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Artifice Page 38

143 Comments on Artifice Page 38

Huh. We’re in a bedroom. And Jeff has his shirt off. I really don’t see where Deacon is going with this…

We have new Fan Art by Christina.K! It’s a dramatic moment of support between Deacon and Jeff. Thanks, Christina.K!

Only three days and we’re now more than a third of the way to the next bonus page at $104. Special thanks go out to long-time supporters Laura Beth W. (donating for the 4th time in a row!) and Esperanza V. and to new supporters Joanne F, Ariel S., Michele M. and Lucy S.!

And a big hug to long time friend of Artifice Robert B. and also to new friends Andrew D. and Saxon B. for their $25 donations! Thank you all so much! 😀

(Oh, and can I just say how much I love Winona’s art here? Very happy to finally get to this scene. I’ve been looking forward to it. 🙂 )

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  • crimsonkiss22

    You’re a virgin, Jeff? I didn’t see that coming, actually…
    Haha! He has the cutest chest hair. Look at it, trying to be chest hair. 8D
    I really like where this is going. I don’t just mean the bedroom, and the half-naked Jeff… But, well, yeah, that too. 🙂

    • LOL! Your comment totally cracked me up, crimsonkiss22. Well played.

      Glad you like where we’re going! I hope you’ll keep letting me know what you think!

  • I love how he isn’t the typical ‘perfect looking’ guy. I love Jeff for that. He’s adorable in all of his attempt at being hairy. More hairy then most men in comics like this one. LOVE it all!

    • Showing the beauty of “regular looking” guys is something that is important to me. Both because I think the media tends to send both women and men weird and destructive messages about our bodies, but also because, well, it feels more real to me and thus more hot. 🙂

      And in terms of the reality of this story, while we wouldn’t expect Deacon to look too regular, it’s not like Jeff has been hitting the gym and meeting with his nutritionist the last several months. And yes, being a grown-up boy he has body hair—which can also be kinda cute. 😉

      I know my choices won’t work for everyone, so I’m very glad you’re liking what I’m trying to do with this!

  • Hyperminimalism

    Good God, Jeff’s hair looks even better splayed across the pillow. 

    Aherm…in any case, I’m finding this all very intriguing; from the hostility Deacon and Jeff began with to the strangely affable atmosphere they’ve got going now.  At this rate, I have to wonder how many more pages it will be before Jeff and Deacon will be sending out wedding announcements.  No, I’m just kidding, but in all seriousness, I have some theories as to what’s going through Jeff’s mind about Deacon’s behavior.  I don’t think Jeff is THAT ignorant to Deacon’s behavior.  Perhaps not the curiosity we as the audience are aware of at this point, but whatever that something is that’s deviated from the expected conduct of other A.P.s

    • Glad you liking where I’m going with Jeff’s hair. 😉

      And do we get to hear some of your theories? I’d like that.

  • Syreen

    Deacon should be on that bed too making sure that Jeff is under his control… LOL, my perverted self just can’t shut up.

    I always want to write more serious things in my comments… It’s just so hard to write them in English 🙁 Poor Jeff, I can really understand him.

    • I think your comments are just great, Syreen. Glad you’re feeling empathy with Jeff. (There’s a little bit of the younger me in him in this scene…)

  • CK

    I must say i love this page! And it’s not just the fact that there is a bed and a half(at least) naked Jeff is on it. The art here is just gorgeous! and like other people said, I love hos Jeff’s body hair is trying to be hairy! XD So cute.
    Honestly you should write a book that goes with it, so we can read all their days together! 😀

    I’ve never taken drugs, but I imagine this is what it’s like..I need more!

    • Hehe. Glad to give you what might be a fun addiction. 🙂

      And as for the missing days of Jeff and Deacon—isn’t that what fanart is for? 😀

  • Andrea Baker

    This is pretty much hair porn.

  • KBatty

    I wasn’t expecting to see the NoNeCo logo on a DaVinci Four computer.  Has NoNeCo reached such a height in this reality that they’ve become a totalitarian de facto government of sorts? Honestly, I’d like to know more about the colony and the circumstances surrounding the ASO strike.

