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Artifice Page 32

146 Comments on Artifice Page 32

How could anyone stay angry with Deacon’s Panel 3 face?

So, big things this week!

First of all, I put out a request for translators last Saturday and got a resounding response. Artifice is now being translated into Dutch, French Canadian, French European, German, Hungarian,—sadly, no Klingon yet—Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish! Please give a warm thank you to translators Mia, Mud, Jin, ckazka, María Lux, Sofia, Essephant, Pheebs, Eleinor and Ariane for their generous work towards making this comic available to everyone.

I’ve added some code that places a drop-down menu just under the comic page which makes cycling through the translations a breeze. Try it out on Page One! (A big thank you to Big Bagel over at Interrupted Reality for coming up with this beautiful code! If you’re thinking about setting up your own webcomic, you’d be in very good hands over at his site.)

I’ve also just added a Fan Art page! It’s a real treat for Winona and I to see other artists’s takes on our characters. Please show your support for your fellow readers by checking that page out!

And finally, I am tremendously humbled by your super generous donations this time around. In less than a week, we’ve gone from $2 to $108! That’s over a third a way to the next bonus page! Special thanks to Annette A., Robert B., Micheal B., Lorenzo L., Laura Beth W. and Daniela F. for their generous donations this week. I’d also like to give a special call out and hug to Alexander S. for their $25 donation and a fist-pumping cheer (yes, I actually did this), humble bow and bear hug to Amy D. for their $50 donation! An Artifice world record! Thank you all so, so much!

If you particularly enjoy any of these pages and use Facebook, please click the Like button on that page. It’s useful to know what’s working and it helps me get the word out!
  • And Deacon was completely taken by surprise by Jeffs adorableness.

  • this page…………….is just overflowing with cuteness. Every panel…both characters…adorable. xD

    Nothing like a heart to heart chat in the local men’s restroom. Yes, this is where all great BL stories should start. =P

    • PREACH. ;P

    • LOL! Yes, the humor of the setting obviously didn’t escape me. Love playing with those cultural tropes… 😉

      Thank you for your kind words!

  • hahaha the last panels….XD

  • Let the awkward romance begin! XD

  • SoundLizard

    You just can’t resist to say ‘Awwwww’ after the fourth panel.

    Wonder what’s going to happen after the next few weeks till they come. Dying to know!

    Also, congrats on the donation!

    • Glad to hear you’re interested in what’s coming next. Thank you!

  • The last two panels are the best. Congratulations on the translations!!
    Is it weird that the last two look the same as when people have a hold on me? lol

    Also a thanks to the translators.

  • Guest

    Deacon: “I believe you’re innocent, and I think you, being killed by the organization is unfair. But I’m doing my job”.
    “For that, I am sorry”.
    Yep, that’s exactly what being sorry means.
    But hey, since I don’t discriminate superior artificial intelligent forms, I believe Deacon will come to truly understand and feel what ‘sorry’ truly means.

    • Deacon does have some growing to do. You’ll have to let me know if you think he makes the right choices. 🙂

  • SteveMcSheffrey

    Is the pace going to remain this slow for a while?  To me it’s feeling like we’re barely moving forward the last few panels. while also not really deepening anything.  It’s still enjoyable but I’m ready for something, anything, to happen.

    • That’s a really good question, Steve. My goal with Artifice was to capture the reality of Deacon’s development as a person and the development of his relationships with Jeff and Maven in the most realistic way I could. That, while bigger changes could happen when the scenes change, in each moment, things would happen in “real time”. That every action and reaction from each character would be believable and ring true. While I wouldn’t call its style “decompressed”, even if I’m successful with my ambition here, it does make Artifice a more slower paced comic than most.

      This is something that gave me real pause when I thought about releasing Artifice as a webcomic. Was it too pokey for something coming out at a page a week? Would people get bored? 

      It’s one thing to not lead with the sex in a yaoi webcomic—that’s a risk in itself—but to put up a page like this—which has a big emotional change in these characters’s relationship, but all that happens plot-wise is an accepted apology and a released arm—well, that’s pretty high-wire stuff for me as a writer. Was I successful in making this moment “big” enough? Even if I was, will readers care enough about the characters to remain engaged? Only readers like yourself can tell me.

