas with hair 🙂

          • Thank you, Summer. I’m glad you’re liking what I’m trying to do here. (And we’ll see what other things Deacon discovers in the upcoming pages…)

            And, just in case others are curious, I do know that even though his body type is realistic, that Deacon hardly has a “regular” body. He is artificial and “designed”, after all. But so long as I have at least one romantic lead with a “normal” body, I feel I am accomplishing my goal here. 🙂

          • Hey, he could just be a very well developed human.  I’m sure NoNeCo has taken into account the fitness craze that could be sweeping America in the future.  As potential proof, I present you this link:


  • Uh oh, Jeff’s blush went away at the last panel D:

    • Perhaps the shock made his blush go away? Or….maybe the blood went elsewhere? ;P *shot* Haha, I sound like a dirty old man. XD Still, it’s always possible. Though it IS most likely the shock or something like that. =)

  • Pfff, I love how Jeff is still trying to be all composed in the first panel. And I can’t help but wonder ‘How in the Hell can Deacon blush?! I know he’s a machine, but did he somehow get filled with blood to appear more human or something?! =O’ Haha, I sometimes worry about the eternal mystery that is my brain. XD

    ANYWHOZER!!! Beautiful work as always! Well done Winona on the coloring, specially on how you did the blushes, the light shine on Jeff’s lips, and Deacons back………..<3 Most people would love his chest, or arms, or eyes, but I am such a back person. It's weird, I know, and I don't usually like that much muscle(I like the more sleder builds, usually), but the structer of his back, and the arch in his spine is a little more extreme than I'm used to(at least in guys I know), and the way it's shaded…..SO.MUCH.LUFF. <333

    So again, well done Winona for the art, well done Alex for how the story is progressing, and well done to both of you on creating such a masterpiece! I'm even more excited for page 43 now. 8D

    • I totally love backs too!!!  And Deacon has a FANTASTIC back.

      • Yay, I’m not alone! =’D And yes, yes he does. w<

      • W Nelson

        <3 backs!

    • Thank you very much, Morganna! I’m really glad that you’re enjoying it! 😀

    • W Nelson

      Glad we could broaden your horizons, manwise.  There are many diverse and drool-worthy man-bodies out there ^_^

  • mikakitten

    EEEEK!!! *hides face* this is so brilliant…I love Deacon’s face in the second panel!! He knows he’s hot he is and his affect on poor Jeff!! *grin* so cute with the hair facination!! For some reason…when I read that I thought he was gonna tickle Jeff, by touching his fantastic underarm hair! Hehehe!! <3 LOVE! Love Jeff and Deacon's expression in the last panel!! Jeff makes me giggle so much with his various WTF faces!!! :3 poor Deacon looks bashful <3 Can't wait til wednesday now!! BIG THANK YOU to those amazing people who donated!! <3 you people and Alex and Winona…seriously, you get my through my week!! So grateful to you all! 🙂

    P.s: OMG Alex responded to my last comment!! *dies* …so lucky!! <3 Glad you know how much I love this….!!

    • Your kind words are very much appreciated, mikakitten! (And yes, a tickle scene here would have been fun. :D) 

      • KBatty

        I dunno… tickling can be dangerous. Last time I got tickled, I accidentally kicked someone in the ribs. Last thing I’d want to see would be Deacon’s ENERGY LEGS involuntarily coming at me at a solid 80kmph. Hahaha.

        • W Nelson

          Tickling is indeed risky.  My friends used to grab me from behind, aim, and then start tickling.  I gave my poor bff a bloody nose.  And not from tension, I mean with my foot.

        • You make a very good point, KBatty. 🙂

    • W Nelson

      It’s awesome that you like our comic so much, reactions like this make it so awesome to come and check all the comments XD

      • mikakitten

        😀 <3 Ho my gosh!! Can't believe the CREATORS read this!! I'm so happy!:)If I can give back to you a fraction of the joy I get from reading your and Alex's comic, I am glad! :3

  • Oh.Dear.

    This is just too good.

    My god, they are both so beautiful! 😀

    P.s. In the last panel, i’m not sure if Jeff’s face says “I’m excited…”, or “I’m terrified.” I sure hope its the first one! <3

    • Thank you, Jaiden! And we’ll see soon enough what that face means….

  • Spirited_Dreamer

    Holy hell, Deacon’s even got a sexy back! I want a Deacon!! Jeff…too adorable lol I want the kisses to happen. I can totally wait for the far more intimate stuff if I just get to see the kiss! Okay, now that I am done hyperventilating over this…Alex, Winona…spectacular job! You two make an awesome team and I look forward to this comic every Saturday (and Wednesday lately).

    • Thank you, Lady_Scrybe! I’m really glad you’re enjoying the comic. and that you’re looking forward to more!

  • Aikka

    *-* I so want to comment this page
    i just can’t focus “XD

    i just sit here with a big smile, staring at it ^-^”

    Also love the honest answer in the last panel “XD

    I’m also really happy you like my fanarts! Making them was a great fun on it’s own, but that you like them makes me feel it was really worth to make them ^^ Also i can’t promise i won’t make more… i just love these two too much *-*

    -also had to create an account just to comment, couldn’t login with my FB o.o-

    • KBatty

      Yeah, Deacon’s Captain Obvious moments are great, aren’t they?

    • Yes! Thank you very much for the cool fanarts! That paper Jeff. No home should be without one of those…

      • Aikka

        So, you say… not everyone have one? o_o”” XD

  • Alor_Laneau

    Deacon is blushing!
    Moar moar moar!

  • Its adorable! If you can call semi-erotic relations between a genetically predisposed gay man and a curious sexy robit! Which I totally do! X3 Also between the careful exploring touches with the awesomely drawn hands, and the expressions in the last panel I think the sexual intensity has left the poor boys a little gobsmacked! XD Winona you made Deaon’s pecs so nice I almost wanted to use them for a pillow in my sleep deprived state! Jolly good show to you both! This totally makes up for the work day from hell yesterday!*snuggles the comic and goes back to bed* Also love that little paperchild!

    • W Nelson

      Sexy stories are so much better with heaps of tension and some liberally applied gobsmack.

    • Thank you, Lindsay! I’m delighted you’re enjoying where this is going! 😀

    • Aikka

      Did not expect that there will be something about my fan-art in comments! o–o
      I’m glad you like it! ^-^ Thank you 🙂

  • KBatty

    I love Deacon’s expression in panel three. It exudes a genuine appreciation for natural growth… eh heh heh. XD

    In all seriousness, it’s a great page. I really like this dynamic (though I can’t help but think Jeff is going to have a small freak-out before this gets scandalous). Lovely, as always.

    • Thank you, KBatty! 😀

      And I wonder how Jeff is going to react…

  • Words can’t describe the extent of my fanboy happiness right now…. You guys rock so freaking hard for this!!  m/^_^m/

    • YAY! It makes me happy to make the fanboys happy! 😀 Thank you!

  • harlequinface

    I do like the direction this is going. Though makes me think.. would Deacon even have a penis? He’s a killer robot and wouldn’t need one. I can imagine Deacon fully unzipping his jumper exposing himself and a dramatic zoom in of Jeff’s face looking shocked and then laughing until he cries at Deacon’s ken doll crotch.

    • u sir, are full of epic win

      • Ayella

        Haha, you guys kill me!

    • KBatty

      Haha, you paint an excellent scene. Poor Jeff. That being said, NoNeCo seems to be dedicated to engineering the most accurate synthetics possible. Like all sci-fi companies, they haven’t seen any old sci-fi where all the smarter, faster, stronger artificial people go all Terminator on everyone.

      Lucky for you, I have a transcribed statement issued by one of NoNeCo’s representatives during the last NoNeCo Annual Technology Expo that should answer a few of your questions:

      Admittedly there has been some controversy surrounding our newest line of Advanced Security Operatives, but we hope our current clients and the public as a whole will remember that we work for you. We are not merely making a product; we are gaining knowledge that will literally save lives, and we want to share it with you.

      The human body has its imperfections, and while medical science has seen exponential growth in recent history, we still have not been able to cure all illnesses. People still have arthritis. People still have asthma. Livers still fail and hearts still stop. Even if you are in perfect health your entire life, you will still die eventually. The human body is imperfect, and at NoNeCo, we hope to one day remedy that problem.

      We strive for a future where there are no illnesses, and where the full potential of the human form can be realized. Although we’re not quite there yet, with our new line of ASOs, we’re getting closer. Human lives no longer need to be risked for dangerous primary industry work, military or rescue operations… mankind no longer has any need place itself in harm’s way.

      I’m barely even scratching the surface of what NoNeCo’s ASO research and development will do for mankind, but the trickle-down effect will benefit every single last person in the room. Why? Because at NoNeCo, we’re manufacturing a brighter tomorrow.

      • Well done, KBatty. I see a very bright future for you in NoNeCo PR. 😀

  • Kayla

    Sick with the flu, but this makes my mood just skyrocket. Thank you for this beautiful gift of gorgeous half-naked men together~

    • Hehe! I love hearing that our comic has the power to heal the sick. Or at least give them a smile… 🙂

      I hope you feel better very soon, pepsikayla!

