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Artifice Page 40

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Please forgive me, but I’m going to act like a fanboy of my own comic for a moment. Or at least of Winona’s part in it. 🙂

A major reason I started the Yaoi 911 project was to make comics I always wanted to see and the art on this page totally hits my fanboy buttons. I think Jeff is absolutely adorable in Panel 2. Great expression, great pose, great anatomy—just beautiful to look at. And Jeff in Panel 4! Those arms! That chest! The tousled hair! (Even that armpit!) And Deacon in Panel 3? His expression cracks me up every time. I think Winona just outdid herself on this page. I’ve been working on this comic for a long time, and when Winona sends me a page like this, it all becomes fresh to me again. I get to be one of you for a moment, experiencing Deacon’s story for the first time. And that is but one of 1000 reasons why I feel so lucky to be able to work with Winona on this comic.


We have new Fan Art from “Artifice: The Look” artist Lance! It’s “Artichibis” and, while I love all the awesome fan art we’ve received to pieces, I will admit this one fills my heart with a special joy. You owe it to yourself to check it out. Thank you so much, Lance!

Special thanks and hugs to long-time supporters Daniela F., Alexandra R., Esperanza V. (donating for the second week in a row!), Alexandra R. & Elyse B. (both donating for the second time in a week!), Christina K. (donating for the third time in two weeks!) and Laura Beth W. (now donating for a jaw-dropping 6th time in a row! WOW!) and a warm, grateful welcome to new supporters Karen H., Gabrielle R., Tristan M., Anna Z., Brittany H. and Erin H. for their generous donations over the last few days! Thank you all so much! 😀

October 17th, 8:40PM: DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! In super record time and thanks to your amazingly generosity, donations have just hit $250, so there will be a bonus page—Page 41!—this Wednesday, October 19th!

(And I’m actually super glad that it’s page 41 that will be the bonus page this week. When a reader first suggested the idea of posting bonus pages when donation targets were hit, it was actually Page 41 that I pictured in my mind as being the bonus page. So you all with your awesomeness are literally making my dreams come true! Thank you! 😀 )

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  • Panel 2!!!!!!!

  • YES!!! OMG Yes!!! I camped darnit I camped!. And I was about to go to bed and thought “I’ll check real quick” I’m so glad I did.
    I think you’re attractive Deacon, We all do! Deacons eyes look so curios 🙂 Such a wonderful story. Four panels that made my night!

  • fujoshifanatic

    Oh, the eyebrows in every panel! And the changing expressions on their faces!! There is some serious UST brewing here, and it’s about to bubble over! *waiting (almost) patiently to drink it all in*

    And yay, I’m first! 🙂

  • classic_bear

    No words can describe the emotions im going through after this!

  • I am so with you on Jeff in panel four, but I’m much more enamored of that blush than the armpit, personally.  Also, Deacon in panels three and four.  Just heartwarming and darling.

  • AHH!! :))) The art is fantastically done. <3 The expressions are so great, you can just feel what they're feeling. I have a serious case of Obsessed-With-Artifice-Syndrome…

    • I think its contagious. I seem to have the same syndrome.

  • i cant stop smiling 

  • Hyperminimalism

    D’aw, I’m glad I stayed up.  Look at the flustered expression on that gorgeous face.  You know, now that he IS thinking about kissing Deacon, that he wouldn’t say no. 

  • Bien Batol

    It’s 12:49 where I’m from.  I thought, “Hey, there is no way that the update would be up so soon.”  Lo and behold, here it is.  Thank God for my sleep problems.

  • Spirited_Dreamer

    This page is just….I love it! And the slight blush on Jeff’s cheeks in the last panel…adorable! I have a thing for men with long hair and  for a man with a rocking body. These two together just simply kill two birds with one stone for me! Deacon…you should not have just asked him…just do it, buddy lol My heart was pounding when I saw a new page. I’m so anxious to see these two have a moment!

