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Artifice Page 35

156 Comments on Artifice Page 35

I love me some Maven in Panel 6. What was the first rule about therapy with her again?


I’m posting up an extra page this week because of your super-generous donations! Woo hoo! Special thanks to Meghan P. and long-time supporters Laura Beth W. and Judith W. (hugs!) for their generous donations over the past few days. A hug and a high-five to Micheal B. for continuing their streak of donating every week (up now to four weeks in a row! Wow!). And a deep, grateful, heartfelt bow to Jennifer B. whose $26 donation put us over the top to make this bonus page possible. I am very humbled and warmed by your support. Let’s please thank the donators in the comments—they are rock stars!

And… we have some new Fan Art! This time it’s Deacon and Jeff sharing an intimate glance in “Artifice: The Look” by Lance. Thank you so much, Lance!

So, that’s the news! Hope to see you all again this Saturday, when our regularly scheduled page goes up—page 36!

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  • Hyperminimalism

    I’m going to second the comment on the previous page about the body language in this comic.  It is focused on and utilized very well, giving the characters that extra ‘oomph’ which allows them to seem more realistic and relatable.  I am so very much enjoying the design and the simplicities of something like body language to portray way more than words could ever.  Winona, you rock!  And Alex, you have me on my seat wanting to know more! 😀

    • W Nelson

      Awww thank you!  I’m so glad you’re enjoying it 😀

    • Yay! Glad to hear it, Hyperminimalism! Thank you so much for your kind words! 🙂

  • Rian Franssen

    Oh what a wonderful page! I love how deacon keeps playing with his hands and of course the amazing (and a little terrifying) shot of Maven in panel 6!

  • ChopstickChick

    Oooh this is getting good. Deacon looks sooo flipping cute in the second panel! ^_^ Can’t wait for Saturday’s page!

  • CK

    Oh this is amazing! I just love how he is nervous and biting his lip! So not artificial!

    Brilliant page! I cant wait for the next one! (I never can) 😀

    • Thank you, CK! I’m so glad you like the new page! 

      (And yes, he’s not looking very “inhuman” here, now is he?)

  • Jackson Dean

    Nawww nervous Deacon in panel 5….And Maven, wow she would have to be one of the best characters in a comic I have ever seen.

    • One of the best characters you’ve ever seen? Really? Wow. That’s a huge compliment. Thank you! 😀

  • And now we start to get to the ‘heart’ of the matter, so to speak. I love how Dr. Maven can bring Deacon to his knees as if he were a small child. Can’t wait for the next installment! Loved it as always, keep up the fantastic work guys! ♥

    • She does seem to have that effect on him, doesn’t she, Mandy? 🙂

      Thank you very much for the props! I’m really glad you liked the new page!

  • Kayla

    Deacon ringing his hands like that is beyond cute. A little nervous, are we?

  • Yukiness

    Panel two is the the pure embodiment of awesome right now, you know…if anxiety was awesome. And the portrayal of Dr.Maven throughout this whole pageis phenominal. She has more of a voice in my head now with her body language.

    • W Nelson

      I’m glad you can hear her in your head!  I always hear the characters’ voices too 🙂

      • I hear it on this page myself, and especially in the last two panels. Of course her acid “Try.” But also the way she says “You suppose?” 

        This page is so very Maven and the art is what sells it. 🙂

        • Maven looks amazing on this page. My favorite of her is the very first panel!

        • Yukiness

          Yes, Italicizations FTW. Deacon also has more vitality to his voice in my head. He no longer sounds like a wise-ass, but someone who is a little scared of where his truth may take him, so he uses his wise-assness as a type of personality shield.

          However, Dr.Maven used intense body language and don’t fuck with me face, which eats personality shields.

  • KBatty

    Panel six. Maven’s gonna’ shoot lasers out of her eyes. She is a very intimidating therapist. I hope she’s not this hard on all of her patients.

    And poor Deacon. I keep wanting to hug our beloved killer android and tell him everything will be okay. Then again, I’d also like to run my hands over his head because his hair is at the perfect scritchy-scratchy length. You know what I’m talking about.

    This continues to be a fantastic story, and I continue to be agonizingly envious of you both, Alex and Winona. Your talent is ever-impressive.

    • Oh man, this is horrible, but as soon as I read that first sentence I envisioned Maven mushed with the silly meme of “I’MMA CHARGIN MAH LAZER”


      • W Nelson

        Someone needs to make a gif of that.