  • Emperor_Meiji

    Mommy, what are those two people doing?

    • KBatty

      Well sweetie, when a man has been held captive by a synthetic for a little over a month…

      …nevermind. Run along and play with your toys.

      • LOL! That answer is full of win. You on are fire today. 😀

    • Here. Let me draw you a picture…

      No wait, let me get my awesome friend Winona to draw you a picture…

  • llbutters

    I just came.

  • mikakitten

    Okay…really sad of me…but just trying to think who would play jeff and deacon in a hollywood movie of Artifice…this is as close as I got…of course Logan would have to be older and more…manly….and Sam would have to be a bit younger…but I would love to see this movie!! <3

    • miggs5434

      OMG!! They are perfect the one who would play Jeff is perfect (HE LOOKS JUST LIKE HIM!!!!! o_O ) A movie would be Awesome!

      • mikakitten

        Heheh I’m glad you guys like it! 😀 hehe <3 Just thought I was being a bit geeky by doing that, but yay! <3

    • I think you chose well!

    • W Nelson

      Wow, yeah, those picks are right on the money!

    • I agree. Good choices, mikakitten. Much fun to see that. 🙂

  • SigmundReimann

    Are you sure you have enough of a buffer to cover three bonus pages week? I wouldn’t put it past your awesome readers to somehow manage that. Haha. Deacon’s such a bold flirt, though I suppose it is just curiosity at the moment.

    • W Nelson

      We do keep a decent amount of cushion, but you guys are lighting a fire under my ass!!  It’s good though!  I’ve always liked the salt-and-pepper look anyway :}

    • Well, as I said, I can’t guarantee we’d be able to do that forever, but this kind of enthusiasm is just so gratifying to creators like Winona and me—I just really want to honor it as long as we can. 🙂

  • Antonimos


    • Antonimos

      This has bee the highlight of my day, Alex, you have been doing an excellent job with your story line along with Winona and her Artistic greatness.
      Keep up the FANTASTIC work I look forward to more :3

      • Thank you so much, Antonimos! I’m really glad that our comic is adding to your day. It make me happy to hear that.

        And more in less than 4 days! 😀

  • Gods, Deacon’s body is made of pure win, and Jeff’s too! And I want to see the “things they do not teach you in military training” even more!!! Great job, guys! I really look forward to every single strip you make, and I whenever I check my feeds to find if you guys updated as scheduled, I’m never disappointed! I could give innocent virtual hugs while I still can’t donate…But when I make my own money I’ll support you guys 😀

    • W Nelson

      I’m happy you enjoy the comic so much!

    • Thank you so much, Grace! I’m glad you’re enjoying Artifice! 😀

  • lol “What are you doing”
    “Touching you”
    That made me lol. He’s so blunt haha

  • grinsekatze

    aaaawwww. they’re both cute with the way they are blushing!! I love that it was Deacon to make the first move, made more sense. They have such a good chemistry, it’s already hot when you just see them just talk with each other. But this is going to be head-exploding. I pray everytime before a new page comes up: please let them kiss, i wanna see them kiss!!!! but i know it will come to this eventually 😉 and i will wait patiently! i’ll try really hard^^
    i’m amazed every time how good this comic is, the storyline and the art. It’s just working!!! Thank you so much to both of you for providing us with such an extraordinary webcomic.

    • Thank you, grinsekatze2012, for your awesomely kind words. It puts a big smile on my face. 🙂

  • CK

    This is so amazing! 😀
    Really; when I think it cant possibly get any does!

    • Yay! That’s a really nice compliment. Thank you, CK! 🙂

  • Lottie_chan

    Just started reading this last night and I have to say, I’m in love! I found ya’ll through one of the ads placed on SmackJeeves and I’m thrilled that I finally clicked on it after see it a few times! ^-^ I love the characters so far and I find it fascinating that you decided to tell the story through the android’s perspective. Usually in these cases they go for the human side, so it’s fun seeing it this way! I look forward to following you all on a weekly basis now!

    • W Nelson

      I have a thing for stories of robots and androids and artificals and Replicants, just so fascinating!  When I first read this script I knew Alex and I were meant to be XD

    • I’m thrilled you clicked over here too, Lottie_chan. And I’m glad you’re enjoying this different perspective. This comic was always meant to be Deacon’s story. The idea started with a daydream I had of that scene in pages 1-6 and with Deacon coming back with the “inhuman” comment.  And as I thought more about the story I wanted to tell, for some reason, it’s was his perspective that I connected with the most. Not sure why that is. But I imagine Dr. Maven could help me figure that out… 😉

  • Krondor2000

    All I can say is how on earth is Deacon going to explain his behavior to Maven? He was programed to kill. Maven must have known there must be a rogue coder in her company’s mist. The coder would just put Deacon’s life as well as Jeff’s life in danger as well as his/her own. Don’t get me wrong, I love this scene. Can’t wait for the next one!

    • True, but they didn’t specify the TYPE of kill.  Could be that Jeff is about the be the very lucky recipient of a “little death.” 😛

      • Ooh, I love it when my readers reference French… 😉

        • This may have had something to do partly with the fact that Addams Family was on the TV last night, but all of a sudden I heard you go, “Morticia!  THAT’S FRENCH!” and then you were kissing up and down Deacon’s arm…

          (I love language jokes)

  • Dani J.M. Hewak


    This webcomic ALWAYS makes my day.
    Every time you update.
    I fangirl very hard.
    This page.
    THIS PAGE <3.
    Thank you.

    • You’re very welcome, Lily. Thank you very much for your kind words! 🙂

  • Reign

    I think Deacon just wanted to touch Jeff and who can blame him? When they blush it’s just too sweet. I am so glad you and Winona are getting all this support. Your fans adore you guys. I just can’t wait to have Artifice in my hands 🙂

  • yaoikitty

    Yes! I woke up extra early to check this page out before I head out to the Y-con events and I am glad I did, for this page is made of pure win! I love both Deacon’s and Jeff’s bodies (Winona, you have truly outdone yourself!), and I love the simple, direct and totally in character way Deacon found a way to caress Jeff and get things started (way to find and opening and go for it, Deacon!).

    Alex and Winona, you guys totally deserve our admiration and support for the wonderful and beautifully drawn tale you are telling here. And as crazy as it sounds, I may be one of the few fans that doesn’t mind having two updates a week even if you reach more than one donation goal–as long as you move the next bonus page to the next week (I hope you understand what I mean!). Twice a week is fine for me, if it means I get to enjoy the unfolding of this fantastic tale just a little longer!

    Hopefully I will see you at the con, and I will try not to fangirl all over you if I do! X-P

    • W Nelson

      Have extra fun at Y-com, send some to me XD

      I’m so glad you enjoy our work so much!  The reactions of our readers are the best part 😀

    • Thank you very much yaoikitty—for both your super kind words and for your thoughts about how we should handle the bonus pages. It’s good to get your perspective. 🙂

      And yes, please say hi if you see me! 🙂

  • Ooooooh – curiosity. I should use that excuse next time I rub up against a friend. I’m just checking out your hair pattern, guy, relax!

    • LOL. Works every time.

      That and this massage technique the doctors in Canada are currently promoting…

      • KBatty

        I must be living in the wrong part of Canada. I haven’t been able to get any Canadian lip massages either. Terrible region I’m living in, clearly.

  • Yukiness

    I love Deacon’s face in panel 6. I can imagine a slight shyness when he mutters the words, “touching you”. It all flows so beautifully in my head. Also, I can imagine that that somewhere between panels 2 and 3 is where a soft, non imposing, jazz melody starts off.

    Now, I must tell you that nothing, I mean NOTHING, ever motivated me to wake up early in the morning on a saturday, not even cartoons. However, the moment I crawled out of bed, I was on this website like white on rice and a incredable bright smile of devious satisfaction exploded onto my face the moment I saw it. I am still wear the said exploded smile.

    Thank you both for giving me a reason to get up in the morning.

    • W Nelson

      Haha! I spring out of bed on Saturdays (and Wednesdays now too) to see the new page and the comments.  When it goes live it’s actually the first time I’ve seen it with the word balloons, and I LOVE reading the comments.  We have such an amazing group of fans 😀

      • Yukiness

        Well, I’ve always known for years now that wed is the best day of the week. Artiface just gives me a more defined smile when I call it hump day. Hell, I was born on a wed (just barely) so it must count for something.

        And reading all the intelligent comments gives me hope for the future. I swear, all the people who comment here (exspecially the individual who beautifully over analized the possibility of the possible andriodian love juice that Deacon carries) should be the only ones who procrate.

        • W Nelson

          I’ve always had a fondness for Thursdays.  Probably because at my school, Thursday was Chocolate Milk Day.

    • Wow. That’s like the huge-est compliment ever. Thank you! 😀

  • another gorgeous page! and Deacon’s blush going on in the last panel? adorable.

  • Jeff. Just go with it… You’ll never know if you get another chance…..°^°

  • Ayella

    Love it! Thanks.

    • You’re very welcome. Really glad you like it! 🙂

  • CotinaS

    And the yummy goodness just keeps on coming*_^. If I didn’t know that Deacon has never done any of this before,I would seriously suspect him of pulling some practiced smooth moves for the excuse to touch Jeff. With that innocence/wonderment going for him Jeff doesn’t stand a chance.

