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Artifice Page 26

137 Comments on Artifice Page 26

And… we’re back in Dr. Maven’s office!

Have you missed her? 🙂

Special thanks to Judith W., Annette A., Brian D., Victoria R. and Hayley N. for their generous donations this week! (And an extra big hug to Cotina S. for their $20 donation!) 😀

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  • First posy! Yay! ^_^ Long time reader first time commenter! Wonderful page as always! I eagerly await each friday and saturday for an update! Thank you fro doing what you do!

    • Thank you, Lisa! Glad to see you’ve decided to comment after following us for a while—and that you look forward to the updates. I hope you continue to like what you see! 🙂

  • Trent Wilson

    OMG I’ve been waiting for this.
    Brilliant, once again.
    Want to see some action….

    • Hey, Trent! Thanks for the props!

      And, uh, what kind of action do you have in mind? 🙂

      • SteveMcSheffrey

        Human-machine interface, is my guess…

  • Hello,
    I just started reading the comic, and I have to say the story is very interesting and the art is wonderful! My favourite character so far is the doctor, she’s got styyyle XD
    I like the fact that you focus on the story, more than on the sex scenes;when we get then I’ll most probably star skipping them anyway lol
    Update…update….. XD

    • Hey Sophia!

      I’m glad to hear you like Maven. I personally like her a lot—she’s a lot of fun to write—but I was afraid that readers might not feel the same way. Cool that’s she’s become your favorite character. You’ll have to keep me posted if another character starts to take the lead. 😉

  • Ale Gorriz

    it can be lonely being different…

    tell me about it /: but anyway, if you manage your differences in a cool way, you end up being actually popular ._.

    if you don’t believe me ask lady gaga XD

    • Hehe. True. Here in the States, being different tends to be a major liability in middle school, a minor liability in high school and an asset by the time you enter college. Seeing it as a strength definitely helps to accelerate the process.

      (Or make you a world-famous pop star. Depending on how different you are. 🙂 )

  • Loved it as always! I love Decon’s smile in panel four. He’s so darned cute I could just eat him! ♥ Awesome work guys! ♥ Mandy (Aka Aspen!)

    • Hey Mandy! (Aspen! 🙂 )

      Thank you for your kind words (and hearts)! (And feel free to take a bite out of Deacon—he won’t mind!)

      • Oh now you’re just teasing me! XD *nibbles him just a little* lol!

        • As Word of God, I would never tease one of my wonderful readers. Nibble away. 😀

  • Hey, not bad, one of the first ten to comment!! Woo!! Staying up late works once again! xD
    I love Jeff’s expression in panel 3, he looks so sad, like he didn’t respond to Decon’s comment on being lonely because he knew exactly what he was talking about. Tugged at my heartstrings, man…
    Lolz, I get the feeling that Decon’s last comment is totally an excuse *winks* Okay, not completely an excuse; at that point in time it might have been true but now I think he’s just downplaying it for the doctor (who’s hot, btw) so she doesn’t get like the full extent of his attraction xDD
    I’m a fangirl on the inside, what more can I say? Once again, another awesome page!

    • Howdy Jennifer!

      You’re right on with your interpretation of Jeff’s expression in Panel 3. Glad that it tugged at you; that’s just the reaction I was hoping for. 🙂

      And… you find Maven hot? That’s awesome. She is hot!

      • karmelion

        seconded :3

  • Ditzite

    Beautiful close-up on Jeffies eyes for the scan and Deacon really seems to be emoting quite well now. I anticipate observing his development as well as the progress Jeff makes with his genetic “disorder”. XD Too cute and if all my cash wasn’t tied up in vacation stuff this month I would be tempted to donate all by myself for the next comic! XD

    • Hey Ditzite!

