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Artifice Page 24

168 Comments on Artifice Page 24

Yes, Jeff. Different, how?

I added a few more icons of Deacon, Maven and now Jeff to the bottom of the Links page. (Including everyone’s favorite Deacon smile from Page 19.) Please let me know if you like them.

Special thank yous go out to Brian D., Gregg H., Melissa N. and Brandy F. for their generous donations this week! 😀 They are really appreciated! (And we are now almost half of the way to the next bonus page!)

And for those who are interested in the process of making this comic, artist Winona Nelson talked in depth about it when responding to this comment.

If you particularly enjoy any of these pages and use Facebook, please click the Like button on that page. It’s useful to know what’s working and it helps me get the word out!
  • classic_bear

    open up Jeff! We are all here to listen!….and to stare at Deacon. haha

  • Oh mai.  Different HOW?  I’m on the edge of my metaphorical seat.

  • Different… as in gay? Hm…
    Interesting expression on Deacon’s face.

    • Hmm. 🙂

    • ithilloke

      BEAUTIFUL expression on his face!

  • Kayla

    Haha I totally wasn’t expecting the update to be this early in the day. (I’ve never checked this early before on a Saturday, but I figured I might as well since I can’t sleep.) Score!

    Oh yes, Jeff!! Throw that paper cup in Deacon’s general direction! That’ll show him!

  • Awwww is he gay…? Cute!

    By the way, I saw the banner with Jeff and Deacon in bed… And I must say that’s freaking HOT!! I can’t wait to see more!

  • KBatty

    Panel six. How very handsome.

    More importantly, Jeff is terribly mixed up about everything, isn’t he? Poor fellow doesn’t know what to do with himself. Though that level of disconnect from the other humans would lead me to think he’s been subjected to some terrible discrimination for being “different”.

    The sombre tone of the situation really seems to manifest itself in this page, and not because of that vividly-illustrated corpse, but because of Jeff’s seeming level of despondence to everything going on. Granted, he has temperamental flares, but all in all he seems to have resigned himself to his fate.

    He needs a hug.

    • Good analysis. (And he totally does need a hug. If only there were someone who wanted to hug him…)

  • “Different’…how?

    “They found my stash of synthetic on human porn.”


    • sincostax

      Lol! That comment made me laugh so hard xD

    • Heh. 🙂

  • “Diffrent, how?””I only have one nut”

    LOVE IT. Can’t wait for more.

    • Very glad to hear you’re enjoying it, Alyssa! 🙂

  • eleutherios

    Sounds like me in high school, really.

    • That makes me want to give you a hug.

      • eleutherios

        Oh, I paid them all back, each in turn.  I snuck into locker rooms to put itching powder into socks and underwear, I went through schoolbags to put chilli oil into eyeliner and mascara.  I put beetles in desks and spiders in uniform jacket pockets.  There’s a thousand ways for a creative, canny high schooler to get revenge, if he looks sharp.

        • Ryn

          your my hero.

        • you sir or madam……*thunderous applause*

  • Poor guy, and on top of everything he’s being held in this place with a surprisingly sympathetic murderer.

    • Ah but who’s the murderer?  Deacon was on a mission.  Did Jeff’s feelings of alienation lead him to doing something that led to that mission?

    • Yeah, Jeff is definitely having a bad day…

  • The plot, it thickens!

  • Jeff is so cute in the bottom panels. Ooh, I want to hug him and squeeze him and wait! that’s Deacon’s territory. The plot is practically molasses thick. 😀

    • You have my permission to hug and squeeze Jeff. 🙂

  • omg, just found this now and… uh, awesome?!
    what a cliffhanger, lol
    I’m really curious as to where this is leading ^^

    • Welcome, Lum! Thank you for letting me know you’re finding it awesome. 🙂

  • Holy cow! Deacon how are you so gorgeous?! Just look at that face in panel 6.

  • “They were jealous of my awesomely drawn hair, so they left me behind.” 🙁

    lol. so many serious (or really funny) ways to continue Jeff’s thought there. xD Another great page. The characters express their emotion so very well.