        • Brian Findlay

          I saw it and thought the same, I agree 😀

    • W Nelson

      <3 Thank you!  My boyfriend's hair is that perfect length right now ^_^

    • Thank you, KBatty!

      And to answer your concerns, Maven is a consummate professional—she is whatever she needs to be to get the therapeutic results needed. 

  • Emperor_Meiji

    Dr. Maven reminds me of my boss and my first-grade teacher, with a little Hillary Clinton thrown in. If she were interrogating me, I wouldn’t just be wringing my hands — I’d be in a fetal position on the floor, weeping hysterically. Keep it together, Deacon! You can do this!

    (I keep thinking of the scientist who programmed Deacon’s AP. Was the hands thing a quirk specifically designed to make the unit seem more human? Or is it a behavior Deacon learned by watching humans? I’d like to think the latter.)

    • There are very few defenses Maven can’t cut through… 🙂

      (And I like your comparisons. Hehe.)

  • Saamie

    ahhhh, I might have been doing a bit of camping over at Teahouse and forgot that today was a bonus page for Artifice.
    I may have been a bit distracted by the guy on guy action at Teahouse but I am very glad I remembered to check on Jeff, Decon and Dr Maven 🙂
    Decon is just so damn adorable I just wanna hug him XD

    • Glad I could tempt you over from Teahouse to check out our new page, Saamie. And Deacon gives great hugs. 

      (Few survive them. But they really are great.)

  • I love Deacon’s conflicted expression in panel 2.  Poor guy!

    And on a tangent, may I say that the ads for Artifice on other comics pages have recently gotten much racier, and it’s a huge tease? ^^;;;

    • Ryn

      Really? must go hunt for these!

    • Hehe. Yep, I’ve refreshed a couple of my ads with some new images. Glad you like them. 😉

  • I love the doctor’s expression on the 6th panel….. so deliciously intimidating

  • Deacon’s playing with his hands, biting his lip, and avoiding eye-contact. Maven disapproves!!! xD

    • I saw that second panel and went “Nooo, Deacon” XD he’s having trouble keeping up the facade… Maven just may crack him yet.

  • Ivan_Braginsky

    I am new to this comics, a friend showed me and I LOVE it. I really do. After reading it the first time I read it two more times. I love the art and how the story is telled here.
    Especially the body language is awesome (How Deacon plays with his hands, gawh!).
    I am thankful to my friend for showing me this comic and will definitely continue reading it.
    Great work, it’s awesome!

    • Hey Navi! Thank you! 🙂 It put a big smile on my face to hear you’re enjoying the story and art. (And yes—those hands!) And I’m very happy to hear you plan to keep reading.

      Please thank your friend for me for bringing you here. And please feel free to tell your friends about us too! I’m really hoping to get the word out!

      Take care!

  • >_> Maven… you look at the boy. Talk to him for 2 seconds. And you try to kill him… seriously it would be like kicking a puppy… or or a kitten puppy cross breed …. a putten!… kippy?… …. nvm…

    • Putten! Kippy! LOL

      For the record, Maven has never kicked a puppy. Or a kitten. She has never needed to.

  • Brian Findlay

    Come on, sayyy it. Say it!  Er, no, keep it a secret, it plays out better 😀

  • Awww, he’s wriggling his hands and biting his lip! All nervous! It was by far the most awesome page – Deacon’s emotion are so clearly portrayed! I’m in love! Can I hug my screen?

    Maven is way too awesome! I want her to be my therapist (NO I DON’T SHE’S GONNA MAKE ME SAY EEEEVERYTHING )! Ahem. Cough.

    • Thank you very much for you kind words, Alis! You’re a sweetheart! Hug away!

      (And it would be very hard to keep a secret from Maven. But maybe that’s a good thing in a therapist—they always have your best interests at heart, right?)

  • C. O.

    Maven’s face made my heart thump. Her close-up was really intense!!

  • Emperor_Meiji

    Dr. Maven probably wouldn’t be so intimidating if we just took the time to get to know her a little better. For example, her first name is Molly, she has an adorable six-year-old daughter, she loves baking cupcakes, and on weekends she volunteers at the local SPCA.

    Euthanizing puppies.

    With a hammer.

    • Don’t forget her side job as a professional Dominatrix specializing in whips and blades.

    • Emperor_Meiji, while Maven appreciates your support, she insisted that I let you know you are in fact wrong about her.

      Her name isn’t Molly, it’s Clarice.


      • Hyperminimalism

        In the words of Dr. Hannibal Lector: “You will let me know when those lambs stop screaming, won’t you?”

