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Artifice Page 20

76 Comments on Artifice Page 20

Dr. Maven asks a simple question… and we’re back on Da Vinci Four!

What do you think is going to happen next? 🙂

It was very exciting to put out two pages in one week. Special thanks to Alicia S., Judith W. and Esperanza V. for their generous donations since the bonus page went up! 😀

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  • “But that was only because I needed his co-operation.”

  • yellowrock

    Panel 2, I can just feel it.  DEACON ANGRY, DEACON SMASH!  RAAAAARRRR

  • AHH Deacon…I swear you’re a big robotic softie under it all XD Not quite sure how you’d convince someone you cared about them after slamming their head into a wall though….I’m sure all will be revealed in due time! Fantastic comic as usual guys! ♥

    • Yep, all will be revealed. And you’re asking the right questions. Very glad you’re liking it!

  • Ninniku

    I think it would be nice if there were a navigation bar, first/previous/next/last, at the top of the page too.

    • If enough people want that, I could add it. 🙂 It’s mostly not there for aesthetic reasons.

      In the meantime, as another option, you can always use the following keyboard commands on any comic page:

      Left Arrow: Previous Page
      Right Arrow: Next Page
      Shift + Left Arrow: First Page
      Shift + Right Arrow: Last Page

      • If we’re making requests, I wonder if it would be too troublesome to make a “current page” page for bookmarking purposes…right now I have the two-page carnage spread bookmarked, and while it’s excellent, it does interrupt the story for me to go back to it every time I come to the page.

        • I did some research on this, but unfortunately, there isn’t an easy way for me to create that function with my current webcomic software.

          But you do have a few options. 

          You can bookmark the Archives page:

          (That’s what I do for many webcomics I read. Especially because I always like to read two or three pages before the latest page, so I can enjoy the latest page in context.)

          You can hit Shift-Right-Arrow from any comic page (that will always take you to the latest page.)

          Or you can sign up with one of the subscription options:

          I always link to the latest page when I update.

          I hope that helps. I’m certainly delighted that you’d want to have the most current page in your bookmarks. And if things change with my Webcomic software that allows me to add this feature, I’ll let you know! 🙂

          • Thanks for the reply! It’s no problem, just a minor thing. Keep up the great work! I’m on the edge of my seat with the flashbacks, so when it brings it back to the calm present it’s even more suspenseful because I don’t get to see the next page of flashbacks! Thanks for your art :]

          • You’re very welcome. I’m really glad to hear you’re enjoying the back and forth between past and present. (Increasing the suspense is a major motivation behind that. 🙂 ) 

            And I’ll let Winona know you’re enjoying the art! 😀

  • So who’s playing who?

  • So amazing! Can’t wait to

  • I like how big the panels are–you can really see the distance between them and the city in the background.  I can’t wait to see what happens next!  :3

  • ithilloke

    “At the time….” Hm.

  • singerblooming

    …. Maybe… my theory is wrong… Deacon, taking Jeff to a room with broken glass and and dead comrades is soooo not setting the mood.

    I love Deacon’s exspression change from the first to second panel <33 ;D

    • It does look like he’s planning on a more traditional definition of “recharge” here, huh?

      And I agree—I love what Winona did with the expressions and body language on this page. 🙂

  • Deacon is so cute. I just love how his expressions change from serious to a happy one as if someone gave him a cookie.

  • Fazzey

    I like how the helicopter changes position in the background window between the first & second panel to show how much time Deacon takes before answering the good doctor.

    • Yes, I really liked Winona’s choice there too. 🙂

    • Finzz

      Aw me too, I didn’t notice that, thanks!  It really is those little things that make it for me, you know?

      • Molly4024

        And i like the way Deacon holding his hands and the look on his face … (1st panel)
        Is he ‘thinking’?

  • eleutherios

    Oh no!  Deacon, tell me you didn’t lead that lovely boy on, making him think you cared when you were just using him for your own gratification!  You unspeakable cad!  What happened to the boy I raised?

  • You’ve lost him for now doctor, but good try. And on with Deacon’s story. The comic switches between the two very nicely.

    • Thank you. Writing the transitions is something I really enjoy.