    I kinda like how cute Jeff’s being in the lower panels, all pouting in his seat. Meanwhile, Deacon went from terminator, to good cop, to therapist. xD

    • Heh. The many faces of D-3763… 😀

      (And speaking for myself, I love the pose Winona used for Jeff in the last panel. Perfectly captures how Jeff is feeling—and makes me want to hug him. 🙂 )

      • I enjoy his pose in the panel right before that one. The whole flop into the chair and pout look. xD to adorably bratty.

        • I personally find it a little sexy when guys sit in chairs that way. One of the reasons I asked for it… 😉

  • Jeff: I’m different in the sense that I like other boys, like them in a more than normal way.

    If that isn’t what it is, then bravo for making us assume the obvious thing, although given what this comic is supposed to be about it would seem I am probably right n_n

    • I can assure that my writing is nothing if not obvious. 😉

  • It pleases me that deacon looks a lot like my husband. Lol I also love how when deacon asked Jeff if he was angry about the death of his comrades, he turned and looked at the corpse like: “Oh yea, forgot.”

    • Deacon looks like your husband? I’d be careful! Based on some of the other comments, you might have some readers knocking on your doorstep, asking if you’d be willing to share! 😀

      Glad to hear you’re liking what you’re seeing.

      • Oh don’t worry, I’m trained to kill….after a spot of tea 8D

  • Different? Is it because he’s gay? Which I can see sex Deacon taking advantage of very soon… *brows*

  • Hmmm.  I’ve noticed a lot of comments wondering if “different” means gay…. well what if different means that he didn’t want to be a colonist?  Or maybe he doesn’t believe in whatever the colonist’s were doing to provoke an attack from the “synthetics”.  Or maybe, somehow, he’s secretly the reason that the “synthetics” were sent to attack…? 

    So. Many. Possibilities. 

    Great as always! 🙂

  • Alenya

    Hmm… my first impulse is to assume he means being gay. But that feels too obvious. Unless this is an AU where homophobia becomes worse in the future and not better, that alone wouldn’t be reason enough to leave someone behind to die. I suspect there’s more going on than that. Notice he didn’t immediately say “because I’m different”. He tacked that on to the end. 

    I’ll guess he’s a fully qualified geek but got pushed aside or passed over for the “real” jobs because of a bundle of things: his family or ethnic background, being gay, his attitude/snark, maybe even being really brilliant and not so diplomatic about it (kinda like Rodney in Stargate).Either way, they can bond over feeling different and alienated (eventually – once they get past the whole, you know, killing and blowing things up part – although Jeff doesn’t seem too broken up about the dead scientists), which is the perfect set up to a beautiful friendship and romance! 😀 On another note – goodness, Deacon looks so gorgeous in Panel 6!! He looks kind of Russian there. Rawr! 😉

    • You’d think on a colony homophobia would be MUCH worse than on Earth.  Part of building a colony would be creating a viable next generation and there would be hostility towards gay men and lesbians who were choosing not to help the system out and all…

      • That’s exactly what i was thinking while I was reading this comment. Oddly enough, when Jeff said it was because he was ‘difference’, being gay didn’t even cross my mind. It would make sense if the ‘colony’ theory is true.

      • Alenya

        That’s true – good point. I guess I thought of it as being a science-based colony rather than a settler colony. I still suspect there’s more than that going on but you’re right – the isolation and “go forth and multiply” element would definitely make for a less gay-friendly place to live. Poor Jeff!! 

        • Combine that with an earlier comment on how Jeff seemed pretty resigned to being tortured when Deacon took his hand and it paints a very sad little picture on how people have treated Jeff up until now. 🙁

      • This is well thought out, Steve. 🙂

  • He’s a teenager, he feels different because…he’s a teenager? Haha, that was my first thought, then I remembered that he’s probably gay but that doesn’t seem like such a bit deal…Hmmm, what a cliffhanger!

  • Deacon: “Different…How?”

    Jeff: “I’m a submissive, eager to please, nymphomaniac with an extra long tongue and I can put both my legs behind my head.”

