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Artifice Page 31

114 Comments on Artifice Page 31

Gosh. Things are getting a little heated. What do you think is going to happen next?

Oh! And thanks to the awesome translation contributions of Artifice reader Sophia, I’ve started to add transcripts of this comic in both English and Spanish. You can find them by clicking on the word Transcripts right above the donation box. This is an experiment so please let me know what you think. (For example, is that the best place for them or would they be better right below the comic page itself?)

And if you’re fluent in both English and another language and would like to offer translations as well, please Email Me.

Finally, I’d like to send out a big hug to repeat supporter Elyse B. for getting us started on the next bonus page with her generous donation this week!

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  • classic_bear

     Just hear the man out hes handsome!

  • I actually have no idea if Deacon is lying anymore or not.  This comic has kept throwing me so i’m just sitting and waiting for it.

  • Wow, if Deacon is HALF as passionate when he’s loving as he’s hurt, this is going to be one intense relationship 😉 Loving it as always ♥

    • Hehe. Thank you!

      (And… if you like Deacon passionate, I think you might have something to look forward too… 😉 )

  • Hyperminimalism

    I think Deacon is going to forget his strength as an android and rip Jeff’s arm off. D:  Sorry, I’m silly.  Interesting stuff, though!  I’m not entirely sure where this is going, so I’ll hold my assumptions for later.

    • Yikes! Ha! Well, we’ll see. Thanks for letting me know you’re enjoying the comic!

  • SteveMcSheffrey

    I sense a Sam and Diane moment coming…

    • LOL That’s a perfect way of putting it.

      Artifice – Where every killer android knows your name…

  • Second panel. “Did I leave the oven on?”

  • KBatty

    Aaand the emotions surface. Looks like Deacon is over-reacting a little given his generally stoic nature, but emotions are complex. Provided he doesn’t go from Data to Lore, I don’t think Jeff’s in too much danger. Deacon’s just going to need some time to learn what the normal level of reaction should be. Extreme reactions look unnatural for him anyway (I know, right? Synthetic lifeforms having unnatural characteristics? Unheard of! =P). Then again, learning might be easier on a populated planet as opposed to alone on Da Vinci Four with the emotional wreck we call Jeff.

    • I really like the way you’re thinking about this, KBatty. Emotions are complex. There would be a learning curve.

      And would Jeff be the best teacher? That’s a good question.

  • Zed123

    I can totally imagine Jeff starting to scratch Deacon’s hand, like a little kitten trying to shake off a big lion. ^^
    And then Deacon sees just how adorable this little creature is… And then… ^^ Sorry, my imagination running wild… But I love this series, story and art!! Keep up the good work! Thanks!

    • Heh. Makes me think I should turn Artifice into a furry comic. What do you think? 🙂

      Glad to hear you’re enjoying the comic, Zed123!

  • I think that last panel is the most emotion Deacon has shown so far. His actions are irrational and impulsive and could be detrimental to the ‘relationship’ he’s built with Jeff up to this point and for that reason I believe he’s being genuine. 

    I also think that Jeff doesn’t know what to believe any more and that his anger stems mainly from confusion as well as mistrust. 

    • That’s a good analysis, Sigmund. Let’s see if you’re right… 🙂

  • Awww you mentioned me! I feel so honored *_* I’ve got to get to work then.

    And this page is so FULL OF AWESOMENESS, we can see Jeff is trying not to let Deacon become friend of his, maybe because he’s afraid of liking him after all? My favourite page til now so far. I wonder what’s gonna happen… maybe a hug? A kiss? Gosh Deacon looks so human in the last panel, you just gotta love him <3

    • Of course I mentioned you! It’s awesome what you’re doing with the Spanish translations! (And now it seems you’ve inspired others! I’m getting some folks writing me offering to translate Artifice into other languages. 🙂 )

      And thank you for the props on this page! Glad you’re liking what you’re seeing!

  • ErrorTime

    Deacon has an I’m sorry face. Jeff stop being stupid DX

    • Hehe. That’s right, Jeff! Trust the handsome, apologetic robot!

  • Rissicat

    A word to the wise, Deacon – If you have to *stop to access the information* on what a appropriate gesture of sympathy might be, it sort of loses its authenticity. XD

  • Synthetic lifeforms are confusing.  I’m with Jeff on this one.  How much of it is computer processing and how much is true sympathy?  Is it even possible for a machine to show empathy in any form?
    I’m so confused!  Brain, stop hurting! D:

  • Dex X.

