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Artifice Page 39

231 Comments on Artifice Page 39

What’s with that look, Deacon? Is something stuck in Jeff’s teeth?


We have new Fan Art this week from ~Seke-Sama—a sweet moment between Deacon and Jeff entitled “Surprise”. Thanks, ~Seke-Sama!

And oh my gosh, this is the third bonus page in as many weeks! In just 7 days, we hit $250—an Artifice speed record! And again, you all caught me by surprise. Midnight (Pacific Standard Time) had passed, I was just about to crawl into bed and then decided to give one last peek at the donation bar because we were soooo close.

Nope, 12:10 am on Wednesday, and still $30 short. Alas…

And then, just as I was about to close my laptop, bam! bam! the last two donations came in! Technically, after the deadline, but the heck with it! I still hadn’t gone to bed and so technically Wednesday hasn’t begun for me and, really, how can I ignore your awesomeness?! So, bleary-eyed, here I am typing up a note on a new BONUS PAGE!

Special thanks to long time supporters Christina K., Elyse B., Alison T. (for the 2nd week in a row), Sue T. (donating for the 3rd time in a row!), Laura Beth W. (donating for the 5th time in a row! Good golly!) & Micheal B. (who continues his streak of awesomeness by donating for the sixth straight week in a row! Wow!) and a hearty, warm welcome to new supporters Alexandra R., Nicole O., Carol M., kiaraly I. and Becca C.!

I’m sending out a big, android strength hug to long time friend of Artifice Tyler B. and also to new friend Karina G. for their super-generous $25 donations!

And a high-five and impressed bow at your ninja-like powers to brand new supporters Danielle C. and Keturah K. for adding in the last $20 and $10 respectively to put us over the top!

Whether you’re a long time supporter or a new supporter of this comic, I am so touched by your generosity. (And to Alison, Sue, Laura Beth and Micheal, who week after week show your support, well, I so humbled and honored to have attracted such cool readers like yourselves to my webcomic. You make me want to work just that much harder to live up to your kindness.)

You all make me feel very, very lucky. Thank you all so much.

If you particularly enjoy any of these pages and use Facebook, please click the Like button on that page. It’s useful to know what’s working and it helps me get the word out!
  • I’m the first?? Weeeeeeee!!!
    Beware! I foresee an epidemic of nosebleeds!    

    • Luckily for me I buy Kleenex in bulk. (Strangely, a true story.)

  • O.O OMG now I have to hold my mental breath until Saturday! I truly adore the many facial expressions displayed through out this comic. Especially in this scenario where there’s that open silence that the curiosity of human nature provides to await a “possibility ” that we would like to have or answered. Jeff is a cunning and witty individual who, in some terminology of circumstances, knows how to play the game of “companion fishing ” which is admirable. I think there are many things Jeff can teach deacon emotionally and provides the intellectual needs for entertaining conversation as well. This romantic development, though fiction, feels like a true connection between people in need of what the other contains, and the riveting tale to reach those distances is surely what brings in readers to be consumed by fantasy. Pure enjoyment.

    • Very glad this is feeling real to you, Sawyer. And that you’re enjoying it. 🙂

    • W Nelson

      I love comments like this.  Knowing you guys soak up every bit we put in even when I feel like a detail keeping me up late might be inconsequential… it’s so rewarding ^_^

      • It’s impossible not to admire the two art forms performing together like professional ice-skaters. Flowing gracefully with leaps of twists and poses. Pure Enchantment.

  • kiteoni

    I totally read the “bam! bam!” as Batman sound effects! Gotta say I love the last panel.. but I’m curious.. with Jeff having so many pictures of his mom up, will Deacon make the connection with the good doctor and his ‘dead mother’?

    • Hmm. I’ll Word of God this and say that any apparent connection between the two would be coincidental. 

      Glad you’re loving the last panel (And yes, you’re totally reading those sound effects right. 🙂 )

  • Hyperminimalism

    When I saw that we were at $240 and it was 12:18 AM (ish), I simply COULD NOT resist taking the risk that Alex was still hanging around and would see the scale had been tipped.  I don’t normally donate to comics (unless I’m buying), but I just adore this one so much and I am a very big supporter of such great art and intriguing plot and characters.  It’s a good thing I got paid recently, too, so I don’t feel as nervous now that I’ve got some cushioning in my account. xD  Anyway, I’m so glad to see the update and will look forward to the next one on Saturday.