      Thank you! (And I hope you’re going someplace fun on your vacation! 🙂 )

      • Ditzite

        If the beaches of southern California are fun then yes I am! XD That an anime convention. So if I am not dying of sunburn already the con flu can take me out! 😀

        • Sounds like fun to me. I hope you have a great time. 🙂

  • DorianCherrystone

    “I improvised.” Dunno why, but I think he’s telling an …untruth here 😉

    Gnihihi. Diabolic. :3

  • Panel 4; my shih tzu pulls that face when she gets a treat. It’s slightly disturbing on Deacon… :-/

  • Amazing, I’ve camping since friday, it was a shame i had to go to bed 🙁 but the new page was worth the wait!
    I hope the action returns fast to Da Vinci 4. I NEED to see how their relatioship develops. Oh and Deacon is the hottest male in the world.

    Great work guys!

    • Hey Thélema! You know I love it when people camp. Glad you found the new page worth the wait!  And that you’re enjoying the developing relationship of Deacon and Jeff.

      You think Deacon’s hot, huh? Well, you’re going to get to see a lot more of him… 😀

  • Malin Skutnabba

    Great page! 😀
    And I just love Deacon’s smile in panel four, it’s spot on! 🙂

  • oh deacon, you liar. I’ve figured you out. you behave properly like androids are expected to, but you’ve always had an opinion of your own in the back of your mind. just knew better then to speak out those thoughts. >8)

    • Deacon certainly does have his own opinions… 😉

  • Aw, look at him smile! Isn’t he just the most adorable?
    (And right now I’m the one crying. My eyes must be tired or something)
    And hello Dr. Maven, long time no see.

  • Lhuna

    I love Jeff’s face on the 3rd panel…so sad but beautiful.

  • Bailey Carswell

    My goodness that is a shapely jumpsuit.
    Also, I love Jeff and his angsty snark.
    Though, I think sometimes I laugh at the wrong parts of this comic, like at Deacon’s last line. >_>
    Also, Deacon: The new happycat?

    • Deacon does look like a happycat, doesn’t he?

      • karmelion

        He probably surfed the net for appropriate congenial expressions and downloaded this one. It’s so… un-Deacon. I can see him grinning in battle or seductively, and that small half-smile suits him – but this… is kinda like a mask.

  • *does the new page dance*  I love watching this story develop, andI love Deacon’s excuses to Maven.  Maven is also wicked, as well.  :3

    • Thank you, DivaLady! (And we’ll see what Maven thinks about what Deacon has to say…)

  • As much as I love Deacon that grin in panel four is a little creepy lol! 

  • RMidgley

    It’s always nice to see Dr Maven! I wonder if Deacon really believes he has her fooled? And I would just like to thank you and Winona both for excellent choice in jumpsuits! 🙂

    Also I can’t stop pondering the choice of title, I can’t help but wonder if the articfice it refers to is Deacon deceiving Maven, or Jeff, or both, or maybe someone is trying to pull the wool over Deacon’s eyes or is it that Deacon looks human but isn’t, or pretends to be emotionless but isn’t… so many possibilities!!! I expect that this ambiguity was entirely intentional! 😀

    • Ah, you’re the first person to comment on the title! I’ve been waiting for that. You’re thinking about it in just the right way… 🙂

      • lol I thought artifice meant artificial. Just checked it on the dictionery.

  • Rocket

    He’s missing a pupil O_o
    Wow, that smile is amazing… and creepy…Still kinda sexy, I’m gonna be honest 😀
    Hmm… you  improvised, or felt a little tug at your…errm… heart-organ-thing?

    I noticed, I’ve commented on all but like, 2 pages. I can’t tell if I’m dedicated or obsessed…

    • Dedicated or obsessed, either way, I’m always glad to read your comments, Rocket. 🙂

      (And yes, creepy and sexy; that is Deacon in Panel 4…)

  • Sandra Virgínia

    “I improvised”, hmmm, really? In the future, who will respond well to empathy? Human or android? :)Tell me Deacon, this smile is to soothe the Jeff´s aching heart? *Evil grin*
    I noticed that Deacon is calmer in this chapter. So these are all the reminiscences of Deacon’s adventure. I’m anxious to see what will happen to them. 😉

    • Yep, the events on Da Vinci 4 are all flashbacks. Glad to hear you’re looking forward to what comes next, Sandra… 🙂

  • JLJones

    Aaha, I couldn’t help it… My first thought regarding the top panels of this page was “Ah, that’s right, Jeff… you’re a youngin’. Of course you’re being a brat.”