    And d’aw. They’re bonding.

    Also, Siboahn, huh? I’ve only ever met one person with that name, and she’s been plagued her whole life with being called “sib-oh-haaan”. XD

    • NoNeCo is as powerful as many governments. They provide much of the technology that makes life work. And in this case, the colony scientists were working directly for them on certain projects.

      And I’ve actually know a few Siobahns in my life. Who were plagued with a similar burden….

  • Well, lucky for you deacon, cause Jeff can help you study intimacy ;D

    • Any tips you’d like to give him yourself? 🙂

      • Relax and Instead of shouting out his name in ecstasy, use your own name.XDXDXD j/k…although I would laugh my bum off if he did that xD

  • fujoshifanatic

    Oooh! Now this just looks so yummy! Can I tell you that I just LOVE Jeff’s hair on this page? And the expressions on his face as he recounts his (lack of) experience to Deacon–so cute and emotive (the dimples and hair porn in panel 3–uunff!).

    I also love the way Jeff seems so oblivious to wondering why an android solder is soo fascinated with his sexual history (poor dear; he must have been so horribly lonely!). Go Deacon, set up that “social experiment” of yours — we’re waiting with bated breath for the results! 😛

  • Emperor_Meiji

    Jeff’s photos of his mother are quite touching. A nice little detail. He obviously inherited her hair. Was this in the script, or was it Winona’s idea?

    Totally unrelated (and totally gross) thought: I hope by this point they’ve done something about all the colonists’ bodies!

    • Emperor_Meiji

      … also, it seems Jeff’s mom was a doctor. Might explain why she didn’t have a problem with his genetic “abnormality.” But it doesn’t explain why she would bring her son to a socially regressive colony. I hope we learn more about Jeff’s origins.

    • Glad you liked the little details. Here is what I had in the script for the room:

      We are in a small Spartan room with a bed and a computer at a desk. This is Jeff’s room and despite its pre-fab nature, it still feels rather cozy. A wooden paddle with elastic string and a ball is propped up on a small desk. Framed photographs of Jeff and his mother – a tired-looking scientist in her 40s wearing a lab coat and a strained smile – are on either side of the computer’s flat screen monitor. The screen itself is displaying green phosphor text, a tabular representation of the Energy Distribution Network. The bed is simple and twin-size with thin, green cotton sheets; its head is located in a corner of the room across from the desk. Through a small window high up on the wall above the desk, moonlight comes in – that and the glow from the monitor are the only light in the room. The foursquare window panes are covered with droplets of water.

      As you can see Winona really brought that to life and then some! You’ll also notice some changes that happened while we worked together. In particular, we have pictures of Jeff’s mother with Jeff.  And the pictures themselves are happier than the bleak suggestion my script gave. Both are choices Winona made when creating the first pass and the moment I saw them, I knew they were the right choices. Yet another benefit of collaborating with a genius. 😀

  • I ADORE Jeff’s face in panel four. Brilliantly moody 🙂

  • oh, THE evening of revelations!

  • I don’t know why, but when Jeff mentioned uberchildren, I rather expected Deacon to go “Does not compute” at him and ask for an explanation.  And then I remembered that Deacon is AI, not Glados.  But “I’m just not built that way” is better and quite awesome to me.  Loves this page and I love the easy familiarity between them.  It’s cuuuuuuuuuute.

    • Yes, while Deacon might not be the expert on human emotions, pulling references from a large database of human culture is something that is well within his grasp. He is definitely innocent in ways, but not so much in the way of understanding human language or even humor. And in that regard, he’s a bit different than some other androids that we have seen in sci-fi. 

      Glad you’re finding their interaction cute! 😀

  • yay, happy birthday to meeee!

    thanks winona and alex!

  • Reign

    Like always first thing I do when I get up is come straight to check for an update 🙂 Thank you Winona and Alex for the best update by far!! Half naked Jeff *drools* I bet Deacon is thinking the same thing we all are!