  • First rule: You don’t mess with Dr. Maven. Deacon has just been reminded of that. I doubt anyone else could make him wring his hands and bite his lips like a kid caught in a lie.
    She’s awe-inspiring yet ass clenchingly intimidating at the same time. This is what makes us love her so much^_^.

  • Reign

    The new page is awesome!! Finally getting to the bottom of things thanks to Dr. Maven 🙂 Thanks so much to everyone who donated you guys rock *hugs*!!

  • Lorescien

    Ahhhh! Nervous Deacon is so effing adorable! Wringing his hands and all that, lol. So. Fragging. Cute. And I really don’t like Maven prying so much… if the poor guy likes Jeff, I don’t think that will suddenly kill their entire military, now would it? She’s just being mean. Well, I suppose that opinions coming from someone who actually supports unusual romances, no matter where they are so… she’s still being mean. ^_^

    Love this comic! <3 It's probably my favourite one out right now.

    • Probably your favorite? That’s really sweet, Lorescien. Thank you!

      (And I agree. Deacon is very, very cute on this page…)

  • Jennifer Jones

    This comic has been absolutely wonderful so far (as I’m sure you all know by now XD ) but this is the first page where I’ve actually been able to feel my heart pounding in my chest while I read it.  Twice.

    Maven is so beautiful in panel 6, I feel a little ashamed of myself for not realizing it earlier.  I had respect for her from her first appearance, now I fear I’m developing a bit of a crush 😀

    And now I’m struck with the reality of how YOUNG Deacon actually is, at least in terms of emotion.  He reminds me so much of a little boy right now, the truth being dragged out of him.  So afraid of punishment, but equally afraid of telling a lie.

    I’m going back to my book for now 😛  Hopefully it will distract me enough that I wont pine away for the next update.

    • Hey Jennifer! I’m really glad to hear this page was special for you. (It’s one of my favorites as well—I’ve been looking forward to being able to share it.)

      And I like your interpretation of Deacon’s emotional age here. In many ways, you’re right, he is quite young.  Including chronologically – right before the Da Vinci Four mission, he just celebrated his third “birthday”.

  • That new fanart is really pretty! And I got so excited when I saw page 35 on my feed, I LOVE this comic! <3

    • Thank you, Airboy! (And yes, Lance did a very nice job with that fanart, huh?)

  • Awwwww, Deacon is so cute, wringing his hands like that!  And I do wonder why he wanted to spend more time time with Jeff when he was (OMFG) ordered to kill all the humans.

    • Yes. Those were the orders. I wonder if Maven will be able to get him to say why he disobeyed them…

  • Ryn

    yeah, direct questions like that are hard to bend the truth with. And i don’t think insisting “because I did” is gunna fly with Maven.  Therapists seem to really hate those answers.

    and to add my two cents on the “happy ending scenario” i don’t think they’re going to be able to stay together. Jeff -might- be let go if they decide he doesn’t know what they don’t want him to know, more likely they keep him somewhere they could keep him under surveillance(creeepy). Deacon would keep doing what the company wants if they don’t decide to dismantle him and start from scratch. If they are to stay together, Deacon’s would have to bust out , grab jeff and spend the rest of their lives on the run.

    I’m acually hoping for an ending like that; Disney endings where everything is so sweet and perfect and nothing is wrong with the world make me want puke. and I really don’t want something bad to happen to D and Jeff.

    • I’m enjoying the way you’re thinking about the ending. I hope you’ll stick around to find out, Ryn! 🙂

  • Oh my 🙂 YAY FOR AN EXTRA PAGE! 😀 And this is getting intense….

    *runs and gets popcorn and a comfy chair and watches with fascination* this is getting good…i can’t wait to read more! I NEED MORE!! THIS COMIC IS BECOMING AN ADDICTION AND TAKING OVER MY LIFE.

    Next week, stay turned for an Artifice Intervention. 😛

    Anyway, I digress. YAY FOR A NEW PAGE, and YAY FOR…INTENSE…THEREPY? (haha extreme therapy.)

    • An addiction? Wow, that’s flattering, Thomas. I’m so glad you’re enjoying it!

  • azurefiction

    What makes this so interesting is that you can clearly see how, as the story has progressed, Deacon is showing more and more nervous traits. Now whether or not this is a ploy on his part we’ll have to wait to find out, but I do so love to see the transition.