  • AnyOtaku

    I have been wanting to join here so I could comment but after THIS PAGE, I couldn’t wait anymore!

    I’d like to say so many things. First that this comic is amazing! I love yaoi the most but with this science fiction atmosphere it’s even better. And the design of characters as well as their personalities are fascinating. 

    Plus, all those blush-faces are making me squeal so much and the sentence “Touching you” has killed me!

    Anyway, thanks so much for making this awesome comic!!

    • You’re very welcome, AnyOtaku! Thank you very much for your awesomely kind words! 🙂

  • iamlingy


  • My god, this page makes me melt.
    I recently discovered this comic a few days ago, it’s amazing! Beautiful art, interesting story… I can’t wait to see what happens next!

  • This made my day!

    • Yay! Glad to hear it!

    • Howdy!

      I’m not sure if this will ever get to you, but I’d like to use one of your comments in the upcoming printed version of Artifice. Could you please contact me using the Email Alex link at the top of this page?



  • Syanana

    -giggles- So cute ~ Deacon you confusing Jeff omg. Whai? the blush on Dea’s face <3

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  • W Nelson

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    Edit: for some reason, Disqus put my replies in weird places. For the non sequitur humor, I am leaving it.

  • W Nelson

    I would, but only when smushing my face into that chest XD

    Edit: for some reason, Disqus put my replies in weird places. For the non sequitur humor, I am leaving it.

  • Deacon, you are bad at playing innocent.  I see that blush. >3

    Jeff’s faces always crack me up.  Utterly priceless.  “Am I high, or is he hitting… on…?”

    The answer is yes, Jeff.  Yes he is.

  • Deacon… you really just pulled the blanket down a bit…? ♥

    I love it! Jeffs lips in the fourth panel = ♥And Deacon, please, stop teasing him, you tease the readers too ; ~ ; 

    Much fun at YaoiCon!

  • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

    Does NoNeCo sell this model of Artificial to non-military entities? The more I see of his performance, the more seriously I am considering purchasing one.

    • While this exact model is only available for military and security purposes. the NoNeCo Artificial Companions division has some new options coming in this winter that I think you will find equally if not more pleasing. Would you like us to send you a catalog? 🙂

      • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

        I suppose until Dr Maven figures out the coding errors, it would not be possible simply to remove the military and security coding and leave everything else the same? Can I select the same shell from the catalog?

        (I love your NoNeCo responses!)

        • I’m afraid it might never be possible to remove the military and security coding from these models. The ASO mark D version is a quantum leap forward in artificial intelligence and that leap meant that traditional methods of diagnostics and reprogramming are simply unreliable. Much subtler methods are required and these modification techniques could not 100% guarantee that these units’ protective nature would be completely eradicated.

          That said, if you are liking the design of the ASO you’ve seen in the demonstrations, I can certainly request that the VIP Bespoke Design department use its form as a base for your custom model. A couple years back, I myself fell rather hard for an artificial German Shepard Schutzhund model whose exact likeness is now gently minding my children as I type this. So, yes, I believe we should be able to accommodate you! 😀 

          • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

            NoNeCo sells ASO dogs? Oh dear, there go some more hard-earned paychecks.

            Do your civilian ASOs have properly functioning Asimov’s laws? I suspect this may be implicated in the problem with ASO mark D. As hypothesized in Asimov’s fiction, removal or modification of one of the three laws tends to cause unexpected conflicts within the basic processes, as one can never be quite sure whether an artificial human will specialize or generalize as a result of a single conflict occurring.

          • Hello Sharon!

            I’m not sure what you’ve heard, but we’ve had no problems at all with the mark D. Preliminary tests, even in live field situations, have performed flawlessly. I know we have pushed back the shipping date by a few months, but you can’t blame the NoNeCo design team for being perfectionists! It’s that attention to detail that inspires such interest in even the physical appearance of our ASO models, as you yourself have experienced! 😀

            And, being a sci-fi fan myself, I am aware of Asimov’s three laws, but I’m sure you understand that what is appropriate for creating compelling fiction stories does not always apply to real life. While we have numerous safeguards in place to ensure safe operation of our ASOs, we have never incorporated Asimov’s laws into their base code.

            Thank you again for your interest in our artificial assistants! Together we really can manufacture a brighter tomorrow.

  • Deacon’s body gives me the shiveries. The good kind. And I’m glad Jeff agrees ^_^

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  • Decon’s face in that second panel is soooo great!  Now if only he would pull that blanket down just a little bit further… <3

  • Aikka

    Another comment from me ^-^”

    I just noticed that i made my first comment here, and did not say anything about Winona’s art. That’s unforgivable! ;-; It seems my brain just turned off back then “XD

    I simply love your art here. I think Alex already noticed that i am a little too much obsessed with Artifice. And that’s thanks to BOTH of you. I could just stare at every single page of it and forget about everything else.

    Stalked your webpage too *-*””

    And sorry, but i’m just bad at commenting, i simply never can put in words exactly what i want to express so i stopped to even try “XD

    I use one of Artifice pages as my phone wallpaper ^.^
    and now i suspiciously often check the time on it…

    • W Nelson

      Thank you, you are so sweet!  I’m so happy that you enjoy my work and made it your wallpaper!!  I know how big a deal that is, mine is a picture of my cat and I do check my phone all the time just to look at him when I’m away from home ^_^

      • Aikka

        You’re very welcome! ^^

      • mikakitten

        Haha!! 😀 I do that too!! This is him his name is Oliver…or Ollie-wolly :3

        • W Nelson

          D’awww look at that sweet face!  He’s so manly with his notched ear.  A rescue?  My Diego is a rescue, and a gentleman 🙂

          • Aikka

            Can we see him too? 🙂

          • W Nelson

            Yes!  Here he is in a box:

            And here is his belly:

            And here’s the one I keep as my phone’s lock screen:

          • Aikka

            awww… so cute *-*

            *tries to steal him*

            *gets scratched*

            Ok, ok i will give you back… ;-;

          • W Nelson

            He’s more a biter than a scratcher 😛

          • Aikka

            *bitten and scratched* ;-;

          • I find it awesome that there is catblogging in the comments of this yaoi comic. 😉

          • mikakitten

            Oooh!! I’d love to see Diego!! Well…Ollie-Wolly is actually the son of my sisters cat. As a child, he was incrediably cute and he grew into an equally handsome young man…so much so, we thought maybe he should be a kitty model. But he heard this and I think he grew a complex. So one day, in rebellion, he came home with a notch in his ear so he was no longer perfect… XD hahah nah, that’s not true. Well really, there is only two ways we figured he got it…one was that he accidently skewered his ear on a twig whilst climbing a tree and in his panic to untangle himself ripped it through his ear. Or he got into a fight, which is rather out of character, as Ollie is a bit of a gentleman himself and I’ve never seen him engage or even take an intrest in fighting (he’s a lover I’m afraid) so I don’t think it was the latter really. He does have an odd issue of over grooming…he love to make sure he looks perfect at all times…which is a little strange and often makes me think he’s rather metrosexual… :/

            Anyways, more cute pictures! <3

   him as a kitten

   him pre-notch…

            I seem like an obsessed cat lady don't I :s

        • Aikka

          cute *-*

          I never had a cat ;-;
          but always am friends with someone who has “XD

          • mikakitten

            Awww… ;_; your comment makes me sad, but yes!! I would do that if I had no cat! Lots of friends with cats 🙂 I’d feel bad if my ‘friend’ cottened on that I was only friends with them for their cats but it would be worth it! 😀 heheh…I often stop to say hi to cats…my boyfriend hates it! I do not care! XD <3

  • m s

    So guilty of being a camper; I was up until 3AM EST until I realized I calculated the time difference incorrectly. 😀

    Anyways, let that be a testament to how highly I think of this comic. It’s got such an alluring mix of humor, philosophical/ethical questions and hot boys. Every detail effectively contributes to conveying the story and emotions (i.e. the shading and angle of Dr. Maven’s face when she said “try” sent shivers up my spine).

    I’m basically new to Sci-Fi and the whole artificial persons concept was foreign to me – are they more ‘human’ than ‘robot’ or vice-versa? – but I enjoy that this is mostly left to the discretion of the reader and only hints are given in the context of natural dialogue.

    Despite what Deacon asserts, I would very much consider him human; his anatomy and capacity for complex human emotion stir images of a ‘Brave New World’ sort of genetic modification and assembly-line production/conditioning of humans, but with an added level of control with a brain-computer interface to physically restructure and command Deacon’s brain… and perhaps some additional design tweaks, like allowing ‘charges’ to take the place of sleep. 

    For one thing, this would represent a significant saving of time and resources to NoNeCo – why reinvent the wheel by designing an entity from scratch to do things on the level of difficulty of a human (and beyond), when it would logistically be much easier to extensively modify an existing human design that has been already shaped by evolution for millions of years? 