    • That’s the first thing you do? That’s awesome! Very glad you like the new update!

      • Reign

        *giggles* You should know me by now…of course I am going to jump on the computer first thing Saturday morning to read the most awesome comic in the world!!

  • samae

    Like two girls at a slumber party.

    • At girls slumber parties do they really have one girl partially/fully naked in bed at all times? If so, I need to sneak into one soon.

      • Hehe. Glad to have you onboard, Kurai-Echo. 🙂

      • samae

        No but they should at a boy/sentiant android
        slumber party.

  • Kayla

    “You’re a virgin? Me too! Now let’s fix that.”

  • Jeff’s hair!! It’s so shiny!! I wouldn’t be able to stop touching it. lol

  • thisboybroken

    I really only have one question, Where can I get a Deacon of my very own??? I think most of us have had this conversation before. I love how all the electricity of those moments is captured here. Oh yeah and seriously could those last two panels of Deacon  be any hotter? I just wish Jeff didn’t look so ridiculously close to my ex lol. Great job I cannot wait until the next page!

    • Lucia Guynot de Boismenu

      Well, he *could* be shirtless in those last two panels >.>

    • Yes, I was trying to capture the feeling of the kinds of conversations I used to have when getting to know people in the dorms at college. I think it’s a common chat to have at that age when bonding. 🙂

      Glad you’re liking our buddy Deacon. And bummer about the doppelgänger effect with Jeff. Hopefully, there’s enough difference in personality that you can appreciate Jeff for the cutie he is. 😉

      Thanks for the props! 

  • Jumping on the band-wagon here: Jeff’s hair is awesome!!

    Okay now that that’s out of the way 🙂
    I love this story so much. Its not too fast, not too slow. Just right. And I love it.
    Not many webcomics can make me smile every page. ^_^

    • Aw, what an awesome compliment, Ayisha! I’m so glad the pacing is working for you.

      And making my readers smile is what it’s all about. 😉

  • I used to look forward to Sundays for cartoons. Now I look forward to Saturdays for this comic. Either way, weekends rule!

    • Hehe! Glad I can play a part in making your weekend special! 😀

  • Silver Mouri

    There a picture on the desk who reminds me of someone. Only the doctor hairstyle is different. Hm.




    we all know where this is going ohohohohoh!!! <3

    • I was tempted to make a quip about “On to the pages of Men’s Health magazine?” but not sure how the Bedroom would fit into that. 🙂

      • :)) nope definitely not men’s health magazine. ehe.

        i need to see action soon. my panties are about to drop. /shot

  • Ivan_Braginsky

    I was just done livestreaming as I saw the tweet of a new page. How I love it ♥

    Wonderful as always! I like the surrounding, especially the toy on the table haha.
    Simple but kind of comfortable. And it feels good to see Jeff smiling.

    • Glad you like the update, Navi! Yes, it is nice to see Jeff smile, huh?

      Hope your livestream went well. 🙂

  • Dex X.

    It took me a while to get through this page… Shirtless Jeff is just a bit on the distracting side. 

  • Ari

    armpit hair is the best. its one of the things i hate about yaoi manga NO HAIR (yay for bara manga though lol) thanks for the hair 😉

    • I, um, kinda like armpit hair too. ::blushes::

      • LINCARD1000

        I’m with Aripie… thank you and the lovely Winona for the realistic depiction of the male body 🙂

        • KBatty

          I like body hair as well, and honestly the realistic body image is incredibly refreshing. I like people who look like PEOPLE. So much sexier.

  • Heheh, good too see that they are finally comfortable around each other. But I mean, that many days alone it’s a given. In a way, I knew Jeff had to have SOME experience with both genders.

    And oooh, he’s got pictures of his mother. They seem very close, awww~ 

    • Yes. She was the most important person in Jeff’s life. For pretty much forever.