      I’ve done my best to make this comic as engaging as possible, but I know I won’t always be successful. It’s my hope, though, that there will be enough reward in it for readers to find the journey worth it. And that they, like you, will continue to give me honest and constructive feedback, so I can do better next time. 🙂

      • SteveMcSheffrey

        I just meant the last few installments.  You got us used to a faster pace before that…

        • Ah, I see. Well, I guess I felt this particular moment was the trickiest, so I wanted to spend some more time on it. After what’s he’s seen and experienced, could Jeff feel anything other than hate and fear towards Deacon? Would there be a way for Deacon to make that happen? Would that change feel real or forced?

          It was my hope that by taking my time here that it would help the moment feel believable and, equally important, understandable (that the readers would empathize with Jeff here.) Was I successful? Was that the right choice? Again, it’s good to get feedback around that. 🙂

          • Sarah Carey

            I think it was the right choice to show this interaction. It helps us get to know Jeff better (by showing his emotional maturity), and it definitely seemed like a realistic way for things to play out. If I were in Jeff’s shoes, I’d probably think Deacon was a stupid (but sexy) robot too, especially with that “I’m going to do my job” line.

  • Sandra Virgínia

    I like that way Deacon “tamed” Jeff. Hmmm, Is it true? Isn´t  Deacon trying to manipulate Jeff? I don´t know. The last two panels were funny and delicate. 🙂

    Congrats on the donations and yes, Artifice will be translated into my language. 😀 Thank you guys for your cooperation in all translations. 🙂

    • Oh, good—I’m glad to hear the translations will be useful for you. And I also think you’re asking the right questions. 🙂

  • KBatty

    The general awkwardness of panel six made me chuckle. Then again, so did Deacon’s logic behind his apology. Actually, I find most of this page unintentionally amusing. In panel five Jeff really seems to be giving Deacon a look that says: “Maybe it’s just the Stockholm Syndrome talking, but you’re kind of cute …in a stupid robot way.”

    And in other news. Always thought Deacon was a hot bot, but I’ve finally figured out where my appreciation for Jeff comes from. He reminds me of a younger version of Alan Doyle (this guy: ), and I’ve been crushing on Alan from the time I was a little girl. Aw Jeff, you sneaky illustration, you; getting all up in my subconscious.

    • Hehe. “Maybe it’s the Stockholm Syndrome talking…” I love it! I think you’ve got a good handle on Jeff’s attitude. Especially the “stupid robot” part. 😉

      And I can see what you’re saying about Alan Doyle.

  • T Tran

    haha that smirk on the second last panel.
    prolonged arm grabbing fixes alot of things.

  • Jeff’s expression in panel 3 is so cute, I just want to hug him ! Winona has such a talent ! I’m wondering what’ll happend now, how is it going to evoluate. I understand Deacon’s reactions but Jeff’s a is quite complicated guy :/ Well, we’ll see ! Thanks to the donaters, and of course to Winona and Alex 🙂 Can’t wait for the next page !

  • VulcanMindMelon

    I think I’ve said this before, but my god I love Jeff’s hair XD it looks so thick and soft <3

  • ithilloke

    Perhaps it’s just me being a little OCD, but I’ve noticed this before so now I’m commenting. It’s Deacon’s mouth. In panel one, he has those amazing lips, while in 3 he has almost none and he looks much older. It bothers me to criticise an artist with as much talent as Winona has (I certainly can’t do as well!) but I guess it’s a continuity issue for me and I find it a bit distracting. 

    Again, I apologise because I love 
    this comic a lot!

    • W Nelson

      No need for an apology <3

      You are totally right about the lips; there's just a delicate balance between looking nice and full and sexy, or looking like he's wearing lipstick.  The panels where he's smaller in frame or making more extreme expressions just make it harder to give him lips without it looking like makeup, so I'm afraid you'll probably see it in other places too.  It's something I'm still trying to get right *sigh*

      Just know in your heart of hearts, that I have lip wrestled with Deacon many a time.  Jeff too.  It's one of the privileges of being the artist!

  • I love that Deacon explains logically why he’s sorry. It definitely helps remind us what he is (if we could really forget).

  • Reign

    Jeff and Deacon are too adorable. Panel 6 is my favorite the looks are priceless! Great job guys as always! My Saturday is now complete 🙂

  • iamlingy

    Ohhhh the UST is killing me!