    • Spirited_Dreamer

      May I just add that, upon looking back up at the page, Winona really did out do herself with Jeff in that last panel 😀

  • melinda stumpf

    Jeff just say you want Deacon so we can have the nice sex scene 

  • Jeff’s blush made me blush, but Deacon loooooooming over him made me crack up. Here’s hoping he leans in even closer… 😛

  • Attractive? Deacon, you are fing HOT! I mean, come on, panel 1? He just radiates unnecessarily large amounts of sexy there.

    • ainorite? 8D I needed a haz-mat suit just to look at that panel.

  • JellyF

    Jeff in panel 4 remind me of a Classical Greek sculpture. He looks perfect 🙂

  • Like like like like like like like like like like like like oh god LOVE

  • eleutherios

    Jeff, you have a lot to learn about men.

    When a guy starts talking like this and leaning forward hopefully, it’s a signal for you to plant one on him.

  • KBatty

    What a great page! Alex, you pretty much summed up everything I’d say about the art with your delightfully self-indulgent fanboying. Jeff in panel four is truly just… so very good.

    As for the writing—what can I say? Even in trying to discreetly fish around and see if he has a shot with Jeff, Deacon is subtle like a brick through a window (and that’s why we love him).

    • Thank you, KBatty! Yep, Deacon and subtlety around delicate emotional matters. Not so much. 🙂

  • Emperor_Meiji

    Oh, come on, Jeff. I’m straight and I’d let Deacon kiss me. Probably.

    • Heh. I’ve often wondered how the events on Da Vinci Four would have played out had Jeff been straight…

      • Emperor_Meiji

        Well, Jeff would probably have been massacred with the rest of the colonists. 

        But let’s assume he escaped somehow. Would he and Deacon still have become friends? I’d like to think so. The larger question — a question for Dr. Maven — is whether Deacon is gay in the usual sense, or whether he is basically asexual and is able to adjust his programming, so to speak, in order to explore a relationship with Jeff. 

        Obviously Jeff is “programmed” to be gay, thanks to that pesky C37 pair on his X chromosome. What’s unknown (so far) is whether Deacon is programmed that way, too. And if so, why? Why would NoNeCo build android soldiers with any sexual instincts, let alone homosexual ones? Is Deacon “defective”? Or does he represent an evolutionary breakthrough for artificial life?

        These existential questions are part of why I adore Artifice. You and Winona have given us more than just eye candy; more than just a kawaii yaoi squee-fest. You’ve created a tale with literary scope and moral depth. I really, really hope you explore these questions in detail before the journey comes to an end.

        • I definitely thought about these things before writing the script and have answers to these questions already decided. Whether all of them will be answered in this particular arc is another matter. But I love that you’re asking them. And reading the potential answers my readers come up with is a lot of fun. 🙂

          • THERE’S GOING TO BE MULTIPLE ARCS?! I don’t have an emoticon capable of conveying the joy I feel upon reading that. I must go to programing school and spend hundreds of dollars to learn how to create complex symbols in html so that I can express my joy.
            THAT is how happy I am to hear that this is going to be an extended story.

          • There is the potential for multiple stories in this world. But they would depend on Winona’s availability and me actually turning my outlines into scripts. Right now, there is just Artifice which is a complete story arc on its own. 

            Sorry to raise false hopes! 🙂

  • Alor_Laneau

    Amazing as usual!

  • i recognize panel two… it was in the ad that brought me here. i just love it so much 🙂 just wish there had been kissing… >.>

  • Syreen

    Who wouldn’t want to kiss Deacon? I would have so much nice things to say about him: ‘OK’ would be the last XD

  • Reign

    So close!!! I think Deacon wants Jeff to kiss him really bad. Jeff’s face in panel 2 and 4 are priceless, like I said before he is way too adorable for his own good! You and Winona are awesome and deserve much praise!!!