    • I’m really glad to hear you say that, azurefiction, because that was something I had hoped would be fun for readers. And getting the answer to the kinds of questions you’re asking…

  • One question, how long before we get some action? A little “lip lock” wouldn’t hurt. Getting a wee bit impatient. 😀

    • Hi, Judi!

      Well, things are definitely heating up between Deacon and Maven, but I wouldn’t hold your breath for that “lip lock”. Maven is far too professional to have sex with someone in her care.

      But then again, Deacon is a special challenge for her. If anyone could get her to try extraordinary forms of therapeutic intervention, it would be he. And intimate contact would almost certainly provoke a reaction which might help her break through his defenses. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

      Hope that answers your question! 😉

  • Great page,  really, I’m not complaining. I love comic.

  • I can think of a few reasons to spend more time with him…

  • SholtoMaru

    Woo! Good questions, Dr. Maven. And may I say, ma’am, you’re looking mighty sexy this page. And is it just me, or is Deacon getting more and more adorable? He looks like his mama just caught him eating cookies before dinner! But this is all much more serious than that, isn’t it? 

    To everyone who donated, and everyone who has ever donated, THANK YOU!! You guys all rock my socks in a crazy awesome way!

    And to Alex and Winona, I’d like to marry both of your brains forever. 😀 Or, ya know, just keep loving on this comic. See ya’ll Saturday!!

    • Thanks, SholtoMaru!

      Yes, this is rather more serious than getting caught with your hand in the cookie jar. There’s a lot more at stake. But I agree, he is awfully adorable here. (And Maven is indeed mighty sexy…)

  • i love how hes playing with his hands while hes thinking I love the details~

    • Me too, Sada. I love how Winona rendered this page. 🙂

  • I’m a ROCK STAR ROCK STAR. Oh baby I’m a ROCK STAR ROCK STAR!….*ahem*  Sorry.  I just donated again to this great comic.  Not as much as last time (gotta wait til my next check) but every little bit helps right?

    As for the comic:  Ooohoo the plot thickens.

    • You are are rock star, Jennifer! Thank you so much for your donation. It totally helps and I really appreciate it. 🙂

  • I always thought that Dr. Maven resembles Stephanie March, the actress who played ADA Alexandra Cabot on Law and Order SVU… I always picture Stephanie’s voice when Dr. Maven “talks”.  Find a picture of her here… , If this were made into a movie I think she’d make a great Dr. Maven.

    Also… Love this page and Love the people who donated to make this extra page possible, and Love Alex and Winona for producing such a quality product… and inspiration!

    • Interesting, bobbyjoeguy—thank you for sharing that link. I picture her a bit different than that in real life, but I think another commenter also made the comparison and now I understand what you both are seeing. I’ll have to catch her on the show to hear how she talks.  She might very well make a good Maven. 🙂

      And I’m really glad that you liked the page—and found it inspring! That’s always great to hear. 🙂

  • psiquest

    Winona captured Deacon’s nervousness perfectly and uniquely. WTB a Deacon, btw… 😉

    • I agree, psiquest!

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      Thank you again for your interest in NoNeCo Defense. Together we will manufacture a brighter tomorrow.

  • ok… I love the personalities in this comic, so good

  • So I had a question about Deacon! =D So does his skin feel like real skin? And can he like, feel? Like it he got cut, could he fell it?

    • Thank you for your question about our soon-to-be-released Advanced Security Operatives. 

      I have checked with technical support and I’m happy to report that yes, their skin feels completely life-like—there’s even a pulse!—so they are perfect for covert operations and other purposes where discretion about the use of a high-end synthetic is required.
      Each unit also comes equipped with a wide assortment of dermic sensors. Their ability to sense damage and other changes is actually far more advanced than yours or mine.  In fact, there are more tactile sensors in a square centimeter of an ASO’s skin than you have in your entire body! So, not only would an ASO be able to tell that his skin had been punctured, he’d also be able to tell you the velocity of the strike, the ductility of the blade, the likely composition of the damaging material and even its temperature up to three decimal places!

      I hope this response gives you the information you need to make a purchasing decision. While the ASO is not currently shipping, we do have a limited number of slots for pre-orders and they are filling up fast. I’d hate for you to miss out on the opportunity to feel the perfection of that skin for yourself.

      Because together, we really can manufacture a brighter tomorrow.

  • yaoikitty

    Oy! My favorite part about this page is Deacon’s reactions. He looks so cute wringing his hands and especially biting his lip! The doctor is being so mean, although I am digging the interaction between these two. Did anyone else notice that she has very similar hair to Jeff? Although it’s shorter and not so flippy, probably to emphasize she means business here.