    Don’t mind me – my age is showing.

    Is it strange that I find Deacon’s serious!face more attractive than his happy!face/friendly!face/relaxed!face?  I think perhaps I have a villain complex.. not that I think Deacon’s a bad guy, depending on perspective, but really… evil is sexy. Yum.

    This also makes me wonder if we’re going to see any of the story from Jeff’s perspective.  I’d really love to see some of his thoughts regarding all of this.  He’s pretty open about his feelings so far, both in dialogue and through expression (which Winona is kicking ass at, btw. Seriously, you’re incredible!) but I’m quite curious nonetheless.  I’d also be interested in seeing this “interview” NoNeCo is putting him through right now.  The way everything has been presented so far makes it very difficult for a reader (or maybe it’s just me!) to take a definite side in things.  I want to hate the company for breaking Jeff and Deacon apart, for detaining Jeff, for whatever reason they had for killing so many people on DaVinci 4, but other than Deacon’s recollections, we don’t really have anything solid to base an opinion on!

    Maybe the colonists where inciting war themselves? Maybe they were like a terrorist group?  Maybe they had seized and controlled all cupcake trade through the galaxy and that had to be stopped! (Heavens, think of the cupcakes!)  The point is, despite the genocide, I really don’t know if the company actually is filed away under the bad guy list!

    Your writing leaves me anticipating and slowly going crazy with conspiracy theories, Alex 😛  My hat of tin foil tells me so.

    For now, I shall endeavor to refill my coffee cup, and re-read the archives for the hundredth time, in the hopes that it shall tide me over until next Saturday.

    Really, ya’ll are killing me!  I swear!

    • Mwa ha ha. 🙂

      I actually think it makes a lot of sense that so far you are liking Deacon’s serious face more than his “friendly” face. I’m not sure I’d completely trust that friendly face. (Jeff, “youngin'” or no, certainly doesn’t…)

      The ambiguities at this point are purely intentional. And you are asking all the right questions. As for whether we see things from Jeff’s perspective, well, I’ll say you get to see more of Jeff. And learn more about him and how he thinks. But this is Deacon’s story and thus it’s his world we’re going to see.

      It’s very gratifying to hear that you are re-reading the comic. That puts a big smile on my face. 🙂

      Thank you for your thoughtful comment, JLJones!

  • hmm…for some reason i don’t believe your cover deacon…. 😛 excellent as usual…

  • Fire Child

    Hmmm… I honestly don’t know what to make of Deacon. He’s a cool character to be sure, but when does the manipulation stop and the caring begin? We shall see! Oh and more Dr. Maven! Yay! She’s my favorite character after Deacon.


    • Howdy Layman! It makes me happy to hear that you like Dr. Maven. I kinda like her too. 😉

  • singerblooming

    Oh my god oh my god Jeff’s expression in the third panel breaks my heart!

    Also! I was out of town for like a month with no internet so that’s why there was no comments from me. I just read through what I missed and I fell in love with this comic all over again.

    • That’s awesome to hear—it’s makes me really happy to hear that was your experience coming back to Artifice

      (And yes, it is a heartbreaking moment for Jeff in that 3rd panel…)

  • Somthing I’ve always noticed in manga and animes: Characters close their eyes when they smile. I never understood why that stood out or why it bugged me so much. Maybe it just a weird mannerism they all seem to posses that real people don’t.
    Empathy or not, I would assume Jeff is smart enough to know he is being used, unless at this point he just doesn’t care. Well, thats just my pointless thoughts, another great page.

