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Artifice Page 10

5 Comments on Artifice Page 10

Another page where I’m loving Winona’s skill with facial expressions. Totally nailed what I was asking for in the script. 🙂

In other news, I was very flattered that someone took the time to add me to one of my favorite geek sites, TV Tropes. They even connected Deacon’s quote up to my original inspiration for our synthetic hero. Found it when traffic from that page started to come to this site. A very nice surprise.

Thanks, MeanderingRiver! 😀

(And special thanks to Shaniqua C. for the generous donation!)

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  • yay! i got here first!!!
    and the eternal question Alex, where’s the screwing?
    and btw, this paypal thingy ain’t accepting my card.

    • That’s the eternal question? Not: what is the meaning of life? How do I find true love? Why do they keep canceling my favorite TV shows? Or how much pizza is really too much? (That last one is a trick question: no amount of pizza is too much!)

      I kid. 😀 Considering that this is a yaoi story, that’s a fair question. There is actually plenty of romance and, yes, sex coming up (and I’ll tell you, Winona’s art is especially beautiful when it comes to the more intimate scenes.) If my main interest was to build a huge audience, then I would have written this comic with lots of sexy stuff up front. That would have been smart to get those big hits.

      But for me, my main interest is telling a really compelling, well-paced story with characters and relationships you’ll (hopefully) care deeply about. And, for me, that means we actually get to know the characters before tab A enters slot B. It means that the overall sci-fi plot matters just as much as (if not more than) how much skin we see. With Tough, we were 50 pages in before a shirt came off and folks seemed to find what happened next ultimately worth the wait. Things happen a bit sooner than that here in Artifice (and go further), but the same writer is creating this, so you can expect a similar build-up.

      All I can hope for is that you all will find it worth the wait. That the story is interesting enough in itself, that you care about what happens to Deacon enough, that you’ll want to keep reading even though nobody has taken their pants off yet. That for now, you just enjoy what I hope is an interesting sci-fi story. And that once we get to the romance and yes, the erotic scenes, that that will just add to the fun.

      That’s what I hope anyway. 🙂

      And… thank you very much for wanting to donate! 😀 I’d like to see if I can help fix the problem you’re having with PayPal. So, tell me what’s happening. You use the drop-down menu to set the dollar amount, click the Donate button, then click on the Continue link in the lower left corner of the next screen (above those credit card images) — what happens next? (Feel free to use the Email Alex link up above if you’d rather take this offline and into email.)

      • Nope! After pondering it, I’d have to agree that “Where’s the screwing?” is man’s #1 question of all time. Just ask the History Channel! XD

  • I’m so jealous of all your super angles! -what i call them- they so aweeeesome!

  • Holy crap, that is intense. Salvaged. Eee…