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Artifice Page 27

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Hmmm… I wonder where Maven is going with this…

Special thanks to Graziella F. and Elyse B. for their generous donations this week! 😀

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  • Oh, she is good. She almost sounds sincere. Deacon is playing it cool. The way he rebuffs her questions, he could be a politician   

  • Hmm..Dr. Maven, are you thinking what I’m thinking? Clearly Deacon is holding back something, but is this the right way to get it out of him? Great comic as always! ♥

    • Is this the right way?  Good question. If not, I’m sure she’ll come up with something else. 😉

      Thanks for the props, Mandy!

  • Dr. Mavin: *removes her glasses* “Now, enough of this psycho babble, tell me all about the hot, steamy, raunchy man-on-man screwfest that ensued.”

    Deacon: Of cours-Wait, how did you know about that??”

    Dr. Mavin: “You just told me. Checkmate, now spill it.”

    Deacon: “…I hate psychologists…”

    (Can we just skip to the smut xD)

    • “Checkmate, now spill it.” LOL!

      (Well played, Vincent…)

  • Ah, she’s a really clever woman and a good psychologist… 🙂
    The art is great as always!

    • Glad you’re liking the Maven—and the art, Sophia! 🙂

  • Well she doing her job like a pro, i guess that’s why it her interrogating Deacon.

  • Reign

    She just wants to get down to the good stuff 🙂 Another great page like always!!

  • Chenafluff

    dr. mavin is so attractive! :p i guess i just like intelligent women… i’m glad i found this comic again. <3

    • She does have it going on, doesn’t she? Welcome back, Chenafluff!

  • “I’m just thinking out loud, Deacon.”
    Oo-er, missus.

    • “Oo-er, missus.” That sounds funny. Can someone help the poor Yank who doesn’t get the reference? 🙂

  • Well, knock me over with a feather!  Is she actually showing compassion?  Gaspu.  XD  Great page, as usual.  Looking forward to the next.

    • Thank you, DivaLady!

      And Maven is definitely capable of compassion. When it’s therapeutically useful…

  • molo284

    I love this comic ^^

  • ithilloke

    Love the extremely pregnant pause that is the second panel. Interesting point…do artificial persons believe, or for that matter, even have the capability to believe?

    • Oo! Interesting question. We’ve covered epigenetics in the comments of this webcomic. Are we now going to wrestle with epistemology? 😀

      • ithilloke

        Very likely! I love the intelligent writing of this comic as much as the brilliant artwork…just saying…*sits quietly to await developments* 🙂

  • Amy Gabriel

    The look on his face in panel five is absolutely brilliant!  I love watching this story unfold, it’s quite wonderful.

  • Guest

    You know, I wouldn’t be alive if only select people would be allowed to be born to this world.

  • Krondor2000

    I wonder if the doctor already knows what happened between Deacon and Jeff?  And she is just asking Deacon questions for confirmation?  After all, Deacon is an android.  Surely there must be some sort of recorder in his programming like a ‘black box’ that records every movement and actions he performs?

    • That’s a good question, Ken. I will say that there are tactical reasons why NoNeCo might not want to include a recorder in their android soldiers. Any guesses what those might be?

  • hah, we know exactly where Maven is going with this. Women’s intuition. xD She already knows all… o.o 

    I like this little reveal. So colonies further away from the larger ruling government start to follow their own laws and behave less socially acceptable then closer to the government where I’m sure said government (or corporation) has a tight grip on everyone’s balls…so to speak.

    I love panel two. When I saw panel two, I heard crickets in the background in my mind. xD

    (I’m really starting to love Maven and her personality. She’s the female personification of one of my favorite types of guys in any game with dating simulation gameplay, the cool glasses wearing sly doctor/student/etc who manipulates others. the ‘shadow king’ or in Maven’s case, ‘queen’. Oh yes, Maven, I know your type all to well. <.<)

    • Ha! Crickets! Yes! I love it!

      (And apparently I need to play more dating sim games…)

      • bah, any game, movie, anime, or story will have this type. There are basic personality cliches you will always see pop up. The cool character. The hero. The clown. The know-it-all. Even though many of us try to veer from these, they still show up. Deacon, for example, would fit the cool character type up to this point. Maven is the know-it-all type. Jeff is the hero type. That’s just my assessment from what I’ve seen so far, though. =P As we know, people may fit a category but diverge in many directions…which is what makes a person unique from each other.

