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Artifice Page 3


I crack myself up with that “issues” quip from Bob… (And I again love what Winona did with that last panel, also makes me laugh.)

  • snager

    i like this dialogue alot. it’s all over the place, in a good way. one guy’s the good cop and the others the bad cop, but you automatically want to sympathize with the, uh. Thing-guy. so who is REALLY the bad guy? i mean, neato, man.

  • Cari Corene

    Mr. Bad Cop here is just the funniest thing ~ XD An awesome melding of wonderful dialog and well drawn expressions.

  • MalikTous

    Anyone remember Rossum’s Universal Robots? Or how about the story ‘The HORARS of War’? 

  • Zothecula Shinkousha

    Love this story and it’s art!
    Also, I think it’s hilarious how garbage disposal is grouped with suicide missions and toxic environments.