    Sixth panel- his expression looks super offended. XD

  • HarmHarm210

    I have a feeling Deacon is desperate for Jeff to realize he’s telling the truth. -n- I love also how the dialogue pretty much tells us why Deacon and the other artificial soldiers were sent there to wipe them all out. <3 X3 Ah, Saturday takes forever to get to, even worse now that school has started back up… -m-

    • You might very well be right about Deacon. 🙂 Thank you for the props about the dialogue. Hope you’re enjoying school!

  • JLJones

    I actually said “HA!” when I first saw panel 2.  Both amused, and suspicious on this end, Alex 😛  What, oh what could Deacon be thinking, spouting lines like that?  Of course, if he IS being sincere, that’s one creepy little tick he has.  Say something nice – processing – proclaim innocence with added sympathy – processing.

    … haha, okay, that would make for some ridiculously awkward sex, while I’m at it.  THRUST – processing – nibble shoulder – processing.  *snerk*

    Oh, to have an extra $200 laying around D:  Each week is agonizing, waiting for the next update.  I really hope you and Winona decide to put this into print.  I have a place on my bookshelf reserved for awesomeness such as this.

    • LOL Yes – that would be a creepy tick – and you’re sex scene is hysterical! (I think at that point, Jeff would just need to spring for a processor upgrade, no?)

      And so long as there is interest, it’s my plan to definitely put this into print. If nothing else, there will be a special limited edition for the fans.

      • JLJones

        Aaaah, wonderful!  Artifice would look quite lovely next to my copies of Teahouse =)  Throw a little Less Than Epic in there (once E.K. Weaver get’s the first volume ready!), and my bookshelf will be the stuff of legends!

        And someone should have warned NoNeCo that running Norton slows their processors to a crawl D:

  • Reign

    Deacon is priceless!!! His facial expression crack me up. Really seems like he is trying to be sincere but Jeff still has his guard up and I don’t blame him one bit!!! As always my day is complete and I can go on as a very happy person today 🙂 Thanks for an awesome page!!

    • Thank you, yaoilover4life! Glad to hear you’re getting a kick out of Deacon. 😀

  • I don’t know what will happen next BUT I am wishing for a kiss! E he he! <3

    And I love Deacon's expression. It's hilarious! Second and last panels are perfect! And I kind of hope he's not lying to Jeff. Actually it's a bit hard to tell – I want to believe him but I don't trust him… Awesome page, as always <3

    • Thank you, Alis! Maybe you’ll get that kiss… I’d like to see it too… 😉

  • Laymanterms303

    Wow. In those last panels Deacon actually made an expression other than smug/aloof. Could… could he actually be sincere? That would mean he’s finally thinking of someone other than himself. Which means he cares about Jeff! Aha! Now we’re getting somewhere!
    (either that or he’s still trying to play Jeff and get some information from him. Which would mean we’re still at square one. Damn. *puzzles over it*.)

  • Arwen Kuipers

    I don’t know if there’s much to be gained from translating the comics in Dutch but should you want to, I’m a native Dutch speaker, and have been speaking English for 20 years.

    • It you’d like to do it, I’d love to have the translations. Please email me , let me know what name you’d like to use to get credit for your translations and I’ll set you up with an account.

  • I love how you two really work to make the characters, even the non-human, come alive. They’re so believable! <3 Love the expressions, the sense of movement, everything.

    As for the the transcripts, I think you should stick the link directly under the comic pages. It took a minute to find it, and it'll always be in a slightly different spot depending on your comment lengths. You could stick it to to the right, just above the ad there.

    • Thank you for the props! Glad the characters are feeling real to you!

      And thank you also for the feedback re: the placement of the transcripts. I can definitely put it closer to the comic page and I agree, that would make it easier to find.

  • Ryn

    Dramadramadrama!! <3

    jeff looks ready to clock deacon in that last panel, or possibly scratch his eyes out givin the way his fingers are curled. i think Deacon is a little out of his depth here, he keeps expect jeff to react like a well adjusted individual; but i don't think he really gets how emotional abused jeff is- and most likely physically givin his reaction to being grabbed.