    • Thank you, Reign! I’m glad you’re enjoying what you see! 😀

  • mutisija

    OK? Just OK looking guy and Jeff is blushing like that 😀

  • VulcanMindMelon

    It may just be the DC fan in me, but because of the hair, Jeff reminds me of Bart Allen back in his impulse days, and Deacon reminds me of Superboy. 

  • psiquest

    Jeff, it’s ok. We understand. You’ve self-suppressed for so long that you’ve become terrified by the mere prospect of love. We know what you’re going through. We’ve all been there. You crave intimacy as much as Deacon. A gentle touch, a tender embrace… hours upon hours of spooning. Once, it may have been easy to cast those feelings aside, but now you find yourself unable to scape them. And that scares you. It’s ok. We understand. But we also know these are things you shouldn’t be afraid of.

    Yes, Deacon throwing himself at you may not be your thing. But keep in mind that he has no experiences to pull from. Remember your first time? All the desire, the uncertainty, the fear? That’s what Deacon is going through. This is totally new to him. He’s trying his best… perhaps too hard, but his best nonetheless.

    Think about that: an android is violating his programming and ignoring his orders because he wants to experience something which humans – including yourself – take for granted. For this, he could very well be dismantled. Yet he still tries.

    Can you do any less, Jeff?

    /end PassiveAggressiveSympathyGuiltTrip

    • LOL. I’ll pass along your thoughts to Jeff. 🙂

    • W Nelson

      Haha I love this comment 😀  If I were Jeff I’d *have* to go for it now.

  • °^° I wonder if this is how people feel then I bluntly ask if state things….

  • Oh my gosh. I completely understand you, this page is adorable. I can’t say who of them both is the cuter one here. (my favourite are Jeffs lips in the last panel)
    How Jeff blushs ♥ Deacons curious look ♥ I could go on like that for the rest of the day!This is really great, I love it and brightened up my day a little. I am already looking forward to the next page but at first I will go on enjoying this one. 

    • Glad to brighten your day a bit, Navi! 🙂 (And yes, this is one of the pages I savor and come back too, myself…)

  • iamlingy



  • singerblooming

    Deacon, boy you are FIIIINE. I don’t know how Jeff is holding himself back. ;D

  • T Tran


  • ithilloke

    The last panel as Jeff lays down is perfection. His face is truly droolworthy! I also love the overly confident, completely assured look Deacon has on his face in the first panel, absolutely certain this human will think him stunning. Love it!

  • AWWWW Deacon can’t tell if he’s attractive to humans or not! And I love his dead serious face, “Would you want to kiss me if I were human?”

  • VIK_E

    ‘You’re ok.’ YOU’RE OK??? Is he blind?

    I loved how Deacon asked him though, he’s too cute.

  • Ari

    The last panel would have made me a die-hard fan if I wasn’t one already ^______^


  • I love Winona! First the bonus page looking so lovely and now this! The detail work and the posing of the boys plus the expressions! X3 Makes me look like Maven in the new fanart which I also love! Thank you Alex once again for bringing this to us. Sincerely from one fangirl to fanboy!

    • You’re very welcome, Lindsay! Glad you like it!

    • W Nelson

      Thanks so much for reading and for your sweet comment!  <3

  • Laymanterms303

    Yeah, Winona’s the bomb. And don’t sell yourself short either. Artifice is one of my favorite webcomics.
    I’m going to get Disney to send Jeff that singing crab.

    Sing with me now: 
    My, oh, my
    Look at the boy too shy
    He ain’t gonna kiss the android
    Ain’t that sad
    Ain’t it shame, too bad
    You gonna miss the android

    • Hehe. I now need to add a singing crab to my webcomic… 🙂

      Thank you very much for your kind words (and the song!), Laymanterms303!

      • Laymanterms303

        Ha, wish I could take credit, but the song’s from Disney (The Little Mermaid to be precise). But you’re welcome anyway.