    • Again, thank you so much, Keturah. The donations really help me create pages like this and I’m thrilled that you’re enjoying Artifice. You are a rock star. 😀

    • W Nelson

      You are a HERO!!!  <3  Thanks so much for contributing and for pushing past the finish line!  You've made the entire fanbase do the Happy Bonus Booty Dance.  

      Annnnd I'm gonna need to color faster 0_0  Eeee!

  • Tavorna

    I just got home after getting my pay and though I couldn’t quite do $30, I had to try a bit to see if someone would catch the remaining ten! Good on you Keturah! 😀 So excited to have such a juicy bonus page, I just love that look between them in the last panel! And Deacon’s comment about judging Jeff positively – wow he’s SMOOTH! I really enjoy seeing their relationship develop, it’s so interesting. Can’t wait for the next page!!

    – Danielle

    • Danielle, when your donation came in, I literally did a little happy jump. Thank you so much. I’m really glad you’re liking the new bonus page—and that look. And yes, there might just be a few more developments coming soon. 😉

      Thank you so much again. Your generosity makes a big and real difference in terms of helping me make these comics.

    • W Nelson

      <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 You are awesome.  Thanks so much for donating and helping push past that line, a lot of people aside from just me and Alex are grateful!  You rock!!

  • KBatty

    I cracked up laughing at the dialogue on this page. It’s just the right amount of cheesy to be believable without being over-the-top. Apparently Deacon’s a pretty quick learner in the “Interacting Positively With Humans” department.

    I’m also pretty impressed with all the teeth on this page. Teeth are such a bitch to draw.

    • Glad you’re enjoying the teeth and the fromage, KBatty! 😀

    • W Nelson

      Boy are they.  I think one of the main things with teeth is leaving a lot of the lines broken so it doesn’t look like there’s a gap between every one, and then adding the definition in the color stage.  It can actually be really fun to draw the parts you have to be so much more accurate for though ^_^

  • Pervertida Pensante

    I really love Deacon, he look so innocent.

    • Those are the ones you always have to watch the most carefully, right? 😉

  • Chris Woodworth

    I can’t stop giggling. XD
    I wish I had a method of throwing money at this. XD

  • Emperor_Meiji

    I’m sure it’s just a coincidence, but in panel 5 the expression on Deacon’s face and the angle at which he and Jeff are looking at each other reminds me of Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam.

    • It is just a coincidence (at least in terms of the script and art direction from me), but I noticed it too. 🙂

      • W Nelson

        Woh, I didn’t catch that when I was drawing it.  Most of these panels are based around who is speaking first and who is the one currently holding more power in the relationship.  So the placement is both very deliberate and in this case completely accidental, hehe!

  • T Tran

    OH MY GOSH. That silence is oh so awkwardly intense.

  • CK

    Last panel: ” oh it’s on!”
    I almost did not dare to check it today, but here it is!  I just adore the last panel there!
    Awesome people who donate are awesome!

    • “Awesome people who donate are awesome!” – So true. 🙂

  • fiazoe

    ufff getting so intense >w< I love This
    also, nipples <3

  • i wow i wasn’t expecting one today 
    i cant wait till Saturday i want to see a kiss

  • Oh well, I didn’t need my ovaries anyway.

    • This is where my tiny little brain moves much more slowly than my much smarter readers. Is this a reference to the donations? If so, HA. 🙂

      • 😀 Actually, they burst when they saw the wonder that is the sexual tension on this page. :3

  • Tristan MacAvery

    …aaaaaaand the bomb is dropped on Page 39!

    Allow me to say, I have been enjoying every page of this comic, and I thank you so very much for your brilliant work. Alas, unemployed; I’ll still try to help. This comic is fantastic.

    • You’re enjoying every page? That’s great to hear, Tristan! 

      (And thank you for your very generous donation. I know times are tough and I’m just bowled over by the generosity of awesome folks like yourself. Words can’t adequately express how much your kindness means to me.)

    • W Nelson

      You are wonderful.  Thanks so much for donating <3  I'm glad you like our work so much!

  • Hey-ey-ho! I’m giggling so hard here! All I can think is “Aaawkwaaaard” and then I start giggling again!

    And really the people who donated are awesome! And this page looks really cool. I’m in love with the last panel.