  • Lorescien

    I… I don’t even have any words for this. It’s so darn beautifully written, draw… *loving sigh* This is honestly one of my favourite webcomics. Out of the zillions I read, lol, this one’s just… LOVE. ^_^

    • Wow. That’s a huge compliment. Thank you, Lorescien! 😀

  • SteveMcSheffrey

    Sorry.  Just can’t like or trust the Maven character.  She’s like those shrinks that interview someone who’s been arrested to determine if they’re sound enough to stand trial.  There’s nothing wrong with that but here she holds the power of life or death over Deacon pretty much literally.  She won’t wield the weapon but other than that she gets to be judge, jury, and executioner.  There should be more protections in place but I suppose artificial life is fairly new here from how the security people were discussing it in the first pages.  To protect himself from Maven Deacon needs a lawyer who will get him civil rights.  He’s in no position to find one but unless everyone from Jeff’s colony is being charged with a serious crime Jeff should be able to find one.  That’s assuming Jeff doesn’t have problems with Deacon being artificial.  It’s one thing when you’re Adam and Steve on a planet where you’re the only people but another back in civilization.  Jeff might be appalled now that he did it with a toaster so to speak…

    • LOL! You had me going with the serious tone of your comic and then the last lines totally cracked me up. 🙂

      And yes, Maven does indeed hold the power of life and death over Deacon. In fact, she holds nearly absolute power over Deacon…

      • SteveMcSheffrey

        Maybe it’s my unique way of wording things but people always seem to laugh the hardest when I think I’m being dead serious.  You could even have the layman’s term for regretting sexing an artificial person as Toaster Shock.   (okay, that one was supposed to be whimsical)…

  • Enamoril

    Deacon’s face in panel five is priceless. I wonder who decided to program artificial life know how to back talk their superiors… I would shake their hand :3 Someone that follows without any questions, even if the questions are just silly instead of an actual one, would be boring to deal with.

  • Trent Wilson

    Yay! Love this! I sense important plot development to come….

  • The colonies-as-puritanical revelation feels very Firefly. That conflict between the overly regulated, civilized Alliance and the more savage outer planets. And the whole war that started because they wanted the right to be uncivilized and barbaric. You could take this a lot of very interesting places. And I like the isolation parallels being drawn between Deacon and our poor, beleaguered homosexual. A+ writing and art work, right here. :]

    • You flatter me by comparing Artifice to Firefly—one of the best sci-fi serials of all time, IMHO. Thanks for the props, Tommy!

  • hmm…excellent as usual. 😛 saturdays always take so long to get here…

  • Marlyn Wood

    Oh, I can’t wait to see where this is leading! I missed last Saturday, so I just put off reading it until today. lol

    I will admit that I had to go back and read the whole thing again from the beginning. I’m absolutely loving these characters. <3 I'm almost ashamed to admit that I'm tempted to name one of the week old kittens we've got Jeff. XD

    • HA HA HA! LOL! That’s awesome! You should totally name one of your kittens Jeff. And then send us a picture! 🙂

      (And I do the same thing with the webcomics I follow. I’m always going back to the beginning to re-read. I like to get the new page in full context…)

      • Marlyn Wood

        Well, I’m not going to be keeping this litter, but this is the one I’m thinking of calling Jeff:

        (I’ve got 3 that were born a week ago tomorrow night. The mom had them practically on my feet. lol)


          • Marlyn Wood


            You should see the other two. There’s a little tuxedo cat and an orange kitten. Personally, I think the orange kitten looks a little like Maven. Too bad he’s male.

        • Awww…. He’s so cute! Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

          • Marlyn Wood

            These are going to be very socialized kittens. And I don’t get to keep any of them. 🙁 I’ve already got too many cats. The mom is perfectly fine with them snuggling up against my hip on the couch when she’s not nursing them.

            I find it kind of amusing.

  • Fazzey

    I love how Deacon raises his eyebrow in imitation of the good doctor in panel 5. Little details are so wonderful. Keep up the awesome writing & eyecandy art.