    • I don’t know… some people close their eyes when they smile. Not often or always but some people sometimes >_>
      And they may do that in animes and manga cause, to be frank, sometimes Asians’ eyes look closed when they smile?

    • Hey Vincent! Good to hear from you! I think you’ve got a good bead on how Jeff is seeing this.

      And for the record, I tend to close my eyes when I smile. My friends work hard to encourage me not to when pictures are taken, but as you can see, it’s a lost cause. 🙂

      • Eh? Your eyes are open in both of those, squinting at least. I have yet to see anyone completely close their eyes when they smile is what I mean, but like i said, thats just an inane little thing I’ve noticed. Though if I did see someone do it, I bet it would look kind of creepy and insincere, like Deacon does in that panel!

  • Patrick Bremhorst

    I think that Deacon has been discriminated aganist as well as Jeff but unlike Jeff  there’s a possibility that he was discriminated on  two counts one by humans that feel threatened by synthetics and the second being those models that weren’t as advanced as Deacon is .

    • That’s an interesting take, Patrick. Thank you. 

  • Liv

    Love it! Keep up the good work!

  • Lorescien

    Jeff looks so pretty in that third panel… and I still adore this comic. If only I had the money to donate so we could get more, lol, then I’d be donating every single week. ^_^ Keep up the good work; it makes me smile every time I see an update.

    • Yay! Glad to hear you’re enjoying Artifice! (And your kind words make me smile.)

  • Yet another brilliant page. Deep sadness emanating from Jeff’s face in panel 3 made me feel for him for the first time. That makes the warming up process finally over :). Poor guy. I want to hug him.

    At the same time, Deacon’s smile in panel 4 seems a bit creepy. Perhaps I’m more accustomed to his expressionless face. Or maybe it’s because the smile doesn’t seem truly genuine. I don’t know what exactly, but there is something off.
    His last panel face is much more real to me. His mouth speaks one thing, but his eyes tell another story. I had the same impression of him since page 1. That he pretends to be a perfect android, but at some point something must have changed for him. And now it shows. At least to someone like Dr. Maven., who isn’t easily fooled.
    So in flashbacks we still see old Deacon. But in present times, there is a new quality in him. Human quality, capable of empathy. And this is probably why his smile in flashbacks seemed so fake to me. Because a smile is like soul thing. Empty people incapable of feeling deep emotions can’t have a real smile.
    I don’t know if any of these makes sense (plus English is not my mother tongue ;))

    PS. I’m so excited to see how a relationship between those two will develop!

    • I think your assessment is actually really insightful—and yes, that difference in Deacon between the two time periods is the impression I was hoping to convey. (Which really just goes to show how amazing Winona is at depicting very subtle expressions. Again, I can’t tell you how lucky I feel to be able to work with her on this story which depends on conveying all kinds of subtleties like that.)

      I’m also glad I’ve won you over with Jeff. He does need a hug.

  • Jeff’s eyes in panel 3! 😀 Such pretty sad eyelashes! I wanna huggle him, but I don’t know if he’d appreciate it. It seems he’s kind of a tsundere. (got that from TV tropes)
    “Once he gets charged, he’s not going to need me anymore so he’ll probably kill me. Oh well let’s just get this over with, what’ve I got left to live for anyway?” -.- What I think is going through Jeff’s mind here.

    I think panel two is more due to Deacon wanting someone to understand HIM than his pretending to understand Jeff. After all, he is totally and completely alone for what is probably the first time in his life. Maybe he’s just now comprehending loneliness. So who was the one who needed empathy, Deacon?