    Speaking of Jeff, can we get back to him please? I want to see his table manners now that he’s feeling more flirty, and now that I have seen some teaser banners for this comic on other websites, I reeeaaally want to see *SPOILER ALERT*

    Jeff’s “happy trail” too! X-P

    • Glad you’re liking Deacon’s reactions on this page, yaoikitty! And I promise you haven’t seen the last of Jeff… or his hair. 🙂

  • classic_bear

    I clicked on link to here from another comic and gasp bonus page! Lifes good.

  • Deacon is hawt. XD But that jumpsuit has GOT to go.. and Maven is scary when she wants answers. I’d hate to have her as my therapist. lol 🙂

    • The first rule of therapy with Dr. Maven is “you don’t mess with Dr. Maven.” Follow that rule and everything is wine and roses. 🙂

  • SongOfChaos

    Love the story and art. Officially hooked, bookmarked, and grazing on comments while more pages load up. Thanks for sharing your work with us, Alex and Winona.

    • Thank you so much, SongOfChaos—for your kind words and your very generous donation. So glad you like what you see here. I hope you’ll keep coming back to let me know what you think. 🙂

    • “Grazing on comments” That describes it perfectly, doesn’t it? That’s it! I’m adding that phrase to my lexicon!

  • First time commenter, yet a long time reader! Very, very intrigued and in love with this whole story, artwork, everything. I wish there was more stuff like this out there…so, thank you Alex and Winona! Honestly can’t wait for more and I am very proud of you both. 

    <3 CJaiden!

    • Hey, thanks, Jaiden! Thanks for the props! Glad you decided to finally comment! 🙂

  • mutisija

    Wow, Deacon looks really nervous…

  • Wow, are her eyes light violet? Or grey? I can’t tell, but they’re gorgeous. Love the second last panel!

    • Me, too, Mina! Winona made her so striking… 🙂

  • Kayte Langstaff

    It’s so cute to watch Deacon wring his hands as he struggles with the question.  He looks like a kid trying to sort out a huge inner conflict, here – which is perfect!  I haven’t left any comments until now, but I love this comic.  Thanks so much for sharing it!

    • Thanks, Kayte! I’m really glad to hear you’re enjoying Artifice! 😀

  • Oh man. I think I’d be TERRIFIED to have Maven as a therapist (and feel more for Deacon now as a result..). Her expression in panel 6 is so intense, and her body language totally gives off the vibe of ‘don’t mess with me’, as said before.

    I’m curious as ever to see where this is headed. 🙂

    • Hehe. Yes, therapy with her could be… intense. Luckily for you, she does not take human patients. Not anymore.

      • Ryn

         I see many men curled in balls in padded cels

      • So Maven is a robopsychologist like Asimov’s Dr. Susan Calvin?

        • She is a robopsychologist. How much like Dr. Calvin she is, I’ll leave it to you to decide. 🙂

  • That’s a lot of degrees!!

  • Pronombre

    Guys… I love this web comic. 
    At first I was like “ah, its fine”, but nos I’m like “sdfjsdhfjsdfh KYAAAAAAAA!♥♥♥”
    so yes, I love it.

    ^ And there it is the fanart that took a bit longer then I thought. Hopefully you get a giggle out of it at least. XD

    • I love it, Kokuji! (And that is a scary dream!)

      Can I post it up here? I’d definitely like to share it. 🙂

      (Oh, and I know it’s a hassle, but would it be possible for you to add the credit text I ask for in my FAQ to that dA page?)

      Thank you so much for this! Definitely gave me a giggle! 🙂

      • Oh I’ll go check the FAQ for it real quick and do that for ya. And of course you can put it where ever. XD

        • Great. Thank you for adding that! I really appreciate it!

          And I should be able to post your art up in the next week or so. 🙂

  • Ryn

    *laughs* man, the donation bar is almost to $100. This just keeps getting more and more popular; and more fans mean more donations. you might have to up the goal just to keep from running out of pages. XD

    • From your lips to God’s ears, Ryn. 🙂

      I am so grateful to all of you. I cannot even tell you.

  • Laymanterms303

    Whoop! Bonus page! *sends good thoughts and wishes to donators*

    I have to say that I love this page. It looks like we’re getting a closer (and slightly creepy) look at Dr. Maven here. Awesome panel 6 btw.
    What surprises me the most is Deacon seems to be questioning himself. Like he honestly doesn’t know why he kept Jeff alive. Unless he’s lying to the doctor. Which begs the question: can he lie to Dr. Maven?