    • Thank you, Fazzey. I love the little details Winona adds too. 🙂

  • eleutherios

     Humanist, indeed!  If they were really humanists, they’d rejoice in Deacon, artificial or no.  What greater triumph of humanity than the power to create humanity?  Bunch of reactionaries.

    • Sounds like you’re looking to start a revolution. 🙂

      • eleutherios

        Mais oui.  To be human is to be more than human.  If only those so-called humanists would accept Deacon and the potential of his kind, they might transcend the human condition!

        • Yes, but the knee-jerk reaction is always “robot revolution OMG NOE!” especially when dealing with a mob mentality.

  • Shinashi

    The silence in panel two speaks volumes. It’s lovely.

  • Dex X.


    • 🙂

      • Hopefully all this empathy Maven is showing for Jeff indicates that she’ll intercede on his behalf with the company in case they’re still planning on eliminating all the loose ends from the fiasco on Da Vinci Four. Or maybe she’s just trying to get Deacon to open up by making him think that she might do that…

  • Liv

    Ah, Maven. She always makes things so interesting…
    I love this comic, the story is just unfolding beautifully. Can’t wait for the next page already!

  • i see what you did there :3

  • I know where this is going…..”And now time for the DEACON & JEFF PORN HOUR with your host Dr. Maven” LOL!  Just kidding!  I love your site and this comic has me on the edge of my seat.

  • MrJakeyFakey

    I am enjoying this comic so very much. I’m so used to reading kind of petty shallow comics with stock characters that make me kind of…disgusted, and a little ashamed to be gay.

    But this comic has so much more substance and it so well written and even though there isn’t that much up yet i can see it going so many places and just becoming better with every page posted, as it has up till now.

    I love the character development and find it amazing that a comic with three focus characters still manages to seem expansive and ‘real-life sized.’

    • Hey MrJakey!

      Thank you very much for your kind words. I know I’m doing something a little different here and thus this comic won’t be for everyone, so I’m delighted to hear from people like yourself who like where I’m going with this.

      You’ve put a big smile on my face, Sir. I hope you’ll keep coming back to let me know what you think. 🙂

      • MrJakeyFakey

        Of course i will! With every page probably, when i get the email saying there’s a new page it always makes me smile.

        Especially now seeing as i am sitting at home sick, looking for anything to make me feel less frumpy and run down. I will be waiting for the next page! and i love that your being a little more daring with your plot and character! I am honestly interested and not just waiting for smut, which I will sheepishly admit…i usually am.

        So Thank you!

        • Well, you’re very welcome. And I hope you feel better soon! 😀

  • meetmeinstlouis123

    did anyone else notice that the building logo in panel 2 and the logo on Deacon’s shirt are the same?  and I love Maven’s glasses, like a lot 🙂

  • JLJones

    And here we are, at my favorite part of my week! (and yes, I’m a day late.  Shame on me, and shame on my work schedule being insensitive to my daily webcomic regimen!)

    Best part of this page for me?  The second panel, how Maven is literally on the edge of her seat, listening to this story.  I get the feeling that she’s quickly becoming something of a metaphor for all of us real life readers.  We’re all paying very close attention to every detail that Deacon relays, we’re all asking questions, looking for confirmation and insight.  I also get the sense that she’s starting to lose her ability to remain impartial to these events. Maybe she doesn’t notice it now, or maybe it’s only just starting, but I think (hope!) she will be completely speechless by the end, just as I’m sure we will.

    Also, Winona, your ability to draw backgrounds leaves me green with envy D:  I can draw people fairly well, but furniture and landscapes are so beyond me.  Only the artist for “Unsounded” has ever given me such a feeling of respect and admiration.  You, madam, rock the world.

    • Maven as a surrogate for the readers! That’s a very interesting take. (And as she is the “audience” for Deacon’s story, one that makes a lot of sense.) 

      As for whether Maven would *ever* be speechless, well, let’s just say it’s never happened before… 🙂

      And Winona totally rocks my world too. As does Unsounded (even though I haven’t gotten super far into it yet…

  • WandNCritic

    Hmm, like some here have suspected, it is the colony that is close-minded, not necceserily the entire future comunity, the colony offering a censorship of sorts from acceptance. Up to this point, I have considered Maven to be the villain, my favorite character, being she has access to much of the information she may need to control somebody, given her position. This page did not change that, but given the last panel, with Winona’s expressive art and Maven’s bitter face, she may not trully be on the side of the company, acting as a “freelance” villain, her goals being personal rather than general. Perhaps she may even try to recruit an aly.