    • True. I’d agree it’s especially difficult to expect Jeff to trust someone, considering his experience. But in Jeff’s defense, I’d say even a well-adjusted individual would be hesitant to accept Deacon’s apology at this point — or his grab… 😉

      • Ryn

        well, more that D says something and instead of the response he tries to manipulate Jeff into; Jeff flies off the handle. He always seems surprised when Jeff yells at him.

  • I actually feel more sorry for Deacon than Jeff for once. It’s like Jeff is assuming he’s insincere because he’s a MACHINE and machines can’t feel sympathy or sincerity. Which is probably something Deacon’s had to deal with before. 🙁
    But before, he had his comrades to fall back on. The way twins do when they feel misrepresented, he would just not respond to people who gave him grief and would get comfort from being around his brothers.
    I wonder how he thinks of the other APs? Were they just his military unit? If they were produced at the same time and trained together, that makes them brothers.  I’m calling it. >w.<

    • Deacon definitely has had to deal with that belief before. As for whether he considered his fellow APs brothers, well, he speaks to that a little bit on a later page… 🙂

  • Aww…that’s so sweet. Even though it’s angry 😛 I can see this going one of two ways. 1) Fists are going to fly. 2) SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOCH TIME. 😀 

    PSSST. I vote for number 2. XD

    Awesome as usual! SATURDAY NEEDS TO HURRY.

    • Your vote is noted. 🙂 Glad you like the update, Thomas!

  • SholtoMaru

    Hmmmm. So I have a question, maybe it’s silly. Can Deacon learn? I mean, he knows quite a lot of things already, but can he learn new things? It makes sense that he’d be able to adapt to most any situation, so he’d need the ability to learn. Because I’m thinking that they didn’t build him with the knowledge of intimate relationships, I mean why would they? So I’m thinking that their first kiss is going to be more than a little awkward, considering the gap that may or may not exist in Deacon’s knowledge, and the huge amount of resistance in Jeff.

    If Jeff has it in his mind to try and hit Deacon….he should remember that the only thing he’ll likely accomplish is hurting his hand. But it’s hard to remember things like that when someone’s grabbing at you! Poor, poor Jeff. And poor, apparently somewhat distressed and sincere Deacon.

    • Deacon definitely has the capacity to learn. Whether he has the capacity to change is another question entirely. 🙂

  • Trent Wilson

    There’s definitely going to be a kiss…..

  • I love Jeff, he has character. 

  • Been following this for a while now and really liking it! Great work! I do have a suggestion though… maybe put the “First, Previous, Random, Next & Last” options at the top of the page as well?

    • JM

      I agree. Its a small thing, but its easier to just be able to click “Last” when you get to this page instead of having to scroll down first. Just gets us to the latest page faster lol

      • I hear you. But for aesthetic reasons, I’m a little hesitant to do that.

        What I do is use instead are the keyboard commands. To get to the last page, I just click Shift-Right Arrow. Gets me to the last page instantly. Would that work for you two?

        (And thank you, Darren, for your kind words!)

  • iamlingy

    Great Page!

  • Liger Baby

    GET A ROOM YOU TWO! (tehe.)

  • Lorescien

    Yep. Jeff wants his nuts. That shocked face in panel 3 and his words that sounded like he was trying to reassure himself… totally trying not to want Deacon. But he’s failing. And they’ll come to REALLY like each other at some point. 😛 Gosh, I am SO buying this comic when it comes out in print form. Really, I am!

    • Hehe. His nuts, huh? Glad you’d like a hard copy of the comic when it’s ready. That’s good to hear! 🙂

  • Finzz

    I feel like a great part of a movie I was watching was just paused.  That’s always sad.  Can’t wait to be able to read the whole thing in one go, where you can appreciate all the hard work that goes into a comic.

    • I hear you. I certainly think that will ultimately be the most satisfying experience and it’s what I in general prefer. 🙂

      I will say, though, when reading webcomics, I do enjoy reading all the comments under each page and hearing people’s reactions and thoughts—it really allows me to appreciate each page in a way I never could even if I was reading the same book as a friend.

  • dude, if you could have voice actors for these guys or voices imagined… who does them? 

    I’m imagining Will Friedle for Jeff and Hugh Jackman for Deacon… it’s just what I hear in my head……voices? o.O… yea that sounded very cynical XD lol God I’m a freak.