    • The people who donated are awesome!

      Glad you like the new page, Alis~~, and very glad to get a giggle out of you! 😀

  • Ari

    I love sexual pauses (so much better than those awkward ones lol.)

  • OMG LOVING the last panel! I just totally giggled out loud!

  • OMG! Panel three he is SO FREAKIN CUTE D’AWWWW!!! And the final panel…oooh….the anxiety is murderous! I love this comic 😀

    • I love Panel 3, too, Airboy. It’s one of my favorites of Jeff. The way Winona drew his smile makes me melt. And how can anyone resist wanting to pinch those cheeks?

      Very glad to hear you’re loving Artifice!

      • Totally 😀 So amusing! It’s like..Deacon’s heh, then in the last panel his expression is all “Wait….what?” and Jeff has this predatory grin and look on his face…mmm…

        • W Nelson

          Oh man, I love reader narrations like that.  Aside from being funny they let me know if I got the faces right!  Feel free to give us your translation anytime ^_^


  • Archidel

    Given the looks exchanged in that last panel, I foresee pouncing in the future. Don’t know who’ll be the one to do it yet, but considering the amount of sexual tension that just flared up between Jeff and Deacon, something’s gotta give.

  • …. *stares at the last panel way to long* ………………. X_x

    • Cool. 🙂

      • It’s brilliant! We’ll just be hypnotized by that last panel until Saturday. Very clever Mr. Woolfson…

  • CommodoreZelda

    Wow. This just made my day. 🙂 Looooove that last panel.

    • This made your day? That’s awesome to hear, CommodoreZelda!

  • iamlingy

    OMG YOU GUYS. STOP EYEFUCKING. I mean REALLY. Jeff, your nipples. Deacon, your face. Just stop it okay. You’re killing me here!

    • Mwa ha ha.

      • iamlingy

        … Why you gotta be like that, man. ;A; I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE NEXT PAGE<3

    • W Nelson

      Haha!  That just makes me picture the two anatomical parts mentioned smushing together.   …Which is nice 😀

  • Reign

    This just totally made my day. Jeff has an amazing smile. I really think Deacon is falling for Jeff! Let’s hope they kiss in the next update. I know everybody is waiting for that! Thank you to all the people that donated you guys rock and of course a huge thank you and hug to Alex!

    • You’re very welcome, Reign! Glad you like the update!

  • now…is the last panel a sexually tense moment, or a uncomfortable moment? because am i the only one that keeps coming back to the fact that jeff is mostly naked? O_O;;; and that deacon didn’t turn jeff down from the smooch? CAN’T WAIT FOR SATURDAY 🙂 I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HAVING MULTIPLE POSTS IN A WEEK…

    • The answer to your first question might depend on which one of them you ask. 😉

      (And I’m also loving the multiple posts in a week. A bit exhausting. But so much fun. 🙂 )

      • i like sexual tension…better to have tension than no tension XD and we all worship alex and winona…except that it’s less of “worship” and more “thinking-about-chaining-you-both-to-desks-and-making-you-do-constant-updates” 😀 but i think that’s always how web comics go…. 

    • Show me a sexually tense moment and I’ll show you an uncomfortable one! XD
      Who’s actually comfortable with sexual tension? srysly.

  • Awesomness. 😀 That last panel Deacon is like, “… wait, what?” <3 

  • Racoda Moonshine

    Am I the only one hoping that Jeff isn’t wearing pants? XD

    • No. No you aren’t  ♥ XD

      • Racoda Moonshine

        Oh good XD

  • gahh!! can’t wait for saturday!! :O

    • Hehe. Glad to hear it, Zara! Less than three days!

      • i may explode from the anticipation! 😀 sign of a great comic! (^o^)/

  • Ivan_Braginsky

    Oh gosh it’s awesome ♥ Come in Deacon, look at how Jeff looks at you, he tries to say something now don’t ruin it ♥

    And how many books he owns…
    Love the art as always! Especially Jeffs chest, haha ♥ How a young man should be.

    • Glad you think so, Ivan. 🙂

      • Whops, it was me, Navi, just finally got an disqus-acc, always used twitter before and so disqus decided it shall use my twitter-nick…    
        No problem ♥ I so look forward to the next page!

  • Holy! Jeff’s smiling face is so cute!! goodness, now I want to pinch Jeff’s cheeks 🙂
    As a matter of fact, every smile in this page is just amazing!
    Thank you so much for putting up my fanart!