    Even if this isn’t exactly the case, functionally, both Deacon and Jeff are human. The only difference seems to be the fundamental unit of their ‘programming’ – for Jeff, that would constitute his genome (and epigenome if we really want to get technical), whereas for Deacon this is some sort of master code. If NoNeCo did design Deacon from scratch, then, human traits such as the need for companionship are 
    inherently secondary to recapitulating the complexity of human learning, thought, or whatever they needed to make Deacon do what he does. (Perhaps undesirable for NoNeCo, but there wouldn’t be a story if it weren’t the case!)

    Either of the cases would account for Deacon’s apparent disobeying of orders despite extensive conditioning, as human needs according to Maslow’s hierarchy (i.e. social, self-actualization) would eventually be overriding – exactly the case in ‘Brave New World’ and other similarly-themed distopian literature.

    Anyways, thank you for all the effort that goes into this comic. It’s clearly got me thinking. 🙂

    • Aikka

      Sorry i may go a little off-topic but i just can’t ignore this  *-*

      I loved how you said “I’m basically new to Sci-Fi” and then posted a long comparison to distopian novel “Brave New World” as i consider these topics related xD

      Anyway, if you like distopian novels, you should expand your interest further to sci-fi too. Of course not to all but there also many things you may love.

      For me artificial people, robots etc. were topics i always liked. The same with distopian themes. But that was when i was younger (i start to think i was a weird child…) and back then i didn’t really look for anything new, just when there was a movie or anything with them, i loved it. Some time ago i started to look for dystopian novels to read, but THEN i actually started to look for sci-fi things because i noticed, i loved these topics too.

      So just hm…

      that’s just an advice from someone who may like similar things to you ^_^” feel free to ignore me if i bored or offended you in any way “XD [and then i’m sorry too o-o]

      Also back to the topic.

      Well, why people would want to do something like that from scratch… aren’t they already? A far as i know even building it, still is based on existing things. Maybe current robots are based more on insects than human but we are copying anyway XD also sometimes, building is much easier than editing existing thing. Of course i am sure there are people who try both of these things or even both at the same time.

      But also making a robot has one advantage – no matter, how advanced, human-like it is – it’s just a toy, tool; just a thing. With no rights, where you can experiment on it without hiding it out of public completly.

      • I’m loving that even on the sexy pages, we’re getting thoughtful and smart comments like these. I have the most awesome readers on the planet. 😀

        • Aikka

          Hehe, thank you ^-^”

    • What a wonderful, thoughtful comment. Thank you for your kind words and the deep thinking—even though “hot boys” are part of the fun, it’s this kind of thinking that I was hoping to inspire, at least to some degree. 🙂 

      And I think you might be onto something with Maslow’s hierarchy…

  • Vanessa Trepanier

    I giggled, I love this page! I mean I love all the pages, but the last few have been extra awesome. I cannot wait for more!!

    Also I thought that picture in the background was Maven for a second, but then I realized it’s the wrong hair colour @__@ That would have been quite a twist!

    • Thank you!

      (And yes, that would have been quite the twist! But actually just Jeff’s Mom. Who is not Maven. 🙂 )

  • Laymanterms303

    Duh, Jeff. As if he isn’t curious how Deacon feels. Even though everyone else on the ship is dead, I’m still expecting them to get interrupted somehow.

    Edit: And I just thought of a reason for the paddle to be there.


  • ErrorTime

    Jeff’s face is priceless omg!, and is Deacon blushing on the last panel? X3
    EDIT: I had a sucky day so far, bu this made it 30000 percent better!~

    • YAY! Glad to hear it! Thank you for letting me know! 😀

  • Finzz

    I just hope we aren’t stressing you two out, or taking time away from your personal lives.  I think the reason all of this is successful is because you guys make it easy, the incentives are clear and timely, and the comic is awesome.  My b-day is tomorrow, so this was a nice lil gift, I love it 😀  Thanks so much!

    • W Nelson


      • Finzz

        WOW NO WAY!  I’ve only met one other person with the same b day as me, and he was exactly my age!  I feel special now :3  Have a good one Winona, we’re (my twin, a friend and I) going to a Deadmau5 concert, woo!!!

        • W Nelson

          Color me jealous, Deadmau5 is awesome XD  Have fun!  I’m going hiking for my b-day!  I love in fantasy books when they go on their quests and eat road food like a hunk of bread, a wedge of cheese, and a sausage.  SO that’s what I’m doing 😀  I just wish I had a cloak and a horse.

          • Finzz

            Just got back, it was freakin’ awesome of course.  Not really my kind of crowd with all the cigs, weed, and drunk chicks, but I can put up with it, hope you had fun too.  I gotta start picking up more fantasy books, they’re the shiz.

          • W Nelson

            Actually a crazy funny happened.  We looked up a short but challenging hike nearby, found a well-reviewed one called Mount Misery.  So we went to the park, parked our car, hiked up the mountain, had our picnic, came back down, had a great time.  When we got back to the car and looked at the map to see how to get out, we realized we hadn’t gone far enough into the park and had climbed the wrong mountain.  We’d set out to climb Mt Misery and instead we’d climbed Mt Joy.

          • Best. Birthday. Story. Ever. 🙂

          • Finzz

            Agreed.  Happy success for all 🙂

    • You’re very welcome, Finz! Thank you for your kind words—and for letting me know what’s working for you about how things are set up here. That’s very helpful information.

      And please don’t worry about stressing us out! As I’ve said, the current momentum around the bonus pages is a HUGE morale booster. While it does require some hustling on our part to delivery pages faster than expected, your generosity is far more energizing and joy-producing than stressful, trust me. 😀

  • Aaaaah, see? I wasn’t the only one obsessing over Jeff’s chest hair! Deacon is too! And he is BLUSHING! <3 <3  Aaaaaawww!

    And Jeff's WTF face on the last panel is HILARIOUS! Winona's art is so awesome *sigh* <3

    [Really random and not Artifice-related but I didn't know that Ponderosa was part of the 911 team O: That's so cool, I loved her HP fanarts!]

    • Glad you’re liking what you see, Alis!

      And yes, Ponderosa has created two wallpapers for my Yaoi 911 Tough comics. One (Junkyard) has already been released. The other I’ll be sending out to my mailing list soon. 🙂

  • Exile 755 is a Higglytown hero

    *squinting like a motherfucker*
    Third panel, I’m at least 80% certain Jeff is wearing pants/undies/whatever. I could put my glasses on to check, but eh.

    :c I-I’m scared, Jeff doesn’t look… pleased, really. (Lack of blush + face in the last, although maybe that’s nothing.)
    DON’T HIT DEACON, PLEASEEEEEE. He doesn’t really know better. XD But if you’re actually pleased… PANTS, OFF WITH THEM. >:3

    • KBatty

      Agent 755, it seems very important I bring something to your attention. By all means, clicky-clicky…


      • Exile 755 is a Higglytown hero

        Scientific fact! 😀

  • mutisija

    lmao @ Deacons face in the last panel xD

  • never2late4music

    “What are you doing?”
    “Touching you.” And blushing. ^_^

  • Sandra Virgínia

    These two seem like two teenagers discovering the curiosity of the body. 🙂
    Again, Jeff’s expression is hilarious. Jeff doesn´t behave like a fool, ok?
    Oh my, Deacon is blushing !!!?
    Err … Deacon, will you only look at the chest hair? *Evil grin*

  • Oh Deacon. I honestly can’t tell whether you’re just legitimately intrigued, or making an attempt to cover up an ulterior motive to touch Jeff… either way, though, it’s freaking adorable. Android blush ftw!

  • Just touching him? Jeff, just grab this son of a bitch and his brains out so he knows how he should be touching you!

    • KBatty

      He accidentally the whole robot? -snicker-


  • SteveMcSheffrey

    From what little we’ve been told about what Deacon did to his rescuers it would seem Deacon grew to care for the little boy but I realized a while after reading this that the only reason Deacon would be brave enough to do all this is he thought that any evidence of  his experimenting with Jeff would die with the kid.  It would be interesting if Jeff were to realize that too in the afterglow…

    • Nikolicious

      I’ve also thought about that. But somehow i keep telling to myself that he underestimated that “care about the boy”.

      • SteveMcSheffrey

        If the situation with the rescue team is what we think, and who’s willing to bet some cruel writer will throw in a twist we don’t see coming, then he did care enough to violently protect the boy.  And seeing as how Jeff says the others left him behind, not caring if he lived or died, that would be huge to him.  BTW, does anyone have a theory on that ‘left behind’ thing?  Bare bones seems the colonists had been somewhere else, something potentially fatal happened that tipped them off to a corporate secret, and they left their token homo there when they went to go get killed by the androids (which BTW is some harsh karma).

  • Nikolicious

    I’m absolutely delighted by Deacon’s attitude. He is trying to sound all inocent but his expressions betray him: what a master of seduction. Although, I’d love to know, maybe I missed some facts, how old is Jeff? Maven called him “a boy” so … I though he might be… around 20?
    Great page. I can’t get enough of the artwork. It always reminds me of the DC comics style… <3

    • Aikka

      I don’t remember where i read it… but i think he’s 19.

      But probably you should wait for someone else to answer ^^”

      • Archidel

        Although I’m not 100% certain myself, I too seem to recall 19 being his age.