    Deacon: ” 😀 “

  • ErrorTime

    Well at least I figured out that Deacon is being nice for the sake of it, and not being creepy XD.
    Aw poor Jeff :<. Well now you have someone else who's different. -uses the hand motion for Different from Fantastic Mr. Fox-

  • Second to last panel Deacon’s expression just screams ‘Kiss me!” 😀
    He’s different because he’s beautiful! *Hugs Jeff* All the other colonists were jealous of his beauty and long hair! <3

  • Rocket

    Mmm… Deacon’s concerned face is kind of sexy XD

    And little does Jeff know, he’s falling into Deacon’s plan, ever so steadily…

    Lul “My heart bleeds” Something about that, I just love it XD It’s like he’s saying “Lemme know when I need to start caring =_=”

    Jeff’s coming off as a kid now. He’s throwing stuff on the ground, crossing his arms and pouting, plopping down in chairs… he’s totally losing his shit, man :_>

    • I’m enjoying reading your reaction to this page. You’re totally getting Jeff. 🙂

  • Ryn


    okay, my theories were waaay off. Different from the colonists but still human. Cloning comes to mind, DNA spliced and grown in a test tube. his anger in panel 1 might support that. Being treated like less than human during his childhood would probably make him resentful of getting put under the microscope. Might have something to due with his resignation of someone inflicting pain on him as well. then again he could just be a baby genius, and we all know what a-holes people are.

    Panel 4, jeff’s face is so funny! it’s like “why yes jeff, there is a dead body over there!”

    • Why yes there is. 🙂

      (And I like your theories…)

  • I like jeff attitude …it reminds me of a friend

  • Lorescien

    Omg! I seriously love how you illustrate these guys; it’s beautiful. But artwork aside, this is getting even more interesting. If I actually had money to donate, I totally would; this story is worth it. 🙂 Keep up the good work. I demand it of you, lol! Love, love, love. ^^ That’s how I feel about this.

    • ::blush:: Well, thank you! (And your wish is my command!)

  • Lol.
    I love how Jeff seems surprised at the dead guy so many feet away. And also that he is not angry.

    Deacon’s face in panel six is CRAZY sexy. Actually, now I’m looking forward to their faces being close together so I can enjoy the contrast. I hope their faces get close together soon.

    Hoorah for progress. This seems to be moving appeasingly fast.
    They tell me ‘appeasingly’ is not a word, but I think it should be.

    • Their faces will indeed get closer in future pages. It is my hope that that will continue to appease you. 😀

  • Wow. this is pretty good so far 🙂

  • Ditzite

    Yay finally getting to the juicy explainy parts!

    • Yep. 😉

      • I love how, since this is a sci-fi comic that HAPPENS to also be about gay romance, the fans are all having happy fits over the juicy EXPLAINY parts. XD
        Not sex, though that’s good, we’re finally getting to the bottom of the PLOT! Wooo! 😀

  • equmru

    GAHH no more! this is really interesting, and i love how big the pages are (great art too, i don’t think ive ever been so fascinated by dead people before…)

    • I’m glad you’re liking the big pages. That’s something a little crazy that I like to do with my comics—big art! 😀

  • SURPRIZE !!There’s a dead guy in the room XD

    panel 4 – priceless XD

  • I am such a ridiculous cheerleader for this webcomic it’s not even real. I’ve been following it since the yaoi911 sketches were emailed aaages ago, and I’m so excited for things to come and what’s happening right now! You guys are a great team, keep up the good work!

    • Well, heck, thank you! And thank you for the cheerleading! It can be tough to get the word out for a webcomic like this, so your help is super-appreciated! 😀

  • Sandra Virgínia

    Hello Alex. I completely forgot to follow your webcomic through this link. Now, I don´t  miss a single chapter. Oh my, Deacon is so sexy, look the panel 6. Interesting how quickly he changes his behavior. Well, that’s what makes a humanoid, isn´t it? :)I’m anxious to see how these two will interact.
    I don´t know why, but I think there is something more heating behind the destruction Deacon´s comrades. And this psychologist is very suspicious.I really like the colors and details, and of course the character designs. I found it interesting the page 19, Deacon reacts like a boy caught telling lies. :)I´m loving this webcomic. 😀
    Thank you.