  • Jenny May

    I love the art so much on this page. <3

    • Me, too, Jenny. I think Winona did such a great job with it. 🙂

  • Abbil

    This comic is beautiful… The art, the writing, the simple flow of it… All add together to a wonderful whole….
    That said, this page, beautiful as it is, got one reaction from me…

    *girlish giggle*  Jeff’s fuzzy…

  • iamlingy

    Sffahkkdshkdlshssldj I am incoherent right now okay. I just. I can’t handle thissssss ldnslsjlsnslfjsldjldhs

    • LOL. Glad you’re liking what you see, iamlingy.

  • O_O i…am…speechless. except for the fact that i am typing right now. i just stared at the page for a moment. uh…jeff is almost naked. and they’re having pillow talk…minus the pillow.

    for now. 😀

  • Hells yes. Hope this is going where I think it’s going…

  • i just noticed something. One of the artifices ads on SmackJeeves shows Deacon leaning over Jeff shirtless while jeff is in bed. looks to me to be the same room too heeheehee

    • me too XD

    • Ryn

      *nods* I saw that one on the old Spina Cage website the other day.

  • Leen H

    I really LOVE your comic <3
    I love the way you draw, your style is fantastic 😀

    *cough* There's only one thing that I don't like so much. In my opinon, they got along a little bit too fast. Deacon just had to say "sorry" and the are best firends? I of course also see, that they of course also have been together for a while but still…I think it was too fast. I don't want to offend you, jsut saying what I think about it :X As I said, I really love your comic :3

    And: Nyaw~ Jeff looks cute in the 5th panel <3

    • LINCARD1000

      As for the speed – bear in mind how much time is passing here, this is day 39 so it’s been several *weeks* 🙂

      • KBatty

        Yes. Several weeks alone… with no one at all but each other. (obligatory “aaaaawwww”)

  • MonicaProwl

    I’m loving this!!!!

  • ah alright, it’s a charming way to distract us from the chapter 3 of Tough!!!
    when’s it coming out?

  • BRBChurch

    Two things;

    One: I love Jeff’s hair. I just love it like it’s nobody’s business, especially in the third panel. The way it kind of curls everywhere…

    Two: I can’t be the only person dying to see a close-up of the picture of kid Jeff and his mother on the dresser. I feel like I will die without seeing a close-up of this picture.

    Great job on this page! You can see how relaxed and natural Jeff now feels about Deacon’s presence. The artwork is beautiful. Can’t wait for next week!

    • Ryn

      yes! definitely! i want to see Jeff all tiny and chubby cheeked. 😀

      • And I want to know what the other four APs were named. >.< Here's hoping you get YOUR wish!

  • Ryn

    wow, i missed the bonus page on Wednesday! well, double joy today. D has quite the sneaky look in panel 5.  I’ve been wondering who was gunna make the first move. oh boy, D’s less than stellar social skills put to use for seduction. For the love of god Deacon be tactful! or he’ll just blurt it out, he’s going to blurt it out isn’t he? and  he’s telling all this to maven!? Oh, my god! bet she never saw this coming. heh

    I’m not sure who’s reaction i want to see more, Jeff’s or Maven’s.

  • Krondor2000

    I almost thought the picture on the desk is Maven, but she looks different. I hate to think it must be a relative. It almost brings up more questions.

    • kittengrl39

      I’m betting it’s his mother, and that they were fairly close. I mean, she did keep him.

      • SteveMcSheffrey

        And as long as she’s a good mom on top of keeping him, they would be amazingly close.  And why can’t that be his mother AND Maven?  I’m really hating the way the evil doctor treats Deacon but if she were doing the same things to Deacon with a mother’s motivation, they wouldn’t be evil so much as overprotective…

  • Krondor2000

    Another thing that bother me. On Jeff’s computer, it shows the same corporate logo as on Deacon’s jumpsuit. Or am I mistaken?

    • Ryn

      O.o I didn’t notice that… that opens a whole new can of worms.