    • You’re very welcome, Ayisha. Thank you so much for creating it! 🙂

      And yes, those cheeks were made to be pinched, weren’t they?

      • omg yes! *pinches Jeff’s cheeks then runs like hell away from Deacon*

    • W Nelson

      I love your fanart!  Thanks for taking the time to make it and for showing us!  <3

  • awkward silence! next stop Awkward kissing then awkward sex lol.

  • ithilloke

    Ah, suspense!

  • ErrorTime

    Lol Jeff’s comment made the silence XD. I can’t wait to see what happens! I REALLY can’t wait to see Doctor Maven’s reaction, OMG!

    • Yes. Maven’s reaction. 🙂

    • W Nelson

      Haha that’s not what most people are rooting to see next!

  • ChopstickChick

    OH GOOD SWEET MOTHER NOO!! You can’t leave it theeeerreee!!! *aniticipation*

  • Oh god….I think we ALL know what’s coming next. They jump at each other with an awesome hot sexy kiss oh jeez i can’t wait i think another page should be put up like NOW!!!! :p really though I cant wait!!

    • Knowing Alex, we’ll cut back to Deacon in therapy and Maven will have to resort to electroshock therapy to get him to fess up about what happened next. 😛

  • I think this is so far my favorite page

  • Kea

    I amuses me how most everyone is like “Kiss, kiss, kiss,” or “screw, screw, screw”. Personally I like the tension. It adds a depth to the story that is difficult for me to describe. The art in this is simply wonderful, and each smile is precious and displays something different, a true testement to Winona’s amazing skills. And as always the story has me coming back multipul times a week, even though I know the comic updates at most two times a week.

    Just to let you guys know, you have offically taken the spot of my favorite comic. Go Alex and Winona!

    • Ryn

      I know, I want to see that happen too, but i’m enjoying the ride to get there.

    • W Nelson

      Aww I’m so glad you like the art so much!  We were going for a level of realism not a lot of people do in yaoi, and thought maybe some aspects would be a turnoff for some readers, so it’s really great to hear a lot of positive reactions to things like the pacing and the level of hair.  And boy are people precise about that hair XD

      The best thing of all to hear from a reader is that we’re their favorite!!  <3  You are awesome and thank you so much ^_^

    • Winona’s right—it’s super flattering to be told you’re someone’s favorite comic. When I was first considering putting Artifice up as a webcomic and was looking at what else was out there, I was concerned that it might be a problem that this comic didn’t start with sex—would anyone want to read it? So it’s so gratifying to hear from readers like yourself that you’re enjoying what we’re doing. Thank you!

  • Darby Roorda

    I cannot stress how much I love this comic. I was directed to it because Deacon seriously resembles one of my own OCs, and my fan thought that I would enjoy it.
    And I do. Boy do I. People do their camping at Teahouse? FAH! I camp here, thank you. I only wish that I could donate every week to encourage more bonus pages. Must get PayPal!

    • Kea

      I wish I had a job so I could have the money to contribute. One day, one day I will though.

    • Hey Darby! It’s always awesome to get props from a fellow creator. And I LOVE campers. 🙂 I hope you continue to like what you see!

  • fujoshifanatic

    Wai! I checked this at 11 o’clock last night and thought, “oh well, no extra update; and so close too!” But then I get such a nice surprise! And such a surprise–Jeff is more adorable with every page, and that last panel! *fans myself* I’m waiting with bated breath for Saturday! 8-P

    Alex and Winona, you two are beyond awesome and dedicated; you truly go above and beyond for us readers, and we are truly grateful. 😀

    • CommodoreZelda

      That was totally my thought process last night, but I had to check it this morning anyway… and SO GLAD I DID!!!!!!!

    • W Nelson

      I am really really glad you enjoy the comic so much!  I love comments like this, our readers are so freaking SWEET!  It makes me forgive the grueling pace at which you lovelies are working me.  Almost.  Hehehe XD

    • It is I who am grateful to all of you, fujoshifanatic. Having a chance to tell stories that are important to me and to get such great feedback from readers like yourself—well, let’s just say it really makes my life a much happier place. I’m delighted we gave you such a nice surprise. 🙂

  • They’re both so cute in the 3rd and 4th panels…

  • That “How u doing” moment.