    • Thank you, Sandra. I really appreciate you letting me know what you’re enjoying. 🙂

  • I wonder in what ways he’s… Different… Hmm… Very curious… 🙂

  • Kyle Moriarty

    Robot penis!

    What? He might have one…

    • As a creator and Word of God, I can state categorically that Jeff does not have a robot penis.

  • he has a vagina

  • He’s the Oracle Turret.

  • MonicaProwl

    ALEX! The comic just seems to getting better and better! Cant wait for everything to be told! Love the emotion in Deacons face! <3

    • Thank you, Monica! Glad to hear you’re liking it! 🙂

  • Oh Jeff.  I am finding you increasingly endearing.  I want to hug you.

  • I can’t tell you how excited I was to run across this webcomic. I saw an add for it and loved the art so I clicked it. And then I found it seemed to have my favorite thing ever, which was any kind of artificial human (bioandroid/android). So I kept reading.

    I LOVE both character designs. They’re so different, and each of them is wildly attractive in different ways. The art is amazing, and so is the story so far. I can’t wait for more!

    • Welcome, Sephi! I’m glad to hear that this looks like a comic you’ll really enjoy. Thank you very much for the props! I hope to see you back here again! 🙂

  • JLJones

    Oh, how I wish I had the money to donate; not only because waiting for the next page is akin to torture, but because you absolutely deserve it.  It’s so difficult to find a yaoi webcomic that actually appeals to a person (over the age/maturity of 14) with not only excellent art, but writing that draws you in and leaves you wanting more.  I get the feeling that once Artifice is over, you’ll have plenty of readers clamoring for more, more, MORE.  (I’ll be the first in line!)

    And hey, if I’m lucky, I’ll have enough money after bills this payday to get myself something shiny from the store! 

    • I’m really glad you’re liking what I’m trying to create here—a smart sci-fi story with same sex romance for grown-ups. And yep, now that I’ve been bitten by the webcomic bug, I’m definitely thinking about what the next comic will be. 🙂

      Thank you very much for your kind words. I hope you’ll keep letting me know what you think!

  • sincostax

    I’m actually camping. I come back to this page every few minutes just to see if there’s a new one yet xD
    I love this comic so far – AND the other 3 (well, I suppose 2). I love your style, it’s really realist and a pleasure to read the storylines ^^
    Can’t wait for more! ;D

    • Thank you so much! That’s great to hear you’re enjoying the realism and the stories.

      And I love campers.

  • Panel six is mesmerizing. ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNO-DEACON! 8D

    • And now that I can’t stop staring at Deacon I’m incredibly impressed with the detail in his face. The lighting and shading are phenomenal! I can tell what his profile would look like if you went around and looked at him from the side just based on the use of lighting. that is NOT an easy trick to pull off, I know.
      He’s also incredibly chiseled. Normally my taste is more for long-haired pretty boys like Jeff, but Deacon is HAWT! So manry… 8D
      *mesmerized again*

  • eva

    well,if they took a real guy as a model for these androids,they really had a good taste!;)

  • Oh hell. I’m such a sucker for green eyes. Ask me whatever you want Deacon!! … Please?

  • happysugarhunny

    Nnnnngh!  Why must good things be so shoooooooooort! *purposefully waits a few weeks inbetween so nobody has to see me pout*

    This is such a good comic – one of my upmost favorites!

    • One of your favorites? Really? Well, that’s awesome to hear! 🙂 

      (And there are a lot more pages coming up—so it won’t be too short for you in the end, I hope. 🙂 )

      Looking forward to seeing you here again!

  • Honney_Li

    I just discovered this comic and now I’m hooked : ) I just spent the last hour on my iPod trying to read it. Slow as slow can be, but now I’m glad I didn’t give up.