      •  Worms nothing. Half of the UNIVERSE has to have that stupid corporate logo as their screen saver/backdrop! NoNeCo built the computers and they FIREWALL any other kinds of backgrounds! >:[

  • Hummm.  I don’t think he’s a gay android, rather he’s an android who want to connect emotionally with someone, anyone, male or female.  He could not kill Jeff because he need him to stay powered, and he’s finally having the time and the isolation to explore his desire to transcend his limited programming and explore the idea of emotional bonding.  That’s why it’s not what they teach in military training. I find the idea very touching. I hope that turns out to be an aspect of what’s going on.

  • Ms Nelson’s facial expressions are very effective as usual. The looking up and the side and half smile during the fond reminiscence and the pursing of the lips and looking down scowl supported the words very well. Please pass on my compliments.

  • psiquest

    Deacon’s Internal Dialog for Panel 5:

    Sheesh… this guy is never gonna give me a chance to make my move… gotta do something drastic… wait… YES! Freakin’ brillant… I’m so getting laid now…

    ::: loading PuppyDogEyes v3.2 :::

  • Alor_Laneau

    Ooohhhh…. that sneaky boy! I bet he was just waiting for the opportunity to get undressed in front of Deacon!

  • Yukiness

    Thanks you Winnona For not being fearful of natural male hairness. You have no idea how much this made my day. To me, the picture on the gaveta (dresser) looks more like Jeff and a younger sibling. Who knows, it’s too small to really tell.

    settin up for some bow chicka wow wow?

    also i LOVE Deacon’s eyes. They’re so…. bright and, idk, lively. For a robot.

  • Oh hooo, this is getting even more interesting! 

  • CommodoreZelda

    I love Deacon. I love him so much. All of his facial expressions, his body language… he just makes me melt into a puddle of fangirl goo. He’s so cute!!

    Also, Jeff’s hair. <3

  • animalbecome

    …Deacon, when you bring up the SEX question andomly in the bedroom, whats poor, frustrated Jeff supposed to think?

    Oh, btw, I’m loving Jeffs dimples and messy bed hair <3 <3 This has got to be one of the best webcomics I've followed to date <3 ALWAYS excited to see an update <3

  • ….. I need to stop staring at Jeff now. XD God they are adorable together!

    Panel 4 Deacon: Don’t hate me because I am beautiful. … Or its like that runway model look you know the one that says “You the scum on my shoe.” without saying anything.

    OMG IS THAT HIS MOMMY IN THE PIC ON THE DESK! =D …. Sorry I’m just hyper today…

  • kittengrl39

    I also notice how Deacon is sitting on the floor next to Jeff’s bed, rather than on the very convenient chair. A sign of both relaxing discipline and increasing familiarity.

  • Both of these men are so ridiculously attractive in this update that I (1) cannot stop staring/coming back to look at this page and (2) had to take a few minutes to get my thoughts in enough order to say what I liked.  So, a few deep breaths later, I am now ready!

    Can I say how much I appreciate a little hair on a guy?  Not too terribly much, but just a bit?  Jeff definitely strikes the perfect hairiness balance for me, and I love it!  His clothing just does not do him justice!  I wasn’t aware he was so well built until this lovely page.  Beautiful muscle delineations and a nice looking neck.  He has really great hair and eyes too!  I am a fan 🙂

    I admired Deacon in this page too.  As always his clothing is tight enough to not leave a whole lot to the imagination, but I like that too 🙂  He has such pretty eyes and a great jaw!  The posture thing was interesting as well.  I get the feeling that BJ (Before Jeff) it took Deacon an actual effort against his programming to not sit or stand straight.  It’s nice to see him relaxing thusly.  I love sitting like this myself.

    As always, I eagerly await the next update with bated breath!

  • yellowrock

    Time to spoooooon the night away!

    “It is vital that I sleep with you to prevent you from running away.  You know, for security reasons.”

    • I like the way you think, Yellowrock! Better send that line to Deacon, he’ll probably need it.