        • W Nelson

          Yeah, he’s 19.

    • Glad you’re liking the page, Nikolicious! Yep, as others have confirmed, Jeff is 19 here. 🙂

    • SteveMcSheffrey

      Boy is also a quick way of denigrating a person, to show that you don’t think much of their growth or standing without having to say bad things or have the listener even realize why they get the impression you dislike someone.  It’s like only referring to your stepmother as the new wife more or less…

  • Nikolicious


  • I’m really interested in the fact the Deacon was designed to blush. Hmmm…

    Also, DAMN, boy.

    • Huh, I’m beginning to get the feeling that many of the things happening to Deacon aren’t actually part of  his intended design. Because why would they go to all the extra trouble of making him able to feel an emotional connection to somebody, let alone developv sexual feelings? I mean, imagine how complex that sort of wiring must be, lol. I don’t see how it could possibly be useful for the company. Even if some of the employees abuse the droids for their own pleasure, there’s no need to manifacture the droids such that they would themselves become ‘curious’.
      So really, what’s up with u, Deacon my man? Why are so special?

      • I mean, I was thinking the emotional connection stuff was more a ghost in the shell (if you’ll pardon the anime reference)/god in the machine sort of thing. But I’m wondering why one would wire an android physically capable of blushing still.

        I’m waiting for enlightenment as well, though. Hopefully some light will be shed.

  • I wonder if Deacon’s hands are warm? Last panel is interesting, lots of surprises lately.  😀

    • Oh, I do believe they actually MUST be warm. Because, much as I hate to compare Deacon to a microwave oven, lol, you know how electrically operated stuff warms up when operated..? Which leads to we to hypothesise that upon experiencing the sort of things he’s experiencing currently, his temperature should rise alongside with increased power consumption. You know, just like with us humans – you get turned on, you get warmer xD
      I can only keep my fingers crossed he won’t shortcircuit if they actually get to doing stuff, ROFL

      • KBatty

        The battery life on those ASOs must be incredible, amirite? lmao

  • They’re so fantastically pretty. Jeff’s mouth in the 4th panel was like fruit. His face in the final one was hilarious XD I love the crazy in his eyes.

  • Firekitty

    I refuse to believe that he’s not doing that on purpose. Even if he lacks experience in dealing with humans, someone’s got to have remembered to program in/tell him that randomly groping dudes isn’t exactly a casual thing.

    At the very least, it’d blow his cover pretty hard if he were trying to be undercover, but thought feeling up someone was a reasonable way to say ‘hello’.

    ‘Pleased to meet you, Dr. Maven. My but those large fleshy protrusions on your chest are an interesting design choice.’ ::poke::

    • Archidel

      That’s assuming of course that these guys were designed for undercover work. On page 2 it was mentioned that the five of them killed 430 armed colonists with their bare hands. That sounds more like shock trooper material than infiltrator. When you have that kind of raw power at your disposal, sneaking around undercover becomes rather redundant.

      On the other hand, if they weren’t designed to go undercover, one does wonder why the company would bother making them quite so anatomically correct. Not to mention hot as all hell.

      • You know what, I’ve just been visited by a guess that the reason is some people at the company like to mess around with the droids. Convenient, isn’t it? They won’t protest, won’t tell anybody, nothing. And, as you very fittingly put it, they’re hot as hell…

        • Ryn

          which brings up an even more disturbing thought. the reason the company makes such realistic bodies; sounds like the next step up from real dolls. creeeepy~

          everything about that company is seriously fucked up.

    • LOL, Firekitty.

  • Diseasedface

    ~senses things that shall soon approach~ OH DEARY ME!

    and oooh is that a picture of Jeffs mother i spy on the counter?

    AND AS USUAL ITS A PLEASURE to see Deacon blushing…BWAHAHHAHA.

    ~nods head~

    • KBatty

      It’s time to put away those pictures of Mom. lmao. I’m fairly certain it’s not the case for Jeff, but I could not possibly comfortably get it on with pictures of my parents RIGHT THERE. Though in all fairness, they are seemingly out of Jeff’s line of vision; presently his field of view is heavily obstructed by impressive (simulated) musculature.

      That’s an obstruction we could all live with a little more of, I’m sure.

  • Cydalima

    Are you trying to kill me? Deacon is perfect, and Jeff is so cute. I love Deacon’s blush in the last pannel, and Jeff’s face makes me laugh so hard. Thank you Alex and Winona, for this piece of art, I really enjoy this comic ^^

    • You’re very welcome, Cydalima! I’m really glad you’re enjoying it! 😀

  • OMFG, I don’t even know what to SAY about this page.  ^////^!

  • Oh my god!! I slept in really late and forgot it was Saturday until I saw Alex’s update on Facebook. Then my face exploded. I don’t think I can read much more. >////< <3

  • After getting over the shock, I actually notice things. I forget that Deacon isn’t human so there wouldn’t really be any need to put chest hair and whatnot on him. And Jeff’s lips look awesome in panel four. And I didn’t notice Deacon blushing in the last panel!! Love everything! Especially the dialogue “What are you doing… O_o?” “Touching you. o///o” <3 And last, I didn't notice that we are getting a bonus page. This means, I will get a new Artifice and two new Teahouse pages in one day. I don't know how to deal with this. <333

    • miggs5434

      YAY!!! A fellow teahouser! I am excited as well, this week will certainly go down in yaoi history! XD

      • Subhadra Erika

        Fuck yeah Teahouse! How hot is this slice of internet?

        • I too enjoy Teahouse. 🙂

          • I got nosy about this “Teahouse” and went to the links page to check it out. HOT DAMN! Thanks to all you mentioners for that rec! God, I love the internet and all of its riches of yaoi! Inbetween Artifice, Teahouse, Starfighter, and fanfiction, it’s an embarrassment of riches! <3

          • KBatty

            Yeah, my regimen consists of Artifice, Starfighter, and now Teahouse as well.

            I’m being sucked into the dirty story vortex. lmao

          • miggs5434

            I look at the same exact list of yaois!!!!! I heard about this comic on Teahouse and am glad it has influenced others to visit the site as well! •3•

    • Thanks for the love, Poefish! I’m glad you enjoyed the update! 😀

  • Silentwisher

    Ooooooo I like this 

  • Lorescien

    Oh, goodness, that smug smile on Deacon’s face in the second panel. What a naughty boy, lol. He totally knows what he’s doing. >;)


    Deacon, come on, you know *exaaaaaaactly* what you’re doing. Drop the “I’m just making an observation” facade and kiss the damn kid. 

  • I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to a Wednesday so much in my life o3o

  • thisboybroken

    Is it hot in here???? All I have to say is, I will be spending alot of quality time with myself!!! Again Deacon is BEAUIFUL!!! Great job. 

    • Hehe. You crack me up, thisboybroken. Thank you! 😀

  • Erin Timberlake

    Oh, Deacon. That’s called abuse of power. His reaction to being told he’s a sexy bro is hilarious though

  • Oh Deacon has no idea what he’s doing to Jeff, cannot wait for the next page!

  • Jeff, baby, come on now, where’s your Stockholm syndrom? ROFL
    Seriously though, much as I’d LURVE to see them getting all over each other, like, RIGHT AWAY, I do in fact find it so much more plausible that Jeff is – well, I wouldn’t exactly call it ‘putting up resistance’ lol – let’s call it ‘stalling’. For one thing, take the circumstances of his whole life. He may be attracted (very much, hehe) to Deacon, but still, he’d been despised and shunned for the way he is, and from what we know he’s never met a boy who’d share his tastes, so I don’t suppose he can entirely erase from his head everything he’s heard about awful it is. I reckon there’s still some unpleasant doubt lurking around, even though he knows he’s born this way and not ‘responsible’ for his preferences.
    Secondly, the particular situation with Deacon. Not to mention that Jeff is presumably kept alive only until Deacon’s team arrives and finishes him off on account of redundancy… He must be aware that if Deacon wants to seduce him, and he tries to resist, Deacon has each and every power to actually FORCE him through it – that mustn’t be a very comfortable knowledge to possess. ..

    • MinnieAmos

      That’s indeed a frequent problem with yaoi. It throws out all human problems and reasoning except “NEED SEX NAO” or “I LOVE HIM SO HOW DO I SEDUCE HIM FOR SEX RIGHT NAO.” Stories like this that are well written are such a pleasant change of pace. (But as with most things, it is rare to find anything of quality.) Therefore, if I ever meet Alex I will give him the biggest hug EVER♥.

      • You’re a sweetheart, MinnieAmos! I’m glad you’re liking what I’m trying to do here! 😀

    • You’re thinking about this in just the right way, December. 🙂

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    Jeff’s all like, “Hottie’s touching me.  Hottie’s touching me. @_@”

    And Deacon’s all like, “Touching a hottie.  Touching a hottie. :D”

  • SholtoMaru

    Hmmmm. C’mon, Jeff. You know what he’s doing. He’s feeling you up.

    This is adorable. They’re both kinda awkward, and it’s so damn cute. It makes sense that Deacon is fascinated by Jeff’s body hair, since apparently Deacon doesn’t have any. I…can’t even think of intelligent questions to ask right now, since I’m still under the weather, and my brain is fried by the sexiness of this page.