  • D’aaaaaw so cute! I have a feeling that Deacon will conquer the world only with his intense adorableness! And I want Jeff to be his side! Ok, I need a pause to picture them dressed as kings… (and I really shouldn’t write comments while still sleepy and hungry).

    Btw, I’m Brazillian so if the Portuguese Translation Team wants a hand, I’m all for it 🙂

    • Dressed as kings? Ha! That sounds like a great idea for some fan art… 😉

      (And thank you very much for the offer for translation help! Right now, it looks like we have that covered, but if that changes, I’d love to have your assistance!)

      • KBatty

        Wow! Fan art already? That sure didn’t take long. =]

  • AW. That was so…awkward. lol deacon and jeff were kinda awkward after the trying to make him understand thing. and deacon didn’t let go of his arm. hmm….i wonder what THAT means? 😛 excellent as usual. CANT WAIT FOR MORE…

    • Hehe. Glad to hear you’re enjoying the awkwardness. Yes, I wonder what will happen next… 🙂

  • Jeff just gets cuter and cuter.

    How could ANYONE possibly be angry with Deacon?
    Aside from him going on a killing-spree, he’s a real sweetheart. (Okay maybe he’s just manipulating him)

    Always wondered why they would give emotions to androids though.

    • Yay! I know that Jeff might not have made the best first impression in the early pages, but I’m glad that he’s beginning to grow on you.  And yes, except for the whole mass murder and potential sociopathic-like deception, Deacon is a real sweetheart. 😉

      (As for why would they give androids emotions? That’s a good question.)

  • In the sixth panel, jeff looks kinda like he’s checking out Deacon… and in the seventh panel Deacon looks either incredibly guilty or severely weirded out.

    Oh, and Artifice is awesome. If I had money to donate, I’d donate ALL OF IT.
    ALLLL OF IT. Unfortunately… I don’t… so the Artifice community will have to deal without all the money I’d donate if I had it.

    • Thank you very much for your kind words, Erin! I really appreciate them. 🙂

  • WandNCritic

    Yet another great page. The first three panels see the progression of Deacon’s “humanity” coming through, real desperation, with anger to pleading to vulnerable.
    It is also a progression of Jeff coming into own, into a mature adult and trully beginning to understand Deacon, his pain and he sympathizes with him through forgiveness and calm understanding.
    The last three panels especially show their new interaction of true trust and actual, well not friendlyness, flirtiness(if that’s a word).

    The penultimate panel again shows a difference between the two that Winona capytalizes. While Deacon is more mature and expieienced in most fields and attitude, the one major field Jeff is more expierienced in is sexuality, having probably explored it in his search for identity as a teen, while Deacon, an android knows facts and science, but wholly unexpirienced in actual “field work”.
    Deacon sees the situation in the penultimate panel as awkward, while Jeff thinks it’s cute and is humoured by it, even enjoying the touch.
    Last panel confirms my point on Deacon’s inexpirience and awkwardness, even blushing, maybe because he actually enjoyed the physical touch as well.
    Jeff however, sees it as a sign of perhaps rejection or dissapointment, capitalyzing actual feelings for Deacon and fear that Deacon may not return them.

    • That’s a very interesting and detailed analysis, WandNCritic. I really like it. 🙂

  • Ryn

    man, i could have sworn Jeff was going to take a swing at him. Guess he lost steam there;but it’s tiring staying perpetually angry. and a wild Jeff smile appears!

  • brittanymiley

    Just found this and I literally almost screamed when I saw no Next button… I think I’m hooked already

    • Yay! That’s awesome! I hope to see you here next Saturday! 😀

  • Trent Wilson

    A suggestive smile on the fifth panel by Jeff?
    What next?!
    I can only hope…. 😀

  • Azia Gilbert

    Not comic related, but I enjoy the alphabetic order of your translations list.

    • Hehe. Thank you. That actually comes from my script. When I write a full comic book script, I letter all the lines of dialogue so when the artist is working on the thumbnail stage, we can agree on where the dialogue balloons should go.

  • Asylus

    You’re welcome! :3 (Thanks for the bear hug <3)

  • Deacon’s face in the last panel is so cute <3
    Jeff's expressions in the last two panels (I love the second-to-last)… even MORE adorable. ♥♥  Look forward to seeing more!