  • hehehehehehehehe… i smell something… smelly about to happen is what i think

  • Finzz

    🙂 It just gets better and better.  I love the building up we have here.  I’d like to know more about the collaboration between you and Winona to know more about how that work; perhaps a Q & A from the fans, Formspring works great in my experience.

    • That’s an interesting idea. I know other that like to use Formsprint. I’ll take a look into it.

      Glad to hear you’re enjoying the work! 🙂

  • awwweeee…Deacon’s face in the first panel. And the way he’s wringing his hands nervously……….that’s just plain adorable. xD He’s the cute nervous type. xD

    Look, ma! There’s still trees and clean water in the future. xD

    (yes deacon, I’m sure Jeff thinks you care about him after smashing his head into a wall. =P)

    • There are indeed trees and clean water in the future. At least around the NoNeCo corporate headquarters…

      • oh? it would be interesting to see the rest of the world of Artifice. =)

  • Oh look, more dead bodies XD, heh. Its cool though they work well as a background image! Lol okay yes! Its getting so suspenseful [in a way 🙂 ]

  • KBatty

    The fine details are what make this comic such an utter delight. The use of light and shadow to define facial structure is marvelous. So may artists get caught up in definition with hard lines and neglect colour depth, and it detracts from what might otherwise be a really strong illustration. Subtle accents like the aircraft moving across the sky (kudos to everyone who noticed that, btw) serve to indicate time intervals without an immediate conscious thought on the reader’s part.

    The way Deacon seems to be trying to save face in panel three… Some mean part of me loves seeing him under the microscope, so to speak. I’m finding Maven less abrasive as well. She appears to have dropped the “I’m the alpha in this room and we do this my way,” air she had about herself in favour of coaxing Deacon into trusting her enough to actually get to the deeper issue. Then again, given how cooperative he’s been over-all, I think it is possible she was fed a rumour or she heard something through the grapevine that left her bracing for someone more obstinate and confrontational than Deacon has turned out to be.

    Every time a new page is posted, I really can’t seem to help marveling at the quality of the product as a whole. This is professional work, and what I would consider high-end professional work at that. I hope you intend to compose this into a printed graphic novel or comic book series because work this good should be on the shelves.

    • Thank you for such a thoughtful comment. And such kind words. 🙂

      And yes, the plan is to release this as a graphic novel. At least a special hardcover edition for the fans. 

      • I would buy that. This is the kind of gay comic that I would actually be proud to have on my shelf and would show to more than just my yaoi fangirl friends.

  • Molly4024

    This will be awesome if it makes into a film … or perhaps animation.
    Thanks for the upload!!!

    • Hehe. I had originally written this as a film script for me to make, but realized it would be far too expensive to make as a live action or animated film. Thus I re-envisioned it as a graphic novel—and soon came up with the idea of having a series of “Yaoi 911” comics.

      But if some rich Hollywood producer wants to option it, I’m certainly open to offers. 😉

  • SessyKai

    I really like Artifice. Its cunning and the art is well done. But I had a question: Is there going to be another chapter for “Tough” and “No Kissing”?

    • Yep, the linework for Chapter 3 is finished and it’s now just waiting for coloring. Current plans are to have that ready sometime in the Fall. 🙂

      • Erica

        ahh no coloring, just have it out now. lol

  • Diseasedface

    ahah! Deacon! Don’t deny the attraction you felt instantly at those luscious locks of brown hair! liesssssss. Useful eye candy indeed.

    Also, is the symbol on the building outside significant, company related or merely a weather forecast? Because it does resemble clouds somewhatttt.

    Lastly, the decayyyy in the last panel looks splendidly chaotic! : D


    p.s. Deacons facial expressions never cease to amaze! I wonder what he’d look like alseep and TERRIBLY ANGRY! rOAR.

    • The symbol on the building is the NoNeCo logo. You can see a close-up version on our T-shirts:

      NoNeCo: Manufacturing A Brighter Tomorrow

    • KBatty

      I laughed. Entirely because I got this ridiculous mental image of someone sleeping angrily.

      “I’m so MAD when I’m sleeping! UUUAAAGHH.”

      • Diseasedface

        bwahaha! That does sound terribly humourous! Chanting military marches in your sleep whilst wriggling your toes! 😀 Sounds like a charming if not disruptive sleeping habit!