    Another thing that popped into my mind, is “I understand how Jeff doesn’t believe him” lol Cause when I saw the panel of Deacon thinking, then he apologized, I was like, “NO YOU’RE NOT!! YOU’RE JUST SAYING THAT TO WIN HIM OVER!!”….thus I was able to conclude with this: Jeff and I have trust issues and you’re gonna have to do more then just apologize >8[ too much abuse to trust Deacon…XD especially after seeing all the dead bodies XD ahahaha. *brofists Jeff*

    • You know it’s funny. When I’m writing I sometimes picture specific actors visually playing the roles of the characters in my comics and I certainly hear my characters with specific voices in my head, but those voices are almost never the voices of the actors I’m visualizing and so I don’t actually really think of real people as the “voice talent” in my stories.

      I had actually never heard of Will Friedle before (yes, I know, on my planet we only get certain transmissions from Earth), but after listening to the Will Friedle Tribute  on YouTube, I could totally see him being a fine choice for Jeff. I’m not sure about Hugh Jackman for Deacon—when I think of his voice, I think of the rough and vernacular tones of Wolverine—and Deacon’s speech is fairly refined—but maybe if I watched The Prestige again, I’d rethink that.

      Anyway, I’m with you and Jeff on the trust thing. It would definitely more than a generic apology to win me over, especially after seeing all the dead bodies. And be threatened with torture and stuff… 

      • lol actually not many people heard of Will Friedle…I’m just a freak who studies voices…lol 

        The funny thing is that I thought of a wolverine voice at first but then I thought about ‘android’ and idk lol XD I went back and forth. XD
        Yea, glad I didn’t sound like a hateful untrusting psycho. lol I mean I have PTSD but I got it for a reason xD lol

  • Deacon, don’t grab. He’ll have you done for spousal abuse.
    I’d be more worried if he did believe him. With the discrimination he’s probably had to deal with in the past, I assume he’s got a good grasp of how cruel humanity can be – even humanity that was made by others. I sincerely doubt there’ll be kisses going on, what with him being confused and pissed and oh yeah, the only person left besides one of the people that killed everything else. 
    Also, whoever designed this place wasn’t the greatest interior designer ever. I get keeping down costs, but a little colour wouldn’t have hurt anyone.

    • Yep, things are pretty barren and drab on Da Vinci Four. While Winona put a lot of thought into the interior design, the colonists on Da Vinci Four did not. They had more…. pressing concerns.

      For the state of the art for interior design, I’d recommend you visit the Greg Egan Auditorium located right here at the NoNeCo Main Campus. It has won several awards and last year Office & Design Magazine named it “one of the seven architectural wonders of the core systems.” 

  • Manhandling mmm…  

    Can’t wait to see what happens next!
    I’ll definitely buy this in hard copy form as well (getting a lot of votes for that, eh?)

    • Thank you. The more I hear interest for that, the more likely it is to happen. And it certainly makes me feel good to hear that people would want that. 🙂

  • While I would love a little kissie in the next page I don’t think it’s gonna happen and if it does Deacon is gonna ruin it by saying something stupid like “I thought homosexuals liked this.” -slap- 
    It would be great if Deacon was showing true emotion in the last panel but it’s way over shadowed by panel 2.  He looks so annoyed that he has to do what he going to do in panel 3.  Or maybe he’s annoyed that he’s being doubted.
    Either way it’s hard to trust a being that a) has orders to kill you b) won’t kill you because he needs you to charge his battery c) slammed you into a wall to knock you out d) threatened you with torture if you didn’t stop crying.  I love Deacon but you need to back off a bit and let the poor human have some air or he’s gonna hit you.
    My inner fangirl is of course screaming out for a make out scene.  Love the new page though.  Seeing Deacon at least try gave me an “awwww” moment and kinda made me wish for a puddle for Deacon to slip on so when he fell he landed on Jeff and oops!  Accidental kiss! 
    Hey it’s a bathroom.  It could happen.

    • LOL I like the way you’re thinking about this. 

      (I’m off to write in a puddle for the next page…)

  • Shinashi

    Haha, I’m actually a bit angry as well. I don’t think Deacon is sincere; or maybe it’s just me and my preference for people to not be so… hmmm… insistent in their apologizing. Especially if the recipient  of the apology doesn’t believe you.

    • So, it’s easy to see why Jeff is hesitant to trust him…

  • ithilloke

    I wish Jeff would stop over-reacting. A bit over the top, methinks.