    • Ryn

      I just heard Joey’s voice with Deacon’s face. XD

  • Nikolicious

    Ahh! It’s here! (I just registered so i can comment) I actually feel bad for Deacon, the poor boy just wants to experience things, look at his expecting face! <3 I can't wait for the next page.

    • W Nelson

      I’m glad you joined the commenters!  Hope you’ll be a regular 🙂

  • that…. that body…. why is deacon not all over jeff???? lord knows i would be.

  • Ryn

    and it’s the most he’s smiled in 7 months. I can kinda sympathize with him on that front, don’t know what i’d do without mine. those thin books of the same size wouldn’t happen to be manga would they? Jeff as a Japanese comic fan, very cool. 😀

    last panel; Awwwkward. XD Deacons staaaares and Jeff’s like “what’d i say?”. Careful Jeff, D takes your comments very seriously.

  • singerblooming


    • Something is wrong with Disqus for me, so I’m riding singerblooming’s comment like one of those fish that latch onto sharks. XD

      How is Deacon’s jumpsuit closed? does it have buttons, a zipper, clasps of some kind, MAGNETS?? O.o

      I showed this page to my sister again and told her about all the donations and her reaction is “They’re just donating to see Jeff naked! D:<  Not that I blame them. THAT HAIR! ^_^"
      But if we're paying money in the hopes of seeing them strip, is that prostitution? o.O I shall have to ask the philosoraptor.

      And meanwhile, I picture EVERYONE who comments as some kind of marine animal, because we're all swimming around singing "Kiss the Girl" from the Little Mermaid only with altered lyrics! XD

      • W Nelson

        Hahaha!  I love your comments 😀

        The question about the jumpsuit shall be resolved in due time >:D

      • I’m delighted you showed this comic to your sister. And now you’ve made me want to rent The Little Mermaid…

  • I swear to god that last panel needs either one of them to say “awkward turtle!” or some hot rampant sex. I’m gonna just say that I vote for the latter. His nipples are so pointy they look like sweets *drools*

  • Deacon is actually quite charming when he wants to be.  I could easily fall for a guy like that  😛

  • Spirited_Dreamer

    Deacon, I officially love you! His expression in panel 4 is so adorable and then in panel 5 it’s soo intense! I’m loving this webcomic and I’m finally commenting after having followed this comic from the beginning. This page was just too much to resist! 

    • Hey Lady_Scrybe! Glad this page tempted you to finally comment! Thank you for your kind words! 

  • psiquest

    Jeff should be more careful. However advanced a model as Deacon may be, I’m pretty sure his… err, parts… don’t come with an off switch. Speaking of which… two words: extension cord. Just saying.

  • Alex R

    I like where this is going <:

  • crimsonkiss22

    *leans forward* o____________o
    I’ll tell you when, not fast enough.

    But you know, unlike other people, I love the pacing of this comic. It might seem fast, but I don’t really know that there’s a certain time table for when two people have sex/fall in love/whatever the heck you wanna call it. Let’s remember that even IRL people have sex within hours of meeting one another. Not to say that’s right or wrong, but it happens.

    I’d say it’s been long enough. Then again, I am a fangirl. *sits and waves Jeff/Deacon banner* ^____^ <3

    • I agree with you that there really isn’t a timetable for these sorts of things. IRL, sometimes it can be years, other times, yes, much less than 24 hours. What matters most (at least in writing) is that when it happens, it feels authentic. That the transition to the emotions feels at least plausible, and hopefully, compelling. That the reader is swept along too. That certainly was my hope when I came up with the pacing of this comic. I’m glad to hear that so far it’s working for you.

      And Saturday gets here in less than 24 hours. 😉

  • Dex X.

    Sexual tension stare is GREAT.

  • Michele M.

    I love panel 4. I mean, what ELSE can you say to that? Not much….without the awkwardness.

  • Marbutt Face

    That there is one very sexy look, Deacon >w>

  • Mia Durrego

    awktober fest… but its deliciously hot and very endearing

  • Jennie Yates

    Wow.. Awkward moment, FTW.