    • Hmm. Jeff as a tsundere type? Interesting. We’ve seen his harsh side. But I’m not sure we’ve seen a love-struck side. And in my opinion, he’d definitely welcome your hug right now. 🙂

  • Ryn

    Jeff still looks sad. i have a feeling he looks that way a lot. *hugs kitty plushy with jeff hair*

    hee, i wonder how much Deacon is obfuscating. God knows, I was rarely truthful with my therapists. though, i will give the one child counselor at my school credit. looking back i can see how sneaky she was at getting me to reveal things. So which is Dr. Maven, i wonder? Sneaky? or face value? lets hope it’s the former, cause a lot of therapists are morons. :/

    i keep looking at those broken windows and at the laptops and i want to scream because i know it’s raining!

    • Jeff is definitely still sad. And you’ll have to let me know what you decide about Maven. She certainly thinks she’s good at what she does. Will you agree?

      And yep, Da Vinci Four will not be kind to that equipment. But then, it hasn’t been from the beginning…

  • eleutherios

     THAT SMILE!   Oh, my heart!  My poor heart! *clutches chest dramatically*

    Also, on Jeff: DEM EYES.  DEM PUPPY DOG EYES.

    Maven kind of scares me.  She kind of reminds me of some of the journalists I know.  You must be very careful what you say around them, because they’ll end up writing it down truthfully and telling people about it.  She’s got no call to go around telling the truth about people.

    • Jeff does have puppy dog eyes, huh? 🙂

      (And it probably would be wise to be careful what you say around Maven…)

  • eva

    That’s so cute!!And there’s something about the doctor that i really like..:)

  • eleutherios

    Oh Lawd, I just realised:

    In that first panel, is Jeff staring at Deacon’s crotch?  Jeff, have some discretion!

    • Andrea Baker

      Lol, I do believe his eyes are looking up… but he might have glanced at many points already 😛

  • Dex X.

    His expression third panel made my heart break. D:

  • ErrorTime

    ‘Improvised’ is that what your calling it XD

  • I love this comic 😀

  • melinda stumpf

    I’m just wondering do you by have any chance a DeviantArt ‘s at all

  • Wow.. this is the first story I’ve really gotten into in a while, really looking forward to more!

    • Thanks, Jae! Glad to hear you’re enjoying it! 🙂

  • WandNCritic

    Another great page. The expressions here are also very good, and as such also consistent with Doctor Maven’s spectical looks. While scanning, Jeff looks almost content, or dreaming.

    This page also creates a sort of rift, or seperation between what we might know of the truth of the story. On the one hand, all through the page, we get a hint that everything Deacon spoke with Jeff could have just been so he could use him, fooling him into his use. Another side tells that everything is sincere, and since we don’t know the rest of the story, Deacon could be trying to hide the true meaning of his interaction with Jeff and feelings that might have developed during their time together.

    I believe it is a bit of both, Deacon being sincere and truthfull, rightly believing it would improve his relationship with Jeff and achieve his mission, what he tells Dr. Maven, though omitting the truth of his confession. However, I also believe that he may develop forbidden feelings and a relationship with Jeff that he tries to hide from Dr. Maven by again, telling her the truth, but only parts of it.

    And yet, I do have a vibe that Maven can easily see through his facade, merely by the raise of her brow and that being the inteligent being she is, and a phycaitrist, she has already percieved and calculated these ideas, analysed it, and can she at least some of the truth of the matter. 

    • Maven would definitely like the cut of your jib. 🙂

  • SteveMcSheffrey

    I assume Deacon’s memories are like recorded TV.  Is he just as accurately reporting them to the evil doctor?  I’m also wondering if what we’re seeing is what truly happened or a visual representation of any lies Deacon might be spinning for his captor to ensure that he and Jeff can be together once this is all done…

    And it just occurred to me that the makers of Deacon wouldn’t logically think he’d need a penis. Wow, is Jeff in for a surprise…

    • You’re asking the right questions. (Although the penis one, I have answered: he does have one. Why? Well, that’s another good question. 🙂 )

      • SteveMcSheffrey

        Well, if they’re going with the strict definition of an android it’s an artificial being where the functions of the human body are duplicated by mechanical means.  Which, btw, means Data from Star Trek is a robot and not an android because outside of a fully functioning penis he’s shown to be pretty solid state electronics inside.  I just don’t see why his makers would think a penis important no matter how realistic they’re trying to get.  I’m glad you think they would (and the character of Jeff will probably agree with that) or else this story would be far too cerebral in nature!

