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  • Alex Woolfson

    This is a test comment.

  • ultimateyaoilover

    OMFG the chair is making an OHSNAP face when he calls him a pussy XD

    • Heh. 🙂

      • Augh! Once it is seen it cannot be unseen! XD

    • AllyssaC

      I’m re-reading through, and woah!! I NEVER noticed that!!

    • scribe drizz

      And now I can’t unsee it.

      Guard 1: Don’t be such a pussy
      Chair: OH SNAP, SON!!

  • yeeeeeaaa,.I’d heed the words of the African-American cop. He knows a pimp when he see one.

  • No, he just thinks he’s hotter than you.
    And he'd be right.

  • dARkcrest

    LOL Staring contest of the century! XD

  • Noriam Gutierrez

    Do people REALLY hardly comment on this one? I hope I’m wrong as I continue reading.

  • D. Garrett

    deacon seems hot.

  • Duck Spud

    *Bob stares deeply into eyes of thing* did you fuck my wife last night?
    It: *flashbacks*