        • I TOLD YOU!! Called it on Wednesday! We’re all singing “Kiss the Boy” around here!

  • Oh man, if I remember correctly then shirtless Deacon is next! Bring on the next page! Whooo!

  • JLJones

    oh man oh man D:  Of all the times to be completely broke and totally incapable of moving that donation bar along ><  NOW, when we slobbering fans need it the most D:  Gah!

    I'm with you, atm, Alex – Fanning about the place over this page.  Winona always rocks my socks, as you well know (hell, how did she manage to make that bookshelf in panel 1 look sexy?  the woman is a goddess, I tell you!), but really… the last panel nailed it for me.  Jeff shouldn't be allowed to dial the cuteness notch up that high. It's bad for my heart D:

    Eagerly awaiting next Saturday, or, Primus willing, those lovely donations that keep those bonus pages going.

  • Oh look! He’s blushing! Daaaaaaaww.
    And wow, Deacon, you’re very direct, aren’t you?

    • It has been established that tact and subtlety are not exactly Deacon’s prime directives. 😛

  • Aw, I love this page. XD Deacon’s face in the last panel is awesome, and then Jeff’s blush? n’aaaawww. x3

  • Exile 755 is a Higglytown hero

    Deacon, you’re so subtle… XD 

  • Alex, that first panel would make a pretty great t-shirt all by itself. Just saying…

    • If there’s interest, that can definitely be arranged, Bill. 🙂

      • Oh my yes! That on a black t-shirt without the background so its just you, Deacon, and that speech bubble! X3

  • Phebe Vanmol

    That blush killed me XD

  • Dex X.

    This page makes me lol :3

  • Shinashi

    Jeff’s never really thought about it~? <3 And that expression in the fourth panel~ Deacon's questions~ Aaaaaaa~

    Yes, coherent, I know.

  • SteveMcSheffrey

    Looks like I might have guessed the wrong one when it comes tow ho was going to be stopped by fear.  Can I admit something?  I don’t care for Jeff much.  A real life man like him, emotionally or physically, would be so not my type.  I doubt we’d even be acquaintances if working together but the connection I feel to Deacon’s character has me wanting Jeff to get off the stick just because it would mean so much to Deacon if he would!

    • Interesting. You’ll have to let me know if Jeff grows on you more. Glad you’re still rooting for them, though!

  • Jeff. Blushing. Deacon. Questions. I feel like letting a not at all dignified squee looking at this page!

    Also chest hair! Really, I’m staring at his chest in all those pages and… Just me that think that’s it’s sexy? ‘Cos it is. And Deacon! Oh, my, isn’t he precious? I love his face at panel 1! It’s so funny!

    (agh, Twitter is down, I can’t login, but Its_me_alis here :D)

    • It’s not just you who likes Jeff’s chest hair. 😉

  • Nikolicious

    EXCUSE ME WHILE I DIE. Oh, god, i can’t even. Everything on this page is DELICIOUS. Deacon, can you get anymore adorkable? <3

  • Henrithe9th

    Haha i see some red cheeks!!

  • Kendra Jones

    Aw. He’s embarrassed! How cute. It reminds you that he’s still pretty young and inexperienced.

  • SteveMcSheffrey

    You had to put a link to Teahouse, didn’t you?  I was planning on going to bed an hour ago and that ruined that!

    • Mwa ha ha. 😉

    • Elena Geleva

      TeaHouse ftw! (Starfighter as well). With Artifice they make the holy trinity of full color yaoi web comics.I love you internet!

      • The Holy Trinity of Full Color Yaoi Webcomics, huh? lol I like that.

        • You forgot “Tough”, but I guess that could be summed up as the “Wonderful Work of Woolfson”. :3

  • Aww!!! That was adorable!!! Sad but adorable!!

  • Deacon’s got such game and he doesn’t even know it.

    • Rowan! 😀 And yes, hard to resist the Deac-meister.