    Thanks, Alex and Winona! Ya’ll rock my socks like crazy!

    • You’re very welcome! 😀 I hope you feel better soon!

      • SholtoMaru

        I just wandered back here, as I tend to do several times during the week, and I was looking at some of the finer details in the picture. Usually, the first time I see the page, I’m mesmerized by the characters, their expressions and body language, and the dialogue. The second time around, I’m able to focus more on background stuff, which is just as awesome.

        I finally managed to come up with a question. That picture there, of the friendly-looking doctor lady. Is that Jeff’s mom? They have the same hair, and it would be entirely weird for him to have a picture of a random doctor in his room…I assume this is his room, simply because…well, where else would he sleep? He’s still…you know, he’s still home! Might as well be comfortable and in familiar surroundings while waiting for the sexy android to off him, am I right? Anyway, in the other picture, of the man and woman, Jeff’s parents?

        And the logo that is everywhere, the sun emerging from the clouds…yeah, can the company be more obvious with those “We’re the fantastic change you need, in this troubled world” vibes? I love it.

        And (Okay, I can’t seem to stop talking) thank you, Alex, I’m feeling much better now. 😀

        One more thing that just occurred to me. Why would they have given Deacon the ability to…uh…become…excited…Did they intend for him to be sexually active? Unless he doesn’t actually have that ability, in which case things are going to get super interesting at some point. Anyway, assuming he can function in that way, WHY can he?

        • Glad to hear you’re taking the time to appreciate the little details. The woman in the picture is in fact Jeff’s Mom. The duo in the picture is Jeff’s Mom and (a much younger) Jeff in happier times.

        • crimsonkiss22

          I assume that Deacon and others like him were all made to function (physically) like advanced human beings. Seemingly they’re used for warfare, so I imagine that their speed, strength, reflexes, etc., are all far more advanced than the typical human. Sexually speaking…. Hrm, well, you’d think sexual urges would kind of put a kink (no pun intended) in what they were apparently designed for, but I guess we’ll have to keep reading. 😀

          Also, I’m interested if this advanced nature of Deacon’s translates to sex. Stamina-wise, Jeff might need to take a few Gatorade breaks. o__o

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    @_@ Very good!


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    In other words both the art and story are Ah-Maz-Ing. ;D

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    Poor Jeff.
    Deacon kinda freaks me out too.
    Perhaps i was hoping the yaoi aspect was more shonen-ai. >__>

    I can safely say i will be skipping a few pages. 😛

    • Aikka

      As for what you can expect here, maybe you should read the FAQ, it says:

      “But this comic is a “yaoi” comic. That means there’s going to be lots and lots of explicit sex, right?

      Actually, no. I’m telling a grown-up story for other grown-ups—and that will include some erotic scenes—but this isn’t porn. In terms of MPAA movie ratings, some of it is “R” rated, a couple pages even “hard-R”, but not X. If you’re looking for that here, you’re going to be disappointed.”

      of course that’s not very specific description, only Alex and Winona know what we can expect “XD but i assume you don’t need to be afraid that it will just turn into porn. i would not forgive this too…

      Also, for me Artifice for yaoi is quite shounen-aish XD

      And i do skip the pages sometimes too (but probably for other reasons, just when i read a sex scene exactly the same as every 165468574341 others i already read -mostly in these mangas and doujinshis that don’t really have much to offer outside these scenes anyway -.-” – i just skip it “xD)

      but Artifice for sure won’t be this case o.o”

      i wait for every single page of it and then read it so many times.. o–o and every single move that make them closer makes me happy “XD

      But don’t understand me wrong, i am not forcing you to do anything!

      If you don’t want to or can’t read scenes like these i understand, i’m just wondering if it won’t be one of these cases, when skipping few pages may cause you will miss something important for the plot o.o

      I think i started to talk too much, feel free to ignore me o_o”

      • I love yaoi but to me, it’s not about the actual SEX but it’s the CONNECTION/CHEMISTRY.

        I would so choose plot over random sex-scenes all the time.

        You get to understand the characters more and fall in love with them. I like the direction the author and artist are heading now. Even if it’s IMPLIED sex I would still be happy with the fact that they shared an intimate moment.

        Artifice’s story is very interesting and it pulls me in.
        As for Starfighter and Teahouse … I don’t even remember what the plot is since there’s so much sex distracting me. (still love them though lol) 

        • Aikka

          I agree with you Doomy! ^^

          In my comment i just focused on sex, because well… that’s what kittycat101303’s comment was about. Good plot and chemistry, without even showed sex at all, may be much much better than thing with a lot of sex but nothing else to offer. That’s why porn bores me “xD

  • Eriennexton

    I am such a huge fan of your work. :3 I even have Tough and No kissing downloaded on my computer as regular reading material. 

    😀 Just, thought I’d give some love. 

    • Thank you very much for the love. It’s much appreciated! 🙂

  • madeli0108

    Hi! just found this comic, and in this page i notised somthing, that Deacons doctore is in Jeffs picture frame, and Deacons soldier mark og whatever is on the screen saver. Are we looking at a sub-plot her?

    • Aikka

      Picture in the frame is Jeff’s Mom not dr Maven 🙂

    • Rissicat

      But you’re right that the marks of the corporation are EVERYWHERE. Uniforms, Maven’s computer tablet, etc. Good catch, and it shows you the far reach of them. (Especially important since it was the Corporation that sent in the AI to destroy the colony.)

  • yellowrock

    Now the robot blushes!  But robots do not have blood, or skin pigments!  It is a ploy to seem more innocent!  BE WARY JEFF, HE’S OUT TO FONDLE YOU!

    Also, not nearly enough yaoi stuff addresses the importance of basic touching as foreplay/a way of showing affection.

    Reading this comic just makes me feel lonelier than ever.  ;-;

    • Aikka

      *hugs* better? ^-^”

      • same here. romances can make you sadder or happier. but usually lonelier. D:

        • Aikka

          I know…

          first you are happy, but then you realise it’s just a story and here, in real life nothing like that happened to you.

          And then the feeling of loneliness reminds about itself.

          • Well, I really feel where you all are coming from. I was so very lonely for many, many years. And I thought it would never change.

            It did change for me. And to make that happen required me to make some changes in the way I related to people and, in my particular case, my willingness to take risks and be vulnerable. 

            But I still remember the pain of that loneliness during those years quite acutely. I will never forget it. Or see finding a partner as a “trivial” problem to overcome. (Finding love in one’s life is one of the central challenges of being human.)  It certainly informs my writing. And I just wish I could give you all a big hug and tell you that things really can get a lot better. 

          • Aikka

            I try to not really treat is as the most important part of my life. Finding someone.

            And deffinitely i won’t desperately look for it.

            I’m alone for… 2 years? longer maybe, i’m not sure. And i’m good as it is, but of course there is some part inside me, sad because of it.  

            There are two.. views on it, that are just figthing in my head. One is that childish little girl’s dream of finding this one true love etc. and the other, based on what we can see in real life, my and my friend’s experiences etc. You know the more…  logic one?
            And for it relationship now is just more of a problem.

            The same for taking any risk – which in my case is just risk of being hurt again – That first view woud tell you to do it, second one would told you: better be careful, you know how this will end.

            Egh. it’s really hard to express what i mean.

            There is a part of me that would want to find someone, yet i don’t treat it as so important at the same time.

            I think you can just say it’s heart and mind fighting “XD

            Also, Alex, remember that if you will ever need a hug you can count on us too! Well, at least on me XD
            Internet one of course, but that can help too 🙂
            Just beware, i usualy hug people too tight, so they want me to stop because they can’t breathe “XD

          • W Nelson

            Hey, I just wanted to chime in and say that like Alex, I had basically given up on finding true love and though I didn’t really have trouble meeting men (working in male-dominated industries like games and illustration, there are tons of guys around… that was not a motivating factor in my career choices, I swear…), I did think relationships were sort of useless.  I felt like the best you could hope for was someone who didn’t piss you off too much.

            Then I met my boyfriend, and it was pretty much as storybook love at first sight as it gets.  And actually my callousness made it so I didn’t care what he thought of me, as I had known him for all of a day and we were on the other side of the country from where I live and I figured I had been fine before him and would be fine if he ended up hating me and never seeing me again.  So I was completely honest and open about every thought that came into my head, didn’t hide even gross things or things I’d be afraid other people would fine stupid or rude.

            And he liked it, and he did the same for me, and we’ve been together a couple years now, going on 3.  I moved from one coast to the other to move in with him in a tiny apartment and we got a cat and nothing could be better 😀  It’s awesome every single day.

            People meet in all kinds of different ways, and fantasies take all different forms too, and hell, even in an amazing relationship I still love a good yaoi romance (the ones written for normal heteros are sooo transparent and predictable and tawdry, ew) and he supports and encourages it 😀

            I guess my point is no matter your history or outlook, you can still find someone, and you might not even have to be looking for it to happen, you just have to be open to new experiences and be yourself, fearlessly.  People think of you what you tell them to think of you!

          • Aikka

            Well, I’m glad for your happiness Winona 🙂

            It may sounds a little weird but, i was good at saying things like what you said when i was in a relationship.