  • Yay! I always get excited when I see a new comic up! 😀 I don’t know why, but I’m just really suspicious of Jeff’s reaction there. He just seemed to cave a little too easily and I just get the feeling he is up to something :/ Or maybe I just tend to hold grudges 😛  Poor Deacon, getting all worked up! But he pulls off a good puppy dog face! Loved it as always! ♥ Mandy

    • Thank you, Mandy! Suspicious of sweet, little Jeff, huh? Good to know… 🙂

      • LOL when you put it that way, I’m even more suspicious! XD And I think Deacon is a little too judging by the last panel! 😛

  • SholtoMaru

    Wow-wow-wow. I’m looking at the last two panels here, and I’m seeing that Jeff seems to have the upper hand here. Which makes sense, since he’s the one who has experience with emotions. Is this the first time someone’s had the upper hand over Deacon, in this way? Because he’s just adorable about it.

    I have to admit, usually when I read comics with potential couples, I’m far too eager to see them get to the point of intimacy. This comic, though…I mean, I want them to get there, but…I’m really enjoying this ride! I don’t feel that sense of urgency here, because watching the story unfold is just so entertaining! I really love it. If this book goes to print, I’m going to buy it. Oh yes. The book in print, and any other merchandise ya’ll can come up with. (Gimme a month to get my finances in order, and I’m gonna donate your face off!)

    Keep up the fantastic work!

    • Howdy, SholtoMaru! Jeff does have much more experience with emotions than Deacon does and so, in that sense, he would have the upper hand here. For now. 🙂

      And I was just saying earlier in the comments on this page that I was concerned the pace might be too slow for a lot of folks, so it make me really happy to hear you are enjoying the “ride”. Thank you very much for all your kind words!

      • crimsonkiss22

        I’d never worry about the pace being too slow. The way I see it, if people are only reading a webcomic for the thought of sex, or ‘intimacy’, then they’re missing an amazing experience. I love your pacing, and the way that they’re slowly warming up to one another. 

        And you know, it must be difficult for Jeff, burdened with emotions like he is, to realize that Deacon probably will kill him, if his hand is forced. Sexual attraction (possibly coupled with emotional attraction/exhaustion) is pretty damn inconvenient in that situation. 

        Granted, I’m sure it’d be tense regardless, with what happened beforehand, and who’s on the way. ;A; Hang on, Jeff! I am an eternal optimist! 

        Ahem, anyway! 😀 Sorry about the rambling!

        • Thank you for your support. I’m glad the pacing is working for you. 🙂

          And you’re definitely thinking about Jeff’s situation in just the right way.

  • I just love this whole comic and I check for more pages daily, even though I don’t expect updates daily. Hope springs eternal.

    • Thank you, Maddie. I’m so glad you’re enjoying Artifice! 🙂

  • Jeeeeeefff, your face. It’s such a cute face. I love that face.

  • Laymanterms303

    Awww! Okay I give up! I admit it! I like Deacon, dammit!

    I could practically see hear the thoughts going through Jeff’s head in the third panel. “Deacon is an android. He is only doing what he’s programmed to to. He genuinely seems remorseful about having to (potentially) kill me, but there honestly isn’t anything he can do about it.”

    Which leads to the fourth panel: “Which means none of this is his fault.”

    Congrats Alex and Winona, you made me ship these two, which is no small feat once I make up my mind to not trust a character (record time too). Now don’t go breaking their hearts later!

    • Both Deacon and I are very happy to have won you over. I think you summed up Jeff’s thought process nicely.

      (And Dr. Maven said I should tell you that “Heart are made to be broken”, but you know how she is… 😉 )

      • Laymanterms303

        Well you can tell Dr. Maven to stuff it. I can recognize a yaoi fangirl when I see one! She jumped on the Deacon/Jeff ship before it even left the port.

  • Laymanterms303

    Oh and hugs and backslaps abound for all the donators (and also for the creators)! Because the only thing better than a strip of Artifice is multiple strips of Artifice!

  • ladyaoi

    AHHHH the ice is broken….I think…can’t wait 2 more!

  • L’oreal.
    Because Jeff is worth it.

  • Beefnoi

    I like their expressions in the second from last panel 😀

  • Maddie Cook

    Oh my word!!! I just read all of this and I am in love! It has been a long time since i’ve stumbled across something that has not only amazing art but the dialogue is genuine, precise and necessary! Keep it up. Bookmarked. 