      • Ryn

        he’ll definitely need it. D’s social skills are like the saggy lady in the bikini in my neighborhood; terrifying but eye catching. although he is doing better than he was. XD

  • hngh
    They’re both so ridiculously good looking here I can’t even find the words. Jeff especially. As someone else said here, he has the perfect balance of body hair. From his face (and luxurious locks) I was kind of expecting him to be waxed-smooth, and I’m really glad he’s not.
    I also love how many photos there are of (I’m assuming) his mother in the room. I imagine that they would be amazingly close, for a lot of reasons, and I’m looking forward to hearing/seeing more about their relationship. After Deacon/Jeff’s relationship, of course.

  • Never mind Jeff’s hair! (Near-impossible, I know) Jeff has DIMPLES! >w< Damn he's such a cutie-muffin!!

  • SteveMcSheffrey

    When he was ‘pulling references from a large database of human culture’, didn’t Deacon ever come across the ‘you look  tense.  let me give you a neck massage’ trick?  Works every time…

  • Hnnn why’s next saturday gotta be so far away D:

  • mutisija

    I can SO see where this is going… cannot wait for next page 😀

  • I had a dream about this last night. Deacon like froze up and didn’t move and the lady was like “Stand up to keep from passing out” so he stood but fell over cuz he was frozen stiff and when she bent down to see if she was okay he like threw her across the room and flew out of the window (like a super hero.) He was in the city flying into buildings because he couldn’t control his powers. The lady he threw was having sex with this monster thing with lots of piercing he was like a person but not human. Anyway then Deacon was having a threesome with this little purple guy and Jeff….It was really bizarre but just know that even my subconscious just can’t wait for the next page (even though im sure it goes nothing like that lol) <3

  • Exile 755 is a Higglytown hero

    Just because most everyone has squee’d over Jeff’s awesome hair all over the pillow ( ♥ ) and the adorable body hair, I’ll go with this: DAT NIPPLES. hurrrrrr:333

    While it does FEEL like they’ve been moving rather quickly, I realize we’ve skipped a lot. Opens up the door to more free-range fanfic writers, though! 😀 (I would love to see that. I checked yaoi gallery, and apparently there’s no fanart there. Le’damn.)

    •  Hey, nipples are HARD TO DRAW without them looking flat! So this is just further proof that Winona OWNS us ALL! D:

  • Ok, why is everyone loving the body hair on Jeff? I imagined Jeff to be hairless, like a little angel xD  However, while I may not like the body hair, I am liking where this is going. VERY much <3 <3 <3

    • I prefer hairless too but he’s human he’s bound to grow hair in places we don’t like. its kinda ballsy to draw it though and i think she pulled it off pretty good. whenever I do body hair it don’t look good. unless its on a cat person for some reason…

    • kendrawcandraw

      See, I’m a huge fan of the fuzzy dudes. Perhaps because my boyfriend is a fuzzy dude himself, but aside from that I really appreciate when artists draw men with hair. It’s hard to pull off without feeling squicky, and Winona does a great job of making it look very natural!

      • Laymanterms303

        I totally agree. I was half expecting him to be hairless, probably because he’s so damn clean shaven. So I was surprised (in a good way) to see Jeff has some hair going on. I even got a chuckle out of his chest hair because it looks so realistic for a teenager (he’s 19 right?). He has a bunch of hair strands sprouting out, but not enough for it to look filled in. Ah, puberty… it’s so fun when the things that normally identify you as a man (body hair/deeper voice) show up last.

    • Dee

      I am just glad to see a guy in a web comic with hair in other places on his body ASIDE from his head.  There are too many males that are being portrayed so unrealistically, it’s irritating at times.  It’s like adding stuff that’s natural is the taboo instead of what’s expected. xD  So I congratulate our lovely artists for including the detail.

      • I completely agree.  I may not like a huge amount of furriness on a guy, but I do appreciate it when the artist (in this case, Winona) goes out of her way to portray a good-looking, realistic guy.  Reading a typical yaoi from Japan makes me expect that guys fanatically shave themselves down everywhere, and that’s just not what they do!  Better to have the real-down-to-earth (heh) Jeff 🙂

  • OK. Am I the only one who noticed the photos on his computer desk? Does that woman seem only slightly familiar?