            And ok i still am when it’s needed but i do have a little different view on it than i was before, esp not only based on my own but also my friends experiences – and as for me, the most important are my friends, not people they now,  if they asked me, i’m not sure which view i would present…

            You know, my previous relationship was like that too. My friends were desperatrely looking for a boyfriend, me? not XD

            but mine started similar to yours, just a friend from the internet i could talk about anything with. and of course comparing to them i got a much better thing – we were together for 5,5 years.

            But – it ended.

            Not long ago, there was a case of my friend – similar only with the beggining they were just friends talking on the net yet completly different from our cases. At the begining i didn’t  care much of it, and was happy that she may get someone as i knew she needed it. Me as a friend deffinitely can’t do much with things like her self-confidence etc. I didn’t know him, just sometiemes she was copying me fragments of their chat.  At the begginig i was happy but then, i started to have bad feelings about it. Sometimes just with these few sentences someoen says, you can know too much about the person. I had a bad feelings and was telling her about it. But she did not listen to me. Then when they started to be together – my feelings were even worse. They way he was treating her, still – just from what she said OR what he said that was copied to me. Of coruse she stil didn’t listened to me even if i already knew what kind of guy he was. You would need to be blind to not see what i could read from these things he said. Yet she was going further into that relationship. And i could just be the witness as my advices were ignored. In the end, they broke up, she was heart-broken, sad, and completely a wreck of a human and all i could do was trying to cheer her up.

            Now, i honestly don’t know what i should recomend to other.

            I would like everyone to be happy and find their love, Yet, the risk you need to take…. I don’t know. It maybe a good example like yours, or bad one like her and i will feel guilty no matter what i will recommend -..-

            Don’t kill me for posting this.
            I know we should encourage people here to find happiness here… ;-;

          • In theory, the risks we take to find relationships are all hazardous.  It’s so easy to have ANY relationship go toxic, not just the romantic ones.  The point is, where do we draw the line?  When do we say “enough, I don’t need anyone else because I’m sure of who I have who loves me as I love them?”  Regrettably, that’s not possible.

            I’ve been burned pretty badly too, in romance and in friendships, and truthfully, it’s not easy to stand back up afterwards and seek people out again.  Funny thing about human nature, though, is even when we’re not looking for people to spend time with, they appear whether you’d want it or not, and often in the most unlikely places.  That’s actually how I’ve met a lot of the people I call my closest friends.

            As for love….well, I can’t help you there.  Certainly I’m happy for every person I know who is in a happy relationship, and Winona’s provided a wonderful example of when two compatible and smart people meet and love.  Loneliness and happiness are two emotions that have co-habitated within me for years.  The important thing is to first be happy with yourself, in your deepest heart.  To quote RuPaul, “if you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you going to love somebody else?”  

            It’s all where you choose to draw the line.  Whoever ends up on either side, well, that’s for life to determine.

            Good luck.

          • W Nelson

            Love the deep talks in our comments 😀  You guys are wonderful readers!

          • W Nelson

            I had a relationship similar to that.  A guy I met on the internet, I was with him for 4 years…  I don’t really think it’s a good way to meet people because you tend to get really attached really quickly before you meet them in person, and then you refuse to see any of the negative signs that would have creeped you out if you’d met him in person only.

            Not that it can’t work out, but I think it gives you a skewed idea of someone, it’s too easy to hide things and you don’t hear teh first thoughts of someone, only the thought-over ones which are consciously or unconsciously engineered to present a certain attitude or personality which may not be their true self.  It’s the kind of thing it takes years to realize too.

            The relationship I was in like that, the guy slowly became more and more controlling until it was actually emotional and psychological abuse.  I had absolutely no self esteem anymore, and the only reason I was strong enough to leave him was because he never believed I could make a career out of art.  Nothing is more important to me than making art.  I didn’t care anymore how I was treated, I felt I deserved it, I couldn’t even remember a time when I was funny or smart or basically anything positive, but knowing he’d never let me pursue art finally gave me the fortitude to leave him.

            It took a couple years, but I did find out I’m actually awesome and the flaws I have aren’t any worse than anyone else’s.  I had to know that to have a healthy relationship like I do now.  And I would never have met my bf on the internet, because he reads things but doesn’t post–I met him in person at a painting workshop.  Actually one of the first things I noticed about him was that he smelled totally AMAZING and I would stand near him just to sniff him.  Messed up huh?  But not something I could have known on the internet.  And he’s as serious about art as I am, and as awesome, so it works out 😀

          • Aikka

            Well, i have a little different opinion about meeting people on the net.

            Sure – it is easier to hide something and pretend to be someone else.

            BUT people who i i consider the closest friend… always were from the net.

            I do have friends in real life, but still always these that were the closest for me, were the internet ones.

            Meeting people in real life has one disadvantage – the choice is much limited.

            When i was younger i was forced to know complete idiots, noone understood my interest, we had completly different opinions, i had to pretend i’m someone els -which i rarely did anyway-  yet i was just spending time with those that were the best choice of all i could meet, not that if i had a choice in general i would pick them -..-

            and problems with my relationship weren’t because of the way we met.

            It seems we just… changed too much, but you can’t say that we didn’t have a chance to know each others even too much. We did.

            But your case sounds like nightmare x_x no mine was nothing like that.

            And my friends’ i think no matter how they would meet i think it would be the same anyway -.- i mean, she still preffered to believe him even if she knows me for… uh. many years.  7? maybe.  And she knows both of us from the internet 😛

            And hah. In my case he was the artist. I still have his drawings somewere…
            he is talented. But in the end it was he who decided to not go in this direction.
            As far as i wanted best for him, i would never tell him to do one thing not the other o_o only once. and he was really angry back then… it was when he already started to study something else, and then decided to drop it. I
            was telling him to at least try finishing it to not waste what he already did.

          • W Nelson

            Well, I think it’s different having good friends on the internetand meeting someone who really does have as much influence on your psyche as a significant other.  I have really awesome friends on the internettoo 😀

          • Aikka

            I’m not sure if i understood the first part o.o

          • Good for you for leaving the ex.  You ARE awesome.

          • It makes me happy to know there’s a hug out there if I need one. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your experience and thoughts. I think a lot of readers can identify with them.

          • Aikka

            Thank you, even if i think you may want to kill me after what i posted just now ;-;’

          • What you just posted in response to Winona? I didn’t see any malicious intent. 🙂 You just posted your honest experience and made it clear that it was just your perspective. I would be the last person to suggest that the deep feelings of love don’t sometimes involve tremendous amounts of pain. I myself have felt that pain.

            But for me, the love I’ve experienced in my life, from friends, family, romance, has very much enhanced the quality of my life. And when I was young, I thought it completely possible that I would never have real love in my life, at least not reciprocated. There are no guarantees in life. But things can change for the better; people can love you for who you are and be reliable and consistent. In my case, being willing to take some risks, particularly about appearing vulnerable and “needy”, really opened some doors to finding that love. And that’s information I wish I had known when I was younger.

          • Aikka

            You mentioned here different kinds of love.

            Honestly, sometimes i think friendship is much more better thing than the romance one. Maybe it lacks a few… aspects that romance has, but it has a honest will of other people to help you, no matter what, not forced by anything, gives you someone you can always talk with, count on, who always will be there for you.

            The same with family.

            But, despite romance being the most problematic one, it’s still the most wanted…

          • W Nelson

            Let’s see how skinny these posts can get 😛

            All the things you mention about friendship are there in a romantic relationship.  You just have to find someone who’s emotionally healthy, and be emotionally helathyyourself, and that’s something that a significant other can’t do for you, you have to find it in yourself.

            It’s great that you have such wonderful friends,and I hope you don’t give up hope on an equally fulfilling romance!

          • Aikka

            Now you gave me two posts to answer heh “XD
            and they get really tiny, how anyone can read them o_o

            i know that these things are or more SHOULD be in romantic relationship.
            But it’s just… harder to have and keep them like that. There are too many things that can ruin it.

          • W Nelson

            too skinny!

          • Aikka


    • Yeah, that can be a double-edged sword when it comes to romances. There was a time in my life when I wasn’t dating anyone and I thought that maybe I never would in my entire life. I’d read gay romances and they’d make me both happy and sad at the same time. 

      But, if they were realistic enough. (and sweet enough) ultimately, they filled me with hope that some day I would find someone who would love me back. I don’t know if Artifice will give you hope like that, but I can hope it might. 🙂

      • Aikka

        Well, if i will hope to find an artifical human for myself, that may be a problem… o_o

        More seriously: i understand it completly.

        But no matter how good they were, there always was both – happiness and sadness at the same time. Hope is hope but outside it there are other feelings anyway.

        It doesn’t change the fact, that i just love when there is a good romance thing in something i watch/read.

        Yet i hate these romances that women in general read.
        That’s definitely not what i want to read _-_,

        I have a qite a long experience with feeling both feelings at the same time, because even when i was in a relationship, it was a long-distance one.  So i could feel the loneliness even then very easly. _-_,

  • Aikka

    Made a new photo of my paperchild:
    Use the one you prefer, i posted them as 2 deviations anyway. “xD

    • Ayella


      • Aikka

        Thank you 🙂

    • Very nice, Aikka. I’ve updated the Fan Art page. 🙂

      • Aikka

        Thanks 🙂

  • Well… Ask stupid questions, and youll get a stupid answer XD I love this comic!