    • I love to hear it when a new reader decides to bookmark and start following Artifice. Thank you very much for your kind words. They’ve put a big smile on my face. 🙂

  • melinda stumpf

    ok now make out

  • ErrorTime

    They’re faces in the last panel scream, ‘What should we do now’ XD…
    I gotta few suggestions! hurhurhur

  • This page wins for collection of most adorable expressions. In each panel I want to pinch their cheeks and give them a cookie. Also the 6th panel… it makes me so very happy. Just everything about it is perfect.

    • Thank you!

      (And while Deacon isn’t much for solid food, I’m sure Jeff would be delighted to get a cookie.)

  • Lorescien

    GAH. They’re so darn cute together, it gives me pleasurable cavities (sounds kinky, eh?) just to look at them converse so easily. And really, Jeff wins the prize for sexiest expressions this round. And best hair. But then again, doesn’t he ALWAYS win the prize for best hair?

    Btw, still as jittery as a puppy on an energy drink for this to come out in print. Mama likes having hard copies of awesomeness… <3

    • Yay! Glad you liked the page (and Jeff’s hair!). Thank you!

      (And thank you for also letting me know you’d like Artifice to come out in print. Hearing this response from readers like yourself makes me feel very flattered — and happy.)

    • I second this! I love having physical copies of my favourite webcomics. 🙂

  • takjak

    Deacon: Oops! I should probably let go now!
    Jeff: Sad face

  • Deacon seems to just realize that he liked holding Jeff’s arm in that last panel. He’s a little freaked-out by SOMETHING. XD

  • I would love if this was printed. Deacon is so cute! and so is Jeff. Its so interesting to watch Deacons possible development of feelings. <3.  xD Its funny as it seems his race of people is ment to be emotionless. And he is just thinking of what is natural for humans. Like…How do I convey I am telling the truth…TOUCH..Touch means things to humans! xD and so he trys it out. 

    • Heh! Yes, I think you do a good job of summing up Deacon’s experimental thought-processes. 

      (But whether his line of “artificial people” were meant to be emotionless is another question. Dr. Maven seems to think Deacon is meant to experience emotions. How well he experiences them and whether he experiences them like us is certainly in question, though.)

      And thank you very much for the encouragement to bring this to print! That’s great to hear and helps to inform my choices. 🙂

  • I really adore Jeff’s face in the sixth panel, it really strikes me as such a natural human expression. You do a great job at expressing emotion through the characters.

    • Yeah, I like what Winona did a lot there too. It does feel real. And for me, it’s actually one of the first poses of Jeff I find a bit sexy. 🙂

  • I sense this going the direction of: “well, if I’m going to die….”*eyebrow waggle* “I have some last requests….”

  • This is great. I just read the archives and I love both of the main characters. 😀 I’m going to be following this from now on.

  • Yukiness

    I’m loving the natural awkwardness between them in the last two panels. Natural intended awkwardness can be a hard thing to express at times. It’s an endearing quality, exspecially coming from an android.

    • I think so too. 🙂

      • Yukiness

        Not to mention that the contrast between Jeff and Deacon’s face in panel 3 is something that is almost as funny as his, “Do you want me to touch it?” comment a few pages ago.

  • Sooo who else saw that spark between them huh? It’s meant to beeeee~ * exaggerating flower petals, clouds, and bubbles*

  • Lusidicious Milk

    He looks suspiciously depressed that he removed his hand…. very nice 😉

  • I could stare at Deacon’s face in panel 3 all day. Heck, I’d even set it as my desktop background for those extremely bad days that need cheering up. 😀

    • Hehe. Glad to hear it. You’re going to get to see a lot more of him… 😉

  • Personally I like Panel 1 face more.  This is getting more interesting!  Nice awkward pause at the end XD

  • Enamoril

    Jeff: ‘ You have quite a strong grip there… wonder if what they say about hands is true…’/ Deacon: *lets go* Ah haha…. *awkward*

  • TheOzomatli

    I imagine Jeff’s giving up easily in the fight is due to the fact that his arm has been grabbed a hold of as I imagine not many males in their society would go  near enough to even make any form of physical contact with him, or so, that’s how I see it

    • Not many people, male or female, gave Jeff a lot of physical contact on Da Vinci Four…