    And two more questions: First, what is Dr. Maven’s first name? Second, where, oh WHERE is Jeff while this is happening?! I swear if something bad is happening to him while these two are talking, I’ll jump in this comic and rescue him!

    And as always, props to Alex and Winona for their infinite awesomeness.

    • Hey Laymanterms303!

      Thanks again for your kind words. It does seem like Deacon is questioning himself here, doesn’t it? 🙂

      In answer to your questions:

      1) Maven has coded Deacon not to lie—and she’s very good at what she does—thus he should be incapable of outright lying.

      2) Her first name is Clarice.

      3) As far as we know, Jeff is currently being “interviewed” by associates of Dr. Maven. Or at least he was earlier in the day. That is as much as we know for now.

      • Laymanterms303

        1) Grrr, you’ve got me thinking dammit. “What measure is a non-human”? Deacon isn’t human, but he’s sentient. He’s property, but should he be? He has emotions, but limited free will. Man, I bet I could write a paper on this.

        2) Well, hellllo Clarice (Silence of the Lambs).

        3) Why is interviewed in quotation marks??? Are they hurting him?! Augh, not knowing is killing me! I will choose to believe that these associates helped Jeff escape and everyone is working out how to free Deacon.

        4) I can’t wait until tomorrow.

      • LadyThanatos

        What? Maven CODED Deacon?

  • CK

    I just reread the entire thing, which I shouldn’t have done! Because now I’m so excited for the next chapter it drives me crazy!
    Just had to donate 5$ <3
    Thanks for making these!

    • Wow, CK, you’re a total sweetheart! I’m really glad you’re enjoying Artifice

      Thank you so much! (And I promise there are some fun things just around the corner… 😉 )

  • yellowrock

    “Because I wanted to put my cybernetic dick in him!  GAWD!”  This needs to be a line in the comic.  Just sayin’

    • I’ll see if I can squeeze that in somewhere, yellowrock. 😉

  • Syreen

    Deacon on panel 2: I always looked like that when teachers asked me about homework… LOL, sooo cute.

    “He was completely under my control…” Yep, we know Deacon is on top 😛

  • Ohgawd! Deacon in panel two!! 😀
    Fidgetty robot is fidgeting!
    And Deacon is trying to figure out a way to say it without outright saying this, but I think he wants to ‘experiment’ a little with human sexuality. *GASP!* He’s a homo-sapien-sexual! D8

  • crimsonkiss22

    Wringing your hands, Deacon? How very human of you.
    I love this page, Deacon is acting pretty shifty about the whole thing. It’s okay to like him, Deacon, he is a cutiemuffin. xD

    • Glad you like the page, crimsonkiss22! (And Jeff is a cutiemuffin.)

  • kittengrl39

    The more I read this, the more I like it. I already click on the ads every week or so to see what’s up. I may just add it to my “Comics to check” list.

    • Thank you, kittengrl39! I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying it. Not sure how much longer I’ll be keeping those ads up, but I hope to see you again here soon! 🙂

  • classic_bear

    Let the camping begin!

  • HarmHarm210

    I skipped the bonus page.. o.o; >>; And read the last one first..
    In the sixth panel Maven looks like she’s trying to not yell at him… like she might be gritting her teeth and getting very angry- a half calm sort of angry. xP Maybe I’m wrong?

  • SteveMcSheffrey

    You know, a great way for the evil doctor to manipulate the poor schlub would be to show him tapes of Jeff in real time…

    • Perhaps. But she would only do such a thing if she were fairly certain what the result would be. She believes in aggressive therapy, but not reckless therapy.  🙂

      • SteveMcSheffrey

        Not falling for my attempts to get to see ‘present day’ Jeff at all, darn it…

        • LOL I did think there might be some secondary gain in that suggestion. 😉

  • Jennifer Closen

    My goodness…  Maven in that 6th panel is fan-freaking-tastic.

  • awww! he liked him!

  • JetableAnge

    just started reading this comic and its awesome. i love the attention to details, like how deacon is nervously rubbing his hands

  • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

    Dr. Maven in panel 6 is like, seriously the scariest thing ever.

  • Kyletin

    Well, maybe this has been said (there’s too many comments to sort through on this site! :D) but I would totally cast Stephanie March to play Maven. 😮

  • random

    his pouty face is just too cute XD!

  • brianna simpson

    d’aww what a cutie pie. A terrifying killer android cutie pie