  • Ryn



    Deacon is so eager, lol. poor jeff, love how he’s pulling the blankets up to his chin; suddenly aware how unclothed he is.

  • oh my jeebus…. 😀 I WANT TO READ MORE. NOW. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG. lol. i want them both now, not just Deacon!!! <3 Love = Artifice, at this moment.

  • Yukiness

    I think Jeff’s overall appeal in panel four amounts to smoldering and I’m frankly surprised Deacon’s self control mechanism hasn’t fried yet. There should be flashing red lights and system meltdowns right now.

    That way, Jeff can do a manual override.

    Pun intended.

    • Ryn

      i know, he’s absolutely delicious. <3

      the way his hair spreads on the pillow makes me want to grab a fistful.

      • Yukiness

        You and I are on the same wavelength with the hair thing

        However, those lips of his beg for some embrace.

    • UKE-ALERT!

  • CommodoreZelda

    Jeff was sooo fricking adorable on this page. 🙂 I think this is my favorite page as far as Jeff’s concerned. 🙂 Just too cute!!!!!!!

  • ….Winona.  Dear lady.  I am not a lesbian, but I think I want to marry you 😛  This page is….::squeals and laughs for the better part of five minutes::  Jeff is….and Deacon totally is…and they are….GAH!  I need an ice bath!  This was such a wonderful page!  It made today’s helping-friend-move activity all the more bearable now that I had such beauty to look upon on this update!

    • Glad you liked it, Summer! 🙂

      (And good for you for helping a friend move. You know how you know who you’re real friends are? They’re the ones lifting your couch up the stairs…)

      • In this case, instead of stairs, it was trying to maneuver the over six foot tall couch (I am not kidding) through two doors that wouldn’t unhinge!  It is done.

        And I did not just LIKE this update, dear sir…I LOVED it.  It is unresolved delicious sexual tension to the UTMOST!

      • KBatty

        This is so true! Want to find out who you can rely on? Ask them to help you move furniture.

    • W Nelson

      Hehehe!  I wouldn’t want to offend my sweet boyfriend (or share him) so I must respectfully decline, but take heart!  You will see more pages from me!

      • LOL, I’ll get over the pain someday!  I look forward to the more pages with bated breath!  (and perhaps finding one of those sweet boyfriend types myself at some point)







  • After the last panel was mentioned, I went back and gave it more than a cursory glance. I tend to skim the comic gleefully, then read the comments, then go back and STARE like a hypno-toad at the panels. My brain don’t working good nao for teh thinkings and stuff.  8D
    Seriously, I am a proud seme and Jeff in the last panel pushes my button so hard that I got stuck in a loop just going “UKE! 😀 UKE! 😀 UKE!!! XD” for somewhere close to 15 minutes. It’s actually STILL going on in the back of my head as I type. I am avoiding looking at the comic again because it’s already 3:15 am and I desperately need to sleep tonight at SOME time! D:

    UKE! 😀 UKE! 😀 UKE!! XD

    • Interesting. I wonder what you’ll think of the pages coming up… 🙂

    • Ryn

      tsk tsk.

      Deacon’s quite the curious fellow, i think he’s going to want to experience things both way. Jeff seems like a versatile fellow too. I feel they’ll be switching between top and bottom once they get to that point in their relationship.

      and i doubt Jeff would act like the stereotypical uke anyway. He looks more like the type the scratch the hell out of his partner and maybe even bite a little. no whimpery teary sex for Jeff. Hope Deacon’s “skin” can repair it’s self. ;D

  • CK

    Oh brilliant! I love the direction this is taking! 😀 10 points to Deacon for making Jeff blush!

  • Kayla

    “I’m just okay? Here, let me take my clothes off so you can get a better look.”

  • eva

    oh i love how Deacon is drawn in the first panel <33

  • You are so right about Winona’s art. That second panel picture in your ads was one of the things that drew me to this comic. Talk about a picture saying a thousand words,although this is just saying one and that’s YUM^_^.