    • On your iPod, huh? Yeah, I can imagine with these big pages that might be hard. But I’m glad you stuck with it and I hope you keep coming back to let me know what you think! 😀

  • Samantha Gross

    Hehe no offence but I can’t tell if I like this yet. It certainly seems interesting and I have to admit I’m sort of hooked waiting for something even more to happen.

    So obviously, can’t wait for many more updates.

    • Hey Samantha 🙂

      I’d be the first to admit that Artifice isn’t for everyone. 

      If you prefer webcomics that begin with sex and romance, it will disappoint—the romance builds throughout the comic; that’s supposed to be part of the fun. 

      If you prefer to have explicit sex with spurting fluids and close-ups on dripping man-parts, it will disappoint—Yaoi 911 style is more HBO than Hustler magazine. (Though, if you are looking for good webcomics with explicit sex, please check out the first two webcomics in my Links section—Starfighter and Teahouse. They are a lot of fun.)

      Heck, even if you are looking for non-sexual rock-em-sock-em action, this won’t be the right comic for you—this is a lot more thoughtful sci-fi than action-adventure sci-fi.

      I wrote a comic that I very much wanted to read. I wrote a comic that my close friends would enjoy reading.  It’s my hope that other folks will enjoy it too. But if it’s not for you, I’ll totally understand. 🙂

  • Um, I get that webcomic artists are trying to profit off their talent, but $250 for one page? That’s a little ridiculous. I’m very interested in this story and am not just reading it for sex, but with all the webcomic artists out there who update daily or weekly for no profit at all, or at least who do this in addition to having ‘real jobs’, I think it’s rather unfair to ask the internet to donate when we’ve only just gotten a taste of what your story is going to be like. Most successful webcomic artists don’t charge their readers for more content; they make money with ad banners and things of that nature, or have ‘extra’ things like published books, t-shirts, or other merchandise that is available to purchase.

    That being said, I’ve bookmarked this, and will check up on it from time to time. However, with slow-updating comics I tend to wait a few weeks so that I can read a few strips at a stretch instead of checking and seeing the same most recent strip over and over again.

    • Hello Amber! 

      I think there might be some confusion. This webcomic updates once-a-week for free. Every Saturday, donations or no donations, a new page is posted up.

      I pay all my artists and because it’s unlikely that I will ever break even with a yaoi comic, let alone realize a profit, I am, of course, delighted when readers wish to donate.

      Early on, a reader suggested that it would be a special treat to post a bonus extra page (in addition to the regular once-a-week page) when donations reached a certain level. After looking at other webcomics that offered this sort of thing, I decided $250 would be a nice even number that would allow me to offer bonus pages without delaying my firm commitment of regular once-a-week updates. I’ve posted up one bonus page so far.

      Bonus pages are just meant as a special thank you to the awesome, super-hero folks who choose to donate. If bonus pages bum people out, I’ll stop offering them. But so far, donators seem to like them. And it’s fun for me to have a “special event” as well as a tangible way to say “thank you.” 🙂

      I’m very happy to hear that you are interested in this story and that you’ll be back to check in on it from time-to-time. In addition to donations, I do offer some merchandise (check out the menu above) and plan to offer this story as a printed book once it is finished. 

      If the spirit moves you and you wish to support my work through a donation or purchase, it actually does make it possible for me to continue making comics in a very real way and is much appreciated. But if you choose not to, rest assured, there will be a new page of Artifice waiting for you every week.

  • I wanted to know something before I continue reading are both these characters male?
    And what about “Brothers keeper” is that still being done?

    • Hi Kiara! 

      I’m happy to answer your questions. Both Deacon and Jeff are male. Dr. Clarice Maven is female.

      And there were some delays with the art for “Brother’s Keeper” (the third chapter of Tough), but it is still being worked on and it’s my hope that it will be ready this Fall.

  • Shinashi

    Heya! I’m sort of… picky with what yaoi I read on the interwebs. I need good art and fast speeds. Well, that’s about all I need, hehe. Artifice has what I need! The website goes at a good pace and I love the art! 😀 Now with Starfighter and Teahouse, I now have another webcomic to look into! I’m excited!