    • Ah ha! So not everyone thinks Jeff is justified here…

  • F1ct1on

    HA, love them. I just signed up for Yaoi 911, and couldn’t help but notice the Jeff-like figure on the poster in the background of the cover for tough chapter 2? XD
    GOD, I freaking love the expressions in this comic. Especially Deacons in the last panel. OAO

    • Yay! Thank you for the props! 

      (And yep, that’s Jeff back there on that cover. A little hat-tip from Winona who also painted the covers for the first two chapters of Tough…) 

  • Well naturally, their going to end up lunging into each others arms in a mad frenzy of passion? *gets smacked by Jeff*

    Heh…Love this argument. And LOVE the pose and expression deacon has in the last panel. He really looks like he’s desperately trying to show his sincerity. Like part of him is so used to never being taken seriously as anything but the common android stereotype and he’s tired of it. So frustrated. So desperate to have just one person recognize that he’s more complex then what humans thought they’d built him for.

    (haha…looks like I’m possibly the only one reading into the emotions in this direction. Everyone else seems to be doubting poor Deacon.
    ^^’ (<– optimist in denial?)
    It makes me fall in love with him all over again. Jeff, how can you not believe that face? xD <3

    • I’m glad that people are taking different sides on this. I, of course, have love in my heart for both Jeff and Deacon.  And I’m happy to hear you liked the page! 🙂

    • Yes. Omg yes. That is what they’re going to do <3 and I will be cheering them on when they start having hot, steamy sex.

  • Random thought: I imagine that, in the present, Jeff is in some cell scowling at his interrogators going “When my robot boyfriend gets here he’s gonna kick your ass.”

    • Brianna Cervantez


  • @_@ omg i love it! I NEED AN UPDATE

    • Hehe. Thank you! (And an update will happen in less than a week!)

  • (woo lurker post)

    First off I just love the artwork, i find myself reading and rereading in admiration of the way this is drawn, its just wonderful.

    I would love to buy a hardcopy book when it’s available because the writing is as awesome as the art.

    After looking at the reactions and reading some of the comments I’m torn between wanting to yell at Jeff to stop him being such a drama queen… and actually wanting to comfort the poor sod. He’s in effect lost everything he’s known and soon could loose his life…
    I think him wanting nothing to do with Deacon is really not all that unexpected. Its one of those situations that you’ve gotta try putting yourself in before you can judge.

    I think Jeff and Deacon just need more time to understand one another, and really… time is all they really do have for a while.

    I just can’t wait to see how this all pans out.

    • Thank you for your kind words. Glad you decided to leave a comment. 🙂 (And I like the way you’re thinking about Jeff’s reaction.)

      • hehe, Lurkers can only lurk for so long ^^

        Well… Jeff’s only human, and he is written like he is one too.

  • Diseasedface

    GROWL GROWL GROWl. TENSIONS RUN HIGH! WHAT NEXT! i missed the last few pages when they came out. had to back track but WOWIE!


    i LOVE seeing them both so emotional and VICIOUS! very well characterized!

    • Thank you! Welcome back! 😀

    • Lusidicious Milk

      So much passion in your review

  • Jeff is the master of dramatic facial expressions, is he not?
    Although Deacon only helps to contrast his amusing expressions
    since his own seem to be a lot more subtle. But really, in the last
    few pages I kept thinking, “Ahaha oh gosh Jeff is making the best
    face in this panel.”

    Hmmm… it would not surprise me if not many people take the
    sincerity of Deacon’s human emotions very seriously, considering
    what he is. That, plus, when it comes to sci-fi, rarely do you see
    a character who is any type of artificial intelligence / robot / 
    android / etc in a situation where people consider them to be on
    an equal level with humans when it comes to feeling emotion.
    Whether or not they can express it. Seems to be a common concept…

    On the other hand, even with that aside, Deacon more or less threatened
    to torture him if he didn’t stop crying, which is pretty hardcore. Even if he
    was human, after that, I don’t think I’d be very eager to believe in his pity
    either. I mean, bro. THREATEN ME WHEN I CRY then try to be like, “Oh
    yeah, but I am sorry about your situation.” I would probably flip him off.

    SO that in consideration… I think Jeff took that pretty well, so far, at least…
    lol. I say that now and next page someone is going to get bitch slapped.
    I would laugh so hard. Haha.

    Fuuu. I’m curious how these guys are going to get along in the future.