  • Lynn Smith

    Maybe it’s just me, but this page makes Deacon seem more affectionate than sexy…it’s adorable 😀

  • crimsonkiss22

    Deacon, I see you trying to check out Jeff’s pubes in panel 3. Or maybe he wants to find out why they call that hair under the navel a “happy trail.” 

    Deacon: Why do they call it— Oh, oh. I see.

    Fyi, Alex and Winona, Jeff’s face in the last panel made me laugh so hard I actually snorted. So thank you. 

    • That’s awesome, crimsonkiss22! I love knowing we got a real laugh from a reader! 😀

      • crimsonkiss22

        He looks like he doesn’t know whether to be uncomfortable or turned on. I guess it’s possible this touching Deacon is doing is purely exploratory in nature, but I’m not sure. He went right for the nipple.

        That’s not an amateur move, Deacon.

  • CK

    AAh! Just look at that donation bar! <3

  • Damn, the sexual tension is just unbearable.

  • fiazoe

    dirty question, but since Deacon is.. well… not human…
    does he have semen?

    • SteveMcSheffrey

      Androids are supposed to have mechanical means of duplicating biological processes so he should have something.  Maybe the fluid the scientists put is in a nutritional supplement and tastes like vanilla…

      • kendrawcandraw

        That sounds… delicious.
        I wonder if it’s similar to his “blushing”, and they figured they needed to include every biological function that he may need to use for his human disguise… it would probably ring some alarm bells if he was gettin’ it on and, well, nothing happened.
        Then again, maybe he just acts as a human-shaped dildo and can keep going and going and going, and if that’s the case, lucky Jeff! 😉

        • KBatty

          Although it’s not something I had given much consideration to, my first thought upon reading this is that perhaps he releases lubricant. Speaking strictly from a functionality standpoint, lube is generally silicone or water-based, which means it wouldn’t spoil for years. Furthermore, it would be advantageous in particular to the simulation of pre-ejaculate, which is a body’s natural lubricant.

          In regards to what could be added to the lubricant to give it the appearance of semen, it would likely also have to be synthetic to be sterile, as most starches and sugars could present an excellent environment for bacterial cultures.

          Ultimately the answer would probably lie in a chemical reaction with a pH between seven and eight. The lubricant could be stored in one artificial seminal vesicle, and the reactive chemical in the other. During intercourse the pre-ejaculate would be the lubricant released from one, and the second chemical intended to cause the reaction would be released during ejaculation. The two substances would meet in the urethra and react, giving the illusion that the synthetic was shooting normal, human ejaculate.

          Definitely over-thinking the topic at this point, but I’d be interested in the input of someone with a strong command of chemistry/biology/pharmacology: what would be water-reactive, have a neutral pH balance, be fairly sterile for use inside the human body, and have a long shelf-life (perhaps half-life is a more appropriate term in this case)?

          • Sodium 😛  But I wouldn’t want THAT in my body!

          • The topic of semen comes up in the comments of my yaoi webcomic and this is the discussion that ensues.

            I really do have the coolest, smartest, most awesome readers on the planet. 🙂

          • KBatty

            I was thinking sodium would be too alkaline for the body (depending on the concentration, of course), but honestly I’m not sure. This is going to be one of those abnormal things that needlessly taunts me for days. XD

          • It’d be more like explosive sex.  And I don’t mean in the really really good way.  Sodium on contact with water explodes 😛

          • KBatty

            lmao The mental images are terrible.

          • But HILARIOUS.  “Penises on stun, men…we don’t want casualties today…”

  • Baptistan

    Oh lawdy lawdy I feel myself blushin! great update! Gahhhh Deacon you curious boy  ;] Jeffs exprssions are so well done and often very funny! He’s all confused… Bahaha..I cant wait for the next page! stuffs goin down..

    • Thanks, Baptistan! Glad you liked the update! 🙂

  • HonneyLeigh

    Deacon’s face is entirely too smug in panel two.
    I love it : )

  • Aikka

    I started to be too much obsessed with Artifice…

    Today i got an idea i want to make  something-like-cosplay of Jeff xD

    [i’m not saying 100% i will, just that maybe i will “XD]

    By that i mean i won’t really make a proper one, just wear some similar clothes from my closet etc. I will probably look like some weird female version of Jeff anyway… “XD

    I ordered some wig today and when i will get it i will try to cut it to Jeff’s hair lenght.

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    Lol but that’s all from Tom-land. Also, CAN’T WAIT UNTIL WEDNESDAY. 🙂 THANK YOU FOR DONATING EVERYONE. I just paid a bunch of college bills or I’d donate…. T_T I hate being poor…


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    Poor wee Jeff, so many conflicted emotions 🙂

    So Alex, a question for you – because as a writer I have an annoying and over-active imagination and like to have reasons for everything, even behind the scenes stuff that is never mentioned in the story:  Why has the evil GloboCorp™ given their AP’s what I am imagining is fairly comprehensive biological functionality (mimicry)?  If the AP’s are primarily designed as soldiers or humanoid work-horses, surely all that would be needed is little more than a functional dress-makers dummy (in terms of anatomy)?

    This is all assuming of course Deacon *does* have full biological functionality, so to speak 🙂

    • dereule101

      That’s an interesting question that I too have been pondering. I imagine some of the tasks they may be assigned could involve, at times, blending in — perhaps undercover or espionage work. Otherwise, he wouldn’t likely have been given such a human appearance.

      I agree with you, though. He does betray much more emotion and uses more body language than I imagine he would need to, however this could be so that he can interact more effectively with his handlers and human cohorts. After all, I’m sure that many people like those guards might not have the technical background or security clearances to issue him commands/get information from him otherwise. Still, it seems his creators ought not to have given him so much humanity because in real-life and in this comic, overly-realistic artificial humans (whether robotic or computer-generated animation) do provoke unsettling-to-hostile reactions. I’m not the the comic writer, though, so there are likely a plethora of reasons! One of the most salient being that it would be far less sexay otherwise. 😉

      • KBatty

        The level of hostility towards the Uncanny Valley phenomena has shown to be strongly related to the generation to which it is presented. Generally speaking, older individuals are more inclined to recoil from the hyper-realism, and younger ones are more likely to be more comfortable. Children in particular are the ticket, because they are more likely to be fascinated with it than afraid of it.

        It stands to reason that whether or not people would be unsettled by such realism would be dependent on which generation they were born of as a result. Bob and Roy (the security guards) appear to be older men, and perhaps—aside from being unsettled by Deacon—they felt threatened that his kind could do their jobs better than they were doing them.Jeff, on the other hand, is a young man who very likely grew up watching previous generations of synthetic people being developed and released, which would make it less weird for him.

        Personally, I think in the present situation, it’s more a conflict of emotions that’s tying Jeff up in knots. The social dynamic of that colony no doubt messed him up a bit.

        • That could easily be explained by simply desensitization, I should think. Younger people and children live in a world where this stuff is commonplace. They don’t think of it as something horrific because the robots are a natural part of the world to them, it takes years of growth before you mature enough to actually be able to picture a world WITHOUT your current technology.

          And I agree, Jeff has not had enough positive interactions of this nature to just automatically trust the killbot who’s suddenly coming on to him like this, even if he does like Deacon as a companion and is actually enjoying their time together.

          I just realized how badly that must SUCK for Jeff! The only good company he’s had since his mom died is the executioner while he’s been stuck on death row. DAMN that has to SUCK! >A<

          • The only good company he’s had since his mom died is the executioner while he’s been stuck on death row.

            Yes, exactly. And Jeff is fully aware of that irony. 

    • the reverse of stockholm is the Lima syndrome when the capture starts to feel for the captive.

    • Ryn

      my first thought, on learning of Deacon’s, ah, politically correct attributes was that his hands weren’t the only torture implement he can use. it’s a disturbing thought, but it would make sense why a military designed android would need a full anatomy. the other being since they’re the first built the company(insert sneer here) probably has more plans for advanced APs than just army grunts and menial labor. so they would put them together with everything included to test them out.

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      Maybe not, but now “I’m too sexy for my shirt” will play in my head EVERY TIME I look at pages 41 & 42.

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        • I’m really glad both of you have been enjoying Artifice—both the page updates and the awesome little community we are forming here.

          • Everyone here is so amazing and nice!  It’s rare that a bunch of people with interests I share gather in one convenient location, much less with something so delectable to discuss as Artifice 🙂

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    • Hey Mooni_Jak! 

      Glad you’re looking forward to a print version of Artifice. I’ll most likely be doing something different with the book, though, than what I’ve done with the Toughj chapters. Right now I’m using a Print-on-Demand service for the first two chapters of Tough and while it’s OK, I can’t say I’ve been thrilled with it. For Artifice, I’d almost certainly use “off-set printing” which means better quality, but alas, also means that there probably wouldn’t be a way to purchase them together. At least for the time being. Sorry!But thank you again for your support!


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