    • Heya back!

      And it’s very flattering that you’d put my comic in the same company as Starfighter and Teahouse. I really appreciate you letting me know that you’re enjoying what you’re reading and hope to see you again here soon! 😀

  • I’m showing the comic to my older sister. Her theory is that Jeff is a mutant. 🙂

    • Heh. I think it’s cool that you’re sharing this comic with your sister. 🙂

  • Is Jeff “different” because he’s gay? That was my first thought, but most people seem to think it’s something else. I figure a lot of people might dismiss that as a possibility, since this is supposed to be in the future, but…

    Well first off, whenever an idea (like the idea that being gay is bad) enters a culture, it doesn’t go away. Even a couple hundred years in the furture where they have AI and space colonies, there will be bigots of all sorts, just hopefully in fewer numbers.

    And coming off of that, Jeff is living on a -colony-. The colony may have been formed by some conservative minority group who believe, among whatever else, that homosexuality is a sin. And in this future, it’s most likely that this belief conflicts with the mainstream acceptance of such things.
    Basically they would have formed the colony to live in accordance with their beliefs. Whenever there is a fronteir being colonized, it will be colonized by people looking to live by their own rules, and for some reason they usually tend to be stricter rules than what they were living with before (see the Puritans and also how the American Midwest has turned out).

    Poor Jeff was unlucky enough to be born gay (or brought there by his parents, maybe to “cure”/ “guide” him) in colony of conservatives. And not just any conservatives, SPACE conservatives! *dun dun DUN*

    So barring a canon recognition of the existance of X-men style mutants and the prejudices against them, thats my theory and I’m sticking to it.

    • I think your analysis of why folks would form a colony is a very well thought out. 

      (And “SPACE conservatives” totally cracked me up. 😀 )

    • WandNCritic

      Thank god I am not the only one who thinks that. And really, for the same reasons, only you are not too lazy to write them.
      I mean really, what’s the likelyhood that it’s, well, anything else in a comic from the title company(?) called Yaoi. Either that or he had STD.

  • kawilke

    Hi there, Alex.
    I just want to tell you that I’m totally in love with your way of coloring your pages. It looks like it is a lot of work for every page. I’m very impressed that you keep that up instead of just doing it in greyscales.
    Oh and I read a lot of the comments below and noticed that you answer nearly everyone of them. That’s really kind and makes you as a person somehow… real. If you know what I mean. I like that. :3

    • Hey Kawilke!

      I’m delighted to hear that you like the coloring of Artifice, but I can’t take the credit. All the art is created from start to finish by my awesome collaborator Winona Nelson! If you’re curious about how we work together, you can follow the link to her response to this comment or if you’d like to read about her process, including specific details about how she colors the pages, you can check out this blog post.

      And yes, I do try to respond to most comments if I can. I feel so honored by people taking the time to let me know what they think of Artifice, it’s really my pleasure. Very glad to hear you’re liking that. 😀

      • kawilke

        Wow. That’s really interesting how you guys do the story and art. I’ve never heard of such a way. That’s making the whole comic even more unique. Good work you two!

        And yes, I like that. Because I’m that kind of person that needs to know their comment recognized. No answer to my comment no next comment just because I won’t feel like commenting again. Which makes me kinda sad sometimes but I just don’t know what to write then. I know – that’s sounds just wierd but however. Keep that up, Alex. 😉

        • I’ll do my best! Thanks again for sharing your thoughts! 🙂

  • MiyuKazukii

    Loving the comic, and I find it very cool that you respond to so many comments.  I know at some point it will be an overbearing task, and you may stop reading all of them and/or responding,  so I’d like you to know while you’re not worn out that the comic is beautiful and amazing and I love where it is going.  I was also wondering, because I must if there will be sex, or if those parts will be omitted and placed only in a book? 