    • Hehe. Yes. I love what Winona did with Jeff’s facial expressions in these last couple pages, too. 😀

  • Love the new update! This is truly my favorite boys love web comic I have found. The art and story so far are excellent. And I wait with baited breath for each new page <3  I'm surprised no one I know has heard of this. But I've been telling them. When its finished,If this was made into a print I would definatly buy a copy. Keep up the awesome work.

    • Thank you very much, Seth! Your favorite? That’s awesome. I really appreciate your kind words—and your getting the word out. 😀

  • Hi. I’ve been a silent observer (reader) so far, but the comic just
    keeps getting better and better and I can’t keep my mouth shut (fingers
    off the keyboard). I really like the plot: it’s got depth, but it’s not
    pretentious. Also, I get the feeling your intention was to tell a story.
    I mean, it’s not like with most yaoi themed stuff where the plot only
    serves to get the two main characters into bed. Anyway, keep up the good

    PS  The artwork is really good, amazing at times 🙂

    • Hi Megi! Glad you decided to speak up! Thank you for all your kind words. And yes, while this is a story for grown-ups that has some fun and erotic scenes, it is above all meant to be a solid sci-fi story. It’s my hope that readers will wind up caring about the characters and what happens to them more than, say, what body part gets put where. (Although, I hope they care about that too! 😉 ) 

      I’m very happy to hear that that works for you. 

  • takjak

    This story makes me wiggle with glee. Only great stories do that to me 😀

    Ahhh, I love the last panel! Deacon’s expression is so honest. I wasn’t sure what the top right panel was about, but I think he’s trying to figure out what to say or what expression he should be showing… If that’s even the case; I might be wrong! I really like that you show the disconnect that Deacon, as an AI, has, compared with human emotions. Awesome job, you guys!

    • Yay! Wiggling!

      I’m having a lot of fun with Deacon and his navigation through the uncharted waters of emotion and social interaction. Is he being honest? That’s one of the central questions of the story and it’s good you’re thinking about it. 🙂

  • lol is it just me or does jeff remind remind anyone of eddie(kid devil) from teen titans. 

  • mutisija

    Looks like bitch slap coming from Jeff in last panel

  • They are so hot for each other already. 

  • Pauline Rouls

    I really love your webcomic (sorry for my bad english I do what I can ^^’) but even if some people says so, I don’t really think Deacon can have an false emotion! Of course, maybe he can lie because of a program, but I think that an artificial human must be purer than us!
    I don’t know if you understand what I mean, but maybe this kind of people (can I say people?) do what their program learn them to do and so when they try to adapt themselves at a situation with the right emotion, I don’t think it must be wrong.

    If Deacon do what he has learn, he must have search the right program with the right emotion (like happiness or other stuff!) and so it’s possible that his emotion (in his sense of course) is pure sincerity, as we can see in his fast change of face! It’s so true! A normal human must not be able to express that kind of feelings! But in our case, it’s possible because I assume Deacon has been programmed with the idea of idealistic emotion!

    Well, I know it’s not very clear, but as you see, your story make me think! ^^
    Oh and I wish this two lost people can find very quickly some hapiness! I confess I’d love to see the cute Jeff more… hum… in a better mood? xD
    I really love this comic! Please continue, I will support you!

    • Thank you, Pauline! I’m glad to hear the comic is making you think. 🙂 

      And you might be right about Deacon. We will see…

      One thing I will promise: at some point you will see Jeff in a better mood. Definitely.

  • WandNCritic

    Huh… guess I was right. Trust begins rolling in and with it betrayal(or feelings of it) and tension. Deacon really does care and so does Jeff, which is why he doesn’t believe Deacon. He wants to, but years of abuse have probably turned him into a pessimist and a suspicious one, not one to trust others easily.

    For the first time, we see Deacon deperately afraid, not for his life, but of losing someone he had learned to trust and can actually get along with, that he likes.
    The last panel especially is very powerfull in showing Deacon’s fear and utter sense of desperation.

  • Deacon has amazing people skills. In part because of the way it’s drawn. It’s so ridiculously dramatic. It isn’t merely an arm touch. IT IS AN ARM MUTILATING GRAB OF COMFORT.

    • “An arm mutilating act of comfort.” Ha! You slay me…

  • why is it that guys always fight with each other and then fall in love soon after…

  • MickeyMurphy

    Omg, I love his face in panel 3! xD

  • Lilly Zhang

    Oh Deacon…

  • Justin White

    such good writing