  • kittycat101303

    I actually dont even like yaoi comics. o__o this is pretty good though. ^^ the plot is cool.

  • Enamoril

    Over halfway there now Alex :O How long has it been again since last double update…?

    • Just last Wednesday was a bonus page that made it three weeks of double-updates in a row. 🙂

  • elijah elquest

    Is it Saturday yet…

  • …I just had a terrible, awful, horrible, horrifying musical thought.

    “And if you’re a filthy Horta,
    Data’s your bestest bet!
    Because he’s FULLY FUNCTIONAL
    And anatomically correct!”

    Damn you, Voltaire.  DAMN YOU and your little Data the android song too!

    • …I’ve been trying to donate and it hates me.

      • Yikes. What’s going on?

        • It keeps telling me there’s an error and the transaction could not go through.  I tried about three times last night and nothing.  I am sad.

          • Hmm. Well, that’s no good! I have been receiving donations throughout the day from other readers, though. Would you mind trying again? What happens if you try with another browser like Chrome or Firefox?

            I’m very sorry for the inconvenience, but hopefully between the two of us we can get this fixed! 😀 (And I really appreciate you putting in this extra effort to donate—above and beyond the call of duty! Thank you!)

          • Not your fault, kind sir!  I am thinking that the potential tons of other people donating at the same time caused my transactions to be blocked!  I’ll donate the next time, and I’ll try another browser.  🙂

    • CK

      I LOVE Voltaire! 😀

      • I like them too.  It’s just giving me mental pictures. 😛  

  • Dear Alex and Winona, you make me happy. That would be all.  

    • That makes me very happy to hear, Megi. 🙂

    • W Nelson

      Noted, thank you!  XD

  • Squee! I’ve been waiting for this panel ever since the ad showing it drew me in to this comic!

  • yellowrock

    Last panel needs to be on a poster or something, the facial expressions are just too perfect.  The more I look at them the more blown away I am, they just say so much about the emotions of the characters.  That, and Jeff blushing is the cutest thing ever.

    “You guess?  That’s no good, why don’t we find out for sure?”  😀

    • LOL

      And if folks want this as a poster, that could certainly be arranged…

      • That would be pretty awesome! Though my personal feelings would lean me towards a poster of the last panel of the previous page…mm-mm-mm.

  • Love this page.  The last panel is just awesome!  The facial expressions on all of them are great.  Decon’s in panel 1 is sooo sexy.  If I were Jeff I’d have jumped over and planted one right on his lips.

  • BTW I was thinking of dressing as Deacon for Halloween.  I hope I can find coveralls in that color.  I’m sure I could make the logo it.  And my head is already shaved so it should be easy peasy if I can find the darn coveralls.

  • Cristina Leigue

    Unbelievable. I’m waiting for the kiss. Can do it now, please? Lol. I love this story is sooo sweet. I look forward to the rest.

  • Beefnoi

    Im hoping theres going to be a bonus page. It would make me sooo happy.

    This is by far the best page ever. 

    • Thank you, Beefnoi! I’m really glad you like the new page! 🙂

  • thisboybroken

    Seriously, why does it have to stop right now??? Cannot wait for more. This is really one of the brighter parts of my week. Keep up the amazing work! Love me some Deacon!

    • Oh, it’s not stopping! Another page in less than 5 days! (or maybe even sooner… 😉 )

      It makes me really happy to hear that Artifice is a bright spot in your week, thisboybroken. I very much appreciate the props! (And you might just get to see some more of Deacon soon…)

      • thisboybroken

        Yours is the 2nd web comic I have ever read. I am now a fan forever. Thank you for doing something so great! I really love how real the characters are in their interaction with one another. The pictures are gorgeous! what more to say??? thanks
        I donated, sorry it’s not more.