    • Thank you very much for your kind words. They’ve put a big smile on my face. 🙂  I don’t know if Artifice will ever get so popular that responding to comments will become overwhelming, but I hope I’ll always have the time to read them all. I love to hear from readers. 🙂

      And in answer to your question, while I may offer some bonus art or something in the printed book if I can afford it, I’m going to be posting the complete story of Artifice online here, and that includes the sex. I might require an extra “click” after a warning on the most NSFW pages so there aren’t shocking surprises for new readers, but you’ll definitely still be able to see those pages without buying the book. 

      • MiyuKazukii

        I believe this will gain popularity in no time.  With the deep emotion in the art,  and the well thought out story and from the way you work together – This comic has no where to go but up, up, up.  
        Weather or not there’s extra content I’ll buy the book.  It’d also be cool to have sketches and notes about what the prompts were for each picture, kind of a documentation. (Not to mention I’d love to have both of you sign it :P)

        • Well, I really appreciate you believing in us and this comic. 🙂 

          (And you offer some good suggestions for some extras to add to the printed book. Perhaps including a sketch/script section at the end would be a good idea. Not to mention having it signed!)

  • WandNCritic

    I love your comic and have been sort of, stalking it, if you like, since I don’t usually comment on things I like. I find both the premise, characters, story and progression very well handled and intriguing. I am also very appreciative of the genere you are tackling and the mature way you handle it, though due to story and actual characters, I do begin to doubt if yaoi is really the term fitting here.
    So far my favorites are Jeff and Dr Maven, since they actually seem to be getting to Deacon on some level or other.
    If I am allowed a speculation, and I may be dead wrong, then Jeff could be the mystery guy and the other colonists were a bunch of republican homophobes? Could that be Jeff’s deadly difference?

    • Hey WandNCritic!

      Glad that you decided to stop stalking and comment—it’s makes me very happy to hear you are enjoying the way I’m telling the story here. Thank you! (And glad that you’re liking Dr. Maven as well as Jeff—she’s a lot of fun for me to write.)

  • I have a few questions about the comic. But first I’d like to say that this comic is frickin cool so far, and I hope that it keeps getting better.

    1. What is the extent of the AIs’ “humanity”? I’ll assume that they can feel emotions, but do they have sex drives? Or is Deacon just trying to play Jeff?

    2.  Is Deacon a fluke in that he let himself be controlled by emotion? or because he felt it in the first place?

    3. Why hasn’t that security guard learned the first rule of sci-fi? AKA: Don’t taunt the superpowerful thing/alien/robot/god-killing-abomination that could kill you in miliseconds.

    • Thank you! Glad you’re liking it! 😀

      Some answers to the first two questions will come out in future pages, but I can happily answer the third question: after the events of the first six pages, Roy has definitely, finally learned that first rule of sci-fi.

      • Ryn

        Cool, but will Jeff be his next target? since he spent weeks(?) with Deacon and would see him as an easier target? like, jeff consorted with the “enemy” in his mind. Roy seems like a bully to me…

        • Were they to meet, Roy would certainly not have many warm, fuzzy feelings for Jeff.

  • OMG Cant wait for the next one!

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  • I’ve been trying to encourage ‘bias switching’ for decades. Humanity must move from the demands for private behaviour to follow a defective arbitrary standard devised to force people to pump out generations of followers for some faulty religion. End the ‘do everything like we tell you to’ totalitarian theocracy scam, and start actually following the original directives of the seeds of those faiths.

    It means I despise homophobia (and rape and pædophilia), and would only tell the overly amourous guy couple or lewdly embraced women to find a room, quit showing off to the kids and prudes. It’s no-one elses’ business unless they invite added partners. Public sexing is misdemeanor lewdness, regardless of genders involved; consenting adult sex out of sight of the general public should be considered natural. As I regard humans as a single species, this includes across-‘racial’ couples as well as both same-gender and different-gender couples and collections of however many consenting adults desire to be involved.

    Homophobic violence (or any violence outside a sports arena generated by prejudicial attitudes) should be prosecuted as a grand felony assault. Playing football in ethnically (or other difference) based teams, or hockey, or other ‘rough’ sports is fine, it’s what sports is for. We don’t have to kill each other over sexual preferences or ethnic differences, we should just shut our bedroom or hotel doors and blinds.

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