        • The design team at NoNeCo is delighted to hear that you are pleased with their choices. 🙂

          • My guess? They didn’t just manufacture him to kill things, they wanted to make some money…and of course, sex sells. If they’re going to have a model that’s at all likely to be bought (possibly with a less *aggressive* or *highly-trained-in-combat-skills* motherboard) it should be capable of sex. Otherwise people will buy other bots!

          • I think you might be onto something… 🙂

  • Wow, Wonderful page, I am starting to very much love your comics. I subscribed, and read the whole ‘if you are going to mark as spam, just unsubscribe now’ speech. And I feel sorry for those people, personally, I’ve put your emails in my ‘favorites’ folder.

    Can’t wait for the next page… Who knew Jeff could be so cute ^^

    • Thanks, Charissa! Glad you’re liking what you’re reading—both here and from my mailing list.

      I’m also glad you’re beginning to see the cuteness that is Jeff. We didn’t meet him under the best of circumstances, but I definitely would like to think he’s got some cuteness on his side. 😉

  • This is great story-telling matched by a very clean and appropiate artwork.  I’m looking forward to the next page. Wonderful job, both of you!

    • Thank you, lauand! Glad you’re enjoying Artifice. Thank you for letting me know!

  • updates abound since I’ve been away! I loved your idea of screening meaning that parents would choose not to have homosexual children. I’ve been reading a lot of culture novels: it’s total freedom. In the culture most people have 2 children – they father one and they give birth to the other – and bisexuality is the norm. So I like that you’re being different, and taking a different view of human nature. I mean, a parent might not feel that homosexuality is wrong, but they could still feel that their child would nonetheless struggle as a result of it. And those parents that did see it as wrong would be more likely not to have that child, and so exascerbate the problem. Less homosexuality= less people to fight for the rights of homosexuals and so people would grow more intolerent.

    • Exactly, Anna. Even if the majority of a culture with this technology started out tolerant, I think events could play out just as you’re describing, until there were far fewer exclusive homosexuals in the world. For this 21st century boy, the thought is chilling.

      (Oh, and by The Culture novels are you referring to the works of Iain M. Banks? If so, thanks for the heads up. I enjoyed looking through the Wikipedia entry on The Culture. Sounds like the books might be ones I’d enjoy. 🙂 )

      • yes! and you definitely should read them, really excellent books. It doesn’t matter too much which one you start with, or what order you read them in. It’s preferable to read them chronologically, but I definitely haven’t and it hasn’t prevented me from thoroughly enjoying them. So if you don’t want to buy them you could look and see what they have in your library?

        • Cool. I might just do that  🙂 So, if I was going to start chronologically, which one should I start with?

          • “Consider Phlebas” Title taken from part 4 of the T.S. Eliot poem “The Wasteland” called ‘Death by Water’ which contains the lines

            ‘O you who turn the wheel and look to windward, 

            Consider Phlebas, who was once handsome and tall as you.’

          • Thank you, Anna. I’ll add that to my Amazon Wishlist. 🙂

  • Yes! Yes, I have missed her! xD

    I love the character development here–so much of it is relayed through facial expression, which is genius. I think Dr. Maven is so far my favorite character.

    • Dr. Maven is your favorite character? That’s cool. You’ll have to keep letting me know what you think about her. 🙂

  • Wow, I absolutely love the third panel. Amazing work. I think I love his eyelashes the most then the eyes. c:  I also love his eyebrows.

  • Hello Nurse! oh wait.. she’s a Dr….. uhhh i missed you xD

    • While Dr. Maven believes with all her heart that nurses provide indispensable and amazing care to their charges, she has advised me that if you attempt to diminish her hard-won credentials again, she will not be responsible for any injuries you might suffer as a result.
      That and she’s missed you too. 🙂

      • That’s hot. 