        • A fan forever? That’s awesome! 😀 Thank you so much for your kind words and your very generous donation. Both are very much appreciated. 🙂

  • Wait I have a question…Why are they even in that room?

  • GAHHHHHH I WISH I HAD MONEY TO DONATE!!! -bangs head on desk-

  • You want him to ask you with all the owrds?

  • I wish I could donate, but I love all those that do! <3 Thank you all for being so kind to the creators of this comic and bringing forth the extra pages! <3 😀

    • Yes. Thank you all so much! 😀

      • Though, if tomorrow’s comic cuts back to Maven, as much as I love her, I’m going to SCREAM…

  • Erica

    YAYYYYY NEW PAGE SOON NEW PAGE SOOON!!! <3 lol successful 250 raised :3

  • Spirited_Dreamer

    Wow…I just checked the donation bar….and now it’s full?! YAY! hey, Alex, is this a record for that?

    • Yep, this is definitely a record. Just when I think I can’t be surprised or amazed any more than last week, you all just blow my mind. 😀

  • Jeff, don’t even PRETEND I didn’t notice that adorable blush on your cheeks when deacon asked you that question! D’awww! You sweet thing. These two are just waiting to tackle each other…lol Which is a good thing! 😉

  • CK

    Oh my goodness! 70$ in one night!!
    I keep checking that donation pool like it was my own XD
    I cant wait for tomorrow!! 😀

    • Yes, I was surprised too! Very glad to hear you’re looking forward to the next page, CK!

  • Lorescien

    OH. MY. GOODNESS. Jeff’s sultry avoidance face in that last panel is bloody gorgeous! And we all totally know they want each others’ nuts by now. Or at least Jeff wants Deacon. 😛 I sure hope it’s reciprocated, lol, or else I’m gonna be all —> D:<

  • SigmundReimann

    I want to also thank all those who’ve donated where I cannot, that we all get enjoy two pages a week for a while. I was in hospital a few weeks back and missed a couple of pages, so looking forward to reading them made the ordeal a lot more bearable. 

    Although this is off topic, I reread Tough chapters one and two yesterday and wondered when the third chapter will be coming. I seem to recall reading somewhere that it would be late 2011 but I’m not entirely sure. I understand that with so many comics on the go such questions must be daunting, and if you haven’t a clear answer that is fine. I am really enjoying the weekly/biweekly update system for Artifice alongside the unknown anticipation of when Tough will update as well. Can’t wait until there are some full volumes for me to buy off you.

    • Yikes. I’m sorry to hear you were in the hospital, Sigmund. I hope you’re feeling better!

      And there were more delays with the art for Tough Chapter 3, I’m afraid. 🙁 Right now, I’m looking towards a release early next year. Fingers crossed.

      Thank you very much for the props!

      • SigmundReimann

        Ah, I really want to help you guys out but I know my art skills aren’t up to scratch yet. One day!

  • Last panel… panel of my dreams. The tension there – like physically nobody is holding a permanent pose: it’s all a snapshot of a fluid motion. You can’t imagine them staying like that from one panel to the next, and the sheets definitely accentuate this. Ah! Plus I have a weakness for well-drawn fabric. It warms the cockels of my heart. Such an understatement “you’re okay I guess,” marvellous.

    • “A snapshot of fluid motion.” Yes! I think that’s it exactly. 

      And I’m glad you called out Winona’s fabric draping. I think she does a really great job with that and few folks have called it out. 🙂

  • myrkky

    Alex this story and the characters are really interesting, and Winona you’ve done an amazing work bringing them to life. Artfice is such a wonderful combination of lovely art and good plot. Thank you for sharing it with us! (And also thanks to those who donated! I will hopefully be able to donate as well at some point..)

    • You’re very welcome, myrkky. Thank you very much for your kind words! 😀

  • Wow, too-hot-for-the-screen Jeff returns!  *joins in fanboying the art*

  • Krondor2000

    Wow! That’s warp speed!!

  • Jaybird19

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