  • Adam Black

    I think i  may be the first person to figure this out … ( Alex’s comments were a big clue…)

    panel 6:!!!  Their eyes are aimed at each others crotch’s  …10 to 1 Deacon got a boner,

    Probably his erection first for a human.  
    It would make more sense, from a pragmatic and safety ( to humans, ) standpoint  if Deacons model was first and primarily designed to care for each other. Being  artificial persons, and PROGRAMMED this way, they wouldn t be thought of as any more deviant than storing the hose with the vacuum cleaner… I’ll go further and guess Deacons model is designed NOT to be aroused by Humans,
    so his feelings right now might be surprising similar to a pubescent male who assumed he was straight, and discovered hes ‘wired different’… and before he has time to process this,
    Jeff sees his erection…( look at the direction bOTH of their eyes ); Between Jeffs drama,
    and that Deacon COULD act on his feelings ( boner,’ touch it’ ), ( maybe without consequence) …Jeffs possible willingness; I think the poor androids logic circuits are overwhelmed. 
      His previous comment about “do you want me to touch it,?”  is  going thru both of their heads right now, and both think Deacon Does want to hold it…and with that the Center of gravity in this dynamic has just shifted significantly to Jeff…
        I’m going to venture further on this limb of Robopsychology, and say that Deacon was acting inappropriately with Jeff for a while.  Rather than being unfeeling, he was probably treating him a Deacon-model barrack-mate.  Treating him as a fellow android is what was inappropriate.   The deacon models probably joke around a lot in private .   I suspect Jeff is vastly under-socialized with  Heteronormative / homoerotic male locker room, nudity  behaviour. ( obviously his colony doesnt get any internet porn, he played on no atheletc  teams, and NEVER heard of gay chicken—since he inexplicably LOST A ROUND.—Its a given that you dont “play” gay chicken with the  designated  homo unless you are playing to lose) But , Since Jeff was only used being on the recieving end of derision, he also missed all the cues that  he was being treated as insider( perhaps a Deep Insider) and not an outsider. He also may NOT even know of the gray areas of human male sexuality that “straight” identified men may play around with.  Plus with Jeffs attitude,It also may not be the first Jeff lost gay chicken—thinking he was just being teased—when he couldhave scored
           I’ll go even further and state that a LOT may go on , even on his colony, among “normal” men who aren’ t as unlucky to be tagged with the “gay gene”.  Prob just boys being boys. Takes ‘NO HOMO’ dares to new stratospheres when youve got a straight genetic bill of health… From Jeffs sly expression at the end, I’ll bet his civilization DOES have the equivalent of Rest Stop/ Truck Stop…

    •  You bring up a very good point. Do the artificial humans engage in locker-room humor? It would almost be weird if they didn’t. I’m not in the military myself, but I know enough guys who are to say that if they didn’t tease each other or play practical jokes on each other when on long trips, that they wouldn’t be human at all.
      Which does explain the joke a few pages back. And if all he dealt with was teasing, then no Jeff would not expect harmless joking OR flirting. His natural reaction would be to get all defensive since it has only been used to harm him before. He wouldn’t believe that Deacon was flirting with him even if Deacon was a human and being blatant about it.

    • You have put quite a bit of thought into your analysis. I like that. 🙂

  • Adam Black

      Did I hit it out of the park ?

    If any of my analysis is premature,
     or covers area not written yet, consider it a gift to use ….
    I’d really like a shower scene…
    So you can examine…these Socio-Sexual implictaions in great detail
    See what pops up

    • It’s funny you should mention a shower scene… 😉

  • So when does it count as a ‘first date’?

  •  I come for the comic with pretty gay guys.
    I stay for the In depth discussions on society and the meaning of humanity. XD

  • It’s saturday! I want a new page! xD

    • (It’s baking in the oven. Will be up in less than an hour!)

  • classic_bear

     CAMPING!! Wooooo! almost there!

  • I love the petulant glare in panel three.  I am in love with Jeff.

  • UGH I want them to get together. Like. RIGHT NOW. I love these two.SOOO MUCH

  • I really really love how W drew D’s face in the first panel 🙂 Idek why..<3

  • he looks like a sad puppy…

  • AllyssaC

    U no angry anymore, bro?
    Well.. uh.. O.K.

  • SolrSurfr3

    Lol, panel six!
    Jeff: Yeah, you can let go now…?

  • Justin White

    i am so inspired