      • typhonblue

        Somehow I can’t really imagine Dr. Maven losing her cool physically, so those must be psychological injuries. Inflicted via keen insight.

        • LOL. Maven would definitely appreciate your sense of humor.

  • G_Eliza

    That’s it? Well, so I’ll camp here and wait if you don’t mind.

    I must say I’m usually not a big fan of retrospective stories but I guess somehow I can’t be bothered. Although, there is one thing… where is Jeff now?! If it wasn’t for that evil woman mentioning him! Now I’m so curious!
    And I wouldn’t like to have nur… ekhem Dr. Maven as my therapist. She does look evil.

    • I do love campers. 🙂

      (And Dr. Maven is looking forward to exploring your resistance to having her as a therapist when her schedule opens up in a few months. After decades spent earning her credentials and awards, she has a variety techniques at her disposal that she believes you will find… effective.)

  • Diseasedface

    Empathy? that smile looks like more than EMPHATHY!hmmmmmm.

    What IS on your mind Deacon? I AM curious!


  • HarmHarm210

    …I’ve been curious as to why Deacon and the other soldiers were sent to Da Vinci Four to wipe out everyone. o.o; I hope we shall find out. <3  ..I also wonder who actually designed and made them, if not one solitary designer then more than one person, and if Deacon's ability to gain feelings is just something that has happened or if some one intentionally was able to cause that to happen while making the artificial soldiers. Hmm…but perhaps not, perhaps it was simply the power of love? X3

  • Shinashi

    I wonder if Jeff meant what he said in the first panel. It could very easily be sarcasm, but his look in the third panel says something different to me…

  • karmelion

    “Humans respond well to Empathy.” 
    *Snrk* hurhurhur
    I suspect you could make almost any sentence into a double entendre, but this one just spun pictures in my head.
    Also- Love Maven’s eyebrow. The body language in this is just so articulate, and since physical cues comrise something like 80% of communication- just goes to show how very excellent this artwork is 🙂 The story is told through them not just their speach bubbles.
    Sometimes I feel like a walking poster-girl for Semiotics.

    I sure gave HIM some empathy! BAM!

  • Cake-chan Yummy

    AHG!!! Draw more!! It’s too amazing!!

  • improvised my ass, lol
    I BET he likes him 😉 or if he’s really an emotionless ‘machine’, I’m sure his systems can ‘get used’ to certain humans, that’s practicaly liking/loving in robo-language, right?

    haha, oh well, I can’t wait to see where you guys will lead this ♥

  • I’m very interested to see where you go from here.  Being a writer for a yaoi scifi myself I’ve been thus far entirely pleased with your priorities, chief of which seem to be storytelling. Which you’d think would always be first and foremost, but in the yaoi genre, writers (who often also enjoy the genre as spectators) tend to fall into the snare of sexual utility rather quickly. I am deeply proud Artifice exists, and can only hope my work will enrich this sub-genre as much as yours.

    • Thank you, Deven. It’s always very cool to get props from another creator. 🙂

  • Camp time!

  • Reign

    Excited for the new page 🙂

  • Yaminox

    “it can be very lonely being different”, huh?
    does that means Deacon is the only android that can “feel”? i can understand why he feels lonely if that’s the case…(can androids have perjudices?) or it just have to do with the de-humanization of the androids? how much human contact do the androids have, anyway? 
    how I love reading this~

  • Owww, Jeff looks so sad and cute…

  • ^_^

    that’s deacon. :3

  • zetta25

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  • bepouke26

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  • Deacon is so freakin smart. He’s playing this very well.

  • Kabbalist

    You know, if I didn’t expect Deacon to develop real feelings for Jeff before this is over (based on what he told Dr. Maven earlier), that calculating statement in the last panel would be quite disturbing.

  • “arigatou-na, Jeff-san !!

    ” ^_^ !