  • so i saw there was a new page heres what happened:
    OHBABGDHBGAHGDH NEW PAGE~*falls out of chair scrolls down so i don’t read the page just see it, reads comments, reads page*
    DURRHURRDURRHURR YAYZ(legitly said this)~*flails arms like im doing some deformed chicken dance*

    ……i need to hire Dr.Mavin, i need help…..TAT

    • W Nelson

      Wow, I think you may have had some kind of reaction, heehee 😀

      • Yes,  severe ADHD combined with Jeff’s dimples and chest hair will do that to a yaoi fangirl, why most he be imaginary and gay TAT

    • Now that sounds interesting. Are you saying you read the comments from other readers before you read the dialogue on the page?

      • Yes, i have severe ADHD and some times my brains gos to fast and gets confused,oh and i think i worded my comment weird, i scrolled down on accident when i fell out of my chair, then my brain saw the comments then got more ADHD then usual and read them and then i scrolled up and read to actual page
        PS. I love this comic so much~ if this were any other comic i would probably yell “LESS PLOT MORE YAOI” or something equally as fangirlly but i love the characters and the psychology(auto correct thought i was trying to say chocolaty and playground XD) and the dimples and Deacons adorable facial expressions and the awesome plot and characters is worth having the wait for any sex and i can’t beleive im saying this but i would actually not be upset if there never was any that is how awesome this comic is- end ADHD rant~

        • Ah, that makes sense now. And you’ve just paid me a very nice compliment. I know there are comics out there that are more explicit, and I was worried that folks wouldn’t like the focus on plot and character that I have here—so it makes me very happy to hear that you’re liking it. Thank you! You’ve put a big smile on my face. 🙂

          • I enjoy the drawn-out relationship. Just like in most hetero romance stories, the focus is on the characters, their situations, and their relationship to each other.

            To give a negative example, I picked up the first comic of Gravitation years ago, and by the end of the first book the main couple kissed. There wasn’t any real affection with it, but that didn’t matter. I lost all investment in the relationship because there was no longer anything to really look forward to. They just threw in the payoff FIRST and then expected me to go through the buildup. Nuh-uh. If I get dessert first, then I’m done. I’m not going to sit through dinner to get the same dessert again.

            Here, we’ve got legitimate issues to work through to get to any emotional payoff. Jeff might be attracted to Deacon, but Deacon’s going to kill him eventually. Plus as Jeff sees it, Deacon is probably programmed to be straight.
            Deacon is pretty awkward with all this ‘humans and there emotions’ stuff so ALL of this is out of his depth to some degree. So how does he tell this guy that he actual enjoys being around that he wants to experiment with fulfilling emotional needs when he doesn’t recognize that he even HAS them?

            The first time these two kiss it’s going to be SUH-WEET! >XD

  • OMG i love this page. jeffs smile is priceless. and jeff sweetheart u just pushed the ball over the hill with that commentXD so here is a BIG wet kiss for ur adorable little ass and deacons sexy ass *KISS* whoop whoop 

  • SEXUAL TENSION MOUNTAIN OVER HERE. They need to suck face already. Sorry, I had to say it. I adore everything about this. Can’t wait till the next page.

    No, really…I can’t. I’m dying over here! Ugh they are both so sexy. That last panel, holy crap the look on both their faces. <33

  • Erica

    OHHH nooes, XDDD thuper therial faces on the last panel. that’s either the look of “don’t.” or the look of “… really…? you’re serious right..?” lol

  • ::fans self::  It is getting a bit warm and toasty in here!  Deacon, my good sir, you may need to remove some clothing.  Wouldn’t want your processors to overheat.  Might want to help Jeff out with that as well.  Can’t have the poor boy sweating and adding a gleam to that delicious-looking chest, so you may wish to remove his sheet.  

    …I wish.  But man, this page was such a pleasant surprise to wake up to this morning, it made going to work easier than normal!  Kept me on a happy high of yaoi-fangirl goodness.  Also made me wish someone had decided to donate 200 bucks and guarantee us another page this coming Weds 🙂  I believe I’ll be able to donate after this upcoming payday.  Ms. Winona, I’m sorry we’re working you so hard, but you’re such an amazing artist that it’s hard to get enough!

    • Yukiness

      Everything in the first half of what you just said is worthy of a cookie.

      • Thank you, Yuki-san!  I love cookies!  Especially yaoi-cookies 😀

    • W Nelson

      <3  I will never begrudge working hard for people who are so nice and sweet to me!