  • EXCELLENT! I can’t wait to read more. WHY IS SATURDAY COMING SO SLOWLY???

  • Ewan Haggarty

    Maven is an interesting name – it means ‘Scholar and Teacher’ I think. Appropriate for her role!

    I don’t think Deacon has the option of being untruthful in his exchange with Dr Maven – she has the power to ‘coerce’ him and clearly there is some safety mechanism present that allows her to have a consultation in safety.

    Deacon appears confident that anything that happened made sense at the time, and though he is finding recounting details challenging, Dr Maven appears to be helping him do it in a way that could be helpful to Deacon’s understanding of it. It seems Dr Maven already is ahead of us in having an outline idea of what happened, and is principally curious to find out why and how, whilst helping Deacon if she can. I think her facial expressions reveal that she is amused and entertained by her own wit and perceptiveness than any potential malicious intent – but then, I’ve never read women that well…

    • Another very thoughtful comment, Ewan. 🙂

      – You are right. Deacon should not be able to lie to Dr. Maven.

      – As for Maven’s intentions, well, we’ll just have to wait and see. 😉

    • Having him recount what happened in a way that leads more towards HIS inner understanding of his motives and emotions than for her benefit… That’s essentially the role of a psychiatrist. And Dr. Maven DID say that she was a “very good doctor”.

  • In the first panel Deacon looks, how the Japanese would say, really moe. It’s just so darned cute the way his expression is so worried about Mr. Random. And then his expression changes to somewhat frustrated, at least that’s what it seems like to me. But what really takes the cake on this page is the hands… the hands! I find a lot of artists for webcomics forget about the hands, when they can tell a story all their own.
    This story had me from the first page but you’ll have to forgive me for leaving the comic alone for a few weeks, I like to have couple of pages to read. It helps keep the continuity of the story in my mind.

    • Hey Mary-Ann! Really glad you’re enjoying the story—and yes, I agree, Winona does great things with those hands! 🙂

      And while I love it when folks check in every week so that I can get their reaction to each page, I totally understand if you prefer to read in short bursts. For me, I usually just bookmark the Archives page of the webcomics I follow and then when a new page is posted, I start a couple pages back to give me a running start (and some context) for the new page.

  • ErrorTime

    I think the Doc’s catchin’ on. I love how Deacon says ‘At the time…’ meanin’ ‘at the time, I had no romantic feelings towards Jeff….but that changed, after a while. :D’

    • Dr. Maven is no fool. 😉

      • ErrorTime

        Before I thought she might be surprised at Deacon’s affection for Jeff, but now I think she might be intrigued by the fact that a robot can actually feel affection towards another, and a human no less.

  • Brend1s

    Deacon has a really cute expresion on the first panel.

  • *sigh* it always stops right when something’s bound to happen…

  • Is the young boy gay? :O omg I can’t wait to update!

    EDIT: I have a question… Deacon is entirely a robot? Or is he a “constructed” human? ( he’s got a penis, I mean xD ) Hm maybe it’s answered later in the comic, but no harm in asking 😀

    • I believe your question is answered later in the comic. 😉

      Very glad you’re looking forward to the update. Just a matter of hours now…

  • Very interesting plot 😉 it can only get better.
    Best wishes from Poland.

    p.s. Ooooo Brend1s you’r here too ? Hi hun ! 😀

  • OMG Deacon in panel one is too cute! It honestly made me laugh. And then she has to drag an answer out of him, it’s like interrogating a child when you know they’re guilty and they know you know but they’re still going to try and lie about it. ^_^

    • Heh. 🙂

      • I also like how he gets himself back on track by referring to Jeff as the TARGET. He’s trying to salvage what he can here by resuming the air of a military debriefing that he’s been hiding behind to avoid showing any emotions.

  • Lucy0in0the0Sky

    Haha, I love Deacon’s face in panel 1!  😀

  • SolrSurfr3

    Lol. Yeah, you just keep telling yourself that, Deacon. We all saw your hesitation. ^-^

  • oh. i think when i get to the end i will be donating to get that extra page!

  • DarkFeanix21

    Hmmm… the look on Deacon’s face in the first panel, along with his apparent reluctance to answer, strikes me as being rather telling.