    • yeah dude that’s his mom. She died like 7 months before this. it was lung cancer. she was part of the natural order government and refuse to have an abortion. the kid had a chromosome that made him gay. its obvious in the pictures they were close. I hope Jeff was able to take them with him.

  • classic_bear

    Jeff has little mermaid hair, just flowing around without a care in the world.

    • kalyphas

       Actually in panel 3 and 4 he made to look more than a little like Shaun White the red haired Olympic snow boarder, which is all right with me.

  • mutisija

    Hmm… this webcomic is like fridge. I check it every hour even when i know that here is not new page.

  • I don’t see it either. Perhaps you two can give them a shove in the right direction.

  • Kept reading through the comments up to page 25 in order to shorten the time from reading this page til next update – but finally (3 a.m. CEST on Tuesday) could not wait any longer. Well, so there’s still comments to read within the next let’s call it “camping gap”.

    As usual I absolutely like the story and the art, but the fact I particularly like – just like the few commentators I read here yet – that’s distributed on this page is that Jeff not only has that great scalp hair, but also is a guy with some other hair attached. And in a nice pattern, too! :-))) Thanks, you both for that!

  • Lorescien

    So. Goddamn. Cute. XD

    • kalyphas

       Actually, I think that there’s more than a slight resemblance between the way that Jeff has been drawn and the Olympic snow boarder, Shawn White, in panels 3 and 4, and a very desirable one at that.

  • typhonblue

    Hm… I think Deacon is trying out Jeff’s expression in panel 4 in panel 5. 

  • kendrawcandraw

    Hahahaa Deacon in that second to last panel smacks of so much “Awright let’s do this”. You’ve got his shirt off, bro, seal the deal!

    But really, Jeff is so cute here! That third panel? All aboard the dreamboat!!

  • Viserys

    Loving Jeff in the third-to-last panel.. this whole page is awesome 😀
    Also, I keep seeing little changes in Winona’s style (i.e. the way she draws lips, this page compared to the first page etc) and I like it, it’s pretty awesome seeing styles progress as it goes on… pages can’t come fast enough. D:

  • Laymanterms303

    Okay I demand a rewind! First panel is Jeff in bed, apparently naked, and he and Deacon are looking pretty relaxed. What did we miss?

    I gotta say I love that panel. It seems that Jeff and Deacon are at ease with each other, even pretty friendly looking. And I got a good laugh from seeing that several hundred years in the future, we will still be playing with rubber balls attached to wooden paddles. Pretty high tech there, Jeff. And is that his mom?
    And last panel Deacon looks so sad! : (

  • Archidel

    I really have only one gripe with this comic; it updates way too infrequently! The story is intriguing, Winona’s art is amazing and, as some other people have commented already, both Deacon and Jeff are ridiculously good-looking. I would be quite happy to see this story update every day.*

    *Although I am of course aware that would be unmanageable given the labour intensive nature of the artwork.  

    • This comic happens to update once a week (normally Saturdays) how is that infrequent with the bonus pages also going up midweek when the donation target is met?

      Just be patient and reread when the new updates come out, that way the story feels more alive and if you can’t read all in one sitting, savour pressing the next button while its there.

      for this quality you should be lucky once a week is the usual quota.

      • Archidel

        I think we’re running into the limitations of the written word here. Had I actually been able to speak my comment, inflection and intonation could have been used quite effectively to indicate it was not to be taken too seriously. 🙂

        All I was really saying is that I love this comic, love it enough in fact to wish there was a lot more of it, even though I of course don’t expect that to happen on my timetable. 

        • Fair enough, also… the same can be said for my reply. It did kinda come off as uber-snark on my part ^^”

  • B_u_b

    Upon the 2nd read-through, is the photo on the table in the 1st panel Jeff’s mom?

  • Oh, if I was a gay guy, the things I would do to Jeff…
    Actually, the list would be shorter if I listed the things I wouldn’t do 😉

  • Why do all these gay comics have to be so retarded? A gay boy in a relationship with someone 40 years older than him, and now this guy having sex with an android. Makes me ashamed to like superheroes and be gay.