    • So glad to hear that this page was a nice surprise and that it made going to work easier! (For me, I need all the help I can get…)

  • typhonblue

    So… I’m curious, Alex. What’s going to happen when you hit the target twice in one week. 😉 Because if you’re already hitting it in one week at page 39… I imagine that pace is only going to get faster. 

    Oh, and Deacon, that’s a really good sex face for someone who didn’t get that kind of programming and probably has never seen one before. 😀

    • From your lips to God’s ears. 🙂

      But seriously, if that were to happen, then I’d just put another bonus page “in the queue” for the Wednesday after the first bonus page.  If it were to happen a lot and the “queue” started to build up, I’d think of something else—maybe even (gasp) a third page for that week—but that would certainly be a very good problem to have. 😉

      • CK

        I think I could get used to that! 😀

  • Alor_Laneau

    OMG OMG I just got a blood nose.
    I can just imagine Deacon jumping onto Jeff like a crazed animal and many very hot pages to come after that. O_O
    Don’t let me down!

  • Kayla

    Every time I look at that bottom panel, I keep imagining Jeff like, “I’m naked under here.”


    • DorianCherrystone

      got the same idea xD

  • Yukiness

    I just broke the sound barrier when I saw we had a bonus page today. Somewhere in brooklyn, there is an uncomfortable dog.

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    • Yay! Glad you liked finding there was a bonus page. And thank you very much for your kind words. New page is up in less than 24 hours. You’ll have to let me know what you think. 😉

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    I look back at page 14, and when one last straggler is found, *they all look at Deacon* to go look into it… no words. So unless they’re telepathic, I think he’s been low AI in the pecking order, the odd man out, for a long time.

    • You’re thinking about this in all the right ways, Rissicat. And yes, it’s important to remember that Jeff is fully aware that Deacon is an android and that nothing’s changed in terms of Deacon’s orders, even if these two are becoming closer. 

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    • Thank you, karmelion! Trying to create realistic and natural sounding dialogue (that’s still somehow interesting and moves the plot forward) is something that’s very important to me. I’m glad to hear it’s working for you! 😀

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    • All the pages are print-ready and if there is interest, there will definitely be a printed book. I’d probably try to do something special, like a hardcover edition for the fans, and then we’d see. Thank you very much for your kind words!

      • INTEREST.  I HAVE INTEREST.  I have SUCH interest that it was capitalized twice.


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    Hi! just found this comic, and in this page i notised somthing, that Deacons doctore is in Jeffs picture frame, and Deacons soldier mark og whatever is on the screen saver. Are we looking at a sub-plot her? (and sorry for my bad english)
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  • I really wish I knew what they all sounded like. ;_; I’m a very audio person, and I like to read books and comics out-loud to myself. I try to do different voices for everyone, but that leads me to wonder… what do they sound like? To me, Jeff has sort of a middle-alto voice like the majority of guys I knew as a teenager.

    But Deacon’s voice interests me. They would not want him to sound tinny or electronic like a vocaloid or a machine… Perhaps his voice is synthesized like the vocaloids are; where they have a voice actor record a bank of basic sounds that can then be mixed and matched to form words, like a human does. But getting it to sound natural is very tricky. Inflection is nearly impossible to do, let alone with the subtlety of a human being. And if he had a monotone voice, that would be a give-away to him not being human.

    Can he do an impression of Johhny 5? O.o
    Can he sing??

    Audio impressions would be very useful if they could replicate them precisely. Image that there was a voice-coded password on the console he was trying to access. So I imagine his designers would want to give him that tool.
    ~HOW does Deacon speak? Is it a speaker system or is it more closely modeled after human vocal cords? It makes a difference, because if it’s like a computer program, then they just have to record a sound bank that is to their liking. If it was modeled more like how a human voice works, then Deacon’s anatomy will dictate his depth and tone.
    Given his build, I would expect him to have the fairly deep voice of an adult male, Jeff in my mind sounds more like an older teen/20 something.

    • Sam

      I just discovered Artifice last week, and I’ve been wondering what their voices sound like, too.  That, and other random things like would Deacon’s body feel warm?  How would Deacon and Jeff each smell? (I love me some good smelling men, haha.)  

      I’m going to have to make a list of all the questions I have about this comic – plot, background story, character backgrounds, and of course, various Deacon logistics, haha.  But then, if all our questions were answered, it would make for a less intriguing comic, wouldn’t it? 🙂

    • Mary Short

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