    • Hehe. Maven is nobody’s fool, not even the Corporation’s. 🙂

  • Loving this so much 🙂 and omg, you’re a Browncoat, Alex!? That is even better!

    • Indeed I am. Firefly is just great sci-fi storytelling. Heck, it’s just great storytelling period. 🙂

  • Ale Gorriz

    what a dilemma

  • The sound effect for panel two would just be “Uncomfortable silence…”
    And I was talking about this comic to my family this weekend since they saw my picture of Maven laying around my house and when I mentioned it only updates once a week I paused and started dancing going, “On Saturday! Which is today! Meaning it updated TODAY!” 😀 😀
    of course I was super-busy and couldn’t get to the computer until MONDAY, but it’s still there waiting! XD
    Oh Deacon, must you be so surly? And will I ever get to know what the other four were named? Because it’s STILL grating on my mind.

    • That’s an awesome story. I’ve always wanted to make a comic that would provoke dancing around the house.

      And, well, I’m afraid you are unlikely to get an official answer to your question in these pages. So, for now, your speculation on their names is as good as canon. 😉

      •  Then you give me NO CHOICE but to take Ewan Haggarty’s stance and name them all after church positions because it’s both funnier and something that nerdy robot designers would do. >.< (dang tease)

    • I suspect they all would be named Deacon. If their world is really as cruel towards artificial lifeforms as they seem to be, I’d suspect they wouldn’t put too much time into names. If they had to identify them from each other, it would probably be with numbers. Since Deacon is the only survivor, there is no need to identify him with a number and it allows Maven to make Deacon feel more human. This is my suspicions, but I think my logic is sound.

      •  No no! Word of god, they all have names that start with the letter D. otherwise, why give them names at all and not just serial numbers? He’s not Deacon 2 of 5, he’s Deacon.

        • Word of God agrees with you that they would all have different names in order to avoid confusion. And that they all start with the letter “D”. 🙂

          • But that you’re never going to tell me what they ARE. DX

  • Colleen Boye

    Maven’s shipping them 🙂

  • Cristina S-J

    I really love your comics, and I’m so glad I found them. Your story lines are intriguing and exciting, and the art is just superb. Please keep up the wonderful work! <3

  • happysugarhunny

    Suspicious Maven looks suspicious!
    You can just tell that she is coming to her own mental conclusions as psychiatrists often do~ <333

  • Ahh I keep forgetting about this comic then I see the ad at Starfighter and I get so excited by the 3 or 4 new pages I haven’t seen yet. 
    I love the way this story flows. Its very smooth, and I have a personal love for frame stories as comics. Though I miss “No Kissing” I keep waiting for an email update, but I know comic writing takes time.  

    • Thank you, Cloud! I hope you’ll keep coming back even though the ad run on Starfighter has ended for now. 🙂

  • “…So how, exactly, did you end up married to him?”

    • sincostax

      Ah lol, it would be soooo funny if that happened x)

  • Ryn

    puritanical… such an icky word. I’m not sure what to despise worst, the bigoted outer colonies or the sterile and stuck-up core worlds. ick! I don’t think i’d want to live either. Definitely not the outer colonies. I couldn’t go a day with out needing to scratch someones eyes out. But don’t think I’d want to live in the other world either. I’m sure your going to introduce more characters that i’m going to want to chew on.

    she’s being sneaky and obvious at the same time. “just thinking out loud” riiiiight… Deacon’s coming off as rather desperate to show that he doesn’t care about Jeff.

  • my god… where is all this going xD

  • oh. so much empathetic dialog.  i love it!

  • I really enjoy the thoughtful dialogue! <3 It makes you think ^ u ^

  • Keneu

    I’ve learned a new English word today – puritanical. To be honest, it seems like a mix of puritan and satanical. I guess the people who came up with the word knew from experience what they were talking about. xD

  • Kabbalist

    I’m beginning to think that Dr. Maven really IS a good psychologist/psychotherapist. She definitely knows how to draw someone out. I don’t quite trust her yet, though. Would signs of real empathy from Deacon be viewed as an indication that he’s salvageable or as a potentially-dangerous evolution of his programmed logic processes?